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I'm Glad I Met You

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Hijikata watched the silver haired teen hanging out with his friends. The young man was laughing along to something Sakamoto brought up. While Takasugi looked unamused and Katsura laughed along with them. Hijikata wondered how a guy like Gintoki could act so care free.

It was exam season and Hijikata was planning on becoming a police officer in the future. His friend Kondou was already one, being several years his senior. Hijikata was a diligent worker and seeing Gintoki, the guy who always happened to be sleeping or slacking off in class, getting good grades was irritating to say the least. He brushed it off though, Gintoki wasn't Hijikata's concern. That is until they collided that one day in homeroom.

Hijikata couldn't even remember what they were arguing about but it ended up in a fight. Both he and Gintoki ended up with bruised knuckles and bloody noses. They sat outside the principal's office waiting for their guardians. Hijikata glanced at Gintoki who was staring at the wall with his usual expression. With eyes that Hijikata compared to a dead fish.

"This is your fault." Hijikata muttered.

"Excuse you, my fault? You threw the first punch."

"Yeah, right after you made the first kick."

"Oh shut it Mr. Heartthrob." The perm head shot back.

"...Mr. Heartthrob?" Hijikata raised an eyebrow at Gintoki who sputtered.

"I-I mean, girls go all mushy around you. Like "Oh Hijikata-kun~ I forgot my pencil can I borrow one of yours?" or " Hijikata-kun can you help me with this problem?" He imitated some of the girls, using a falsetto that almost made Hijikata laugh. His lips started to twitch. "It's not fair," he groaned. "Gin-san is available."

"Sure what kind of a girl would go after a guy with such kinky hair like yours?"

"Rude." Gintoki huffed, running a hand through his hair in an attempt to tame it. But making it even messier in the process. Hijikata's eyes followed the motion and he couldn't help but he curious as to how those locks would feel beneath his own fingers. The perm head sank into his seat.

He then mumbled something that Hijikata strained to hear.

"What?" Hijikata raised an eyebrow at him. Gintoki glanced at him than at the floor.

"I'm sorry. For earlier…"

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry about that too."

"You know I don't remember why we even started to fight."

"Probably something stupid." It was silent after that. Hijikata didn't know what else to say.

Then two people walked up to them. Both of them wearing your standard business suit. If possible the two boys shrunk in their seats. They looked anywhere but at them.

"Toshirou? I got a call from work saying you got into a fight?" The man with clean cut black hair that was the same shade as Hijikata's spoke. His warm honey brown eyes looked at him with concern.

"Gintoki. This is the first fight you've gotten into in a while. What brought this up?" Another man with long light brown-grey hair looked at Gintoki. His green eyes held the same expression Hijikata's guardian did.

Before either of them could answer the principle came out. And after an exchange of words the four of them left the office. 

"I know this isn't something I should be doing you want to go out for ice cream Gintoki?" The man that Hijikata soon found out to be Yoshida Shouyou, asked the teen.

"For real old man!?" Gintoki's usually dead fish eyes lit up like a kid's on Christmas. Hijikata found it oddly endearing and maybe a bit cute. But shook the thought out of his head and kept on walking with his brother Tamegorou. The four of them soon parted ways after they left the school. Not before the adults exchanged a couple of words.

"I have to apologize again for my son's behavior." Shouyou bowed.

"No I should apologize on behalf of my brother." Tamegorou also bowed in return. Hijikata and Gintoki also bowed and apologized again, after some hesitation. Shouyou and Gintoki left the two brothers and Hijikata dragged himself into Tamegorou's car.

"So, Gintoki…"

"What about him?"

"He's the guy you keep complaining about isn't he?" He smirked as Hijikata sputtered.

"Hey! I don't complain about him that much! And so what if he is." He grumbled. Tamegorou just smiled as he drove Hijikata back home. The dark haired teen had a place all to himself. A small apartment that was cozy and not too far from school or his brother's place, which was only a few blocks away. He'd go over to his house at least three or more times a month. The reason why Hijikata didn't want to intrude on his brother's life was because he was married. He didn't want to ruin Tamegorou's life. Even though his brother adored him.

Hijikata thought otherwise.

"Well thanks for the ride."

"Good night Toshirou." Hijikata walked away but put a hand up in a wave. The first thing he did upon entering the apartment was to the bathroom where he faced himself in the mirror. A few scuff marks and a bruise on the left side of his face. Luckily his nose wasn't broken, there was a faint trail of dried blood under his nose. He had to give it to Gintoki, he packed one hell of a punch. He lifted up his pants and saw a nice bruise starting to take shape on his right leg. He tended to his wounds with the small first aid kit that he had behind the mirror. After cleaning himself up he prepared a simple meal of mayo on rice and miso soup. Hijikata was just thankful that tomorrow was saturday. He got ready for bed and thought about Gintoki. Sure the guy could be a pain but this was the first time that they've actually interacted. Even though it was a fight, in reality Hijikata didn't really have any ill will towards the guy. And their conversation afterwards was civil and Hijikata actually enjoyed it.

He slept that night dreaming of silver hair and red eyes.

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Monday rolled around in a flash. Hijikata saw Gintoki and his usual group of friends. The perm head made eye contact with him and waved at Hijikata with a grin. His friends looked at Gintoki weirdly and then at him. Hijikata just ignored them. He still needed to study for the exam that would dictate his future.

"Hijikata-kun." A girl went up to him looking a bit anxious.

"Huh?" Was his dumb response.

