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The alarms were sounding in the school. Ochako and Kyouka had ushered most of the students out of the classroom before the door was locked down. Leaving the two alone. It was then that Momo called Kyouka's phone.

"Dude, what's going on?" Kyouka asked.

"Where are you?!" Momo asked. She was panting. Had she run somewhere?

"Im in class 243 with Ochako. Whats wrong?"

"Kyouka, you need to leave. Run!"

"Whats going on?!" Kyouka asked desperate now with how scared Momo sounded.

"A villains quirk! It's making the alphas go into a feral rut! You need to leave!!"

The phone hung up then. Kyouka stood still staring out the windows of the classroom. She could see a few groups out on the campus...fucking. She gulped. She didn't smell a rut. Maybe she wasn't...

Then it smacked her senses. The strong smell of rose and vanilla. She turned around to see Ochako taking off her sent suppressors from her neck. Her warm brown eyes were dilated and zoned in on Kyouka.

Kyouka moved slowly away from the window, watching Ochako who stood at the back of the room. The woman's eyes watched her like a predator, never leaving.

"I-is something wrong, 'chako?" Kyouka laughed nervously, twisting her ear jacks.

Ochako let out a rumbling like purr that made Kyouka's omega shiver. A threat and promise of an interested Alpha. Ochako stood from her crouched position over a desk and began to undress, eyes never leaving Kyouka.

Kyouka blushed, "Whoa, um, hold on! You are stronger than this, you can fight it!" Kyouka encouraged. The musty amazing smell of the alpha was affecting her she could feel the excitement deep in her gut, her face already hot and red.

"I don't want to fight it." Ochako said, her voice deeper than usual. Her clothes hit the floor and she stood gloriously naked.

"Oh..." Kyouka bit her lip.

She was muscle and soft flesh, wonderous round thighs and breasts, but what Kyouka never saw was that alpha cock and damn...she was mouth watering. Thick, and long, the head slightly curved and a dusty rose color. it twitched as she stared at it. Her eyes shot up to look at Ochako, whose smirk rivaled that of Katsuki's.

"You excited, Omega?"

Kyoukas heart skipped a beat as Ochako began to stalk her way over to her. Now her and Ochako were only separated by the large teachers desk. Ochako was quick, suddenly grabbing her hair and pulling her forward to sniff Kyouka's neck. Kyouka gasped in surprise at the rough treatment.

Ochako growled low, as she sniffed Kyouka's neck, licking her scent gland. "Don't deny yourself. I can taste your need, Omega." Ochako nipped at her neck making Kyouka gasp and shiver.

"We...we shouldn't. Your not in the right mindset to-"

Kyouka found herself flipped. Now laying on her back on the desk with Ochako between her legs. How?

"I'm in the perfect mindset!" Ochako growled before lifting Kyouka's skirt and shoving her panties to the side. "And your slick already..."

Ochako rubbed her cock over her wet pussy lips. Kyouka automatically spreading her legs wider and humping against the friction. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk by her head. Ochako wasn't going to stop, but Kyouka really didn't want her to.

Ochako pushed in, the head of her cock popping in, then the rest stretching her open deliciously.

"Oh, god, yes." Kyouka sighed and moaned as their hips met. The pleasure increasing like a tidal wave. Ready to crash.

But Ochako didn't stop, no, she instantly started fucking her like a wild animal.

Growling and drooling, her head in the crook of Kyouka's neck. Her hands gripped Kyouka's slim thighs, making it so she was spread wide. Kyouka's hands gripped Ochako's back, digging in as she tried to hold on with every thrust that threatened to break the desk.

"Ha, Fuck, I omg, I cant! Im gonna cum!" Kyouka cried, tears falling down her cheeks as her eyes rolled back, toes curled, and her thighs shook. Her orgasm almost making her black out.

Ochako slammed into her hard, three times, before burying her knot and biting Kyouka's neck. Kyouka let out a whimper at feeling so full as Ochako filled her with seed. A small tremor of a second orgasm just from the feeling.

They both panted, sweaty and tired, as Ochako licked at the new mating mark on Kyouka's neck.

"Mine." Ochako rumbled and rocked her hips.

Kyouka moaned, "Yeah, yeah ok, yours."