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Taking Her Home to Batman

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Taking Her Home to Batman

Chapter One

“Raven.” He asked hesitantly. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Dick.” She responded in tone of ultimate suffering. “I’m sure. I’ve made my decision, so please, stop asking. Because I love you, and if you ask me again you may find yourself on a distant plane of Azar, with no one around for light years. You don’t want that do you?” Looks like the one she was currently giving him made acutely aware of his girlfriend’s half-demon side. And reminded him why getting on her bad side was such a terrible idea.

But still, they were dating, and he had a duty to warn her.

A week ago Dick had received a phone call from Alfred requesting that he bring “Miss Raven” by the mansion. Bruce wanted to meet her and have dinner together. Bruce, his adoptive father for over 10 years wanted to meet the girl in his life. This was big.

In the past Bruce had either ignored or hated anyone Dick had dated. To such a point where he stopped writing home about the woman currently in his romantic circle. Not that there had ever been many. Often her was too busy leading the team, dealing with criminals, or moving back between Jumpy City and Gotham during emergencies. Any woman lasting a month was monumental. Until Raven that is.

Of course this was Batman he was dealing with. And Dick knew that spying was Bruce’s version of “I care about you. Be careful.” Just, you know, without the part that dealt with actually expressing those emotions. At the same time, he had known about Dick’s former girlfriends and had shown no interest in meeting any of them unless it was to make clear the facts that he not only hated her (whoever “her” currently was) but that repercussions for hurting a member of the Batclan were brutal.

Raven and Dick had been dating for a year and a half. Something that Dick suspected played a large part in the invitation they had received. Half-demon or not Raven knew messing around with Batman was a bad idea. She’d heard countless stories from villains, other super heroes, and Dick himself of just how terrifying the Dark Knight really was.

He’d told her they could say no. That she didn’t have to meet Bruce unless she wanted to. It was obvious she didn’t want to. Who on Earth would want to meet Batman? He’d told her, in all honesty, that he wouldn’t blame her for saying no.

But she knew the truth. Dick rarely saw Bruce after the move to Jump City. Raven knew that Batman had been a father to Dick ever since he lost his own. And while the road hadn’t always been smooth, Bruce had never tried to hurt Dick. He’d always tried to do right by the boy who had fallen into his life one terrible night. He didn’t have children, and was unlikely to. So accepting Dick into the family made perfect sense. He wouldn’t blame her if she said no. But in his eyes there was a small measure of pleading for her to say yes. Raven could swallow her fear for Dick. It was a tiny sacrifice when you looked at the bigger picture.

Raven wanted to go for another reason. She wanted Bruce (and Alfred) to know she was serious about her relationship with Dick. They were both in their early twenties and Raven had no intentions of staying in a long-term relationship unless it was heading somewhere. For her and Dick to head anywhere she would need Batman’s approval. And his respect.

So at 7:45 Wednesday night Dick had come into Raven’s room to find her putting the final touches on her make-up. She was wearing a floor-length sapphire gown with cap sleeves and a scoop neck that showed off the tiniest bit of cleavage. Her ears held simple diamond studs Dick had given her for their one year which was accompanied by a necklace featuring a tiny replica of the Hope Diamond which matched the color of her dress exactly. Raven’s lips were a soft pink that made him think of ballet shoes with the barest hint of dark blue shadow around her purple eyes. She finished it all with silver heals and a small silver bag that she was currently dropping her communicator into.

“You look- amazing, beautiful, gorgeous. Pick a word and it fits.” Dick was rewarded with a soft blush fanning out across pale cheeks.

“You look pretty good yourself bird-boy.” He was wearing a black suit with dress-shoes and a dark blue tie. His mask was off (he rarely wore it around the Tower anymore and never when he was with Bruce or Alfred at Wayne Manor) so Raven could look directly into his blue eyes shining with nerves. “Are you scared Bruce won’t like me?” She asked with a small smile wrapping her arms around his neck.

“No I’m scared you don’t realize what you’re getting into. He’s really intense Rae. Are you sure?” She rolled her eye smiling widely.

“What did I tell you about asking me that question?” The empath asked softly. “I’m not going to change my mind. Yes I want to go. Yes I want to meet Bruce and Alfred. And yes I’m fully aware of how intimidating Bruce can be. I handled Trigon. I’m sure I can handle Batman. Now are you ready?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Since the Titans were trying to Do Their Part To Save The Environment they would be using Raven’s transport abilities to get to Wayne manor. Dick knew Alfred would approve and privately thought Bruce would as well.

Here we go.’ Dick thought as Raven’s magic enveloped them.