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crackheads abound

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Iida Tenya has added Uraraka Ochaco, Midoriya Izuku, Asui Tsuyu and 16 others to Untitled Group Chat


Iida Tenya has changed the group chat name to Class 2-A


Iida Tenya: Hello everyone! Aizawa-sensei said we should have a group chat so that we can keep each other updated! Please keep it appropriate, or I will have to mute you!


Mineta Minoru: hey femalessss want me to stick in your dms???


Bakugo Katsuki has kicked Mineta Minoru from the chat


Bakugo Katsuki: Perish.


Kirishima Eijirou: oh my god, bakubro knows memes and also drinks his respect women juice


Bakugo Katsuki: Of course i drink my respect women juice shitty hair


Midoriya Izuku: auntie mitsy would kill him if he didn’t


Uraraka Ochaco: AUNTIE????


Bakugo Katsuki: shut the fuck up, round face


Kaminari Denki has changed their name to pikachu thot


pikachu thot: sero found dead in miami


Sero Hanta: i’m right here, bro


Ashido Mina has changed their name to Pinky


Pinky: bros!!!!


Kirishima Eijirou has changed their name to Jabrony


Sero Hanta has changed their name to Captain Office Supplies


Midoriya Izuku: PFFT PHNSM


Todoroki Shouto has changed their name to Endeavor’s Least Favorite Shouto


Midoriya Izuku: wait todoroki


Endeavor’s Least Favorite Shouto has changed their name to Tododokidoki


Tododokidoki: better?


Midoriya Izuku: very much so!!!!


Uraraka Ochaco has changed their name to gravity who???


Jabrony has changed Bakugo Katsuki’s name to caramel man


caramel man: do you want to fucking die, shitty hair???


Jabrony: sometimes


caramel man: ei wait


Jabrony: ah! you called me ei!!!! so you do know my name!


caramel man: of course i know your name shitty hair, youre my friend




Yaoyorozo Momo has changed their name to easy make oven


easy make oven: is the nasty grape boy gone?


caramel man: Yeah, he’s gone ponytail


easy make oven: this is wlw and mlm solidarity


caramel man: You Fucking Know It


Jabrony changed their name to rock hard abs


rock hard abs: wait bakubro likes boys?


caramel man: uh yeah of course i do


Midoriya Izuku has changed their name to bone hurty juice


bone hurty juice: kacchan has been out since junior high, im surprised you didnt know already


caramel man: shut the fuck up, deku


bone hurty juice: make me!


Pinky: when did Midoriya grow balls???


bone hurty juice: the second time i broke my arms


Asui Tsuyu has changed their name to froppy


froppy: midoriya pls stop breaking your bones


pikachu thot has changed froppy’s name to dat boi


pikachu thot: oh shit whaddup!!!


dat boi has kicked pikachu thot from the chat


dat boi: that’s what the fuck is up


gravity who???: TSUYU




Pinky: kami just burst into my room fucking bawling, and i honestly cant tell if he’s joking or not


rock hard abs: !!! im on the way with hugs and a blanket


dat boi has changed their name to froppy


froppy: dat boi jokes are Illegal in this household


froppy: understood?


bone hurting juice: jesus, okay, asui


froppy: tsuyu


bone hurting juice: TSUYU YES


gravity who???: she’s so scary and could kick my ass


gravity who???: that’s my type


rock hard abs: same


bone hurting juice: rt


rock hard abs has added pikachu thot to the chat


pikachu thot: oh mood


bone hurting juice: kami are you okay???


pikachu thot: oh yeah im fine! i saw a cute picture of a cat on twitter and started crying and i ran to show mina


caramel man: you have three braincells and arent using any of them.


rock hard abs: :(


caramel man:


rock hard abs: :’(


caramel man: fine. you have thoughts sometimes, some above the low benchmark we have set for you.


pikachu thot: ill take it!!!


bone hurting juice: let’s talk about how kirishima just completely talked kacchan down


bone hurting juice: i have literally never seen someone do that


gravity who???: i’ve done it!


Iida Tenya: Uraraka, suplexing someone does not count as talking them down


gravity who???: hm. maybe so.


caramel man: if round face suplexes me one more time, i’m going to blast her into the upper atmosphere


gravity who???: DO IT BITCH BOY YOU WONT


caramel man: WANNA FUCKING BET?


Jirou Kyouka: why do i hear explosions?


Jirou Kyouka: never mind.


