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Not A Scam

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A 160cm, auburn hair, bespectacled girl was on her way to the library of the school. Jo Yuri, 19 years old and second year college student, was currently worried about her tuition for the semester. She always tried to wear the uniform in the best way possible, a white dress shirt, a red-colored vest on top, a grey pleated skirt below, white socks up to the bottom of her knees and closed leather shoes that already had signs of wear and tear. Her walking was slow, carrying a stack of thick books back to the library wasn’t an easy task.

The school where she is studying is the prestigious South Korean National Women's University. Getting in would cost you a lot of money or brains. Being a scholar has a strict GPA requirement of 3.5 or higher for all subjects.

Yuri is now in front of the library entrance. She is troubled as to how she'll tap her ID to the ID scanner which was needed to know who was accessing the premises, and to open the door. She was planning to put her books on the floor for a few seconds when a tall young woman suddenly motioned her hand to scan Yuri's ID to the ID scanner. Yuri then smiled at her which the girl returned as well. "Wonyoung! Thanks!" She then forgot about her stacks of books and hugged the girl called Wonyoung. Wonyoung's face went from a smile to a horrified expression as Yuri hugged her and the books dropped to the floor instantaneously.

Yuri then remembered about the books after hearing them drop on the floor. "Ah! I forgot about them!" She frantically picked them up.

"Yuri-unnie… Please remember that you are only borrowing those books and that I will use them in the following semesters by borrowing from the library as well." Wonyoung pouted as she helped her pick the books up. The books contained numbers. Lots of them. The books titles contained one word similar to them: Accounting.

"Ah, sorry. I forgot all about them when I saw you." Yuri frowned.

"Don't mind it, unnie." Wonyoung then took half of the books and carried it on her arms. "Let's go inside, shall we?" She smiled and scanned her ID and then entered the premises with Yuri.

The library has an antique feel to it. Wooden bookshelves, wooden chairs, and other furniture. The floor was covered by red carpet.

Wonyoung gently put the books to the Librarian's counter as Yuri does the same.

"Please extend it for a week, Ma'am." Yuri said respectfully.

The librarian then glanced at them. "Ah, you two again! Accounting Majors sure are hardworking." The librarian then renewed her borrowing duration for the books.

Wonyoung smiled at the librarian. "Students from other courses are hardworking as well. Like…" she then scanned the room only to hear fast intense keyboard pressing on the far side of the library. "Yeah, like those people using the Computer."

"Ah, the Computer Science Majors." the Librarian replied. "I wish they'd stop destroying the keyboards here." The librarian then sighed.

After all the books' borrowing duration had been renewed, Wonyoung helped Yuri carry them back to their dormitory.

In their dormitory after getting home, Wonyoung then remembered that Yuri was having troubles with her tuition for the current semester. Yuri was a scholar of the school but the tuition fee only covered 50% of her dues and thus, she works part-time as a tutor to help pay off her tuition fee. Yuri's family was from the province and could only send a certain amount of money to Yuri every month.

"Are you going to be alright this semester, unnie?" Wonyoung pouted.

Despite not being actual classmates, Wonyoung always hangs out with Yuri and even asks her for help since they were from the same course. While Yuri was from the province, Wonyoung was from Seoul and had no problems with her tuition fee. Yuri has no idea about Wonyoung's family however but has suspicions due to Wonyoung not knowing how Public Transportation works.

"I'll make it somehow." Yuri said, smiling. However, she herself knows she's not going to make it to the deadline of the payment. "Ah, I have to study for the quiz in a Major tomorrow. See you, Wonyoung." Yuri pushed Wonyoung out of the room and locked the door.

Yuri sighed and slowly sat on the floor. "I have to find a second part-time job." She then opened her smart phone and checked the Job Boulevard application. She was trying to find something that would give her a lot of money but wouldn't endanger her life somehow.

"Part-time Proofreader? It's a little lower than what I need for my tuition. Next." She scrolled down. Several minutes of scrolling later, she was on the last page of the job search page. She then came across a high-paying job. "Fake Girlfriend? I am not that low." When she was pressing the button for the previous page, she accidentally clicked on the advertisement and the page loaded to show the advertisement in its entirety.

