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ice dragons and fey princess

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The love story of Loki and Thor started on a late winter day.If you are here for grand adventures and proclamations of love, this is not a story for you.
This is story of childhood innocence where everything is a game of great fun and where every day is a new day. So without further delay let us get into the tale.

It was another ordinary day in Utgard keep, or should we say as ordinary day as it can be when it is the home of one baby trickster; Loki. The court of Jotuns, the mightiest and feircest beings in all the nine had no respite ever since the little trickster learned to crawl and now being able to walk without stumbling every few steps, they were on guard all times; for it was only his limited mobility that confined Loki's pranks and tricks to royal quarters and gardens.But now that he can walk and has taken to following Helblindi like a baby duck, no one was safe.Now you may be wondering how a baby is capable of inspiring such fear in the hearts of Jotuns but let me assure you our Loki is around 500 years old that is equivalent of 5 years in human age but since he is a runt;quite small and precious, the Jotuns are unable to shake of their habit doting and babying Loki like all the other runts whose smaller stature made them all the more loving and worth doting upon.

Loki loved his older brother Helblindi, like a dragon loves gold; as such Loki gets quite jealous when others vied for Helblindi's attention; he lashes out with magic and mischief.Oh don't be alarmed readers Our little Loki never uses magic for malice.

Now getting back to our story King Laufey, the sovereign of Joutunheim was currently presiding over the court in Utgard keep blissfully unaware of the latest chaos that will woe him his entire life; when the door to the royal court burst open with a loud clank. The Jotuns used to such displays turned their full attention albeit subtly to the door to listen whatever latest drama the little Loki found necessary to inflict them with.

Our little Loki knew very little how the entire Joutan court was counting on him to add a touch of cheeriness to their deary lifes went on with his usual agenda of smashing all their hopes to the ground and doing something unexpected.

“PAAPPAA, PAAPAA, PAPA; I waAANnt an ICE DRAGON” shouted Loki running towards the throne where Laufey was seated.

At once all the warriors in the court straightened themselves and internally started making plans on where to find an Ice dragon. For such was the love and adoration the youngest prince inspired in his people.

By the time Loki made his way to the dais on which the throne was placed Laufey was already standing, he carefully lifted little Loki, placing him on his lap waiting for Loki to clam down and speak his story behind his request. For Loki always had a grand tale behind his doings no matter how childish or silly they may be. And if anyone dares to laugh at his words, lo and behold they would have to face the wrath of entire royal family on top of Loki's retaliation.

“Papa, I want an Ice dragon egg and I want the egg to be green with tiny sparkles of blue and gold on it and when the egg hatches I want the baby to be red with golden scales and green eyes. I will take it everywhere with me and promise to feed it and make it the strongest dragon in all the nine realms.” said Loki making his ruby eyes big, joining his hands in front of him and looking cute for all his worth.Even the most battle hardened warriors, withered wise old croons felt their heart melting at the display.
Laufey felt immensely proud of how perfect his little baby was, he wondered how long Loki spent working his speech framing it perfectly innocent and silly so people will not see the real reason behind this ridiculous yet dangerous request. But Laufey wasn't fooled for he knew this game well, he played it through his entire life and he played it so well, he had entire nine eating out of his palm.

