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Seoul, Korea had changed since Yoongi’s last visit. Well, that wasn’t a surprise since it had been over two centuries since he deemed it worth the effort to visit. Now bright neon signs called for his attention, it was the same tactic, get the visitor’s attention. At least it wasn’t as noisy as the street hawkers that would as soon as insult you if you refused their products. The black haired man frowned as the first droplet of a sudden downpour fell down his pale cheek. A hiss escaped him as that was one thing that technology couldn’t change, the weather..well at least for now. Clad in a light raincoat, his leather pants and silk shirt were most impractical. He had dressed to impress..not the damn rain.

Hurrying down the street as the downpour began in earnest, his footsteps seemed aimless as the alleyways twisted and turned until he found himself outside the very bar he was looking for. This time a wooden sign greeted him with rough cut lettering ‘Omelas’ as Yoongi took a small breath. There wasn’t any reason to be so nervous. It was just another meeting as agreed was promised. Even though it had been at least three centuries since he had sought to see this person..Kim Seokjin. Just the thought of the man’s name made goosebumps ripple over his skin. It was the cold, damp..and anticipation..fear?

The interior of the bar was simple but cozy as a fire crackled in the hearth. There were a few larger oak tables and stools waiting to be sat in. There were few patrons already, but none of them were his expected companion. A sullen look settled over his face as his nose caught the distinct scent of wet dog. As if on cue, the ‘dog’ if that was even the proper word for it lumbered it’s’ massive ebony hide in front of hearth, huffing deeply. Silver eyes glinted as the beast took in Yoongi, who gave a stiff nod. The beast seemed soothed as it outstretched it’s paws. A horse-sized dog..drenched in rain..without pissing off the touchy bartender.

“Going soft now, Kim Taehyung?” Yoongi drawled lazily as a glass of red wine and a bottle was set down on his table. The bartender sniffed as his hand slapped down on the table. Taehyung taking in was unexpected. His fellow Witch must be getting something interesting out of the Deal.

“He keeps the idiots out. I could add you to that list, Min Yoongi. Where the hell have you been the past few hundred years..I know you like your isolation. But, don’t you need to..”

“It’s tonight. If it matters to you that much. Not that it’s any of your business..” Yoongi growled out as he didn’t need another Witch prying into affairs. Especially when it came to that of his Tribute.

“I still can’t believe you were stupid enough to chose that Tribute..” Taehyung grumbled as Yoongi sighed loudly. That was something he didn’t need to be reminded was an extremely stupid Deal..that sounded decent at the time. Now he had been drowning in regret for the past seven centuries. All he wanted to do was have a simple life of ease.

”That’s rich coming from you..” Yoongi snipped out as the bartender rolled his eyes. Witches needed to create Tributes in order to maintain their physical presence in the mortal world by storing a piece of their ‘soul’ in it. A Tribute could be anything from a sentimental pocket watch to living creatures. The more free will that a tribute possessed , the stronger it’s tie was to the Witch. Objects were obviously the simplest Tribute to make..the bartender had an overt fondness for storing his fragmented soul in the heart of paintings. Yoongi’s last count was that the blue haired Witch was at 65 painting Tributes. Although there was that fire in London 1666. Didn’t the Witch whine about that later.

While other Witches preferred living Tributes for the stronger connection as well as the less ‘maintenance’ that had been put into it. Taehyung had to restore a Painting Tribute’s magical connection at least once every twenty years. While Namjoon’s Tributes were an entire old grove of woods that he lived and tended to himself. Although rumor had it that a woodland sprite and a kelpie had moved into the woods as well. Did Namjoon make them Tributes as well? If the Druidic Witch did that, Yoongi was going to never let him hear the end of it.

“Just..don’t let him wreak the bar too much..rumor is that he wasn’t pleased that you had vanished. What exactly happened between—-“ Taehyung’s question was cut off as Yoongi made a sharp cutting gesture his hand. The fabric of the scarf around his neck wrapped around the bartender’s mouth in a serpentine manner. The younger Witch had always asked far too many questions. The muted Witch gently shook his head no, as Yoongi felt hot breath on his face within seconds. The damn dog was on the table, jowls salivating as shiny teeth gleamed inches from Yoongi’s face. The dog’s silver eyes now flecked with a blue hue.

“Kim Taehyung, you are such a hypocrite. I can’t believe you had the gall to try and just lecture me after this!” Yoongi hissed out as his scarf returned to his throat, a sheepish smile on the bartender’s face as he patted the rough hide of the hound. The dog’s tongue lolled out as Yoongi moved his wine glass, least canine salvia taint the vintage.

“See, he isn’t a stray..” Taehyung said softly as the dog nudged the bartender’s cheek with its snout. Yoongi fought the urge to pull a disgusted face..this was something he could have gone several more centuries without knowing. The dog jumped off the table with a wag of its tail as it’s form shifted with a crack of bones. It set Yoongi’s teeth on edge with each a much smaller dog curled up in a basket by the bar. It even had a damn bow tie as a collar.

“See, isn’t he cute?” Taehyung cooed as Yoongi rolled his eyes. So the dog wasn’t a stray, it was still an abnormally dangerous creature. Dogs did bite after all. His form stiffened as the briefest hint of a memory floated by. The bitter taste of wine hastily chased it away as Yoongi was finally left in peace. The crimson liquid in his glass swirled thoughtfully as his fingers toyed with the stem.

It had been a total of seven centuries since Kim Seokjin had forever had his life changed. All for a selfish human desire of immortality that Yoongi had happily granted him. It was much less burdensome to have a singular Tribute than was it wisest choice in turning said Tribute into a vampire. No. Nor was hiding away from said creature for two centuries all because of that incident..three centuries ago.

The glass was drained all too quickly as Yoongi refilled it..memories came unbidden as Yoongi figured it wouldn’t be too rude to reminisce while waiting for his esteemed guest.

Min Yoongi had first crossed paths with Kim Seokjin, seven centuries before the present time. It wasn’t a chance encounter as Yoongi’s..talents had somehow caught the attention of the Esteemed Emperor of the land. While Yoongi could have easily freed himself from the clutches of mortals, he wasn’t exactly feeling forgiving as his cottage, gardens and books were burnt to ash. To give him nothing to return to according to the cruel explanation by the guards who guarded the door of his cell. So, here the Witch sat on his uncomfortable cot, bored out of his mind.

“The Emperor has decided to grant you an audience as his honored guest.” The guard rasped out as Yoongi found himself hastily stripped of his ‘rags’ as his attendant said, followed by a sweet-smelling bath. His teeth gritted the entire time as he was getting sick of the sweet smell of perfumed water. Finally it ended as his body was roughly toweled off and he found himself stuffed into ‘clothes’ that were apparently popular among the nobility. The excessive amount of skin shown and flamboyant feathers attached to the hip area felt like a bit much. The metal chains around his feet, hands and throat were a bit much as his guard yanked him along. Yes, he was beginning to become weary of this charade.

When the massive doors of the throne room finally opened, Yoongi felt his heart drop at the sight of the man sprawled on his throne. The beauty of the Emperor was famous throughout the land as Yoongi felt dark eyes trace over his form. It was a struggle to keep a blush off his cheeks as his attire was lacking around his midriff and collarbone that made a slow smirk appear on the Emperor’s face. Who was this blonde waif that apparently had the solution to his problems?

“You are..?” Seokjin asked in a lazy tone as if he hadn’t even bothered to read any possible notes about his captive.

“Min Yoongi. Sire. He was residing in the village of Kiroe at the time of his apprehension. Rumors of his talents have reached far and wide..all expect for the cost of it all.” An advisor chimed in as Min Yoongi huffed impatiently as if he had heard this song and dance one too many times. Humanity was all too greedy in their deepest hearts.

“So. What do I need to offer you for you assist with my wish. I seek the endless fruit of immortality. The human lifespan is far too petty for one as worthy as myself. Is it gold, power, land..I have plenty to spare..” Jin asked in a hushed tone as he finally stood from his throne. His steps were graceful but calculated as Yoongi felt his muscles tense up. The Emperor was tall, elegantly handsome and well-spoken. What he become after tonight? Finally Yoongi’s gaze was forced upward by Jin’s hand fan under his chin. Yoongi felt underdressed in the silk attire that revealed more than it hid,while Jin’s robes were lined with golden threads. Even more magnificent was the azure train of bird feathers that trailed in the wake of the robe. Much like the peacocks that Yoongi happened to catch a glance of during his arrival.

“You may speak.” The request was punctuated with the irritating tap of the fan under his chin. Like he was some sort of disobeying servant waiting for permission to speak.

“Your heart.” Yoongi mumbled out to only Jin’s hearing as Jin let out a bark of laughter as his courtiers looked around alarm. What had the mystic said that was so amusing. The fan was dramatically flared out as Jin fanned himself as his laughter subsided.

“My heart? What is that your requested payment? To become one of my concubines?” Jin asked in a low tone as now his fingers gripped the Witch’s flushed face. Yoongi pulled his face away hastily as he shook his head yes. Let the Emperor think as he wished. Even as he fought the urge to fidget as Jin performed a slow circle, making it obvious of his intentions. Yoongi fought the urge to bristle, he wasn’t some prized broodmare. With each passing minute he was beginning to feel that slight hint of guilt of his true intentions begin to ebb away. The selfish mortal would learn his lesson of humanity..and Yoongi would hold him to it.

“Everyone get out. Two servants attend to my new concubine’s wishes as I imagine he needs more than a few things for..his..ritual..” Jin barked out as a few courtiers scurried out like rats in a sinking ship. Perhaps, humans did have some instincts after all as even Yoongi couldn’t foresee the events that were about to unfold.

Approximately an hour later, everything was almost perfect as Yoongi slid his foot over the various lines of ash that formed the spell’s circular conduct. His brow was slick with sweat as he ran a hand through his locks as he caught his breath. A soft sound of appreciation came from his once silent audience as Jin’s gaze trailed over his glistened midriff.

“You are rather stunning. You know that?” Jin hummed out in a sweet sounding voice. One that would have made any twittering maiden blush and hastily deny the compliment.

“So, I have been told.” Yoongi deadpanned flatly as he stepped back outside the circle. A few bowls of herbs and other things waiting to be added to the golden goblet at the center. His attention was focused on the task at hand as Jin’s expression changed as he was NEVER dismissed as such nor ignored. The Emperor childishly huffed that was until something caught his eyes as the Witch’s shirt rose up slightly from behind.

Yoongi froze as the presence of something warm was entirely too close as a hand gently lifted the thin material of his shirt from behind. A hiss escaped him as he hastily backed away from the prying hands as Jin just looked amused.

“Your black markings are strange. What do they mean?” Jin asked in a curious tone as Yoongi’s hand unintentionally touched the area beneath his right pec. Another marking was there? Now the blonde was just tempting Jin’s curiosity.

“Idols. Is the proper term for them if you must know. Their physical presence helps me bind my magic..” Yoongi explained softly as he did something that completely caught the Emperor off guard. The flimsy material of his shirt fluttered to the ground as Yoongi crossed his arms over his bare-chest. Now the Idols were on full was like a painting on the human body. It was nothing like Jin had ever seen before.

Various parts of an animal seemed to take up the front side of his body. Two small paw prints dotted up his hip bone. Claw-like black streaks on his right rib cage. The curled bushy tail looped around his left pectoral. The most detailed of the art was at the center of the man’s chest cat-like pupils of a golden color. A small sound of surprise escaped Jin as Yoongi snapped his fingers to cue the few candles in the dim room to light. Now the tail was moving in a slow lazy manner as the Witch continued his work. Idols showed that magic was at play within the Witch. For those that knew, it was a warning sign. For those that didn’t it was like a lure.

“Turn around.” Jin ordered in a hoarse voice as Yoongi lazily smirked knowing that he enraptured the Emperor. His back was as equally marked in his other Idol. Crimson serpentine tongues flickered on each of his shoulder-blades, but not a single scaled snout was seen. The muscled form of a serpent lazily curled in a sidewinding pattern from his upper back to just above his hip bones. It’s scales shimmered in a variety of colors with each flex of its hide.