"Can I borrow a pencil?" She asked timidly. Then all of a sudden the short conversation he had with Gintoki that Friday immediately popped into his head and he could hear Gintoki's falsetto ringing in his ears. He couldn't help it, he laughed. The girl looked shocked, so did the rest of the students in class. There hasn't been a time where they've actually heard or seen Hijikata laugh. The girl looked at him tears slowly welling up in her eyes as if she thought he was laughing at her.

"Hey, no need to cry. I just thought of something funny." He reached into his bag and brought out a pencil, giving it to the girl with a smile that was left on his face after thinking about the memory. The girl blushed and took the pencil, going over to her group of friends who were all squealing in the corner. Hijikata just continued to get ready for class. All the while glancing at the white haired boy sitting just a few seats away from him, engaging in conversation with his rowdy group of friends. The dark haired teen looked away when he realized he was staring at Gintoki.

Class went on as usual. Once homeroom came around Hijikata was working on a problem when someone poked him in between his eyebrows. He looked up to see that the finger belonged to Gintoki.

"Hijikata-kuuuunnn~" he drawled out. "You'll get wrinkles with how deeply you're scowling at the paper." He used the finger that was still in between his eyebrows to smooth out Hijikata's scrunched up face. "There, much better." After one last poke to Hijikata's forehead he strolled over to his friends. They were all asking Gintoki various questions but Hijikata was focused on the spot where Gintoki poked him. He rubbed the spot with one of his hands and before he knew it, his face was slowly heating up. Gintoki was something else. And that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

These little interactions between them kept occurring throughout the week and Hijikata would be lying if he didn't enjoy their little banter. He found out how much of a sweet fanatic the perm haired idiot was. He had a sweet tooth that could almost rival his mayonnaise addiction. Keyword being almost. They were more alike than he originally thought. They liked most of the same things. They had the same taste in movies and they liked anime and manga. Even though Hijikata would deny he was a huge fan of them, his collection of magical girl figures would beg to differ.

In that week he also got the chance to hang out with Gintoki's friends. They were nice. Albeit a bit weird. How Katsura managed to smuggle a duck to school was a mystery. Sakamoto was funny, his hair just as permy as Gintoki's. Although his laugh could be a bit annoying at times. Takasugi seemed to dislike Hijikata the most. Glaring at him from time to time and making some rude comments. But Gintoki assured him that was how Takasugi showed his affection.

Before Hijikata knew it he'd become friends with the perm haired idiot.

Another week passed and Gintoki went up to him at lunch. He sat down right across from him and gave him a lazy smile.

"Hey future tax thief. Do you have any plans this weekend?"


"Oh come on! You've been studying all week!" he exclaimed. "You gotta take a break Hijikata-kun."

"..." He thought about it. It's true the dark haired boy was in need of a break. "What did you have in mind?"

"There's this movie coming out this weekend. And I was wondering if you wanted to go?"

"Why can't you ask one of your other friends?"

"I did, but Zura got caught smuggling Elizabeth into school. I knew it was only a matter of time before the guy got caught duck handed. So he's gotta serve time in detention this weekend. Sakamoto is hanging out with this girl, what was her name again? Mustard? No, Mutsu. And Takasugi is mad at me because I called him short."

"Why can't you see it by yourself?"

"Movies are much better when you're watching them with others."

"I don't know..."

"It's the new Pedoro movie."

"It already came out!?" Hijikata exclaimed suddenly.

"Yup." Gintoki grinned as he popped the p.

He coughed, "I don't have anything else to do besides study."

"Cool, so wanna meet me by the train station this Saturday at 5? We can grab dinner before the movie starts at 7."

"Okay, sounds like a plan. See you at 5 then." Hijikata responded. And he watched as a smile made its way onto Gintoki's face. It wasn't the usual smirk, or over the top grin that the guy usually wore around. This smile was different and as cliche as it sounds, made Hijikata's heart beat faster.

"See you then Hijikata-kun."

The week went on as usual. Hijikata and Gintoki would banter as usual and then talk about something else, like their opinions on a certain anime character's flaws or personality. Gintoki's friends would be off doing who knows what while the two were together. Then Saturday hit Hijikata in the face. After getting some more studying done, he showered and brushed his teeth again. He then opted to wear a black t-shirt with a light green outline of a Justaway figure resting in the middle. He wore dark green cargo shorts and a pair of his black sneakers. He made sure he had his wallet and phone before heading out. He walked to the station and waited. He was there a little early too. His hands were itching for a smoke. Thinking that it wouldn't hurt, he took out a cigarette and walked to the nearest spot where he could take a long drag. Using the mayo lighter his brother got him as a joke, he lit the cancer stick. It then dawned on him that he hasn't really smoked in a while. Was it because something changed in his daily life? The only change he could think of would be becoming friends with the idiot perm. Speak of the devil. He wore a white t-shirt with blue swirls twisting their way across the bottom. He wore light blue shorts and black converse. It was a nice change from the usual black uniform that they all usually wore at school.

"Wow, Hijikata-kun. Smoking like a delinquent? Tsk, tsk, what would your mother say?" Gintoki teased. 

"Don't know, don't have one." He stated bluntly.

"Oof. I meant that as a joke." He quickly responded. "If it makes you feel better I don't have a mom either. Never even got the chance to know her."

"That's rough buddy."

"Hey it's not like my girlfriend turned into the moon. Are you Zuko or something? All you need is that scar on the right side of your face and a crazy sibling."

