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Sweet Dreams

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When Hoseok wakes up at three in the morning, it was to darkness, silence and—the cloying, distinct scent of an Omega going into heat. His Omega going into heat right beside him.


His blurry, tired eyes immediately snapped open with wide, dilated pupils as his nostrils fluttered, taking deep breaths in, and letting soft, rumbling growls back out. 


It seemed that Jeongguk hadn’t noticed his own predicament yet, still sleeping surprisingly soundly despite the obvious, sticky wet patch at the back of his boxers and the blistering heat emanating from his skin—even as a Beta, Hoseok could tell that the Omega had been stewing in heat hormones for hours. How Hoseok hadn’t been awoken when it first started was a mystery to him, but the thought was meaningless when he had much better things to focus his energy on.


The couple had been together for years, ever since they had first become unlikely roommates in college. However, for the large majority of that time, the young Omega hadn’t had a single lick of heat thanks to the power of modern suppressant shots he received every three months at their college’s health center, where Hoseok would always accompany him, holding his boyfriend’s hand to chase away the fear of needles and giving him a chest to snuggle into to focus on the Beta’s calm, pleasantly subtle mint and cucumber scent rather than that of the overwhelming, burning sterile scent of the exam room. 


But now that they were long out of college and both had stable jobs, Jeongguk had been adamant about ending his suppressants. At first, Hoseok was hesitant, but when his mate—the title of which had been bestowed on each other only months prior with matching bites—looked up at him with those innocent, sparkling puppy eyes and plump, pouted lips, he couldn’t say no. 


After all, it was Jeongguk’s body, so he could make whatever choices he wanted, especially since the suppressants had been giving the poor Omega a plethora of uncomfortable, unwanted side effects such as headaches. There was no need to deal with those woes anymore when the couple were now full blown adults with jobs that allowed them time off for their biological mating cycles. 


So, Jeongguk had stopped going to the doctor for his shots. They weren’t sure how long it would take for the Omega’s body to get back into the natural swing of things, to regulate its hormones, but they were well prepared for the inevitable heat, almost excited for it, actually. Jeongguk’s few heats he experienced in his teens were miserable with the lack of a partner, so of course he was overjoyed to finally be able to experience what all of his mated Omega friends had bragged about. 


And so was Hoseok—as a Beta raised throughout his childhood as an Alpha, he had always thought that one day he would find his perfect Omega mate. But when he finally did present as a Beta, the dream was squashed from the realities of the world. Omegas just don’t mate Betas, that’s what he was told, by teachers, textbooks, family, friends, peers—there was no way Omegas could be satisfied with a knotless Beta, after all. In the first months of their relationship, the insecurity burdened him greatly, until Jeongguk was quick to nip that fear in the bud. He loved Hoseok for who he was, not for his subgender, and that was that. 


In the back of Hoseok’s mind, he still held a tiny sliver of fear that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy the in-heat Omega without a knot, and once had a nightmare staring his poor mate crying out in constant pain because of the Beta’s inability. But now, as Hoseok looked over at said mate, who was now grinding up against the Beta’s thigh in his sleep, letting out tiny whimpers and whine as he did so, his cute little face all scrunched up with the slightest of tears leaking from his closed eyes—he felt nothing but love. And lust, of course.


Sleep long gone now, Hoseok was slowly becoming entranced and hypnotized by the sweet scent of tantalizing honey wafting through the air. He pushed back Jeongguk’s sweaty fringe from his face, long fingers running through the dark hair, scratching gently against the Omega’s scalp, watching with rapt attention at the way Jeongguk’s soft, plump, pink lips parted ever so slightly in a little gasp at the comforting, familiar pleasure. He was always such a sensitive Omega, and Hoseok was more than ready to alight every single one of his mate’s nerves over and over again.


As one hand continued to play with Jeongguk’s hair, the other gently wiped away the tears with his thumb before slowly smoothing his palm down the side of the Omega’s face, down his neck, over his clothed chest, and to the hem of his tee shirt that was carefully pulled off of his body and thrown uncaringly somewhere in the room. Hoseok couldn’t help but let out a dark chuckle when his mate shuddered and whined at the Beta’s fingers ghosting over his little pink nipples, instantly pebbling them, the Omega’s most sensitive place by far.


“How can you be so cute?” Hoseok cooed, blowing short puffs of hot air against Jeongguk’s neck as he laved his tongue over the marked scent gland, filling his mouth with the taste of honey, undeniably Jeongguk. “God, I want to eat you up.”


