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A New Start

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Screaming. Crying. Harry. Lily. James. Sirius quickly walked through the door and saw James lying on the floor. ‘No. God please, no.’ He quickly walked over to James and checked his pulse. It was weak but it was still there, Sirius relaxed just a fraction before conjuring his patronus. “There’s been an attack. We need help.” Sirius sent off his patronus to Dumbledore. “Hang on there Prongsie. Don’t die you have a family you need to get back to. Just hang on a little longer. I’ll be right back.” Sirius didn’t want to leave James lying on the floor by himself but he had to check on Lily and Harry. Quickly Sirius ran up the stairs to Harry’s room.

The door was open and Lily was on the floor with a screaming Harry in his crib. Sirius walked over to her and checked her pulse. ‘Please let her be alive. Please let her be alive. Please let her be alive’ Sirius felt a faint heartbeat and almost laughed at how relieved he was. “Lily keep fighting you have Harry and James to fight for. Be the strong woman I know you are and fight for your life.” Sirius got up and walked over to the crying baby. “Shh, I know. I know, its gonna be okay.” Sirius picked up Harry and began to rock him while whispering comforting words to him. He went to kiss his forehead when he noticed the lighting bolt that was there. 

But, at that moment he heard the front door open and he quickly put a silencing charm up. He put Harry back in his crib and crept quickly out of the room and down the stairs ready to defend himself against whoever it was that decided to come and have a look around. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, it was the last one that creaked, giving him away and the intruder turned with his wand raised. “EXPELLIARMUS!” Sirius shot at the stranger. Their wand flew from their hand to his own. 

“Black?” He recognized that voice but he didn’t know for sure that it could be him. He quickly walked to the man and had his wand at his throat.

“What do you think your doing here? Come to admire your masterpiece?!” Sirius yelled at him, anger coursing through his veins along with adrenaline. “I’m only going to give you one chance to answer me Snivellus or I’m going to kill you. What are you doing here?” 

“Is she alright? Is she alive? Tell me she’s alive.” Snape had tear streaks down his cheeks. His eyes were red rimmed and he seemed to have lost the mask that he always hid behind. 

“Ah. You and your Master. Told you to come here and finish the job eh?” 

“Please. I’ll do anything, just tell me if she’s alive!” Snape fell to his knees and was begging Sirius for answers. This was a sight but Sirius had to act quickly. 

“Become a spy. A double agent for the Light Side. Help us and only us.” Snape nodded and stood up to his full height.

“I’ll do anything if it means to help keep Lily safe.” Sirius held out his hand on a shake which he took. 

“She’s alive. But, only barely. I have some people coming now to help.” At that moment the door slammed open and Sirius had his wand up and ready for a battle. But, when the figure stepped through the door he faltered slightly. “Moony?” But, before he could do anything else Remus had his wand to Sirius’ throat.

“What was the first thing I said to you after you asked about my abnormal name?” Remus growled

“I’m a-were.” Remus relaxed and pulled Sirius into a tight hug. “What happened? I just got a firecall from Dumbledore saying that there was an attack.” Remus pulled back and looked around the room and spotted Snape who held his hands up in surrender. “What are you doing here?” 

“He’s here looking for Lily.” Sirius grumbled. Remus looked at Sirius a question already forming before it was answered. “Their barely alive. I sent a patronus to Dumbledore to send help.” 

“We can apparate them to St. Mungos.” Remus said and began to go up the stairs to get Lily. 

“Wait, what about Harry?” Sirius asked afraid that someone might come back before they did and take Harry. Remus looked at Snape for just a split second before speaking. 

“Severus. Do you think that you could take Lily to St. Mungos without any other detours?” Remus was ready for Snape to agree quickly. 

“I don’t think I can. If what I assume is correct, Voldermort is no longer alive and everyone will be in chaos trying to kill the remaining Death Eaters. If I show up at St. Mungos I don’t think I’ll be able to get Lily in before they kill me.” 