"Hey! The scar is on the left side. THE. LEFT. Zuko was one of the best characters in Avatar. He ended up being a misunderstood teen going through an angsty phase and he loved his uncle. And don't get me started on Uncle Iroh! He was more of a father to Zuko than the fatherlord."

"Okay easy there, hotman, everything is flameo. And as much as I'd love to talk Avatar with you, how about we get something to eat." He smiled.

"Tch, fine." Taking one last drag of his cigarette, he threw it away and followed Gintoki to the subway station. One train ride later and the two were standing in front of a very familiar eating establishment. It was old and it was Hijikata's go to place for food when he had the time and the funds.

"This is my favorite place." Gintoki grinned.

"Well if it isn't my two favorite customers." The old man behind the bar smiled. "Have a seat you two." He gestured towards the two empty chairs in front of the bar.

"Wait, you've been here too?" Gintoki asked Hijikata as they made their way towards their seats.

"Yeah, this is the only place that serves the Hijikata Special."

"This is the only place that sells the Gintoki Don." Was Gintoki's quick reply.

"The usual boys?" The old man asked, a smile on his face.

"Yes, sir." They nodded together.

As they waited for their food they talked about random things. Ranging from what they saw last week and what classes they dreaded. Then things took a different turn.

"So how come you don't have the same last name as your dad?"

"Oh that's cause I'm adopted." He stated as if he was just talking about the weather. "So when I told you I never knew my mom, I never really knew my dad either. I was called a demon at the orphanage till I was 5." Hijikata didn't know how to respond to that. "But no worries. That was when Shouyou adopted me

 And that's really all that matters. I was lucky to be taken in by a guy like him."

"I’m happy that everything worked out."

"Yeah, if something happened to him I don't know what I'd do." He smiled wistfully.

"Here you go boys! A Hijikata Special and one Uji Gintoki Don!” The old man placed the two bowls in front of the two young men. They looked at their bowls and Gintoki was the first one to speak up.

“What is that? Dog food?”

“Oi! What the hell am I looking at? Azuki beans on rice? Who the hell eats that?”

“Excuse you, there is such a thing as patjuk!”

“What the hell is patjuk?”

“It’s a Korean red bean porridge you uncultured swine!”

“Uncultured swine? Mayonnaise is a great condiment! It goes with everything!”

“Like hell it does!” They bantered for a few more minutes before they ate their meal. A little aggressively at that, as they side eyed each other while stuffing their faces. Glaring because of the other's taste in food.

“Thanks for the meal old man!” They replied in unison as they were finished eating. 

“You’re welcome. So who’s going to pay the bill?”

“We’re gonna split the bill.” They both responded simultaneously. They looked at each other and said, "Are you copying me?"


"Stop that!" Were they the same person? Because right now they happened to be in sync. They both dug into their wallets and paid the man. Who smiled and said he couldn't wait for them to come again. They walked out of the restaurant and headed towards the movie theater.

"Two tickets for My Neighbor Pedoro." Gintoki asked the lady behind the counter.

"That'll be 2,000¥." she smiled. Gintoki brought out the money and paid the lady who then handed them the two tickets. "Enjoy your movie."

"Thanks, you too." The perm head replied and then visibly cringed. Hijikata felt like cringing too. The amount of second hand embarrassment that he felt watching the scene play out in front of him was too much. He wished he could skip this scene in front of him like a movie you'd just recorded or DVD you just bought. Hijikata then dragged the silver haired teen away from the ticket counter and they stopped a little ways away from the theater they'd be watching the movie from.

"You good?"

"Just leave me," he stated weakly. "I wouldn't have gone out if I'd known this was going to happen. Just leave me here and then maybe the floor will swallow me up."

"Hey, stop being a permy drama queen."

"Easy for you to say! I hate it when this happens. Ugh I'm gonna think about this moment all night and keep thinking about it, until I forget about it. But when I least expect it, it's going to bite me in the butt. Coming back in a full force cringe."

"It wasn't that bad," Hijikata assured him.

"Oh yeah? Has this happened to you before?" As those words left Gintoki's mouth Hijikata was bombarded by memories of him doing embarrassing things. Ones that were very much like what he'd seen Gintoki go through. He cringed and looked at Gintoki's smug face.

"Okay I get it, let's just go and see the movie."

"Okay but first snacks!" Gintoki exclaimed. Hijikata just shook his head as he followed the young man to the concessions.

"What do you want?" Hijikata asked taking out his wallet.

"You don't have to pay for me."

"Thank of it as thanks for the tickets."

"Okay, one large popcorn, those Crunch Bites, a package of Sour Punch Straws, and some Gummy Bears." He listed off to the guy behind the counter. "Oh and a blue raspberry icee."

"I'll have a Coke icee."

"Okay that'll be 3,000¥." Hijikata pulled out the money and handed it to the man who gave back the change and proceeded to grab their snacks. Or mostly Gintoki's.

"Damn I almost forgot how expensive movie snacks were." Hijikata mumbled to Gintoki.

"Oops. I think I went a little overboard."

"No shit."

"To compensate I'll share some of my snacks with you."

"Gee thanks. Your snacks. The snacks I bought with my money." Hijikata rolled his eyes, all in good fun though.

"Let's just watch the movie." They walked into the theater surprised that it was almost packed. They maneuvered around a few people and sat down together. Hijikata and Gintoki shared the snacks between them as they watched the movie. So engrossed in the film and seeing Pedoro in all his underwear clad glory. Hijikata reached for more popcorn and instead of a handful of the popped kernels he grabbed Gintoki's hand. He felt the guy stiffen and glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. Gintoki wasn't moving and his eyes were still trained on the movie. Hijikata let go of Gintoki's hand and opted to not eat popcorn for the rest of the movie. If the room was lit Hijikata would've been able to see the faint blush dusted across Gintoki's cheeks.

