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I'll relief you on those hard nights

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Minho struggled with the apartments key and lock but finally got it to slide in. The turned the key and opened the door hoping his cats were busy with something else and weren't trying to run out.

He got in and saw some familiar sneakers in the hallway. "Jisung?" Minho called and the sound echoed while he walked with heavy feet to the kitchen. "Are you in here?" he asked again and started hearing sleepy growling from the sofa just few meters away.

Minho put food in the three cat bowls and then started making his way to the couch his boyfriend was lying on.
"Move. Or better yet go to bed", Minho said as he lifted the boys legs so he could sit where the legs had placed before. "I'm not tired anymore", Jisung replied but still continued to squeeze the poor cat shaped pillow. "He said but didn't open his eyes. Not tired my ass, go to bed", Minho said back with an unimpressed tone in his voice. "You don't seem happy", Jisung said worry in his voice. "Was work hard on you today?" Minho didn't answer and just closed his eyes. He concentrated on the silence of his apartment and the warm feeling he got from the youngers legs as they laid on his thighs.

"Hyung?" Jisung asked and at the moment Minho's old clock started to tick. It really did make a horrible sound but it got the job done. "How come you're home at a eleven o'clock?" Minho asked when the clock stopped making sound. "We all got to leave early cause the boss has something Important tomorrow and didn't want to keep the club open without him", Jisung explained and rose up to sit next to Minho. "How come you came to late?" “There was some trouble at work. Some protection measurements didn’t line up so”, Minho said and but a pillow to replace the legs that left his thighs. “Is there still some trouble? You don't look ok. It’s stressful right”, Jisung asked. “Yeah but there’s nothing I can do”, Minho said and started to fall asleep.
“I’ll relief you. I’m really not tired cause I got off work early. I was really in the mood to work but I will gladly work with you”, Jisung started to whisper into Minho's ear. Minho let a tired mumbel out as a disagreement but the youngest didn't listen. “Don't worry hyung I’ll do all the work”, Jisung said and now replaced the pillow with himself as he sat on Minho's lap.

“Don’t do that”, Minho said and opened his eyes to see his boyfriend already without his shirt. “No touching okay sir”, Jisung said teasing and saw Minho smirk a little. “Who said I can’t touch my own little boy hmm? I get why others can’t but I’m different, right”, Minho said with a cocky tone but a little worry could still be heard. “You are”, Jisung said and kissed both of the elders cheeks. “But you’re tired.” “Not tired enough if you want attention”, Minho said and placed his hand on the boys waist circling his thumbs on he bare skin. “I don’t! I want to relieve your stress” “Mmm. You don’t have to. You have to do that a lot the next night at work so take a breather”, Minho said and lifted the boy off of him. “ I’m going to bed.”

"Am I not good enough?” Jisung asked half serious half just wanting to hear Minho agree to his suggestion. Minho stopped faster than ever and turned around. “Sweety no, you are perfect, don't think that”, Minho stuttered and lifted Jisung from the couch into a hug. “You just also need a break from work and now you have a chance”, Minho said and breathed warm air into Jisungs dark hair. “It’s not work when it’s you who I’m dealing with”, Jisung said and nibbled on Minho’s neck. “You really are stubborn”, Minho said and lifted Jisung into his arms and carried him into the bedroom.

“You just lay there”, Jisung said and Minho laid down on the bed. Jisung placed his legs either side of Minho and grinded down. Minho just put his hands on the boys thighs and let him bush their members together. A small whimper escaped Jisungs lips and Minho started feeling the other boy hardening. “Do you usually get hard so easily of a lap dance. It’s starting to feel like this was more for you”, Minho said and lifted Jisung so that they weren’t touching anymore. “It’s for you”, Jisung said with a seeking voice. “You just feel so good. You fit so good with me. I’ll make you feel good hyung.” With that Jisung escaped Minho's hold and started to pull the tight pants off of minho's body.

