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lucoa x reader: one shots

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It didn’t take much to wake you up most nights.

Tonight had been particularly rough, as you struggled to keep your eyes closed. You shifted your body, turning right and left. Hell, you even tried sleeping on your stomach. To nobody’s surprise, it didn’t work.

“Ugh.” You let out a small groan and sat up, groggily rubbing your eyes. The clock on your nightstand told you it was just past three in the morning. “Fucking hell,” you swore to yourself as you managed to swing your legs out of bed. Standing up was a pain this late at night. Still, you slowly approached the bedroom door and headed into the kitchen for a glass of water.

To say you were shocked to see Lucoa standing in the dim light would be an understatement. You thought for sure she’d be dozed off by now. There she was, though, standing there in something definitely intended to be pajamas.

Luckily, she spoke, before either of you realized you were staring. “What’s the matter, y/n? Couldn’t sleep either?” She gave you a knowing smile, one full of sympathy and understanding. You shook your head in agreement. As you reached for a glass, she stepped behind you, resting a gentle hand on your waist. “Go sit down. I’ll get it for you.” You followed her direction and took a seat at the kitchen table, watching her fill a glass full of cold water for you.

“Here,” Lucoa said. She took a seat across from you at the small table. Even with the lack of bright lighting, she was close enough that you could tell she hadn’t expected you to be awake either. “So what’s the matter? Nightmares?”

“No, I just… I couldn’t sleep,” you answered. A sip of the water soothed you. “Ah,” she replied. A little sound of understanding, but it was good to be understood. “You know… my room is always open on nights like this. In case you do have trouble falling asleep again.” Lucoa gestured to the bed behind her half-open door. Messy sheets covered the bed. God, how good it would feel to lay down under those sheets.

You downed the last of your water and placed your glass in the sink. “C’mere, y/n. Let’s get you to bed.” Gently, Lucoa guided you into her bedroom. She pulled back the sheets and you slipped under the covers. You could feel as she slid next to you. “No need to keep your distance. I’m friendly, you know,” and she wrapped her arm around your waist and pulled you close. Your head rested on her chest, far more comfortable than any pillow you could buy at the store. Both of you could feel your eyelids starting to grow heavy. It was you that fell asleep before her, as she placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Goodnight, y/n,” she whispered, as the both of you drifted off to sleep.