“Okay. Yeah. That makes sense, then it would probably be best if you leave now before anyone comes.” Sirius and Snape share a look before Sirius is speaking.

“Go to Dumbledore and explain the situation that we had.” Snape nodded and Sirius reluctantly handed him back his wand before he apparated away. Just a few seconds after that there were medi-witches apparating in and asking where the hurt were. 

After hours of waiting anxiously one of the witches comes out to Sirius, Remus and a sleeping Harry. “Their going to be alright. 


5 Years Later

“MOOOOM! MOOONY! PADS! DAAAAD!” Harry was screaming for all of them. There were two sets of feet running up the stairs to Harry’s room in an instant while the other two walked calmly up the stairs. They were used to Harry calling them at random times, but not so much the other two. James and Sirius burst into Harry’s room looking for anyone that would harm their kid. “Hi!” Harry exclaimed.

“Harry what’s wrong?” James asked a little out of breath. Sirius was the faster of the two and was already kneeling down next to Harry making sure he wasn’t hurt. Remus and Lily were just making it into the room when Harry jumped up and onto Sirius’ back. 

“Nothing. I just wanted to make sure you were all here.” Harry smiled. Harry had been doing this for a couple years now. Everytime that he called and it was ‘just to make sure they were there’ it broke Lily’s heart. She knew that the night they almost died would be traumatizing for Harry, but it still broke her heart every time she thought Harry was scared he was left alone again.

James huffed out a breath and was ready to tackle them both into a tickle fight. But, right before he started towards them Sirius turned to Harry and whispered in his ear. Harry quickly jumped off his back and Sirius turned to Padfoot. Harry giggled and then jumped on top of him again holding tightly to his fur, Pads then took off around the room while James tried to get to Harry. Even though Padfoot was more lightly jogging around the room James acted as though they were the fastest things in the world and he couldn’t get to them. 

Lily turned to Remus. “Our boys.” She was smiling with pure happiness. Remus looked at the three of them, now all dogpiling on Sirius, and smiled back. “Our boys.” 


James was watching Lily and Harry playing in the backyard when he felt someone wrap their arms around his waist. He turned around and Sirius was standing there with a faraway look in his eyes. “Hey, Pads what’s wrong?” Sirius looked at James then looked past him and into the garden. 

“Do you think that you think that Harry’ll be alright?” James knew that Sirius was constantly worried about Harry. He knew that Sirius would gladly die for Harry, as would everyone else, but with Sirius it was different. He felt...responsible for Harry in a way that was more than fatherly. He always would put up that front that he was fine and happy when Harry was around so that way Harry didn’t have to worry, because he was his mother’s son, but whenever it was just him and James or Remus he let those walls fall. He was worried that Harry would never recover from that night and he’ll be damaged. Whenever this happened he wouldn’t voice his worries bluntly like this but would build up to it without actually having to ask. 

James pulled Sirius to his chest and Sirius tensed before he relaxed and hugged James back. “I think that Harry will be fine. He has us as a family. Come on let’s go outside with them.” James pulled Sirius along with him outside onto his favorite chair. Sirius plopped on top of James as soon as he sat down, and buried his face in James’ neck. After a while he felt Sirius turn and watch Lily and Harry playing on the little swing set in their backyard. They decided after they were released from St. Mungos that they would move. They moved to a little town that was between the wizarding world and the muggle world. 

It was a good compromise. Lily wanted to stay somewhat in the wizarding world so that if Harry became a wizard he would have a little knowledge on what to expect, but James wanted to get as far away from the wizarding world as possible because his son was going to have to deal with witches and wizards randomly coming up to him and bombarding him with questions and admiration and he wouldn’t understand why. So in the little town they lived in was a good enough deal for the both of them. 