“But where are the..” Jin asked as Yoongi turned back around with eyes that weren’t at all human. Golden eyes blinked in a lazy fashion as his serpentine pupils constricted as if trying to get a better view of the room. Snakes weren’t known for their vision, but his senses easily picked up the heat signature of the Emperor. The throbbing of his heart when Yoongi took another step forward.

“Still find me charming?” Yoongi asked in a low hiss as now Jin was the one retreating. An actual hiss escaped Yoongi when Jin narrowly knocked over the goblet with his retreat. Yoongi took over the situation as his hand caught Jin’s wrist, pulling him closer until their bodies were inches apart.

“Gorgeous. Enthralling. Maybe charming when you aren’t mouthing off to your Emperor.” Jin purred out as his index finger tilted the surprised Witch’s face up. His irises widened from the touch. He wasn’t supposed to think the damn man was charming, but he was.

Yoongi gave a soft sigh at the man’s words as a finger thoughtfully traced his cheekbone. It felt..nice as much as he loathed to admit it. The touch ended all too soon as Jin glanced down at the goblet with a curious look.

“I drink that and I gain immortality?”

“Yes. I just need to add one more thing..” Yoongi said softly as he withdraw the cool blade of a knife. A wince flickered over the Witch’s face as his palm oozed crimson from the hasty cut. All it took was three crimson drops for the hazy liquid to turn into a translucent luminous shade.

“To the Eternal Emperor then?” Jin asked with a quirked brow as Yoongi just gave a mysterious smile.

“To your long life, your Highness”

Well. ‘Life’ was a muddled term as soon as the goblet was drained...Jin slumped to the floor as a few spasms began. Yoongi didn’t know much about the transformation of natural vampires. Was it less painful than what he was watching now? What was the painful aspect of it? The sensation of each fading heartbeat?

When the Emperor finally stilled as Yoongi placed a palm over the man’s chest. Not a singular beat echoed against it. This was the messy part as the tip of the knife pierced once living flesh. Within a few strokes, Yoongi held the cooling organ in his hands. It was such a small but magnificent thing the human heart. Now Kim Seokjin’s heart was his as the chest containing it vanished with a snap of his fingers.

There was a loud pop as Yoongi swirled his glass of wine in his hand before seating himself on the luxurious throne. It was remarkably comfortable..not to mention it was the perfect seat for the chaos to come. Newborn Vampires were infamous for their thirst after-all.

It didn’t take long for the screams to start as the sickly scent of copper began flooding throughout the vast palace.


Yoongi passed the time by plucking out the individual feathers of the Emperor’s robe train. Each azure feather fluttered to the ground as soon only the spines remained. It wasn’t a moment sooner as the doors of the throne room slammed open. The left door weakly dangled as its’ hinges protested the brute force behind the visitor.

“What did you do!”

“I gave you what you wished for..immortality..” Yoongi drawled out as he slouched into the throne. His Tribute’s reaction was predictable as Yoongi held up his index finger putting an end to the vampire’s approach. It was like the wind, for a moment, Jin stood at the doorway..and now his face was inches from Yoongi’s.

“Stop. Back up a few steps..” Yoongi gestured with a lazy wave of his hand as Jin found himself forced to comply as he sank to his knees. The Emperor wasn’t the refined statuesque noble anymore, although his now crimson eyes were as expressive as they had been when he could call himself human. Sharpened nails dug into palms as Yoongi could visibly see the vampire try and fight against his order.

“Immortality isn’t everything you hoped for?” Yoongi asked with a curious tilt of his head as Jin’s answer was a sharp hiss. It made Yoongi chuckle as he rose from the throne with the same mocking confidence that the Emperor had in their first meeting. Even copying the Emperor’s slow circling as Yoongi tilted the seething man’s chin upward with a cool digit.

“You realize what you have become now correct? Just so we are both on the same page moving forward.” Yoongi asked in a gentle tone that dripped with conceited notes. The Emperor’s fine silk robe had been ripped to shreds, there were a few holes with evidence of stabbing. Dried blood coated the man’s throat and lingered around his mouth. Black locks fell wildly into his face. Well, Yoongi wasn’t wrong about new vampires going ravenous with thirst.

“Vampire. Creatures from myths. Just like you Witch” Jin growled out venomously as Yoongi chuckled at the attempted insult. It was an official title for what he was after-all.

“Clever, not just pretty it seems. Shocking” Yoongi chirped out as his other hand patted the man’s head like one would praise a dog. That was a mistake as Jin’s head darted forward as a sharp fang managed to nip at the Witch’s outstretched fingers. A single droplet was his stolen reward as Yoongi hastily took his hand out of reach.

The vampire had gone remarkably still. It would have been easy to mistake him for a stature where it not for the shallow breathing. A crimson tongue carefully traced over the offending fang as if some residue could still remain. Crimson eyes flecked with gold with each second as Yoongi dangled the drop from his finger.

“Did you just try and bite me. Jin?” Yoongi asked as he lazily twirled his finger as Jin’s gaze followed it like a predator stalking prey.

“Yes.” Jin said softly as a small shudder coursed through his body as that droplet came ever closer to his mouth. His chest hurt with each passing second that the sweet liquid was kept from him.

“Your chest is hurting isn’t it? From what I understand that’s what drives your thirst. Your body still wants to pump blood through its veins even without a heart..” Yoongi curiously asked. Jin’s answer was an immediate rushed yes.

“Beg me for it.” Yoongi declared as his finger dropped ever closer. It was within tongue’s reach as Yoongi could see the conflicting emotions battle in Jin’s eyes. It was like a battlefield between the beast and humanity. A harsh choked sound came Jin minutes later as the proud Emperor pressed his forehead to the cool floor.


“You will be a surprise for years to come. Kim Seokjin..I look forward to seeing your a few last known sightings of your kind. Seek them out and learn..You will see me as needed”

Yoongi was impressed that the man managed to subdue his hunger. So quickly too. A few leafs of paper flooded to the ground as Yoongi briefly brushed his hand through his anguish Tribute’s locks. A Vampire marked as Tribute. Stupid and dangerous but Yoongi could use the excitement once in awhile. With another snap, the Witch had vanished and the former Emperor was left in the palace that had become a graveyard.


A soft snuffling sound broke Yoongi from his thoughts as something furry dropped its’ head in his lap. Now the dog’s mournful eyes stared up at him as Yoongi glanced at a watching Taehyung, who had an amused smile on his face.

“Thinks you are being too quiet”

“I am always quiet..”

“Not as silent as this. It doesn’t do any good to dwell on the past, especially with ones as long as ours..” Taehyung chided as Yoongi hesitated before patting the soft fur of the canine. The beast exhaled with relief as if he could have sensed the stress rolling off Yoongi. Or was that Taehyung’s work? His magic has always been tied to emotions..and could annoyingly stealthy about utilizing it.

Something uneven ran under Yoongi’s fingers as he scratched under the dog’s chin. A large pink scar lay hidden underneath the floor as if something had tried to rip out the dog’s throat. Even with assistance from magic, the scar seemed as fresh as ever or at least Yoongi assumed that Taehyung did his best to mend it. It was the responsibility of the Witch to care for his Tributes after all. As detached as some Witches were, there was still that magical binding in place.


Even Yoongi had felt the lure of responsibility as he felt a sharp heat race up his hands. It wasn’t from the lukewarm tea in his grasp as he set it down as another pain jolted up his arms. Snapping his fingers together as a small translucent orb floated in front of his face, it’s surface should have been clear as the blue sky. Yet, now an unpleasant red haze began swirling in it.

Jin was in trouble. Somehow. It had been fifty years since Yoongi had left him to fend for himself. Well, that wasn’t the complete truth, he occasionally sent a spy to trail him. It seemed like the vampire had chosen to stay within the borders of his former country. Perhaps for the comfort of having familiar surroundings. Regardless, Jin didn’t seemed to be having too much trouble when it came to being unnoticed by the human populace.


So, his tea and books would have to wait as Yoongi set off in search of the rouge vampire with only their magical connection as an aid. His steps would lead him to a vast cave system in the countryside. There was an eerie silence to the place as Yoongi carefully picked his way down, leery of any slick rocky outer-crops. Finally there was a small flat cavern as Yoongi could see dim flicking candle light coming through the heavily curtained entrance.

“Leave me be. I won’t tell you again” Jin’s voice called out in the dim lighting as Yoongi stepped through the curtain.

The sight before him wasn’t a pleasant thing. Somehow the excessive luxury of the elaborate rugs, colorful curtains and material possessions made their ill-looking owner even more sickly looking. The pale tone of the vampire’s skin seemed even worse than usual as the vampire hissed out as he rolled over to face his unwelcome visitor. Kim Seokjin cheekbones were hollow, dark bags under his eyes. He looked days away from death. A permanent one as Yoongi crossed his arms over his chest as Jin blinked slowly at him.

“You haven’t been feeding.”


“Why. You could die from it, Jin have you learned nothing from your fifty years of this life..”

“Because I do NOT want to take anymore.” Jin snarled out as he fought the crimson sheets of his ‘nest’. His legs were as wobbly as a newborn fawn as Yoongi hissed out in alarm to catch him before he hit the cold floor.

Jin’s struggles were weak against Yoongi’s hold as the witch returned the pissy vampire back to the folds of the bed. The struggling halted within seconds as Yoongi’s hand gently brushed back sweaty locks. Jin’s nose nuzzled against his wrist with a glint of fangs. Jin’s expression warped from dazed to disgusted as he backed away from Yoongi who had taken a seat on one of enormous pillows of the ‘nest’. Yoongi didn’t attempt to push his boundaries as he rubbed the cool patch of wrist.

“Seokjin. You need to feed.” Yoongi said in a firmer tone as Jin again shook his head no.

“What has changed. This is the first time you seem so..hesitant..” The question dropped like a stone in water as Yoongi could sense the discomfort rolling off Jin. What had happened that spurred an inkling of humanity in the creature.

“Funeral” Jin choked out as Yoongi looked up alarmed at the sound. The vampire’s eyes swam with unshed tears as there was a pale barely visible flush to his face. A funeral had upset him that much?

“I don’t understand.” Yoongi said slowly as the vampire should have more than enough time to come to terms with human mortality. Especially since he was responsible for a few early deaths, before Death was scheduled to claim them.

“I..attended a funeral for one of my descendants..a little child. No more than the age of six. Disease had ransacked her village..I..should have done something..” Jin said softly as gentle tears rolled down hollow cheeks. Instead of translucent, the liquid droplets were pale crimson, making his pale features all the more prominent.

“Seokjin. We..don’t interfere in the lives of humans without cause. What was your plan? Don’t tell me you were going to attempt to turn a child.” Yoongi chided as Jin’s head sunk to his knees. So the thought had crossed his mind, yet he hadn’t followed through with the impulsive thought. The secretive lifestyle of a vampire was meant to attract as little attention as possible unless protections were put in place. A Vampire Child was NOT ideal.

“I thought of bringing her to you..”


“Yet, you knew I would refuse. Didn’t you. Nor am I versed in the magic of healing.”

Yoongi said seriously as Jin solemnly nodded his head. Yoongi’s magic was versed in the manipulation of reality. Time, gravity, and all mortal bindings meant little to him. He could as easily travel into the past as he could completely flip a room upside down. It was the reason he was able to change Jin..with a few bits of advice from another Witch. The only clause he had to construct was the concept of immortality. Halting the aging of one singular creature. At the cost of drinking the blood of others for an absent heart.

“So, you attended the funeral..and had..a moment?” Yoongi asked hoping to coax more of the story out of the troubled vampire. The sooner his mind was settled, the sooner he would feed again, which meant Yoongi’s worry over his Tribute could end.

“Yes. That I don’t have the right to steal from the humanity of humans..But when I feed..I can’t..stop without accidentally killing them. It’s like I can only focus on that one thing..” Jin explained in a low voice as Yoongi gave the smallest of smiles. So, the vampire was learning about humanity..the arrogant Emperor of the past was fading away with each revelation.

“Self-control.” Yoongi said flatly as he edged toward Jin’s curled up form. This was going to be a dangerous move, but if it taught the vampire. It would be one less worry about Jin going on another hunger strike driven out of loathing. Jin watched with weary eyes as Yoongi tapped his legs to open, so that he could sit comfortably in front of him.

