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A Goddess And Her Prince

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She walked through the gardens being overlooked by the old clocktower after a long day of lessons and avoiding the "marauders" she sighed as she thought of why she was here. As much as she would like to hex the man into a burning oblivion. James Potter (Or his family) was strong. Was Influential. She couldn't afford to lose the affection of such a man, because she couldn't really just announce herself in charge of this decaying wizarding world. Alas, she'll have to endure


She sat down, leaning her back against the bark of a tree. And opened the book she was carrying, she had snatched it from the restricted section and transfigured the cover, but she still looked around as she opened the book, can't be too careful


She smiled as she started to read the ancient texts, letting mind wander thanks to her double throught process, she could read and think. The fact that she got such a thing by working on her occlumency while entertaining James' notion that they were actually talking. Not to lie, the man was a bit dull. Fanatic about The 'Light' and hated the dark. A scoff escaped her lips at that. As if the world could be so... Dull as to be just black and white.


She sighed as her mind processed the ancient dark text talking about soul magic infront of her. When she thought about it, everything seemed dull, everyone so focused on one of the two factions, they couldn't really see the bigger picture. Even the "Headmaster" (as if he could be the master of anything) focused on 'the greater good' albeit wouldn't say (or wouldn't know) just what that was. Yes, she would have to fix that, she realised. She would have to Save magic from being dumbed down by light, or from being consumed by the inbreeding of the dark. And she would need to guide people into not being "Dunderheads" (she chuckled at herself over the use of Severus' signature insult)


A smile blossomed at her beautiful face. Yes. She would be their goddess, she would guide those who followed her, and she would save magic. Everything made sense with her being a goddess. She was already above everyone, able to stump even the Headmaster in power, Severus in academics.


Her smile never left her face as she studied dark arts, soul magic, married James Potter, and graduated Hogwarts. It only faded away to awe as her son came into this world.


She held him in his arms, ignoring the babbling of James for now, lost in the eyes that stared at her with razor sharp intelligence, with her own eye color. Albeit simply glowing with power, he seemed to assess her as much as she did he, she tentatively smiled at the child, and the calm, cool smile she received made it concrete. This was her child. Her flesh and Bone. Previous thoughts about using the child in her schemes against the current threat, Voldemort vanished. She knew this child was destined for greatness, as she was. So she didn't fight against it. She swore herself she would guard and care for the child. And they would be together in this world. She would rule as Godess and he would pave the way, before joining her. The cool smile turned warm, the child beamed at her, as if understanding what she thought, and approving. She questioned if he inherited her own radius legimency before quickly dismissing the thought and handing the child to James' eager arms, and work on not grimacing as her child giggled and laughed in James' arms, not a trace of the cool attitude. Then smiled as the child momentarily looked at her and smiled it again, before his attention was grabbed by his godfather. She sighed in contentment and looked out the Window.


She didn't like hiding. She really didn't like hiding in a cottage. What she liked worse was that the only thing protecting the cottage was a fidelius, there were many ways the secret could be taken out. But she grit her teeth. She had no ground to work on convincing James to do something else. That meddling old man had his claws so deep in him already. So, she paced in the living room, James had gone out for the day with Sirius and Remus. She agreed in exchange that she herself would go out tommorow. As much as she wanted to make sure her Prince was safe. She needed fresh air. She needed people. But she digresses. She needs to find a way to ensure her prince (and her) will survive if (when) Voldemort finds them. She abruptly stops. Like the opening of a lock, a memory comes to mind.


Of their first and last visit to the Potter Manor. A manor that simply radiated glory, power, prestige. Sadly James seemed oblivious to all of it. And Happily (childishly) guided her from the hall, walking into the study room of Fleamont Potter. Where a Portrait of him and His wife rested. As James talked with his Father, introducing them to his son. Euphemia smiled at the two. Knowingly, her smile got even more enigmatic when James mentioned that they were on the run and she left the portrait, moving in the direction of the hall, Lily stared after her. Getting the message she prepared an excuse in her head to leave the chatting father and son, before both her thoughts were interrupted by a crying Hadrian (she still cringes when she hears the name his father uses for him. Harry. Her son, her Prince. Named with such a mild name. She is much thankful that she managed to convince James to get his name as Hadrian Corvin Potter instead of the horrific "Harry James Potter")


Her thoughts are again interrupted when Fleamont smiles kindly at her. Smiling back and making an excuse of feeding Hadrian. She leaves the study, as soon as she does, Hadrian quiets down. Doing the best imitation of a smirk a baby can, which makes Lily smile. She follows the direction Euhemia went.