Their house was big enough for all the Marauders to live with them. There were five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dining room, family room and a large kitchen. James and Lily invited Remus, Sirius, and Peter to live with them but Peter had denied the offer. He had told them that he wanted to be able to party a little longer before actually settling down. It was a valid reason and so they turned the bedroom that was supposed to be his into a playroom for Harry. The other room was used as a shared office between all of them. James had opted to stay home with Harry whenever the others had to work to pay the bills. James had offered to just pay for them since he was more than well off, but Remus and Sirius refused to let him. So Remus worked a part time job at a bookstore, Sirius worked at a mechanics shop, and Lily was still worried about the Order so she was constantly in contact with the members to see if they’ve seen any sign of Voldermort coming to rise again. 

The rest of the Marauders had been quite distant with the Order because they, in a way, held a grudge against them. They still don’t know who it was that had leaked their location, but they knew it had to be someone in the Order. So James, Sirius, and Remus tried to stray as far from them as they could so that way something like that didn’t happen again. 

James was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard Lily laughing and calling his name. “James, you won’t believe what Harry just did!”  She was walking over with Harry on her hip and had a smile. “Harry just summoned a lily flower over to where we were sitting when I was telling him about that time you filled the Gryffindor common room with them.” James laughed and blushed at the same time. Sirius had lifted his head off of him and barked out a laugh.

“Bloody hell, that took hours to arrange. James had told us they had to be arranged so specifically to ‘make Evans truly appreciate my hard work.’” Sirius was laughing so hard he fell off of James and into the grass. “And the first thing you did when you saw them was to Incendio them!” James smacked the back of his head to make him try and get control of himself. “Those were the good ol’ days.” Sirius looked so happy that it was hard to get annoyed at him, for this moment at least.

“Oi! I was in love and needed to show her that. Anyways, back to Harry yeah this was his first sign of magic!” 

“Ah, yes our boy is going to become a wizard! He’ll be going to Hogwarts and be a Gryffindor, and be the most popular wizard because of us. He’ll have to learn to play pranks the proper way, which we can teach and-”

“Sirius! Calm down. He might not even be in Gryffindor, let alone be popular because of your stupid pranks when we were students.” Lily said. When she finished Remus walked through the door that led to the backyard and Sirius was up and running to him.

“Moony! You won’t believe what happened.” Sirius ran straight to Remus and basically jumped into his arms.

“Well, hello to you too.” Remus smiled and pulled Sirius into a deep kiss. After it seemed as though they wouldn’t stop James cleared his throat. Remus pulled back and gave Sirius one last quick kiss before walking over to James and Lily while keeping his arm around Sirius’ waist. “So what is this thing that happened that I won’t believe?” 

James smiled and looked at Lily with Harry now struggling to get out of her grip. “Mom, let me go I wanna show Moons what I can do!” Lily put him down and Harry ran over to Remus’ legs and looked up at him before waving his hand to make Remus bend lower to him. “Watch this!” Harry looked so happy, he turned to look at the bed of lilies before squinting his eyes in concentration and slowly one of the flowers levitated and came towards him. Once he had it in his hand he turned to look at Remus’ expression. It was one of awe and happiness. 

“Congrats Harry. I’m really proud of you.” Remus pulled Harry into a hug and kissed his head. “I will always be proud of you if your proud of yourself first.” He let Harry go and he bounded over to Sirius.

“Did you hear tha Pads? Moony is proud of me!” Harry laughed and Sirius pulled Harry up and spun him around while Harry laughed maniacally. 

“We’re all proud of you!” Sirius put Harry down then turned to Padfoot and chased Harry around the backyard. Lily came to sit in James’ lap and Remus sat down in the grass and watched the two of them run around. Lily leaned back into James’ chest and gave a contented sigh.

“Hey, Lils. Guess what.”


“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” 

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“HAAAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR HAAARY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU!” Harry jumped awake when James and Sirius came in screaming at the top of their lungs.

“Mmph. Get out!”