“Is important for your kind. If you can master could ask to feed...without killing.”

“How?” Jin asked in a hoarse voice as his eyes were automatically drawn to the rhythmic opening and closing of Yoongi’s hand. The blue-green veins constructing and contracting with each influx of blood.

“I don’t know, the answer to that..but it is a start. Isn’t it?” Yoongi said softly as he presented his wrist upward towards Jin, who looked up with hesitation. Trembling hands took it as cool digits gently caressed soft skin.

“You are offering this to me? No deals or tricks attached..” Jin asked suspiciously as Yoongi gave an almost apologetic smile. Seems some things couldn’t be forgiven so quickly. What was causing the death and resurrection of someone so difficult to forgive..after fifty years. Jin’s scoff easily meant it would be another few centuries before he let that small problem slide.

“Only under the condition that I can worry less about my Tribute dying from malnutrition..would help me sleep better. may find the taste from a willing source..intriguing” Yoongi said softly as Jin’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Have you..?”

“Been fed from before. Yes. It was an..interesting experience...” Yoongi said with a hint of shyness in his voice. It was an extremely brief association with a female vampire with a ravenous taste for blood..and books. Her library had been one of the largest collections of the world. Although Yoongi had slight regret after numerous volumes were weaponized after he broke it off.


“You didn’t think I was a ‘virgin’ did you? I have been around for..several know..” Yoongi said coyly as that barely there flush appeared on his Tribute’s cheeks. The grip on his wrist tightened slightly as Yoongi arched a brow as there was hint of hiss from the vampire’s throat.

Jealous? That was unexpected. While vampires could be territorial about feeding grounds or personal homes..but over a possible feeding aspect? Was it their bond as Witch and Tribute that was triggering that instinct? Yoongi didn’t have much time to think as he found himself bundled into the man’s lap. The cool sensation of his skin against his was oddly pleasant. It was difficult to not squirm as something wet and warm dragged along his wrist. Evidentially Jin was deciding to act on that possessive call. Goosebumps rippled over Yoongi’s skin as he forced himself to remain as still as possible.

To move too much could lead to his throat being latched onto instead. Jin was barely even controlling himself over his offered wrist. The jugular would be like offering ale to an alcoholic. Clearing his throat didn’t seem to get the man’s attention as Yoongi sighed, before tangling one hand in man’s hair, yanking harshly back. A snarl escaped the vampire as his throat was vulnerably on display. His eyes flushed crimson now, like a pool of burning blood.

“Self-Control.” Yoongi said sternly as his hand released their hold on the man’s hair. The intensity of his eyes seemed to lessen with the reminder as he nodded slowly.

“Bite on the side. I don’t want you accidentally damaging the actual vein. It’s such a pain to heal from..” Yoongi complained as no one told him how itchy it would be heal a ruptured vein. He had even went begging to Namjoon for some herbal mix to soothe the maddening sensation.

Seconds passed by as Yoongi waited for Jin to make that first breech. Patience wasn’t something Yoongi had when it came to simple needs like this. All the hesitating vampire needed was a little push..or one impatient shove. Yoongi licked his lips as he was about to set off a chain reaction..all with a few words. Like a it’s own way.

“Bite me.” Yoongi muttered against the shell of Jin’s ear as he could visibly see goosebumps jolt down the man’s neck within seconds. There was a faint sound of discomfort that came from him as vampire did just as requested. Yet, pain was followed by the faint warmth of pleasure when Jin’s lips pressed a cool kiss to the bleeding wound. This was followed by another bite and another warm sensation of pleasure. That had been an interesting knowledge to learn, the bite of a vampire inflicted an almost hazy tranquil effect. It was like being wrapped in warm blankets with the occasional wave of pleasure.

“Ok..ay?” Jin’s rumble broke through the fog as a cool hand tapped his right cheek. As Yoongi forced himself from that cozy haze to find Jin looking up with concern. A trickle of blood still lingered on the side of his mouth.

“Fine. Should have told you that bites like these can act like a soft sedative. Feels nice..” Yoongi mumbled out as he lazily held his wrist back up for Jin to take. The Witch was getting too comfortable in the vampire’s lap, but it was far too comfortable to escape from just yet. Soon that surrounding warmth enveloped him again as Jin continued to feed. Yoongi would stop him when needed..he had plenty of blood to spare.

It was the cool touch of Jin’s other hand on his cheek that jolted him back into reality. A thoughtless caress like a lover would give. Yoongi hastily dove out of the vampire’s lap as if it was scalding water. His scramble out of the nest was a touch undignified as Jin looked on with an extremely confused expression.

“Self-control” Yoongi barked out as he couldn’t stop the faint burn on his cheeks. That was far too personal a touch even if it was something as trusting as being fed from. Jin’s response was a soft laugh as he laid down on his stomach, eyeing Yoongi as the Witch’s cheeks flushed further. Well, it seemed like all it would take was a bit of blood to bring back Jin’s usual mood.

“Are you going to come back over here?” Jin asked with a tilt of his head as a stained tongue swiped over a few droplets of blood lingering on his mouth. Yoongi glared as the vampire took the initiative in the form of a slow crawl towards the edge of the nest. He was pushing his luck..

“At least let me clean you..”

A cool hand wrapped around his wrist as he found himself approached by Jin’s sudden form. Damn vampires and their speed, it was going to be maddening in the future. Yoongi just huffed at the cool smirk that Jin gave him. Maybe he should have let the vampire starve and wallow a bit longer. Especially when the vampire began to ‘clean’ the weeping bite marks with small cat-like licks.

“You’ve cleaned enough. Now that you have on that self-control..” Yoongi snipped out as he pulled his wrist from the vampire’s grasp. The man’s expression drooped like a pet had its’ favorite toy taken away.

“I think I have plenty of self-control”

Jin’s voice was a low rasp as his hand gently cupped Yoongi’s cheek. It was so warm against his own cool skin, even as it tinted red.

“I want to keep testing it..” Jin’s voice was a mere whisper now as his head dipped to get closer to the stubborn witch. He never got an inch closer as Yoongi’s fingers snapped. Gold flecked crimson eyes widened in surprise as the vampire found himself immobilized. Or at least caught frozen in time as a few droplets of the moisture from the roof of the cave stilled in their fall. There was a faint circular glow that took up the floor of the cave as Yoongi easily stepped out of the weak grip. Time would resume once he was safely away from the pestering vampire.

“Keep working on that self-control..Jin” Yoongi lazily waved goodbye as he vanished with another sharp snap. His wrist would tingle for hours after. Yet he shoved all thoughts of the vampire out of his mind. Yet, still he remained in the smallest of corners.


There was a faint sensation in his left wrist as Yoongi looked down at it. Like a phantom cold touch had just passed over it. It was the exact spot that Jin had fed from him. Like an old ache from a broken bone in the middle of winter. The dog noted his focus as a cold snout snuffled over the spot. Lips drew back in an almost gagging manner as if the dog was offended by it.

“Yah, stop that!” Yoongi snapped as the dog’s wet tongue lapped over his wrist once. What was with creatures licking him! The dog looked smug, let out a huff before returning to his basket.

“Surprised you didn’t threaten him for that” Taehyung said amused as he placed a new bottle of wine on the table. Yoongi snorted as he poured himself a new glass. He wasn’t that petty anymore, he learned a bit of patience.

“Do I look like a child that throws a tantrum just from some dog licking me..”

“Well. Don’t tell me you have gotten used to—-“

“Taehyung. Do you want to be caught in a time loop..please finish that charming thought of yours” Yoongi growled out as he wiped at the spot on his wrist. The bartender’s boxy smile remained as he had finally hit a sore point on the touchy Witch. So the vampire had fed from that very point. Wasn’t feeding supposed to be a remarkably intimate thing? There were plenty of other ways that their magical connection between Tribute and Witch could be didn’t have to be the act of feeding.

“You can stop hovering now” Yoongi snipped out as he took a drink of his now full wine glass. The damn smile on the bartender’s face was driving him mad. Like the Witch knew something that he didn’t. Maybe he should make good on his earlier threat.

Mercifully the bartender left him alone mere seconds later. Unfortunately for Yoongi, the phantom touches seemed to move after being ‘cured’ by the hound. Now it was the faint cold along the right side of his throat, just next to his jugular. His fingers traced the throbbing pulse point, warm blood contrasted with the cold skin. It wasn’t as prominent as the sensation that once lingered in his wrist. Maybe due to the fact that the vampire’s left fang barely sunk in before Yoongi’s freak out. The wine couldn’t chase away the memory that welled up inside him.

It had been five centuries since Yoongi had granted Jin’s request. Their ‘reunions’ that Jin called them could be as frequent as every few years to the longest it had been two centuries. The vampire had been adapting his..feeding tactics it seemed as Yoongi found himself walking the colorful streets of Amsterdam. The De Wallen quarter to be more specific as dim red lighting brushed over Yoongi’s black fur. The feline wound its way through the numerous alleyways with purpose its’ step. Yoongi’s form was that of a Maine Coon as his lumbering form was surprisingly agile as he clambered up the fire escape. It leads all the way up to the top floor of the building, his magic was purring with each step. His Tribute was residing in this building now.


The warm scent of vanilla and sweet lavender filled the penthouse as Yoongi squeezed himself through the open window. His bulk landed with a soft noise as he opened his mouth to further take in all the smells. Beneath floral scents was the faint spicy scent of sex as his whiskers wrinkled within seconds. Still it wasn’t his business as the cat easily jumped up onto the pristine surface of the black grand piano. Tail twitching with irritation as the scent of sex still lingered in his mouth. He was going to need to groom himself for days in order to get it out of his fur.

“Min Yoongi.” Jin’s warm voice echoed across the living room as the vampire in question leaned against the cut-out doorway. Ebony hair stuck up in various ways as if something had gotten tangled into it. Or someone as Yoongi’s twitching continued. Golden eyes slowly blinked in acknowledgment as Jin approached with an intent of stroking the feline’s furry head.

It had been two centuries since he had last saw the Witch. Especially in a form as adorable as this, Yoongi was surprisingly docile in it. Yet, it was the sharp hiss and warning strike that made him snatch away his hand. The tail twitching continued as Jin sniffed, offended by the aggression..until a look of realization spread over his face.

He smelled like sex. The defiant scent of some else was covering his natural smell. It wasn’t a surprise that Yoongi’s selective instincts reacted in such a manner.

“I’ll go shower..feel free to look around. I don’t have any more..clients..for the rest of the week. You won’t be caught..” Jin said softly as he turned on his heel to wander into another room. Not before stripping himself of the flimsy shirt, giving Yoongi an appreciative sight his back. As well as a clear view of the several red marks from the nails of someone else. It made his fur bristle on end at the thought.

So, the cat did as his curiosity bid him to. The penthouse was an elegant affair as Yoongi silent paws brushed across black tile. A sneeze escaped him as his investigation of an extremely full bird-like pepper shaker came to an end. It was all for appearances sake as the vampire didn’t need to eat human food. Just the blood that the humans held in their fleshy shells. Eventually boredom won out as the feline clambered onto the leather surface of a couch. It all too tempting of a thought to knead sharpened claws on the expensive material.


“Don’t you dare. You aren’t that petty.”

Damp hands hastily scooped him upward before a single nail could pierce the couch. Yoongi yowled in surprise as he was held close to Jin’s solid chest. A tight grip on his scruff turned him into a puddle of fur as animalistic instinct took over. Jin dangled the limp cat at a distance, least his handsome face get shredded by claws.

The cat managed to calm down as Jin sat down on the couch as hands hovered over the fuzzy head. Yoongi’s ears perked back expectantly as Jin took the initiative to gently stroke the feline’s velvety ears. Within minutes a low purr echoed throughout the room as Yoongi’s paws kneaded the gentle fabric of the man’s jeans. It was the only natural thing to do as Jin didn’t smell like him anymore. It wasn’t right.


