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I'm Glad I Met You

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Hijikata watched the silver haired teen hanging out with his friends. The young man was laughing along to something Sakamoto brought up. While Takasugi looked unamused and Katsura laughed along with them. Hijikata wondered how a guy like Gintoki could act so care free.

It was exam season and Hijikata was planning on becoming a police officer in the future. His friend Kondou was already one, being several years his senior. Hijikata was a diligent worker and seeing Gintoki, the guy who always happened to be sleeping or slacking off in class, getting good grades was irritating to say the least. He brushed it off though, Gintoki wasn't Hijikata's concern. That is until they collided that one day in homeroom.

Hijikata couldn't even remember what they were arguing about but it ended up in a fight. Both he and Gintoki ended up with bruised knuckles and bloody noses. They sat outside the principal's office waiting for their guardians. Hijikata glanced at Gintoki who was staring at the wall with his usual expression. With eyes that Hijikata compared to a dead fish.

"This is your fault." Hijikata muttered.

"Excuse you, my fault? You threw the first punch."

"Yeah, right after you made the first kick."

"Oh shut it Mr. Heartthrob." The perm head shot back.

"...Mr. Heartthrob?" Hijikata raised an eyebrow at Gintoki who sputtered.

"I-I mean, girls go all mushy around you. Like "Oh Hijikata-kun~ I forgot my pencil can I borrow one of yours?" or " Hijikata-kun can you help me with this problem?" He imitated some of the girls, using a falsetto that almost made Hijikata laugh. His lips started to twitch. "It's not fair," he groaned. "Gin-san is available."

"Sure what kind of a girl would go after a guy with such kinky hair like yours?"

"Rude." Gintoki huffed, running a hand through his hair in an attempt to tame it. But making it even messier in the process. Hijikata's eyes followed the motion and he couldn't help but he curious as to how those locks would feel beneath his own fingers. The perm head sank into his seat.

He then mumbled something that Hijikata strained to hear.

"What?" Hijikata raised an eyebrow at him. Gintoki glanced at him than at the floor.

"I'm sorry. For earlier…"

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry about that too."

"You know I don't remember why we even started to fight."

"Probably something stupid." It was silent after that. Hijikata didn't know what else to say.

Then two people walked up to them. Both of them wearing your standard business suit. If possible the two boys shrunk in their seats. They looked anywhere but at them.

"Toshirou? I got a call from work saying you got into a fight?" The man with clean cut black hair that was the same shade as Hijikata's spoke. His warm honey brown eyes looked at him with concern.

"Gintoki. This is the first fight you've gotten into in a while. What brought this up?" Another man with long light brown-grey hair looked at Gintoki. His green eyes held the same expression Hijikata's guardian did.

Before either of them could answer the principle came out. And after an exchange of words the four of them left the office. 

"I know this isn't something I should be doing you want to go out for ice cream Gintoki?" The man that Hijikata soon found out to be Yoshida Shouyou, asked the teen.

"For real old man!?" Gintoki's usually dead fish eyes lit up like a kid's on Christmas. Hijikata found it oddly endearing and maybe a bit cute. But shook the thought out of his head and kept on walking with his brother Tamegorou. The four of them soon parted ways after they left the school. Not before the adults exchanged a couple of words.

"I have to apologize again for my son's behavior." Shouyou bowed.

"No I should apologize on behalf of my brother." Tamegorou also bowed in return. Hijikata and Gintoki also bowed and apologized again, after some hesitation. Shouyou and Gintoki left the two brothers and Hijikata dragged himself into Tamegorou's car.

"So, Gintoki…"

"What about him?"

"He's the guy you keep complaining about isn't he?" He smirked as Hijikata sputtered.

"Hey! I don't complain about him that much! And so what if he is." He grumbled. Tamegorou just smiled as he drove Hijikata back home. The dark haired teen had a place all to himself. A small apartment that was cozy and not too far from school or his brother's place, which was only a few blocks away. He'd go over to his house at least three or more times a month. The reason why Hijikata didn't want to intrude on his brother's life was because he was married. He didn't want to ruin Tamegorou's life. Even though his brother adored him.

Hijikata thought otherwise.

"Well thanks for the ride."

"Good night Toshirou." Hijikata walked away but put a hand up in a wave. The first thing he did upon entering the apartment was to the bathroom where he faced himself in the mirror. A few scuff marks and a bruise on the left side of his face. Luckily his nose wasn't broken, there was a faint trail of dried blood under his nose. He had to give it to Gintoki, he packed one hell of a punch. He lifted up his pants and saw a nice bruise starting to take shape on his right leg. He tended to his wounds with the small first aid kit that he had behind the mirror. After cleaning himself up he prepared a simple meal of mayo on rice and miso soup. Hijikata was just thankful that tomorrow was saturday. He got ready for bed and thought about Gintoki. Sure the guy could be a pain but this was the first time that they've actually interacted. Even though it was a fight, in reality Hijikata didn't really have any ill will towards the guy. And their conversation afterwards was civil and Hijikata actually enjoyed it.

He slept that night dreaming of silver hair and red eyes.