“Wow look at that James, eleven years old and he’s already sick of you.” Sirius teased. Harry pulled the covers over his head to try and shut out their voices. Last night he couldn’t fall asleep because he knew that now he’s eleven he should be getting his Hogwarts letter, if he gets it. 

“I’m not kidding get out. I don’t want you here.” Harry didn’t mean for his words to come out so harshly. Usually when they would come in singing him happy birthday at six in the morning he would laugh and invite them in for their traditional cuddle, then they would get out of bed after talking about nothing and everything to go eat breakfast with everyone. Today Harry just wanted to be alone, he didn’t want to see the looks on their faces when he never got his letter. He laid there for a minute before he could practically hear the look that the both of them shared.

“Harry?” His covers were gently pulled off his head, that was the only warning he got before they joined him in his bed, making a sandwich with Harry in the middle. Embarrassed, he tried to push them both out of his bed but he couldn’t because the bed was big enough for all three of them.

It was all Sirius’ fault really. Before Harry got this bed the three of them tried to fit on the small twin bed he had, but there just wasn’t any room. So, on Harry’s eighth birthday Sirius decided that he wanted to buy Harry a king sized, four poster bed to fit all of them. He also bought the bedding and the velvet curtains. At the time Harry hated it but now, and he wasn’t going to admit it out loud, he was grateful for it. 

After a minute he stopped trying to push them off and decided to just let them stay. He always loved when they did something like this, but today he was closer to crying than laughing. Sirius and his dad, at the same time, wrapped their arms around Harry. Neither of them tried pushing Harry to tell them what was wrong. They never did before, but they always did this whenever he seemed to be in a bad mood. This thought and the small gesture made Harry break. He burst into tears and leaned his head into his dad's shoulder. Both men squeezed Harry and it made him cry harder. 

After he calmed down, just enough to form some kind of sentence, he spoke. “W-what if I d-don’t get into Hog-Hogwarts? Wh-what if I-I’m a Squib?!” Harry burst into harder sobs. 

James sat up with Harry still in his arms and sat him on his lap. “Harry, it’ll be okay if you don’t make it you know. Honestly, it’ll put me more at ease that you wouldn’t have to do anything with the wizarding world.” Harry looked up at his dad incredulously. For as long as he can remember his whole family had been talking about how amazing Hogwarts was and now he doesn’t want Harry to go? 

James pulled back and looked at Harry. “Harry I love you with every fiber in my body. It wouldn’t matter what happened as long as you're happy. If your a Squib than so be it, if your a wizard than that’s cool, but it doesn’t matter because your my son and nothing can happen that’ll make me love you any less. To be frank, I love the muggle world and would be just as happy staying in it as I would if I was in the wizarding world.”

“Really?” Harry asked hesitantly.

“Of course! So let’s not worry about it today okay? Let’s just celebrate your eleventh birthday. Merlin, your eleven years old it feels like just yesterday you were just learning how to walk.” Harry chuckled and wiped his eyes. 

“Hey, how about we just kip for a while. At least until its a reasonable time to be up yeah?” Sirius asked. Harry nodded and settled into the bed. Harry turned with his back to James because he always slept on his right side. He was now facing Sirius and he shuffled a little closer to him. He buried his face in his hair, which was always able to calm him. 

“Thank you.” Harry whispered before he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


Harry was playing chess with Remus when Sirius came running into the room with a crazed smile and a brown envelope in his hand. “Ahem, I have a letter for a Mr. H Potter.” Sirius stood with his back straight and put on the most posh voice Harry has ever heard before. Harry just looked at Sirius for a moment before looking back at the chess game he was playing, it was his turn after all. 

“Just put it in my room, ta.” Harry waved his hand and attacked one of Remus’ bishops. He felt pretty good about this move until Remus basically destroyed him. “Come on that’s not fair! You can’t beat me, I’m only a child and your supposed to let me win. You had like a hundred years to practice and I’ve just learned.”