The feeling was familiar to Minho but it surprised him every time. It wasn’t Jisung specialty at work (lap dances were) but Minho always wondered how not. The wet walls of the boys mouth wrapped around Minho’s hardening cock. With no hesitation Jisung took Minho deep into his throat moved his tongue as best as he could and started to bob up and down. Jisung had done it so many times that he knew just what to do to make him feel good, it was heavenly if Minho had to be truthful. Jisung rose his head so that the member just bearly fell out of his mouth and dropped to Minho’s stomach that was exposed cause his t-shirt was too short for him (It may have been Jisungs). “Hyung. Does it feel good”, Jisung asked innocently as he whipped the salvia that dripped down from his lips. “Do you have to ask?” Minho said kinda annoyed while Jisung took his own pants off. “I have to make sure you’re happy.” “I’m happy simply when I’m with you I don’t need this to be happy”, Minho said but then hissed at the contact of the cold lube that just his his member. “Can I fuck myself with you dick hyung?” Jisung asked and stroked Minho’s member a couple of times so the dick was fully covered with the lube. “So this was for you. And I wondered why did you come to my apartment”, Minho said teasing and Jisung shut him up by kissing him.

This should be Jisungs specialty Minho thought again and was happy that the club that Jisung worked up didn’t allow kissing.(nor touching. Just some "innocent" lap dances) Their tongues slid together in Minho’s mouth and Jisung tasted like honey to Minho. Minho started to suck on Jisungs tongue like his life depended on it and Jisung moaned into his mouth. Minho’s hands found their way to the boys nipples and he started to play. “Hyung”, Jisung whimpered. “This- ahh. Was supposed to be for you.” “Don’t worry honey, I’m having fun”, Minho said and bit down on Jisungs skin on the collar bone. “No-ahh mm”, Jisung struggled with his words and almost let Minho take control. "Please let me make you come", Jisung pleaded and the older stopped everything he was doing.

Minho knew Jisungs habits and the fact that he pulled the massive buttblug out of his ass didn't surprise him in the slightest. "I'm all ready for you", Jisung said and lined himself up with Minho. Jisung lowered his hips and now sat on Minho. Minho's mind was between utter sleepiness and pure pleasure and his eyes shut from both of them while Jisung just sat there. "I almost forgot how big you were", Jisung breathed out and lifted himself a little only to fall back. Minho's lips parted open and Jisung smiled. Minho was quiet in bed and that small gesture told him that the older was feeling good. So he started to bounce till he hit his good spot. "Ou yeah", Jisung said and continued to move up and down.

Minho opened his eyes and hissed and tried his hardest not to cum. The youngers skin glistened with sweat and the moons light complemented his every curve and graves. His dark hair was parted by him running his own hands through it so many times and he looked desperate. Jisungs eyes were half hooded and he looked down into minho's eyes while he twisted his body just too much for Minho feel buckets full of pleasure. "Honey. Do that once more and I'll come for you", Minho said kinda out of breath even though he hasn't moved. "Can I come after you?", Jisung asked and rolled his body. Minho's hands took a tight grip on Jisungs thigh as he came deep in him. Jisung shivered of the feeling of being filled and came onto their stomachs. Jisung sat there for a moment then smiled with utter happiness. "I'll clean up", he said and pulled Minho out of him. He walked towards the door but wondered why hadn't he heard a faint 'I love you' from the older. "Minho?" Jisung said with a questioning tone and looked back to his boyfriend who had fallen asleep. He walked to the bed, kissed Minho's forehead and walked to the bathroom, happy knowing that his lover could sleep without a problem.


At the bathroom Jisung was at shock. Firstly he looked like a hot mess. Secondly he was sure that the bit mark would be there at the end of the week. He scanned his from the top down and stopped at his thighs. "Come on Minho. Control your strength", Jisung hissed as he traveled his hand at the newly forming bruise that Minho's hand left there. "It'll be a hassle at work trying to explain and cover these", Jisung still said to himself and went to take a shower.

In the morning Minho woke up early to go back to work and saw his boy sleeping soundly next to him. He made a mental note to apologise for the bruises he saw on his body but was also happy that he marked what was his.
Minho ate and left some for Jisung. He also left a note for him that Jisung read in the morning.