As well as being sensitive, Jeongguk was also well known for his ability to sleep through everything—which now seemed to include sleeping right through his own heat and his own mate taking care of his body. For a minute, Hoseok debated in waking his sweet mate up from his slumber with a firm shake, but rather chose a different way. The couple had had many discussions about boundaries relating to intimacy before, so Hoseok took it upon himself to fulfill one of Jeongguk’s most loved fantasies: being touched and pleasured in his sleep. It was the perfect time to do so, with the Omega being so incredibly wound up, probably dreaming about his mate touching him as he was then just the same. 


Hoseok took a few good moments to mark up his mate’s neck real well, leaving a beautiful display of blossoming flower-like, dark hickeys across his entire neck and collar bones before moving on down to his nipples. As a hand pinched and pulled at one nipple, the other was being teased by Hoseok’s dexterous tongue, circling around the bud as his lips suckled softly. The Beta did so until he turned the pink flesh even darker crimson, raw and red and swollen, then switching positions, giving both buds the same treatment as Jeongguk began to let out high pitched, whiny moans and bucked his hips with more purpose. 


“My pretty baby,” Hoseok sighed when he popped off, looking down at his mate with hooded eyes, admiring his work. He took a minute to reach for his phone to take a snap of the display, sending it to Jeongguk’s phone for him to squeal over later, to show the Omega how well Hoseok took care of him. 


Next, he moved on to shimmy down Jeongguk’s drenched boxers—that, unlike his shirt, were rubbed lovingly against Hoseok’s own scent gland and pressed to his face before being carefully placed at the foot of the bed—leaving the Omega fully bare to his mate. His tiny cocklet slapped up against his stomach, all swollen and red and leaking and absolutely begging for attention while his little hole, so tight and almost virgin-like, spilled copious amounts of slick down his thighs and round cheeks and down to the bed sheets that would surely be stained. Another picture was taken before Hoseok got to work on his main task: to make his Omega cum at least once in his sleep.


After he pressed a sweet, slow, sensual kiss to Jeongguk’s slacked lips, whispering a quiet ‘I love you’, Hoseok crawled beneath the warmth of the comforter, groaning inwardly at the up close look and intensified honey scent. He wasn’t much of a drinking man, but he’d gladly get drunk off of his mate. Jeongguk tasted just as he smelt, Hoseok’s eyes fluttering, as if high, as he took the leaking tip of the Omega’s little cocklet into his mouth, suckling on it just as he did to his nipples, holding his hips down as they desperately tried to buck up into the inviting, tight warmth of Hoseok’s mouth. 


“Nuh uh, baby, I make the rules today,” Hoseok chided. “Stay still for me, mmkay? Be a good boy.”


The Beta took his sweet time teasing his Omega, Jeongguk’s almost pathetic cries like music to his ears. He swirled his tongue around the head as he bobbed up and down the short length, endearing in how even when it was pushed into the hilt, it never once even came close to choking him. Jeongguk had always been embarrassed of his very Omega-like cocklet that contrasted greatly with his muscled body, but Hoseok found it absolutely perfect


He massaged Jeongguk’s hips as he continued on, popping off each time the Omega’s breath hitched, delaying his early orgasm, so sensitive and riddled with heat that even only a few minutes of being blown would be enough to have him convulsing and shaking. 


“Poor baby,” Hoseok chuckled as he pulled back to listen to Jeongguk crying out in protest from the sudden lack of stimulation. “Ah, too bad you aren’t awake for this, hmm? Bet you’d be begging me to stop teasing, wouldn’t you? I’m sorry, baby, I know you want to cum. I’m being mean, aren’t I?”


It was clear that Jeongguk was still awake, but by the way he sobbed, it was almost as if he were wide awake, overstimulated and frustrated from the teasing like he always did. He was always such a baby, and Hoseok revelled in it, used it to his advantage every time. There was just something so endearing about seeing his mate begging and crying like a little cockslut that had Hoseok’s slight sadistic side grinning from ear to ear. But, alas—tonight wasn’t the time to edge Jeongguk for hours upon hours. He had enough, even after only a few mere minutes. If Hoseok were to keep him like this any longer, surely, it would only turn painful from the heat’s effects. So, he sadly relented, deciding to add an extra bit of stimulation with one finger circling the gaping, sticky rim of Jeongguk’s desperate hole as he engulfed the cocklet once more, sucking harshly, causing the Omega to cum almost instantly. Jeongguk’s eyes popped open wide as he came, his body shuddering and mouth opening in a silent scream, little cock shooting pathetic amounts of clear, useless cum into Hoseok’s awaiting mouth and his hole oozing out wave after wave of slick, soaking Hoseok’s hand.