Jirou Kyouka has changed their name to lesbian jesus


froppy: you’re not hayley kiyoko


lesbian jesus: god i wish i was


easy make oven: same


Pinky: same


gravity who???: same


Tododokidoki: same


bone hurty juice: wait


pikachu thot: yall lameasses change your names


Satou Rikido has changed their name to Sugar Daddy


Koda Koji has changed their name to zootopia


Ojiro Mashirao has changed their name to Tails


Shoji Mezo has changed their name to Rogue


Tokoyami Fumikage has changed their name to Shadow


pikachu thot: oh my god, i never thought i’d see the day


Captain Office Supplies: wait why is shoji rogue


Shadow: his bara tiddies


Rogue: i am regretting every second of this


Hagakure Tooru has changed their name to Cream


Cream: i have to match my boys


Tails: I didn’t know I was owned


Cream: ;)


gravity who???: is this a hetero in my gay paradise?


Cream: don’t you put that evil on me


Iida Tenya has changed his name to Sonic


Sonic: I am the prodigal son! I must go fast!


Sonic: Fuck, please forgive me, my brother stole my phone.


Sonic has changed their name to Sonic Classic


Sonic Classic: Better


pikachu thot: are…. are you for real? you actually like sonic?


Sonic Classic: I am required to by law, because my dog is named Tails


bone hurty juice: YOU HAVE A DOG!!!!!


Sonic Classic: Yes Midoriya, would you like pictures?


bone hurty juice: BOY WOULD I


Aoyoma Yuuga: ☆ミ☆彡☆ミ Our Favorite Boy Just Yelled “BOY WOULD I” To The Absolutely Nobody In His Room! ☆ミ☆彡


Aoyoma Yuuga has changed their name to Sparkle Baby ☆彡


bone hurty juice: yuu, please we can’t keep doing this


Sparkle Baby ☆彡: EXPOSE! DORI! NOW!




Tododokidoki: who the fuck are yuu and dori?


bone hurty juice: yuu is aoyoma and dori is me


bone hurty juice: he calls me that because apparently midoriya and izuku are “too many fucking syllables for a pretty person to deal with”


Tododokidoki: Oh.


bone hurty juice: do you want to come over and watch a movie? i’ve got an old one on endeavor that i fully intend to write a scathing review on before throwing in the garbage disposal


Tododokidoki: No.


bone hurty juice: uh okay. i’ll ask toshi then


bone hurty juice has gone offline.

aggressive snapping >> sleep is for the weak


aggressive snapping: toshi, please come over, i think todoroki is mad at me and i dont know why and i want a toshi hug please


sleep is for the weak: sorry izuku, i’m training with aizawa today, apparently something big is going to happen


aggressive snapping: maybe you’ll get added to our class!!! if you replace the nasty grape boy, you’ll be right next door to me!!


sleep is for the weak: that sounds great, honestly


aggressive snapping: tell me about it. i’m 90% sure that aizawa only put me here because im the only person he cant get past or stick down to try and get to the elevators or stairs


sleep is for the weak: gross


aggressive snapping: okay, good luck with training today, toshi!


sleep is for the weak: thanks izuku. don’t worry about todoroki, i’m sure he’ll get over it

Jesus >> God






God: is this about midoriya having friends that arent you?


Jesus: NO!


Jesus: okay maybe a little


Jesus: I guess it’s because I want a nickname and he hasnt given me one yet and i dont know if it’s rude to ask because i've never had a friend before you and him and you’re just as lost as i am sometimes


God: i mean, yeah that’s fair.


Jesus: Am I jealous? Is this jealousy?


God: Depends. How does the idea of Midoriya and “Toshi” (whoever that is) watching a movie together make you feel?


Jesus: A little angry. Frustrated maybe.


God: Okay, now how does the idea of watching the movie yourself with Midoriya sound?


Jesus: Fun. Makes my heart beat a little funny.


God: Good good, now how does the idea of Midoriya hugging you make you feel?


Jesus: I just burned up my t-shirt, so uh… hot? I guess? I want that.


God: You have a crush on Midoriya and you’re jealous of Aoyoma and “Toshi”.


Jesus: fuck… that makes so much sense!! well fuck. what do i do now?


God: I can’t help you there, Jirou asked me out.


God: let me see

rich lesbian has added Todoroki Shouto to All Lesbians Go to Heaven


rich lesbian: okay girls, Todoroki has a crush on Midoriya and needs our help


frog lesbian: On it, ribbit


space lesbian: Finally!


pink lesbian: Ooh, this should be good!


music lesbian: cool


invisible lesbian: Woohoo!


Todoroki Shouto has changed their name to not a lesbian


not a lesbian: please help me, i’m having a gay crisis


frog lesbian: well, you should just be straightforward about it, ribbit


space lesbian: maybe have a tiny present for him? something that makes you think of him or that you think he’ll like?


pink lesbian: that’s a good idea, honestly! he likes heroes so maybe get him some rare merch?


not a lesbian: yaoyorozu, if i pay you, will you make me some merch?


rich lesbian: but the economy!


not a lesbian: do it or else everybody Ever will know everything youve ever said while pining over Jirou


music lesbian: color me interested


rich lesbian: FINE! BE AT MY ROOM IN TEN!