*I'm sorry for the marks ;_;
Make sure to eat before you go, okay? <3
Could you feed the cats?

thank you*

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Minho got the assignment to work at a nightclub as a replacement for his sick coworker. So there he was walking to a strip club with no sexual intention whatsoever. Minho knocked on the back door and entered.

He was faced with a hallway that he walked along till he met a door labelled "bosses office". Yet again Minho knocked said 'excuse me'. He heard a muffled 'come in' and entered.

"I'm here to replace Changbin due his sickness", Minho said professionally totally forgetting where he was. (Minho's job is usually protecting politicians and other rich and 'important' people) "Thank you that you could come with such short notice", the owner said. Minho recalled that his name was Chan. "Just doing my job."

Chan informed Minho of his position and gave him clothes. (Trousers and a standard black collared shirt which had name tag attached on it that read 'security'. Also an earpiece that helps him to communicate with the other guards) Work starts at seven and ends around two am. So he had around twenty minutes until he had to start. He is located close to the main stage where he can keep eye on the stage area and the bar.

Minho went to the public area and it was busy with workers running around. It was way too noisy in Minho's opinion and he knew it was gonna get worse when the music kicks in. He strolled around and talked to some his coworkers. He also stopped for awhile just to listen the strong sound of bass that shook the whole room while testing the sound quality.

"Five minutes until the doors open!" Someone yelled and Minho went to his position. *"It's gonna be a busy night boys"* a voice said from the earpiece. *"Minho try to keep up. I know you keep the rich people safe but this is different"* another one said. Minho recognized it and it was Seungmins. "Well then let's hope that Changbin gets well soon", Minho said to the mic and a last notice came from the speakers in Chans voice. "Let's have a good night. Open the doors!"

People flooded in. So many that Minho could have easily thought this was a normal club. But it wasn't. Sure a big part of it was a normal nightclub where you could dance and get drunk but with a little twist. It had a element of a strip club in it. And what he had heard from Changbin most of the dancers were males.

The night had gone well and it was time for the show to begin. The music quieted a small bit and Minho's ears thanked God. He could understand why Binnie had headaches so often. "I want to thank you all that you came here tonight. We will do our best to keep you entertained", Chan said from the stage. "Please welcome our first dancer Felix", Chan announced and left the stage leaving behind flashing lights and a boy that came dancing in.
'So this is The Felix' Minho snickers to himself remembering how Changbin had spoken about his little crush.

"FELIXX!!" some girls yelled a small way from Minho and started to try climbing on to the stage. *"A small issue on the left side of the stage. Minho you'll take care of it right"* a voice asked. "I'm already on it", Minho replied and walked to the girls. "Hi girls", Minho said with a sweet voice. "You shouldn't be doing that, he said trying to get them calm. And they totally ignored him. So he tapped the blond one on the shoulder while she struggled to climb. "Don't touch me", the girl said annoyed but it got them stop climbing. "I'd appreciate if you guys wouldn't try climbing to the stage. It's for the dancers not for you", Minho said, yet again way too modest. "Shut up", the other girl said, obviously a little tipsy and kicked Minho's ankle. "Okay", Minho said a little annoyed. "Let's go talk outside for a moment", Minho said and with a little struggle got the girls out.

Minho got back in after getting the girls to leave. He also stayed out for a moment to take a breath of fresh air but went back in fairly quick. And when he got to his place a new dancer was called in. "Please welcome Han!" Minho firstly scanned the audience for more crazy 'fangirls' and then took a look at the moving figure on the stage.

