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Expecting the Unexpected

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Ch.1 - Week 9


Hey… you like fucking coffee ?”


Had you known that Bakugou’s request toward you as you both held onto your diplomas and in graduation robes would lead to something else, you wouldn’t have teased him so much for his choice of words. You had honestly assumed he was going to become one of your classmates you’d only see at reunions and hero meetups. But now having him directly in front of you, with cheeks painted in a soft rose hue and averting your eyes you realized that this was real and he was trying to find a way to still see you on a regular basis.


If you had known back then this would be the start of the both of you dating, you would have tried to confess your own feelings before. And yet, in the five years since that fateful graduation day where Bakugou Katsuki had made it clear that he didn’t want you to show up less in his life then you had in the last three years. 


Time had been kind to both of you as well. It was a rocky start leaving UA of course, seeing as you both had numerous offers and requests from different agencies for sidekick positions, but now also trying to make time for a relationship neither of you had been planning for during your final months at UA.


But, you were dedicated to seeing where this would go, and to your surprise, Bakugou was as well. You had honestly read him the wrong way, assuming he’d put so much into his hero career that he’d be the type to often cancel last minute or forget about plans.


He was the opposite. Bakugou was punctual. He only canceled a handful of times, being times that he clearly needed to rest or take care of something. Like the time he called you mid-fight with some drug overlord to tell you he might be running late. You, of course, told him to focus on what was in front of him and you two could always reschedule.


It seemed to you that Bakugou took everything and everyone he saw as worth his time and efforts seriously. And you were nowhere near an exception. He was as serious of being the ‘ best fucking boyfriend you could fucking have ’ as much as he was working towards being the top-ranked hero. 


But, he still had his flaws. He threw himself into his work a little too much at times, wanting to get to the top as fast as he could. And after a year of dating, you could see how tiring it was starting to become on him. That’s when you really started to step in, seeing as unlike him who was out in the field a lot, you had gone back to UA to apprentice under Aizawa and become a student teacher, and eventually a head teacher yourself.


So, with plenty of opportunities at UA, you’d recruit him to help out with the students as much as possible. Bakugou may not be fond of children… but he did enjoy being idolized as much as he did when he was in UA. Thus, helping the next generation train and learn from his capable hands seemed to do wonders on his moods… as well as still allow him to work and get paid as a hero through the agency he was working at. 


You couldn’t recall the exact circumstances, but it had to have been somewhere along that time that you had realized that simply dating Bakugou was not where your feelings lay. He had defied every one of your preset expectations of him and had shown that he was something special… and you knew you didn’t want to let this one go. 


You hadn’t known at that time that you were in love with the ash blonde, but he had come to that conclusion not too far away from your own little epiphany. The ash blonde knowing that without a doubt he would be utterly screwed if he did anything to mess this up with you. He was too far attached, infatuated, and emotionally vulnerable with you to want anyone else in his life right beside him in the way you were.


Being him though, it was only a matter of time until that big fight came. You could recall it not so fondly. It had been three years after graduating from UA, and Bakugou was really starting to get antsy. He was tired of being a sidekick, and barely making the top fifty heroes. Sure he was still leagues ahead of everyone else. Midoriya and Todoroki had only ever reached the top one hundred, but to Bakugou… it wasn’t good enough and he needed to find whatever he was doing wrong.


His conclusion was to pack up all his stuff and move somewhere with a high crime rate. His thinking being if he could start his own hero agency and clean up some crimetopia … it would propel him into at least the top ten. And then he dropped a bombshell- he wanted you to come with him and move in with him.


And you couldn’t be madder at him.


He really had been expecting you to be thrilled by the news. You had hinted at a few times how nice it would be to live with him and always supported his dream of dominating the hero industry and getting his own agency, so the male truly thought you would jump on the chance as much as he was.


It was the opposite. You couldn’t believe how reckless and rash he was being, calling him out for not even taking your situation into account. You were finishing school, only another year away from getting a teaching degree and then able to officially work as a UA student teacher. The last three years had been hell trying to manage going to school and also a hero career at UA as a resource and hero training aid under Aizawa. 


And now your selfish boyfriend was basically telling you to throw it all away and go with him to some unsafe and less than pleasant neighborhood because he couldn’t be patient despite how far he had come in such a short amount of time.


The two of you went back and forth with yelling and anger for an hour. Eventually, you breaking down, grabbing your jacket and telling him if he was going through with it… he was doing it without your support… and without you.


Bakugou had at first thought you were being ridiculous. He gave it his all for his career! And you could always finish your classes online or at some other university. Aizawa knew you personally, so you could move back in another year when he had made the top ten and then gone about your plans again.


But a week of radio silence from you, despite his calls, texts, and even showing up at your university really showed him that he had in fact… fucked up worse than he even thought he could. But, that panic that you really intended to break up with him seemed to be the clarity he needed to see how crazy and dangerous his plans were.


He may be strong, and he may be powerful… but he was still one person. And despite his confidence in his own skills… there was no telling if anyone would come to build an agency with him. And also… how selfish it was of him to practically force you to put your dreams on hold… when you had never once muttered or spoke out against his own… despite how out there his own were.


He found himself at your apartment later that night, having bought you flowers and chocolates for the first time in your three years of dating. And then… he did a first for the twenty-one years he had been alive - he apologized genuinely.


You knew how much that would take out of him… and thus, accepted his apology. He was glad, and within a week later… he was promoted to top sidekick at the agency he worked at. It appeared that good things did come to those who wait.


By the time you two had gone steady for more than five years, exchanged lots of ‘ I love you ’s and moved in together for over a year…. Bakugou had also thought it was time for you to get something good since you had been more than a saint to him through this hell of a ride growing his hero career.


And thus, he asked you that important question, down on one knee and trying to not swear every word. You couldn’t help but blush darkly, tell him it was okay to swear… and then agree to his request to make you his wife.


The wedding was in the spring, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom when the rings were exchanged and you became the one and only Bakugou (Name). The wedding was beautiful, the pair of you having been one of the later classmates to tie the knot, but even so, everyone was still thrilled.


Your family was hollering, his mother was telling him to ‘ smile for once in his Goddamn life ’ and his poor father was trying to silence her as to not ruin the mood. Kirishima cried saying he’d shed tears for Bakugou as well. Everyone you all could have wanted came, both old friends and new, and some important people you both were thrilled to see wish you both a happy and long-lasting marriage.


Not that you’d need luck anyway… as long as you were with Bakugou, you knew things would always work out. He wasn’t the type of person to just give up on things without trying every option imaginable first. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to grow bored of you anytime soon, if not ever.


He had known it from the moment during his third year of UA when he realized these strange feelings inside of him for the last two years had been feelings of affection… that you had been different. No one else had ever made him feel that way, and even today no one else ever had. It was only you… you were his one strange thing and he was still determined to find out what it was about you that made him so hooked.


Ten years after the beginning of you both dating and five years of marriage… and he was still stumped, but still as determined as ever. And you were still as happy as the day he had first asked you to come with him for some coffee.


The changes in the both of you seen as you matured and came to see each other as more than a simple UA crush and rather a devoted and loyal partner for life. A change you both couldn’t be happier with. 


Everything seemed on track and nothing was going to knock either of you down or shock you to your core. And then came the change seen in two pink lines crossing each other as you held the white stick in your hand.


You blinked at the pregnancy test, and then back at the box. There was a pink plus sign, and according to the box… that meant you were-


You shook your head. Instead of facing the possible truth, or it having just not sunk in yet, you grabbed another test. You took it, only to get the same result. You repeated again, after all… you were supposed to run at least three trials to make sure the scientific process was correct… so this couldn’t be much different right?


Out of the three tests… none of them showed you that little blue minus sign. Instead, you had three matching pink pluses. That was when it all seemed to hit you, and you felt your knees shake weakly. You placed yourself down onto the ground and inhaled sharply. Memories of earlier today coming back quickly.


“You’re looking really pale.” Uraraka had spoken at brunch. “Maybe you should go home… we can always reschedule.”


“Oh no! I’m fine. I’ve been sick a lot lately. I think my stomach just doesn’t like me eating right in the morning is all.” You tried to play it off for laughs between two of your old classmates.


“You have?” Tsuyu placed a finger on her chin, seeming to think over the information a bit more. “For how long?”


You paused a moment, thinking it over yourself. How long had you been sick? You were waking up nearly every morning after Katsuki went to work and vomited. Then put yourself together and went off to work yourself.


“A month I think.” You shrugged, taking a sip of water to calm your stomach. “I must have gotten a really bad stomach bug…”


Uraraka and Tsuyu exchanged glances. They both could tell something else might be the reason… but neither really knew how exactly to say it. They also didn’t want to possibly put another idea into your already stressed head.


You had finally been given your own first-year class this year and were freaking out over not doing a good job of leading and mentoring the new students. Uraraka and Tsuyu had pretty much planned this little brunch date with you to say that both them and nearly everyone else from the old class 1-A team had agreed to help you out if you ever wanted to call upon one of them as a guest lecturer.


But now with you having already run to the bathroom twice to expel some nasty waste and admitting you’ve been doing this for over a month… the two heroes needed to ask one final question of you before they possibly hit you with a bombshell.


“(Name)-chan? If I could be blunt… when was the last time you had your period?” Tsuyu asked you, making you nearly choke on the water you were drinking.


“W-wha?!” You sucked in some much-needed air. 


Tsuyu and Uraraka only looked at you with a concerned gaze and you couldn’t help but want to answer the question for the two girls who had been two of your six bridesmaids. You drummed your fingers along the table, thinking it over and came to a realization.


“I… I don’t know.” You admitted, looking out at them both.


“Well… maybe you should stop and get a pregnancy test after brunch… just to make sure.” Uraraka had told you. “Either way… you need to take care of yourself, (Name)-chan. Let myself or Tsuyu-chan know if you ever need any help, okay?”


You shook your head, calming yourself down a bit. It looked like Tsuyu and Uraraka were right. How they knew was a mystery, maybe some womanly intuition? But it was true… you were pregnant.


You pressed your head against the cupboard and inhaled. Your mind was spinning. You felt sick, and you knew now why. How were you going to do this? You had a career. You had conceived a child… and now-


You nearly jumped when you heard the sounds of the front door to the apartment open and then slam shut. The usual sound of that your husband had come home from his day at the agency. Your eyes widened, looking at the mess around you and knew he would be quick to notice the silence of your usual lively apartment on this Sunday evening.


There were many trials and tests in your life, especially those involving the love of your life… but it appeared your biggest one yet, would be telling Bakugou Katsuki you were pregnant with his baby.


And at the current moment… you were drawing a blank on what to do, or even how to work your legs once more.

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Ch.2 - Week 10


Bakugou Katsuki was a lot of things: brash, rude, loud, slightly arrogant, and a force to be reckoned with if you had the displeasure of being on his bad side. But he was also observant… and could tell when something was up even in the slightest amount. If you had tried to put even a tablespoon less pepper in a dish, he could tell it simply by the smell. For someone he tried to make himself seem like he only cared the most about himself, he had a talent for being able to know when something was up with the rare person he interacted with on a regular basis.


And for the past week… he had been having major vibes that something was up with you. So much so that he was beginning to get annoyed that you had yet to relay the information to him. He’d be putting it bluntly if he said you were practically an open book to him, seeing as you didn’t mind telling him about the weird dream you had last night after having finished telling him about how the pond at the nearby park had a new family of ducks in it. You blabbered about anything and everything to him because you liked talking to him and hearing his opinions on everything and everything. No matter how foul his words were.


So the past week had been something quite hard for him. His job at the agency was finally starting to become more regular, and he was seeing you more often than years ago, but that still meant he was gone for long hours on the weekdays and on call during the weekends. So… whenever he did have his time with you… he really tried to do something with you. If anything, sit on the damn couch with you beside him and watching some bad movie.


Yet you had been more absent-minded this week, on top of the sudden need for a lot of personal space and longer hours at UA. He honestly didn’t think much of it at first, seeing as it was just after the summer break and you needed to start your lesson plans for the final six months your first years had this year… and also trying to make sure you’d be asked to teach them as second years come next year. So he assumed it to be work on that Friday when you were gone into later hours and went straight to bed when you got home.


The next day, Bakugou had scored a Saturday off. And he wanted to go for a hike with you. It had been a while since either of you had done so and he was excited to get some fresh air with his wife by his side. And that was the plan until you ran out of bed before he was even out of bed… vomiting. He spent the rest of the morning chastising you for eating take-out food last night at work and put you on bed rest for the rest of the day.


Sunday he got called in early for a mission and was back by the afternoon. He had gotten to see you that day… but from how spacey you were and how he could barely get a full conversation out of you… it was clear you were on some other planet and not with him in the kitchen trying to make up a dinner menu for the week.


He tried to tell himself you had just been sick over the weekend with that 24-hour bug, but… then it continued on all through the week. This weird spacey look and your mind being somewhere except where it should be. In usual Bakugou fashion, he had tried to blow off the steaming frustration at work, but his anger was fueled by his worry for you after all. And he had reached his breaking point of this Friday night a week after he had originally started seeing these strange changes in you. And he was going to do something… whether you liked it or knew of it with your space cadet mindset at the current.


“I’m taking you to the damn doctor.” He told you, taking the spatula out of your hands, seeing you starting to burn the stirfry.


“What?!” You suddenly were paying a lot of attention to him. “Why?!”


He blinked, giving you a raised brow. You looked terribly nervous now, refusing to make eye contact with him for the moment, twiddling your thumbs and trying to pretend like you were not about to burst into the sweats at any moment. Something was definitely wrong with you… he knew that much for sure.


“You’ve been acting fucking weird all week.” He shrugged, stirring the noodles and veggies as you added the already browned meats. 


“Oh… umm… work has been really stressful. I got a few who failed their physical finals… so I’ve been trying to figure out a better hero curriculum for them-”


“I’ll come in and knock some damn sense into them.” Bakugou didn’t even let you finish. “Now… why are you really acting weird.”


“Katsuki, I already told you. It's work-”


“Bullshit.” He spoke, grabbing a bottle of hot sauce and starting to add it into the noodles. “I fucking know you better then that! So don’t try to push aside whatever the hell is on your damn mind, woman. Especially since…”


Your eyes watched him doing so, stomach churning as he selfishly added the amount he wanted, so absorbed into his detective game he didn’t even notice he was putting way too much in. He was still talking as well, but you were too focused on the noodles now to listen to him.


“Hey! There you go again!” He called out, spooking you a little bit and putting the bottle down with a little force. “What are you even- oh… shit, I added too much again.”


“Yeah… you did.” You chuckled a little bit.


“Guess we’re remaking dinner…” He looked upset to be throwing the food and money away, despite how you both were rather well off.


“No it's okay… it looks and smells really good actually.” You smiled, already starting to scoop a hearty helping onto a plate.


Bakugou looked at you with a slightly horrified expression, watching you happily sniff the meal, mouth practically watering at the sight. He knew that you didn’t mind spicy food to some extent… but he had added what Kaminari had deemed ‘The Devil’s Sweat’ amount of hot sauce… something only he and his father were only ever to eat without breaking out into a sweat or crying. 


You, in the thirteen years he had known you, would never and had never tried this unholy amount of hot sauce… and now you were willingly taking it and looking as if it was the most delicious thing on this entire planet.


“The fuck is wrong with you…” Bakugou breathed out, looking utterly lost. “Since when do you fucking want to eat my spicy as shit food?”


You hummed, too impatient to wait to get to the table, instead already dipping your chopsticks into the noodles and taking a hearty scoop towards your mouth. Bakugou watched you with shocked eyes as you downed the entire thing and then dove in for a second helping.


Your reply to his question came as you were absent-mindedly getting your next scoop. “Since the pregnancy cravings started this week…”


You had stuffed the noodles into your mouth and were enjoying the terrible burning sensation in your mouth. It was piping hot and felt as if the taste was exploding inside your mouth. And then… your countertop next to you blew up as you swallowed. 


You nearly dropped the plate, realizing as you caught it and reaffirmed your grasp that you had dropped something else. Your damn pregnancy brain was getting worse every day it seemed… and now you had told your husband in the way you didn’t want to tell him.


With barely any context and when he was least expecting it.


Your spine felt a cold chill run up along it. Maybe it was from that you told him when you had been planning something more special… or maybe it was that his first reaction was to literally blow something up. This was why your original plan had been to tell him away from your apartment since you worried about damages… and if it would be happy or mad damages.


“You…” He blinked, the hand that had caused the explosion holding onto the soot cover countertop to the point where his knuckles were turning white. “You… your… you mean a….”


He lowered the hand that had been holding a spatula towards your stomach, the utensil still in it. His eyes were wide and he was strangely quiet for this moment, but that didn’t mean he would stay that way for long. You could tell he was trying to piece things together and come to realize the reality of this as you had a week ago.


“In there…?” He asked, spatula hovering a bit away from your stomach.


“Yeah…” You blinked, looking downwards, wishing your mouth was full of noodles right now. “A baby… my baby… your baby… our baby?”


He blinked for a moment, then suddenly his face turned dark and red. “Why the hell did you say it like a question? Are you saying you’re not sure the little brat in there is mine?!”


You panicked immediately, waving your hands back and forth, the plate with noodles now onto the floor. It seemed now with the news finally in the open and the two of you talking about it… neither of you was paying much attention to your surroundings or what either of you was saying. As if you were having a conversation with one another, but mostly with yourselves.


“What?! No! Why do you even go to that first?”


“Of course it’s mine! Look at that spicy ass food you are eating! Has to be my kid!”


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier… I just… I wasn’t sure how you’d react and I wasn’t sure myself!”


“Fuck! I got you pregnant… the old hag is gonna kill me…! Even if we’re married she knows I’d do this sort of thing without fucking talking much about it!”


“I-if you’re worried about things then… then we don’t have to keep them.” You blurted out suddenly, Bakugou suddenly going quiet as you had said alluded to that certain procedure and what the decision that led to it would be.


“D-do you not want to have a brat?” Bakugou spoke as if he was afraid of his own voice.


“I-I don’t know…” You admitted. “I’ve known for almost a week… and I still… I can’t wrap my head around the idea of… well… of me having a baby. It's weird… you know?”


He nodded. “Yeah… I get it. I’ve known for thirty seconds and I’m already stressed the fuck out. But… I don’t want you to do this for me. Whatever you decide… I’ll support you.”


You blinked, looking at him. “But… what about you? Do you want kids?”


He shrugged. “I have no fucking idea. Life is fucking great with you right now… but hell, the idea of me having a brat of my own never really crossed my mind as a serious option until… right fucking now.”


He ran a hand through his hair. In all honesty, you had never seen him this startled or uncertain of anything before in your life. And you imagined you looked the exact same way. You had no idea what the right answer here would be… or even of a right answer even existed.


“Maybe… maybe we should go see a doctor?” You suggested, seeing your husband look at you, silently listening to your words. “See what’s going on… how far along I am… and when we’ll need to make this decision at the latest?”


Bakugou nodded slowly. “If that is what you want… then I’ll go with you and hear the doc out. They’ll be more knowledgeable than us on all this baby shit after all.”


“You have to promise me something though, Katsuki.” You spoke up suddenly, looking at him directly in his carmine hues.


“And what the fuck would that be?” He blinked, slowly coming back to his usual attitude.


“I-if anywhere along the way… you suddenly want to have a baby, or not have one… you need to tell me honestly, okay?” Your tone was serious, and he could tell this was an important promise for him to make to you at this moment, one that would definitely test him and your relationship.


Bakugou sighed, nodding his head slowly. “Only if you fucking agree to the same damn thing.”


You nodded slowly to him, watching as he did the same. The talk would for now be pushed to the back burner, both of you trying to act normal… but with dinner to try to clean up after and salvage, if anything you both could forget about it for the next ten minutes.


After that… it was anyone’s guess how the time between then and the doctor’s appointment would go.

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Ch.3- Week 11


He didn’t know what was grossing him out more at this moment, the appearance of lovey-dovey couples sitting happily together trying to decide on what name sounded better, the little images of storks carrying babies in various colors imprinted onto the wall, or that the chair he was sitting in seemed to have been the victim of juice being spilled on it by some little brat… now making it sticky.


Bakugou was close to fuming and the pair of you had only been sitting in the office of the obstetrician for ten minutes. He was always one to show up early to things, so despite the appointment being at noon, he and you had arrived at a quarter till and take your seats. You seemed to be doing okay, idly flipping through a magazine you had found on a coffee table. Your eyes wide as you saw it was a fairly popular parenting magazine.


He understood why though… it had been a week since he had found out himself and neither one of you had really tried to have that big “ Are we going to be parents or not ” talk. In the end… you and he had promised that after this appointment, and seeing how far along you were… would help determine and push both of you into deciding what you were doing.


And so Bakugou sat here beside you. His carmine eyes catching onto another young couple a little further away. The female looked tired, trying to hush a small whining infant in her arms, but the little thing wasn’t calming down. She looked tired and just done… and Bakugou couldn’t help but feel bad for her. Him… the guy who usually never expressed pity, feeling bad for this young woman who had to deal with a crying and smelly baby.


He was about to write it off as another example as to why he was leaning more towards the ‘ I don’t want a damn kid ’ argument when the father of the baby gently took them from their mother’s arms. He laughed slightly, the baby quiets down right away and then laughing. The little thing’s laugh chimed like a soft bell, making the male raise an eyebrow. Well… the kid had a cute laugh. 


His baby would have a much better laugh though-


He shook his head, trying to rid himself of those thoughts. Where the hell and when the hell did they even start to come? He had never been the type to think he would ever gets obsessed with kids… hell, he hated them with a passion in high school and to some extent still didn’t like to be around a lot of them for long… but being a hero meant lots of kid fans. If he liked any kind of kid… it was the kids who thought he was a cool hero.


So, it was as if baby fever was an actual illness and ever since he found out he had contracted it. This entire week… he was on edge and not in a way he usually was. He was cautious when he was out in the field, going as far as to not attack head-on, but rather try to take down criminals from afar. And seeing that little baby and dad playing was only making him worse.


He needed to stay focused on the reality of parenthood though… that it was a nightmare. Especially if it was his kid. He knew of the strange relationship he and his mother had… and also of his unusual upbringing with her. And the last thing he wanted was to put you into the position his father had felt for years: forced peacemaker. 


Most importantly… he didn’t want to treat his kid the way his mother had for him.


He loved his mother, and was grateful to her in many ways, but… at the same time, seeing how many things he and she had in common… he knew he would not be a patient person like her. And thus… that meant he wouldn’t be a good parent.


And that was the reality. He would make for a bad dad.


“Bakugou?” A nurse walked out, looking towards the sitting couples and a few kids.


“Here.” You squeaked, looking nervous.


The nurse smiled towards you both, waving you both back towards a room. You grabbing your small amount of things and Bakugou following, hands stuffed into his pockets. The room you both were led to was a standard patient room: white and beige walls, some informative posters, and the medical equipment.


You took a seat on the examination table, Bakugou taking a seat next to you. You locked eyes with him for a second and then both of you looked away. It was still a bit weird… and this was something neither of you had ever really talked about doing, thus neither of you really knew what to do or say to the other. Thus, it was an awkward silence.


Luckily the doctor was in soon. She walked in with an air of expertise and greeted you both with a smile. She had a pair of fluffy white feathers growing from behind her sky blue hair, but other than that she looked fairly humanoid.


“Bakugou-san and Bakugou-san.” She nodded to you both, grabbing her swivel chair and taking a seat on it, resting her chin on the backrest. “So… we’re here for our first checkup, right?”


“U-um yes…” You nodded to her. “We… we wanted to know how far along I am… and if… well if…”


“If abortion is still a viable option?” The young doctor spoke, seeing your and Bakugou’s eyes widen.


She chuckled slightly. “Society, especially here in Japan, has made the topic quite silent… but asking about this option is actually very common, especially around couples your age. And don’t feel bad either, it's your decision not only as a woman but also as an adult.”


She spun her chair to look at Bakugou. “And seeing how you’re not protesting or trying to persuade her out of it, I can tell you two must be on the same page. That’s great! I love couples who can actually communicate! Especially when it involves bringing a bundle of joy into this world!”


She stood up from her seat, walking towards you. “Now… let’s run some tests and see how far along you are.”




“Well, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.” The doctor spoke, looking at your results as you sat next to Bakugou, your hand held into his. “The good news- you’re about 11 weeks along or nearly three months. The bad news… since you’re nearly out of the first trimester… it means a procedure to terminate the fetus will cost around 200,000 yen or more depending on any issues or complications.”


You and Bakugou sighed, that was not as bad as either of you had been expecting. And honestly… you both were good savers and had an emergency fund… that would be paying for whatever procedure you both decided to go with.


Your doctor spoke of a few more things, not trying to sway either of you to one side or the other. Sharing information on what it would entail for either choice and how she could answer any question either of you had to the best of her ability.


“How long do we have… until we can’t-” Bakugou did a strange hand gesture. “You know… that option.”


“Legally… 24 weeks. Unless for a serious medical reason, the government does not allow us to legally remove a fetus after 24 weeks. So… you both technically have 12 more weeks to decide. But, I would pick sooner rather than later.


Especially since if you decide to have the baby… it's best to start preparing now.” 


The two of you finished up with her soon afterward, your doctor giving the parting words of you both making sure yourselves and each other were okay with whatever decision you made in the end. The train ride home was long and basked in more silence as you both were deep in thought of what you wanted to do… and what your partner would want. 


“Are you ready to talk about it?” You asked your husband as you sat beside him on a bench in the local park.


Your cravings had come in strong in the recent weeks… and apparently, takoyaki with peanut sauce was what was making your stomach growl from the summer food stall. So now you sat, stuffing your face happily and Bakugou watching you. His lips pulling into a slight smirk, seeing the stupid face you made when you were eating.


“Idiot.” He breathed, rubbing away some of the mayo topping from the corner of your mouth as you dipped another fried octopus ball into the peanut sauce.


You giggled. “Look at you, already cleaning faces like a dad would.”


You had no idea the weight that comment would make… and yet as the moment passed by, it seemed to slowly become much more to bare. As if… things were slowly starting to become much more clear sitting here on this calm park bench and actually talking about things.


“If you… if you had to pick without my influence or emotions or own thoughts tied onto it…” You breathed out slowly. “What would you choose?”


Bakugou shut his eyes, scrunching them together. Why the fuck was this so hard? It honestly should not be! It should be as easy as him clobbering some villain into the dirt! He knew what he wanted… so, why couldn’t he just say it?


“I’ve known since I was in middle school that I never wanted any fucking kids…” He breathed out, aware of how you face fell slightly. “When we were in UA, I saw first hand how bratty and entitled the kids of then were… and I can’t imagine what they might be like now…”


“I had no idea you felt that strongly about kids…” You breathed, getting ready to tell him that you were fine with what he was leaning towards.


“I never wanted fucking kids… but-” He inhaled a deep breath, looking towards you with an intense look, one with burning crimson hues. “I… I can’t take my fucking mind off the thought of how fucking cute our kid would be… how even though I’m a fucking asshole at times, my kid would be fine cause you’d be the mom.”


Your eyes widened and your heart jumped a little bit. You hadn’t realized until he was speaking so positively about it… that you had already decided on what you had wanted. Your hand raising to his, snatching it and then placing it on your stomach gently.


“The hell are you doing?” Bakugou’s eyes twitched, seeing you looking at him with a tearful expression. “This also looks fucking weird…”


“Oh shut up would you!” You yelled at him, laughing slightly at the end. “Now hurry and just spit it out! A-are we going to have a baby together or not?”


Bakugou shrugged. “Old Hag has been asking about grandkids anyway… this will at least get her off my damn back…”


You lightly slapped the ash blonde’s shoulder. “Be serious! And say it yourself! I won’t do it unless I hear you admit to wanting a baby too!”


Bakugou looked at you in a displeasing way, muttering something to himself before clearing his throat. When he did, you watched and listened to him with your full attention, wanting to hear every single word, expression, and tone he was about to express to you.


“Fine.” He sighed, looking irritated. “I want a damn kid with you… and only fucking you. No one else could fucking give me damn baby fever… weird ass woman I married…”


You smiled gently but soon erupted into laughter. Holding onto your stomach and releasing his hand, Bakugou watched as you let out all your joy and relieved the stress that had been weighing down on you these last two weeks.


He hadn’t seen it before… but you had been holding a lot in. He blinked slowly, knowing that know that he was doing this… he’d have to be better for you. He’d have to be better for the both of you.


So for now… the least he could do was let you laugh and continue to feast on your gross food combinations.

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Ch.4 - Week 13


There was definitely a different feeling sitting in the waiting room today. Last time he had been a guy who might be avoiding parenthood… now he was a guy who definitely had jumped headfirst into it. You sat beside him, now reading that damn parenting magazine with calm and interested eyes.


It was amazing what two weeks, lots of talks to make sure, and a few pep talks to oneself could do in the aspect of accepting and becoming familiar with the idea of having a baby.


Sure he was still unsure as hell as to where this decision would take him. But… Bakugou wasn’t the type of person to micromanage every minute or plan in his life. While he had big goals in life, he was a wildfire in his heart. He knew he needed to leave ablaze in his wake, but he didn’t care where the currents took his burning passion so long as he ended up with his goals accomplished and a rejuvenated land left behind.


So while he was still gonna be the best damn hero, husband, and cook in this world, he felt he had room to add dad to that list as well.


That being said, despite his confidence that had appeared in the last two weeks, you still wanted to go in and get another check-up. Apparently, since you were officially in the second trimester, you could get your first ultrasound now.


So another day off later, both of you were getting called back into the familiar office and meeting the doctor with the feathered ears. She looked quite proud of the pair of you for making the decision so quickly.


“Usually people wait till the last minute or break up… so it's nice to see a couple who actually talked it out and decided their choice in a timely manner.” She spoke, starting to smear the cold gel onto your stomach.


You shivered, squeezing Bakugou’s hand slightly. He rose a brow at this. You had never been a fan of cold things, maybe one of the reasons you loved holding his hands in winter or cuddling up to him on cold nights. He oozed warmth, and you loved the warmth.


“Stop fucking squirming.” He bossed you, seeing you stick your tongue out at him.


“Stop swearing!” You whined playfully. “The doctor is going to think you’re too immature to have a baby.”


She rose a brow. “Him? Stable job, dedicated to his partner… and for the most part, mentally and emotionally stable?”