Sonic Classic has added Aizawa Shota to Class 2-A


Aizawa Shota: cool groupchat kids. never @ me unless something that isnt todoroki or bakugo is on fire


Aizawa Shota:   also mineta has been expelled for stealing, harassment, and a rape attempt on a support class student


Sonic Classic: How despicable! He was never worthy of attending our prestigious academy, and I am very happy he is gone!


bone hurty juice: that was basically the equivalent of tenya spitting on the ground and calling him a bastard


Aizawa Shota: Also, you have a new student to replace him. Don’t tear him apart.


Aizawa Shota has added Shinsou Hitoshi to Class 2-A


bone hurty juice: FUCK YEAH WOOOOOOOOO


Shinsou Hitoshi: god, izuku, please


Aizawa Shota: Language, problem child


Shinsou Hitoshi: so uh hey 2-A, i’m Shinsou from the sports festival and i,,,, really wanna say sorry to Ojiro. i was kind of a dick, and it’s kind of inexcusable


Shinsou Hitoshi: People always called my quirk a villain’s quirk so i had to do everything i could to make it here. I’m sorry.


Tails: That’s… understandable. I’m sorry for being angry for you just using your quirk. You’re one of us now, you’re going to be a great hero.


bone hurty juice: FUCK YEAH HE IS!


Shinsou Hitoshi has changed their name to gucci eyebags


gucci eyebags: izuku, please just come help me with my stuff


bone hurty juice: ON IT!


bone hurty juice has gone offline


Tododokidoki: what’s your deal?


gucci eyebags: izuku and i have been friends since he judo flipped me, and he’s been training me a little too


gucci eyebags: why do you ask, whoever you are?


Tododokidoki: I’m Todoroki Shouto, one of Midoriya’s friends


gucci eyebags: cool, nice to meet you


Tododokidoki: Likewise.



rich lesbian: i don’t think they're dating, please calm down


not a lesbian: but he’s closer to midoriya than i am. i just… i like midoriya, a lot, i’m realizing. he threw away everything to help me, and i want to do the same for him. i want to be there for him.


invisible lesbian: i mean, if they are dating, you could just ask if you could join them


pink lesbian: oh yeah! polyamory is a thing!


invisible lesbian: yes babe, polyamory is a thing


not a lesbian: oh. OH! Okay, this changes everything


music lesbian: this will definitely be interesting to watch


rich lesbian: I’m making popcorn

Hitoshi grunts as he sets down the last box of his things. It doesn't help that Izuku just lifted two of his boxes at a time, and was able to balance them in one arm to get his door open.


Like what the fuck! Nobody needs to be that strong. Nobody needs to be that cute either. Stupid green eyes, stupid adorable smile, stupid little laugh that makes Hitoshi’s heart jump out of his chest.


Izuku knocks before coming inside, setting down the last of Hitoshi’s things. “I’m so excited you’re right next door! Now we can hang out whenever we want! Man, I’m just so proud of you, Toshi, you’re finally in the hero course, you’re going to be amazing. I’m so excit-”


Hitoshi, for all intents and purposes, has never considered himself an impulsive person. But he here is, impulsively marching over to Izuku, grabbing him by the waist and pulling him in for a tight hug.


“Thanks, Izuku,” He mumbles quietly, burying his face in Izuku’s soft green hair. Izuku yelps, but immediately sinks into the embrace.


“What for, Toshi?”


“Just… everything.”


Suddenly a smoke detector starts beeping. Izuku jumps away from him in shock, a little bit of his quirk sparking up. “Ah! Todoroki or Kacchan must’ve done something. It’ll go off in a second.”


“Does that happen often?” Hitoshi finds himself asking, thanking every deity out there that he wasn’t completely dumbfounded by how ethereal Izuku looked with green lightning wreathing his body.


Izuku laughs and Hitoshi’s heart jumps, “Yep, we’re trying to find a way to make the smoke detectors less sensitive, but so far… you know.” Izuku trails off, looking back at him with his big green eyes.


“What? Do I have something on my face?”


“I… Can I try something, Toshi? Close your eyes for me.”


His eyes close before he can even question the direction, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he finds himself trusting Izuku more than anyone he’s ever met.


Suddenly, soft lips gently graze his cheek. “I-Izuku?”


“Is that… okay?”


“Very.” His eyes snap open, and he surges forward to grab his waist once more, leaning down to focus on Izuku intently.


“Can… Can I kiss you?”


“Please do.”


And he does.