“Loki, you do remember what happened the last time you had a pet?” Laufey spoke with an amused smile.
“But Papa, It wasn't my fault at all. I did exactly as I promised to feed it and take care of it. It is not my fault that Pudding has taken a liking to Byleistr.” said Loki unrepentantly.
Everyone shuddered at the thought of pudding, the frost kitten for it is a stuff of nightmares despite its innocent looks and pint size. If you are wondering what the story behind the frost kit is it is nothing exciting but case of misplaced anger, abandonment issues. What the story made you even more interested? Fine let me tell you, it went like this, little Loki was out one day with his older brother Helbindi when they came across a performing troupe that had all kinds of exotic animals and Loki was instantly hooked, he begged his brother to take him backstage to look at the animals in close quarters, and as usual Loki got his way; while touring the animals in their cages they heard a commotion when investigated they found that a frost kitten was rejected by its mother, it was quiet weak and underfed in-spite their many efforts. Loki took one look at the frost kit and his big eyes welled up and he pleaded his big brother for the kit when Helblindi hesitated big fat tears rolled down his baby soft cheeks and Helblindi relented. Thus the frost kitten became the Loki's first pet. Loki named the kit after his most favorite food pudding and he fed the kit every two hours, he took it out on long walks, soon the kit recovered and Helblindi had two shadows trailing him. But one day everything changed when the frost kit woke up to find Loki missing, for it was highly unusual for Little Loki to go any where without him. So the kit went in search of Loki only to find him doing something so unimaginable. He was petting the riding hounds kept in the keep, the same hounds who barked and growled and scratched him when he just arrived at the Keep. The betrayal was too much for its young heart and it ran away and when Loki came for it with hounds scent clinging to him it clawed at him, Loki cried out in surprise and his nanny brust through the door frightening the kit and thus it fled to the towers rafters. It stayed there for a week evading any attempts at capture only to be found by second prince Byleistr who coaxed it out of its hiding and took it back to Loki only for him his hiss at Loki and making him cry. Pudding absolutely refused Loki and others and ran but over the days Byleistr through gentle coaxing and love re-domesticated pudding. Pudding got quite attached to the prince but hated everyone else. It also developed new habit of marking territory and defending his territory.
It was quite nasty and takes great joy in ambushing the oblivious Jotuns. It is better off not to speak of anyone trying to get closer to the second prince for it has taken a shine to Byleistr and is quite territorial, marking him as his.

Now where are we; I am sorry my readers that I have this habit of going on any topic until the others ears fall off, I try to pace myself but you see I am never quiet so successful. Yes now getting back on the topic at hand Laufey and Little Loki.
“Loki,little one remember we agreed on no more pets until you reach 800. You can play with the animals at the keep.”
“But papa, that wasn't my fault and why punish me?”
“No, little one we have already discussed this,it is not a punishment.we only wa...” King Laufey halted seeing Loki's lip wobble. He hate seeing his children cry especially Loki but this was something he had to be strong to prevent even more tears in the future.With that in mind he said sternly;
“Loki, go back to your room and no more talk about pets, is that understood. Now go I have court to conduct and you have your lessons with Lord Kelvarr.”
Loki looked at his papa with big tear filled eyes for extra effect he added a tiny sob he knew would surely work in his favor but It seems that luck was not on his side for Laufey did not look at him. So he sighed and made to get down from his papa's lap; with his head hung and eyes down he walked away for there was no need for others to know his acting.
Little Loki made his way to his chambers. He sat on his bed and went through the conversation in his mind, he saw nothing unreasonable in his request or why his Papa did not buy his act. He was perfect in his explanation and the tears and lip wobble was one of his finest performance still date but why didn't it work. Maybe he was lacking in dramatics but he thought it was far below him to kick and scream like a toddler like he had seen some young lings do during the winter solstice.

When he heard footsteps in the corridor he immediately knew it was his nanny come to get him for lord Kelvarr, though he meant well the old crone was quite fond of his own voice went on and on about the ancient gods, hymns,rocks and what not. If anyone was to be worshiped it was Loki and why not he was the most beautiful, wise, powerful, humble and he certainly deserved the ice dragon. Indeed they should build a shrine for him with precious jade and ruby and offer him gifts and ballads. Yes that will be his name day's present this year and what more if he can arrive on an ice dragon it will be even more grand, the perfect entrance for the perfect god. If they don't get him an ice dragon then he will have to do it himself.
Yes that's what he will do, go on a quest and come back victorious with a whole hoard of ice dragons then his big brother Helblindi will only have eyes for him and no other. The more he thought the more he was convinced and he teleported from his hiding place to the kitchens, he looked around for others they ran to freezers where his favorite pudding was kept.

He magicked a satchel and placed all the pudding
in it and sent it away for safe keeping. Then he teleported to his room to get his favorite cloak and book on dragons and few other things. With everything ready he searched for a spell to teleport himself to where he thought the dragons lived.
Loki closed his eyes readying the spell reaching for magic deep within and when he felt the spell take hold he felt himself falling very rapidly. It went on for few seconds and Loki knew it would hurt when he finally arrived but to his surprise when things slowed down as he fell to earth with a thump he felt no pain, the earth was quite soft but lumpy he felt around slowly opening his eyes to see a smooth red fabric and golden hair and big bluest eyes he had ever seen.

end of chp1. thankyou for reading. the 2nd chp will be out soon.