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Monsta X Oneshots

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It was soon your turn. You were standing in line to the Monsta X fansign and your heart was beating like crazy in your chest.

You couldn't stop looking at them. They looked even more gorgeous in person and they looked so happy meeting their fans. You took a deep breath to try and calm your nerves but it didn't do much.

Your turn was coming up and you began to feel slightly nauseous due to the nervousness reeking havoc in your body.

With shakey steps you made your way to the bench, sitting down infront of the first member which happened to be Hyungwon. His face lit up when he saw you and you found yourself unable to speak.

''Hi, how are you?'' He said giving you one of the softest smiles to ever exist on this earth. You cleared your throat as it felt incredibly dry at this point.

''H-hi.. I'm f-fine. How are y-you?'' You stuttered out, making him chuckle at your cuteness. ''Try to calm down, I'm here for you.'' He said, taking your hand as you put your book down on the table.

His hand was warm and soft and you got goosebumps all over your body merely from his touch. You smiled at him, your cheeks turning to a light shade of pink.

''What's your name?'' He asked as he opened the book and was ready to sign it. ''Y/N.'' You said and retracted your hands from the table due to you being shy. ''Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.''

You thought your heart would stop when he said those words. Even if he probably said that to everyone he made you feel like the only one in the room at that moment. ''Th-thanks.'' You stuttered, letting out a shy giggle.

He signed your book swiftly and it was time to move on to the next member. You bid him good bye and scooted over to your right.

''Hello, what's your name?'' Hyunwoo asked as he looked up at you with a cute smile. You smiled back and put a strand of your hair behind your ear. ''Y/N.'' He nodded in respons and signed your book.

You didn't know what to say and neither did he but he took your hand, patting it with the other before you moved on. ''It was nice meeting you.'' You said to him. ''You too Y/N.''

It was amazing to meet all of them that close face to face but the last member in the line which was also your bias made your heart once again race away.

You sat infront of him now, the one and only I.M, Changkyun.

He immediately took your hands in his, looking into your eyes and offering a smile. ''What might your name be?'' He asked, his deep voice sent chills down your spine.

You moistened your lips with the tip of your tongue. ''Y/N..'' He continued to smile, brushing his thumbs over the back of your hands.

He opened the book and started to sign it. ''Have you traveled far?'' He asked, looking up at you. You shook your head. ''No.. I l-live not too far away from here.''

''Ah, okay that's good.'' He said with a smile. Changkyun looked back down into the book and noticed your post-it. He perked a brow as he read it. You had forgotten about it and mentally cursed yourself for it.

The note said:

''Dear Changkyun,

Don't give us false hope by saying we shouldn't look at other boys and only focus on you.

I know you do it to be cute but many take it serious.

I know we are not actually dating.

Kind regards, Y/N.''

He looked up at you after reading it. The note wasn't meant to sound as harsh as it might have came across.

''I wouldn't date you anyway.'' He said and you sat there for a few seconds in silence to analyse if you really heard him right. ''Right back at you.'' You spat out, grabbing your book from him and walking off.

You knew you and Changkyun would never date and that he would never want you but did he have to say it so rudely?! You huffed in anger as you pushed your way through to the doors.

As soon as you reached the doors you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around and saw one of the staff members. ''Can you please come with me?'' She said.

You pulled your head back and looked at her. ''What for?'' You asked defensivly. ''One of the members wants to talk to you after the fansign.'' She said and nodded her head towards another door that was to the left of you.

You decided to go with her and she led you into a room where there were some couches, makeup stations, a fridge, table and chairs.

''There is water in the fridge if you need it, please wait here.'' She said before leaving you alone in the room.

You sat down in one of the couched, crossing your legs and looked around with a sour expression on your face. Not only were you still very angry but you also started to feel hurt by his words.

Were you that ugly? You heaved out a deep sigh and pulled your phone out from your purse. You wanted to tell your best friend about the current situation but you decided not to.