The dancer swung his lower body around and skipped across the stage. "Felix was right", Han said when he danced on the left side of the stage. "You aren't Changbin." The boy went further away for a moment to dance and came back without his shirt. 'Shit' was all Minho could think of. Han squatted in front of Minho and looked at him with his head tilted. "I haven't seen you here before", he said looking into Minho's eyes. Then he looked at someone else and grinded the floor. Han went back to the right side and slowly danced his way back to the left. At some point his pants were ripped so now they were shorts but Minho hadn't seen that part, someone started a fight and he had to help Seungmin. But when he got back to his spot Han was there dancing on the left side. At that point Han had danced himself to sweat and Minho had to take a deep breaths even though the air was dusty. The stages lighting made his body shine blue and he smirked and ended his performance looking into Minho's eyes while a bucket of water splashed on to him. Han backed away and the next dancer took the stage dancing on water.

For the time being Minho was unable to move. He was sure he just saw an angel, or a demon, no angel could dance like that. He didn't know how long he was still but his clothes got wet from the dancers now on stage and he heard some noise coming from his ear piece. *"Time for our break. Minho do whatever when your brake replacement comes but be back in half an hour"* the voice said. "Roger that", Minho said with a shaky voice and started to move towards the staff area when someone tapped his shoulder and said that he would keep watch for awhile.

Minho walked in the hallway not even happy that it was silent. Chan saw him and laughed at his wet shirt. "Go to the next door on the left and get yourself a new shirt. Also thank you so much you have been a great help", Chan said and Minho just bowed as an answer.

He got in, surprised that no one else was there but assumed they were getting some fresh air or something. Minho took his shirt off and took the 'security' tag off of it. "Chan said you were here!" a loud voice said after opening the door. The voice was Hans, Minho knew, it kept haunting him. But he didn't hear anything after that. It was because now Han was froze. He just walked in and saw the sexiest back he'd seen. "Sorry. Do you know where here there are more shirts?" Minho had to ask even though his voice was shaky. He didn't want to stay half naked in front of Han. The boy finally walked in front of Minho and when he saw him again he wanted to faint. His hair was soaked (no wonder) and his cheeks were red. (Minho though it was because the cold water) and in Minho's eyes he looked SO cute right now. And while Minho stared at him Han went to a cabinet and threw him a shirt trying not to get a glance at the front side of Minho's body.

Minho struggled with the shirt and Han started to talk. "Who are you?" Han asked and Minho looked up from the tag he attached to the shirt. "Security", Minho said, for some reason he felt cocky. "Why are you on Changbins spot", Han asked again. "Because we are humans and get sick too", Minho replied. "I have to tell Felix", the boy mumbled and the looked straight into Minho's eyes. "Who are you", he asked, again. "I thought that was a cleared topic", Minho said and looked at the time from his watch. "I want a name", he said, a little shy, Minho could hear it in his voice. 'This man. If I meets him again it's gonna be the death of me' Minho thought and took a step back. "Minho", he just said and left the room quickly as possible because his heart was about to burst. One look at that face and he was a mess.

He went back to his spot, even though he was 10 minutes early but the guy keeping his spot didn't mind. The strong bass started to hurt Minho's ears again when he saw the boy, the angel walking to the private rooms with a man behind him. But he decided not to mind.

Moments later he came out and straight to Minho. "I'm Jisung", he said when he was close enough to Minho. "Okay", Minho replied hoping he would go away that he could concentrate. But he just stood there until someone came behind him. "Aren't you Han?" the man said. Jisung was shocked, it could be seen from his eyes. But soon Minho saw something else something very close to fear. Jisung eyes looked down at his hips then at Minho. Then he mouthed: "help"

The man had placed his hands on Jisungs waist and torso. Minho felt anger even though he had no reason to but tried his best to keep calm. "Sir, no touching", he said and took the man's hands off Jisungs body. Jisung ran behind Minho and the man (clearly hammered) started hitting Minho. 'How does Changbin keep up with this kind of work environment' Minho thought while getting punched in the face.