Hijikata found himself moved to tears as the movie ended. He lifted a hand up to cover his eyes as the credits rolled. Gintoki doing very much the same thing next to him. Hell the whole theater was moved to tears. They exited the theater throwing away their trash like good movie goers should, instead of leaving their trash behind. The two young men walked back to the train station. It was a long day and Hijikata enjoyed it. Gintoki was right, he needed a break from studying. The dark haired teen suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder and found the lazy perm head dozing off. It seemed that the poor guy was really knocked out. And so Hijikata let him use his shoulder as a pillow. Because this was the most fun Hijikata's had in a long time.

Their stop finally came and the dark haired boy woke the other up.

"It's time to leave dumbass."

"Aww and you just woke me up from a nice dream." He pouted but got up and followed Hijikata out of the train.

"I had a good time." Hijikata admitted.


"So, I'll see you monday?"

"Yeah, of course you will. We share the same class idiot."

"Takes one to know one." He smirked.

"Haha very funny." Gintoki grinned. It was getting late and they were both tired.

"Guess this is where we part ways." Hijikata started to walk before Gintoki grabbed his hand. "You good sweet freak?"

"Sorry about that, just thought I had something to say. Guess I forgot." Gintoki let go of his hand and awkwardly scratched the back of his head. "Good night Hijikata-kun." He stated not really meeting his eyes. He kept glancing away and was Hijikata imagining things or was Gintoki's cheeks turning red?

"Good night Sakata-kun." Hijikata would've been a liar if he said he didn't miss the warmth of Gintoki's hand. They parted ways and Hijikata couldn't shake the feeling that he made a mistake somehow. He walked back to his apartment saying goodbye to Gintoki once again.

"Toshi!!!" Kondou yelled through the phone after he told the older man about his evening with Gintoki.

"What is it Kondou-san?"

"Toshi, Toshi, Toshi." Hijikata could practically see him shaking his head. "You went on a date!"

"A date? What the hell?"

"You my good sir just went on a date."

"We just ate dinner, and saw a movie! Doesn't mean it was a date!"

"Fine, but how do you feel when you're with him?"

"He irritates me but he's a good guy to hang out with." He admitted.

"Yeah and he asked you to see a movie!" Kondou exclaimed. Hijikata pulled his phone away from his ear.

"Stop yelling! I'm going to end up deaf because of your gorilla noises."

"Toshi!" Kondou wept in despair.

“For the last time it wasn't a date! He was being a good friend that's all! And besides, none of his friends could make it."

"Toshi! I know these things, trust me!"

"Again with the yelling! And what experience do you even have!?“

"You know Otae and I are in love~" Kondou said in a sing song kind of way.

"Okay, stalking. Stalking doesn't equal love!"

"It does when I'm doing it to protect Otae."

"Kondou-san…" Hijikata sounded disappointed.

"My love for Otae has no boundaries!"

"I'm gonna hang up now."

"Toshi wait!"


"From what you've told me, I think this boy likes you. And as your best friend you should go and pursue him! From the sound of it I think he likes you too."

"I don't speak gorilla." Hijikata deadpanned.

"TOSHIII-" Kondou's wailed but it was cut off as he hung up the phone.

"It wasn't a date...was it?" He mumbled to himself. Hijikata thought back to yesterday's events. They split the bill for dinner, Gintoki paid for the tickets while Hijikata paid for snacks. They shared said snacks and Gintoki fell asleep on his shoulder. And the perm head just grabbed his hand because he had something to say. It wasn't a date, it was just two friends hanging out. Just your regular old outing. Yup. As friends. At least that's how Hijikata saw it. Until Kondou opened his big gorilla mouth and said it was a date.

He couldn't deny the fact that Gintoki was easy on the eyes. Hijikata noticed how his silvery white hair glowed like a halo around his head when the light hit it just right. He's had the urge to run his hands through those curly locks wondering if they were coarse or soft like he'd imagined they'd be. He's even noticed how the usual blank expression he wore was replaced by one with a bit more emotion when he was around him. And Hijikata couldn't forget Gintoki's smile. The smile that made Hijikata feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And he'd noticed the blushes Gintoki would give him throughout their little outing yesterday.

You could practically see the buffering circle loading in Hijikata's head.

"Fuck." He muttered. In the two weeks Hijikata got to know Gintoki, the young man was starting to develop feelings for him. He couldn't deny the chemistry they had with each other. It was there since they exchanged blows that fateful day in homeroom. Sometimes they were so in sync that it was freaky.

"Shit." He swore again. His face heating up as he thought about how he screwed up. Come Monday and he'd definitely straighten things out. Curse him and his obliviousness. If the gorilla didn't knock any sense into him Hijikata may not have realized that it was a date.

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Hijikata arrived to school early Monday morning. His keikaku was simple. Meet up with Gintoki. Maybe even confess to the feelings he just figured out he had for the guy in the short time they got to know each other. Everything was going to be okay. It would all work out in the end. At least Hijikata hoped so. To finally have Gintoki in his arms. To finally run his hand through those curly locks. Among other things that brought a small blush to the brunette’s face.

After what felt like hours of searching, but in reality about 15 minutes, he finally spotted him hanging out with Katsura. At the sight of Hijikata, Gintoki stiffened. The dark haired boy walked up to them.

