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The Hero and his Demon Lord

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It was a long and perilous journey…

But they finally made it.

They have traveled incomprehensible miles far from home…

Went through 99 floors, facing monsters and dodging traps along the way.

Not to mention going up tons and tons and TONS of stairs…

They had made it to the 100th floor.

The throne room of the Demon Lord.

After checking the door for any traps or spells, it was deemed safe for them to enter the throne room.

“Fucking FINALLY, we’re here…” Yuri spoke up, his feline ears twitched a bit. “So many goddamn stairs…”

A young paladin let out a sigh as he looked over to his shorter companion.

“I’m just glad that we somehow managed to get here without even dying.” He pointed out before turning to their leader in question that was staring up at the door before them. “Hey, Hero? Are we doing this thing?”

The Hero in question heard the question and smirked confidently.

“Oh, we are…” Then he looked up at the door with determination. “We are definitely going to see the Demon Lord!”

With that in mind, as well as psyching themselves up, the Hero (aka Victor) stepped forward with confidence and pushed the ornate doors open. Inside was a grand throne room, that somehow combined elegance with foreboding. Perhaps it was how the candelabras were the only things that provided light as shadows flicker upon the walls, and the closest thing to decor was a literal red carpet leading to a jet black throne that was curtained around by red drapes.

There, sitting upon the throne with his legs crossed was the dreaded Demon Lord himself.

Clad in a tight bodysuit of silk and mesh that hugged the right places, horns curling around his slicked black hair like a makeshift laurel crown, and the most smoldering bedroom burgundy eyes that he had ever seen…not to mention such creamy and smooth skin…

“Hey, Perv, you’re drooling.”

Victor blinked before quickly wiping away the supposed drool. Ugh, there goes his big dramatic entrance. Ok, no time to have a do over…they’re at the very top of the Demon Tower, they’re in the throne room, and in front of the Demon Lord.

Let’s do this!

He then strode forward and pulled out his sword (he wished to pull out the other one but Otabek and Yuri are here) and pointed at the Demon Lord, who doesn’t seem to be all that phased as in the past.

“Demon Lord Eros! I had once again come here to challenge you!” Victor declared boldly.

The Demon Lord merely cocked his head to one side a bit-which was rather cute- before uncrossing his legs and gracefully walked down the steps from his throne. Victor would just watched in awe as the Demon Lord approached him-THEM. He shouldn’t admire him….again.

“I can see that,” Eros spoke, his voice were practically music to his ears. “My memory is a bit fuzzy but this is the ninth time, correct?”

“Tenth time, but who’s really keeping count?” Victor gleamed, all the while ignoring Yuri’s annoyed groaned. Well, it’s not his fault that he always looked forward to these banters before the main event! “However, before we would commence our battle, there is one thing I need to know.”

Eros paused in his tracks, an eyebrow raised elegantly.

“Oh? What is it?”

Victor took the moment for a dramatic pause as he stared at Eros. It may seem like forever, that is until a heart-shaped smile grew on his face.

“I want to impregnate you with my children! Will you marry me?”

Silence fell in the throne room. Yuri facepalmed himself as Otabek just stared on impassively behind Victor. Why would he asked that question? AGAIN?! It’s too bad that he was best known for lacking a filter in his mouth. And it was only to this…this…PIG of a demon lord! The Demon Lord in question just blinked, staring at Victor for a moment. And then gave him what seemed to be a sweet smile.

After a while…he finally spoke.

“No, thank you.”

Then he raised up his hand, emanating an aura into pure energy and channeling it at the party before him. All the while Victor just stood there smiling while Otabek was impassive as always and Yuri just said, “oh fuck…”

And the last thing they all saw…was the red light.

Before being shot out of the 100th floor and into the sky.

Just as usual.

As soon as the dust settled, he let out a sigh at the result of the usual attack that he used.

“Not again…” He groaned, running a hand through his hair, mussing up the slicked back look. “I messed up another carpet.” Then he paused as he thought back on the Hero and his party and frowned. “I wonder if they’re ok.”

“I’m sure they’re fine…”

Eros blinked as he turned to the source of the voice that came from the shadowed part of the room. Stepping into the light was a rather provocatively dressed man with two-tone hair of blond and dark as well as demonic looking features that were akin to Eros’- though the only difference was that his horns were akin to a goat’s and he possessed a tail with a heart-shaped barb at the tip and wings. Everything about this demonic man was just oozing with sex appeal.

“After all, the lust is strong in the Hero,” he reassured him with a slight purr in his tone. “He’ll be fine within a week. You know how it is when they rest up in the village nearby.”

Eros just shrugged as he reached his hands up to his head and ruffled up his hair, messing his hair a bit further. “I know but there had to be a point that enough is enough. It’s what? The fiftieth time this month?” He asked, before turning his attention up to the ceiling and pull out a small vial.

“51, actually.” The Incubus reminded him as Eros dropped a few drops on both eyes. “Normally most adventurers just give up after going through a round with you.” Then a smirk grew on his lips. “But that Hero, on the other hand, I haven’t seen anyone THAT thirsty since…well, moi.”

Eros blinked away the liquid before letting out a sigh of relief.

“Ah, that’s better…” He then reached into his pouch and pulled out his blue glasses, placing them on before turning to his friend. His hair was now mussed up and loose from the former slicked back style, his specs giving him an entirely different appearance compared to before.

“Please don’t joke around, Chris. After all, I’m just a dime in a dozen demon lord.”