Minho could hear Jisungs surprised whimper behind him and how he was trying to call for help. "Fairly drunk", Minho starter to talk to the mic while he got a punch in his stomach. Minho took a hold of the man's hands by the wrists and continued talking. "Drunk man at the left side of the stage- ah", he continued until he got headbuttet straight to his nose. "Target hostile. Calling for backup", Minho said, still calm. All he was concerned about was that Jisung was okay. And as he turned his head to see him he saw fear and sadness in his eyes. "Your bleeding", Jisung said with a sad voice and Minho's insides cooed from that. Or then it was the kick that the man got on his rips while he wasn't looking. "Alright I've had enough of you", Minho said and took a tight grip of him while pulling his hands behind his back preventing him from moving. Then he saw Seungmin running towards him. "Took you long enough", Minho said sarcastically and two of the other guys took the man and escorted him out. "You get to leave work early. You look awful", Seungmin said and took a little glance at the damage. "I'll tell the boss", he continued and left. "I really don't need-", Minho started but started hearing muffled sniffing behind him.

"Are you alright?" Minho asked while he turned and he saw a fallen angel. Jisung eyes were already red from crying and he was whispering 'I'm sorry' every second he got enough air in his lungs for it. "Did he hit you, touch you somewhere?" Minho asked and the little sniffles quieted down and he looked up into Minho's eyes. "He did that to you because of me", he said and rested his head on Minho's shoulder. And the later froze. 'Like he wasn't cute enough but he's touching me?' "It's okay I just did my job. Pretty poorly but I kept you and others safe", Minho said optimistically and Jisung looked at him in disbelief. "I'm gonna clean you up and then punch you myself", Jisung said and started pulling him to the staff area.

Jisung pulled Minho to a private changing room and found the biggest first aid kit there was. He cleaned the blood that gripped from Minho's nose and eye / brow area. His brow got a bandage on it and the rest of the eye got a ice pack. "Are you hurt anywhere else?" Jisung asked. That was the sentence that made Minho wake up from the day dream he was in. Seeing Jisung so focused and close to his face almost made him faint but the urge to kiss him was stronger. "What? No. Couple of my ribs may be broken if the kick was strong enough but I'm fine", Minho said trying to stay calm. "I'm surprised your face isn't more fucked up", Jisung said with a hint of laughter and came even closer to inspect Minho's face. 'Fuck me' Minho saw Jisungs lips part a little while looking closer at him and he was at the edge of exploding.

"I'm so sorry", Minho said, waited to see the confusion on the boys face and kissed him. His hand went to Jisungs neck with which he pulled Jisung to the kiss. He was clearly shocked but didn't pull away. The kiss was tender and Jisungs hand was already making a mess of Minho's hair. And when the kiss intensed only a good shower would have fixed it perfectly.

"Take me to dinner", Jisung said when they parted and he had gotten a lung full of air. "It's literally midnight. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow", Minho said and put his lips back to the cute ones that tasted like honey.

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Jisung's ears got to hear a rasp voice of Minho when he finally woke up to Jisungs staring. But Jisung kept staring. He saw how Minho's eyes were slightly puffy and the lips that he had been kissing the night before were still overly red and puffy as well. And his hair, it was a mess, but Jisung had become aware that he loves it like that. "Stop staring", Minho said quietly and Jisung just giggled at him and moved close to the elders side and buried his face in the other's neck not caring about the light stig of pain that was in his back with every move he took because last night was worth it.

"You smell good", Jisung said but the voice was slightly muffled into the others neck. "If you count sweaty after sex smell that has been on me overnight good, then sure but I really doubt it", Minho said and lifted his heavy hand to ruffle Jisungs hair. The later loved the touch and just melted into Minho. "You're good at sex", was Jisungs next sentence. "You keep complimenting me. Did you do something wrong?" Minho said and Jisung hummed. "I think I screamed too loudly. Don't blame me if your neighbours are mad at you", Jisung said smirked at his own words. Minho kissed the mole on Jisungs cheek and spoke to the cheek. "I'm about to move to another place anyways, be as loud as you want, I like your voice", he said and Jisung smiled. "Give me a key to that place", Jisung said and wrapped his arm around Minho's board shoulders. "I will as soon as I get the keys", Minho said closing his eyes again. "Don't fall asleep", Jisung said but the elders ears didn't hear it. "Okay 5 more minutes", Jisung said closing his eyes and breathing his lungs full of the bittersweet smell of his boyfriends sweat.