She chuckled. “Oh yes… a terrible choice to have a baby with him.”


You laughed along with her as the machine whirled on to life. Bakugou merely clicked his tongue, looking towards the screen as the first images of this ultrasound started. The doctor, after ending her laughing fit, started to move around the x-ray portion of the machine.


“So… while I can make a guess at the gender this early on, it won’t be very accurate. So, I recommend waiting for another two months until finding out, because I can tell for sure then. So, how about we make this appointment letting you two just see your little growing soon-to-be bundle of joy.”


You nodded, watching from the corner of your eyes your husband. He was focusing deeply on the machine. So much so that he didn’t even bother a reply. You smiled softly, knowing he was serious and maybe even a little excited himself. So without a word you turned to look at the screen yourself to see the baby.


“Ah! There we go.” The doctor smiled, pointing and forming a circle around a blob on the screen. “Right there is your baby. You can see their head, and ohh! Look at that, it's a tiny forming foot!”


Your eyes were glued to the screen, watching with wide eyes, and smile as the feathered doctor pointed out more and more. And then captured a little picture. She printed it out, making a few copies that would fit into the pockets of pants.


The ultrasound didn’t last much longer. By the end of it, the doctor was running you through some information: food, supplements, exercise, do’s and do not’s. He didn’t care much of your little conversation with the lively doctor though.


Instead, all the ash blonde’s attention was captured on a small little photograph in his hands. Right there and right in front of him was his kid… and he knew he was grossly unprepared for them.


There were so many things in the life that he lived and that you lived that he was suddenly realizing were not good or would adjust well to having a baby. For one… his job was not one that meant he could guarantee he would be coming home every night.


He was the head sidekick of the agency. Meaning aside from the pro-hero boss, he was the second-highest-ranking, but the one who was out in the field more than his boss. Thus, he came home with way too many bruises to count some nights.


You taught UA students… and he knew from experience how drained Aizawa-sensei had always looked. Was teaching a bunch of arrogant troublemakers really something that would help or hinder you?


The apartment was another issue. He and you had always been the types to spend on vacations and events more than homes and items… but a one-bedroom apartment in a lively city center would not be good for a baby. 


Which meant he’d need to go apartment or worse… house hunting with you. And he knew the nightmare that was. And how the hell would he know what a good neighborhood was? One with a lot of schools? Low crime? Lots of playgrounds and parks nearby? Hell if he knew…?!


If there was one thing he did know though… it was that the life he lived with you right now was nowhere near ready to bring a baby into. He needed to rethink a lot of things, rework a lot of things… and make sure this shitty kid of his would not be brought into a bad home because of his lack of planning.


This would be damn fucking important, and if anyone could manage being a great fucking hero, husband, and dad… it was him. The track record for heroes with families was not good, but he was one to break records. So… he knew he’d do so with this.


First thing was first though… he needed to make sure you were fine. He could care less what it was you needed: vitamins, backrubs, craved foods, or even the weirdest pregnancy symptoms.


He was going to make this work. This was him after all. And everything worked out exactly as he pictured it in the end.


And this baby shit would too.




“You’ve been quiet.” You muttered, putting two cartons of ice cream into the small basket that was holding this week's groceries.


Bakugou shrugged, reaching in and taking one carton back out and onto the shelf, it was previously on. Your eyes watching him with an annoyed hue and your lips into a small pout. He only rolled his, instead reaching for another kind and putting it in. You smiled gently, seeing as, despite the now 200% more ice cream then usually bought, he was still allowing the increase so long as it was a flavor he could stand.


“Still weird to take in.” He spoke, both of you walking along to the next item on the list. 


“I know… it's still weird to me too.” You sighed, watching as he put in twice the amount of hot sauce than usual. “Oh, I bet you’re loving making more spicy meals though… you lucky bastard…”


His lips twitched upwards for a moment before falling back into their usual frown. He was indeed liking how in the past two weeks, you’d let him make every other dinner one with some extra kick to it. But… letting you know that meant he had to admit to something, and he clearly would never do that. So he’d instead ignore your comment and move onto the core subject more.


“Today was… eye-opening.” He spoke, letting his hand rest against a carton of milk. “Like… we got to fucking see our kid today… that was… it was weird. I didn’t even know they existed a month ago, and yet… they’ve been there long enough to develop for us to see them…. And… it kinda just hit.”


He let go of the milk, running a hand through his hair. “I’m gonna be a dad.”


You nodded to him slowly, understanding where he was coming from. You had been thinking about similar things since the end of your appointment. The mere idea coming from a pregnancy test was one thing… but actually seeing the baby growing and developing inside of you was another thing. It really was… a moment of realization.


“Are you scared?” You asked, choice of words not what you had meant.


“I’m not fucking scared of some shit kid inside you…” Bakugou grumbled, roughly grabbing the milk and putting it into the basket.


His eyes caught onto how you adjusted your grip a little more with the extra weight. Without thinking, he pulled the basket out of your grip and into his own. You blinked as he did so, but pushed the thought aside. Instead, listening as he continued on his slightly angry rant from your poor choice of words.


“I just… I don’t fucking know-” He breathed out, walking with you to the supplements aisle to start to grab the pills and vitamins the doctor had told you both to buy. “I guess reality just fucking hit and I have a damn printed reminder in my back pocket of it.”


You giggled lightly. In his own way, he was seemingly trying to tell you that he knew of the reality and what needed to be done more now than in previous weeks. It was as if he was struggling to say he wasn’t ready, but would be. In his own… Bakugou way.


“Well-” You breathed in, taking the supplements that would help you get your much-needed vitamins in more easily. “You look to at least be handling it well.”


“Of fucking course I am, woman!” He tossed some random vitamin tablet pack into the basket, your eyes catching onto the words ‘Calcium Deficiency’. He certainly wasn’t allowing his anger to consume him and leaving his motor skills on autopilot, wasn’t he?


“Speaking of handling things though… when exactly are we letting the baby secret out?”


Bakugou rose a brow, calming down, but only because he looked very confused as to your question.


“The fuck you mean? You know. I know. So who else fucking does?”


You inhaled slowly. It was very much like him to only think of himself and you when it came to these important life decisions. But… this wasn’t simply the two of you trying to decide on a new apartment together. This would be a baby… meaning more people outside of the both of you should be told… or they for sure would figure it out in another month of two as the baby developed more.


“Katsuki… we need to tell other people.” Your tone turned serious and teacher-like, his spine-shivering, knowing this tone was used with him when you were serious and not going to let him talk you out of what you had your mind already set on. “Meaning… your parents, my dad, our friends… and of course both our works so we can apply for paid maternity and paternity leave for when the baby’s due date is close and when they are born.”


He grumbled, staring at the numerous numbers of different vitamins in front of him. Suddenly he turned to you, a determined gleam in his eyes. But, behind every gleam in his eyes, as you had learned after many years, was that it was seven out of ten times, a half-baked idea. He was impulsive at times, and while his ideas always worked… his rushed thinking was not always foolproof.


“Fine… we’ll tell then when you start to fucking show.” He flashed you a deadly smile as if he was the most brilliant man alive.


“I agree.” You nodded to him, grabbing the basket out of his arms and walking off. “Especially since I’m three months along now and will start showing in another couple of weeks. So… you better start rehearsing how to tell your mother.”


Bakugou looked at you with his eye twitching. And as much as he hated thinking you were right… he knew you were. And one way or another… he’d have to cross the social hurdle of telling others he was going to have a baby with you.


If only he wasn’t a walking social deathtrap… then this would be much more manageable for him.

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Ch.5 - Week 16


For once, he really didn’t mind coming into work this Monday morning. The weekend had been long, and full of interactions he did not want to have but knew he needed to have. Time seemed to have been going faster than he realized, as now you had a tiny little baby bump visible. And thus before anyone could guess it with certainty, the last weekend had been spent with countless interactions with family members and friends who would want or needed to know according to you.


He wanted to get the worst of it over first, and thus, it was his parent’s house on Friday night. You had left him in charge of breaking the news to his parents, something he was ready to fight you on, but the mood swings as of late had made your anger worse than his… and thus, he decided to save himself a possible petty argument and instead sucked up that large ego of his.


He, of course, didn’t wait until the right moment, and as soon as his father had asked why the pair of you wanted to come over for dinner so out of the blue… he let the news drop from his lips without batting an eye.


Mitsuki had dropped the drinks in her hands. The glasses of wine shattering as soon as they hit the floor, but lucky her it was over the hardwood floor, so no stains at least. Bakugou waited with held breath to hear what his mother’s reaction to this would be.


After all, his father was polite and would need a moment to collect himself before he congratulated the pair. Masaru had always been easy for Bakugou to read… but his mother was something else. But something in his gut told him that she would be not as polite as his father.


But Mitsuki’s reaction was anything but what Bakugou had expected. Rather, Mitsuki had clapped her hands together, looked up towards the ceiling and looked to be muttering something to herself.


“WHAT FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Bakugou roared, you and Masaru sighing at the usual volume.


“I’m thanking the Gods for continuing to bless me with these gifts.” Mitsuki shot him a look. “You’re damn lucky they not only had a girl fall for your sorry ass and marry you… but now she’s pregnant with whatever demon you gave her.”


“M-Mitsuki!” Masaru had jumped up at that point, seeing as he needed to play the negotiator once more. “How about we don’t insult (Name) and Katsuki right after they tell us the news… especially since we both know how easily emotional you were during your pregnancy…”


Mitsuki seemed to let her small war with her son go, realizing she didn’t want you to think she was unhappy about having a new addition to the family. And thus, after Masaru's words, the night went off without so much of a hitch.


Bakugou couldn’t believe it… were his parents actually happy and accepting of this?


It seemed like it was…


This trend of him thinking people would not support him having a child was broken on Saturday afternoon as well. You had arranged for the pair of you to meet up at a local cafe and tell your father. Bakugou once more thinking of how he might be strangled.


Your father had always been a bit protective of you ever since your mother had left the picture. It took him a good year to even put any faith into your then-boyfriend, always thinking and wanting to prevent more abandonment issues that the ash-blonde might cause.


But with due time… your father started to see how you and Bakugou looked at each other and started to become more open to the idea of allowing the rookie hero to have your heart. And eventually, he willingly let Bakugou ask you to be his wife, though you and Bakugou knew your father’s blessing was not crucial, but nice to have.


However, Bakugou couldn’t be sure of what to make when your father found out this pregnancy was unplanned… as yours had been. He knew you were dealing with it well, but the male knew it would be different for your father. After all… your mother was no longer in the picture because of this.


So who the hell knew how your father would react.


It turned out… it was your father gently placing his cup of coffee down, getting up from his seat and holding his arms open.


“This is wonderful news. Now allow me to hug my daughter and shake the hand of her husband.” He had spoken, a single glimmering tear held in his eyes.


Bakugou couldn’t understand it… how could people be so happy and accepting of this? Shouldn’t people be worried for you? For him? For the kid? It was obvious by looking at him that this was unplanned and his job wasn’t the best career to bring a kid into… so… so why was everyone all smiles and proud expressions?


Was it because the idea of a baby brought this feeling of glee onto people?


That had to be it… as even he was in higher spirits. This weird fucking idea that having a kid made everything in this world two times better was such a shitty thing to make people believe… and he couldn’t understand why no one was worried.


He was… and he knew that was why he needed to go and see his boss today. You were making Aizawa and Nedzu aware of your needed maternity leave in a few months today… and that meant he needed to do the same today.


“Hey man!” Someone spoke from over the little cubicle that was his private space in this office building of a hero agency.


Bakugou looked upwards, seeing two familiar smiling faces. He groaned, turning his head back to his work and pretending that he didn’t see them when he so clearly did.


“Hey! It's not nice to ignore us!” Kaminari shouted, walking over to speak to Bakugou in his area.


“How’s your morning going, Dad-To-Be?” Kirishima chuckled.


“How about you fucking shut it before you tell the entire damn office!” Bakugou whispered harshly, grabbing his friends by their collars and dragging them into his space.


He internally groaned, memories of last night coming back to him as well. Once a month, the former members of Class A would get together. It was a fun small get together for anyone who was free… and the perfect excuse for you and Bakugou to tell all your close friends and trusted allies.


And as luck would have it… all twenty-one of you were there. From Yaoyorozu to Shinsou, and Aoyama to Satou…. All of the people Bakugou knew from high school would be able to cast judgment on him having a kid.


Lucky for him, he didn’t have to say it. You had broken the news after everyone had been served their dinner and drinks. It was dead silent for a passing moment before literally, all Hell broke loose. 


Cheers and excitement came from the back room of the restaurant you all were in. Lots of questions thrown, hugs were given… and of course, a certain electric hero asking you how far along you were… and then realizing it had been around Bakugou’s birthday that the ‘Baby-Making’ had occurred. 


Needless to say, a silence fell upon the happy crowd when Bakugou socked Kaminari in the face for being ‘A disgusting fucking pervert’. But aside from the small little bump, no one spoke any ill words or looked unsure. They all… were supporting the idea of him being a dad and him having a baby with you.


He couldn’t explain why it bothered him… but he felt that in some way… this was too easy. Was no one really going to challenge this new change in his life? Was everyone really fine just going along and not asking any of the serious questions?


He was boggled by the support…


“The fuck are you idiots doing here?” Bakugou growled, knowing that the pair had jobs of their own they needed to head off too.


“Called in to help your boss with something early.” Kirishima told him. “It’s nothing serious, and I’m sure he’ll tell you soon-”


“Ground Zero, please come to the head office immediately.” The intercom rang him.


“Man! He works fast!” Kaminari smiled, he and Kirishima starting to walk off. “Let’s grab a drink sometime this week, Bakubro!”


“He’s got a baby on the way, he might need to be there for (Name).” Kirishima reminded Kaminari.


“Well… if you can make it, let us know!” Kaminari spoke as Bakugou rolled his eyes.


He pushed their sudden visit aside, instead wanting to get of this bottom of this mystery. He soon found himself being waved in by the assistant. His boss’ office was the same as always, and the strong smell of hairspray even to this day made him gag.


“Bakugou. Have a seat.” The blonde hero spoke, turning away from the window overlooking the city and taking a seat at his clear desk.


“Why am I here?” Bakugou asked, Best Jeanist sighing.


“Honestly… over ten years of us being acquainted and you still are as rude as ever… though I suppose according to your two friends, that’s part of your charm, hm?” The elder hero shook his head.


Bakugou rose a brow. “And why were those losers- erm… colleagues in here?”


Best Jeanist cracked a small smile. “Well… knowing you, its best to cut to the chase of things. So I will do so. 


As I’m sure you’re aware… my health has been declining since my encounter with All For One. As it turns out, while I am alive, it's difficult to continue hero work with only one lung. And while I have been able to do so for the last ten years… the last two have been hard. 


And I must apologize to you, Bakugou. As I have been putting you in my place and not giving you to credit or title you deserve for being the face of this agency. And so… I did a lot of thinking this past year, and now I have made a decision on the matter.”


Best Jeanist sighed, looking at Bakugou with a gaze the male couldn’t place. It almost looked… accepting and proud. What exactly had he thought about and considered? And what the Hell had it been to make Best Jeanist give him of all people such a look. It was creeping him out a little bit...


“I plan to retire by the new year… and when I do, I would like to leave my agency in your hands. And from your recent popularity numbers, co-worker opinions, and the thoughts of your friends… they all agree you would be the only choice. So… what do you say? Will you allow me to mentor you one last time and learn how to run an agency of your own?”


Bakugou was speechless…


An agency of his own? What he had wanted and strived to try and get for years now? Literally being inherited to him with sidekicks and space already willing to serve and listen to him? And from the one hero, he was sure hated him years ago…


This was the step he needed to make the top ten, and then snag that number one position.


But… he had a baby on the way. And he… he needed time off to help you.


He closed his eyes, listening as Best Jeanist started to ramble on about something or another about finances. 


But here it was… after so much acceptance and easy sailing… it turned out his first trial as a new parent wouldn’t be overcoming the naysayers that could have been his parents, your father, or your shared group of friends… but instead something much worse.


He would have to pick between his dream and his reality.


A decision… he knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to make.


A decision he didn’t want to make.

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Ch.6 - Week 18


There was a lot he did for the woman he married… a lot of things that made him want to pull his hair out. One such thing being going to a crowded shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon. He was never fond of these places as a teenager, so it really grinded his gears as an adult having to come and possibly be spotted by the public when all he really wanted was a day off with you at home.


But, with you nearly out of your fourth month, it meant it was about time to slowly start buying baby stuff. And today seemed to be nothing but window shopping, but still… he hated having to be out dealing with rude customers and teenagers who acted as if they were the best things in the world.


You’d more than likely call him a hypocrite if you heard his thoughts… but right now, you were too infatuated with whatever you had found in front of you. Bakugou hung back, not wanting to be tempted to buy anything for a small being that he didn’t even know the name of yet. 


Besides, he had better things to worry about besides whether his little brat would prefer an elephant plush or a duck plush. Such as the offer he had been given… and still neglected to tell you about. He finally understood why you had taken so long to tell him about the baby, as he was struggling just as much making a decision himself about this and still had no idea how you would take it.


It had crossed his mind a few times to ask you what your thoughts on it was, but then again, he didn’t want to stress you out. The baby was already starting to cause some outwards symptoms beyond morning sickness and the general back pains. Your food diet, and moods had been the harshest hit this last week, so the last thing he really wanted to do was make you even more stressed then you needed to be. Plus with the second term at UA having just started… you already had twenty children to deal with, so with a baby inside of you… he knew he shouldn’t add another problem to that list.


He’d tell you when he made his own decision. Plus… Best Jeanist gave him a month to think it over. Something about trying one final time to break him of the rash decision-making habit he had. And for once, Bakugou was glad his boss was giving him crap… cause he sure as hell needed that extra time this time.


“Awe! Katsuki! Look! At! This !” Your hand waved excitedly from behind one of the aisles of this maternity store.


He sighed, adjusting the dust mask on his face before walking over to where you were. He had taken this habit of wearing some petty disguise when he didn’t want to be recognized in a crowded place. At some places like the clinic he could care less, seeing as people were too concerned with themselves to notice him, but at a shopping mall where people had nothing better to do… he didn’t want to be spotted an overwhelmed. That’s what happened when you were ranked number seventeen after all…


Thus aside from the dust mask, you could buy online for cheap, he had a cap over his blonde locks, knowing they were the most recognizable part of him. Well… unless you counted the swearing and explosions.


You were dressed much more modestly. Seeing as you were pretty similar to Aizawa. Being not even in the top 100, but happy about it. You’d rather push your name and hero positions towards your students and assist in operations as an undercover hero. So it helped to be slightly unknown. So, all you had done with your attire was wear a baggy sweatshirt of your hubby’s and then throw your hair into a different style the norm. 


“What?” Bakugou asked, voice muffled slightly.


You eagerly pointed to some little bear on the rack, Bakugou’s carmine eyes glancing over to it. His eyes widened slightly, seeing an ash blonde bear decked out in his hero attire staring back at him.


“It’s the bear you!” You cried, a bit too giddy for seeing a literally stuffed toy that resembled him.


“Who fucking approved of this?!” Bakugou hollered grabbing the toy and looking for its tag with all the legal information. “My agent is getting fucking fired.”


“What no!” You hollered, taking the bear from him and holding it close. “This bear is sooo cute! We have to buy it!”


He rose a brow. “Why would you want some cheap knock off when you literally married the real damn thing…”


You shrugged, holding the bear close to you and moving towards the checkout counter. “Cause it's cute and would be a cute present for the baby when they are born.”


He rolled his eyes. “That maternal instinct is kicking in like a penalty kick, huh?”


You ignored him, pressing on further towards the checkout counter as he hung out towards the back. You waited in line patiently, seeming to be in a rather good mood today, especially with what you deemed to be worth 1200 yen.


He wasn’t joking when he said it either, as you had definitely started to suddenly develop all these maternal attributes as of late as well. It seemed the pregnancy had officially started to take over your brain, and slowly but surely you were turning into a mom. 


You were soon by his side again, walking out of the store. Your lips chattering on about wanting to get lunch and how you were craving pizza with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top of it. Bakugou looked truly nauseous at this but knew that if he denied you, the mood swing would strike.


“Sensei?” Someone asked from behind the pair of you ask you were talking.


You both paused, looking at a small group of three girls. One with dark auburn hair and green eyes, another with glittery silver hair and milky white eyes and the final one with spotted skin and reptilian eyes, her black hair tied a bun. 


You smiled towards the girls, motioning for your husband to pay attention. “Ah! Hotaru, Kasumi, and Kameko. Nice running into you all.”


The girls nodded to their homeroom teacher. It was always strange running into your teacher outside of school but then again, their sensei wasn’t even out of her twenties yet, so of course, she would want to spend some time at the mall like the young person she was.


“We didn’t know you went to this mall, Sensei!” The one with the auburn hair spoke, a small flame igniting on the edges of her locks.


“Hotaru… your hair.” The girl with the milky eyes muttered softly.


“O-Oh! Thanks, Kasumi-chan!” Hotaru laughed. “Oh! Is this your husband, sensei?!”


The girl with the spotted skin lightly slapped Hotaru. “Don’t be so blunt with your words! And it's obvious from what he’s wearing that he doesn’t want to be seen… so come on let’s go!”


“Kameko… you’re being rude.” Kasumi muttered.


“I-I just want to respect sensei and her partner’s privacy!” Kameko blushed, pulling her friends away. “We’re going to be late for our movie anyway… come on.”


“Oh, you’re right! Kameko-chan!” Hotaru called, looking back towards her teacher. “Bye-bye sensei! See you on Monday!”


“Make sure to eat something healthy for the baby…” Kasumi muttered one final time before all three girls were out of sight.


You laughed lightly, always entertained by the students you had. And those three were always rather fun to see interact and grow. As you started to walk away with your husband, you could tell he was still processing it, seeing as he had yet to say anything.


“So… you got the chatterbox fire user, the monotone snow-white, and the prickly polka dots.” He sighed. “UA always lets the fucking weirdest people in…”


“Well, they let you in… so I don’t think anything could top that.” You lightly teased. “And those three are really sweet. Hotaru is a little air-headed, but she is loyal to her core. Kasumi may not express herself often, but she’s an expert at stealth training. And Kameko is a natural leader, but at times she struggles to decide whether to be harsh or kind.”


“Sounds like a damn handful…” Bakugou sighed, taking a seat with you at a table out of major view in the food court. 


“I enjoy it though. I do love teaching after all.” You smiled, inhaling the intoxicating scent of various foods. “How about you though? Something’s been on your mind lately, right?”


Bakugou’s mouth fell open. How did you know?! He had thought he was being good about acting as normal as could be for him! You were some kind of fucking witch! Then again… you were a damn esper, so it was close enough. Maybe you were able to read minds after all and had lied to him this entire time… damn woman.


“Katsuki… whatever you’re convincing yourself of… that’s not it.” You shook your head. “I just know you and know, especially among kids, like UA students… you always try to show off a little. So seeing you not even say a word to three of my students who idolize heroes… its clear something is occupying the space your ego is usually in.”


His eye twitched. “Don’t fucking use your damn hormones against me…”


You laughed sweetly. “Then tell me what’s bothering you!”


You were for sure using this to your advantage, but he really couldn’t keep it to himself now when you so clearly had found him out and was asking him to share. But who cared… he would have to have told you eventually, and you might as well give him some opinion since he had been curious what you’d say.


“I got called in to see Best Jeanist last week…” He admitted to you, watching as one of your brows rose.


“Did he fire you finally?” You asked, watching as your husband looked rather shocked by your blunt question.


“No! Why the fuck do you go to that first?!” he shouted, quieting down when he noticed people looking.


“I was kidding, Katsu.” You laughed again, rolling your hand. “Now… tell me what your big bad boss wanted to talk to you about.”


Bakugou inhaled slowly. “He’s going to retire at the end of this year…”


Your eyes widened. “Are you serious? He’s still in the top five! Is it because of his injury during Kamino? What’s going to happen to his agency?”


Bakugou waved a hand, telling you to shut up and listen to him. You did so, and Bakugou continued on.


“Relax woman and let me finish. Yes, he’s retiring because his health is declining and he wants to live peacefully and healthily for as long as he can. As for his agency… well… he wants me to take over, and wants it to become my agency.”


It was out in the open now, so all he had to do now was wait for you to say something… anything.


“Really? That’s great!!” You cried, clapping your hands together. “You’ve always wanted your own agency and now you’re going to have your own! Say hello to the top ten, Ground Zero!”


He blinked. Was your first reaction seriously happiness?


“You’re fine with it?” He asked, hesitant.


You nodded. “Of course I am! I know how much you’ve wanted this since we were fifteen… and I know how hard you’ve worked for it. So. I say go for it!”


He nodded slowly, happy to have your blessing over this matter… but something still felt off. Something… still felt as if he wasn’t making the right decision if he decided to actually go for this new opportunity.


And as his eyes hit the small little bear plush of him sitting beside you… he started to have a little idea why exactly this didn’t feel right to him. 


Even so… he was stuck. Trying to decide between his family or his dream… was a decision he never wanted to make, and feeling as if he needed to right now, was slowly starting to weigh down on him more and more.

Chapter Text

Ch.7 - Week 20


Your husband wasn’t the type to be of few words, or generally quiet for long periods of time. But on the rare occasions where he was silent, it was always because he was deep in thought about something or another. And the last week and a half had been filled with his sudden silence. 


You held out a dish for him to dry, watching as he was absentmindedly drying a dish that had been dry thirty seconds ago. He really was deep in thought today, and like all the other days. No doubt over what he had told you happened at his office… but even so, you would admit that you never expected your gung ho love to be so stuck on making a decision like this.


This was his dream after all… having his own agency and finally breaking out of the top twenty he had been trapped in for the past three years. And with Midoriya and Todoroki nearly catching up to him, the pair in the top thirty, but not top twenty yet… you knew he had a lot on his mind as of late.


You had really tried to talk with him about this, but every time you asked to hear his thoughts or offer your own, he would get a bit defensive on the matter. Which, you didn’t understand why he was getting so defensive over it. Always saying you didn’t need to worry and that he’d make sure to have your back whatever he decided.


And you would also admit that after hearing these words on repeat for the last week and a half… that you were starting to get sick of hearing about him constantly say not to worry when you were not worried and didn’t need him to be your sole protector like you were some fragile little doll.


Yes, you were pregnant. But no, that didn’t mean you still couldn’t kick his ass if he increased these overprotective traits all of a sudden.


What you needed more than anything from your husband right now… was to have him share with you honestly what he wanted to do and why he was having such a hard time making a decision you had assumed he would jump on right away.


“Katsuki.” You spoke, seeing him blink back to reality. “I think that dish is dry… this one isn’t though.”


“Uh… yeah.” He grumbled, taking the wet dish after putting the dry one on the rack.


“Are you still thinking over Jeanist’s offer?” You asked him, shutting off the sink. “I think by now you might be overdoing it. And it’s really unlike you to be so hesitant and not jump on the idea of something like this right away.”


“Don’t fucking stress about it.” He shrugged. “You getting stressed is not going to help you, or the brat.”


He pushed your concern and curiosity for him aside with such ease once more. But this time, it seemed he had done it one step too far. With a rather forceful slam, you placed the sponge on the sink edge and walked off.


Bakugou rose a brow at you, knowing that out of everyone he knew, you were more than patient with anyone and everyone. But he knew even you had a tipping point, and with the increased hormones, it appeared he had pushed your limits tonight.


He finished drying the dish and then set off to find you in the small apartment you both occupied. Not in the bathroom or living room, nor the bedroom, but the sliding glass door to the terrace was open. He found you sitting outside on one of the two seats, looking off into the city lights and passing people.


He took a seat in the other chair, looking at you with a frown. You didn’t look at him, seeming to have decided on the silent treatment as his punishment. He was a bit glad, not wanting to accidentally make you burst into tears. He had never once in his life done that… and he wanted to keep that record.


“Hormones and shit?” He tiptoed lightly.


You turned to him with a quick glare. He forced himself to not react back. Time and age had taught him well that if you were upset with him… it was best to keep his mouth shut and see why you were pissed. As times before when he shot back right away and assumed things… always led to a bigger fight.


“Would you quit that?” You harshly spoke to him. “It’s getting on my nerves…”


“Quit what?!” He called out a little loudly. “All I’m doing is trying to understand how your damn feeling?!”


You rolled your eyes. “A bit hypocritical of you, don’t you think?”


“Huh?” He rose a brow, now really having to strain himself.


“I’ve been trying to see how you were feeling all week and you kept pushing me aside… and now suddenly when I don’t want to talk, you’re lecturing me on opening up! You can’t have it only your way, Katsuki!”


He inhaled slowly, pinching his temple. He needed to take a few moments to  … he needed to calm himself down and then think through this rationally. It was almost laughable… seeing as the twenty-eight-year-old him actually had a breathing technique that greatly helped control his nature… something sixteen-year-old him would have called ‘ utter bullshit ’. Once he felt fine enough to look at you again without wanting to yell loud enough for the people on the street to hear, he started talking to you.


“Listen… stress for me and you is different now.” He could see your eyes narrow. “But! If it pisses you off so much, I’ll cool it. But, you gotta fucking calm down if I’m thinking some shit over and need time to think my shit out.”


“It doesn’t help when I see you not acting like yourself though… I want to be your support Katsuki… it's painful to feel like I’m not good enough in your eyes to be trusted…” You sniffled lightly, Bakugou immediately speaking back.


“Where the hell did you get that idea?!” He called out, then inhaled slowly. “You damn know I would leave my entire body without protective gear if you were in a fight with me… cause I know you’d have my back. But… this isn’t a fight, and I fucking can’t stop thinking about… about-”


“Top heroes with families?” You muttered, seeing his eyes go wide.


“Yeah… less ranking heroes with kids seem to have a better track record. ‘Sides… I don’t want to end up neglecting you or the kid or worse cause work ends up consuming my life.” He admitted, voice soft and almost nervous.


“Katsu.” You sighed, reaching over gently and stroking his locks. “You know you have a terrible habit of defying all expectations of you and the stereotype you have, right?”


“Yeah… I fucking now. Everyone thought I’d turn out to be a damn villain, but look at me now.” Despite what should have been a prideful moment, he looked upset.