“Ah, yes. I have had a hundred years of practice in the thirty years I have been alive. Thank you for making me feel so young Harry.” Remus deadpanned before giving in to a little chuckle.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” Harry rolled his eyes and began to set up a new game. He saw Sirius walk around the couch and stop in front of him holding out the letter. “Uh, thanks? I’m not likely to read it now though so I don’t know why you ha-” He cut himself off when he saw the Hogwarts seal. “Is this?” He looked back up at Sirius and he nodded. That’s all it took for him to rip it open and begin to read the letter. ‘ No way, no way, no way’ Harry thought to himself. ‘“I’M GOING TO HOGWARTS!” He stood up and gave Sirius the biggest hug then went to Remus and did the same before he ran into the backyard where Lily and James were. “Mom, Dad! I’m going to Hogwarts!” He jumped over the garden bed and right into James’ waiting arms.

“Congratulations! Lily our boy is going to Hogwarts can you believe this. Ohh the plans and pranks we can help you with. You know that’s how your mother and I fell in love. She was swooning after my pranking skills, maybe we can get you your own love life with it!” James was laughing and spinning Harry around the garden before he had to stop because Lily had thrown her glove at him.

“I did not. You also won’t be making my son a little Marauder. Come here.” She pulled Harry out of James’ arms and gave him a hug and a kiss on top of his head. “I’m so happy for you, and even if you don’t go making trouble like this idiot here-” “Hey your supposed to cherish me and all that.” “I will still be the proudest mom there is.” She sighed. “This just means were going to have to go to Diagon Alley soon.”

Harry pulled away and gave her the biggest smile. “How soon?” 


On August 1 Harry and his whole family went to Diagon Alley. Harry had never went before but he’s heard stories. Harry wanted to Floo because he wanted to see how it felt but they didn’t have their hearth connected to the Floo Network so they were going to have to go the muggle way. It really didn’t matter to Harry, as long as he was going to be able to go to Hogwarts he was fine with whatever decision his family made.  

When they had finally made it to the Leaky Cauldron, Harry was ready to bust through the doors and to the back to go through the back entrance to get to Diagon Alley. But, before they even got out of the car Lily turned to him and looked both ready to hurt anyone who talked to her and concerned. It was truly a talent, only one Lily could master.

"Harry, I need you to listen to me carefully okay?" Harry nodded. "There are going to be some witches and wizards who are going to recognize us and they're going to want to get an autograph, or a picture, or even just shaking your hand. But, I want you to just stick in between all of us okay? Don't let anyone, unless we do first, come near you. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, mom I understand. I just don't get why they would want to though." James and Lily shared a quick glance at each other. 

"It's, well, complicated."

"We should just tell him. The other kids at school will know and eventually tell him. So why not let us tell him so he doesn't go in there completely clueless." Sirius huffed. Harry felt left out in whatever they were discussing. It wasn't a new feeling though. They would always talk in cryptic sentences whenever they brought up the topic of 'telling Harry.' 

"Well, it would sound better coming from us rather than some weird 'fans' at Hogwarts." Remus interjected.

"Hmm. Maybe after we get his school things." James said after a long silence. "Alright, let's get this over with." James looked back at Harry with a goofy smile then opened his door and got out. Everyone followed.

When they walked into the Leaky Cauldron, led by James and Sirius -- Lily and Remus in the back with Harry in between the four, it was noisy until the group started to walk further into the pub. It became silent as people recognized who was walking through. There was only one person who seemed to want to break the silence and they whispered to their friends, though with how quiet it got it was basically yelling, "Is that the Potters?" 

Then everything went crazy. People were whispering and talking as they walked passed and Harry caught snippets of their conversations. 

“Is that James and Lily Potter?”

“Do you think Harry Potter’s here?”

“Does he really have a scar?” 

Harry heard the last one and covered the mentioned scar with his hair as best he could. Harry looked at everyone else and they had the same expression except for Remus. When he looked at him he saw a calm calculating look. He looked down at Harry and gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze. 

