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With two is better

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Eijiro is in the same bed as Katsuki because in the hostel booked for the school trip, he missed two rooms so the redhead decided to sleep with his best friend.
But something strange happened during the night.
He finds himself with two Katsuki next to him, he looks at them completely surprised. They are identical.

"Haha! That's impossible, I must be dreaming"

"What the fuck is wrong with your hair?"

"Two BakuBro"

One of the Bakugo whispered in his ear with a smile on his face.

"So cute Kiri"

The other visibly jealous and grabs Kirishima's arm and comes to hug him in a possessive way.
Poor Eijiro doesn't understand anything in this situation and cannot move against the bodies of the two Bakugo.

"You guys are too close to me"

"So what?"

"What's the problem?"



They kiss Eijiro's red cheeks

"Cute baby shark baby"

"Eh? Are you all right?"

"Reference to your teeth!"


They hug the adorable Eijiro with a laugh.


"So pure"

"So innocent"


"Uh? Guys, get off my back now."


"We're very hungry Kiri ~"