“You know-” You paused to laugh, wiping away one tear. “When we started dating… I was really nervous. Not because I didn’t like you, or because I thought you were a bad guy… but because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about being someone’s number two. At UA, you made it clear nearly every day that being a top hero was your ultimate goal and no other aspiration would top it… so I assumed us dating wouldn’t either.”


“Are you seri-” He started, only to stop when you held your hand up.


“Let me finish before you go off.” You laughed gently. “But… despite my initial concerns… you showed me that, while you still strived to be a top hero… I wasn’t in some sort of position under it.  Rather, I realized that to you, assigning numbered roles wasn’t how you operated.


You made me realize that you are not only a great multitasker… but someone who always has his own thoughts and best interests always on his mind… and when we started dating… mine was there as well. So… I know whatever you decide to do, it’ll be the best for me, you, and the baby.”


He nodded slowly, knowing that it was time to make a decision… and tell Best Jeanist what he decided. Especially since the month period that the elder pro-hero had given him was nearly over now.




The elder blonde hero looked at his head sidekick and hopefully soon-to-be inheritor of his agency with a raised brow. Bakugou looked back at him, not saying a word, but having a feeling that this… this strange piece of attire on him was most certainly going to be brought up. And it was right away, as Jeanist couldn’t get past it.


“A tie?” He rose a brow. “Since when do you wear a tie?”


Bakugou indeed done a first at his office. Usually, on days where he isn’t assigned on fieldwork or on patrol, he’d wear some sort of business casual attire, when compared to the rest of his colleagues who were wearing suits and ties. But today… he was in a suit and a tie.


“Cause I got something fucking to say and I know you listen better if I look ‘professional’.” He sneered, Jeanist rolling his eyes, but motioning for Bakugou to carry on.


“Well then… I’ve waited a month for your answer. So I’d love to hear what it is and why it involved this… tie and suit.”


“Things are fucking changing a lot for me, and I think people damn expect me to change along with it… you know, take over this damn place and run it exactly like you… act exactly like you… and even fucking dress as nicely as you. But… that’s not me. And I don’t want to run an agency where it's not me.”


Bakugou loosened the tie on his neck but didn’t remove it. Jeanist rose a brow at this, seeing as the rowdy sixteen-year-old who once nearly blew him up for touching his hair… was strangely keeping the tie on.


“But… sometimes I have to fucking change. For the better of my colleagues, for the public, for my family and friends… for my wife… and for… for our baby.”


Jeanist inhaled slowly, closing his eyes. Bakugou watched in silence, knowing this must have come as a shock. So when Best Jeanist instead cracked a smile and let out a laugh, he was lost.


“I was wondering when you would tell me.” The pro-hero smirked, turning his computer monitor on his desk for Bakugou’s carmine eyes to gaze upon. “It’s been very popular on social media after all… the number seventeen pro-hero Ground Zero and his spouse, the underground UA teaching Pro-Hero Kazarashi… at a maternity store buying clothes, it's quite the trendsetter.”


Bakugou’s eye twitched. “You fucking knew?!”


“Of course. I keep close tabs on all my sidekicks to make sure they are upholding this agency’s name, as I’m sure you will as well.” Best Jeanist continued on. “Now… this little display was your way of saying you’ll let me show you the ropes, but you want to make it your own, correct?”


Bakugou shrugged, still a bit angry that he could have gotten his paternity leave handled already. “Yeah… I guess.”


Best Jeanist nodded. “Wonderful, I have already started reorganizing your schedule. Your time in the field and on patrol will be halved. Starting next Monday you will attend meetings with me as well as learn hands-on how to run this agency. It’ll be a lot of meticulous work… but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it quickly.”


“Are my hours going to be extended?” The ash-blonde asked, knowing he couldn’t do that.


“No. Instead you may come in one hour later and leave one hour earlier. Expect a pay raise starting next month. Your paternity leave begins on month eight and runs all the way until your child is nearly two years old. Of course, you can stay longer or come back sooner. But… since you’re so determined to grow… make sure to ask your wife first.”


“Wait? Are you fucking serious?!” He cried, jumping out of his seat.


“Very.” Best Jeanist spoke. “It’s my belief not only as a hero but as a moral standing person that mothers and fathers should have as much time with their infants as possible. Plus… the agency work is time-consuming, but not hard. So if you have a doctor’s appointment you wish to attend with your wife, then tell me the day before and I will plan accordingly.”


Bakugou nodded, then reached his hand toward his boss. Best Jeanist looked at him with a raised brow and then chuckled lightly. He took hold of Bakugou’s hand, shaking it lightly.


“Now… get out of that suit and stop acting so strange… it's weird.” Best Jeanist spoke, waving the male out.


Bakugou couldn’t help but for once listen to his boss.

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Ch.8 - Week 22


You sighed heavily, sinking a bit into your seat in the teacher’s office. This morning was tough, with the cultural festival coming up, your students were rowdier than usual. Thus it was hard to even get through the lesson plans today. Not the mention the growing questions about your personal life. Ever since you had told your students about your pregnancy the line that had never been crossed in the first half of the year at UA for your first years had been crossed numerous times. That line being the divide between your professional and private lives. 


You preferred to keep them separate, but as of late, it was getting harder to do so with the pregnancy starting to kick into full swing. From questions about due dates, whether the baby was a boy or a girl at birth, or how you were feeling that day, you were conflicted. On one hand, you appreciate your student's curiosity and kindness, but on the other hand, you feared becoming more of a friend in their eyes and not the teaching mentor you were supposed to be.


Maybe you should ask your own former teacher how he managed to do it… but then again, Aizawa was never pregnant and still attempted to teach. Either way, you had an issue on your hands and needed to find a way to solve it. 


Lucky for you, UA always supplied you with some sort of support system. This time being the teacher of class 1-B, who happened to be a former classmate of yours. She had noticed your melancholy and took a seat down next to you, smiling gently.


“Is everything okay?” The dark-haired female asked, seeing as you hadn’t even had your morning tea yet.


You nodded towards her. “Everything’s fine Momo. Just a bit torn between letting my students know more about my personal life since they’ve been asking and risk the student-teacher relationship we have… or keep it to myself and possibly make them seek it out on their own… which I don’t want.”


Momo smiled gently. “I’m sure whatever you decide will work out just fine. Your first class is quite kind.”


“Your own class isn’t as bad. Oh! Are we still planning to mix them up and face off against our old classmates for their final?” Your teacher mode kicked on, Momo’s as well.


“Yes. I’ve heard back from nearly everyone. So it seems like a lot of them are able to attend. We just need to hear back from Uraraka-san, Midoriya-san, and well…. Bakugou-san.” She chuckled lightly, knowing your husband had a bad habit of not replying until the last minute on things.


“Well… usually, I would scold him for his lack of punctuality in getting back to old friends… but he actually has an excuse this time.” You motioned Momo in closer. “It’s still up in the air, but yesterday he agreed to take over for Best Jeanist by the end of the year, so… he might be having his own agency soon!”


Momo clapped her hands together. “Oh, wonderful! It's about time. And as always… before Midoriya-san and Shouto. Though, not by much… as both seem to also be considering starting their own in the next year or so.”


“So long as he’s ahead, Katsuki will be happy.” You laughed lightly. “Though… he did make a big deal of not doing it if I thought the baby would need him more. But I know Katsuki… and I know he can handle it all. That’s just who he is.”


Momo nodded eagerly. “Yes yes! Bakugou-san has always been like that! Neither of you have anything to worry about! And if you suddenly do, myself and everyone else from the old Class A will be here to help!”


You let out a content sigh at her words, mouth opening to speak before the door to the teacher’s room opened. A girl with spotted skin and reptilian eyes, her black hair tied into twin buns looking at the pair of teachers.


“Sorry for the interruption Bakugou-sensei and Todoroki-sensei! But Uravity-san is here!” Kameko stepped aside after having shown the brown-haired hero to the teacher’s room.


“Thank you, Kameko.” You spoke to her, the girl nodding and running off back to her English class with Present Mic. Once the door was closed, you looked towards Uraraka. “Did you forget where the teacher’s room was, Ochaco?”


Uraraka rubbed her locks slightly, rather embarrassed. “No… I was so caught up in my thoughts on what to do and say during my guest appearance today for rescue training that… I ended up walking to class 1-A. Looks like the old motor skills are still there.”


The three of you shared a laugh, Uraraka coming to sit and join the pair of you while your classes had their regular academic lessons for this period. Uraraka looked a bit lost in thought though, seeing as even while you and Momo started to run her through what Thirteen wanted, she wasn’t paying attention.


“Uraraka-san…?” Momo asked her, reaching out and lightly touching the anti-gravity hero’s shoulder.


“Huh?” Uraraka blinked. “S-sorry… guess I’m a bit spacey today.”


“Is everything okay?” You inquired, slight worry filling for one of your closest friends.


“Yes… and no.” She admitted, already having that safety net set up with you and Momo after having known each other for over ten years at this point.


“You can tell us if it’ll help… but if not, we won’t push you to tell us.” Momo comforted the stressed Uraraka.


Uraraka inhaled sharply. “It’s eating me away though… so I have to tell someone! So… I knew telling both of you today would be the best choice. And then I was planning on calling Tsuyu-chan later today… and Izuku said he was fine with me telling people. Though… he said it while he was crying… so I have no idea if he meant it or not! Plus he-”


“Ochaco!” You snapped her back to reality. “How about starting off with telling us what’s happening first… you’re freaking me out…”


Uraraka nodded slowly, twiddling her thumbs. “So… yesterday… Izuku and I were on a mission. We ended up getting into a fight with a pretty strong villain, and I ended up in the hospital with some bad injuries-”


“Are you okay?!” You shouted, spooked for your friend and have not known this until now.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I had a great doctor and got my broken arm fixed in about an hour. But… you know how my husband is. So… Izuku asked the doctor to give me a check over… everywhere. And well… they found out that…”


Her voice trailed off, unable to finish the sentence, but too bad for Uraraka, the female hero had put her teaching companions on the edges of their seats. And despite her needing a second to put herself together once more, it couldn’t last long thanks in part to the state you and Momo were in.


“The doctor told Izuku and me that I’m pregnant.” Uraraka finally spits it out.


It was silent a moment, you and Momo letting it sink in. Only to then suddenly sweep Uraraka into a deep embrace from both of you at the same time. Uraraka was taken off guard by the sudden hug, but soon was returning the embrace happily, glad to have the support of her friends.


After a few squeals and happy swaying, the three of you collected yourselves once more, wanting to hear more.


“It was hard to explain how Izuku and I are legally married… but that I don’t have his last name…” Uraraka sighed.


“I mean… it wouldn’t make sense to be the Anti-Gravity Hero, Uravity if your name isn’t Uraraka anymore… plus Midoriya didn’t mind. He supported you, the big hero nerd he is..” You chuckled, resting your hands on your own enlarged stomach.


“But thank goodness you are aware now.” Momo sighed. “Did you not have any sighs?”


“No, I didn’t… despite that, I'm two months along.” Uraraka let out a deep sigh. “So compared to (Name)-chan who looked sick those months ago, I really had no idea.”


“I’m jealous… your pregnancy is already nicer than mine. But then again, it makes sense looking at who the fathers are.” Your eye twitched slightly, knowing that a Bakubaby would be a bit rougher than a Midoriya Baby.


“So… have you told anyone else?” Momo asked and Uraraka shook her head.


“We’re telling our parents tonight since they were coming over anyway… but, I wanted to tell you both before your partners… because Izuku is a bit worried.” Uraraka admitted.


You and Momo exchanged glances. Both of you speaking the same four words at the same time. “What do you mean?”


“Izuku… as usual is overly stressed out, that since he’s expecting now… Bakugou-kun and Todoroki-kun will take it as some kind of declaration.” Uraraka inhaled, looking to be fighting back an emotional overflow. “But… we both talked about it, and we don’t want our child to have the relationship that he has with Bakugou-kun and Todoroki-kun!”


“Uraraka-san…” Momo sniffled with her, feeling for her.


You were already in tears, the hormones strong when your friend was already sharing her inner conflicts and feelings with you. As you and Momo started to break down, Uraraka continued.


“Izuku wants our kid and yours and Bakugou-kun’s to be good friends… and if you and Todoroki-kun have a baby then them too. None of this half-friends, half-rivals things… just friends who push one another to be the best… like how we girls were. Because in the long run, it helped us girls more than the boys for the longest time. So… he asked me to ask you both if you thought this was possible. Because neither of us really wants this baby thing to become some sort of competition…”


“Of course.” Momo nodded. “I’m not even pregnant but I’m sure whenever Shouto and I get to that point… and if we do… he’ll want the same thing. After all, he knows how hard it is to grow up without any close friends, so I doubt he’d want his own baby to have the same….”


You thought it over for a moment, calming yourself down while you did so. It wasn’t like you to be over-emotional, but this little thing inside of you was sure making it hard to keep your composure. So with a little flick of your quirk, you floated a box of tissues over to you all, a white glow around the object, showing off your ability.


“Thank you, (Name)-san.” Momo spoke, wiping her eyes.


“Thanks.” Uraraka spoke, blowing her nose slightly.


After you had dried your tears on one tissue and wiped your nose with another, you spoke. Mind made up on what you thought your husband would think and knowing that both Uraraka and Momo were waiting for your answer.


“I’ll be honest…” You spoke softly. “I don’t know what Katsuki will think.”


Uraraka and Momo nodded slowly, knowing this was definitely an option with the man you had married. Bakugou, even as a twenty-eight-year-old was unpredictable… but now, they all at least knew he was positive most of the time.


“While it's true that most of the bad blood between Katsuki and Midoriya has faded and I don’t think you two having a baby would start it up again… you know how he is. He’ll accuse Midoriya of copying him and will give him a hard time before finally accepting it… but, I think… he might actually be happy about his kid having a possible friend with parents he at least knows his baby will be safe with.”


“Oh?” Uraraka blinked, looking at you with a curious, and slightly mischievous smile. “Has Bakugou suddenly started to turn into a protective father?”


You nodded slowly, shocking her. “He… he said he’d be willing to give up getting his own hero agency if the baby and I needed him more.”


“Bakugou?!” Uraraka harshly whispered. “The Bakugou Katsuki! The guy who called us all nerds in high school despite how good his grades were?!”


You chuckled, nodding along with her. “Yeah… I think this entire pregnancy thing has really started pushing him to mature more… and, so, I think when it comes down to it… he’ll want his baby to be happy. So… he’ll consider anything that might make them happy. So, I think you and Midoriya’s baby has a good chance of becoming good friends with ours.”


Uraraka seemed settled, Momo was smiling gently as usual, and you happily inhaled a breath of fresh air. Growing up was something that naturally happened… but from what you had learned… times like these, really made one want to grow up faster. For the sake of not only themselves but for those they care about as well.

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Ch.9 - Week 24


“Awe!” You squeaked gently, squeezing your husband’s hand slightly. “It’s always so cold!”


Your doctor laughed slightly, smearing the gel further onto your stomach. “Well… we do have to keep it slightly cold. So my apologies for the sudden drop in temperature on your stomach.”


You shake your head. “It’s fine. Don’t worry.”


Your feather-eared doctor nodded, continuing to get the process set up for your ultrasound. Apparently, since you had hit the six month mark now… it was time for another ultrasound and seeing if your baby was developing along properly.


“Today I just want to check on a few things.” Your doctor started, starting to scan for the small being inside of you. “Oh. That reminds me. I can give you both an accurate gender reading today if you’d like.”


You blinked, looking towards Bakugou who seemed to be looking at the screen with a set gaze. Almost as if he wanted to spot the baby before the doctor could. As usual, he was determined to be the best at whatever it was he was currently doing.


Even so, it was strange to see him acting so silent and thoughtful. Not to say he never was, but it was becoming a lot more present as of late. Maybe it was the fact that in three months from now, he’d be a dad. Or that he and Best Jeanist were working hard and starting to sign legal paperwork to turn the agency over to him. Or maybe… it was because the idea that childhood and adolescence were over now had made him want to be more mature and act like it.


You couldn’t know for sure. But what you did know, was that your husband was definitely trying out this ‘patience’ thing a lot more. Especially since he was about to have a little baby to raise and didn’t want to continually blow up at them over small things.


He had also made large feats in this new way of thinking, ones you didn’t even expect him to tackle so soon. But this was your husband… if he didn’t take out the biggest challenges first, something was wrong with him.


As such, you had witnessed this new way of thinking first hand when he found out about Uraraka’s pregnancy last week. He had seemed to take the news of a ‘Deku Baby’, as he put it, with a much better reaction than you thought he would. Uraraka and Midoriya had come over for dinner, and told him. As well as their hopeful plans to have your kids grow up as close friends.


He only snorted slightly, shaking his head. You could see Midoriya and Uraraka holding their breath, not sure what to make of this. But then again, they didn’t expect him to kinda laugh.


“Fucking copycat…” Bakugou had said. “Still trying to surpassing me on everything I do huh? Gonna die your hair the same shade as mine next, you damn nerd?”


And then to everyone’s relief, he didn’t say anything negative on the matter. Only asking when to expect the ‘next Deku’ to be here. He tried to cover it as him wanting to know how much longer this world only had ‘one Deku’ to deal with… but you could tell. 


Part of him, maybe a part he didn’t realize… was relieved to have someone he could trust also in the same boat. For better or for worse… Bakugou was still unsure of  himself as a parent, so at least, the support net was growing slightly.


Even if it had been damn Deku and Round Face who had suddenly joined in.


The rest of the week had gone well. He was working hard and adjusting to his new hours and duties… but was always home right when you were and helped make dinner. In the past, he was out an hour before you were and home right as dinner was done. So you were enjoying having someone helping you make dinner and having breakfast served to you warm, rather than having to warm up what he made you.


And now, as promised by Best Jeanist… he had the afternoon off to take you to your ultrasound appointment. He worked in the morning on this Saturday, but now he was free the rest of the day to deal with any and all pregnancy and baby shit.


“I don’t care…” He breathed out, turning to look at you. “You wanna know what the hell we’re having?”


You shrugged. “I’ve always liked surprises…”


“Alright then.” Your doctor laughed. “Looks like we’re gonna wait until the birth to know.”


You were giddy, and Bakugou could tell from how you squeezed his hand slightly. He rolled his eyes, looking at the little colorful charts on the walls as you and the doctor started talking about the images of the baby on the screen and how many prints you wanted this time.


He blinked, realizing something suddenly. Snapping his fingers in a slightly rude fashion, he got the attention of both you and your doctor once more. You gave him a confused look, wondering what was so urgent right now. Your doctor hummed, seeing as this was the first time your husband wasn’t calm and aloof in her presence.


“When’s the fucking due date?”


“In three months?” You answered, raising a brow.


“I mean like the actual projected date!” He spoke and noticed you laughing slightly. “What’s so damn funny, woman?!”


“Someone’s eager.” You spoke with a smirk.


“Someone has to fucking ask for time off work soon… and his boss needs a possible date…” The ash blonde’s eyes twitched.


“Oh… I should probably do the same for Nedzu then.” Your face lit up suddenly. “Oh I forgot to tell you! But Iida-kun is going to take over for the few weeks I’m off on maternity leave! How great is that!”


“Four Eyes? Seriously?” Bakugou inhaled sharply. “Those poor delinquents of yours are going to be nagged to the point of insanity like we all were when we were at UA…”


“Oh be nice to Iida-kun! He did always have higher grades than you…” You spoke coily.


“And you… idiot.” Bakugou clicked his tongue.


“As interesting as it is to hear about the school lives of two pro-heroes and what their grades were… would now be an okay time to interrupt and give you both the answer to your question about the expected due date?”


You and Bakugou blinked, seeming to have just now remembered where you both were at this moment. At the clinic, getting and ultrasound by your amazing doctor, and also making light convo she was sure to laugh about later. Parents or expecting couples… must give her plenty of entertainment during the stages of a first pregnancy.


“So… when’s the brat gonna arrive?” Bakugou got right back onto the subject.


“I think the most logical date would be around Mid to Late January. Particularly around the twentieth.” She spoke, beginning to write a few things down on the clipboard. “Now onto the new supplements I’d like you to start taking.”


“Noo…” You whined, already sick of taking so many pills and vitamins to help with the baby and baby symptoms.


“Shut up and listen.” Your husband told you, causing you to turn and stick your tongue out at him.


Your doctor chuckled lightly, knowing that the pair of you were certainly one of her favorite patients at the current moment. And she was always eager to witness how you  both interacted, especially since it was always nice to see that the people sworn to protect society… were as human and normal as someone else in this situation as the both of you.




You sat down on the couch with a long sigh, happy to finally relax after such a long journey back. Bakugou had ended up paying for a taxi, not wanting to strain you with a long ride on the subway. You didn’t complain, seeing as you were plenty happy with not being on your feet. But now you were home and could relax a little bit.


“Katsuki…” You grumbled. “Can we order pizza tonight?”


“I was going to make curry.” He spoke, already starting to gather the ingredients from  where he had put them in the kitchen. “So we’re having curry.”


“Nooo…” You whined. “The baby and I want pizza.”


“The brat inside of you will be happy as long as you eat. And you need something more than greasy fucking pizza.” He spoke, the burner turned on and a pan being up on it.


You huffed, knowing that when he started cooking… it meant the option to eat out was no longer even on the table. So, looks like it was curry tonight. Not that you minded, seeing as the man you married was quite skilled in cooking. Not so much baking, but that’s why you were always the one to bake.


You started to look through the local programs to see what was on, the remote in your hands held with a gently touch. It would be quite easy to fall should something catch you off guard, and when it did, you had to fumble with the remote in the air to make sure it didn’t hit you.


When you had been spooked, you had made a small gasp, and right away the burner has been turned off and suddenly your husband was marching into the living room to see you. 


“What happened?!” He called, standing in front of the couch and looking as if someone was about to jump out of the closest and attack at this moment.


“K-Katsuki calm down! Its fine! I’m fine!” You chuckled a little bit, feeling yourself calm down slightly. “I just… I just felt and baby kick for the first time is all…”


He blinked, carmine eyes going from scanning the room on protective mode to now looking at you with wide and shocked expressions in them.


“S-seriously!?” He was at a loss.


“Yup… looks like she’s kicking already.” You laughed gently, putting your hands on your stomach.


A moment pause before your husband spoke again.


“She?” He rose a brow to you.


“Yes. She.” You nodded to him. “I think we’re having a girl.”


Bakugou snorted, shaking his head at you. “A girl? Me? Have a daughter. No way in fucking Hell. I’m gonna have a son.” 


“Katsuki… don’t make it sound like you’re a sexist…”


“I’m not!” He fumed. “I’m just saying that unlike you, who’s fucking wrong, I think we’re having a boy.”


You hummed, raising a brow. “Well… I am the one carrying the baby. So I think I’d be able to tell more than you…”


“I’m the one who got you fucking pregnant though! And if you think I’m capable of having a girl… you married the wrong person.” He spoke to you as if this was some sort of science.


“Katsuki, you’re just as capable of having a girl as anyone. You’re just afraid of raising a daughter cause you’re you. You forget though that she will be your daughter… and she’ll want to fight. I mean… she did just kick me.”


“Don’t fucking use your quirk on me, woman!”


“I’m not a mind reader for the last time…” You sighed, wondering if he would ever understand what an esper was and was not. “I’m just good at reading… you.”


He scoffed. “It’s gonna be a boy.”


“Well then… if you wanted to know so bad… you should have asked earlier. But now I guess we’ll just have to wait.” You exhaled slowly, Katsuki noticing as your lips turned into a smirk. “And besides… if we have a boy, you’ll match with Midoriya.”


“What? He’s having a fucking boy…” Bakugou’s eye twitched. “Wait! How the hell do they know! Round Face is only three months along!”


“They asked the first chance they got.” You hummed and then pointed to the kitchen. “Now cook for me and your daughter . We’re hungry.”


“You’re lucky I’m cooking for your needy ass at all…” He grumbled and walked away. “And I’m only cooking for my son tonight!”


You rolled your eyes, knowing he’d be proven wrong soon. Until then… you would let him continue to act on his own gut instinct versus your maternal instinct. After all, it was rare for Bakugou Katsuki to be wrong, but you had a feeling he would be on this.

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Ch.10 - Week 26


(AN- Series will from now on be updated on Wednesdays)


The chatter in the classroom was as it usually was, from a few students asking about upcoming assignments among friends to rivals challenging one another to all sorts of competitions when the next hero training would occur, you usually enjoyed hearing it all. However, today it seemed anything but peaceful happiness was on your mind. 


It seems that aside from the general pregnancy symptoms… you had also started the habit of forgetting things much more often than you used to. In fact, being an esper had allowed you to grow and develop your mental abilities more than others over the years… but it seemed all that hard work was undone when it came to eating for two. Thus, now you had become a slightly air headed woman.


“Oh….” You whined, seeing as you had indeed forgotten your lunch. “Katsuki is going to kill me…”


Bakugou had a habit of making you breakfast every morning since he usually was out the door first. You would return the favor by making both his and your lunches every day. So… when he did leave for the office today, he would see your lunch still in the fridge next to his. 


Thus by the time, you would get home, you were certain to get an earful from the suddenly overprotective man about your health and that of your baby. But he shouldn’t worry much, seeing as Momo and you could eat at the cafeteria today.


Seeing as five minutes had already passed since class started and you should start homeroom, you turned towards your students. The chatter dying down when you called for their attention.


“Onishi-kun. Sadow-kun.” You motioned to the two boys in the back who were still talking despite everyone else having fallen quiet.


Even despite your persisting, it seemed they either couldn’t hear you or were ignoring you… thus continued speaking about some sort of event the two were trying to attend. You cleared your throat ready to scold them and give them a warning when someone beat you to it.


“Hey! Sensei is talking! Show her some respect you!” Kameko yelled out, her two friends reaching over and trying to calm her down.


“You should be quiet then too, Kameko-chan!” Hotaru eagerly jumped on the case to scold her friend.


“Let’s all just be quiet…” Kasumi tried to be the calming force, but even her usual easiness wasn’t enough to control the situation.


Of course, now with five people all talking, everyone else started to do it as well. You internally groaned, seeing how your spaciness had caused such a disruption today. You needed to get things under control and soon though, seeing as there were some big announcements from Nedzu and about the cultural festival and among other things.


“Students!” You called out, clapping your hands together, all of them looking at you slightly.


You had no idea what had gotten into most of them lately… but slowly, it seemed as if a divide was forming between four groups of five… and now they each were on each other’s throats at anything and everything. And even your little influence wasn’t helping since your own mind was elsewhere.


Either way… this needed to be settled. And a baby on the way or not… these teens were where your attention needed to be first and foremost, and thus they were going to get some rougher, but needed love from you.


“I’m not going to ask twice… either stop your talking and listen to me. Or I will have to bring out my big threats.” You spoke, though internally you didn’t feel as if your threat of a threat had any water to it.


“Oh?” Onishi chuckled. “And what exactly are you going to be threatening us with, sensei ?”


Onishi was… much different than the others in your class. He reminded you of a younger Katsuki in a way… only where Katsuki respected authority… Onishi did not. Otherwise, from the aggressive attitude, drive to win, and dangerous quirk… Onishi was what your husband would have been like should Katsuki have not been a rule follower or respectful towards his elders most of the time.


“Onishi. Feet off the desk once more… and as for my ‘ threat ’ it’s better if you are not aware of it until it’s time to be brought out.”


Onishi chuckled, leaning back in his chair and letting his orange locks fall downwards. Sadow and a few of the other in Onishi’s circle joined in with him, while Kameko’s own group told them off for not being polite.


You inhaled sharply, trying to figure out a way to handle this, noticing how little objects on your desk were starting to float from your quirk unconsciously being used. Something that had not happened since your UA days… meaning you were as stressed right now as when the League of Villains was still a big force in the world and you were fighting for your life.


Turns out dealing with twenty teenagers and carrying a child was indeed a very harsh thing on your mental wellbeing.


“Sensei? Are you okay?” Juba asked from the front row, seeing how you were deteriorating as much as the two clashing groups. “Should I go and get, Todoroki-sensei?”


That’s it !” You called out, the objects around you dropping suddenly from your outburst as the door was swung open with a vicious and crashing echo through the classroom and hallway.


The students were stunned into silence, having never seen their teacher looking so angry with them… but more so that now there was a leg hovering into the classroom from outside. After a moment, the leg lowered and someone walked in.


Ash-blonde hair, scarlet eyes, and the deepest scowl you had ever seen were carried on the features of this male, making the silence deepen as everyone in the room realized right away who this male was. 


“So… trying to act like there’s nothing to fucking worry about, huh?” Katsuki sneered, throwing a hand onto your podium. “On my one day off this week too! And this is the bullshit you’re making me help you deal with, huh?”


The students gulped. Why was Ground Zero here…. And why did he seem so pissed off? Did they hear about what was happening? Was… he … the threat their usually nice and kind teacher had just warned them about.


“If you’re going to be carrying my damn brat… then stop forgetting your mother fucking lunch!” He called out suddenly, holding out a little bento box towards you.


“Ah. Thank you, Katsuki.” You spoke, taking the lunch from him and then laughing awkwardly.


Someone cleared their throat, making the ash-blonde male whip his head around and make eye contact with his wife’s class for the first time. His eyes widened slowly and then he looked back to you.


“You have a class right now?” He asked you, having not seen them when he marched in here.


“It’s homeroom, Katsuki. Same time as it was for us…” You sighed, then looked towards your students. “Everyone, please show your respect towards my husband, Bakugou Katsuki. Or how most of you know him as, Pro-Hero, Ground Zero.”


A moment of silence before all hell broke loose again in your classroom. Only this time, it appeared everyone was on the same page about this development. Kameko and Onishi had risen to their feet and looked at you both with wide eyes. Juba and Hotaru had stars in their eyes, while Kasumi looked pleasantly surprised. Everyone else filled in all sorts of other emotions and reactions.


“Loud fucking bunch…” Bakugou growled, turning his head.


“You and the Ground Zero… are married?!” Onishi cried out loud.


“Holy crap! We saw Ground Zero at the mall and had no idea!!” Kameko was red in the face.


“Wait… is he the father to your baby?!” Hotaru asked, looking thrilled by how her hair had caught on fire again.


You waved everyone down slowly, now finally seeming to have all of their attention. Bakugou waited near the podium with you, seeing how tired you looked. It must have been a hard morning if you looked ready for the day to end when it had not even started yet.