The feline’s posture went stiff within seconds of that thought passing through his mind. No. No. That possessive thought was hastily blamed on the feline spirit residing alongside the witch’s true one. Jin’s hands stilled as the feline leapt onto the coffee table. There was a soft pop as now a man sat where a cat once was. Raven locks stuck upward at various angles from Jin’s earlier treatment as Yoongi ran a hand through them.

“You stopped dying your hair?” Jin asked amused that it wasn’t the blonde locks that he become used too. Yoongi just shrugged as gestured to Jin’s own attire. That hadn’t changed, the man still loved his luxury silks. Although, this choice of attire was much..more alluring. It was a faint cream color as the sleeves were rolled up revealing strong firearms. The deceptive translucent silk over the width of his chest. His midriff was boldly on display. Dark fitted jeans were snug around his legs as he settled his feet on the coffee table. Jin was doing much better than their cave meeting all those centuries ago.

“You seem happier. I imagine your feeding habits have suited your..morality now..” Yoongi asked as he was granted a faint smile from Jin. There was a distinctly healthy look on the vampire’s face as his beauty seemed to be more prominent now. Well, it was said that a good diet did lead to good health and all its other benefits.

“Yes. I figured out the perfect method of feeding, oh..a century or so ago..”

Yoongi’s head tilted curiosity. Was the vampire going to share his apparently humane method with the Witch or keep it a secret. There was slow smirk on the vampire’s lips as Yoongi huffed as it was obvious he was waiting for a rapt audience.

“Oh. However did you do it, Kim Seokjin. I am ever so curious to know..” Yoongi drawled sarcastically as Jin leaned back into the couch as smug as ever. Even with the sarcasm, Yoongi was clearly curious.

“Enthralling.” Jin said in a low tone as Yoongi had to lean forward to hear him. A prickle of irritation sparked in him as he knew the vampire was toying with him on purpose. He was entirely too bold for a Tribute, it wasn’t anything Yoongi had expected to deal with. A single crook of Jin’s finger made the Witch sigh. He dutifully stood only to have his hand pulled forward as he was sent into Jin’s waiting lap. His hands caught himself on Jin’s collarbone as he frowned, this wasn’t impressive, it was bothersome.


A steady hand on his lower back made retreat himself as Yoongi huffed out as evidently this was going to be a physical demonstration. A verbal one would have been perfectly suitable. He wasn’t going to be ruffled by Jin’s touchy nature, he had become used it over the years.

“Humans are weak-willed, easy to manipulate with a bit I know you are aware. It’s all too seduce them into a mindset of comfort. Promises of sex and pleasure..with here..I don’t have to go trailing in variable establishments. I get to choose..” Jin explained as his nails against Yoongi’s back began idly tracing patterns. ‘Nails’ was putting it lightly, the damn things could easily cut through skin and muscle with enough force. That dangerous thought made Yoongi’s heart beat a bit faster.

Jin noted the increase with a small smirk as his other hand gently held Yoongi’s cheeks. Just to hold the man still as Jin leaned all too close, crimson gaze entangling in Yoongi’s dark eyes. It was like a soft blanket wrapped around Yoongi with each blink. It was like being drunk with every single inhibition dropping away. Like any want or desire could be seen within Jin’s crimson gaze.

“Feeling alright? Not dizzy at all? Seems it various from person to person” Jin asked gently as the pad of thumb dragged along Yoongi’s slightly opened lips. The Witch was remarkably relaxed despite being in the vampire’s lap.

“Fine. It’ you” Yoongi mumbled out as faint waves of pleasure gently curled up his spine as he felt Jin’s nails drag against his skin. It was just a simple touch, it shouldn’t feel this euphoric. Hesitantly his own fingers brushed over the man’s collarbone, a mistake as it was like touching sinful silk against his digits. Like Jin was the single source of pleasure the world that Yoongi wanted to cover himself in. A pure selfish need to be possessed and give into the vampire’s need just to feel like this forever.

Like the meek prey willingly wandering into the jaws of a predator.

“ ask them if alright?”

“ It's easy to pass it off as a sort of hypnotic suggestions. The bullshit type that humans’s real..”

“I doubt you propose it seconds into..a meeting..”

“No. Seduction comes first. I am not that rude..” Jin chuckled darkly that sent a soft thrill down Yoongi’s spine. The thrill of the unknown has always intrigued humanity, but to give into the lust of a mysterious stranger was dangerous. Intoxicatingly so as Yoongi swiped his tongue over his dry lips. Like he was about to drink from that poison chalice without a single regret.

“Show me.” Yoongi whispered out as there was instant look of hunger that flickered in Jin’s eyes. Hunger for blood and the warm body perched so nicely in his lap. His other hand curled in the Witch’s locks to gently push his head forward.

“Pardon. Could you repeat that?” Jin purred out as his index finger traced down the column of the Witch’s spine. Yoongi stiffened as the realization of his words settled on him. Jin’s hand halted his stroking as his nails dragged along the curve of his right hip. The faint sound of cloth ripping made him visibly shudder. The hand now splayed on his stomach, all it would was a gentle pull upward as the feeble fabric would rip.

There wasn’t any going back after this moment. Yet Yoongi’s heated mind couldn’t realize it as all he wanted right now was to feel something other the stifling shirt too tight across his chest. All it took was a meek nod of agreement for the blissful cool air to enrapture his form as Jin easily slit the fabric off him. There was a moment of calm as Jin’s appreciation for his form was only visual for a moment.

It quickly turned physical as Yoongi’s head leaned over the edge of the armrest as Jin’s hand curled in his locks, baring his neck. Small whispers were muffled when Jin’s tongue traced over his pulse point on his throat. Any point of shyness was quickly pushed away as Yoongi found himself pinned under Jin’s hot gaze as the vampire began leaving a trail of hot kisses down his upper body. While the vampire’s other hand teased as the jeans covering his upper thighs, a reminder of what was to come. It was all Yoongi could do as a hiss escaped him as Jin’s fang grazed a pert nipple.

“Oh. Sensitive aren’t you?” Jin teased as he blew a bit of cool air on Yoongi’s now pronounced nipple.

“No—okay..okay..please just don’t stop—sh—“ Yoongi’s protests turned to keening moans as Jin’s tongue lapped at the sensitive flesh. His other nipple was under the same tortuous pleasure as sharp nails rolled over it. Jin’s form had practically caged Yoongi on all sides as he was helpless as he bucked into the man’s hips after one harsh nip.

“Gods, I was right when I thought of how pretty you would look flushed with pleasure..” Jin praised as he paused in teasing the now withering Witch. Dark eyes were wide with lust as lips parted in surprise. A delicate blush on the Witch’s face at the compliment as Jin let out a soft hum.

Yoongi liked compliments. Praise. Anything that made him feel wanted it seemed.

“But can someone as pretty as you listen..” Jin asked as he spied Yoongi’s wandering hands inching towards his belt. The Witch flushed as Jin chuckled to ease his own shirt over his head.

“Please.” Yoongi’s voice was a rasp as his eyes went wide at the sight of Jin’s naked chest. Chiseled, but soft with a sloping waistline. All he wanted to do was touch it.

“Are you going to listen to me when I say ‘Stop’ Pretty?” Jin teased as his lips peppered against the man’s collarbone. All it took was the hint of a nod for Jin to press himself against the needy Witch. It was like an impossible pleasure of hot and cold as Yoongi shamelessly rutted against Jin’s thighs. Beads of sweat gently trickled down his exposed throat as Jin swallowed harshly. The Witch’s pulse point was now jumping inside the man’s jugular.

“Stop.” Jin hissed out as his hand tugged at the Witch’s locks to get his attention. It didn’t as Yoongi was far too gone in chasing the allure of pleasure under the effects of Enthrallment.

“I said stop. Pretty” Jin snarled out as his fangs hovered over the Witch’s now strained neck. A whimper escaped the Witch as his rutting finally subdued now that the faint rational part of his mind was listening to the danger at hand. Jin’s tight grip on his hair lessened as it turned into soothing strokes. Yoongi relaxed as his lust cooled for a moment before it spiked as Jin’s tongue dragged along his jugular. Almost apologetically for his tougher actions.

“Wait. I want you to..” Yoongi’s voice was quiet even for Jin’s enhanced hearing. The Witch’s lips were pursed in concentration as if warring with his own wants. Jin pressed a soft kiss to the man’s throat as he gently touched the contemplating cheek.

“What. Pretty?”

“Kiss me first.”

Jin didn’t need to be asked twice as he molded his lips to Yoongi’s pouting ones. Now it was Yoongi who took a more aggressive position as his nails raked down Jin’s back just trying to spur him more. It didn’t take much as Jin’s hands lifted him under his hips as their halves ground into each other. It was like the sensation of fire and ice as Yoongi moaned after the first hip roll. Jin was quick to take advantage to slip his tongue into the wet heat of Yoongi’s mouth. Tongues gilded as Yoongi flinched slightly as his own tongue brushed over a fang. A few droplets of blood seemed to break the last bit of Jin’s resolve as hands pawed at the Witch’s belt.

“Wait!” Yoongi hissed out as their lips finally separated as Jin’s hands went still..aside from a few teasing fingers circling the younger’s pale hip. His heart felt it was about to burst out of his chest. Something was wrong. It wasn’t the fact that he felt like his jeans were going to burst, but it was something else entirely.

“You need to feed from me first. I am not accidentally bleeding to death because you decide to bite me while you fu—-“ Yoongi’s words trailed off as he realized the vulgar implications that were about to come out of his mouth.

“You mean you are going to let me make a mess over my priceless couch all due to the fact that you are about to have the best orgasm in the history of the world..” Jin purred out as his smile only grew a bit wider as Yoongi scoffed and pulled at his hair in an irritated manner. Jin was beyond cocky about everything, even if it was a very high possible outcome.

“I promise to turn you into a puddle of Pretty. I wonder how much redder your cheeks will get when I go down and decide to fu—“

Another sharp yank and glare silenced the comment as Jin laughed softly before beginning to press soft kisses to the throbbing vein on Yoongi’s jugular. A whine escaped the irritated man as the vampire was now just toying with him. He wasn’t some little mouse to bat around for the cat’s entertainment.

“Ah, Jin. Don’t do that..not while you are..feeding” The last word turned into a moan as Jin’s hand slipped under the leather of Yoongi’s belt, teasing at hot flesh. Well, his theory that Yoongi could go redder was confirmed. It was all too easy for him to sink his fangs into the blue-green vein, making the younger shudder.

That warm embrace was now a smoldering heat as pleasure curled up Yoongi’s stomach. Like he never wanted to come down from this euphoric high as Jin’s fangs sunk deeper into his throat. An apologetic lap each time his positioning shifted slightly. Minutes passed as Yoongi gently pulled at Jin’s locks, as the vampire backed off, breathing harshly looking at Yoongi was the only thing in existence. Now his eyes were a strange mix of crimson and silver as Yoongi felt his heart drop.

Along with the faint thudding of a heart locked away in an onyx box within the depths of his magic.

No. No. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to happen to HIM of all people. Jin immediately sensed the change in mood as his hands gently cradled Yoongi’s face. The Witch backed off the couch with a start as fur was traded for human a frazzled cat bolted down the fire escape. All Jin was left for an explanation was a scrabbles note

‘Don’t look for me. -Yoongi’


So that was Yoongi’s big embarrassing secret, that he was mere minutes away from getting thoroughly ruined by his Vampiric Tribute. Yet, he panicked and hid himself away from three centuries because of THAT issue. It was an utter mess of feelings and emotions as well as the faint fear that he wouldn’t be able to make it all work. A loud groan escaped him as he drained his wine glass one final time. Damn it, why was he thinking about that now. This time it was merely to re-establish their connection as Tribute and Witch, nothing amorous about it. That entire event could have been blamed on Jin’s Enthrallment turning his brain into a puddle of pleasure. Nothing about his obvious attraction to the vampire.

At all.

“You need to relax a bit or else your heart is going to explode from your chest. I would be disappointed to have our..meeting.. start that way..”

Jin’s words were cool against his rapidly heating ear as Yoongi about jumped out of his seat at the sudden appearance of the vampire. He thought he was going to have more time to..prepare than this. However, there was no mistaking that warm voice as Jin chuckled sitting down in the opposite chair. Yoongi clutched at his chest as if to double check his heart was still there. That it hadn’t exploded all the room in a bunch of tiny little pieces.

