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Team 29 Balls To The Face: Work In Progress

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Although Terushima hates that he has to wake up before his boyfriend and that he can’t share mornings with Fukunaga, it does mean that he could be right there to greet his boyfriend as soon as he came home from work. Which today seemed like that was a very good thing.

Fukunaga comes into their apartment looking a little down, not even looking up as he came inside.

“Babe-chan? What’s wrong?” Terushima asks as he gets up from the couch and walks over to Fukunaga.

“I’m fine Yuuji.”

“Yuuji? Shouhei come here,” Terushima says. He takes Fukunaga’s hand and leads him to the couch before wrapping his arms around him. “What’s wrong?”

Fukunaga sighs and waits a few minutes before talking. “You remempurr how there was that big wedding order that we were working on?”


“Well, Niki came over to look at my centerpieces. And he said that I did them all wrong because I forgot to add the baby’s breath. I looked at the order form beclaws I didn’t remember it being there and I showed him, but then he pulled out an update form and was all ‘didn’t you read this?’ and it was dated fur days ago, but he never put the update with the original so I had to redo the twenty things I had been working on all day fur two days,” Fukunaga explained. 

“What an asshole,” Terushima curses. 

Fukunaga just curls into Terushima’s hold before he pulls out his phone and starts typing. 

It’s like he’s trying to get me fired.

“I’m sorry my love,” Terushima says before giving a kiss to the top of Fukunaga’s head. 

I know the owner really likes me and my work, but it’s still hard to work under him.

Terushima nuzzles him. “Did you wanna relax with that one trashy movie with the squid curse?”


“Then it’s settled.” Terushima picks up Fukunaga and carries him into their bedroom and gets the movie started. “I’ll be right back with your tea.”

Fukunaga gives a nod before he wraps a blanket around himself. He waits patiently for Terushima to come back. After the movie, the tea, and his boyfriend’s love, Fukunaga feels the stress of today fade away.


Terushima had to work extra hours today to cover someone else’s shift. He expected that Fukunaga might be in their bed relaxing, but what he doesn’t expect to hear is Kuroo’s voice. 

“Have you tried talking to him about it?” Kuroo asks.

Terushima doesn’t hear a response before hearing Kuroo say, “I don’t think he would be upset at all. It might take him a while to get there, but there’s no harm in asking.” Again, he doesn’t hear anything before Kuroo talks again. “Just bring it up. He’s your boyfriend. He’s supported you through this already. Wait a second. Bo what do you have?”

There’s a muffled response


Terushima waits a minute before going in. “Hey Babe-chan.”

Fukunaga waves. 

“Another bad day?” Terushima asks.

Fukunaga nods.

“Wanna talk to me about it?” Terushima asks as he gets up into bed with him.

Fukunaga shifts before reaching for a notebook. “ Kinda. But it’s gonna be a lot to write.

“I can wait,” Terushima says gently.

I know. But I was talking to Tetsu. And. He suggested that I talk to you about something. Fukunaga writes.


He suggested that I talk to you about learning sign language.

“Okay. I can do that,” Terushima says easily.

Really?” Fukunaga writes, looking surprised.

“Of course. If that’s something that will help you then of course I’ll do it.”

Fukunaga nods. 

“So was it your evil manager again?” 

Fukunaga nods. 

“Can I eat him yet?”

Fukunaga just gives him a look.

“It’s a valid question.”

“Nyo eating the manager,” Fukunaga sighs.

“You never let me eat the meanies,” Terushima pouts.

“Boo hoo.”

“So do you wanna get into what he did this time or not really?”

“Nyot really.”

Terushima kisses his head. “Okay. We can just watch a standup then. Oh. And here’s Squid Pro Quo,” he says as he hands over an obnoxiously large squid plushie.

Fukunaga turns his head so he can kiss Terushima’s cheek. “Thank you Playboy.”



It was a rough several months. Terushima had been taking sign language classes online for the past three months, waiting until Fukunaga fell asleep to watch videos, or telling Fukunaga he had extra shifts so he could go to in person classes. But he was finally ready to reveal to Fukunaga that he knew sign language. Well, some.

He brings home Fukunaga’s favorite squid dinner, and sets it out on the table before calling for Fukunaga. “Hey Babe-chan! I got us dinner!”

“What’s the occasion Playboy?”

“Well, I have something to tell you,” Terushima starts. He then brings his hands up and starts signing as he talks. “I. I’ve been taking some classes. And while I’m still learning, I think I know enough now. I’ve especially been studying the workplace vocabulary so you can talk about work more.”

Fukunaga is just in awe. “Y-You learned. For me?”

Terushima nods and continues talking and signing. “Of course. I told you before, the reason I’m dating you is because I want to grow into a better person with you. So wouldn’t I learn another language to make communication easier for you? I love you after all.”

Fukunaga signs back, “I love you too.”

Terushima smiles bright and wide and comes in for a kiss, which Fukunaga happily returns. 

When Fukunaga pulls away he has a smirk. “So Playboy, you should probably pay more attention in class. Because you did not sign part of that correctly.”


“Oh yea. I can show you what you actually signed, but you have to be a gentleman and at least buy me dinner first.”