“Oh, good morning, baby,” Hoseok smiled as he watched Jeongguk come into awareness from his sudden orgasm, peering around the room in confusion as his chest heaved and body shivered in overstimulation. “How did you sleep?”


“I-I,” the Omega stuttered with bright pink cheeks. “I feel hot. Wh-what’s happening?”


Hoseok cooed at the adorable display. “You went into heat in the middle of the night, baby. It woke me up. But don’t worry, your mate is here to take care of you. I’m here, baby. Do you feel any better now that you came once, hmm?”


“Mhm,” Jeongguk hummed, lolling his head to the side. “W-was dreaming of you, Hoseokie.”


“Oh, were you? What happened in the dream?”


Jeongguk’s cheeks darkened even more. “Was dreaming of you...touching me.”


Hoseok rose an eyebrow. “That’s it? I just touched you?”


“It’s embarrassing!” Jeongguk whined with a pout, but Hoseok was having none of it, and the Omega could tell. “H-hoseokie was…was... riding me.”


That, the Beta certainly did not expect to hear, but was pleasantly surprised. “I was riding you, baby? How cute. Did you fuck me good, baby, hmm? Did you cum inside Hoseokie?”


“Y-yeah. Kookie...Kookie loved it.”


“Well, maybe later I’ll let you fuck me for real, baby. But right now, I think you’re the one who needs a good fucking, huh?” Hoseok purred devilishly as he reached his other arm over to spread the Omega’s cheeks wide, putting his gaping, leaking hole on display. “I mean, look how much your little hole is begging for it! Do you want my cock, baby?”


Jeongguk let out a loud, desperate whine in response, to which Hoseok only chuckled at. “Okay, okay. I’ll get to it, then,” he placated. “Do you need Hoseokie to stretch you? Or would you rather feel the burn?”


He already knew the answer to that question, was well aware, but it was always best to hear the confirmation straight from his mate’s mouth. 


“P-please. Need it, Hoseokie, please!”


If it were any other time, any time outside of the heat, Hoseok would gladly deny Jeongguk the pleasure he desired for hours even, tying him up to their bed just so he couldn’t move, taking everything Hoseok would give him like a good, pliant boy—but this was not one of those times. It pained him to keep his sweet Omega in pain any longer. 


Hoseok kicked off his clothes in record time, manhandling Jeongguk closer so that they looked as if they were spooning, although much less innocent. Jeongguk barely had a second to adjust to the new position before his mate’s cock pushed through the tight ring of his hole, sliding through the velvety walls and slick until they were pressed skin to skin, Hoseok’s heavy balls audibly slapping against Jeonggok’s perineum. 


“S-so big ,” Jeongguk hiccuped, feeling as if all of the air was just punched out from his lungs, his body falling boneless to lean against his mate. 


As most Betas were, Hoseok’s cock could never compare to that of an Alpha’s, but it was more than good enough for Jeongguk, stretching his rim enough to burn pleasurably with no ounce of pain and pressing in deep against his prostate on every stroke. The Omega had tried being with an Alpha once in his very early college years, but found that the brutality that came with the copulation bordered on something uncomfortable and even painful. With Hoseok, it was just enough to feed his masochistic tendencies while also never leaving any lasting damage, the perfect mix. Although, when it was wanted, Hoseok could leave him with a visible limp for the next week. Today though, Jeongguk revelled in the soft intimacy of spending his first heat with his mate, taking care of the Omega so well that tears of happiness added to those of desperation and overstimulation.


Hoseok wrapped his arms around Jeongguk’s waist as he positioned his hips slowly, pushing in deeper each time, making his mate feel every single inch of him, carving out a space made for him. The Beta groaned against the sweaty skin of his Omega’s neck, pressing kisses to his mark on every thrust in, as if reminding him of his claim.


“You feel so fucking good, baby,” Hoseok purred. “God, I love you so much. The perfect mate. I couldn’t wish for anything more.”


“Love you t-too, Hoseokie, so m-much!” Jeongguk replied, hands reaching down to intertwine with his mate’s, pushing his own hips back to meet Hoseok’s thrusts, never wanting to even be an inch apart for even a single second. 


