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Zodiac Curse Quirk

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“Sho, you are not going to believe what I just found out. Know how you thought All Might’s secretary was suspicious? Well, turns out his boss is the more suspicious one.” Midnight, Kayama Nemuri said a she slumped exhaustedly in the spare seat housed in Shota’s apartment. The man himself sat on the floor with a massive golden French Flop sprawled over his lap, stroking a hand through the even thicker fur near its head that resembled hair almost.


“How so?”


“I just saw the man nearly have a heart attack and flee mid-report when Mt. Lady went to kiss him on the cheek. Man has taken dangerous attacks from villains but apparently the idea of a thank you kiss sends him running for the hills.” Kayama answers as she takes a photo of the large loaf of a rabbit seated on her friend’s lap to share with Hizashi later. Shota rolled his eyes, wondering how it wasn’t obvious why All Might had fled the scene (to be fair though he had information Nemuri didn't about the man).


“Can you blame him? We all know how grabby Mt. Lady can be. Weren’t you the one complaining last week that she traumatized some of your boys? You really need to give her some etiquette lessons.”


Nemuri watched as the bunny curled into an almost perfect ball in Aizawa’s crossed legs before stretching as she thought over his words.


“What makes you think I have any control over that loose canon and when did you even get a bunny the size of a small dog?”


“Everything  that woman does is to try and get your attention. Likely because she wants in your tights. As for this guy, he belongs to the little girl next door. Just comes to escape with me occasionally.” Aizawa answers as he continues to pamper the large fluffy rabbit.


“Basically, you’re saying she thinks stupid stunts are the way to get my attention.”


“Mt. Lady is young and stupid. Have a talk with her. Tell her how to get your attention. See if that works, it’ll save all of us a headache.” The raven-haired man’s attention was now back almost wholly on the bunny. Nemuri looked over the golden critter with concern.


“I think “Fluffy” here could stand to eat a bit more. I can tell that nearly 80% of that mass is just his fur alone. Where did this little girl’s family even find him?”


“Sunflower got injured a while back and he’s still recovering. I make sure he eats well though and the Uraraka family is really fond of him. Their daughter especially. When she’s at school I have him over.” Aizawa really hoped Nemuri didn’t start asking more specifics, he could only cover a story for so long despite his poker face. Thankfully Kayama seemed appeased.

“Well, I bed get back out there. Oh! Zashi says we’re getting noodles tonight and you’re coming with us even if has to hogtie you with your own capture weapon.”


Shota looked up from where he was petting the rabbit with such a gentle touch it was hard not to see he was fond of the fuzzy critter. The bunny looked incredibly content to lean into the attentive fingers.


“I’ll be there. Mind if I bring someone with assuming he’s free?”


“Let me check with ‘Zashi. Wait a minute. Are we finally meeting your cryptid boyfriend officially?” Nemuri typed even as she started questioning the raven-haired man.


“Don’t make me regret this Nemuri.”


“ Well, ‘Zashi says the more the merrier so long as you give the poor sap the standard warnings that come with being around us. As for Mt. Lady, I’ll try talking to her. May have to rope Kamui Woods into helping since he acts like her impulse control. See you in a few hours. Bye fluffy.” Nemuri tacks on, smiling at the rabbit who seems to be pleased at being acknowledged. Something about the rabbit was oddly familiar though, but she would question that another day.


Shota watched her as she left with a chuckle before smiling down at the bunny loaf on his lap, resuming grading with his dominant hand and using the free one to continue stroking the rabbit’s head.


“I hope you realize how absolutely adorable you look right now. Rest. If you want to have dinner with us later you’re going to need as much strength as possible.”