"Hey, we need to talk."

"Huh? Why? There isn't anything to talk about." He replied nonchalantly.

"You bet your permy ass we have something to talk about."


"It's about what happened on Saturday."

"Really? Because I don’t think anything happened Saturday."

"Oh something happened alright and we need to talk about it right now."

"Wow, all the mayo you've eaten in your life must have really messed with your head. Do you need to see a doctor because of all the MSG you've consumed?"

"Well maybe you should see a doctor. The amount of sweets you eat messed up your memory."

"As a matter of fact my memory is great you dick!"

Katsura just watched as they argued, completely being forgotten. Katsura wondered if he should intervene or just leave. He eyed the little duck hiding in his bag and stared into Elizabeth's eyes.

"You're right. Let's get out of here." The long haired teen slowly and carefully made his escape as the two boys continued to argue.

"God, you are so annoying!" Hijikata spat. His temper getting the best of him. He wondered why he even bothered. Gintoki glared at him, red eyes blazing.

“Then maybe you should leave if I annoy you so much.”

"I'm sorry, you happy now? I'm sorry I was too blind and stupid to notice you asked me out on a date." Hijikata yelled. The other students who happened to hear him looked at the two eyes wide, jaws dropped. But the two didn’t really care what they thought.

"T-that wasn't a date!" Gintoki sputtered.

"You stuttered."

"I-I didn't!"

"You just did it again." Hijikata pointed out, as he watched the perm head fumbling over what to say next. "Why? Are you too embarrassed to admit it?" Hijikata smirked and Gintoki's ears started to redden as he looked away. The silverette stayed silent. "See! You won't even answer me. Are you scared? Scared that I won't return your feelings?"

"Just drop it Hijikata-kun…."

"I'm not going to until you give me an answer." He pleaded.

"Fine you want an answer?"


"Ok. I…" Hijikata leaned forward in anticipation as he waited for his response. 

"Gotta run!" The silverette bolted for the door, sprinting as fast as his legs could carry him. Hijikata stood there for a second dumbstruck. He blinked a few times before yelling.

"PERM HEAD!!!" He ran after him, leaving a few confused classmates behind, but couldn't find the object of his affection anywhere. He spotted Katsura and ran to him.

"Hey, have you seen Sakata?"

"Gintoki? I haven't seen him since...what was it...10 minutes ago? Elizabeth and I were tired of your bickering so we left."


"That's right Elizabeth." Hijikata gave him a weird look and without questioning Katsura's weird relationship with his pet duck, returned to searching for Gintoki.

"Damn, where is he?" He groaned, raking his hand through his hair as this wasn't going the way he wanted it to. He leaned against one of the school's windows and out the corner of his eye he spotted a head of silver and watched as Gintoki ran out of the school's gates.

The only thought going through Hijikata’s head was that he messed up. He walked back to class and stared at Gintoki's empty desk. The teacher scolded him to pay attention, but how could he when all he could think about was how much he wanted to fix things. It would have really helped him if he had the perm head's phone number but alas they still hadn't had the chance to exchange them. But rather than tell him over a text, Hijikata wanted to tell Gintoki how he felt in person.

Class ended and Hijikata noticed Gintoki's school bag. The idiot forgot to take his book bag and on top of that they had homework. Sighing he went to the teacher and told them that he would go and give Gintoki his homework.

After doing so he coaxed Takasugi into telling him where Gintoki lived. Long story short, bribing the guy with a box of yakult worked wonders and Hijikata found himself standing in front of a decently sized house with a well kept lawn. It looked picture perfect.

Hijikata rang the doorbell, and as he expected no one answered the door. Hijikata did see the blinds move as well as a flash of silver by the window on the first  floor.

"Hey! I know you're in there!"

No response.

"Look, I brought over your bag and today's homework."

Still no response from the other boy. Hijikata sighed to himself and called out to Gintoki.

"I'll wait. As long as it takes." Hijikata told him, already making himself at home on one of the front porch's steps. He wasn't kidding, not in the slightest when he said he'd wait. While waiting Hijikata worked on his homework. A good hour and a half passed before the door finally unlocked.

"You want to come in?" Gintoki asked peaking through the tiny open crack of the door.

"Finally," Hijikata sighed in relief, he stood up from his seat on the porch and gathered his and Gintoki's things before the silverette let him in. It was hot out and he was thankful to find that Gintoki's home was properly air conditioned. He lead Hijikata towards the kitchen.

"You want something to drink? Tea, strawberry milk, coffee ...mayo?" Hijikata perked up at the sound of mayo and Gintoki gave him a weird look. "Okay, gross. If you were a woman you'd be a pretty fat one." He teased.

"Hey! At least I'm not a borderline diabetic." Shot right back.

"I like sweets. Have you ever tasted a parfait!?"

"Yes and for your information it tastes way better with mayo!"

"Eww! You've forsaken me and parfaits everywhere."


"Whatever man, give me my stuff and get out of here."

"Not until I get the chance to find out your answer. Was it a date?"

"..." Gintoki gave out a deep sigh. His cheeks were slowly heating up this time. "So what if it was? It was probably bad since you didn't realize it was one till your friend pointed it out."

"No it wasn’t bad, I was just too dense. And if I’m being honest it was great. I had a lot of fun, it was the most fun I’ve had in ages. And because it was a date, that means you like me, right?"