The room became humid and saturated with the sweet scents of their love making, surely enough so that their neighbors must be able to notice. Maybe they’d wake up too, salivating from Jeongguk’s heat pheromones, but they couldn’t have him, when he belonged to Hoseok and Hoseok only, forever. A wave of possessiveness flared in the Beta at the thought, a growl ripping through his chest and grip tightening on his mate’s hands. Jeongguk was everything anyone could ever want in an Omega, so undeniably perfect. He could have any Alpha in the world, but he picked Hoseok , trusted him in his vulnerable heat to take care of him. 


He couldn’t want to help his mate build their heat nest, couldn’t wait to hand feed him in his moments of exhaustion and weakness, couldn’t wait to bathe with him at the end of all of this to wipe away all of the fluids, to watch him shiver as Hoseok would kiss every mark on his body. 


Before they knew it, both of them found themselves close to the edge, holding on tight to one another, their breaths and moans all mixing into one. It was quick, it was messy, but neither of them cared. They’d have all week to continue over and over again.


“G-gonna cum, Hoseokie,” Jeongguk whined out, digging his nails into Hoseok’s palms. “ Please .”


The Beta only sped up his hips in response, driving his cock in and out at impossible speeds and strength, his own body crying out from the exertion and pleasure, chasing both of their releases frantically, growling into his mate’s ear. 


It was Jeongguk who came first, letting out a guttural moan as his heat spiked, clenching tight around Hoseok’s cock while his own dribbled cum down onto their sheets, holding onto his mate for dear life. Hoseok was soon to follow, plunging in as deep as he could before punctuating his own release with a bite to Jeongguk’s pulsating scent gland enough to draw blood, right where he had done so to mark him as his. His cum filled Jeongguk in seconds, oozing out along with his slick to make a mess between them, a deep snarl ripping through the room that had Jeongguk’s neck baring in submission.


It was silent in the room for a minute, save for their labored, panted breaths, recovering from their highs, until Jeongguk began to whine loudly once more, thrashing his body petulantly, begging for something that Hoseok had no idea of what it was.


“B-baby?” Hoseok asked in frantic concern, pulling out so that he could flip Jeongguk on his back to look him face to face. The Omega was redder than he had been before, eyes glazed over with tears and heat haze as he looked up at his mate with outstretched arms. “Jeongguk, are you okay? What’s wrong?”


“I-I,” Jeongguk breathed. “I need—“


“What do you need? I’ll give you whatever you want, just tell me.”


Knot .”


Hoseok’s breath caught in his throat at the words for a moment, choking on the reminder of his lack of the crucial Alpha qualities, until he remembered all of the research he had undertaken when Jeongguk first ended his suppressants. Knots were ever so important to calm the waves of an Omega’s heat, helping satiate the instinctual urge to breed, keeping all of the precious seed inside for as long as possible. And while Hoseok definitely did not possess swollen knot at the base of his now spent cock, he had something just as good—his fist. Studies had proved that while knots were best, Omegas could be satisfied by anything of the same shape and size stretching their holes to plug them up good, and as Hoseok didn’t hesitate to carefully insert all five of his curled fingers into his mate’s gaping, red hole, the studies were proven true. Once again, it was affirmed that Jeongguk didn’t need an Alpha, not at all, when he had the perfect Beta mate already. He was just as good as them, maybe even more so.


“Does that feel better, baby?” Hoseok asked softly as he worked in his hand slowly, watching in rapt fascination as the Omega’s hole sucked it in up to his wrist like it was made to be there, his knuckles softly rubbing against the sensitive, wet, velvet-like flesh inside, holding him tight like a vice grip.


“Y-yeah,” Jeongguk sighed happily, finally settling down. His eyes fluttered closed as his chest began to rise and fall at a much slower pace. It was almost as if the Beta’s fist was a sedative, now sunk in halfway up his forearm, pushing back in the globs of his cum that had begun to leak back out up to where it belonged, deep within Jeongguk. 


Of course, Jeongguk was still on birth control, and as a Beta, Hoseok’s sperm wasn’t as fertile as an Alpha’s would be, but his natural Omega instincts were immediately soothed upon the thought of being bred by his mate so thoroughly, taken care of like he was the most precious thing in the world. And to Hoseok, he really was. He really was. 


“I’ll always take care of you, sweet heart. Always. Just want my baby to be happy,” Hoseok smiled widely, leaning down to press a plethora of wet kisses along every inch of his mate’s face, making the younger giggle at the sensation, the corners of his eyes crinkling so cutely that Hoseok couldn’t help but coo. “I love you so much. I’m glad I get to share this with you.”


“Me too, Hoseokie,” Jeongguk whispered. “Me too.”