“That surprised to see me?”


“Of course you are, after all, I have only been trying to find you are you practically vanished from the damn world for three centuries..”

Jin hissed out in a low voice as hurt seeped through it. It had been difficult for the vampire after that entire event. Normal blood never sated that maddening thirst for very long or in a fulfilling way. He’d gone through periods of gluttony, feeding constantly throughout the evening. Periods of fasting where he would wait for an entire week. All sorts of blood types, people, nothing compared to the sweet taste of Yoongi’s lust filled blood. Not to mention his pride was greatly offended by the Witch’s surprise retreat. He could have just said he was uncomfortable.

“ I panicked” Yoongi mumbled out as he grabbed the wine bottle, only to find it empty. Yet somehow he didn’t think his pride could take it at the thought of Taehyung coming any closer looking as smug as he did.

“Oh. You did? I hadn’t noticed at all” Jin hissed out as he leaned back in his chair. Even sulking, Jin still looked effortlessly handsome in Yoongi’s eyes. Soft brown wavy locks fell forward in his eyes as his adams apple bobbed up and down as he seemed to be trying to find his words. The fitted black suit with a sharp contrast with the loose red tie at his throat. It looked expensive, hell it most likely was a brand name.

“Listen if you are going to be this in public. Let’s just get this over with” Yoongi snipped out as he wasn’t patient enough for Jin’s theatrics tonight. Even though he knew the vampire had every right to be upset with him. It was still mortifying to be berated like this in public. Relationships were such a private thing for Yoongi.

“Excuse me. I am not going to be lectured by someone who..” Jin’s words drifted away as his hand grabbed the offered wrist, his face passive as he leaned in a bit closer to the cool surface. Yoongi feared for a moment that he was going to bite him here. He wouldn’t be able to keep silent. It was such a private affair as Yoongi opened his mouth to say something. Only a mere whispering sound escaped him as Jin’s eyes snapped open, crimson as ever. Yoongi could practically feel the anger rolling off him in his waves. Yet, a small voice told him that it wasn't him.

“You. Stupid. Dog. I told you what would happen if you ever touched him again” Jin snarled out as his chair tipped over backwards from the force of him standing up. Jin was beyond fury as fangs flashed menacingly with each word. Nails extended in sharpened talons. It was all Yoongi could do but watch as Jin grab the once dog now young man by the collar of his shirt who had been watching the drama unfold from the bar top. The youth merely smiled wolfishly and sent a wink in Yoongi’s direction. The bar protested weakly when the vampire physically backed the werewolf into its’ surface. Fangs inches away from removing the kid’s throat.

“Yoongi! I told you to NOT let him wreck the bar. Call him off my Jungkookie.” Taehyung barked as he hauled Yoongi off his stunned ass to drag him over to the furious vampire. The werewolf still had an amused expression on his face like he was in on some hidden joke.

“I forgot that vampires could be so..touchy..about their prey. Honestly I was merely trying to comfort him..” Jungkook rumbled out as his hand gripped the vampire’s cool wrist trying to get some breathing room. The vampire wasn’t amused as another sharp hiss escaped him as his other hand flexed as if readying his talons.

“My answer is the same as it was a century ago back in London. I will leave you gutted like the fleabag you are in the damn street. If you ever touched him again” Jin snapped out with a flash of fangs for punctuation. Now the bar was really starting to protest as visible cracks were starting to appear the fragile wood.

Jungkook let out a bark of laughter as his gaze slid over to the two surprised Witches from a worried looking Taehyung to an utterly confused Yoongi. The vampire and werewolf knew each other or at least had once fought. It wasn’t a friendly manner at all. What had happened.

Some things were best left unknown in certain situations. This was one of them.

“Then maybe you forgot what I told you. Well attempted to tell you, it was hard to do it when you nearly torn out my throat. Maybe this time you will understand me. I am going to keep knotting that Witch until he is begging me to stop. This time you can’t stop me, I Marked him, he is mine.” Jungkook growled out as he physically shoved the enraged vampire back. Now he was starting to let loose too as elongated canines made an appearance as a low growl escaped the werewolf.

“Wait. What!” Yoongi asked loudly as his fingers snapped together freezing the bickering creatures in place. His circle of magic was a sharp contrast to the pale purple cloud-like shapes that drifted around them. Even an extremely flustered looking Taehyung contributed with an aura of calm cast about the two men.

“Seriously him?” Yoongi hissed under his breath as Taehyung’s cheeks reddened with a single nod.

“Why?” Yoongi asked Taehyung just shot him a look like he had the balls to ask that question he should be asking himself. Damn his intuition as Yoongi hastily looked away from the Witch’s piercing gaze.

“Fine. When?”

“Like Jungkook said. It was a century ago, it was at first. Then I ended up having to take care of him after your vampire almost ripped out his throat. We got closer and..”

“Fell in love” Yoongi supplied as Taehyung voice trailed off as Taehyung gave a shy smile at the werewolf who at least attempted to return it.

Finally the atmosphere of the room seemed to finally settle as Taehyung’s magic soothed everyone’s nerves like a bath bomb of lavender. The two men backed off into areas as Jungkook sat on top of the bar, while Seokjin glowered at him from his own chair. Taehyung immediately went over to fuss over Jungkook with a kiss to his forehead. While Yoongi just looked anywhere but Jin, he knew he should say something, but what.

“ thought Taehyung was me..the Witch that Jungkook happened to mention. Jin, Taehyung and I are nothing alike. You seriously thought he was me” Yoongi said in a low tone as Taehyung looked vaguely offended by the comment.

“There aren’t that many Witches in the world. Why wouldn’t I think mine was being talked about” Jin hissed out as Jungkook let out a loud laugh.


“Yes. Mine.” Jin snarled out as if daring the werewolf to challenge his claim. This went beyond simple feeding rights, beyond the line as prey and predator. Jin’s declaration was spoken with such ferocity and possessive that his kind reserved alone for mates. It sent Yoongi’s heart into a free fall of panic as that meant the vampire had felt something too that time. Shit. There wasn’t anyway around it but to speak of it. Yet Yoongi’s tongue seized in its throat.

“Well. What’s yours just turned tail. A literal tail mind you, and bolted while you were getting all pissy over your word choice” Jungkook said amused as Jin’s expression turned from anger to bewilderment. The Witch was on the run again. Expect this time, Jin had an actual trail to follow.

“Hey! I still expect you to pay for the damn bar! What about Yoongi’s tab!” Taehyung called out as an ashen colored wolf bounded out the bar’s doors. Jungkook sympathetically nuzzled the poor Witch who slumped against him. Why did Yoongi have to bring his relationship problems here!

The damp asphalt was a strange comfort under Yoongi’s paws as with each stride, it would take him further away from his problems. At least the rain had stopped for the time being as a chill ran up his spine at the thought of soaking wet fur. It made him feel like a sponge, soggy and gross. It was disgusting. The Maine Coon paused for a moment to catch his breath as a paw swipes thoughtfully over his ears. Suddenly the feline froze as his ears pricked upward, there was the distant sound of panting. A familiar smell.

If anyone was walking the streets of Seoul that night, a most strange sight could have been seen. A surprisingly still black cat turning a streak of black fur as it darted into an alleyway. A few seconds later, a misty form of something that looked like a large dog, but couldn’t be certain. A sudden headache would come on if the figure was stared at for too long. Maybe it was their eyes playing tricks on them and an overexcited stray.

Shit. Alleyways were always risky moves as Yoongi yowled in frustration as soon as the brick end came into view. His protests were answered by a low growl as the shaggy wolf came into view, making Yoongi bristle out of instinct. Any chances of fleeing were cut short as Yoongi found himself gently caught in the wolf’s jaws, even ignoring the sudden downpour of claws as crimson streaks covered the wolf’s muzzle. Instead the wolf patiently sat down as Yoongi could feel the faint pressure in his mind, like a telepath knocking for a bit of conversation. That just made him fight harder. He didn’t want to face Jin about this at all.

His final weapon made Jin drop him in surprise as fur turned to smooth scales as a pale serpent hissed at him from the damp ground. A whimper escaped the canine when the serpent attempted to strike at him with outstretched fangs when his muzzle tried to get closer. A stand-off as neither party seemed to want to back down as Yoongi curled in on himself, muscled scales looping into a rope-like pile. Golden eyes stared down at crimson ones. Silence took over the space as Yoongi adamantly refused the touch of pressure from Jin’s mind. He might as well start battering down the doors, Yoongi’s mind was nailed shut.

Minutes passed as the wolf’s patience was finally starting to wear down. Paws turned hands as Jin picked up the protesting serpent, keeping it well away from his face. Meanwhile Yoongi was swaying in the air as he fought against the pull of gravity and the sudden change in position. Jin had better not drop him. Fangs struck out of depression as Jin’s other hand neatly caught the snake’s head. The faint pressure around Yoongi’s jaw was beyond annoying, it was even worse when he shifted back to his usual form. The pressure turned from a grip to softer as digits brushed over the pulse point on his throat.

“Heartbeat” Jin said softly as Yoongi’s eyes went wide as he backed up into the wall in surprise. Jin was close to follow as his arms stuck on either side of Yoongi’s head, forcing him to look back at him. The Witch’s reaction made it obvious that he heard Jin. He knew what that word meant. The Witch knew many things, Jin didn’t need to explain himself further.

“Jin, you must have been mistaken. That..” Yoongi’s excuses had already begun rolling out as the vampire rolled his eyes. A single digit silenced the Witch as it was placed over his moving lips. Jin took another step closer as Yoongi could smell the faint scent of cologne, damp cotton and the natural musk of Jin. That smell that made him want several things ; to bare his neck, be told everything was fine, protection, safety, companionship. While his magic was lowly purring at being in such quarters with his Tribute again. His fatigue had been excessive of late without assistance from the Tribute’s Connection.

“The fact that you are making excuses, means that you know what I meant by that simple word. That your mind still goes back to that time, where I was mere moments away from fucking your brains out. Where your blood was practically singing in your veins just for me. My own personal concert that you eagerly put on. I can still smell the scent on your throat where I bit amount of floral baths is ever taking that away. “

Jin’s voice was a soft whisper at this point as Yoongi swallowed harshly as Jin’s nose nuzzled against the hollow of his throat, lips leaving the briefest of kisses as gentle hands held his face. Yoongi felt himself drowning in that ruby gaze filled with unspoken emotion.

“Yes. I did” Yoongi whispered out as Jin’s widened at the admission. It wasn’t going to be like pulling teeth it seemed. The Witch knew it would be pointless to deny it. That he had felt the vampire’s heartbeat locked away in his magic. Just one single feeble beat, but that made all the difference in the vampire’s mind. Within the lives of vampires, the heart is was the representative of everything that made them living undead. Yet, when it came to mates, their hearts beat again in moments of passion..declarations of love and the entwined strings of an eternal bond.

In short, Yoongi was destined to be the vampire’s mate. Should the Witch accept the offer as Jin waited with bated breath. Yoongi sighed deeply as his mind warred with his heart. What if while he was to the vampire’s mate, but the same term didn’t apply to his own existence as a Witch. It could lead to messy feelings and overtly complicated arguments. Vampires weren’t exactly known to be understanding if their mates became courted by another.

“Did you get all dressed up for me, Pretty?” Jin asked in a low voice as he finally took in the Witch’s attire. Tight leather pants with possibly lifted boots (The Witch wasn’t short damn it!) complicated by a lace-like black shirt, a little bow at the top of it. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant for the weather as the fabric returned the favor by becoming translucent. Yoongi’s face flushed as he looked away from prying gaze of the vampire.

“I am going to take that as a yes” Jin muttered out as he swiped his tongue over his own lip. Even a blind person could see the appeal of the Witch right now as Jin’s hands brushed along Yoongi’s sides teasingly. As much as he wanted to feed, the vampire was feeling petty enough to make Yoongi work for his affections now. Yoongi huffed as if he could already see the vampire’s intentions.

“I am sorry.” Yoongi muttered out as the vampire chuckled before pressing a kiss to the man’s forehead. It was a sincere apology without a fault. For the three centuries of impossibly irritating hide and go seek, for leaving Jin in the heat of the moment. For denying his own truth for so long.