“I assumed you all knew…” You muttered. “Seeing as this was all over social media a few weeks ago… plus, his records and mine… including marriage licenses are available for public access…”


“We assumed those maturity store pictures were fake since you didn’t say anything about it.” Kasumi spoke. “And… none of us want to spend a day looking through marriage certificates…”


“Fair enough.” You shrugged. “Well… seeing as he did decide to drop by… I guess it’s best to answer your questions.”


Bakugou rose a brow at you, but you only waved him off. He rolled his eyes at you but stayed anyway to listen to what you had to say and were going to say.


“Yes, Ground Zero and I are married. And yes… he’s the father to my child.” You finally broke the news to them, a chorus of more reactions coming.


Before anyone could further ask questions though, Bakugou finally looked ready to address your class. He crossed his arms, and looked out among the students with a death glare, silencing them all instantly, and making those who were still out of their seats sit down right away.


“Oi…” He growled lowly. “It’s not fucking gossip hour… so shut the hell up, listen to your damn teacher. Maybe she’ll answer the rest of your questions when it's not class time.”


He turned on his heel and started making his way towards the door, shuffling out as every student watched him with pure admiration for him. He grimaced, seeing as he wasn’t dressed to impress a bunch of brats today…


“Well… thank you for interrupting my class in the first place, Katsuki.” You chuckled softly, noticing him flare up slightly and turn back to you.


“If you didn’t forget your damn lunch I wouldn’t have to!” He called out and you nodded to him with a sternness.


“I’ll make sure I won’t then.” You smiled brightly at him. “Now go and enjoy your day.”


Bakugou did as told, leaving the room a moment later, knowing he had a lunch meeting with Kirishima today. Well… more like both he and the redhead had the day off today and Kirishima was forcing Bakugou into a ‘Manly Men Lunch Meeting’. Thus now that he had dropped off your forgotten lunch, he could worry about dealing with Kirishima at this one.


You hummed gently, shuffling papers and started to read through the announcements for the day now that all seemed to be back in order thanks to Katsuki’s presence. You honestly had not planned for him to show up, but he certainly had helped you wrangle the attention of your students once more.


As you began to read through the sheet though, your students were left in awe, as they had not known exactly who you were married to, and having a child with until now. But it was more than clear now.


After all… they had grown up watching and reading about Ground Zero’s exploits. And to say he was a loose cannon of a hero was one thing, but to say he was a loud, proud, and angry one would be much more on the mark.


So for you to be married to that. Have a child with that. And tease that like it was nothing… truly made your students wonder who you were and how Ground Zero seemed to worry about you and your well being so much that he would show up out of the blue.


Either way… some would have to re-evaluate how they looked at you from here on out… and others… others were more impressed by you and your skills because of this. Either way, you were left clueless, as you only wanted to focus and answer any questions about the final exam in another couple weeks.


After all… you were their teacher. And to you, you worried much more about them all then you currently did about the little baby kicking you rather forcefully like they had been all morning long.

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Ch.11 - Week 29


“Sorry that we couldn’t enjoy dinner in peace…guess with our raising popularity we can’t go in costume anymore.” The red-haired male sighed, scratching at the little amount of stubble he had on his face. “Oh… I should shave soon too now that I feel my face.”


“I don’t know, Kiri.” Kaminari shrugged. “I think you could make a beard work.”


“Really?” Kirishima beamed. “I’ll see. Though… I don’t know how Mina would take it…”


“Kyouka hates facial hair… so I’ve been banned from growing one.” Kaminari sighed, looking upset.


“In her defense… you kinda don’t have the face for it…” Kirishima gently placed the truth down.


“You think so too, Kiri?!” Kaminari sulked, looking to the silent third member of their party. “Do you think so too, Bakugou?!”


“Your face has always looked off…” Bakugou grumbled, staring at the train times and seeing he had another ten minutes with these idiots before it was time to part ways.


As Kaminari questioned his looks, Kirishima seemed to pick up on something brewing inside the ash-blonde male. Kirishima reached his hand out slowly, touching Bakugou’s shoulder. The ash-blonde looked back to where his two ‘ friends ’ were.


“Everything okay?” Kirishima spoke. “You’ve been unusually quiet all night.”


“You didn’t even get pissed off that much when the waiter asked us to leave cause we were causing a stir…” Kaminari pointed out.


“It’s nothing…” He shrugged them off. 


Kaminari and Kirishima exchanged looks and then shrugged. They knew not to force it out of him, and Bakugou had always been capable of handling his own problems. So… they wouldn’t press further.


Soon enough the three males separated ways, each getting on their own trains home. Bakugou thinking towards you and how as of late, you’d seemed… sad. Only hoping it was something to do with the latter half of the pregnancy and not something else you had not informed him of.




You marked another incorrect answer with your red pen, trying to not let it sink deep into you; but your battle with your emotions was failing. You looked down at the pre-exams you had tried to grade before Katsuki got home so you could spend time with him.


But after half of them and seeing how some concepts were being missed constantly by half your class you needed a break. He was out with Kirishima and Kaminari for their ‘Bro-Dinner’ as Kirishima had called it. You sniffled, feeling the build-up of liquid behind your eyes already.


There were some dishes that needed to be washed, and you knew you could do them before going back to this all. As another twenty minutes passed… you ended up in full-blown tears over the stress of your teaching skills and students.


So long as Katsuki didn’t come home and see you this way, you didn’t care. You could cry your eyes out and not worry about him worrying.


And then you heard the front door open.


Panic set in quickly and you threw all the dishes in to soak. Then looked towards your paper mess near the couch. Quickly going over and trying to pick it up, but was much too slow compared to your speed walking husband.


He caught on right away when he saw your face and came over quickly. His eyes wide and lips pushed into a thin line. You knew he hated seeing you cry… but you hated him freaking out over you crying more. Which was why you had taken to getting your emotional spurts over within the hours between when you got off and him.


But today… it seemed dinner must have gotten done early… as he was here an hour before you’d expect him at the earliest.


“Have you been crying?” He spoke as gently as he could, calloused fingers running against your tear-soaked cheeks.


You removed his hands from your face, for once feeling the need to not be touched by him. Bakugou watched with a furrowed brow as you wiped your tears away yourself and tried to console yourself but did so poorly.


“It’s fine, Katsuki.” You muttered. “Just the hormones making everything seem much much worse than it actually is.”


Bakugou frowned, making your eyes well up more. You knew what was happening to you, but you couldn’t control how the only thing you wanted at this moment was to bawl your eyes out and not do anything.


You tried to hide your pained expression from your husband, but it was no good. He gently took your hands and held them in his and looked at you with that hard to read expression of his. Your eyes an ever-flowing cascade of water as he realized how you must have been feeling like this for a while. Part of him wondering… how long you had been crying in the few hours between when you got home and when he did.


“Talk to me, woman.” Bakugou coaxed you, not doing anything aside from moving his hands to run down your head as you pushed into him.


“It’s just a bunch of stupid stuff…” You whined, soaking his shirt with your drops of sadness.


“If it's making you cry, then it's not stupid.” Bakugou sighed, gliding his hand across a certain part of your scalp he had found out long ago would always relax and calm you ever so slightly. “Come on… before I come to my own conclusions and beat up the wrong asshole.”


You chuckled lightly, knowing he had no intention of fighting for you unless you gave the okay, but the thought of him supporting you no matter what was enough of a nice thought that you could feel the tears slowing ever so slightly.


“I’m just worried about my students…” You spoke gently. “Their final exams are coming up… but I won’t be there to help them since my due date is the month before... and while I know Iida is more than capable of making sure they all pass and Momo and everyone else on the staff will be there… I just… I can’t help but worry that-”


“-They’re going to fail?” He finished for you and you nodded slowly.


Bakugou sighed, then shook his head as a little smirk came onto his features. “I don’t see why you’re so worried. Those kids, despite apparently having some petty issues with one another, have been passing fine. You said they all passed their midterm’s right?”


“Yeah. A few of them by the skin of their necks, but they all did.”


“Better than our class. We had four fails.” Bakugou poked your temple. “And we still regard that exhausted zombie as a good teacher, right? So you’re a damn better one if you don’t have any failing your first year teaching.”


“I know that, but what if they need me there and I’m not.” Your lip quivered.


“Then you give the brats some sort of email. That way they can ask you questions directly and you still won’t be working. The baby is gonna need you fucking more in another couple months…. Don’t forget that.”


You frowned slightly, cheeks puffing out. That expression being more than familiar, and every time making the ash-blonde male smirk slightly at how ridiculous your annoyed face was. If he wasn’t so emotionally complicated… he might even call it cute. But then again, he never tended to use those words.


“I know… but I also have twenty other kids who need me just as much…” You grumbled and then placed your head on his shoulder.


Bakugou let out a sigh, slight chuckle thrown into the mix as well. His arms wrapping around you and your arms doing the same to him. He was always so warm and smelled so heavily of caramel after a long day of work. It was a comforting smell and feeling for you. Enough to finally get the waterworks to stop and you to feel better about yourself now.


“All good then?” Bakugou breathed out after a few minutes of silent hugging. “No more emotional breakdowns?”


“Nope. I think I’m okay…” You wiped the last tears away. “Thank you Katsuki… I love you.”


He gave you a smug look. “I fucking know you do, who wouldn’t love me.”


You deadpanned. “I can think of several people currently sitting in jail.”


His face sunk and he flicked your temple. “Don’t be a smart ass for me… the kid’s gonna pick up on it before they’re born.”


“Says the guys who swears every five seconds.”


“Fuck. You.”


You stuck your tongue out at him, and Bakugou clicked his tongue. Internally he was glad to see that the clouds that had been hanging over you were now quickly passing. He didn’t want you to be in any sort of melancholy state so close to the due date in another few weeks.


‘Fuck…’ He thought as he started to think about it more. ‘Her due date is in another ten weeks…’


“Hey.” he turned to you as you were cleaning up your work mess. “Have you eaten yet?”


You blushed heavily. “N-No… I was so absorbed in the pre-exams I forgot…”


Bakugou inhaled and then picked up his phone. “Moron… you’re eating for two. And I’m too tired to cook. So… what do you want, I’ll order you something for delivery.”


“Anything?” You rose a brow at him.


Bkaugou gulped down a bit of his pride. “Yeah… anything you want.”


Your eyes lit up. “R-really?! In that case… I want…”


Bakugou held back the need to tell you to eat something healthier. But you had had a long day and you were the one under more stress right now then he was. Plus, you had put up with him refusing to give in to most of your cravings thus far. So… he could do this for you. It was month seven after all… he could order you this fattening meal.


Soon enough, and after nearly terrifying the restaurant employee on the other side of the line, the meal was placed. You were happily finishing drying a few stray dishes, excited for your nasty cravings meal.


“Alright… they said about forty minutes…” He sulked towards the kitchen.


“I’m excited.” You beamed and then let out a slight groan.


“What now?” Bakugou rose a brow at you. 


“Awe it's nothing…” You laughed. “Just a little sore. I think I might go and take a hot bath.”


“So you’re leaving me to answer the door when your nasty shit arrives?” Bakugou groaned, pinching his temple.


You finished drying the last glass and then came over towards the male with a wide smile on your face. You pecked at his collarbone and chin gently before backing away from him slightly and smiling brightly at him.


“You can do it.” You teased him. “Or would you rather, I go without dinner cause you refused to get my food.”


“You’re lucky I care about that damn kid inside of you…” His eye twitched. “Otherwise I would leave your shitty ass to starve.”


“Mean!” You whined, then quieted down when he reached towards your stomach.


“And you… stop making your mom freak out over all the same things. It's bad for not only her health but yours as well, you little brat.”


“Katsuki… stop calling her a brat.”


“I’m not calling her a brat, I’m calling him a brat.”


“We are not starting this again, Bakugou Katsuki .”


“You were the one to start it, Bakugou (Name) .”


A small thump against your stomach made you stop your lips from giving a possible snarky reply back. Your lips pulling into a small smile, seeing as your little baby was also trying to join in on the argument.


While you were embracing the happiness of the moment, your husband was reeling back in shock. 


“D-Did they just kick?” He asked, looking at you with wide eyes and a strange clueless and shocked look on his face.


You blinked and looked at him with a part in your lips. Your mind clicking to the realization that this was the first time he had been able to feel the baby kicking. Slowly you nodded to him, looking at him with joy in your eyes.


He brought his other hand to your stomach. A moment of pause until another kick came. This time the shock being wiped away by a large smile on his face. It melted soon after that, but you could tell he was still intrigued by this all.


“Holy Hell… that was a fucking strong kick.” He chuckled, looking towards you. “No wonder you’re so sore. I’d be sore too if I was being kicked that harshly all the damn time.”


“Taking after their father already…” You sighed, shaking your head.


“Course they are. I’m fucking great!” He puffed out his chest, taking his hands off you and striking a proud pose.


“Your ego is only going to get worse now… isn’t it?” You whispered under your breath, heading to the bathroom.


“What was that?!” Bakugou shouted after him but was only greeted with you slamming a door in his face.


He shook his head, finally taking a seat on the couch and ready to relax the day away now. Still unable to shake or understand exactly why an action as little as a kick could make him feel so… strange.

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Ch.12 - Week 30

You scrolled down further on the social media feed, this one a private feed only to close friends and relatives. After all, even heroes respected their privacy at times, and you for one liked to know and be updated on the personal lives of your friends. Currently, you were entertaining yourself with Momo’s latest announcement, knowing your husband would love the latest news.


Speaking of the man himself, he looked to be rather satisfied with himself from where he sat at the kitchen table. Two piles of papers near him, and his hand moving quickly as he looked through one filled it out, and then moved along to the other one.


You knew better than to disturb him, seeing as he was always a bit more grumpy than usual if someone bothered him when he was working. Especially if that work was paperwork. You watched as he quickly made a dent in the unlooked over the pile, seeing that he either already was aware of what was on it, or was trying to get done quickly so he could be free of work for the night.


Best Jeanist had been laying on the training and paperwork as of late, trying to get all the work done and handed over to Bakugou before your due date. And despite Jeanist saying he would remain in charge on the surface level, Bakugou would need to start the legal process of handing the agency over into his hands.


Which… required more paperwork and signatures then your husband wanted or cared to fill out. But even so, he was getting through it like a tornado. You were even a little bit impressed yourself, but not envious in the slightest.


Today marked your final working day and from now until somewhere between the first four to eight months after your baby was born… you were on paid maternity leave. You were excited that this was already happening, but still worried about your students.


Lucky for you, it seemed your stand-in teacher had all sorts of plans. Iida never changed it seemed, and it looked like he had one of your former classmates coming in once a week so the kids could not only ask about the hero world but possibly get an internship with some of your former classmates.


You chuckled to yourself slightly, picturing Midoriya or Kirishima trying to act like ‘adults’ but knew that the pair were both big dorks at heart. Midoriya would start eagerly talking and asking what heroes your students liked, and Kirishima… well, he was always boyish and lovable no matter the subject.


Your head pressed against the back of the couch, hearing it squeak slightly as you closed your eyes. Nearly eight months along now… where did the time go? It seemed like just yesterday you had no idea what to do or how to tell the ash-blonde who was the father.


But things were well now and despite the bumps in the road to getting here, you knew it would all work out. 


“Finally!” You heard your husband slam down his pen and then scoot out of his chair.


“Done with Jeanist’s paperwork?” You rose a brow, seeing him shake his head. 


“Got done with that an hour ago.” He smirked, taking the packet of paper he had been filling out like a mad man and handed them to you. “Now I just need a co-signer.”


You blinked, looking over at what exactly he was talking about and then let your jaw hit the ground. You turned to him, unable to speak and instead just pointed to the title of the document.


“You didn’t…” You looked at him in shock.


“I did. And got approved.” He stated proudly. “So… how does an apartment with more than one-bedroom sound? Cause… this one’s got three, an actual deck instead of a small ass sliver of the terrace and there’s a fucking great park down the street.”


You chuckled, looking over the leasing agreement and then pausing when something caught your eye. Bakugou seemed to notice you notice it as well, waiting for you to ask him.


“And… can we afford this new luxury apartment?” You put the papers down on the coffee table in front of you. “After all… we’re about to have a kid and I still like our lifestyle of spending our money on vacations rather then flexes, such as a shiny apartment.”


Bakugou pointed a thumb at himself, the smirk growing wider on his face. “Well, you’re not married to any ordinary hero anymore. You’re married to a hero with his own agency.”


“Oh, so the paperwork went through?” You looked at him smugly. “I thought you said Jeanist wasn’t happy with how you filled it out last week and that’s why you had to redo it the last couple days…”


Bakugou’s smirk dropped. “Just 'cause my name’s not on the damn building or legal records doesn’t mean Best Jeanist hasn’t fucking raised my pay… if fact, I’m making what he’s making and he’s downgraded to my pay.”


“How heroic of Jeanist. Helping out a soon-to-be dad.” You teased lightly, remembering that Katsuki did indeed mention his new paycheck to you. 


But seeing as Katsuki often handled finances, like the paranoid man he was about money, you only ever looked if something was wrong. Your expertise was handling the customer service if and when something was off with the payments or bills.


“So… we can afford it then?” You asked him, twirling the pen in your hands.


“We can afford a mansion if we wanted.” Bakugou smirked. “But I like to be fucking modest with my money.”


“Glad that’s the one thing you can be modest with.” You chuckled, signing your name a few times and then handing the documents over to your husband.


“I can be modest with plenty of shit, woman.” He clicked his tongue.


You rolled your eyes. “Says the guy who wanted to originally call himself ‘ King Explosion Murder ’.”


You could hear him grumbling something under his breath, but you were left to your own little giggles as he went to put the finished leasing agreement into his briefcase. Compressed hero costume on one side, and all sorts of other things, including paperwork, on the other side.


“So, when are we moving in then?” You asked, sensing this to be a sooner rather than a later type thing.


“Next week,” Bakugou spoke. “So… let’s get all the old annoying ass people from UA to help. Save us some money on hiring moving guys.”


“How heroic of you to exploit our friends.” You chuckled. “And how are we going to get them all to come and help us move on such short notice?”


“Same way we always have: food… and booze since we’re all legal to drink now.” he shrugged, seeming to have thought this out.


“Works for me, so long as I’m not drinking or lifting anything heavy. Or Uraraka either.” You spoke remembering something important you had wanted to show him, getting up and coming over to him. “Oh, by the way. Look what Momo posted.”


“Hmm?” He gave you a strange look, as you usually didn’t push him into whatever the woman who married Half-and-Half was up to. “Why?”


“Just look.” You spoke, looking at the screen once more yourself.


Bakugou shrugged, looking at the device. He could see Ponytail and the Half-and-Half, accompanied by Deku and Round Face. Round Face’s baby bump more prominent now than it had been before, but she was around month four or five now… wasn’t she?


“I don’t know why the hell I’m looking at this.” Bakugou spoke, and you sighed.


“For the love of All Might…” You took two fingers and zoomed in to a certain part of the screen. “Does that help your selective blindness?”


He shot you a dirty look before glancing back down at the picture. You had zoomed in on a banner in the background, Bakugou’s eyes widening as he saw what was printed on the banner.


“Parenting classes?” He growled, then looked at you. “Is Ponytail fucking pregnant?!”


“Yes. One month.” You nodded, ready to say something positive when you noticed your husband’s face. “Katsuki stop… you’re going to scare the baby.”


“We don’t have a baby yet, woman!” He scolded you, and then looked back towards the phone.


“Those fucks think they’re better dads than me cause they went to some shitty classes huh?” He venomed. “Well, I’m gonna be the best fucking dad… and they’ll feel so fucking inadequate.”


“Katsuki.” Your voice was stern, the mere tone of it making a shiver run up his spine.


“W-what?” He gulped when he saw how you looked at him with pure disgust.


“Remember what you said you wouldn’t do when I told you Uraraka was pregnant?” You rose a brow at him, your husband sure you were keen to blow at any moment should he say the wrong thing.


“Yeah, I know… and our kid can have another damn friend if they want…” He smirked darkly. “All I know is that since these two nerds can’t surpass me in-hero ranking… they’re gonna try to be better dads than me. I’d like to see ‘em try.”


You sighed, seeing as this wasn’t him acting upon his ego, but rather him acting on his desire to be the best. Two closely related things, but if it had been ego… he wouldn’t look so impassioned on making this a somewhat friendly competition.


As long as you, Uraraka, and Momo all got your wishes of letting your kids grow up to be friends… then the dads could have their petty ‘I’m better and will surpass you’ competition as they did in high school. So long as the kids were kept out of it and happy… you knew you wouldn’t have to scold your competitive husband much.


“I guess baby fevers an actual fucking thing…” Bakugou muttered, giving you your phone back. “Glad I’m not the damn copycat though.”


“I wouldn’t call getting me accidentally pregnant a ‘positive’ in any sense…” You sighed and then continued to speak before Bakugou possibly blew up. “But… for what it’s worth, which is a lot for me… I’m glad we got pregnant when we did. Plus… you’ve really taken up the role, Katsuki. I’m proud of you.”


You went on your tiptoes as best you could, reaching up towards your husband and placing a sweet kiss on both of his blossoming cheeks before landing back on the balls of your feet and smiling brightly towards him.


“You’re gonna be a good dad.” You spoke sincerely, voice soft and kind. “I know you will.”


“Pregnancy brain is making you act all weird again.” Bakugou spoke, though his words were spoken in an embarrassed tone. “Can’t wait until the brat is born and you’re back to your normal weird-ass self…”


“Well, since I am being weird according to you… then I guess that’s why I want us to sign up for those parenting classes as well.” You smirked, knowing his answer for this before you even said it.


“Like I’d be caught in one of those annoying ass classes that teach you how to stop a little brat from crying…” He clicked his tongue. “I’ll be the damn best dad, and no class can prepare me for anything I already fucking know.”


You chuckled lightly, having a feeling he was having trouble processing and accepting the sweet display you had just given him. And while you had caught him several times something he didn’t want you to see for his ego’s sake, you knew better than to tease him on the matter.


After all, the parenting books that are hidden under his side of the bed you had seen accidentally while cleaning one day when he was on patrol was more than enough for you to know you didn’t need to force him into classes.


He had been preparing as much as you had. And now… it seemed the final countdown was finally here. One month to go… until you both could officially earn the title of ‘ Parents ’.

Chapter Text

Ch.13 - Week 31


If there was anything Bakugou Katsuki had underestimated about this plan, it was the fact that he had miscalculated the level of care the people he recruited to help him move would treat his stuff with.


Some were lifting and carrying in boxes with too much care, while others were not doing so with any reasonable care. And the ash-blonde was about ready to hold the promise of pizza, snacks, dessert, and beer hostage if anything was broken.


“Here’s another one, boss man!” Kaminari called, slamming a box labeled as ‘fragile’ onto the new counter space. “Off to grab another one!”


“Be fucking careful with my shit!” Bakugou hollered after the other blonde, throwing a pen at his back.


“Where should I put this?” Tsuyu asked, holding out a smaller box, but one full with precious keepsakes.


“Bedroom.” Bakugou pointed to his and your new bedroom, the frog girl walking off to do so.


As Bakugou was about to head back out and help Kirishima carry in the couch, he was met by another headache. This time in the image of Uraraka walking in while holding lots of strings. Attached to them were various boxes she had made float, as if they were balloons.


“Are you serious?!” Bakugou roared, trying to snatch the boxes out of mid-air but only grabbing a couple. “Don’t use your quirk when your pregnant!”


Uraraka shrugged, starting to slowly descend the boxes down, her learned skill of adding or decreasing her zero gravity making it much easier to control the objects she touched. And soon, all the floating objects were on the floor.


“You know there’s nothing wrong with using quirks when pregnant right, Bakugou-kun?” Uraraka tapped her foot. “In fact, most medical professionals say there is no correlation or causation of birth issues if the mother uses her quirk during pregnancy. So stop believing that old wives’ tale!”


She turned around and headed out before Bakugou had a chance to snark back. As Uraraka shuffled out, you made it inside. You rose a brow, looking towards your husband who looked to be trying to figure out how and why Round Face of all people spoke to him with slight malice.


“Be nice to Uraraka today… Midoriya said her symptoms have been really severe at night and in the early morning…” You told him, knowing how difficult the second trimester could be for some women and poor Uraraka seemed to be one of them.


Bakugou clicked his tongue. Going back out to unload what was left of his belongings from the truck. Only to be nearly run into when Kirishima backed into him as the redhead tried to enter the new spacious apartment.


“Sorry dude.” Kirishima motioned for Bakugou to move. “Midoriya and I thought we’d get the couch in, so if you could move for us… that’d be great.”


Bakugou blinked as the pair of males carried the couch in, followed by Todoroki carrying in another large piece of furniture and then Kaminari holding a lamp. The plug pinched between two of his fingers and making the object light up. Jirou next to him trying not to laugh her head off as Kaminari was attempting to use ‘Morse Code’ in his own words, but not even being close to doing so.


“Bakugou-kun!” Someone came speed walking up to him. “The truck is nearly unloaded now! Myself, Uraraka-kun, Asui-kun, and Ashido-kun are bringing up the last objects now. Please alert the others to start unpacking!”


Iida zoomed away, leaving Bakugou to wander back inside. He spotted you instructing Kirishima and Midoriya on where to put the couch, as well as telling Kaminari if he broke your grandmother’s antique lamp… he was buying for a new one worth the value of the old one.


The electric hero pretty much put it into Jirou’s empty hands at that point, not wanting to break anything or downgrade his paycheck when he had a habit of spending it on stupid things.


Eventually, it seemed everyone had finished packing, unloading and  unpacking all of yours and Bakugou’s stuff. It took about half the day, but with the help of ten former classmates it went by faster than if only Bakugou and you had done it.


“Alright… you shits did well. So fucking enjoy.” Bakugou rolled his eyes and put the boxes of pizza down at the table.


“Be nice.” You chuckled lightly, knowing he was thankful, but always had that ego to uphold. “But seriously everyone, thank you so much for your help today… I don’t know how we would have done this ourselves.”


Everyone dug into the meal, enjoying the taste of warm pizza, cold beer, and tasty snacks. Well, almost everyone, as you, Uraraka, and Momo were instead having some sparkling cider. Still bubbly, but wouldn’t harm the little beings being carried by the three of you.


“Could you pass me a drink, Kiri?” Kaminari asked, having scarfed down two slices of pizza already and was now feeling a great thirst.


Kiri passed it to the electric hero, only to have the beer taken out of his hand by Jirou. She looked towards Kaminari with a raised brow. Kaminari looked at his girlfriend with a nervous smile, but Jirou seemed to not be falling for it.


“The last time you decided to drink… you plugged yourself into the socket overnight and it cost us five times the usual electric bill…” Jirou tapped her foot, Kaminari nervously chuckling.


“Yeah but… that’s cause it was the work party and I had never had whiskey before…” He tried to convince her.


Jirou sighed. “Two beers… that’s all you get, idiot.” 


Kaminari promised to be responsible, taking his beer back from her hands and then continuing to chat with the others around him… though it was too late, as the topic was now on how Kaminari could be that drunk and dumb enough to do so.


The topic bounced around a few times, going from old school memories to annoyances at work and finally to the topic of recent hero activities as well. 


“Internships have started again at UA it seems.” Momo commented, knowing her students were about to head into the lion’s den this coming week.


“I completely forgot about that!” You snapped your fingers looking towards Iida. “Did they all get their paperwork in? Were they all approved?”


“Relax, (Name)-kun.” Iida assured you. “They all have somewhere to go and everyone seems happy about it.”


“Does anyone have an intern with them?” Mina interrupted suddenly. “Cause I do! Some cutie named Hotaru!”


“Oh, she’s in my class.” You spoke eagerly. “She’s a good student, though be cautious of her hair… she has a habit of accidentally igniting it when she gets happy or excited.”


“No worries.” Mina waved you off. “I’m sure she’ll learn plenty and we’ll get the hair situation under control.”


“I’ve got one too!” Kirishima hollered. “I think they're from your class To-Momo.”


“Oh splendid!” Momo clapped her hands, thinking silently how she was glad that Yao-Momo had successfully become, To-Momo with the last name change.


“What about the three of you?” Tsuyu directed the conversation over to Midoriya, Bakugou, and Todoroki. “Surely the three of you must be popular among UA students?”


Midoriya chuckled awkwardly. “Well… seeing as I’m an independent hero and already have my hands filled with Eri and Kouta as my interns… I decided to not try and take on anyone else.”


“The life of a hero without an agency. No boss to listen to, but it’s more difficult to get attention publically.” Uraraka sighed. 


“It’s Midoriya though… so, of course, he’s popular among the younger guys.” Kirishima chuckled. “Todoroki, Bakugou? Any interns for you guys?”


“Not right now.” Todoroki answered. “I’m trying to start my own agency and get sidekicks to leave my father’s agency and come with me… so I don’t want to possibly neglect an intern. Plus… Momo might need me at some point. So I wanted to stay open.”


“Heh… see that’s why it's great to have your own agency already.” Bakugou shook his head. “I can take two interns and still make my schedule.”


“You’re really being a bit of a show-off today… aren’t you?” You teased him lightly. “Though… you never did tell me who you ended up going with?”


“They’re from your class.” He spoke. “Kameko and… Onishi?”


You blinked, knowing what those two were like when together, and with your husband’s temper… it would for sure be an interesting internship experience. Though, you decided to hold off on speaking about it until when it was just the both of you later.


“Two new student interns, your own newly acquired agency, and a baby on the way in about a month…” Jirou whistled. “Aren’t you worried that’s gonna be a lot to handle?”


“Nope.” Bakugou stated bluntly. “We can handle it.”


You nodded. “Yup. I feel very stable with both of our situations at the current moment.”


Everyone let the thought sit for a moment, eventually the silence ending when Momo cleared her throat. Everyone looking to her with curiosity as to what she wanted to say.


“Well… on the topic of it only being a month away from the arrival of your tiny little child… we all wanted to give you something to say we’re thrilled for you and will be here to help should and if you do decide you’d need it.”


She motioned for Todoroki to take out the small gift bag from the backpack he had brought. Everyone else also starting to dig through their bags and find the items they had brought as gifts for the soon to be baby.


“You guys didn’t have too.” Your eyes welled up, the hormones making everything seem that much more touching to you.


“Stop trying to give us damn handouts…” Bakugou grumbled but didn’t object to when he was handed lots of gift bags.