"Yes, I really do like you. I wouldn't have asked you out if I didn't. I think I've liked you for a while. You're really handsome and I wasn't kidding when I called you a heartthrob." He mumbled looking at the ground. Hijikata put their things on the kitchen counter. He took a step closer to Gintoki and another step and kept taking steps until he was standing a few inches apart from him.

"Gintoki." Said boy looked up at Hijikata, their eyes meeting. Gintoki noticed how soft his expression was. It was a contrast to the usual intense look that Hijikata somehow always managed to have. What really got his attention was that it was the first time he called Gintoki by his first name. And he could feel butterflies in his stomach. Hijikata leaned forward and Gintoki closed his eyes not expecting what was coming next. He felt Hijikata's breath by his ear and shivered.

"I like you too." He pulled away and Gintoki looked at Hijikata's smiling face, his cheeks dusted in a light pink. Gintoki could feel his own face heat up. He probably looked like a tomato.

"..." Gintoki didn't know what to say. Then he felt the other pulling him into a tight embrace, burying his face in the crook of his neck. If Gintoki was red before his face was on fire now. He could feel Hijikata's hot breath against his bare neck. Then he felt something wet.

"Gross!" He exclaimed as he felt Hijikata's tongue licking the side of his neck. Gintoki shivered as he felt teeth brush against his exposed skin. "Hey...Toshirou...stop." The brunette ceased his movement at the sound of his name and pulled away.

"Sorry," he apologized. 

"No it's fine! Just wasn't expecting that."

"You sure? I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

"You didn’t make me uncomfortable. I just want something else... "

"Oh, and what's that?" Both of their eyes fell to the other's lips.

"This." Gintoki cupped both of Hijikata's cheeks with his hands and pulled him into a kiss. It was needy and sloppy. Gintoki wrapped his arms around Hijikata's neck. The brunette pulling him closer as he deepened the kiss. Hijikata’s tongue brushed against Gintoki’s bottom lip and he happily opened his mouth for the dark haired teen to explore. The silverette let out a low moan, his hands making their way through Hijikata’s silky smooth locks. The other’s hands rested on Gintoki’s ass. They were so focused on each other that they failed to hear the front door open and close. They were deaf to the footsteps that followed. Lost in their kiss.

"Gintoki?" The two froze. Lips still locked together, while their eyes were wide open in shock.

The two separated with a loud SMACK. The sound so loud that it echoed throughout the kitchen. Gintoki pushed Hijikata away so hard that the brunette fell on his ass.

"Dad! Hi, we were just…"

"Playing tonsil Hockey?" Shouyou finished for him with a knowing look.

"Oh my God! DAD.” Gintoki yelled as his face started to heat up. Hijikata was also starting to get red in the face too. He was just caught making out with the man’s son. He was mortified to say the least and you could practically see his soul start to leave his body.

"Well I hope there's enough pizza. Didn't think we'd be having guests. Hijikata-kun, is pizza fine with you?" Shouyou asked the boy who was currently having a small mental breakdown on his kitchen floor. The brunette paled dramatically at the man's question. Hijikata just nodded mechanically at the long haired man. The poor brunette looked half dead sitting there. Shouyou just smiled and sat the box of pizza he had down on the table.

"Gintoki get some plates will you? And napkins." Gintoki complied to his father's words, his movements stiff as he grabbed the things the man asked for.

"Hijikata-kun, I know you've made yourself at home on the floor, but you can get up now." Shouyou told the teen who was still trying to get over the fact that he was caught Frenching Gintoki by non-other than Shouyou. Hijikata picked himself up from the floor, avoiding eye contact with the man in front of him.

"The table's set old man." Gintoki grumbled. They settled down at the table, pizza still hot. Hijikata helped himself to a slice. Gintoki couldn't meet his father's gaze as t hey ate in relative silence. The two teens could practically feel the tension in the air. It was so thick you could cut it with a katana.

"Hijikata-kun, so I see you and Gintoki are together."

"Uhh…" Hijikata couldn't speak.

"You know Gintoki is lazy, dramatic, a little selfish at times, a liar, and have you seen his hair! Such an untameable mane of curls."

"Dad!" Gintoki whined.

"What?" Shouyou responded innocently.

"That may be true," Hijikata replied.


"But even with those flaws, I think that Gintoki is still someone I can see myself be with for however long he'll have me." Hijikata replied sincerely and he saw Gintoki blush again, mouth agape as if Hijikata just proposed to him on the spot. And maybe it was a proposal. Or a promise for the future. The words just tumbled out of his mouth and they felt like the right thing to say in that moment.

"Hijikata-kun…" Shouyou started to say. "All that pizza must've really gotten to you because that was really cheesy." The man smiled as if he didn't just tell the worst dad joke in the history of dad jokes. The perm head groaned and proceeded to bang his head against the table all the while cursing Shouyou and why he had to be such an embarrassing dad.

"Gintoki stop. Or else you're gonna make a dent in the table or worse...break it."

"Is that the only thing you're concerned about!?" Gintoki yelled, ceasing his head banging and looking at his guardian incredulously.

"It was expensive," was Shouyou's short response.

"Damn you." Gintoki cursed. It was all in good fun. Hijikata could tell by the way Shouyou was smiling and how the frown on Gintoki's face failed to meet his eyes.

"Well, thank you for the meal but I should be heading back home."

"I can drive you back Hijikata-kun." Shouyou offered.

"Really, you don't have to."

"Oh I insist. It's getting dark."

"You really don't have to Yoshida-san."

“It’s no problem. I don’t want you to walk all the way back home.”

“I can walk back home just fine. You really don’t have to drive me back.”