“No. You aren’t, not yet. You are going to have to be apologizing for a long time..Yoongi..” Jin purred out as he dragged a hint of fang along the Witch’s sensitive throat. Just enough to raise a thin red line and send a ripple of shudders through the Witch. It was a dark seductive promise as Yoongi felt his blood begin to race at the thought. He was going to be the vampire’s little toy for the evening, somehow that mere thought made his jeans just a bit tighter. The vampire hadn’t even properly touched him yet, but if he was asked to feel the cool bite of asphalt on his knees, he would do so within seconds.

“Seokjin. Please don’t tea—“

Yoongi’s complaints were sealed away as Jin kissed him harshly as if trying to pour all his wants into a single act. Cool hands slid under the silk of his shirt as Yoongi shuddered under the cruel attention of nails tracing over his stomach. Any thought of moving was hastily shut down as Jin pressed against him into the brick wall. His mind was practically flooded with Jin’s presence as he welcomed the concept of drowning in it. Even when a small bit of surprise came with it as Jin licked at the seams of his mouth, asking for entrance.

Evidentially his answer wasn’t quick enough as Yoongi moaned into the vampire’s kiss as a nail dragged over his right nipple. The vampire’s impatience was punctuated as a bit of fang nipped at his upper lip. Jin’s eyes were dark crimson now as his tongue swiped over the single droplet when he finally backed off from the panting Witch. Yoongi’s face was flushed as shaking hands tugged impatiently at the vampire’s hips wanting something to feel again. A thrill chased down his spine as Jin gave him the expression that a predator would give prey that was about to be devoured.

“Are you going to make me wait?” Yoongi asked with a deliberate tilt of his head. The prominence of his throat on display as his pulse point fluttered from the earlier excitement. A grin appeared on the Witch’s face as Jin finally seemed to lose his silver tongue. This wasn’t mere meek prey that he was hunting. Elegant fingers twined around the crimson silk of Jin’s tie as Yoongi forced him to lean down a bit more. Just so the Witch could press a chaste kiss against the vampire’s lips. Jin found himself immobilized on the spot at the Witch’s spell passed through him from the simple touch.

“You really are the Devil..” Jin growled out as Yoongi just chuckled as his fingers worked quickly to loosen the vampire’s tie from his throat. Followed the impossibly slow unbuttoning of the vampire’s shirt. Privacy wasn’t an issue as the Witch snapped his fingers erecting a barrier of sorts. The pair wouldn’t be interrupted by humans, besides something told him that he wouldn’t make it very far if did try to move the vampire. It was better to work where he knew he had the immediate advantage.

“You did make the Deal after all. Now you get to suffer the consequences of it.” Yoongi whispered out as he dragged the vampire’s lips back to his. A hiss of frustration came from the creature as his hands flexed helplessly unable to touch the teasing Witch. An actual snarl came from the vampire as the Witch’s teeth nipped at the vampire’s throat, his own body moved to press against the Witch. So, there were limits to bindings as Yoongi’s tongue swept over his lover’s throat in appeasement. Now if the snarl was out of warning or lust, Yoongi kept that little reaction in his back pocket.

“You still want me?” Yoongi teased as Jin huffed against him as Yoongi’s hand made a slow looping path down Jin. Brushing over his chest as Jin shuddered under his soft touch. A hiss escaped him as soon as Yoongi’s hand reached it’s destination just above Jin’s crotch. A mischievous expression danced in Yoongi’s eyes at the idea of making the man regret wearing such expensive clothes to their meeting. Jin hastily shook his head, which made the Witch’s knees hit the asphalt all the faster.

“Yoongi. Don’t you dare!” Jin hissed out as Yoongi just have a hint of a smile as his hands gently stroked at the fine cloth covering Jin’s thighs. He did have such nice legs as Jin shuddered when his hands began to work stiffened muscles. It was all too easy turning Jin into a bit of putty once the massage began. All while something more pressing wanted his touch as Jin whined slightly when Yoongi’s ‘accidentally’ brushed over it.

“I thought you said I shouldn’t dare.” Yoongi muttered as he slowly swiped his tongue over his upper lip, making Jin whimper as hard as he tried to smother it. Hips bucked as a single finger smoothed down the front of the hard bulge.Yoongi should have stopped there as it was evident his binding was wearing off. Yet, the Witch felt like taking risks tonight it seemed as his tongue traced the cold seam of the man’s straining zipper.

It was like a tight string snapped as Yoongi found himself picked up by demanding hands. His legs automatically wrapped around Jin’ s waist as the vampire rutted harshly against his body. A hand gripped black locks tightly as Yoongi panted as Jin’s want throbbed tightly against his stomach with each roll. A mix between a keening whine and moan escaped the Witch’s lips as the vampire nipped at his throat. Barely there bites that sent a pleasurable mix of pain and lust down to Yoongi’s core.

“Pretty. So pretty, and MINE” Jin snarled against his throat before finally breaching his skin with his fangs in a proper manner. It was all Yoongi could do but silently whimper as that hazy lust settled over him. Evidentially it was too quiet for the feeding vampire as a cool hand began lazily stroking the outside of their pants.

“Jin, I said not while you are feeding—“ Yoongi began as the vampire pulled away for a moment, just to give a cool shrug before licking at the puncture mark. His strokes were much slower now as Yoongi didn’t even try to remove his hand, making the vampire laugh before sinking his fangs in once again. His Witch was going to look like a pin cushion by the end of tonight, utterly Marked as his. That made a soft sound come from the purring as Yoongi began slowly rolling his hips into Jin’s. It wasn’t frantic, it was slow as Jin’s tongue lavished his throat with each new bite.

Eventually, Yoongi tugged at the vampire’s locks asking in silence for a kiss. It turned heat as the vampire’s hand finally slipped under tight leather, wrapping around Yoongi’s hard cock. The Witch moaned into his touch as each new kiss meant a new stroke for his aching cock. Finally the Witch whimpered into the kiss as the strokes increased in frequency and pressure as his head leaned against the wall, lost in the sensation.He was looking completely wrecked in his lust; swollen parted lips, eyes blown out with need, his throat was a delicate painting of bite marks, faint spots of blood and inevitable bruising.

In Jin’s eyes, he looked perfect as his thumb traced the bottom lip as his lover blinked lazily at him. There was an almost cloudy expression in them as Jin may have been overly enthusiastic with the biting. There a strange sensation in his chest when Yoongi nuzzled at his throat before gently biting down. Jin just sighed happily at the act as his heart locked away thumped again and then remained still. It was a mere confirmation that Yoongi was his.

“Okay?” Jin asked softly as Yoongi hummed against his collarbone in a lazy answer. Jin stiffened as a warm hand wrapped around his own cock, lazily meeting his own strokes. Jin eagerly chased Yoongi’s pleasure as his own choked gasp came from him as their pace increased. A sharp nip on his collarbone made him still as Yoongi began a slow path of kisses up to his cheek. A whine came from Jin as the tightness of the hand was removed as it now stroked at Jin’s inner thighs.

“I would rather make you cum while we have sex, instead of giving each other handjobs like some sneaky teenagers.” Yoongi grumbled out as Jin just laughed in agreement. Their feelings had gotten caught up in the moment as Yoongi’s hands moved to smooth over the man’s butt. Now there was a different tension in the air. The inevitable question of who would make their first time happen.

“Yoongi. Don’t be a brat..” Jin snipped as his fangs brushed over a few bite marks, as a mere reminder that he was the one that he did that. Yoongi has willingly submitted his throat. That he had every right as his mate to assert his ‘dominance’ as expected of his kind. The macho bravado was tossed out the window as a squeal escaped Jin as Yoongi’s right palm slapped the man’s ass. Not that it mattered who topped the first time, but neither man was going to give up so easily. Let the games begin as the stubborn Witch smirked at the grinning vampire.

The air of fun dissolved as Jin hissed loudly as he tucked Yoongi’s body behind him. Vampires were a sturdier creatures as Yoongi ‘s magic flared to life as golden irises took over. There was a small whine of protest followed by a loud pop as Yoongi managed to squeeze his head around Jin’s side. The vampire was determined to be immobile to protect his mate. The ‘danger’ continued to whine in a loud voice as his form slowly rotated in view of the pair. A fairy caught in Yoongi’s binding upside down like a fish hanging from a hook. Almost translucent wings fluttered uselessly against the spell as another keening whine came from the fairy.

“Hyung, let me down...I didn’t see anything..well not a really aren’t a gentle lover are you, Yoongi hyung, that slap was loud. Not to mention you shouldn’t have gotten on your knees if you were just going to be a tease..” Jimin whined out as fluffy blonde locks swayed as the fairy struggled only to begin his slow rotation once again.

Park Jimin. Resident woodland fairy. Friend to all living things. Namjoon’s Tribute. Exceptional gossip. Like other creatures, fairies could easily pick up trails of magic. A barrier as strong as this in Seoul was bizarre event. So his curiosity had gotten the best of him, but he couldn’t exactly erase the lecherous memory of one constantly stubborn and grouchy Min Yoongi, on his knees licking a vampire of all thing’s zipper and then several more passionate displays of romance. Hoseok was never going to believe this.

“Jimin. Stop thinking whatever the hell you are thinking right now! I know what that expression means.” Yoongi snarled out as his cheeks flushed with word. He had thought privacy meant exactly that and that people knew how to respect the damn barrier rule. All expect for nosy freaking woodland fairies as Yoongi sulked when Jin wrapped his arms around him behind.

“I have always wondered how easily a fairy’s wings could rip. Your kind is normally too clever to reveal themselves like this. Curiosity killed the cat after all.” Jin said in an all too sweet tone as he pressed a kiss to a mortified Yoongi’s temple. Even if the result of the interloper resulted in his lover’s brilliant red cheeks, the vampire couldn’t just the invasion of privacy stand. The fairy let out a terrified squeak as his own magic finally broke through the bindings.

All it took was a single step forward from Yoongi to send the fairy bolting down the alleyway as his whining somehow increased in pitch as the fairy hastily hid behind the forms of two newcomers. It was official, magical privacy was dead in Seoul, now Yoongi and Jin would have to do things like humans for privacy. Like getting a room. Maybe Jin already had accommodations in the city. Still sex was now the last thing on his mind as Yoongi found himself being glared at as Jimin’s whines continued.

“Namjoon hyung. Please don’t let the leech rip off my wings. I didn’t know I was interrupting the final break in Yoongi’s sex drought with a vampire of all things!”

Jimin whined as he wrapped his arms around the Witch’s neck, with a smile that didn’t seem apologetic at all. More like a cat who had just swallowed a tasty canary. Yoongi wasn’t going to be able to live down for several years. The fairy had hit the goldmine of gossip all with his own eyes..accidentally.

“Ehh? Vampire? You have got to be kidding me..Jimin you aren’t..serious. Yoongi hyung..your throat is a mess..” Hoseok’s shocked voice chimed as there a faint sound of an umbrella opening as the raven-haired kelpie made an appearance. A damp hand gently stroking the nervous fairy’s head as Hoseok gave a wide smile at the pair.

Hoseok was a kelpie. A river guardian of sorts that helped tend to Namjoon’s groves. Evidently completing their little triad of romance as the lithe man pressed a kiss to the fairy’s cheek. Before looping around to tuck under Namjoon’s other arm as the Witch just sighed as soon as the rain began to fall, but under the cover of Hoseok’s readied umbrella. The guardian had some ability to manipulate the weather..and seemed to think rain would cool down tempers.

Unfortunately, it just seemed to fluster the Witch further. He loathed the wet and damp as a human or cat when caught in it. Not to mention Hoseok’s comment about his throat seemed to bother Jin in some manner. Gentle hand tilted his neck to the side as Jin pressed soft kisses to the bite marks, oblivious to Yoongi’s cheeks turning brilliant pink now. A hiss escaped Yoongi when the vampire was bold enough to swipe his tongue over the column of his throat. In public. In front of Namjoon and his tributes if all people. The fires of the underworld had permission to drag him down now. It would be preferable.