“Open it! Open them! Open!” Mina eagerly bounced, Kirishima having to gently place a hand on her head to calm her.


“I guess we’ll start with this one.” You chuckled, wiping away the few tears of joy. 


“That one’s from me and Izuku!” Uraraka called, as you started to take out the gift from the pink gift bag.


“Awe! Look at this cute little All Might plush!” You spoke, showing it to Bakugou.


“It’s not hideous…” He spoke, silently making eye contact with Midoriya, his own way of saying he would keep it… for the baby’s sake.


Midoriya exhaling when nothing came out of it. Choosing All Might… was a good decision. As Bakugou did indeed accept it.


The rest went by fast: A hand-knit baby blanket from Tsuyu, Iida had appropriately given a set of baby medicines and a guide on what to do during infant illness, Todoroki and Momo gave a little baby book, ready to be filled in with pictures and memories, Kirishima and Mina had given a little baby onesie that would work for whatever gender the baby was born as, and finally Kaminari and Jirou had bought a musical mobile with star lights.


You were in tears by the end of it, everyone asking if you were okay. Your assurance that it was a mix between being touched by their kind gestures and the added kick of late pregnancy hormones eventually calmed them down.


The big surprise coming from when Bakugou, in his own way, even said that while he wasn’t crazy about the gifts… knew his ‘little brat’ would love them. Only to then be engulfed into a group hug by everyone, despite the protests by him.


The rest of the time went by as it usually did with your close friends. Lots of laughs and stories and petty arguments. It was just like old times back at UA… but it also wasn’t. And while everyone enjoyed this time, no one quite realized this is the last time it will just be all of them… as the next time, a baby would be here too.

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Ch.14 - Week 33


“Remember that they’re just trying to compete for your praise.” You lectured him as he was looking for his misplaced hero briefcase. “Kameko and Onishi are a lot like you… so, treat them accordingly to what you wanted to be seen and praised for at their age.”


“I get it. Stop with the teacher lecture,” Bakugou sighed, finally finding his briefcase in the closet. “Fucking apartment… still not used to where anything is…”


You giggled lightly, nodding as he finally was ready to set off for his day. Pecking the ash-blonde’s cheek lightly and then wishing him a good day as he took his lunch from your hands. He gave you a quick peck of his own before heading out, ready to start this day.


The last week had been interesting… as internships had been in full swing. And your husband was quickly discovering how while both Onishi and Kameko were strong and capable heroes on their own… when put together, it was a disaster.


How did you even deal with the two hotheads in the classroom? He was truly struggling to not blow up at them himself, and he only had to see them for a couple of weeks before he decided if they would remain by his side, or not.


Thus far… the headache was proving too much.


He knew it was not just the two of them that was causing him stress though… as the entire past week had been out of the norm for him. Jeanist officially retired, and now he was at the helm. More paperwork, more lecturing idiot underlings… and now it was three weeks until the due date.


Bakugou ran a hand over his face. He was stressing himself out more than he needed to, he knew it. After all, Jeanist had already promised to be on the sidelines to still help out when the baby was born. And Fatgum was even giving Kirishima the time to let him come and help out at Bakugou’s new agency.


You were fine. Eating healthy and not putting too much stress on yourself. In fact, you’d love the time this week to decorate the new apartment and set up the baby’s room. You seemed a lot happier now.


He had a perfect support system. And he needed to remember that instead of trying to force himself to do everything on his own. That mindset had cost him a lot of opportunities already, nearly you at one point… and thus, he didn’t want to resort back to it.


As hard as it still was to admit and ask for it… Bakugou knew he had plenty of helpful people around him, ready to give him all their support should he even allude to it.


His commute was quick. A single stop between his work and home. And thus, he arrived at the office usually within ten to twenty minutes. And as he opened the doors to the agency, he was greeted with the usual chatter that had been going on this week.


“M-Mr. Ground Zero, sir!” Kameko approached. “I made you a coffee! I hope your morning has been well!”


Bakugou reached for it, only to suddenly have the other intern approach. A sleazy smile on his face and nothing good buried in his eyes towards his classmate.


“I wouldn’t drink it, sir… she fought the coffee machine. So I bet it tastes like metal…” Onishi chuckled as Kameko looked ready to sucker punch him clean in the jaw.


“At least I thought of Ground Zero and what he might like when he arrives!” Kameko smirked. “Unlike you who’s been too chicken to ask for an autograph! Some fanboy you are…”


Onishi’s eyes widened before they narrowed with a glint of rage. He stormed towards Kameko who had forced the coffee into Bakugou’s hands before running off and away from her classmate.


Bakugou sighed, taking a sip from the coffee. It wasn’t good… but it wasn’t terrible. She definitely added too much sugar for his tastes. Those two were a handful… and he was getting the urge to call in sick today and just stay home with you… but he knew he couldn’t.


“Looks like they’re at it again.” Kirishima chuckled, walking into the lobby and seeing his friend with a long face. “You sure look impressed with their efforts to impress you.”


Bakugou swatted him off. “Don’t make me regret approving of you coming here to look after things since the little brat’s nearly here.”


Kirishima laughed again. “Oh come on, Bakubro. We both know you needed the mediator between those two kids and you. Glad to have the job though!”


Bakugou rolled his eyes, the pair starting to head into his office. They needed to plan what the interns would be doing today… and Bakugou was for sure not letting them hang out around here doing paperwork. Seeing… as they nearly destroyed the write up yesterday…


“They’ve been asking about patrol,” Kirishima told him once the doors were closed. “They need the field experience.”


Bakugou snorted. “And what makes you think they can handle going out and fighting actual crime when they can’t even work together to make a photocopy?”


“Well… for starters this isn’t an office internship. It’s a hero internship.” Kirishima shrugged. “And personally… Fatgum putting me on patrol with him on day one… really helped me get the grasp of hero work and know how important a public image is. As I’m sure you know…”


Bakugou grumbled, pressing the button on his desk.


“Yes, Ground Zero?” His secretary spoke through the intercom.


“Get the two UA brats in here… and clear my schedule, as well as Kirishima’s…. We’re spending the day out in the field.” He spoke, sounding upset.


Kirishima smiled at him. “Good choice!”


“If anything happens… it’s your fault.” Bakugou warned him.


“They’re not that bad.” Kirishima rubbed a hand through his hair. “In fact… they remind me a little bit of you and (Name) when we were at UA.”


Bakugou looked at his friend with wide eyes. “What?!”


“Oh come on… it's easy to see. Onishi and Kameko have feelings for each other… but are a bit aware of it. They fight and argue like the old married couple you and (Name) are. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them asks the other out to ‘fucking coffee’ eventually.”


Kirishima smirked, Bakugou’s opening line to asking you out having become quite the infamous line now. The ash-blonde in question felt his eye twitch.


“I was eighteen and never liked someone before… give me a fucking break.” Bakugou growled. “And like you have room to speak Shitty Hair… you and the alien only got together ‘cause you got jealous when some zero hero was hitting on her.”


Kirishima blushed. “H-how about a truce and we not talk about the weird things we did to get together with our wonderful women?”


Bakugou smirked, the door to his office opening as his interns entered. He didn’t even give them the chance to speak, getting up from his desk and starting to head out.


“We’re going on patrol. Either keep up or get left behind.”




When he had taken the two UA students out on patrol, he had assumed they’d only get a few minor criminals, like theft or destruction of property. But of all the times for one of the stronger criminals to decide to try and seek revenge on the ash blonde for foiling one of his schemes… it had to be today.


As such, as the group of four had turned down one of the streets, a group of eight had ambushed them. So now, backs pressed together, and the teens no doubt questioning what to do, Bakugou and Kirishima knew they had to act quickly. Not only to protect the students but to show it was time for them both to gain some valuable skills.


“Quirks… what are they?” Bakugou called towards his interns as he was blasting away the ones with weapons.


“I’ll buy us some time.” Kirishima hollered, skin hardening to its most extreme and he started to tackle the ones with weapons, breaking the metal objects upon impact with his skin.


“P-polka dots!” Kameko called, seeing one of the criminals approaching from Ground Zero’s blindspot. “I can create mini-portals using similar colored dots on my skin!”


Instantly, she peeled a set of pink dots off her arms, throwing one below the feet on the man with the knife, and the other before a wall. The man running into it instantly and knocking himself out.


“You’re on keeping them distanced then!” Bakugou hollered towards her. “And you?”


Onishi gulped. “I-I… my-my quirk allows me- Oh just let me show you! We’re wasting time by explaining it!”


The boy leaped in front of his hero, tossing off the glove that was on one of his hands. The criminal before him not able to do anything as Onishi’s skin lightly touched his forehead. In the next moment, the man was transformed into a small doll version of himself. Landing on the ground.


“New generation of weird-ass quirks…” Bakugou grumbled, looking to the two teens. “Alright… here’s the plan. Kirishima and I will beat the guys into a pulp… you two make sure they stay down, got me?”


“Got you!” Both yelled, ready to show their skills learned thanks to his wife.


The rest was made easy. Kirishima would grab one of the ambushers, toss him towards Bakugou who would easily blow them up. Then he would toss the guy into the air, where Kameko would use one of her dots and send the guy right before Onishi who was having an easy time making a small pile of toys.


After a while, it seemed that the leader was on his knees. Begging for forgiveness, of which he didn’t get. Soon, he ended up the same as his underlings.


Onishi looked about ready to puke, and Kameko’s skin was starting to break out into a rash from how many of her circles she used. It was clear each overdid it… and needed a major break.


Bakugou walked over to the pair who were trying to look fine, though it was clear they were not. He looked down at them, and both couldn’t help but feel nervous. After all… they barely did anything, and only acted when told. 


Was he… disappointed in them?


“You both did good.” Bakugou spoke, nodding accordingly to his interns.


“R-really?” Kameko looked stunned, praise from one of her hero idols was making her shy.


“T-thank you, Ground Zero, sir!” Onishi had done a one-eighty and was bowing frantically.


“See what happens when you guys work together.” Kirishima started the ‘teaching lecture’ it seemed.


Bakugou huffed, seeing as the red-haired male had this covered. Now it was time to check-in on what was beeping so much when he was fighting. He took out his hero communicator. A device used to connect heroes in the field to one another in cases of emergencies.


He was curious… was something else happening right now? Was this more serious than he assumed it would be?


“How about we celebrate this little victory with some lunch?” Kirishima smiled. “My treat!”


“Really? T-thank you, Red Riot, sir!” Kameko jumped excitedly.


“I-I would be honored… b-but I can pay for myself…” Onishi’s hero high seemed to slowly be coming down.


“What do you say, Bakugou? Join us for lunch-?” Kirishima turned to look at the male, only to pause when he took sight of him.


Immediately Kirishima approached, seeing as the male was looking pale and shocked. His hand holding the communication device shaking, and his eyes not focused on anything before him. 


“D-dude are you hurt? Did one of them have some poison quirk?” Kirishima was about ready to call for medical support.


Bakugou shook his head, looking towards Kirishima. His mouth opening slowly, but words not forming right away. Eventually, they came out though… a soft muttering of them that made Kirishiam realize why the ash-blonde had frozen when he did.


“That was (Name)... the baby’s three weeks early…”

Chapter Text

Ch.15 - Birth


The entrance to the hospital was harshly thrown open, making the front desk attendant jump when a male charged in. Decked out in various shades of torn orange, black, green, and other fabrics, the hero himself slammed his fist against the desk.


“Bakugou (Name).” His tone wasn’t that of a question, demanding the location of the person. “Where.”


The receptionist fumbled with her words, knowing she couldn’t just give out the locations of patients… but the gaze of this man was like a humid summer day… uncomfortable and inescapable.


“Katsuki!” A man who had been waiting in the lobby called out, approaching the hero who looked worse for wear.


The ash-blonde whipped around, looking as if he was on some suicide mission where he could be killed at any moment.


“Old man?” He breathed, eyes wide. “Why are you fucking here?”


“(Name) called.” His father spoke. “She knew you were busy, and so she called your mother and I when her water broke.”


Masaru waved towards the receptionist. “He’s the father. I’ll take him”


She nodded hesitantly as the pair headed down the hallway. Masaru sensing the urgency in his son’s steps but also knowing he’d need to break the news to him.


Masaru stopped before a bathroom, holding out a shopping bag. Bakugou looked at his father with wide eyes. This was clearly not the delivery room… why the hell wasn’t he taking him to the delivery room?


“Katsuki… go and change. Then we’ll talk.” Masaru spoke gently.


“I don’t got fucking time to change!” Bakugou roared back instantly. “She’s giving birth all alone right fucking now! I need to be with her, now!”


Masaru shook his head. “Listen… you’re not going to like it. But you need to do as the doctor told your mother and me.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened, not liking the tone his usually calm father spoke with authority.


“The birth is particularly difficult… with the baby coming so early there were a few complications.” Masaru spoke, seeing his son suddenly tense up.


“What the fuck do you mean complications?!” Bakugou was getting much more worried and antsy as the seconds ticked by.


“Nothing serious… but, the doctor has forbidden anyone else from entering the room” Masaru finally dropped the ball.


Bakugou shook his head. “No. You’re fucking with me. I am not missing the birth of my kid. I’m not leaving (Name) to go through this alone!”


He started to march forward, but Masaru caught his arm. “Katsuki! Would you listen for once in your life?!”


Bakugou stopped, knowing if his father was raising his voice… it was important.


“There is a reason the doctor is not letting anyone in! So if anything, listen to her. As for (Name)... she’s not alone. Your mother is in there with her. And I think we both know a woman who has gone through tense childbirth before is going to much better support then either one of us.” 


Masaru inhaled, instantly feeling bad for raising his voice. His son was only worried… and the older man could recall how stressed he was when his own child was born.


Bakugou didn’t say anything, merely grabbing the shopping bag filled with some of his father’s lazy day clothes. Bakugou changed, and then followed his father to wait and sit in a waiting room outside the delivery rooms.


A silence fell upon the pair, Bakugou’s shaking leg being the only thing making noise. Masaru watched his son, seeing how he glanced up at the clock every few minutes.


“She’s been in there for a while already… and from what I heard before your mother kicked me out… the baby was more than ready to be born. I doubt we’ll be waiting for long.” Masaru spoke in an attempt to comfort.


Bakugou didn’t say anything and for the following two hours… he remained in silence, a massive lump forming in his gut and throat as he was left alone to his thoughts and to brood over what came to be.


Finally, the appearance of another ash-blonde woman came down the hallway. Smile wide on her face and going directly to her son.


“You certainly choose a fighter.” Mitsuki laughed. “You took nearly eight hours to be born… but (Name) did it in six.”


Six hours .


It was around one when he checked your call. Meaning, you went into labor around noon. It took him ninety minutes to get to the hospital and then… he spent the rest of the time out here… not with you or his baby.


“Well get your ass in there.” Mitsuki clapped her hands. “You’ve got a tired wife and newborn waiting for you!”


Bakugou didn’t move. Staring down at his knees. 


How could he just waltz into that room after he missed it? He didn’t deserve to-


“Oi! Are you even listening to me, you brat?” Mitsuki spoke, forcing her son up onto his feet. “Go! You have a baby to see and a wife to congratulate on a job well done!”


“Why should I… I fucking missed it.” He clicked his tongue. “What sort of husband and father misses the birth of their kid. I fucking let them both down… like the terrible parent and partner I am…”


The calmness of the hallway seemed to fade with the sounds of a thud echoing down the halls. Bakugou groaning out and running his hands through his hair in order to soothe the stinging sensation that had come to the back of his head.


“You’re a big idiot… a total moron.” His mother scolded him, shaking her head back and forth. “You fail one time and suddenly you’re never going to be a good father or husband, huh? Is your ego really that fragile that you can’t see that this is a small crack in the foundation, instead of it being irreparable like that dumb fucking head of yours is telling you? Stop making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself, and get your butt to see your wife and newborn baby!”


Bakugou grit his teeth, looking to his mother with a burning glare. Mitsuki only huffed, grabbing the chin of her son and forcing him to look towards the door at the end of the hallway.


“Good… you finally have some motive besides feeling sorry for yourself. Now get your ass into that room.” She was practically ordering him. “You only missed seeing your wife in pain for hours straight… so stop moping and go support her now when she’s exhausted and just wants to relax with you and your child.”


Bakugou clicked his tongue, pushing his mother away with a shoulder roll. He marched down the hallway, Mitsuki sighing in relief when he finally entered the room. She knew he was taking missing the birth of his child to heart… but Mitsuki knew he wouldn’t have felt any better in that room with you.


Childbirth was an ugly and painful thing… and Bakugou would have fed off your panic and pain in the worst of ways. But now that it was over, and the grandmother knew you held no negative feelings to her son… Mitsuki knew this day would be a good one.


There was a brand new Bakugou in the world after all… and a very cute one if she thought so herself.


As the older ash-blonde woman wandered down the hallway to go and see her husband, and tell him the good news, her son was awkwardly standing in the patient room. Eyes widening as his carmine hues landed onto the figure of a woman sitting in bed, a small bundle in her arms.


You looked up from the bundle, smiling an exhausted smile towards the male. He stepped forward slowly, almost hesitantly so, unsure if he was even welcome here… if he should dare even be here after missing something so important.


“Oh look… dad’s here.” You gently cooed at the baby in your arms. “Glad to see you. I’m sorry you couldn’t come in sooner.”


“Y-yeah…” Bakugou breathed out, not able to move now after that initial step.


You watched with tired eyes as he made no move towards you. Instead, seeming to have convinced himself of the idea that standing only a foot in front of the door was as far as he would go. As far as he deserved to go. You shook your head back and forth, knowing that in this instance, your husband was taking things much too seriously.


Childbirth was childbirth… and if he missed it, so what. All that mattered now… was that he would stay by your side from here on out when it really truly mattered. And… you had no doubt in your mind he would.


He was beating himself up after all… and thus, it was time for you to kick him back to reality.


“Well?” You caught his attention again with your tone, a slight harshness. “Are you going to stand there awkwardly like when you asked me out… or are you coming to see your daughter?”


His eyes widened again, and you saw that it was indeed possible for him to get even stiffer than he already was. That seemed to have grabbed his attention, as slowly, hesitance breaking with every small step, he was coming closer.


“D-daughter?” He gulped, finally catching a glimpse of the child in your arms. “I-I have a daughter…?”


“Yes, you do.” You smiled, watching as he took a seat on the chair beside your bed. “And this is the time where I say ‘I told you so.’”


He was so entranced by the little girl, he didn’t even roll his eyes at you. His ego wasn’t responding, the signals to act high and mighty blocked by the image of the little girl squirming in the blankets. One of her eyes opening enough to show him a carmine hue that was so familiar yet so different.


“S-shit… she’s got red eyes like me…” He breathed in slowly, reality crashing in much too quickly to process.


“And cute little wisps of ash blonde hair.” You told him, running a gentle hand through her hair. “She looks just like her daddy already.”


He didn’t say anything, mesmerized. You shifted suddenly, putting the baby into his arms. His reaction too late by the time he realized what was happening. Eyes wide and frantic. What were you doing? This was a newborn and you were letting him hold such a delicate little thing?!


“H-hold on-” He spoke, seeing the baby start to tear up.


“Hold her.” You instructed him. “Katsuko’s been waiting to meet her father.”


“W-wait… is that her name?” He paused again, realizing something he had forgotten. “Shit! We never talked about names!”


“I realized that too… but… I knew from when I saw her… she was going to be as great as her father… so, I thought taking the kanji for ‘child’ and ‘victory’ would be fitting. So… she’s Katsuko: our victorious child.”


There were rare times where you had ever witnessed your husband become silent, but as he held onto the little girl in his arms and watched as she happily settled down, he couldn’t find any words.


How… did he deserve any of this?


He had done some terrible things in his life. Said some terrible things… so, how did he deserve a wife as amazing as you? And more so… how did he deserve a daughter who was named after him and so… so precious?


“Fuck…” He husked out, inhaling back the emotions starting to surge out.


You smiled gently, witnessing another rarity: tears. The ash-blonde unable to wipe them away as the liquid dripped down his face, not wanting to give up the little bundle in his arms. Instead witnessing his tears as they fell onto the little blanket his daughter was wrapped up in. Only taking action to wipe them away when one landed on Katsuko’s face and she started to gently whine at the strange substance that had landed on her face.


“Love at first sight, Katsuki?” You teased him gently, seeing him nod his head.


“S-shut up… I can’t fucking help it…” He spoke through hiccups. “I-I have a baby girl, and s-she’s so-”


He wasn’t able to finish, having to place a hand in front of his mouth to stop himself from making Katsuko cry out. His voice was happily broken, and he couldn’t help but keep his eyes on her perfect little face.


You just hummed gently, looking at the pair, knowing that for all the worries he had and the stress these last few months had been… it had all been worth it. Because now… there was a baby.


And your husband was more than dealing with the same surge of emotions you had been. A few tears escaping your eyes watching him interact with her, knowing that this feeling was not going to fade for a long while.


This joyful attachment to a new life that had been created by the two of you… was enough to leave you both in silence. Doing nothing but bask in the aftermath of nine months of waiting… finally gone with the baby’s arrival.


Chapter Text

Ch.16 - Newborn


If there was anything you’d expect to never stop no matter the situation, baby or not… it was the strange relationship between your husband and his mother. And after a day or so of Mitsuki giving the pair of new parents some peace and allowing the doctors to run some tests over Katsuko to make sure she was a healthy and happy baby, the new grandmother descended on her son like the new spoil machine she was for her granddaughter.


“Come on, Katsuki! Let me hold her!” Mitsuki was keeping her voice fairly low, not wanting to startle the small girl.


Bakugou shielded his daughter, even more, Katsuko lightly cooing as her father’s arms became more arched around the tiny body. The new father looking at his own mother with wide eyes, as if Mitsuki had just told the pair of you to not vaccinate Katsuko for some stupid reason. In reality, it seemed that Bakugou within two days had already decided his daughter was much too precious to be held by anyone aside from him and the baby’s mother.


You sighed, going back to filling out the paperwork to get both yourself and your daughter out of the hospital. It had been a long couple of days, and you were looking forward to finally being able to get home and eat your husband’s wonderful cooking once more.


The soft cries of the newborn immediately put you on high alert and your eyes met your husband’s. Bakugou embarrassingly handed over Katsuko to you and you gently hushed the baby in your arms. Katsuko’s scarlet eyes stopping with the teary display when she was back in the comforting embrace of her mother’s arms.


It took a few minutes, but Katsuko was once again happy. Her moods as of late had been just like that: happy for a long time, then cry for a bit, showing her need for food, attention, or needing to be changed, and then eventually falling asleep after a few repetitions of the other two.


You sighed, looking towards the other three people in the room. Both Bakugou and Mitsuki having their arms open and looking to try to persuade you through some mental connection to hand the baby over to them. You sighed, walking over and handing little Katsuko over to her grandmother.


“It’s about time you bonded a little with her.” You spoke, Mitsuki’s eyes lighting up as she held onto the baby for the first time.


“Fucking traitor…” Bakugou growled, earning a pinch to his cheek from you.


“Don’t test me.” You warned him. 


Bakugou clicked his tongue. Masaru gently patting his son on the back as the door to the room opened. The familiar face of your doctor walking in, her feathered ears looking to be styled up today compared to their usual diagonal slant.


“Well isn’t this a cute little get-together.” She chuckled, walking towards Mitsuki and Katsuko. “Looks like you already have quite the following young lady.”


You smiled gently, happy that things really had gone off as well as they had. Though, it might have been a premature statement, as your doctor’s smile faded a moment later. She looked towards you and Bakugou, letting you both know she was here to do her job and not congratulate the pair of you on the birth of your daughter.


“Well… since she is early, I need to let you both know of the possible hazards in both her and your futures.” Your doctor spoke.


“Hazards…?” You gulped nervously, feeling your husband’s hand clasp into yours.


You had already been a nervous wreck… and he wanted to make sure you were aware he was right here next to you for whatever this news was. His chest-thumping slightly as he thought that someone terrible could be happening to his daughter who hadn’t even seen the world outside of this hospital.


Your doctor rose her hands. “Don’t panic yet, I apologize for that pause. And let me apologize in advance for my tone and exhaustion… I’ve delivered three babies in the last twenty-four hours. So, once I do a final check-in with you, I finally get my time off…”


“Oh…” You blinked, not sure what else to say.


“Anyway, while it's not anything to stress about, as it might not even happen… babies born early tend to have a greater risk of sickness and disease since their immune system isn’t very strong yet.


Therefore, just keep an eye on little Katsuko. She seems very healthy right now, but she might be the type of kid to get sick often growing up. And of course, if anything looks bad or worrying, just bring her back here and we’ll help her out as best we can.”


After several rounds of thank yous and your doctor bowing out, the Bakugou family was once more the only ones left in the room. Masaru gently clearing his throat, and Mitsuki sighing, passing the newborn over to him. The grandfather looking quite pleased as he took in the features of his granddaughter even more.


“Well… she definitely is carrying your family curse Mitsuki.” Masaru laughed, Mitsuki scoffing as your and Bakugou’s ears perked up at this.


“What...curse?” Bakugou rose a brow, Masaru and Mitsuki looking at one another before bursting into giggles.


“Your mother’s side of the family has what I’ve called a curse…” Masaru spoke. “After all… do you know anyone born into your mother’s side who doesn’t have red eyes and ash blonde hair?”


Bakugou blinked, seeming to recall that oddity. It was true… all his family on his mother’s side who didn’t marry in… had the same hair and eyes as he had. And now… Katsuko did as well.


“A family curse…” You sighed. “Another strange thing it seems you have…”


“Shut up…” Bakugou clicked his tongue. “I didn’t know either!”


“There’s that selective blindness again…” You chuckled lightly.


Before Bakugou could sass you back, Mitsuki had jumped into a new conversation topic. She and Masaru knowing they needed to say it before the new parents left with their baby and headed home.


“Well… we wanted you both to know… if anything ever gets too stressful or you are clueless… we want you to feel free to call us at any time. Being new parents is hard, but Masaru and I are here… so, don’t be afraid to reach out.”


Your eyes teared up lightly, and you went to embrace your mother in law. Mitsuki returning the embrace and letting the moment pass. Bakugou nodding to his father to let him know he heard, but the ego of the hero still seemed to be strong enough for him to not let himself go further then acknowledgement of it.


And then soon enough, it was time to bring Katsuko home.




“I’ll get it.” Your husband spoke, grabbing the door and opening it while carrying all the bags and items that had been gathered and brought to the hospital.


It seemed that some sort of overprotective drive had been awakened inside of him, and now he was trying to do everything for you, who was carrying the small baby. You only rolled your eyes at his behavior, too tired to really question it. Maybe soon, when you felt more up to telling him to calm down and act normal. But what was normal for Bakugou Katsuki exactly?


“Welcome home Katsuko.” You smiled gently, hearing the sounds of your husband close the door.


He put the bags and information pamphlets on babies down on the table near the entrance. Then stood beside you, both of you gazing into the hallway, not moving or doing or saying anything. Katsuko making a light noise as she shifted in your arms.


Slowly you turned to your husband, looking at him dead in the eye, as it seemed he had turned to look at you as well.






“W-what do we do now?”


A silence grew over the pair of you. Slowly your eyes looked back to the informational pamphlets. Meanwhile, Bakugou was racking his brain, trying to decide himself what the next best option here would be.


“Fuck… I have no damn idea.” He breathed out.


Those parenting books he had read in secret had pretty much-covered everything to do when something was wrong with the baby… but what does one do when nothing is wrong with the baby and you literally brought her home for the first time?


“Should we lay her down for a nap?” You asked him.


“I have no idea… what are we supposed to do with a baby? What am I supposed to do if the baby isn’t freaking the fuck out?!” He rose his voice, panic starting to set in a little bit.


Katsuko’s cry came at full force in the next moment, her reaction to her father’s upset tone definitely shaking away any chance of putting her down for a nap. Now she was screaming herself, and seems to have her first fit.


You quickly shot your husband an exhausted look. He froze up, but reached across for the little baby, taking her from your arms suddenly, earning a harsher cry from Katsuko. Bakugou held Katsuko as he had been shown, hushing her as best he could.


You tapped your foot. “Well… looks like the baby’s freaking out now…”


“I-I didn’t mean to make her cry!” He harshly whispered. 


You sighed. “Just calm her down… I’m going to go and make sure her nursery is still fine.”


You started down the hallway, hearing the sounds of another pair of footsteps following you. You turned to look behind you, seeing Bakugou following you. You shook your head slightly, chuckling lightly. Looks like Katsuko wasn’t the only one he was still overprotective of.


You’d let him have today… but come tomorrow, he’d need to calm down and let things happen without him trying to control it all.


You both finally arrived in Katsuko’s nursery. You had done a lot of work in here it appeared while Bakugou had been off at his agency. The walls lined with soft pastel colors, lots of fluffy toys and blankets inside her crib and bookshelves lined with books you adored and wanted to her be read at bedtime when she got older.


“Shouldn’t we move the crib to our room?” Bakugou asked you, seeing you shake your head.


“When we both go to bed then yes… but for little naps and stuff like this, she should be fine on her own. We want her to  know she’s here with us, but not to become dependent on us after all.”


“She’s only two days old woman…” Bakugou sighed. “But… if you think it's the right thing to do, then I guess I’ll follow along and listen to ya.”


You hummed. “Oh my… it seems after over ten years of knowing one another you finally decide to listen to me. Glad we can make so much progress together, Katsuki.”


He rolled his eyes and you giggled lightly. Your feet padding against the carpeted floor and you held out your arms to the baby. Katsuko was no longer screaming, but she was still whining, looking unsettled and not sure of this new environment yet.


“Come on.” You spoke softly. “Let me put her to sleep.”


Bakugou nodded, feeling his heartache a little bit as he let you hold Katsuko once more. He really had become attached so easily, hadn’t he? But… that couldn’t be helped when he already knew after two days he had gotten the best child anyone could have.


The soft sound of your voice singing a melody and Katsuko silencing herself as you rocked her back and forth finally brought him back to reality and Bakugou looked out at the pair of you from where he was resting on the door frame.

It hit him for the first time at that moment, watching you gently sing a soothing lullaby to the sleeping baby in her crib. That this was his life now… and this was how his life would forever be with a daughter. And… he didn’t mind it at all.


