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Of Loftwings and Heroes

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As soon as Sky met the others, he felt out of place. 

He wanted to become friends with them, but they were indifferent to his happy up in the clouds attitude. He couldn’t help it; he was raised above the clouds where his only worries were the knight academy. 

He had nothing to bond with them over either. His one measly adventure was nothing compared to all of Legend’s, or even Wild’s single, but long, adventure.  

His Hyrule wasn’t destroyed Like Hyrule and Legend’s, and he didn’t lose a beloved companion like Twilight. 

He did lose Fi, but she was a sword, not a real being. And he can't talk about her around them much anyway. Time holds a deep hatred for the master sword, and Warriors somehow knew her, and doesn’t like to think about her. 

Sky doesn’t blame it on them though. He knows this is a difficult situation to be in and that everyone is trying to get used to it.  

But it is lonely seeing the others bond over common enemies and situations. He tried to join in a conversation, but when asked about Ganon any chance of friendship faded.  

He had to tell them about Demise, and how he was the cause of the never-ending curse.  Only Four and Wind talked to him properly for a week after that. And that was when he gave up. 

Sky was lonely, he missed Zelda and his loftwing, and e missed Skyloft. But he knew they would never end up there. They had been to every Hyrule except his at least once. With Time and Wild’s being the most frequent followed by Legend’s. 

He wonders if it would be considered selfish to ask the goddess to allow him to see his friends once more. If it would be selfish to be allowed to return home where he has friends who like being around him. He supposes it would be but asks all the same. 

Of course, nothing happens, and even though he knew this, Sky’s heart broke a little more as the goddess left him to be alone once more. Left him to feel something he hadn't felt since his quest to save Zelda. 

Sky was lonely, and he didn’t know how long he could cope.