“But it would really ease my conscious if I drove you.”

“Yoshida-san I can walk, I need the exercise anyway.”

"Hijikata-kun...just let the old man drive you." Gintoki groaned. "He's not gonna stop till you agree." The determined look on Shouyou’s face just proved Gintoki’s point.


"Excellent, Gintoki you clean up and finish your homework while I'm gone."

"Ugh now I have to clean and do the homework you so graciously bestowed upon me. Thanks. " Hijikata just smirked at the silverette.

“I’ll be waiting in the car.” Shouyou stated and before he left he wiggled his eyebrows at the two who blushed profusely. The man chuckled as he went to start up the car.

Once they both heard the front door close Hijikata was the first one to speak up.

“Kill me.”

“Not unless you kill me! I almost died of embarrassment.”

“I wanted to spontaneously combust! Your dad saw me with my tongue down your throat.” Hijikata hissed. His cheeks turning red as he recalled the memory.

“How the fuck do you think I feel! That’s my dad! I live with him Toshirou! I can never look him in the eyes ever again. I have to see my dad’s smug face everyday.” Gintoki paled at the thought.


“I better go.”

“Yeah, whatever. But before you do, give me a goodbye kiss.”

“Really? When your dad is right outside?”

“Shut up and kiss me.” Gintoki demanded. Hijikata didn’t hesitate as he gave the perm head a peck on the lips.


“Aww, just a peck?” Gintoki whined, pouting at the dark haired teen in front of him. Hijikata buried the urge to kiss him again. As annoying as the perm haired idiot could be the look he was giving the other was slowly eating away at him. It was cute and his lips looked so kissable.

Coming to a decision Hijikata smirked and walked away from the other after gathering his things from the kitchen counter.

“Bye Gintoki.”

“Wait! Give me your phone number.”

“You have it.”

“Stop messing with me Mayora.”

“I’m not lying. You have it.”

“Really?” Gintoki raised an eyebrow at him.

“Bye.” He walked out the front door ignoring Gintoki’s whines and questions. Once out on the driveway Hijikata faced a new challenge. Riding in the car alone with Gintoki’s father. The man was smiling at Hijikata who gulped nervously. This was going to be a long ride.

Chapter Text

Hijikata made his way into the passenger seat, his school bag in hand. Shouyou slowly pulled out of the driveway once Hijikata had his seatbelt on because safety was important. The man waved to Gintoki who was standing out on the porch seeing them off. Hijikata waved to Gintoki as well and the perm head waved back.

Once they started driving away, Hijikata did his best to avoid looking at the man sitting next to him. This car ride was definitely awkward. How could it not be? Hijikata just made out with the man’s son, of course it would be awkward.

“Hijikata-kun?” The young man in question stiffened at the sound of his name.

“Yes?” Hijikata thanked whoever was up there that his voice didn’t crack. He was afraid of what Shouyou would say to him.

“How do we get to your house?” He smiled innocently as if he wasn't just driving like he knew where Hijikata lived for the past five minutes. The brunette wasn't expecting that and sweatdropped. He gave Shouyou the directions to his apartment. After that was settled they sat in silence as Shouyou continued to drive.

“You really like Gintoki don’t you?” He suddenly asked.

“Yeah, I do.”

“And you’ve only known Gintoki for a short time right?”


“You know I think you might be the first person Gintoki has really taken a liking to.”


“Oh yes, I raised Gintoki for a very long time and something about you just seem to click with him better than any of the others.” Shouyou smiled. “That is quite the feat Hijikata-kun.”

“Thanks?” Hijikata replied, not knowing what else to say. And did he say others?

"You know...this is also the first time I've seen Gintoki makeout with someone so...what's the word? Aggressively.” He said as if he were just talking about the weather.
Hijikata froze in his seat. His face turning red. He wanted to open the passenger door and just yeet himself out of the moving vehicle.

"Hijikata-kun, no need to be embarrassed.” More like mortified, Hijikata thought. “I mean I didn't expect to see my son in such a compromising position when I got home. I was half expecting him to be passed out on the couch as usual. Nice to see that Gintoki can be active when he wants to be."


"Oh, and I hope you know that I care very much about my son. If anything happened to him I don't know what I'd do."

"That's understandable. I mean I really like Gintoki a lot so I'd be pretty upset if something bad happened to him too." Hijikata replied truthfully. "I mean I was worried I'd screwed up after not realizing I went on a date with him on Saturday."

"Haha, oh Gintoki told me all about it." The man chuckled.

"He did?"

"Yup. He said he was an idiot thinking you'd like him the way he liked you. Poor boy was beating himself up over it. He was pretty mopy all Sunday. But I see that everything worked out just fine." He smiled knowingly, glancing in Hijikata’s direction before focusing on the road. Then Shouyou sighed.

“You may not know this Hijikata-kun. But Gintoki can be very sensitive. One time I ate the last pudding cup in the fridge and Gintoki got so upset, he cried. Didn’t speak to me for a whole 4 days afterwards.”

“...” Hijikata was silent.

“I’m kidding, but to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. The boy favors sweets more than anything.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten diabetes from all the sugar he practically inhales.”

“I have to agree with you on that.” As Shouyou drove, Hijikata came to understand how much the man cared about Gintoki. Even though they weren’t related by blood Hijikata could tell that the relationship that they shared was strong. They both cared deeply about each other and Hijikata was glad that out of anyone Gintoki could’ve had as a father, it was Shouyou. And the man was pretty cool.