Mercifully Jin deemed him ‘proper’ after that single warning and settled his chin atop the Witch’s head. A faint vibrating emitting against Yoongi’s back like a purring cat. Well at least one of them was happy with the entire situation. Crossing his arms over his chest as Yoongi fought the words to come forward.

“What can I do for you. Namjoon. Aside from lecturing your fairy to not be a nosy pest..” Yoongi asked as the fairy childishly stuck his tongue out at the insult. It turned into a sheepish smile as Namjoon’s hand gently tapped the fairy’s cheek.


“I am not apologizing for attacking his stupid mutt. That brat needs to learn to respect his elders..” Jin snipped out as the mere thought of the werewolf made his grip on Yoongi’s hips tighten.

“If it’s about the damages and tab..just tell him to send me a bill. I am a little busy here at the moment” Yoongi grumbled out as he fought the urge fidget when Jin’s hands splayed along his upper thighs. The vampire was getting impatient as Yoongi batted away at the cool hands.

“It’s not that. We need to talk. All three of us. Seems like plenty has happened within..the last fifty years or so. For all of us..” Namjoon stated in a final tone. He wasn’t going to let the Witch give him a rain check and eventually hope that the others would forget the call for a Convoy. It was important that occasional meetings happened between Witches. Just to re-establish ties with one another. Not to mention if any other relationships have been established, were it any other vampire that threatened Jimin, it would have been fed to a large Venus fly trap.

“One hour” Yoongi relented as he grabbed Jin’s hand into his to begin leading the vampire out of the alleyway. The vampire wasn’t pleased with the hold on their activity as he made an elaborate show of hissing at the peeping Jimin. It was entirely his fault that Namjoon had even come near their little rendezvous. The bar came into view all too soon as Jin refused to budge another step as Yoongi looked back at their hands. It was an impossibly tender expression that made Jin’s chest hurt as he wrapped Yoongi up in a surprise embrace.

“Jin, relax. It just a meeting. There isn’t anything you need to worry about” Yoongi soothed as he relented to Jin’s affections. ‘Affections’ was putting it in terms that were less possessive as Jin nuzzled at his throat, urging him to tilt it a bit more. A shudder went down his spine as fangs grazed over sensitive skin as his mind connected what exactly was going on. Jin was completely covering him in his Mark, just prove a point to the damn werewolf. A beastly nature lurked under their exteriors at times, the indescribable need to claim something as theirs.

“Jin. I think you proved your point” Yoongi said in a low voice as he flinched when fangs sunk into his throat. A bit too close to the other marks as Jin swiped his tongue over the new bite mark. It would help heal it faster and further cement their bond as Namjoon cough loudly grabbing the couple’s attention, waiting for them to pass through the open doors.

“Seems like I don’t have to worry about Yoongi bleeding out least tonight. I don’t mean to interrupt, but Yoongi, we should start. Your hour is burning away at both ends it seems.” Namjoon rumbled out as Yoongi huffed loudly before stomping into the bar, an amused Jin trailing after him. At least one of them was happier now.


Well, the vampire’s improved mood didn’t last long as the werewolf seemed to take great pleasure in showing his disgust of Yoongi’s throat. It wasn’t exactly a pretty picture, not to mention it was dripping in Jin’s scent to Jungkook’s sensitive nose. Yoongi slumped into his chair as Jin sat next to him, stroking ruffled locks in a comforting manner. The man was impossibly private it seemed even with the Witches that he would call friends. A loud groan escaped Yoongi as soon as he heard the telltale ‘oh’ escape the bartender’s mouth as soon as Jimin hopped up on the bar and began whispering in his ear.

It was official, Yoongi was going to hide himself away for another century or so if he heard one more giggle come from the gossiping fairy’s mouth. Instead of a giggle, another loud noise made him look up from his arms as a brilliant green vine had looped the fairy’s waist to drag him to Namjoon’s lap as the fairy’s gossiping finally ceased. Now the fairy was pouting when Hoseok ruffled his locks, causing a thin wave of moisture to soak into wings. Now a loud tirade began as Jimin lectured how long it was going to take his wings to dry, how they itched and Namjoon had better stop laughing. Meanwhile Taehyung burst into a fit of giggles as his friend’s cheeks grew redder and redder with each word.

All took for Namjoon to soothe the fairy was simple waving his hand over the damp wings, drying them and pressing a soft kiss to the fairy’s red cheeks . Hoseok’s apology was a kiss on the forehead as Jimin happily relaxed when Namjoon looped his arms around him as he sat in the elder’s lap. Taehyung clapped his hands together to draw the attention of everyone.

“Now that all three of us are here..seems like all three of us have some news to share. Namjoon hyung, look I didn’t accidentally kill the plant you gave me!” Taehyung announced proudly as he pointed to a slowly blooming petunia flower as Namjoon smiled at the little plant’s progress.

“The little thing doesn’t like me. It tried to bite me earlier in the week when I was watering it..” Jungkook said with a glare the seemingly innocent-looking flower. Jimin let out a soft giggle as faint golden dust sprinkled over the petals. The ‘mouth’ of the flower opened as Namjoon sighed as he ‘listened’ to the flower.

“You almost knocked them off the countertop while you morning. It just wants you to be more aware. Besides I told Taehyung that the seeds I gave him would give the flower a bit more autonomy. It came from my gardens after all, magic has seeped into its’ soils. “ Namjoon explained as Jungkook’s expression turned bashful as Taehyung nodded quickly at the suggestion.

“Yoongi, hyung here are those books you lent me. There may be a bit of water damage on a few covers. Someone decided it would be funny to drag me into the river while I was reading once or twice.

“Old habits die hard. Besides it got your attention, didn't it?” Hoseok mused as Yoongi silently hoped water was the only thing that had stained his books. Unlike Yoongi, Namjoon had little qualms about roughing it out in nature and practically became a faun seeking his nymphs on some occasions. Whenever Yoongi visited the grove, he made a clear intent of when and time he would be arriving. Gently waving the books away with his magic as his own curiosity perked up as Taehyung asked a question of his own.

“So if I am understanding the vibe right now. What happened to it.”

“You could say the same thing. That poor plant wasn’t exactly shy about all the horrid things you and Jungkook have done on the surface of the bar. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine..” Namjoon said as he scooted Jimin off his lap to roll up the sleeves of his shirt. Taehyung just scoffed as he raised his arms over his head as Jungkook easily stripped him of his shirt. It was an all too practiced movement, Yoongi rolled his eyes at.

“You are never stripping me in public” Yoongi muttered to Jin, who was looking on in a mix of confusion and interest. Why were the Witches stripping, what were they talking about. Show each other what?

“No. You will strip for me anyway. I won’t have to do anything.” Jin chirped as Yoongi flushed, well the vampire wasn’t wrong at least in account of events from earlier.

The private moment was interrupted as Hoseok’s hand slammed down on their table with a look of triumph. A single digit pointed in the direction Taehyung as Jimin seemed to be admiring something.

“I win. Yoongi hyung, you owe me a favor now! Look at Tae’s arms!” Hoseok declared as Yoongi craned his neck around the cheerful kelpie. His eyes narrowed as he got up for a closer look. He had lost the damn bet as Hoseok looked increasingly smug. On Taehyung’s arm was an Idol. Starting from his right wrist, over his collarbone to the left wrist was the laughing expression a brilliant red fox.

“Well. I showed you mine, now show me yours. Don’t be shy now..” Taehyung teased as his hand dared inch out towards Namjoon, only to have it slapped down by Jimin’s own palm. While fairies were one the more fair looking creature that held little ill will, they were easily jealous of things they claimed as theirs. Namjoon included as the blonde huffed before turning on his heel to assist Hoseok with unbuttoning Namjoon’s shirt. The Witch was remarkably passive even as the two men stripped him of the shirt. Like it happened constantly and he had just come to accept his lot in life.

“Jimin. Behave.” Namjoon scolded as Jimin’s hand lingered a touch too long over his right pec. The fairy giggled before pressing a kiss to the Witch’s cheek. Hoseok was more subtle in his affection as his fingers brushed along Namjoon’s rib area.

“Well. I was right about this one.” Yoongi muttered as his gaze flickered over the Witch’s Idol. It wasn’t a full body like Taehyung, but of an elaborate piece in the fact that you could see each stroke of a magical pen. Pristine antlers arched along the top of Namjoon’s pecs as thoughtful black eyes started from the center of his chest. A shaggy neck seemed to breathe for a moment as the druidic Witch flexed his magic for a moment. His Idol was a that of a Stag. A wise and proud animal of the was perfect for him.

“I still have no idea what this is all about. Yet I do believe the hour is up..” Jin’s voice was warm against his ear as a clock chimed in to confirm that an hour had past.

“I am going to vomit if I have to see anything more explicit than that expression on your face, Kim Seokjin. You want to screw his brains out, not eat him..right..” Jungkook asked with a pale expression as he was fighting the urge to puke his guts out.

“I could do both...right now..” Jin muttered as Yoongi made the mistake of following the gentle pressure on his cheek urging him to face his lover. An embarrassing mistake as he fell into the crimson pool like a lamb to the slaughter. Heat flared in his guts as several explicit images flickered through his mind like the pages of a book. Things that had never happened. Things that could happen. In the very very near future as Yoongi gave a stiff nod to the others before practically shoving Jin ahead of him towards the door.

“I am going to buy you only turtlenecks for your birthday now! I hope you know that” Taehyung called out as Jin just flashed a roguish smile as he purposely stopped an inch out the door. Physical strength between Witches and vampires was drastic as Yoongi just glared at the heckling Witch. His hand pulled at Jin’s suit collar as he gave a sly smile.

“I will wear only turtlenecks if you tell me within five seconds of where that elaborate penthouse of yours is in this damn city. For an entire week. Nothing else” Yoongi promised in a warm voice as Jin hastily gave him mental directions to the penthouse.

“You know, Tae those damn things won’t last around the leech. He is too proud of that damn neck of his..” Jungkook commented as Jin’s insult was choked back as Yoongi daringly struck his ass with the flat of his hand to urge him out the door. The others chuckled as the vampire flushed before scurrying out the door after the impatient Witch.

“So does that agreement still apply?” Jin asked conversationally as he looped an arm around the Witch’s shoulders, pulling him closer to fight against the dampness in the air. Yoongi just let out a soft chuckle as he brushed his lips against Jin’s jawline with a wink. Possibly. It was a possible thing, especially if the evening turned out the vampire was thinking.

A slow creeping heat curled around the couple as the pair entered the elevator of the loft. Fingers brushed against each other as the only sign of impatience was a single huff from Yoongi, when Jin fumbled with the passcode of his loft. All bets were off as soon as the door was opened and closed behind them as Yoongi all but pounced on Jin, making him back against the door. Lips met in a heated display as tongues danced as Yoongi purposely dragged the gentle organ against Jin’s sharp fangs. The faint tang of copper mixed with saliva as Yoongi smiled against Jin’s lips. The vampire forced himself to break the kiss as Yoongi was looking remarkably smug that his trick had worked.

He was trying to get Jin blood drunk until he was turning into a thirsty mess. Jin gave a playful flash of fangs as his hand curled around Yoongi’s chin, as the younger dared nip at the digit closest to his mouth. The vampire pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips before nipping at the younger’s lip making his eyes flutter.

“You are playing dangerously. Pretty. You know that..” Jin mused as Yoongi gave a half-smile before fiddling with the button’s of Jin’s shirt. Jin hastily cut both their shirts with ease as he muttered something about buttons taking too long. However, the Witch was going to have to work a bit harder as hands drifted toward the button of Jin’s slacks.

“So eager, Pretty. I haven’t had you begging for me yet..” Jin teased as his hands caught Yoongi’s wandering ones before pressing a kiss to each palm. There wasn’t any rush as Jin gently pushed Yoongi onto the plush king-sized bed that practically made him look small as he sunk into the sheets. The Witch let out a sound of satisfaction as he stretched out completely. All he needed was the cool rays of the morning it would have been perfect. A low chuckle from Jin made him realize he was behaving entirely too relaxed for the situation. The elder’s hand was gentle against his lower back as it began moving in slow circles.