Eventually finds her awaiting in another Portrait in the kitchen. She smiles that enigmatic smile as Lily sets Hadrian down on the table and takes a seat in the chair facing the portrait. Euphemia, still keeping her smile, states "you have a very bright son, Lily." Which makes Lily chuckle, it's not often people actually see Hadrian's greatness. She answers politely "thank you Euphemia. I'm glad you noticed"
Euphemia, however. Stares at her, looking like she knows a secret the rest of the world doesn't. "It's rare, you know. But I have seen that trait. I knew enough conquerors in my life to know what those eyes mean. And what you may be looking for." She states. Making Lily narrows her eyes, she has no idea if a portrait can be confunded or not. But she can always destroy it and claim Hadrian did accidental magic. (Although she's not sure those waves of magic he blasts out when James gets too touchy with him is accidental or not) just as she she reaches her for her wand, Hadrian giggles. And stares at the portrait, stilling her hand. That attention always meant something when Hadrian did it near her. So she relaxes her hand, and continues "what I'm looking for?"

Euphemia chuckles, as if catching onto Hadrian's message to his mother, and continues. "You seek immortality, do you not? A way to preserve yourself, and your son." Hadrian smiles cooly, and Lily chuckles. If Hadrian says so... She figures it's safe enough "yes. I have been searching for one, I've yet to find anything except Horcruxes, of course." She sighs. It isn't that she isn't willing to use a horcrux, but she would rather not mutilate her soul like that. And there would also be the problem of Hadrian's life.


Euphemia chuckles. "I can give you what you wish for. A way to keep you, and your son immortal." And Lily perks up, just like that. Still, she's aware that Slytherin's (Or anyone with half a brain) didn't do favours for free. So she narrows her eyes and bites out "What do you want?" Things are progressing too quickly for her liking, she knows who she and her prince really are, and that information she doesn't want on anyone's heads, be it portrait or magical beast. (Although she is also aware she can't keep this information hidden for a long time.)


Euphemia laughs, a bright, melodic laugh "right down to business with you, huh girl? Very well. What I ask of you, is simple." Here, her eyes harden, her posture changes. A perfect imitation of her cousin, Dorea. "I want an heir to the Potter and Black name." She states. And Interrupts Lily before she can point out Hadrian is an heir to both families "No, I mean an heir to carry their legacy, their might. You may not be aware, but the Potter family has always been conquerors, they always ruled. Whether it be small groups, or armies and kingdoms. I am afraid that trait was lost to James. As much as he lead "the marauders", he isn't too much of a leader if how he gushes about this 'Dumbledore' is any indication. Blacks aren't much different, they are as legendary as the Potters are, if only for different reasons. I am sure their family Grimore will tell you more. So, Lily Evans Potter. What I want from you, Is an Heir. Fit to rule. Fit to conquer. And fit to create his own legend."


Lily stares for a while. If Hadrian's giggles and smile are any indication, it is exactly as he wants, and so she smiles as well "Very well. You will have your Heir. Worthy of both families, I swear this to you." Magic locks around her. As she makes her oath. Euphemia smiles. And swings open, revealing a secret compartment inside, containing an Leather Bound old tome. the cover has a picture of the family crest. She carefully takes the Tome, it immediately changes into a white, nondescript book. She marvels at such magic as Euphemia chuckles "We better go back Lily, I am sure Fleamont and James are worried about us and young Hadrian" she says and she dissapears from the portrait, likely ending up back in the study, she takes a moment to study the book. Before carefully putting it in her prince's stroller. And disillusions it. Heading up to the Study.


Lily sighs in the empty living room. She didn't wish to open the Grimore, maybe she could've found some other way, she thought. But, she sees now she is forced to seal her promise. She heads up to her son's room and opens the bottom of the crib while her son laughs, as if recognizing her hands being tied and enjoying it. She withdraws the Potter Family Grimore and pages immediately turn until it arrives on a topic in soul magic, called "destiny bond".


While the Researcher in her is excited at the rest of the book. The mother takes priority. And she scans the two pages, she discovers that a destiny bond is much like melding two souls. Except the souls don't become one as much as act like they are one. And thus, the horcrux effect of of staying alive even when the body dies because of a "piece" of a soul remaining in the world kicks in. Despise both souls being whole and different. She smiles. As she reads further modifications to the bond. And sees that, like a horcrux, another soul is required to act as a sacrifice that will bridge the two souls. Unlike the horcrux, the death doesn't need to be by the hands of a caster.


She closes the grimore and puts it in the drawer under the crib as she hears James stumble in drunk with Sirius at his tail. She turns to her Prince, who was smiling at her the entire time, and she kisses his head.


"Soon, Hadrian. Soon, we will start" and she leaves to keep James and Sirius company.