It was after that, that things got out of hand. People began to come up to them when they passed trying to thank them, but mostly trying to see Harry’s scar. Lily pulled him closer while James and Sirius stood straighter. Remus reached up with his free hand and put it on Sirius’ shoulder when a particular witch asked if she can touch Harry’s scar. Sirius looked ready to either punch her or hex her, Harry couldn't tell, until Remus' hand gave his shoulder a squeeze. He relaxed slightly and shoved her away from them. It seemed to go on forever before they were half way through the crowd when Harry heard a loud, booming voice. “Is that yeh James?" A giant man came walking over. His face was almost completely covered by his shaggy hair and long beard with only his eyes visible. 

“Hagrid? Oh, Hagrid how nice to see you. What are you doing here?” Lily relaxed a little and, while keeping Harry close to her side, walked closer to the man. 

“Oh, ‘m on Hogwarts business. Dumbledore’s trusted me to get somethin’ for ‘im.” James and Sirius shared a look.

“Well, we’re here just to get Harry's supplies for Hogwarts.” Lily said looking down at Harry briefly before looking back up at Hagrid. 

“Wow, look at yeh. Yeh have yer mother’s eyes yeh know.” Harry looked at Lily and smiled a little. “Well, bes’ be going. See yeh at Hogwarts ‘arry.” He walked away and Lily began pulling him through the pub again. When they finally made it to Diagon Alley they all seemed to have tensed up even more, looking at how many people were roaming the shops. They all walked to Gringotts but only James and Lily went inside to get the money. When they came back out they had a look of determination on both their faces.

“James why don’t you go get Harry his animal, Sirius you can go get his potions supplies, I’ll get his books, and Remus, you can take him to get his robes. We can all meet at Ollivanders.” Lily looked at Harry and gave him a kiss on his head before walking away. 

"Hey, be good for Remus." James gave him a small smile and ruffled his hair before he and Sirius were off. 

"And then there were two. Well, lets go get you some robes." Remus put his hand on Harry's shoulder and began leading him to get his robes. Harry tried to look at all the shops as they passed. He wanted to see all of them and he couldn't really keep his eyes on one store for a long time. Then they passed Quality Quidditch Supplies and Harry abruptly pulled on Remus' sleeve and pointed at the store. 

"Hey, Moons can we go in there?" Harry ran over to the window and saw the new broom. The Nimbus 2000. 

"Harry, you're just as bad as your father was when he was you age. So obsessed over Quidditch." Even though he sounded as though he was complaining Harry knew there would be a small smile on his lips without even looking. "Anyways, Harry, we have to go get your robes. Maybe we can come back later." Remus guided Harry away from the store and they ended up at Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. Harry and Remus walked in and saw a short witch.

"Hogwarts?" She asked before either of them had said anything. He nodded. "Well, there's another boy getting fitted now. Come along." She led them to the back of the store. The boy that was getting fitted was pale and had a pointed face. Though, the most noticeable thing about him, to Harry, was his platinum blonde hair. Harry stood there a moment watching the witch making measurements on him before Madam Malkin had told Harry to step up on the footstool, identical to the pale boys, and put a robe over his head. She began to pin it to the right length while Remus found a chair to sit in and wait. 

"Hello. Hogwarts too?" The boy said.


"My parents are off buying my supplies. After I'm going to pull then off to go looking at racing brooms. I don't see why first years aren't allowed to have their own. I might convince Father to buy me one and somehow sneak it in." The boy had a, somewhat, drawling tone. It was drowned out though through his excitement. "Have you got a racing broom?"

"No. But, I do sometimes take my godfathers and ride on it whenever he isn't looking. But, be quiet. His husband is over there." Harry pointed over to where Remus was sitting. Harry could tell he was pretending not to listen.

"His husband?" The boy drew Harry's attention back. Harry didn't like the tone that he took.