“I am glad you like the bed. I don’t really intend on letting you leave it for the next few days..” Jin muttered as his fangs grazed against the tip of Yoongi’s ear. It was still fascinating seeing goosebumps ripple over the Witch as Jin began leaving a slow of trail kisses on the unmarked side of Yoongi’s throat. All while his right hand continued rubbing his tight lower back muscles turning them into a puddle with each pass.

“Are you trying to seduce me or make me fall asleep. Because I am feeling extraordinarily relaxed right now..” Yoongi muttered in almost sleepy tone that turned alert as soon as Jin’s hand slapped his ass. A mocking offended expression of the vampire’s face as he rolled on top of his lover. His fangs grazing over the pulse point as Yoongi tilted his neck as if trained at this point.

“God, you don’t know how gorgeous you look when you do this..” Jin muttered reverently as he pressed a hot kiss against Yoongi’s beating pulse. His hands stroked the younger’s waist with light scratching touches from his nails at a few points.

“Is it me or my blood that is making you say those things..” Yoongi said with a slight pout as a soft gasp escaped him as Jin dragged a fang down his unmarked skin. His hand curled in the back of the vampire’s neck as if to encourage him. He wanted this. He needed this.

“Both.” Jin admitted as he could hear Yoongi’s heartbeat sped up at his actions and answer. He nipped at Yoongi’s lower lip, teasing at worried flesh as his tongue lapped at single droplet that spilled. A moan opened Yoongi’s mouth to him as Jin wanted to devour him whole, just keep hearing that sweet sound. The witch’s hands tangled in his scalp as the kiss turned sloppy as Yoongi’s teeth caught Jin’s own lips. It turned into a battle for dominance within minutes.

Jin easily slid the Witch into his lap as hips eagerly ground into his. Hard flesh pressed together as Yoongi broke off the kiss to bite down on Jin’s throat. It wouldn’t break skin, but it was going to leave bruises as Yoongi clambered into Jin’s arms as the elder accepted the punishment gladly. The kisses didn’t stop as Yoongi began leaving a hot wake down Jin’s chest as his teeth daringly caught the copper zipper of Jin’s slacks.

“No teasing this time..such a good boy..” Jin praised as Yoongi flushed as he dipped his head to slowly pull the zipper down. His actions making him scoot back all fours. Jin’s hands tangled into his hair as the vampire swallowed a moan as Yoongi’s tongue swept over the fabric of his boxers.

“Yoongi, you are going to kill me..” Jin muttered weakly as his gaze made the mistake of looking down at the Witch below him.

If there was such a thing as demons, Min Yoongi was posed to be one. All he needed was a long tail as he was looking up at Jin with lust-filled eyes as his tongue lapped at the fabric covered bulge, just before smirking as he placed his entire mouth over it. Thoroughly soaking the fabric in saliva as Jin bucked into his mouth, swearing loudly as wet heat drowned him. His cock wasn’t even in the man’s mouth and he was ready to spill his seed in his boxers.

“You said you weren’t going to tease..” Jin whined as Yoongi’s hands tugged at his boxers, easing them down his legs. When Yoongi was forced to release his poor covered cock to ease the boxers over, the Witch has the gall to smirk much to Jin’s bewilderment.

“I never promised anything..but I can make it up to you...” Yoongi purred as Jin’s confusion was hastily cleared up as the wet heat surrounded his cock now. His head tossed back as the room spun as sharp pleasure shot up his spine. Falling back against the sheets as Yoongi’s throat relaxed taking him deeper. A hiss came from Jin as Yoongi’s tongue teased the slit of his now throbbing cock.

The man was the Devil reincarnated as Yoongi finally gave him a break as his mouth released him with a pop. A gentle hand patted his shocked cheek as Yoongi tilted his head to the side in an all to innocent fashion.

“You...alright? You got a bit quiet...”

“I couldn’t find the words to what you just did..”

“Well. I am not even close to being done yet, have lube right..” Yoongi asked with a soft purr as he pressed a kiss to the corner of Jin’s mouth as the overloaded vampire waved in the general direction of the nightstand.

“Jin. You know how we had..that..stand-off earlier. I want to see trust me right..”

“As long as it doesn’t involve silver or garlic. I do..” Jin jokes weakly as his body felt bound within restraints with a single snap of Yoongi’s fingers. All except for his hips as he rolled them experimentally. Goosebumps rippled over his skin as cool line dripped down his inner thighs.

“Sorry, darling. I didn’t realize it was still cold to you..” Yoongi said apologetically as he wiped at the droplets. His hands dragged along Jin’s thighs as single digit teased his left inner thigh. His hips bucked as his cheek brushed against his cock as Yoongi nipped at his hip bone, giving teasing kisses all the way until the base of his flushed cock.

“So you can only move your hips..right..” Yoongi asked as each word sent hot air ghosting over Jin’s cock making him shudder with need. Yet, Yoongi’s wet mouth remained just out of reach, as a teasing lick flicked over the sensitive head.

“Waiting for an answer darling..”

“Yes. Yes.” Jin’s voice reached akin to a sob as Yoongi just smirked before engulfing him into his mouth. Jin was far from gentle as soon as Yoongi relaxed his throat and gently stroked at his hip, encouraging him to seek relief thrusting into that wet heat. Gentle rolls turned into harder sporadic thrusts as Yoongi could feel himself grow harder with each passing moment. Tears glinted in the corner of his eye as Jin’s hands tangled in his scalp tugging him closer to the base, as Yoongi’s nails sunk into skin as Jin silently asked for permission, it was given a hasty nod. Hot seed spilled down his throat as Jin came with broken shout, as the witch’s mouth released him as his spent cock twitched feebly against the pale sheets.

Yoongi’s face was proudly flushed as he pressed a kiss against Jin’s cock making the elder whine about sensitivity. Yoongi slowly crawled up Jin’s body pressing gentle kisses here and there as Jin looked at him with drowsy eyes.

“Surprised?” Yoongi said with a cocky smirk as Jin just huffed, but gave a weak nod. Yoongi nuzzled at his throat with a brilliant shy smile of his own.

“Ready for round two?”

Jin felt his chest clench as the Witch was entirely serious as the witch’s cock was hard against his hip. Yoongi’s neck bared to him as those dangerous words from several centuries ago whispered against his ear.

“Bite me.”

Jin did just that as sweet crimson liquid dripped into his mouth as Yoongi rutted against his hip with each passing bite. Jin’s hands gripped at Yoongi’s wrists to hold them in place as the Witch keened a sharper bite. Jin’s hands seemed to be taking permanent residency in the witch’s hair as they lead the Witch down to the soft pillows at the edge of the bed. Crimson waves rushed over the pairs emotions as Jin gave himself over to the bloody haze of lust. His hand easily slipping off Yoongi’s belt and pants to encircle his rutting cock. Already pre-cum was starting to drip down as Jin licked at the strip of bitten skin on his neck.

“Stop. Seokjin, Stop.” Yoongi whined as Jin pulled back, his expression almost disappointed that his prey already calling off his meal. That expression turned to want as dark eyes turned on his naked form and recovered cock..their roles easily reversed as Yoongi flipped Jin onto his back.

“Now are you ready for round two?” Yoongi purred as Jin nodded eagerly as Yoongi licked at his weeping slit. However dangerous lips didn’t stop there as Jin hissed as hot air puffed against his hole. Then came the wave of pleasure as Yoongi lapped at his inner thighs, making them shake every time the wet organ got close to the one place he wanted. A snarl escaped him as Yoongi’s tongue finally lapped at the tight ring of muscle, stroking in and out to loosen it gently.

“Keep going..Yoongi..” Jin urged as his cock dripped onto the sheets as this was just how one of his visions started out. Yoongi’s tongue stretching him open as cold lube mixed with the wet heat of his tongue. Then came one finger, then two, and by the third one. He was close to begging as Yoongi lazily pumped his fingers in and own, stroking at walls trying to find his prostate.

A sharp hiss confirmed the mark as Yoongi smirked up at a thoroughly flushed Jin. A gentle kiss pressed against the vampire’s lips as Yoongi’s eyes asked a silent question. The equally chaste kiss was his answer. There wasn’t anything chaste about the scene as Yoongi’s cock filled Jin to the brim. Soft swears, grabbing hands and the slapping of skin on skin filled the room.

“Yoongi, come here..” Jin panted out as he could feel the heat in his gut beginning to pool as Yoongi leaned down to give a sharp hiss as Jin’s fangs suddenly sank into his jugular. Pain mixed with pleasure as Yoongi gave one more thrust as he collapsed onto his lover. Jin came soon after as his tongue lapped the new bite mark. It was the first of many new ones that night. Nor was it going to just be two rounds of sex.


Five. It had been five rounds of sex of all kinds as Yoongi pressed his face further into the sheets trying to ignore the tickling sensation on his back. Everything hurt from the night before from the bites on his throat to the bruises on his hips and thighs as Jin’s thrusts hadn’t been held back by strength limitations. The vampire had even had to help him into a extremely brief shower to waste the sweat, sex and cum off his body, as his legs had turned as useful in a newborn fawn’s. Although Yoongi did have a brief moment of pride as the vampire hesitantly shuffled forward after a single test step. Damn vampires and their inhuman stamina as the tickling did not stop as Yoongi let out an impatient huff. Lifting his blurry face to a well-rested Jin, whose nails were doing their best artwork on his back.

“Darling. You do realize I actually need more than a few hours of sleep. Which is a bit difficult to do when you keep..touching my..back..” Yoongi said at first an irritated voice which turned to surprise.

“Where did your Idol go?” Jin asked with a tilt of his head. As the serpent Idol that once covered his back had now vanished. The Witch let out a loud groan as he fell back into the sheet, the Cat Idol still remained on his chest as Jin looked down at him with gold crimson eyes. Like ruby surrounded by golden coins as Yoongi gently caressed his face.

“What do you know of Witches and their Idols?”

“Just the basics of what you taught me. Why? What does that have to do with you missing one”

“Witches start out with more than one Idol. It’s to help control their magic. However when we find..a certain..Tribute and bind ourselves to them in more than a magical sense. Our true Idols are revealed..and we are made whole..” Yoongi said as his cheeks flushed with each word. He was pleased, but it was still extremely embarrassing for him.

“I don’t understand. Made whole?”

“Humans would call the term, soulmates. Kim Seokjin, you are my true soulmate. You complete my magic..I will never need another Tribute as long as you are by my side..”

“So does this mean you love me?” Jin asked cheekily as Yoongi just huffed and flushed even redder. Jin pressed a noisy series of kisses on his face as he waited for his answer.

“Yes. Yes, I love you. You, drama queen. Now shoo unless you are going to let me get more sleep..” Yoongi grumbled as he pulled the soft sheets over his form as the vampire set about getting dressed. The sun wouldn’t set for another few hours, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be productive.

“So, this means you will me buy all the stupid frilly cat collars and toys right..since you are keeping that animal form right?” Jin asked from the doorway as Yoongi gave a non-committed grunt. It wasn’t a no, as Jin giggled before leaving the Witch to his sleep. It wouldn’t be until an hour later that the Witch would wake up in a cold sweat realizing the error of his ways.

Jin won out in the end as Yoongi was happily splayed out in the man’s lap as the vampire reclined on the couch, the black cat at an utter state of bliss as nails scratched at his back. A low rumbling came from the feline when Jin hit a special spot right under his right chin. Paws kneaded happily as the cat shook its head making the bells on his collar jingle cheerfully. The collar was beyond outrageous as it was a bright pink leather monstrosity with a loud bell that made any sort of sneaking around impossible. Yet, it made Jin coo and become soft towards him.Yoongi had won the occasional argument with a mere bat of cat eyes. Well along with begrudging apology from the offended party.

The stroking stopped as Yoongi turned his head to see the tender smile on the vampire’s face. One that promised him the world and forever, a small oof came from him as Yoongi’s bare legs settled on his hips. A bright pink turtleneck and nothing else as Jin stroked at his hips as Yoongi leaned down to press his lips to his.

“I love you.” Jin muttered as the kiss paused, making Yoongi smile that shy smile that made him melt.

“I love you too.”

Now and forever. Partners. Soulmates. Eternal.