Chapter Text

Ch.17 - Three Months


(AN - MAJOR timeskips for the last few chapters! Mostly cause I want to highlight certain events. This series will have twenty-five chapters in total as well.)


Nearly three months had passed since the birth of little Bakugou Katsuko. In that time, you and Katsuki had kept busy with lots of trials and errors of being new parents. But now that life looked to be starting to fall into less of a mess then it had been before, as well as Bakugou's return to hero work starting in another week or two, it meant it was finally time to allow those outside of immediate family members to meet the baby in person.


As such, Bakugou was told to be on his best behavior. If someone asked a stupid question, answer it with little snark. If someone wanted to hold Katsuko… let them after showing them how. And of course… if Katsuko started to cry, don’t try to start a brawling match. 


“S-She’s so cute….” Mina’s eyes were full of joyful tears as she gazed at the little girl who was resting on her tummy on a blanket in the living room.


You and Bakugou had moved the furniture around to make a big space for Katsuko to lay on her blanket and get her motor skills developed. And now with so many eyes on the baby, space was being used plenty.


“Oh! She looks even more like Bakugou in person!” Kaminari called out, seeing how Katsuko’s eyes matched Bakugou’s perfectly.


“Another K-Kacchan…” Midoriya looked slightly terrified. 


Unlike Uraraka who was beaming. “Hello, Katsuko… you’re going to meet our baby soon.”


“One more week right?” Momo asked the brown-haired female who beamed.


“Yes! We’re so excited to meet our baby!” Uraraka was already glowing with motherhood.


Midoriya looked more like a nervous wreck… but then again, when was Midoriya not a slightly nervous wreck. The true strangeness that appeared to happen came from Todoroki who was sitting down next to Katsuko… and having a long conversation with her.


“I think we need to go to a few more parenting classes…” Momo sighed. “He doesn’t have the baby talk down quite yet.”


You giggled softly. “I think it’s kinda sweet how he treats babies like their equals.”


Bakugou swooped his daughter up and away from Todoroki. Todoroki shrugged, going back over to his own wife. Then suddenly, Kaminari and Mina descended upon the new dad.


“Bakugou! Can I hold Katsuko?” Mina looked eager. “Please! Please!!”


Bakugou rose his nose, then looked towards you who was shaking your head. He growled slightly, watching as Katsuko was currently taken by the golden horns in Mina’s hair. Well… at least he wasn’t handing his baby over to Dunce Face…


“Support her head. And sit still.” Bakugou instructed the pink female. 


Mina was practically giddy as Katsuko happily went into her arms. The baby girl opening and closing her palms upwards towards Mina.


“I think she likes you.” Kirishima chuckled.


“Babies love me!” Mina declared.


“Maybe cause you look like one of their toys…?” Jirou snorted slightly.


“Oh shush Kyoka!” Mina lifted Katsuko up a bit more.


“Hey! Be fucking careful with her!” Bakugou roared.


Katsuko let out a happy cry at the sound of her father’s booming voice… and then grabbed a fistful of Mina’s candy pink hair… and pulled.


“O-ow! K-Katsuko-chan! That hurts!” Mina whined as you rushed forward to help free Mina’s hair from your baby’s death grip.


“You swear in front of you kid?” Todoroki rose a brow.


“She seemed to like it when Kacchan yelled too…” Midoriya sighed, having expected no better.


“Critique me on my damn parenting again and I’m kicking you assholes out of my house.” Bakugou growled, seeing you finally free Mina’s hair from Katsuko’s grasp.


“Sorry, Mina.” You apologized. “She’s been learning how to grab things… and hair is her favorite thing to grab…”


“She’s lucky she’s so cute… or I’d be mad.” Mina joked, ticking Katsuko’s toes. 


The baby girl laughed happily, moving her legs a little bit. The girls looked all taken by the baby, and while the boys were as well… there were two who were more intrigued by Katsuko then the other three.


“She’s so cute…” Kirishima was close to tears from how cute he thought Katsuko was. “Reminds me of when my littlest sister was born. She was so happy and energetic as well.”


“Could I hold her, (Name)?” Kaminari asked. “She looks squishy…”


“What makes you think I’m letting you hold my kid when you called her squishy?!” Bakugou roared before you could agree to let Kaminari hold Katsuko.


It went back and forth for a while. But one thing was clear… Katsuko definitely already had a fan club. And they would no doubt be back numerous times to see her. If… they could get her father to let up a little.


The guests had left soon afterward, and slowly things started to fall back into place. Katsuko happily playing on the ground as you sat and unwinded a little bit. She had just started to learn how to be able to move her hands around and was fascinated by the idea of touching different things. Preferably the blanket under her and the little stuffed toys around her. She was quite the curious little thing. 


The sounds of her father wandering around made you turn your head to see him getting set up at the dining table with all sorts of paperwork. His time off, but not for paperwork seemed to be close to ending. Especially since come next week, he’d be back to the agency lifestyle. You were excited for him, but couldn’t help but get worried about what would happen when you were left alone with your daughter.


It wasn’t that you didn’t want to spend time with the cute little girl, but memories of your own childhood were something that had come to occur frequently as of late. Flickering images of your mother, and her own selfish choices… making you worry.


Maybe if you didn’t get her quirk. Maybe if you didn’t look like her. Maybe… if you could convince yourself that you would not turn out like her… but with so many things in common with her that were not by your choice, you couldn’t help but feel the weight of your heart sink the more you thought about your new role as a mother… and what your own mother had done.


“Hey are you even listening?” Bakugou spoke, tapping his pile of papers on top of your head.


“H-huh?” You blinked, trying to return to reality, especially now that your husband might be paying attention to you.


“Welcome back to this planet, moron.” He clicked his tongue. “Now, do you want me to put her down for bed? Or do you want to?”


You inhaled slowly, looking towards Katsuko who was still as awake as she had been when she was being showered with attention. You frowned slowly. What was the answer? She wasn’t tired… but she needed to sleep.


“I-I don’t know…” You muttered, a part of your voice making Bakugou’s ears perk up.


He put the not quite finished paperwork down and moved towards you. His body making the couch creak slightly as he sat down beside you. Eyes watching the little baby on the ground before him. Katsuko excitedly holding out her arms to her father and opening and closing her little palms.


“Haven’t you had enough attention today, brat?” Bakugou spoke fondly, picking up the happy baby. “First you look like me and now you’re already getting my ego… you’re gonna stress your mom out more, Katsuko.”


His eyes trailed to you, hoping his rare self-deprecating quip would make you laugh or crack a small smile. Instead, all it seemed to do was make you ball up your hands against the ends of your shirt and inhale sharply, as if you had been wounded.


“Something on your mind?” Bakugou asked, knowing you were off.


“It’s nothing… I’m just getting into my own head more than I should…” You sighed, looking towards your husband who was now having a three-month-old attempting to grab onto his hair, and then no doubt pull it.


“Here…” Bakugou sighed, passing Katsuko over. “She only gets riled up with me.”


You managed a little chuckle at that. It was true… the Katsu combo was indeed nothing but energy. But the mother-daughter duo was a bit calmer since your presence and heartbeat often put Katsuko into a sleepy state.


You held onto your tiny baby girl with a soft smile, that soon turned into a long and melancholy frown. Katsuko looked at you with such a tender and dependent expression, that your mind instantly went to before again.


How could she just up and leave when you had no doubt given your mother the same expression in your infancy. You had relied on her then as much as Katsuko did right now. So why? Why did your mother just… go.


And… would you end up the same way?


“Hey.” Bakugou’s hand was placed on the top of your head. “You’re making the baby toys start to rise. You only do that when you're stressed. What’s the fucking matter, mind reader?”


“I’m not a mind reader… I’m an esper.” You corrected him for the infinite time. “And… it's just some old family stuff.”


“Your mom?” He spoke, having had a feeling this was what it might have been about.


“Yeah…” You didn’t even consider lying.


Maybe once a long time ago when he was just some boy at UA you might have had feelings for. But not now, when you were holding the small bundle of joy that had been created between the pair of you. 


“Has she called you at all during the pregnancy? Or after Katsuko was born?” Bakugou rose a brow, watching you shake your head.


“Nope… I doubt she even knows I have a daughter.” You whined slowly, little budding tears starting to escape from your eyes.


You breathed slowly, bringing your daughter close to you. Inhaling that intoxicating smell that babies had, making your hug her a little too closely. Katsuko whined unhappily as a result. You chuckled softly, pulling away and letting the baby girl happily sit in your lap and play with the fabric of your shirt once more while you supported her.


“Sorry, Katsuko… I just needed to hug you.” You apologized.


It was silent a moment before your husband continued on.


“I’m not gonna ask exactly what’s been bothering you… since I know you and your mother have an estranged relationship… but just know this.”


He cleared his throat, looking a bit embarrassed by the words he hadn’t even spoken of yet. It made you a little bit curious, seeing as it was rare your husband was even this silent. Making you think that this was about to be one of his rare and precious moments of softness and sweetness.


“I know your mother might be a possible bitch… it's still up in the air from what I can understand. After all, she’s a freaking flight case, who cared more about her life then the kid she should have been helping raise. But, if your mom can leave your dad alone to raise a kid by himself and she still hasn’t been completely banned from talking to either one of you… then I think you’re going to be fine.


You’re like your annoying ass dad… you see things through to the end, no matter how annoying it is. Whether it be deciding how to dress the little brat or what to make for dinner… you're stubborn about shit you care about.


You’re gonna be fine. And if you’re not… you’ve got me. And you know I sure as hell can be stubborn as well.”


You nodded slowly, moving to embrace the ash-blonde male next to you. Katsuko happily sputtering noises as her parents shared a hug. Her small body tucked nicely between the pair of you, feeling at ease with the warmth that came from her parents.


And as the evening passed on, the pair of you talking things out a bit more, as well as the mundane lives of a married couple asking what they each wanted for dinner in the following week, as well as other less than notable conversations… a small baby fell into a blissful slumber.


Happy and content by the sounds of her loved ones around her, feeling no worries for the future… as what could a baby worries about when she already had two wonderful and dependable parents to watch over her and raise her into a lovely person.

Chapter Text

Ch.18 - Six Months


“Well… looks like it’s nearly over, man.” Kirishima sighed, holding a clenched fist close to his chest.


Bakugou nodded in acknowledgment, filling out a press report that needed to be done thanks to some sidekick accidentally setting fire to a grocery store earlier. He was keeping it short, but with enough bluntness to hopefully keep the media off his ass.


“Good riddance.” Bakugou spoke back, skimming over his words, eyes tired of staring at the laptop screen.


“Is that seriously all you have to say after nearly seven months of us working together?” Kirishima sighed, a little heartbroken that the apparently affectionate father was not nearly as kind and sweet to his best friend of nearly fourteen years.


Bakugou smirked, finishing his work and finally feeling the annoyance of paperwork leave his mind. Kirishima was still a little ticked off at his last comment,but Bakugou knew he’d be showing his thanks later.


The dumb sidekicks and his interns wanted to throw Kirishima a goodbye party tomorrow for his last day at the Ground Zero agency. And thus, the hardening hero would most definitely feel the love tomorrow.


Until then… he’d have to settle with Bakugou’s plans to take Kirishima out for a round of ‘thank you for putting up with my new father ass’ drinks and ramen. Something the ash-blonde knew Kirishima would not say no to.


“Cut the crap, you’ve talked nearly every day how much you miss the Fatass agency.”


“It’s Fatgum, Bakugou… come on, you know that.” Kirishima sighed.


“You’re gonna be a fatass if you keep eating like him.”


“Hey! I’m in the best shape of my life!”


“Still couldn’t beat me in a fight, as usual…”  Bakugou gave the redhead a smug smirk.


Kirishima pounded his fists together. “Wanna bet? Unlike you, I didn’t take three months off fieldwork!”


Bakugou smirked. “I can’t say no to someone asking to get their ass kicked-”


“Ground Zero, sir!” Kameko didn’t even knock as she ran into the room. “Someone is here to see you!”


Bakugou and Kirishima looked towards the second year UA student, wondering who exactly she could be talking about. It was a Thursday afternoon… who would want to visit on a Thursday afternoon?


Onishi poked his head in, grabbing Kameko by her sleeve. “Hey! Did you even knock! You know Ground Zero hates it when you don’t knock!”


“Ah! I forgot!” Kameko immediately started bowing. “A thousand apologies, Ground Zero, sir! I was too excited and forgot to be polite to you!”


“No wonder you have the lowest grades in class…” Onishi smirked, earning himself a kick to the shins from his comment.


“Like you have any room to gloat! You’re the second-worst!”


The two started bickering about the usual petty antics. Kirishima sighed, moving to separate the two before the quirks could start flying. They had definitely moved past the hatred for one another… but their rivalry for praise from Bakugou… was still as present as ever.


“I guess we’re not getting a grand introduction.” You sighed, walking in as Kirishima finally got the pair of students to calm down.


Katsuko started to cry happily as she saw her father in his office. You sighed, going up and handing him his daughter. The sweet baby always so excited when she saw her father… and thus became unable to control her volume from her pure excitement.


“What are you two doing here?” Bakugou asked, grimacing slightly as Katsuko grabbed onto a lock of his hair and pulled happily.


“We were in the neighborhood. I got bored at home… ever since Yuuto and Hiroki were born I’ve had no one to talk to. Momo and Uraraka are busy moms…”


“Don’t talk like you weren’t an anti-social mom for the first three months either.” Bakugou teased you, finally getting Katsuko’s hand to release his hair.


“Well you’re still a soft dad, aren’t you?” You gave him a sly smile as Katsuko was now trying to crawl over her father’s shoulders. As full of energy as always, it seemed…


She had started to crawl as of late, and thus… unless she was being held, the baby was always off trying to go somewhere. Though, she was still grabbing and trying to move when she was being held. That was the usual Bakugou energy though.


“Hi, Katsuko-chan.” Kirishima beamed, a starry look in his eyes as the little girl turned to look at him. “You’re so cute! Well… as cute as always.”


Having been leaning in to say hi to the baby, Kirishima had left his face wide open. Resulting in a baby grabbing onto the slight beard he was growing. The male immediately letting out an unpleasant cry.


Bakugou couldn’t contain his laughter as Katsuko was tugging on poor Kirishima’s beard. You on the other hand only sighed, helping free Kirishima from the baby death grip. 


“Sadist…” You grumbled to your husband before turning to Kirishima. “Sorry… she’s been really into grabbing things lately.”


“Awe its fine. She’s too cute to be mad at for long.” Kirishima laughed, though glad he was freed him the baby’s hands.


“So this is Katsuko-chan!” Kameko beamed, finally taking the time to see the baby her sensei had taken time off to care for. “She looks just like you, Ground Zero, sir!”


Bakugou smirked. “She takes after the best, after all.”


You pinched his cheek, Katsuko giggling happily. “Calm the ego… you freaked out last night cause you couldn’t find her blanky… so don’t act high and mighty here.”


Bakugou blushed at being called out, then remembered what had been discussed before his wifeand daughter had come in to surprise him. He pointed to Kirishima, the red-headed male blinking.


“So… we duking it out or what?!”


Kirishima shook his head. “Can’t anymore… Katsuko’s cuteness is too distracting to brawl now…”


Bakugou’s eye twitched. There went his fight.


“I don’t mind sparring if you’re looking for a battle.” You suddenly spoke up, looking rather intrigued by this.


“You fight?” Bakugou snorted. “You haven’t fought in a year and a half… and now that I think about it… the only people you’ve fought the last ten eyars have been teenagers. Sorry, (Name), but you’re not in my league anymore.”


Your eye twitched. “Oh… you wanna bet?”


Bakugou knew that look… and he knew he had said something to piss you off. And now… it would be a no holds bar match from you.


“You forget how my quirk works, dear husband… and I’ve been wanting to ease back into things when I get back into teaching next week.”


Kameko clapped her hands. “Oh! Sensei is going to be back next week!”


Onishi rolled his eyes, not gathering much attention from where he had been listening and watching in the back of Ground Zero’s office. “Oh great… she’s coming back…”


Only Kameko had heard him, and she sent him a death glare. She was never sure what their sensei did to make him get such a negative outlook on her… but the UA girl also knew better than to start a screaming match here with little Katsuko.


“So… husband versus wife then?” Kirishima asked, starting to think he could see the sparks flying between the pair of you.


Nothing needed to be said, as both you and Bakugou were soon heading down to the sparring are of the agency. No hero costumes, but general training attire. This was a battle of raw strength and strategy.


“Eiji.” You spoke. “Can you hold, Ko?”


Kirishima once more had stars in his eyes as he happily accepted the baby. The interns were sitting on a bench outside the ring, each trying to rationalize what exactly might happen. Both already knowing that when it came to raw power… it had to be Ground Zero.


“Call it Kirishima!” Bakugou roared, letting off a few warm-up explosions from his hands.


“Ready to see who wears the pants, Katsuko?” Kirishima asked the baby who was much too distracted by the sleeves on Kirishima’s hero attire to notice her parents about to train together like old times back at UA.


“Kirishima! Fucking focus!” Bakugou roared, just wanting to go.


“Fine fine! Start!” Kirishima hollered, watching as Katsuko’s attention was immediatelygrabbed as her father set off an explosion.


“Is Katsuko going to be okay?” Kameko asked, thinking of the baby’s hearing.


“I think she’s… adapted.” Kirishima chuckled as the baby in his arms started to move her arms in a clapping fashion as her father closed in on her mother.


“Take this!” Bakugou called out, aiming a hand at you.


He detonated his attack, thinking he had hit you. Only to watch as your form dissipated. He narrowed his eyes, looking around for where you hadwent. The smoke providing cover. You had created an astral projection in the small timeframe it took him to get to you. As quick as always with your mind tricks…


Suddenly an invisible force was wrapped around his body and he could feel himself being lifted off the ground. Your form walking out of the smoke, eyes closed and a soft white light also wrapped around your body.


“Since when could you fucking pick me up! I thought people were harder since they squirm?!” He shouted, believing he knew your quirk and its rules inside and out as you knew his.


You smirked. “You forget the advantages of not using my quirk for a while… plus, I’ve had time to further train myself mentally thanks to motherhood.”


He didn’t have time to respond as you threw him backward. He breaking out of your telekinetic field right before he would have been out of bounds. He’d have to take this into account… seeing as a year and a half off… might have been an advantage to you rather than a hindrance.


“G-Ground Zero… is losing?” Onishi muttered as he watched his idol take yet another direct hit from his wife, while he had barely scratched her.


“I can’t believe it either…” Kameko breathed out.


“Yeah… he should have known better than to accept her request to spar.” Kirishima chuckled as Katsuko was now reaching out her hands as her father was being swung around by her mother’s telekinesis anytime he got close to her.


“What do you mean, Red Riot, sir?” Kameko was curious, even Onishi lending an ear.


Kirishima chuckled. “Well… to put it simply… the longer (Name) doesn’t use her quirk… the stronger it gets. She usually makes sure it doesn’t get too built up, as it could accidentally go off… but I think that since the pregnancy and taking care of Katsuko, it hasn’t because she’s been mentally tired. But now… she’s literally letting off steam.”


“Sensei is so cool.” Kameko clapped her hands together. “Though… Ground Zero isn’t the type to give up so easily.”


“Nope… which is why this is going to end in a draw… as it always does.” Kirishima chuckled. “These two have been sparing since our first year at UA… and while (Name) has stronger raw energy, Bakugou has a longer endurance.”


The fight lasted about fifteen more minutes. And by the end of it, you both were exhausted. You were the one to call it, knowing you shouldn’t strain your head anymore, less a baby be left without its mother for an hour or so while you recharged.


Onishi blinked, having not expected this from you. His head tucked low as he started to question his initial judgment. Maybe… he had been wrong. Maybe… what he was told had been a wrong thing to believe. Or maybe he wasn’t… and this was more a reason to double down on this.


Not that he would say or decide right now… he couldn’t. Not with so many faces around and pride to keep up. So instead, he sulked out of the room, not wanting to hear anymore, or look at the teacher and baby who could make the toughest hero of them all… soft .


Kameko noticed him shuffling out, but didn’t follow after him. He had been weird all day today, but she wanted to talk with her sensei and mentor more, as well as interact with their cute baby. Onishi could figure out whatever was bothering him - himself. 


Speaking for father-daughter, it seemed after he had made sure you were okay, Bakugou immediately turned to Kirishima. No doubt wanting to know how his daughter reacted to his fight.


“What’d Katsuko think?” Bakugou puffed out his chest proudly.


Kirishima blinked. “Katsuko? She fell asleep.”


Bakugou slouched over, looking shocked. You couldn’t contain your laughter. It seemed that even the baby wasn’t excited by that outcome. But then again… she did like to sleep a lot. So… Bakugou would have to chalk it up to that for his ego’s sake.

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Ch.19 - Eight Months


The closing ceremony of the sports festival was filled with happy cheers of the audience as the winners of the second year were announced. The golden blonde haired Juba waving happily as she was presented with a metal from Hawks. Kasumi and Sadow clapping for their classmate, despite having aimed for the first position themselves. Even so… Juba was the best in class and had only managed to do so by all the hard work she did. Thus, she deserved the title of the winner a second year in a row.


You started to exit the stadium before anyone else. Sighing sadly as you thought back to last year. The year prior it was Juba and two of Momo’s students on the podium. Afterward, the pair of you teachers had gone out for tea. But alas, Yuuto was only about two months old right now, thus Momo had her hands full with caring for the baby. Todoroki even taking time off to make sure this period was going by smoothly.


So for today… you were left without your old friend. Though, you were in no way alone. The baby tied to your chest thanks to the fabric wrap was happily calling out as the noise of the stadium grew louder. You couldn’t help but question if it was normal for Katsuko to become so happy when there was so much noise. And then cry when it was quiet… she was a strange baby.


But a cute one… so it was all good.


Katsuko was aggressively grabbing at your shirt, making you pause and look at her. Her big scarlet eyes looking at you and her mumbling incoherent baby words when you gazed down on her. Her little wisps of ash blonde hair were getting longer by the day, and thus to keep the hair out of her face (and to prevent her from crying from accidentally pulling her own hair) you had put in an orange ribbon. 


“Hungry?” You asked, seeing as it was nearly time for her to get some baby food.


Katsuko happily giggled as a response, seeming to find the button on your hero attire much more interesting than what her mother was saying. You shook your head, moving along towards the empty classroom where her baby things were.


You had an hour to feed her and prepare for your students coming back. The sports festival may be over… but you needed to warn them that come next week, it would start to be prep for their end of term exams.


Katsuko was content once more, babbling and chewing on one of her pacifier rings you had stuck into the baby wrap. Looks like you even got some weight training today thanks to the baby wrapped around your core.


Your footsteps were light, using your quirk a bit to levitate towards the classroom and thus burn off some mental energy. As you watched your daughter happily playing with whatever she could get her hands on.


“What happened? You are supposed to make something of yourself… and instead, you lose to some girl with fire hair?” 


The voice caught your attention and you slowed down. While you were not one for eavesdropping… the tone being used, made your gut tighten in annoyance. It was an adult male speaking, and it was clear he was talking to a student.


And the student who had lost to Hotaru in the first round of the top sixteen was… Onishi.


“I can’t use my quirk if my hands get hurt… and Hotaru knew that.” Onishi muttered back, guilt laced in his voice.


“Well, maybe you should have inherited my quirk then.” The man sounded angry, only to chuckle. “Though I can’t blame you for not knowing how to use your feminine power… she went and died before you could even ask.”


You turned the corner at that point. Something about the way the man was speaking making you upset. Maybe it was because you were a mother yourself, or because you wanted to protect your student. Or maybe because you didn’t like the attitude this man was spewing.


“Oh? Looks like the nurse is here to look at your hands, Aito.” A man with orange hair the same as Onishi’s pointed towards you.


Onishi turned to look, a confused expression passing his face as he saw you approaching. But then again, he knew where this idea was sprouting from… and he knew better than to correct the man before him.


“Onishi, is everything alright?” You spoke, sounds of a baby making both males look at you. One in worry, the other in confusion.


“He’s fine. Just heal his hands already.” The man snapped at you.


You deadpanned. “Sir, I do not have a healing quirk. If Onishi’s hands are hurt… why have you decided to scold him rather then take him to get healed?”


The man rose a brow before chuckling softly. “Oh I get it, you’re some concerned spectator, huh?”


He threw his hand over Onishi’s shoulder, the teen looking unhappy about this. “Don’t worry beautiful, you learn from your pain. I’m sure that you understand with raising a kid and all.”


“Oh. I understand quite well. Seeing as I’m Onishi’s teacher and a pro-hero as well.” Your eyes narrowed, slowly starting to understand what was going on here.


The man blinked. “Teacher?”


He turned to Onishi, smile fading. “I thought you said Ingenium was your teacher…”


“N-No, dad… I said Ingenium was our temporary teacher. Kazarashi is our homeroom teacher…” Onishi muttered, voice small.


He looked uncomfortable. He looked… afraid. This was unlike the student you had known for over a year. And it seemed like it was all because of his father who was the type to speak without a filter.


“Well… maybe you should take a look at that baby you got there, sweetheart and think about what’s more important for you to be doing…” The man spoke, adjusting the cufflinks on his suit and then looking towards Onishi. 


“Oh, you’re right. Silly me!” You feigned an airheaded voice, waving your hand towards Onishi.


The male levitated off the ground and came towards you. Onishi looking at you in shock, all the while you kept eye contact with his father. His father looking ready to say something else, but you cut him off.


“I should be getting your son medical attention.” You smiled forcefully. “And if you have any complaints about my teaching, feel free to make a parent-teacher meeting between myself, principal Nedzu, and yourself.”


You waved goodbye, using your quirk once more to move Onishi with you. The well-dressed man not saying anything or going after either of you. Onishi glad about that but also looking at his teacher with sad eyes.


She defended him… but what did he even do to deserve that? 


After a few minutes, you, your baby, and your student arrived back in your classroom. You motioned for Onishi to take a seat. He did so and watched as you approached him with your bag. Katsuko screaming out in glee overseeing someone she recognized from her father’s office as she squirmed around her little baby hammock.


“Katsuko… you’re making this difficult.”  You sighed, taking out a few bottles.


Your eyes widened suddenly and the next thing Onishi knew, he was holding a small baby who looked too much like her father whom he idolized. You working on mixing a few of the creams and ointments from the bottles together.


“S-sensei!” Onishi cried, not sure if he should be trusted with this overly precious baby.


“How bad are the burns?” You asked him, ignoring his panic.


“T-they sting a little… but it doesn’t hurt.” He spoke, seeing how Katsuko was now happily sitting on his lap and touching the white lines of his UA gym uniform.


“Okay… let me see one of your hands then.” You instructed him, only to see him tense up.


“I-I can’t unglove my hands, Sensei… I can’t control my quirk very well if my gloves are off and I touch someone skin to skin…” He admitted, looking shameful of himself.


“That’s why I use a brush to treat my burns.” You smiled towards him, showing a brush. Onishi’s face looking shocked you had a burn treatment in your bag. “What? Did you forget I spar often with my explosion using husband? I’m pretty much an expert in treating burns now thanks to that.”


Holding onto Katsuko with one gloved hand, Onishi held out his other to you. You removed his glove and started to apply the cool cream.


“Hotaru…” You sighed. “I’ll have to scold her later for this.”


“It’s fine.” Onishi turned his head. “She was smart… and I know flame users always have burn risks when in fights. It’s only a first degree.”


You only hummed lightly. Onishi watching as you worked. The baby in his arms cooing, attempting to grab a handful of your or his hair, but not getting any. Onishi’s eye falling as he knew it was finally time to say something.


“S-Sensei?” He muttered, and you looked at him as you finished.


“Yes?” You spoke, taking Katsuko back from him and letting the eight-month-old have free range to crawl around the classroom.


“I-I’m sorry… for my dad.” He choked out, tears prickling his eyes.


You paused, looking at your student. Onishi was always so strong and stubborn, so seeing him so low let you know this was beyond his father simply being a rude asshole to you.


“There’s something more, isn’t there?” You asked, seeing Onishi nod. “Talk to me if you wish then, Onishi.”


“My dad doesn’t exactly think highly of women… as I’m sure you saw.” He bit his lip. “And because I got my mom’s quirk, he’s been especially harsh on me trying to act like a man so I wouldn’t be seen as weak because…”


You nodded your head. “Because he alludes women to being less than men?”


Onishi nodded. “My mom died of pancreatic cancer when I was six… a year after I got her quirk. And my father left the picture. I was raised by my mother’s parents. But when he found out I was going to UA… he came back into the picture. Constantly telling me to make a legacy as a true hero… like Ground Zero.”


“So… your father sees my husband as the symbol of true masculine strength huh? And growing up, it was always that lesson, right? And that’s why you like my husband… because your father had told you that you needed to be like him.”


Onishi nodded. “I-I still idolize Ground Zero for being an amazing hero… but ever since I came to UA… my original thoughts and ideas have been changing. But even so… I still can’t tell my father to fuck off because he’s… well, he’s my dad.”


You sighed, nodding slowly. “I understand. Believe it or not… my relationship to my mother is similar. She left me at a young age, and while we still talk… she has never had an interest in my life. Even now… she is unaware Katsuko exists.”


Onishi’s eyes widened. “Sensei… h-how do you deal with it?”


You chuckled. “Well… I just decided back when I was in UA… that this was my origin story… and therefore I should choose the path I take for the future. My mother didn’t want me… but UA did. My father did. My friends did. And-”


You took out your phone, showing Onishi the lock screen. The male’s eyes widening as he saw a picture of Ground Zero sleeping peacefully with a newborn Katsuko on his chest. Covering in messy food stains and his hair more of a mess than usual.


“And… the boy who I had a big crush on wanted me too. And now, I look back and am happy that I decided to let myself write my story and no one else. So Onishi… are you going to write your origin story? Or are you going to let your father?”


Onishi blinked, a few stray tears running down his face. He wiped them away furiously. And then nodded to you. 


“I-I’ll write my own!” He stood up from his seat.


You were about to reply when he moved over to Katsuko who had found the stuffed bear of her father in your bag. The baby happily waving the toy around and then looked excited as Onishi approached her.


“Ground Zero may be a strong masculine hero in my father’s eyes… but Katsuko-chan is proof that he also is complex…. So, I’m still going to idolize Ground Zero… but now I’ll idolize him for the person he is, and not just the hero I think he is!”


You sighed. “It’s always about my husband, huh?”