'Fake Girlfriend. No set contract duration. Only needed until my ex takes me back. 10 million won a week.' Yuri's eyes widened when she saw the offer. She then scrolled to the end of the ad. 'No skinship required.' Due to her being busy with the ad, she did not notice her roommate get out of the toilet and her roommate is now looking at her phone as well.

"Whoa. That's a hefty sum and it's kinda okay. Take it." a girl who had a short stature appeared beside Yuri.

"N-nako!" Yuri hid her phone behind her back.

"Aww, come on. I know about your problems with tuition fee. I'll help you in that gig, if you want." the girl called Nako then sat on the swivel chair beside her desk.

"D-do you really think it's safe?" Yuri asked her.

Nako then shot a glance on the name of the one who created the ad. "Yeah. It's safe." A playful smirk then formed on her lips. "Bring this old man though. Just in case." she handed Yuri an extendable baton she hid for self-defense.

"Eh? This is for…"

"Yeah, self-defense." Nako then turned her swivel chair to face the desk, immediately typing on the laptop on it. Nako is a 4th year Computer Science Major and is a genius in her batch. She's only 18 and yet she's the top of her batch. Due to her status of Dean's Lister every semester, she has no problems with tuition fee for she only pays 10% of the tuition fee.

Yuri then tugged Nako's sleeve. "Be the lookout for me then. I'm meeting the one who posted this ad now." Yuri was messaging the one who posted the advertisement.

Nako then sighed. 'So I'll get to see a live hamster whacking a duck? This is nice.' "Sure, I'll go." Nako then closed her computer and went out of the room with Yuri, who hid the extendable baton inside her purse.


"This is the nth time I got reported for making an account. Are you sure it's going to work here, Yujin?" a 163cm girl was lazing on the couch, asking her friend.

"You just have to try and try again. How many emails have you used?" the tall girl called Yujin was snickering because it was the girl's 7th attempt to post an ad.

"This is the 7th and I know you've been counting!"

"Chill, Yena. You'll find a good one, I swear." Yujin then showed Yena her 100-kilowatt smile.

Choi Yena or Yena as she is usually called is a 2nd year Computer Science Student. 19 years old. She comes from a rich family but her parents don't really care what she does to her life since she has an older brother so she took the course. Just last week, her ex-girlfriend broke up with her for another girl but she still loves her so she wanted to get back somehow and make her jealous, hence the ad. Even though she continued being friends with her ex-girlfriend, she was still looking for a chance to have her back.

Her friend, Ahn Yujin, was one of the geniuses in their year levels. Getting into the program at 17 years old, she is rumored to be running for Dean's Lister next semester. She is also known to be quite a player. She usually hangs out with Yena and their mutual friends.

"I'll trust you this one last time. If I get reported again--" Yena received a message from a certain 'J0Yu12i'.

"Oh, L33t Speak. Nice." Yujin whistled. "So what did the message say?"

'I'm interested. Wanna meet up?'

Yena immediately replied 'yes' to the invitation and sent their current location.

'Elizabeth's Court. Room 929.'


The two were still in the dormitory but this time, in front of the reception booth in the Ground Floor. Yuri then received a message. She looked at Nako.

Nako looked at Yuri in a lazy manner. "What?"

"He says he's in Elizabeth Court."

Nako then smirked. 'So it IS her.' "Let's go then. Let's get you that tuition fee." They then walked out of the building.

Several minutes later, both arrived in front of Elizabeth Court, a known luxury condominium. They walked to the waiting area since the doors leading to the front desk was locked until given access to. Nako teasingly pushed Yuri to the intercom with a camera on it as she pressed the numbers 929.

Meanwhile, in the room 929, Yena and Yujin heard the intercom ring. Yena then annoyingly pushed Yujin to answer the intercom. Despite Yena's brash attitude, she was awkward around people she hasn't met before. "Answer it, Yujin." Yena glared at her.

"Okay, okay! I never thought I'd see this side of you again to be honest. Calm down. I got this." Yujin goofily smiled then pressed the button on the intercom to see the person on the waiting area. It was a long auburn-haired young woman who brought a friend who lacked height. The friend who was short in stature was familiar to Yujin but she couldn't remember where she has seen her.