Even though it was very rude of Changkyun you didn't want the information to come into other hands and then maybe be spread. If people didn't believe your story they would hate on you and if they believed it, they would hate on him.

About thirty minutes later the guys from Monsta X trickled into the room. They all looked surprised to see you but as soon as Changkyun layed his eyes on you he waved his hand for you to come over.

Really? He can't walk to you? You fought the urge to roll your eyes and stood up, walking over to him. He grabbed your hand and walked out of the room and further down the hallway.

''What do you want?'' You said, clearly annoyed. ''I wanted to apologize, I didn't mean it in that way.'' He said and tried to make eye contact with you but you evaded it at all costs.

''Nice try.'' You replied, crossing your arms over your chest. ''Seriously. What I meant was that I could never date you because of my situation. Not because of anything else.''

You finally looked up at him and straight into his eyes. You had to fight yourself internally to keep your cool. ''Sure.'' You said coldly.

He sighed and pulled out his phone. ''Can I have your number?'' He asked, ready to type it down. You couldn't help but to laugh. ''Are you joking?'' You said.

He perked one brow and looked over at you. ''No. So can I have it please?''

''What for?'' You probed. ''I don't have time right now but I will make it up to you if you let me. Please?'' He pleaded, looking like a sad dog with those eyes.

You pursed your lips, as if you would deny him having your number. You told him your number and he texted you immediately so that you too had his number. ''Please don't give it out to anyone else, I will talk to you later.'' He said as he started to walk away.

''And again, I'm sorry.'' He shouted over his shoulder before hurrying away towards his members that were now walking out of the room.

You stood there looking down on your phone at his number. Was this real? Did you just get his number?

As much as you still wanted to be angry at him for hurting your feelings he said himself he didn't mean it in that way, but what if he did and he just tried to apologize to keep you as a fan and to not spread around that he was really a jerk?

You hit your forehead lightly with your phone before you walked out of the building. Your own mind was your worst enemy.


It was pretty late in the evening and you were home, laying on the couch and watching tv. Your phone buzzed and you lazily picked it up. When you saw that there was a text from Changkyun your whole face lit up and you instantly got nervous for seemingly no reason.

You put your phone down and ran into your bedroom, changing from sweats into a pair of jeans and a black blouse. You touched up your makeup and brushed through your hair before walking back out to the living room.

You found yourself standing by the front door, waiting for him but when you heard the knock on the door you jumped. You put a hand on your heart as it was beating so hard it almost hurt.

You opened the door and saw him. He was beyond gorgeous and your legs felt weak. ''Come in.'' You said quickly, not wanting anyone to see that he was there.

Changkyun stepped inside and you closed the door. ''Like I said you really don't need to do this.'' You said as you both walked together into the living room. He sat down on the couch and so did you but you put a great deal of distance inbetween you two.

''I know but I feel very bad about the whole situation.'' He said, looking over at you. Even his gaze made you feel all hot and bothered.

''It's fine, I'm over it.'' You replied, crossing your legs and putting your hands on your lap. ''Why couldn't you just have texted me that then?'' He asked, a little bit confused.

''You were the one insisting on coming over.'' You said and looked back at him, raising your eyebrows. ''Yes but-.. Nevermind. You seem like a sweet girl and it was wrong of me to say what I said. I sincerely apologize and I hope you accept it.'' He said, standing up and bowing towards you.

You watched him for a moment before taking a deep breath. ''I accept your apology, thank you.'' You could honestly not be mad at him anymore after he put in all this effort into apologizing.

''I will be going then.'' He said, clearing his throat. You stood up and nodded slowly. As you both walked towards the front door you felt sad that he was leaving. He was after all the one person you admired the most and he was in your apartment!

''Changkyun..'' You said making him turn around after he had put his shoes back on. ''Will I be seeing you again?'' You asked, feeling your cheeks get hot. You kind of already knew the answer, why would he want to see you again?

''Maybe, who knows?'' He replied with a sly smirk before exiting your apartment and walking away.