Onishi’s face brightened up pink. “S-sorry sensei! You are great too! But… I’m interning for-”


“I’m kidding, Onishi.” You laughed. “Now, go and change back into your uniform. Class starts in twenty minutes.”


“R-right, Sensei!” He called out, running out of the room to get ready.


Katsuko watched with a confused expression as the boy left, but was soon happy when her mother began to take out the baby food. You chuckled to yourself once more, thinking of how your baby had adjusted well to being taken to class with you now.


And how… some students were also adjusting to their own goals, morals, and drives as well.

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Ch.20 - Nine Months


The colorful display of cats secretly being inside bananas was once more capturing the attention of the small baby who watched the fruit cats bounce around the screen Clapping her hands every so often, as the red-eyed baby was too distracted to notice her parents talking to one another in the background. Bananya had seemed to quickly become Katsuko’s favorite thing to watch on the television. And for the times you and Katsuki needed a few minutes to clean house or do something else that would be hard with a loud and energetic baby, the cute tv show was a blessing.


“Alright… living room clean and we have the dinner prepped.” You spoke, finishing preparing the drinks.


Your husband was sprawled out across the table, looking to be biting back his own tongue. It was one thing to have Round Face and Ponytail over… it was another when you invited the two, their husbands, and babies over as well.


“Why do I have to stay here…” Bakugou grumbled, not looking forward to socializing.


“Because you live here? And they’reour friends?”


“Friends isn’t the word I’d fucking use.” He sighed, seeing you shake your head.


“Just be good. Katsuko is the oldest, so we’re more used to baby stuff now… but the others are still a bit… panicky.”


Bakugou snorted. “Deku’s gonna be a fucking mess.”


You smacked his back with a baby blanket you were going to set out in the living room by where Katsuko was. Bakugou looking at you with low eyes, only to roll them when you stuck your tongue out at him.


Bakugou got up to follow you, wanting to have a few final moments of peace with his baby girl before the other arrived. You thanked him for moving her so you could set up, ignoring Katsuko’s unhappy cries when the TV was turned off. She was a little obsessed with Bananya it appeared… so you’d both have to limit the already low amount of time she got to watch it. Nothing good would come out of giving her a bad habit this early on.


“Oi, brat,” Bakugou spoke, Katsuko immediately quieting down as her father talked to her. “Keep it down, we have neighbors.”


“And your dad is already enough for them to deal with.” You smirked, hearing the ash-blonde male click his tongue.


“Shut up…” Bakugou spoke, looking towards Katsuko.


She copied his gesture of tilting his head back. Then erupted into giggles. The copy-cat phase had begun it seemed, and if there was anyone she loved to copy the actions of, it was her father.


Bakugou smiled gently, putting Katsuko on the couch beside him. Now being able to sit on her own as well. Slowly he raised a hand, waving it towards Katsuko. The little girl watching him with wonder and then slowly doing the same back to him.


“Look at that.” Bakugou spoke, your head turning to look. “Baby can wave.”


“Babababababa.” Katsuko sputtered back, her words also attempting to mimic but not doing as well as her motor skills at this point.


“You two make quite the pair.” You smiled, the sound of a knocking at your front door heard as you finished. You clapped your hands together. “Oh! They’re here!”


You moved to answer the door, meanwhile your husband and baby looked at one another. Bakugou laying back against the couch in faux-exhaustion, Katsuko copying him.


“Welcome!” You spoke happily as you saw the group of six outside. The summer rays starting to become warm, but not too warm for the two baby boys yet. 


“Thanks for having us.” Uraraka beamed, motioning for Izuku to follow her.


The male following as he carried in a baby carrier that also doubled as a car seat. Momo and Todoroki following after, Momo holding her own baby in her arms. Bakugou was on his feet as they all entered, Katsuko still on the couch, but now curious who was here.


Her face erupting into a smile, as she recognized a few of the faces. Her eagerly cooing bringing more smiles to everyone’s eyes.


“She’s certainly as friendly as you, (Name),” Uraraka spoke, waving to Katsuko who waved back.


“And as loud as Bakugou,” Todoroki spoke, seeing Momo exhale softly.


“Baby meeting time.” Momo looked practically bouncy.


“I’m so excited.” Uraraka continued on. “This is the first time all three have met one another.”


“Well, let’s get started then!” You spoke, picking up Katsuko who was clapping towards you.


The three moms beginning to sit on the floor with each of their sweet babies and talk as the babies only stared at one another. Well… Katsuko and Hiroki stared, as little three-month-old Yuuto only really cared about sleeping.


Katsuko grabbed onto your shirt, pointing towards Hiroki. You looked at her, smiling. 


“Ahgaga.” She spoke and you nodded.


“That’s Hiroki.” You told her, then she pointed to Yuuto. “That’s Yuuto.”


She seemed either satisfied or distracted, as she soon was playing with a stuffed bear. Hiroki happy holding onto his little rabbit, his curly brown locks standing out along with the freckles on his face and his green eyes. Yuuto was as quiet as his father and had white locks to match. Though, he would open his eyes every so often from the noise and show off the same shade of eyes as his mother.


The six of you seemed to be in your own little world, catching up and happily becoming eager over one another’s children. Leaving the three fathers to stand by awkwardly, not entirely sure what to do.


“H-how’s everything going for you two?” Midoriya finally spoke up.


“Fine.” Todoroki was always short to the point.


“Would be better if you assholes weren’t here…” Bakugou turned his head.


“I’ve learned to not deny things Momo thinks Yuuto would enjoy,” Todoroki spoke, a slight snark in his voice.


Bakugou growled, but his reply back couldn’t occur thanks to the sounds of a ringtone. Midoriya jumping slightly as he fetched out his phone and took a look. His emerald hues widening as he saw the name and answered it immediately.


“Eri-chan? Is everything okay?” He asked, no doubt worried about his sidekick.


Everyone in the room turned silent, listening in. Uraraka muttering a quick explanation that since Midoriya was off today, he put his new sidekicks of Eri and Kouta in charge of the area he usually watched over. They were only to call if there was an emergency.


“Kouta’s stuck where?!” Midoriya tone raised, Hiroki responding with a panicked sound of his own before Uraraka grabbed him and hushed him.


“Okay, okay calm down,” Midoriya spoke, not sounding calm himself. “I’ll be right there.”


He hung up a moment later, looking towards Uraraka with pleading eyes. 


“E-Eri-chan said that she and Kouta are needing backup. And that Kouta is stuck in a metal box and can’t get out… could I go help and make sure they’re both okay?” Midoriya clapped his hands together, showing he was sorry for skipping this important day, but his sidekicks needed him desperately.


The brown-haired girl chuckled, waving him off. Her lips not letting her smile falter for even a second, letting her green-haired spouse know she was not upset in the slightest. Midoriya nodding to her eagerly.


“Go on, those two are like siblings to you.” She spoke, making Hiroki wave. “Just come back here for dinner when you’re done!”


“Momo,” Todoroki spoke, looking to want to follow.


Momo sighed, shaking her head in fake annoyance with her own spouse. “You’ve been denied some hero work for three months. So go on and get your fill before you go back in another month. As in Midoriya’s case… be back here for dinner.”


Todoroki nodded, following Midoriya out. Bakugou stood by and watched, only to feel someone looking at him. He met your eyes and raised a brow of his own.


“Are you going as well… or what?” You asked, seeing him shrug.


“No way in hell…” Bakugou grumbled, instead coming forward and taking a seat on the couch to watch his daughter play. “Unlike those two shits, I am back at work regular… and I kicked ass yesterday. Want my recuperation day today.”


 You shook your head. “Sometimes I question if I really know you…”


“The hell does that mean?” He glared lightly at you.


“Well, you’d always be the first to run off to a fight when we were teens…” Uraraka pointed out.


“You’d actively try and steal hero work from Shouto and Midoriya-san when the three of you were first starting out as well…” Momo continued.


Bakugou’s face lit up slightly red, eye twitching. “Well… I don’t do that shit anymore. I have too many more important things to worry about then shitty Deku or the half-and-half bastard…”


“Like an agency, a dozen sidekicks, two interns, and a baby?” You teased him, seeing him smirk towards you.


“That shit’s easy… it’s my annoying ass wife that’s the biggest challenge to me.”


“So mean! And right in front of the baby too!” You spoke, holding Katsuko out towards your husband.


Katsuko squirmed eagerly, trying to get to her father. Always the daddy’s girl it appeared.


“Dadadadadadada!” She proclaimed loudly.


You and Bakugou paused, looking at your baby with wide eyes. Was that? Did she nearly?

“Oh wow! She’s so close to saying ‘dad’!” Uraraka beamed, looking towards you. “Has she come close to saying ‘mom’ yet?”


You were stunned, taking a moment to find your voice before you spoke. “I-I don’t know… that was the first time we heard her get so close to actually saying a word…”


“She’s nearly at the stage where she’ll start recognizing what words mean and relating them to people,” Momo informed you. “So I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next month or so she says ‘mama’ or ‘dada’.”


You smiled softly, a warm feeling filling your heart. While you had wanted it to stay for a bit longer as you held Katsuko in your hands, it seemed your husband had finally come back to reality after hearing it as well.


He gently, but eagerly grabbed Katsuko and looked at her with determined eyes.


“No way in hell are we waiting a month.” He spoke, Katsuko babbling incoherent words again. “We’re gonna get you to see ‘dada’ and point at me before those two assholes get back, okay Katsuko?!”


Katsuko responded with a loud scream, causing little Hiroki and Yuuto to start to wail as well. All three moms shooting Bakugou a dagger-like glare. But he either didn’t see or didn’t care, too absorbed in saying ‘dada’ over and over again while Katsuko looked at him with a curious expression.


“There he goes again…” You shake your head.


“He wouldn’t be Bakugou-san if he wasn’t competing with Shouto and Midoriya-san over something.” Momo chuckled, Yuuto calm once more as he gently traced his hands through his mother’s dark black locks.


“But you won’t have to deal with it luckily, Hiroki.” Uraraka beamed towards her baby boy, Hiroki blinking away his tears.


His cheeks blushed deeply and he let out a happy cry, spewing incoherent words of his own. One hand holding his rabbit, the other Katsuko’s bear. The three of you laughing at how the baby boy went from Midoriya’s emotional state to Uraraka’s bubbly one so easily. Hiroki was already proving to be a perfect mix of both his parents in everything.


You smiled gently, looking back over to your husband and daughter. Katsuko looked unwilling to help Bakugou win whatever competition he made up in his head, and was now eagerly pointing to anything and everything aside from him and exclaiming ‘Daddadadadadada.’


You laughed softly. Seeing as while Katsuko definitely did look like her father and have some bold personality traits in line with him… she was also very much like you. In how she as friendly as Momo and Uraraka said, or in that when her father was trying to be a show-off… she didn’t allow his ego to grow any more than it already was.

Chapter Text

Ch.21 - Eleven Months


“It’s an honor to have the former number three hero in our home.” You spoke, setting down the meal on the table.


“You’re too kind to me, (Name).” Best Jeanist laughed. “I am a hero no longer. So please… just regard me as the person who mentored your once hormonal teen monster of a husband into the gracious hero he is now.”


Bakugou turned to glare at his one boss. So this was the thanks he got from asking the former pro over for dinner and to meet Katsuko. Of whom was happily putting mashed potatoes everywhere but her mouth. Poor Bakugou having to clean her up and feed her himself.


“I wouldn’t use the word gracious… maybe infamous.” You giggled, Jeanist joining in on you.


“This is a fucking dinner party, not a roast party.” Bakugou spoke, finally getting Katsuko to eat.


“Dada!” Katsuko called as her food went down. “Dada!”


“What, brat?” Bakugou asked Katsuko.


She shook her child seat, meaning she wanted to be up-down. Her toys were beckoning her. And if she couldn’t play with her dinner, then what was the point?


“Fine…” Bakugou spoke, putting Katsuko on the ground.


He helped her up onto her feet, holding her hands in his own and then helped her walk over. 


“See. Super easy, huh?” Bakugou asked the ash-blonde girl as she was let go.


She managed to stand on her own for about five seconds before sitting down and playing with her stuffed toys. Bakugou shaking his head. One day soon…


“So, she’s able to say a handful of words and is nearly walking?” Best jeanist asked as Bakugou came and took his seat once more.


“Yup! Katsuki’s mother said Ko is ahead of the game… so we’re not trying to rush her too much… or at least I’m not.” You spoke, bumping shoulders with your husband.


“I just want her potty trained already…” Bakugou clicked his tongue.


“You’ve got a while before that.” Best Jeanist chuckled, eating more of his food. “Now… I have to ask the obligatory ‘How’s the office’ question.”


Bakugou smirked. “It’s in better fucking shape with me than it ever had with you.”


Best gave a smug expression back. “Really? I could have sworn Hawks said that property damage has been up?”


Bkaugou’s eye twitched. “Those are the interns and new sidekicks… trying to nail it into their heads not to break shit unless its life or death situation.”


“You could always threaten to take it out of their paychecks… like I did for you.” 


Bakugou grumbled under his breath, Jeanist chuckling and turned to you. “I assume UA is even more chaotic?”


You nodded. “Oh yes… it’s nearly the end of the year and my second years are giddy overlooking for hiring agencies next year and finishing up their high school hero training. As for me… I’ll more than likely cry again when they all have to leave.”


“You were a damn mom before Katsuko was born…”


“And Aizawa-sensei isn’t a biological father to anyone, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t see him as one!” You pointed out to your husband.


Both of your goofily bickered for a few moments. Jeanist watching the pair of you. Happy to see that despite the stress of a baby… your marriage and relationship to one another had remained strong. Maybe even stronger now.


His thoughts paused though when he saw something neither of you could see. The old pro-hero merely sticking out a finger and making you both turn to look at what he was trying to literally point out.


“Mama! Dada!” Katsuko cried, taking her first steps all by herself towards the pair of you.


“K-Katsuko!” You cried out, accidentally levitating the table in your shock and excitement.


“Hell yes! Only my kid can walk by herself at eleven months!” Bakugou hollered, getting out of his chair and crouching down. “Come on! A few more steps, Ko!”


Katsuko reached her father, falling into his arms. Bakugou chuckling happily and you praised Katsuko for her short first walk. The baby repeating the names she now knew and recognized you both as.


Best Jeanist couldn’t help the smile that came onto his face and he merely watched as the scene unfolded further. If someone had predicted that the kid who first came into his office those years ago with a major attitude problem could become such a loving and caring husband and father… he would have called that person crazy.


But alas… it seemed time truly did do a person wonder. Both for his newfound wisdom on the world and those who inhabited it… as well as Bakugou Katsuki and the person he had aged into.


That little girl would grow up fine… and Best Jeanist had no doubts in his mind, that she would always have a proud father watching her.



“Come on, Katsuko.” You spoke from the opposite side of your daughter’s room, arms open wide. “Come to, mama.”


Katsuko looked at you from where she was once more supporting herself on her feet thanks to her crib. She giggled happily, looking towards you. Her little foot taking a step out and she let go of the crib and tried to walk to you as she had done last night in front of you, Katsuki, and Best Jeanist.


She managed to take two steps before her legs gave out and she landed on her butt. She blinked, looking towards you as if seeing how she should react to her fall. You merely smiled, seeing as the fall wasn’t bad at all.


“Ouchie.” You spoke.


“Ouchie, mama.” She spoke back to you.


You scooted over to your daughter, picking her up into your arms and giving her lots of little kisses. The girl erupting into giggles at your affections. After a few moments of your tickling kisses, you let her go.


The baby crawling and fetching a plush Bananya and handing it to you.


“Mama.” She spoke and you smiled.


“Oh! Are we sharing?” You asked her and she nodded eagerly.


She had learned more words beyond ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and now ‘sharing’ was a big one that had captivated her as of late. Lots of toys were now placed around the house thanks to the baby carrying and giving her toys to either you or your husband.


And with her practically ready to start walking as you saw from last night, you couldn’t believe how fast time was flying by. But then again… it was nearly December again now… and thus she would turn one soon.


This first year had been a big one. But a good one. And you were eager to see how much she grew in the following years as well. Katsuko and you played an exciting game of ‘peek-a-boo’ only to be interrupted when the sounds of the doorbell rang.


“Dada!” Katsuko called out happily, eagerly starting to crawl to where her father usually entered the home.


“His run to the grocery store was quick…” You muttered, seeing as he was only gone for about ten minutes when it usually took him twenty.


Either way, someone was at your door. You swooped Katsuko up into your arms, her repeating a mixed chant of ‘mama-dada-go-go’ as you walked. You playfully hushed her and she made a cute face as she slammed her lips closed.


You opened the door, eyes widening when you saw who was standing out before you. An older woman, dressed in a modern business woman’s attire. A bandana covering her hair and a pair of fashionable sunglasses over her eyes.


The woman looked taken aback, and slowly removed her glasses. The familiar tone of her voice hitting your ears, though it wasn’t as familiar as it should be.


“So… he wasn’t lying when he said our daughter had a daughter of her own now…” Your mother hummed and you found your voice.


“Mom! When did you get back to Japan? I thought your new home was Paris because that’s where your fashion magazine headquarters was?” You asked and allowed the woman to enter.


“Oh, Paris still has my heart and home… I’m only here to pay a visit since your father looks to have tracked me down. Darn that man and his P.I skills…” Your mother sighed, looking around your babyfied apartment. “This looks… quaint.”


You rolled your eyes. “Well, I’m glad dad could get into contact with you. I wanted to let you know about the pregnancy… but you never gave either of us your phone number.” You spoke, trying not to sound rude.


“I could have sworn I did.” Your mother said taking a seat on the couch. “Now… let me see my grandchild.”


You sighed, looking towards Katsuko. She was hiding her face in your shirt. Your mother waiting expectantly. But Katsuko’s needs were greater at this moment.


“She’s shy to new people, mom.” You told her, instead crouching onto the carpet with your baby. “Let’s get you two orientated before you hold her.”


Your mother looked worryingly at the carpet and her nice pants but eventually crouched down as well. Katsuko sneaking a peek, but still hiding in your shirt. Your mother sighing and you chuckled.


“Maybe show her you’re friendly with one of those toys?” You pointed to some of Katsuko’s stuffed animals.


“Like this one?” Your mother held up the bear that looked like her father’s hero attire.


“Dada!” Katsuko’s usual bubbly attitude was back when she saw the bear. “Dada! Dada!”


“Yeah, that bear looks like dada.” You spoke, gently nudging her to her maternal grandmother.


The sounds of the front door opened again and soon your husband caught sight of who was in his house. Putting the grocery down on the table, he coughed and you asked your mother to watch Katsuko.


“Why the fuck is she here?” He asked, knowing that it was strange for your child-avoidant mother to show up and play with a child.


“I don’t know.” You shrugged helping him start to put some groceries away. “She just showed up and said my dad told her she was a grandmother. And then asked to see Katsuko…”


“And you let her? The lady couldn’t stick around for you!”


You sighed. “I don’t know Katsuki… something tells me she wouldn’t have shown up if she wasn’t trying to connect with me. My mom and I never really had much in common… so maybe she’s trying to use motherhood as a way to?”


“You’re a mom… she isn’t.” Bakugou clicked his tongue and you shook your head at him.


“I just want to give her a chan-” You started only to suddenly hear your mother scream.


“D-darling! Please help!” Your mother cried and you could see your baby had grabbed a handful of her locks.


“Katsuko! Let go!” You cried, Katsuki coming near.


“Dada!” Katsuko cried, hands flying upwards and thankfully freeing her grandmother from the baby death grip.


“Hey brat.” bakugou greeted his daughter, picking her up and then looking towards your mother. “Why are you here?”


“Oh well hello, Katsuki.” You mother spoke sweetly. “It’s been a while.”


“Since we got married… six years ago.” Bakugou snarked back and then put his foot down. “Now since (Name)’s not gonna say it… I will. I don’t want you near Katsuko or (Name) if you intend to fucking disappear again. You already made one child’s life miserable with that shitty decision… so I’ll be damned if I let you do it again.”


“Katsuki!” You scolded him, only to see him look at you with a serious and calm expression.


“I’m not letting you worry more cause she made a bad example. And I’m not going to let Katsuko question growing up why one of her grandma’s don’t visit anymore.”


You inhaled slowly and then nodded your head. “He’s right, mom… I can’t go through that again… and I won’t let Katsuko either.”


Your mother sighed. “I come all the way here just to get lectured and my hair pulled… it’s like I’m twenty-five all over again and it’s you and your father…” 


Your mother clicked her tongue and then looked at you with a softening expression. “Only… this time I won’t roll my eyes and not listen to your father, or in this case your husband.”


Your mother looked saddened and she approached you. “I’m sorry… for what I did when you were young. I was still young myself and didn’t think my actions through. But now… while I know nothing I can do or say will fix what happened between us… I want to try as a grandmother…”


Katsuki and you exchanged looks. Katsuko looking at you both, not understanding what was happening. The ash-blonde male nodding to you, showing you it would be your decision. You looked towards your mother, seeing her giving you a pleading look. She really wanted to try again. 


“Visit as much as you can then…” You smiled, seeing your mother light up.


Your heart worried about this development… but, people deserved second chances and your mother… deserved to be given a chance to see her grandchild.

Chapter Text

Ch.22 - Fifteen Months


“To put it bluntly, unlike if you mess up on a test, out in the real fucking world… a mistake could fucking cost you real humans lives.” Bakugou continued his lecture, making sure to cover all the things he had remembered from his time with Endeavor.


The guy might have been a shitty parent and spouse… but he had to give props to the former number one when it counted. And right now, when his own spouse had asked him to speak to her third years on major differences between training and real hero work… he wasn’t going to pad the truth of reality.


The students gulped, sensing the tension Ground Zero was speaking with. Or at least most of them did. While unlike his own time at UA, these students had no League of Villains to make them grow up faster than he and his class did. But that didn’t mean that the interns he had been looking over were ill-prepared.


Onishi and Kameko both looked to know this and were slightly nodding along to what their mentor spoke of. The Juba girl who was infamous for her two sports festival wins also nodded along. He could only guess whoever she interned for had delivered this idea to her before. Good… these kids needed to know it.


“Alright… that’s the end of my talk.” Bakugou looked around. “Any questions?”


No one rose their hands. After all, as vulgar as he was… Ground Zero always managed to deliver what he needed to say or explain without any lingering details afterward. And so a silence passed along until softly a voice rang out.


“Uppy…” Katsuko demanded, pulling on her father’s pant leg.


“Say it nicer.” He instructed her.


The almost toddler puffed out her cheeks. “Uppy please, dada.”


Bakugou lifted his daughter up, giving her a view of all the students in the room. She eagerly waved hello to them all. The crayons and paper she had been scribbling on while her father gave his talk were still near his feet, but it looked as if Katsuko was ready to get some attention from beyond her parents.


“Hi, Katsuko-chan!” Hotaru called out, eagerly waving back to the baby. “What did you draw?”


Katsuko giggled, burying her face into her father’s chest. She giggled sweetly and then looked back out at the students, only to hide again. A chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ coming from the seventeen and eighteen-year-olds.


Bakugou rose a brow. “Hold on… did you shits pay more attention to her than me?!”


“Sensei had been telling us the same things since first year, Ground Zero.” Onishi sighed. “We honestly thought you were here to hype us up for our final year… so when you didn’t I think most of us spaced out.”


Bakugou’s eye twitched, looking towards Katsuko. “Your mom is gonna stop bringing you to class when she finds out you’re a distraction…”


“Mama?” Katsuko blinked, looking for her mother. “Mama where?”


“She’s not back yet from the teacher’s office.” Bakugou told her, seeing Katsuko’s smile turn downwards.


“Mama!” She screamed, the tantrum phase starting again it seemed.


Bakugou put her down, knowing better than to try and argue with the fifteen-month-old. Instead pointing to an empty sheet of paper and telling her to color something else. Immediately distracted and possible tantrum avoided, Katsuko began to color once more.


“Ground Zero… can we color with Katsuko?” Kasumi asked, a few of the other girls nodding eagerly.


Bakugou sighed, seeing as he didn’t know when you’d get back… and he might as well get the students to do something. Plus… it was near lunch, so what would an extra fifteen minutes hurt?


“Fine… think of it like a fifteen-minute study hall.” He looked towards everyone with a narrowing gaze. “And don’t fucking mess around… I’ll kill anyone who does.”


The class gulped, still not entirely sure if his threats were real or not. And thus, knew to keep the noise down and be polite for the scary pro-hero among them. Bakugou watched as a few of the girls came towards Katsuko, kneeling of sitting beside her as she laid on her stomach and colored.


She was dressed in a cute little polka dot pink and red dress, a red ribbon in her hair keeping her ever-growing ash-blonde locks out of her face. A small bandaid on her elbow from where she had bumped it and in her fifteen-month-old logic…  a band-aid magically fixed the fictional ouchie on her arm.


“She looks a lot like you, Ground Zero… but Katsuko-chan has sensei’s type of hair.” Juba spoke, Bakugou looking.


He wasn’t sure how he didn’t notice it before, but it was true. His baby girl did have the ash blonde color he was famous for, but her hair wasn’t the puffy bomb-like structure he had. 


“Tell your teacher that when she comes back then.” Bakugou smirked. “The mind reader keeps thinking Ko doesn’t look like her at all.”


“Ground Zero… sensei isn’t a mind reader. She’s an esper.” Kasumi corrected him, a few of the other girls nodding along.


“She’s convinced you al that too huh?” Bakugou grumbled, still refusing to believe you didn’t have mind-reading powers.


“Can I color with you Katsuko-chan?” Kameko asked, reaching for a crayon.


Katsuko immediately grabbed it, and then held all her crayons close. “Mine!”


The girls looked taken aback by this, seeing as they were all eager to play with the baby nearing the toddler age. Bakugou narrowed his eyes though, leaning down and looking at Katsuko.


“Ko… share or we don’t get to color.”


The little girl threw the crayons down, banging her hands and legs against the floor of your classroom. The girls all looking panicked. Even the boys who had been observing from afar now looking worried.


Bakugou was the only one who remained calm. Not batting an eye as his daughter went through her tantrum before him. No one said anything, and slowly Katsuko’s rage stopped. She looked up at her father through teary eyes, seeing as he was not giving her any sort of attention.


And her father not interacting with her… was something she didn’t want.


“Dada…?” She sniffled, seeing her father look down at her finally. “I share…”


Katsuko handed Juba, Kameko, Kasumi, and Hotaru each a crayon and spread her paper out. Then looked back towards her father, eyes pleading he tell her she was good and did this right.


“Good sharing, Katsuko.” He nodded at her.


Katsuko’s eyes lit up happily and she immediately began to happily sing as she colored. The words were make-believe, but the girls who know were coloring with her didn’t mind. Bakugou let out a sigh of relief. Turns out those parenting books were right… not engaging and letting the kid get no attention worked wonders in stopping a tantrum.


“You have a lot of patience for her… think Kameko and I could have some of that next time we mess up at the agency?” Onishi asked, Sadow next to him laughing.


“Don’t fucking break a desk and I’ll consider it.” Bakugou clicked his tongue, turning to see you entering the room finally.


As Sadow asked Onishi how he and Kameko managed to break a desk, you saw what had become of your classroom. You looked towards your husband, rolling your eyes.


“I can’t leave you in charge of anything…” You shook your head.


“Hey! No one got fucking hurt!” He cried, making you laugh.


“I’m kidding.” You looked towards Katsuko who was now taking an interest in the girls she was around.


She was eagerly pointing to Kameko’s skin and then her dress. Kameko nodding back to the baby.


“Yup! We both have polka dots. And we both have the kanji for ‘child’ in our name too!” Kameko was excited to be given attention from the cute little girl. “Want to see something cool Katsuko-chan?”


Katsuko nodded eagerly and Kameko peeled down of her dots off her skin. She placed one on the floor and the other on the leg of your desk. Katsuko watched as Kameko stuck her fingers into the hole and they came out on the desk.


Katsuko screamed in delight, softly reminded by her mother to use an ‘inside voice’ and then looked towards Hotaru.


“You! You!” She pointed to the other girl, Hotaru tilting her head in confusion.


“I think she wants to see your quirk too.” Juba spoke, smiling at the baby’s eagerness.


“Oh! Okay!” Hotaru smile, igniting the ends of her hair. “See Katsuko! I have fire locks!”


Katsuko looked with wide and gleaming eyes, then moving on to Kasumi quickly. Kasumi sighed before she chuckled softly.


“Only because you’re adorable.” Kasumi told her, then instructed the baby to take a step back.


Kasumi slowly closed her eyes and breathed in. “Kameko, call it.”


“Sadow has a water bottle on his desk.” She spoke, motioning for Katsuko to see it.


Kasumi opened her eyes, a grind appearing over one eye. She quickly pointed her fingers out, shooting a beam of energy out to Sadow’s empty bottle of water. Her beam hitting it and sending it flying.


“Energy sharpshooting.” Kasumi told the girl, who obviously had no idea what it meant, but was still excited about it.


Katsuko looked towards Juba next, batting her big red eyes. Juba inhaling softly and then nodding eagerly. 


“Okay okay! I’ll show you! Just stop with the baby doll eyes!” The blonde girl looked around. “Onishi, can I borrow you?”


Onishi sighed. “Sure… why not…”


He sure didn’t seem happy about it, but in the last year, the orange-haired male had grown fond of the little girl as well and didn’t want to disappoint her. Onishi held out his hand, Juba thanking him before she lightly stabbed one of her fingernails into his skin.


Onishi pulled back with slight agony, going pale immediately. Meanwhile, Juba’s hair had turned the same shade as Onishi’s own. She touched him with her bare hand, the male shifting into a stuffed version of himself right away.


“My quirk is called parasite.” Juba spoke. “I can temporarily steal someone’s quirk, and suck the energy and health out of them.”


“Don’t give her nightmares!” Kameko told her friend.


Juba giggled. “I think she’s more interested in Onishi’s new form.”


Sure enough, the baby was happily waving Onishi around. You immediately coming over and taking Onishi back.


“That was very sweet of you girls… but Onishi’s quirk still leaves people conscious… so Juba, please turn him back and detach your quirk from him.”


After another few moments, Onishi had been returned. Katsuko happily pulling on the boy’s pants, no doubt wanting to play with him. She then started to mimic exactly what the other students had done, trying to use their quirks as well it appeared.