" Yes , and what of it?" Harry glared at the boy daring him to say something about his family. The boy looked Harry up and down then shook his head.

"Nothing. I've just never met someone who socialised with gay wizards, that's all." He turned away while Harry continued to look at him.

"Well, if you have a problem with it you can just shove it right up your-" Harry was cut off by Remus clearing his throat loudly. "Sorry. I just don't see a problem with them loving each other. If you do then by all means keep out of my way." Harry turned his head away from where he was looking at the boy. 

"I don't think I have a problem with it. But, my parents would." The boy sighed. "Do you know which house you might be in?" 


"Well, I suppose no one really knows. At least not until the sorting. I have a feeling I'll be in Slytherin, my whole family was in Slytherin."

"Well, that's you dear. All done." Madam Malkin told him and Harry hopped off the stool and looked at the boy. 

"Hopefully I'll see you at Hogwarts. That is if you still don't mind me and my family, with their 'unconventional ways.'" Harry walked away with Remus before he could say anything else. 

"You alright there sprog?" Harry looked up and saw Sirius. He expected to meet him and James at Ollivanders not right outside Madam Malkiins.

"Pads? I thought we were all meeting at Ollivanders?" 

"Yeah, well I missed you so much."

"Sure. It was me you missed." Harry rolled his eyes and stepped to the side of Remus exaggerating swinging his arms, as though he was introducing someone, which happened to be Remus. 

"Hey, you're just as important." Sirius ruffled Harry's hair as he walked past and kissed Remus. "I actually came to tell you both to hurry up because some of us were getting all grumpy." Remus looked at him. "This time it actually wasn't me. We ran into Peter here and he wanted to see you guys." 

"Well, let's not keep him waiting." The three of them made their way to the rest of them. When they got there James and Lily were talking with Peter.

“Hey Harry!” He gave Harry a hug. “How do you feel about attending Hogwarts?” Peter asked with a little bit of over enthusiasm.

“Fine. Well, I mean I am pretty excited to finally be able to go to the school that you all talk so highly of.” Harry laughed with him.

“I’m assuming that Prongs here is trying to teach you the ways of the Marauders when we were in our school days? Trying to teach you all the secret passages and sorts to get around the castle to prank some Slytherins?” They all laughed except Lily. She looked at James who stopped laughing and looked away with a guilty expression painted on his face. 

“Please, James. Please tell me you haven’t been trying to convince Harry to prank the Slytherins.” She looked as though she were looking after a toddler who had drawn all over the walls. 

James looked at her and a small smile played on his lips. “I, James Potter, have not been trying to convince our lovely, innocent, adorable, child to prank the Slytherins.” Lily had given him a look. “What, I’m not lying. Pads did the convincing.” James laughed with everyone and Lily tried to look angry but she couldn’t when she was around all of them together.

“Harry, don’t listen to anything these brainless toe rags have to say.” 

“Hey! How could we be brainless when we managed to get the smartest people to marry us?” Sirius quipped. He looked at Remus and Harry could see that he really did love Remus with everything in his body. 

“Obviously, we had to come in and try to keep you alive, otherwise you would have killed yourselves within minutes of being adults. Also if I can get sex with a handsome man, then I’m all for it.” Remus laughed at Sirius’ blush and kissed his cheek.

“You know ‘lovely, innocent, adorable’ child right here.” Harry made a disgusted noise and pretended to gag.

“Harry. You know you’re gonna get older and your gonna want to have sex too. Especially when your at Hogwarts and you see all the ladies there.” Harry looked between him and his husband and raised one eyebrow, one that would make Remus proud. “Hey, I had some fun here and there. If you wanna know a good spot where you won’t get caught there’s this place right behind one of the-” 

“Alright, Sirius that’s enough. I don’t want Harry getting any ideas and have to become a father at sixteen. Now, let’s go get you a wand” Lily ended the conversation and started to walk into the shop. Sirius and James looked at Harry and gave a wink before pushing him towards his mother.