On the screen, the friend then elbowed the auburn-haired young woman. "Hey. Speak. You were speaking before I brought you here."

The one spoken to wasn't pleased with it. "Alright, alright." The girl then breathed in and out and spoke. "Uhm… I was brought here by the job ad?"

'Interesting.' Yujin grinned then pulled Yena to the intercom. "She's yours to talk to now. Hehe!" Yujin then ran away to the living room.

"Damn it, Yujin! Ugh!" Yena glared at Yujin.

"Uhm… Is this a bad time?"

"Ah, no." Yena then pressed the button to open the doors of the lobby. "Go to room 929. I'll be waiting." She then turned off the intercom.

Back to Yuri's location, the doors opened. Yuri and Nako walked in, bowed their heads slightly to the person in the front desk and used the Elevator. Nako quickly pressed 9. She was excited to see if her friend would whack the person who spoke to them in the intercom.

"It sounded like a guy, Nako. What should I do?" Yuri worryingly looked at Nako.

"Just whack 'em til' they apologize to you." Nako was trying to keep herself from laughing.

"So when do I use this?" Yuri asked while clutching the baton on her purse. It was her first time going to another individual's unit and it made her think that nasty things might happen.

"Probably after opening the door to intimidate them. You'll never know. What if we were surrounded?" Nako looked back at Yuri, feigning anxiety with her facial expressions.


Several minutes of waiting later, Yujin heard the doorbell ring. "Do I open it or would you like to do it yourself?"

Yena clicked her tongue. "Do it. I'll call Pizza Hut for our dinner."

"Eh? You're just shy~!" Yujin teased.

"Oh god dang it, just open the goddamn door!" Yena was clearly annoyed.

Yujin frowned. "Fine, fine." Yujin then went to the door and opened it. Both girls then entered and one of them immediately extended her baton after seeing Yena in the living room.

"I'm not scared of you…!" Yuri glared at Yena but her shaking legs betrayed her.

Yena quickly stood up and tried calming her down. "H-hey! We can talk about this." She then looked at Yujin. "Convince her, dang it!"

Yuri then saw Yujin from behind them and moved away quickly. "I can whack you with this stick!"

Yujin laughed, making Yena furious. "You're not helping, Yujin!" She then raised her hands slightly, trying to calm her down. "C-calm down. We're not bad people… We're legit hiring you..." She then motioned her hands down repeatedly. "So put that down please…!"

Nako, unable to stop herself, then laughed so hard, her voice could be heard anywhere in the unit.

Yuri then looked at Nako. "Nako?"

"Yuri, they're good people. I was kidding. Drop that and we'll negotiate." Nako was still stopping her laughter.

"What the heck, Nako! This is so embarrassing!" Yuri covered her face with her hands. In her thoughts, she was already dissing Nako about her height a hundred times. "I-I'm very sorry!" She bowed her head for a couple of seconds then hid the now 'not-so-extended' baton in her purse.

"W-well, that was pretty intense for a first meeting." Yujin then awkwardly offered them the couch on the left as she sat on the couch in front of them. "So, introductions, I guess?" Yena who was panicking earlier breathe heavily then sat down on the couch.

The auburn-haired young woman was clearly embarrassed but tried burying the shameful memory in her mind as she cleared her throat. "I'm Jo Yuri. 19 years old. I'm an Accounting Major from --" She was cut off by Yujin.

"Whoa, hold up. Hold up. This isn't a job interview. Just think of us as new friends… That you'll be having for quite a short time." Yujin smiled goofily then scratched the back of her head.

"I would like to apologize for her behavior. It's her first time with this kind of offer." Nako said as a matter-of-factly.

"Nako…!" Yuri hissed then looked at Yujin. "I'm sorry. I'm not really good with introductions."

"It's alright." Yujin smiled at her. "I'm Ahn Yujin and this duck here is Choi Yena. Pleased to be of your acquaintance."

"Likewise." Yuri muttered. "S-so… I'm going to pretend as your girlfriend?"

Yujin then chuckled. "You're cute but it's not me you'll pretend to be dating." She then pointed at Yena. "Her."