“Sorry Ko.” You spoke, picking her up and freeing Onishi from the hyper baby. “You have to wait another couple years for your quirk.”


“Oh sensei!” Hotaru spoke. “Whose quirk do you think Katsuko will have?”


Bakugou pointed to himself, a smug expression on his features. “She’s practically a miniature girl version of me… so she’ll get my explosion quirk.”


“Well… I think you’re wrong.” You told him. “She’s going to be an esper like me.”


“No, she ain’t. She’s as hotheaded as me, thus she’ll have a fire-based quirk.”


“Mother’s instinct.”


“That shit may have worked when you were carrying her and if she was a girl or boy… but now… I can have just as much chance as you.”


“Well… my daughter and I will look forward to you being wrong, Bakugou Katsuki .”


“Oh, you can dream all you want, Bakugou (Name) . Just know my daughter and I look forward to you being wrong.”


It went back and forth for the last five minutes before lunch. Katsuko trying to mimic her parents, but eventually grew bored herself and just looked at the students and waved again. Only this time, they didn’t wave back… as it seemed they had unleashed a new petty fight about Katsuko for her parents to have.


And even as the twenty students left to go eat, they each grew curious about what quirk Katsuko would have. Some hoping she’d get a perfect mix of the two’s abilities, so neither parents would have the chance to hold it over the other.


But only time would tell… and it was clear… Katsuko was very eager to find out, maybe more so than her own parents.

Chapter Text

Ch.23 - Seventeen Months


“It seems she’s switched which parent she’s literally attached to, huh?” Uraraka commented, seeing how Katsuko had refused to let go of your hand since arriving at the park.


“Hiroki has always been a mama’s boy though, huh?” You chuckled back, seeing the brown-haired boy happily sitting in his mother’s lap.


Momo merely adjusted Yuuto on her lap, the little boy pointing to the playground with curious eyes. 


“That’s a slide. Do you want to go on, Yuuto?” Momo asked the white-haired boy.


The boy nodded eagerly, Katsuko and Hiroki now also intrigued by what this slide was, as well as the numerous other things around the park. The three of you moms standing to get ready to take your sweet little ones over to play when it seemed your husbands had better plans.


“Sit and relax, Ochaco.” Midoriya spoke, lifting up his son. “Hiro and I can go on the slide, right?”


“Yes.” Hiroki spoke, though he looked a bit unsure of being away from his mother.


Todoroki had less of an anxious child when separated from mom, as Yuuto willingly crawled over to his father who was waiting with open arms. The pair of quieter males sharing glances towards the playground.


You looked towards Katsuko, who looked curious and wanting to play as well. Her father standing behind her mother and looking ready to take her to play so her mother can relax a bit on the picnic blanket.


“Come on, Ko.” Bakugou told her. “Let’s go play.”


“No!” Katsuko screamed, seeming to have started her ‘terrible twos’ phase early. “Want mama!”


Bakugou inhaled slowly, looking towards you. He certainly wasn’t used to this. Up until recently, Katsuko would willingly run up to him and want to be his shadow. But now… all Katsuko wanted was to be near her mother. 


Mitsuki had said that slight separation anxiety and fear of the unknown happened to kids around her age, but even so, Bakugou couldn’t help but want to show his daughter all would be fine and he’d never let anything happen to her. But… he knew he couldn’t just grab her and show her this… she needed to want to go along on her own accord.


Katsuko pulled at your hand eagerly, trying to get you up on your feet to play with her. But after having dealt with this all week at school, two things were clear in your mind. Firstly, once your third years were done… Katsuko would be starting daycare. She was getting too old to tag along to class every day and really needed to start socializing with kids her age soon as well. And secondly, it was time to slowly try to break her of this fearful and super glued attachment to you.


“Go with dad.” You told her, nudging her gently towards your husband. “Mama is tired, and dad wants to play with you.”


“But mama…you play.” She whined, tears welling up in her baby doll eyes.


You stood your ground though, shaking your head. “Mama and Hiroki and Yuuto’s mamas are going to make lunch. So go play and then you can eat with mama in a bit, okay?”


Katsuko seemed to think that was a good deal, reaching out and taking her father’s hand. The pair walking off towards the slides where the two boys were already having a great time. You exhaled, so far so good… and no tantrum. If you got through today without one of those… it would be a success.


Katsuko… was definitely showing more of her stubborn traits as of late. From refusing baths and certain foods to not listening when asked to clean up her toys… she was testing her limits with you two. But for the most part… she was good because you and Bakugou had a united front on raising her.


“Good lie.” Uraraka teased you, motioning to the already prepared meals each family had brought themselves.


“She’s been attached to my hip all week… so I’ve been trying to break her of this new fear of the world without me.” You sighed. “That and I know Katsuki…”


“Oh? Is Bakugou-san jealous you’re the favorite parent right now?” Momo giggled.


“He’s more than jealous… pretty sure he’s going to resort into bribing Katsuko any day now to get her back to his side.” You laughed as well. “But how are you two? Its been a while since our group playdates?”


A gentle early summer breeze blew past the three of you happily sitting on the blanket. You moving your hair out of your face to see your old friends as they started to happily speak of their own families.


“It feels so nice to be back at work.” Uraraka stretched out. “Izuku and I rotate days and his mom covers for when we both can’t avoid patrols.”


“I agree.” Momo nodded. “Things feel so much more at ease at our home now that Shouto and I are both back at work and Yuuto is a bit older.”


“How’s he adjusting to your class?” You asked, remembering the exciting panic when you first brought Katsuko to class.


“Good. The first day was hectic as everyone wants to meet him. But now… he’s just like a regular person my students see every day.” Momo gave a giddy smile. 


“That’s great. I’m so happy Nedzu was so cool with you guys bringing Ko and Yuu to class.” Uraraka sighed. “I wish my boss would be as understanding…”


“I’m sorry… but at least things worked out schedule-wise?” You tried to find a silver lining. Uraraka nodding and smiling towards you.


Eventually, all your eyes shifted to the babies and fathers. All of you seeming to notice the same thing at the same time. Slowly glancing back to one another, waiting to see which one of you was the brave one to make a comment on it.


“They all… sure have different parenting styles.” Uraraka turned out to be the brave one.


“Looks like it.” You agreed.


Just by looking at how each father interacted with their kid who was eagerly wanting to go on the slide, swings, or other fun playground attractions, it was clear that much like how they were in a fight… Bakugou, Midoriya, and Todoroki were vastly different.


“Careful of the puddle here, Hiroki! Oh! Don’t run! You just learned to walk!” Midoriya was hovering with worry laced in his voice but didn’t stop Hiroki from doing what he was doing.


The curly-haired boy looking at his father every so often to make sure he was still there and then continuing to run as best he could towards the slide. He needed help with the steps, and Midoriya would always lift him. And then catch Hiroki as he came down the slide. Then repeat as the baby ran around to go again.


Todoroki was near the swings, having put Yuuto in a baby swing. Gently pushing him back and forth. Slowing down the swings every so often to talk to his son. Yuuto eagerly pointing forward and Todoroki nodding.


“Higher?” He asked, the white-haired baby nodding.


“Yes.” Yuuto spoke softly, then let out a soft squeal of delight as his father did just that. 


Todoroki merely watching and listening. If Yuuto sounded fine, he continued, but if the boy was trying to get his attention he’d stop. 


Finally, Bakugou and Katsuko had found themselves at a small self-pushing merry-go-round. Katsuko having attached herself to one of the bars like her life depended on it as Bakugou pushed it around. Her cries of ‘Faster!’ reaching your ears even from across the playground.


It seemed that her sense of danger and fear had worn off through the happiness of this big playground toy, and somewhere in her kid-mind… she decided it would be more fun if she tried to move while the merry-go-round was moving.


As soon as she let go of the bar she had been told to hold onto, the contraption started into a sudden slowdown. Katsuko looking towards her father as he stopped it, raised brow on his features. Katsuko puffing out her cheeks and giving him a stare back of her own.


“Again.” She ordered.


“Nope. You broke the rule. So no more.” Bakugou shook his head.


Katsuko immediately wailed, unhappy that her dad was no longer bending to her whims. Bakugou merely picked her up, carried her to a bench with him and sat down. She stopped her wailing and looked at him wide-eyed.


“Time out.” Bakugou huffed. “That’s not how we act.”


Katsuko nodded, knowing by this point to listen to her father. Because if she tried to argue more… this timeout would become longer. She kicked her feet back and forth, waiting as best she could (which was already hard). After about a minute, Bakugou snapped his fingers.


“You’re free. Go play.”


She dashed off a moment later, this time to go join Hiroki on the slide. Poor Midoriya stressing even more as now he had two young children to watch over. Not to mention one was Kacchan’s daughter and Kacchan more than likely actually would kill him if anything happened to her.


Back to the three moms, you all continued to speak about what you had just watched. 


“Izuku hovers… but he doesn’t coddle.” Uraraka sighed happily. “He knows he can worry for Hiroki, but that shouldn’t hinder him growing and trying things himself.”


“Shouto is pretty easy going. He’ll do whatever Yuuto wants so long as he’s not in danger or risk of hurting anyone or anything.” Momo chuckled.


“As for Katsuki… he has a lot of rules and negative reinforcement, but he only does it because he wants Katsuko to grow up behaved and happy.” You spoke with appreciation in your voice.


“They’re all so different, but all three kids look so happy.” Uraraka continued on. “So… I really can’t complain about how any of them parent.”


“Good heroes, good parents… and yet so different. Though… by now I guess we should expect this from our own top three.” Momo nodded passionately.


“You’re getting way too into this.” You teased Momo lightly. “But… we should call them over for lunch? It’s a matter of time before the hunger-induced bad attitudes strike.”


Momo and Uraraka nodded towards you. You called out the names of the kiddos, waving them all over as each of you moms took out the little snacks and main courses for the children. Hiroki and Katsuko running over as fast as their little kids could carry them. Yuuto happily carried by his father. Midoriya and Bakugou coming back at their own paces.


The kids happily showed off what each had in their own small bento-boxes. Katsuko and Hiroki exchanging various fruits with one another. Yuuto enjoying his baby foods, not jealous at all of not being able to share food.


You passed your husband a sandwich, winking towards him quickly as he took it. He rose a brow at you.


“What was that for you damn flirt?” He clicked his tongue.


“For being a good dad.” You teased him back, though you meant what you said.


He blushed darkly, turning his head. “Stop buttering me up in front of these assholes… it’s fucking embarrassing.”


You were about to say something back when it seemed your daughter had decided to speak. The little girl having been listening in and felt as if her mother deserved praise as well since her father rudely didn’t give her any.


“Best mama!” Katsuko cried, throwing her arms around you and hugging you. “Dada no good.”


You snorted loudly, hugging your daughter back. Looking over to Katsuki and sending him a shit-eating grin. He looked taken aback at Katsuko’s words but didn’t say anything. Thus deciding to brew.


“Yes, Katsuko… mama is the best, huh? And dada is mean!” You spoke, Katsuko nodding against you. “But… we love dada anyway, right?”


Katsuko pulled away, looking at her father and opening her arms towards him.


“Love dada!” She cooed, hugging her father.


Bakugou merely pat her back. “Oh.. so now you love me, huh, brat?”


But even so, the smile on his face remained all throughout her hug.

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Ch.24 - Twenty Months


“What that?” Your nearly two-year-old asked, pointing eagerly to the animal before her.


“Giraffe.” You told her, watching as her eyes widened from where she sat on her father’s shoulders.


“Raff?” She tried herself, but not quite there.


“Giraffe.” Bakugou told her.


“What that?” She pointed to another animal. 


“Gazelle.” You told her, seeing her nod slowly.


“Gal elle.” She spoke, earning a small chuckle from you on how determined Katsuko was to say the names of the animals, but couldn’t get there yet.


“Gazelle.” Your husband corrected, beginning to move to another exhibit.


You followed after the pair, the baby supplies backpack on you, as well as the map to the zoo. Katsuko bubbled happily, pointing at everything and anything, asking her parents to identify what she was seeing. Even though some of the things she pointed at were other people, who’s quirks made them look a bit different than compared to herself and her more humanoid looking parents.


“Down! Down!” Katsuko called out eagerly, lightly kicking her father on his shoulders as she did so.


“Calm down and I will.” He instructed her.


It took the little girl another minute or so to contain herself, but when she did, you could tell she was barely able to hold back on her excitement at whatever had caught her eye. Bakugou placed her down, instructing his daughter to grab onto his hand as she eagerly dragged him towards what she had seen.


A giant puddle of water from a fall storm that had come in was where she was going. The beginnings of September already letting you know it was going to be a harsh winter since the rain had started to come down all week.


Today was the first clear day all week, and as a result, your little family had decided to go to a local zoo and let Katsuko see the animals only ever seen in her books up close for the first time. To say she was excited was an understatement.


“Ko! Watch it!” Bakugou hollered, trying to stop his toddler, but she only managed to sneak her way out of his hand and stomp boldly into the puddle.


Bakugou sighed, shaking his head. You approached him, chuckling yourself as Katsuko screamed happily as she kicked up water. The jackets both of you had on keeping you warm and dry, and thus, you kept your distance from the range of the little girl with the rubber boots.


“It’s not like she’s going to be soaked.” You muttered, seeing as you were right to dress your daughter up in the cute rain jacket and boots today.


Mitsuki and Masaru had designed them with Katsuko in mind and gifted the outfit as a present for her first birthday. At the time the clothing had been too big for your growing baby, but now she fit into the cute little outfit like a glove.


It was mostly a red coat with lots of white polka-dots, but the part Katsuko liked the most was the hood. As when it was up, it showed everyone the image of a cat’s face. And her boots matched, seeing as the red rainboots had the same little kitties on them. And as of late… Katsuko had taken a major adoration for animals.


So wearing her kittie boots, coat, and seeing lots of animals she loved… made for a happy child. And thus, you and Bakugou were ever so glad to not have to deal with any tantrums as of late.


She was most definitely the child of two stubborn heroes, seeing as it was a fight with her about nearly everything as of late. Such as this morning when she tried to put her own boots on and put them on the wrong feet. It led to a loud unhappy scream when you tried to help, and thus… she was allowed to keep the boots on.


Because unlike your toddler, you and Bakugou knew what would happen the moment you put her into the car. She was out like a light, and now her boots were fixed. And she was none the wiser. 


“Katsuko, do you want to go see the elephants?” You asked your daughter.


She froze immediately, looking towards you with a sparkle in her eyes. A huge grin bursting across her face as she nodded eagerly. The puddle was soon forgotten and she ran back towards where you both had been watching her.


“Up! Up daddy!” She cried out, arms in the air, reaching for her father’s shoulders again.


“Seriously? You just jumped into a nasty ass puddle!” Bakugou sighed, knowing that in the end, Katsuko would get her way.


Plus if he was being honest… he did feel better having her on his shoulders. This place was crowded and he did not want to lose his daughter in the crowds.


As Katsuko started to whine and beg to be put up, Bakugou reached down and lifted her up. She cried happily, Bakugou putting her on his shoulders, the little girl nuzzling into him.


“Elly! Elly!” She cried, eyes watching her mother as you took out her stuffed elephant.


“Can you hold it?” You asked her, raising a brow. “Because if you drop it… we might lose Elly forever.”


Katsuko paused, looking towards the elephant with a sad look. Lose Elly? But… she also wanted to show Elly her family. Her tiny mind spinning as the little ash-blonde girl tried to think of what would be best.


“Mama hold until Ellys?” Katsuko asked, and you nodded.


“Yes. I’ll hold onto Elly until we see the Elephants.” You told her and then watched as she poked her father’s cheek.


“What?” Your husband asked, his tone making Katsuko chuckle despite how it was a little bit rude.


“Daddy! Ellys!” She cried, and Bakugou rolled his eyes.


Katsuko was energetically speaking, though most of her words were still unintelligible, but you both could tell she was excited. Aside from dogs and cats… she loved elephants the most.


You walked next to your husband, wanting to hold his hand, but alas he had a grip on his daughter’s legs to make sure she stayed on him and didn’t fall. So you settled for walking in strides with him. 


“How does it feel to be reduced to a ‘horsey’?” You teased him, watching as he gave you a smug look back.


“Least I’m not a damn pack mule like you, mind reader.”


“I’m not a mind reader, Katsuki.” You huffed. “You know this… I know you know this.”


“Cause you can read my mind.”


You rolled your eyes, seeing that he must be in a particularly good mood if he was teasing you. Must be the fact that he was so happy that Katsuko was so happy. The once brash male having become an emotional leech. If his daughter was happy and content… he more than likely was as well.


As for you… you were just happy the two most important people in your life were so happy as well. And that today was looking to be such a good and happy day for you all.


Katsuko’s happy babbling stopped suddenly, making both you and Bakugou turn to look at her. It seemed her eyes had caught onto something in the crowd, and with a wide smile, she started calling out to what she saw.


“Oni! Oni!” She clapped her hands. “Kame! Kame!”


You and Bakugou both looked out to see if she really was seeing who she thought she was seeing. Katsuko had seen enough of the now-graduated UA students to recognize them… but at a zoo, and together?


“Holy Hell…” Bakugou smirked. “Look at fucking that…”


You held back a laugh of your own, seeing as your daughter had indeed been right. Not too far away, now looking like deer caught in headlights were Bakugou’s newly hired sidekicks. Kameko’s black hair in two buns, wearing a rather cute little fall outfit. Next to her was Onishi who looked just as nice, his orange locks seeming to even be groomed a little more today.


“Oni! Kame!” Katsuko was still cooing, looking desperate for the older kids to come over and say hello to her.


Their trance soon broke as your family came over to say hello. The two straightening up and looking as if they were trying to hide something obvious. But alas… you and Bakugou had an idea of what was happening.


“Enjoying your day off?” You asked, seeing both lighting up a little pink.


“Hi! Hi! Hi!” Katsuko waved.


“Hi, Katsuko-chan.” Kameko finally spoke, the baby proudly clapping her hands for being recognized.


“Hi, Ko.” Onishi spoke back, clearing his throat.


He then proceeded to wipe his gloved hands on his black jeans, despite how he didn’t have sweaty hands because of his gloves. And that one of his hands was still in Kameko’s. 


These two were definitely not quite sure how to react yet… seeing as they must have just started dating not too long ago.


“T-taking a family day at the zoo?” Kameko found her footing once more, trying to have a conversation.


“Yup!” You nodded, looking towards Katsuko. “We thought it was time for someone to see an elephant in person.”


“Oh. I hear there’s a new baby elephant too.” Onishi commented. 


“We should get going then…” Bakugou clicked his tongue. “Gonna be a damn line and ‘Impatient Itsuka’ here won’t like that…”


Katsuko batted her eyes, not sure who this ‘Itsuka’ was or why her father was looking at her. Did he see something she didn’t see? 


“O-Oh! Okay.” Kameko nodded. “It was nice seeing you!”


“Same to you guys. Hopefully, the new jobs are working out.” You smiled and started to walk away with your husband. “Enjoy the rest of your date.”


You turned all the way around as the pair turned red-faced and awkward. You laughed uncontrollably for a moment, your husband lovingly bumping into you as you did so.


“Cool it, people are staring.” He scolded you lightly.


“Can’t let me have a little fun? They’re not my students anymore… so I can finally tease them a little about the obvious.” You stuck your tongue out at your husband. 


He rolled his eyes, looking back towards his new employees. He let out a sigh, shaking his head. This was certainly expected, but now would be the time to see if their feelings would help or hinder them in the long run.


“Worried for the work environment this may bring?” You asked him, not helping him accept that you were not a mind reader when you accurately though what he was thinking about nearly every time.


“More like I’m damn grateful those two won’t be arguing at every second… maybe they’ll even work together more…”


“True… but remember how we were when we first started dating? Your mom called it ‘puppy love’...” You smirked. “You ready to deal with that?”


Bakugou’s face dropped. “Fuck… they are gonna be so fucking gross…”


“How are you almost thirty and still calling affection ‘gross’?”


“Oh like you enjoying seeing people make out in public any more than I do.” He shot back.


“Ellys!” Katsuko cried out suddenly, both of you realizing she had been quiet.


Sure enough, there was the elephant field right in front of you all. Katsuko once more kicking her father eagerly. It seemed that while the pair of you were having another one of your teasing spats, your daughter had been hyper-focused on finding the elephants.


So now that she could see them, she was filled once more to the brim with energy. Poor Bakugou’s shoulder’s getting kicked as if he was fighting someone, but it was merely his toddler who didn’t know how to control her energy levels.


“Shall we go wait in line than to see the baby?” You asked, Katsuko nodding.


The three of you walked off towards where a small line was, a sign advertising the new baby for all to see. Katsuko repeating ‘Ellys’ over and over again as you all stood and waited. A few snacks and a stuffed toy at the ready to distract the little girl until it was her turn.


A good and peaceful day for her and her two parents.


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Ch.25 - Twenty-Four Months (Finale)


“Happy birthday, Katsuko!” Everyone called happily as the cake was brought out.


You put down the cake in front of her, your husband instructing her to blow out the candle. It took her, Yuuto, and Hiroki all blowing at full strength together to get the two candles out… but it was done and now it was time for cake.


“Cake!” Katsuko shouted happily.


“Cake…!” Hiroki repeated a little more unsure if he should be shouting.


“Cake.” Yuuto mumbled, looking as Bakugou started to cut the slices.


Chatter filled the room once more as everyone was enjoying the sweet pastry. The kids, of course, getting more on their faces than in their mouths, but it was all in good fun for the party.


Everyone had seemed to show up who you invited: Your mother and father, Bakugou’s mother and father, Momo, Todoroki and Yuuto, Uraraka, Midoriya, and Hiroki, Kirishima and Mina, Kaminari and Jirou, Aizawa, Best Jeanist, Tsuyu, Iida, and even All Might had made a small appearance for an hour.


“Look at this one, darling!” Your mother giddily showed off a set of photos she had taken on her camera as Katsuko and her two friends blew out the candle.


“It’s so cute… make sure to send these all to me tomorrow!” You told her, your mother nodding in agreement.


“Two years old huh?” Kirishima sighed contently. “Time sure goes by fast… still, feel like just yesterday we were all at UA.”


“Glad we’re not though…” Kaminari shook his head. “I don’t have to write papers anymore…”


Jirou pinched his cheek harshly. “Be aware of your surroundings, idiot! Aizawa-sensei is right there!”


Their former headteacher looked towards his students and shook his head. “No offense taken… I don’t have to read his papers anymore after all.”


Jirou and Kirishima couldn’t help but chuckle at that remark, despite Kaminari looked rather deflated.


“So good…” Uraraka mused happily, Hiroki next to her copying his mother’s expression as he ate his own cake.


“Good, good.” He mimicked, no doubt having gotten his mother’s love of expensive and well-made foods.


“I’m glad you both like it.” Momo smiled, trying to wipe Yuuto’s face, but alas the messy eighteen-month-old was being stubborn. “Yuuto and I love this bakery.”


“Well, it looks like Katsuko does as well.” You giggled, seeing her demanding a second piece after inhaling her first.


“More! Gimme more!” She hollered, Bakugou shaking his head.


“Everyone gets one.” He sterned with her, only to then notice the baby doll eyes welling up.


“Daddy… birfday…” She whined.


“Let her have another!” Mitsuki roared. “It’s not every day my grandkid turns two!”


“M-Mitsuki… please not at the party…” Masaru sighed, knowing what was to come.


“Hey! My kid, my house my damn rules!” Bakugou roared back.


As the mother and son started to argue, your father quickly sliced another piece and passed it over to Katsuko. Her big red eyes lighting up and she ate happily. You nodded towards your dad, telling him you were fine with it.


After another ten minutes of eating and wrestling the kids to get them somewhat clean, the three were set loose to run around your living room. Katsuko already wanting to play with her new toys and considering sharing with her two friends.


“Ask before taking!” Midoriya told his son as Hiroki spotted a toy.


Yuuto merely sat by and watched, looking at all the toys and trying to decide which one would be the most fun. Something he no doubt got from his mother who would over analysis small things like this as well.


“They’ve all gotten so big, kero.” Tsuyu spoke.


“Aren’t children supposed to grow?” Todoroki looked a bit confused by Tsuyu’s comment.


“She meant that it feels like yesterday when they were small, Todoroki.” Mina sighed, seeing as some things and personality traits never changed.


The girls seemed to divide into their small group once more as they had done years ago at UA. The older-pros were making chatter, and Bakugou’s parents and your mother were exchanging contact info since the fashion designers and fashion critics were apparently fans of one another.


Thus leaving the males to stand around, not sure what to do. Only until the father of the birthday girl spoke up, looking towards the fathers of the other two children.


“You shits teaching your sons to be respectful to girls?” He barked, the five others surrounding him caught off by his question.


Iida nodded in agreement. It was true, a good parent would teach respect to their child. Kaminari and Kirishima looking happy to see their old friend was such a good dad.


Midoriya gulped as he saw something. Todoroki only pointed behind Bakugou. “Maybe you should teach your daughter as well?”


Bakugou looked to see Katsuko hoarding her toys, looking to be making some sort of demands from the two who wanted to play with her. Bakugou sighed, making eye contact with Katsuko.


“Share?” She sounded upset.


Bakugou nodded and watched as Katsuko finally passed around her new toys.


“You’re really good at parenting, Kacchan…” Midoriya blinked, impressed with how good he was at getting Katsuko to listen and do as he knew would be best for her.


“If only he could get his sidekicks under control as well…” Best Jeanist spoke as he walked past the group to get another drink.


“They just graduated from UA this year! Cut me some slack!” He hollered, knowing how difficult the first year as a pro-hero could be.


The three kiddos were happily playing heroes with some kid version costumes that Best Jeanist had bought. The three chasing one another and switching between who was bad or good. Eventually tiring out and begging poor Kaminari to turn on the TV for a show. 


Kaminari eventually having to ask you, since he didn’t know how your TV worked. The kids and him all happy and excited when the movie finally started and sitting in anticipation as it began. 


The night continued on as such, lots of cute kid moments, some funny stories of the past, and just a general good time by all who were there. Eventually, though, it seemed that people tricked out.


About two hours after cake, the apartment was occupied by just the three of you once more. And with Bakugou lifting up an exhausted Katsuko to the bathroom to give her a quick bath before bed, you knew you should do some cleaning so you would be pulling your weight.


The time wasn’t even past ten o’clock but it seemed with kids, careers, and general loss of sleep… you all had unknowingly transitioned into the adult party times of two in the afternoon to before the teens and young adults ventured out for loud music and dancing.


You hummed to yourself, reflecting back on today. It had been fun. Katsuko was happy all day, everyone invited looked happy to just see one another again. And of course, your husband was on his own positive track. 


The last of the garbage picked up and sorted into the proper areas so they could be recycled. You inhaled slowly, collapsing onto the couch and absorbing in the quiet. You had heard your husband’s voice carrying through when you had started reading. His voice had been smooth as he read some book Katsuko had picked out and more than likely begged to hear before she drifted off.


Your head turned as you heard him coming out of Katsuko’s bedroom, closing the door slowly and then looking towards you. You shot him a small smile, Bakugou making a beeline to join you on the couch. He looked as ready as you to just sit down and relax after this special, but hectic day.


“She asleep?” You asked as the ash-blonde sunk into the plush cushions next to you.


“Didn’t even make it past page three...was out like a light.” He told you, chuckling to himself.


“She had a big day.” You smiled, stretching out. “We had a big day…”


It was silent for a passing moment, the next noise that came being the sounds of your husband shifting a bit closer to you. You turned to look at him, only to have his lips capture yours in a sudden kiss.


You blinked into it, seeing as this wasn’t a quick one. But rather it was clear he was trying to add some intensity to it, especially when his hand traced circles along your thigh. You exhaled suddenly, pulling away and looking at him with a suspicious look.


“And what exactly is running through your head?” You rose a brow, seeing your proud husband raise his head a bit as if trying to gain some sort of upper ground.

“The hell you talking about?” He clicked his tongue.


“Oh! Don’t try to pin this on me! I know you… and I know what you want when you kiss me like that!” You shook your head. “And the last time I reciprocated that kind of kiss…something ended up not working… and I got a positive pregnancy test as a result.”


You shook your head, feigning disappointment and anger. In reality, you were thrilled with where your life was, and you would never trade it for anything. Fabulous two-year-old, heroic husband, and wonderful career… you didn’t see how it could get any better.


“Hey…” Bakugou’s face was red, and he wasn’t looking at you.


“What?” You asked, sensing this conversation was not over yet.


“I wanna do it again.” He looked at you, face serious.


You blinked. “You fucking horn dog…”


The seriousness of his face melted away with anger, and he shook his head back and forth. 


“No! Not that… I mean a kid! Another kid!” He paled seeing as he was trying to be a bit sneaky about this for the sake of his ego.


You looked at him with wide eyes. Blinking slowly a few times to at least let the ash-blonde know you were still with him. He had to be patient, inhale a few times to calm himself down… he had to let this sink in for you.


Only when it finally did… he watched as the shock morphed into laughter. You covering your lips with your hand and laughing. His chest tightening. Did you really think this was funny? He was being serious!

“Oh my goodness…” You smiled gleefully. “Katsuko has broken you, Katsuki! You, the guy who didn’t think he’d even get married cause his career was too important… wants another baby?!”


“S-shut up!” Bakugou grumbled, feeling embarrassed at all the asshole things he had said and done in his youth. “I-I like having a kid I can show off!”


“Oh no!” You poked his nose. “Don’t try to cover this up! I’ve been with you these last two years of parenthood… you don’t like showing off… you like being a dad.”


You smirked at him. “Admit it, Katsu… you’ve turned into a dad.”

He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Like you have any room to gloat… you’re a motherfucking mom.”


“Would you call me a MILF?” You gave him a smug look, knowing he clearly walked into that one.


He responded with smacking your face with a fluffy couch pillow. And then walking off, muttering under his breath all sorts of things, such as why he decided to marry, have a kid with you, and then want another one with you.


You only laughed harder, knowing the noise wouldn’t wake your noise desensitized daughter. Mind already liking the idea of another baby, but you’d let him stew on it a bit longer. If he was considering it as seriously as you know were… he’d come and have a serious conversation with you soon.


Until then… you’d enjoy the rest of the night with him. Knowing that while the future was still ever-changing… something in you said that like the past fifteen years… so long as you both were together… only good things would come of it.


The End.