After several embarrassing childhood stories about Gintoki later, Hijikata found himself staring outside the car window facing his apartment building.

"Thanks for the ride Yoshida-san." After gathering his things he hopped out of Shouyou’s car. Hijikata mentally thanked the man again for sharing some of the embarrassing stories he had of Gintoki. 

“Not a problem Hijikata-kun. Just remember to use protection! And don’t forget to get tested for any STDs before you think about deflowering my son.” He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. Green eyes narrowed in a way that promised Hijikata’s demise. The dark haired teen was frozen in place.

“I’m just messing with you Hijikata-kun, lighten up.” He laughed. “But seriously using protection and getting checked isn’t a bad idea.” Hijikata nodded at Shouyou’s words. This was beyond awkward, discussing your sex life with your boyfriend’s parent was not a conversation Hijikata ever imagined having in his life. “Okay, have a good evening Hijikata-kun.” Shouyou than drove away leaving a frazzled Hijikata behind.

Buzz. Buzz.

Hijikata pulled out his phone from his pocket and checked the screen. It was a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: Real smooth leaving your number in my school bag.

Unknown: This is your wonderful boyfriend by the way.

Unknown: Are we boyfriends?

Hijikata smiled at the messages. He quickly sent a text back changing putting his number into his contacts.

MayoToshi: Oh? You think I’m smooth? >:D

                      And yes you idiot.

PermyGin: >/////< But I’m your idiot.

MayoToshi: Cute.

PermyGin: But on a side note, that emoji is oddly fitting because of your V-shaped bangs.

MayoToshi: Hey!

PermyGin: For real though, how was the car ride with my dad?

MayoToshi: It...could’ve been worse.

PermyGin: You hesitated, it was bad wasn’t it!?

Hijikata read the message and could practically hear Gintoki’s panicked voice. He smiled and realized he still hadn’t gone inside his apartment yet. Must’ve looked like a real creep standing outside an apartment building with a goofy smile on his face as he stared at his phone. He didn’t. He walked inside and continued to text Gintoki.

MayoToshi: Well for starters, I really just wanted to free myself by jumping out of the car.

PermyGin: Omg...did he go through the whole “use protection and check for STDs” spiel?

MayoToshi: Yeah. How did you know?

PermyGin: Because he’s always giving me this talk. Ever since I hit puberty. (-_-’’)

Hijikata couldn’t hold back the laugh that escaped his lips. He felt bad for Gintoki, Hijikata only had to spend time with Shouyou for a short time but Gintoki lived with the man. But parents could drive you crazy and it was good advice. Hijikata really didn’t know what a father was like, he died before Hijikata was born. But his brother Tamegorou came close to it. And that reminded him that he had to call his brother.

“Toshirou? It’s been a while since you last called. What’s up?”

“Just thought about calling you.”

“Really? You sound happy.”

“I do?”

“Oh you sure do little brother.” He could practically hear Tamegorou’s smirk on the other end of the phone. “Now tell me what’s gotten my baby brother so happy? Or should I say who?”

“Do I really have to say?”

“Come one Toshirou! I’m practically dying of curiosity. I won’t stop bugging you.”

“Fine.” He groaned. “You know the guy who I fought in homeroom?”

“The same guy who you wouldn’t stop complaining to me about for the longest time?”

“Yeah...I’m dating him.”

“That’s great! Bring him over for dinner sometime!”

“But what will your wife say?”

“She’ll be happy to have him over! Isn’t that right Ayame~”

“Huh? Oh Hijikata!? It’s so nice to talk to you again.”

“Hi, Ayame…”

“So you have a boyfriend?” She teased. Hijikata groaned.

“Yes. I do.”

“Aww is he cute?” Hijikata sighed.

“As a matter of fact, yes. He's the cutest.”

“Don’t lie to me now Toshirou.” Ayame scolded.

“I’m not.”

“Good. Bring him over then.”

“I don’t know...”

“I’d like to properly meet him, is that okay Toshirou?” Tamegorou asked.

“I’ll ask him. But I make no promises.”

“That’s all I want.” He could imagine his brother’s kind smile on the other end.

“See ya Tamegorou.”

“Bye Toshirou.” Hijikata hung up the phone before Ayame could answer. He didn’t really get along well with his brother’s wife. He knew that Tamegorou loved her with all his heart, but sometimes the woman could be stubborn. She could also be a little nozy when it came to his life. He thought nothing of it and decided to text Gintoki again.

MayoToshi: Hey.

PermyGin: What’s up?

MayoToshi: Do you want to come over to my brother’s house with me?

PermyGin: Why?

MayoToshi: I told my brother we were dating. Is that okay?

PermyGin: I actually already told my friends. So don’t be mad if Takasugi tries to gut you.

MayoToshi: Why would Takasugi try to gut me?

PermyGin: No reason…

MayoToshi: That sounds really suspicious.

PermyGin: Don’t worry about it. But I’d be down to go. You met my dad and had to endure that awkward dinner. It's the least I can do.

MayoToshi: Yeah, you owe me.

PermyGin: Excuse me, you owe me. ME. Now my dad is going to tease the hell out of me.

MayoToshi: Don't be such a drama queen.

PermyGin: Fine, but you have to give me a kiss when I see you tomorrow. ( ˘ ³˘)

MayoToshi: Good night.

PermyGin: Good night ;3

Hijikata smiled. He finished the little homework he had left to do and got ready for bed. After the awkward encounter with Shouyou he slept soundly that night. Awaiting tomorrow with a smile on his usually stoic face at the thought of seeing Gintoki again.