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Hiding in Plain Sight

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Cat looked at her warped and muted reflection along the elevator walls with disdain. There had only been two other times when she had been escorted by security to this part of the building and neither time had resulted in anything good.

Thankfully after the first, she had installed a vault for this expressed purpose, hoping she would never see its intended use. As the doors opened she noted how quiet the mail room was with no one inside it. Even though they had digitized most of their services, it was still an unwelcome sight.

All of the packing machinery was off, boxes were left half open and the latest print issue was still hovering on unmoving conveyor belts. It was as if someone had simply stopped time and she was free to move about in order to survey the moment. As CatCo security led her down a corridor, an officer in full gear met her midway, relieving her of her security complement.  

“This is highly unusual ma’am.”

“While I appreciate your attention to manners right now, call me Miss Grant." Cat stated with a stern edge, not at the moniker so much as to the situation. “I know it’s unusual, but it’s my business, my building, my rules.” Cat moved along, much to the chagrin of a few other officers. 

It only demonstrated how much power Cat could wield, and in the long run, she knew some of them wouldn’t stop at the chance to mention how National City’s Media Queen was willing to put herself in such a dangerous position. It might be draped in arrogance and other callus descriptions towards her person, but it was free publicity all the same. Serving to remind any who might attempt such a thing again that whatever they tried, Cat Grant was not scared and would refuse to bend to acts that tried to provoke fear and irrationality.

“Has the F.B.I. been notified?” Cat felt the officer’s eyes on her with her question but paid him no mind as she stared ahead while they walked. 

“They’re sending someone for retrieval, quietly. Right now your employees are under the impression there’s some kind of underground gas leak because of the fault line shifting from earlier.” Cat gave a nod, recalling the small earthquake that had complimented her breakfast before coming into work as the man continued. 

“We’ve also confirmed the second location is clear.”

“Second location?”

“Yes, ma... Miss Grant, I thought your security team would have informed you.”

“Informed me of what?”

“We found the second threat, after notification of this one, at the target’s residence.”

Cat frowned as they stopped at the vault door. “There was no mention of any officer or federal agent at my penthouse.” Instantly she thought of Carter, his school and- 

“You are not the intended target.” Cat made a full stop, forcing the officer to turn when he got ahead of her alone, and address her head on. “It’s one of your employees.”


The officer gestured towards the massive open door where another complement of officers waited along with the bomb technician. Knowing the bulk of her questions would be answered once she saw the evidence beyond the threshold, Cat stepped inside carefully. She took inventory of those around her before laying her eyes on the steel table in the center of the room. There was a standard cardboard box already wrapped and taped with the standard red evidence tamper warnings and just ahead of it was the object in question.

Cat eased across the space, keeping her hands in view as she looked at the crude, homemade object in front of her. It wasn’t the first explosive device she had ever encountered, given her line of work before her more executive tenure, and she was certain it wouldn’t be her last. What struck her wasn’t the object itself and its intention to drive ice into one’s veins, it was the picture haphazardly wrapped around it that made her blood run cold.

The photographed woman’s features were unaware. Given the candid composition of the shot, she had probably been stalked in order for the perpetrator to have acquired it. The words 'Alien Sympathizer’ were painted with broad red strokes, obscuring the moment of the photo along with a steady stream of the word 'lies’ scrawled in black ink. Cat noted the background, recognizing it from within CatCo plaza before her gaze settled firmly on the subject.

“Kara.” Her voice barely reached a whisper and Cat wondered if she had spoken at all as the image burned itself into her brain. A small commotion stole her attention, along with everyone else’s in the room before a panel of blue and a flutter of red made the vice around Cat’s chest tighten.  

“The F.B.I. sent-” Supergirl stopped short, her bravado and confident air faltering momentarily. “Miss Grant? What are… why aren’t you outside with the others?”

Cat turned slowly, keeping her body between the object and Supergirl. Even if it was only for show. Just as she was about to respond she heard the commanding lilt of another woman in the hall.

“Agent Danvers, F.B.I.” the redhead also stopped shy of Supergirl before the caped woman stepped aside enough to let her through. “Miss Grant, you should have been evacuated. If you’ll-“

“I’ll only go with Supergirl,” Cat’s sudden rush of demand stopped Alex short and provoked a small shrug from Supergirl. Cat cleared her throat and stepped a little closer, pulling focus. “I have little doubt in your abilities and as far as protection goes you seem capable. In this case, I’d prefer the absolute highest level of that which only she can really offer with any absolute certainty.”

Supergirl glanced back to Alex, realizing this blatant threat on Cat's life must have really rattled her. Kara knew of one other time when someone had sent something through the mail to Cat, just before she started as her assistant. It was why she has been so adamant about checking Cat’s mail first at the time before it was mandated as a standard policy.

“If you’ll come with me then Miss Grant.” Supergirl turned her full attention on Cat, moving aside enough for her to lead the way before casting another knowing look at Alex as she passed.

Alex looked just as confused, waiting for both women to get further along the hallway before addressing the lead officer.

“What exactly do we have?”

Supergirl followed easily behind Cat, letting her carve the path towards the oversized service elevators before closing the steel doors and locking the grate. Cat pushed the button for the loading docks, her phone in hand, as she texted her driver before looking over at the other woman who stood tall and proud.

“Are you all right Miss Grant?”

Cat was anything but all right. She schooled her expression well as she studied the heroine in front of her. Suspicions still nagged at her as to the actual identity of the woman in front of her and Cat had never wished to be so wrong in all her life until now. If for no other reason than to hope whoever was targeting Kara Danvers would only find Kara Danvers and not discover that she might also be-

“Miss Grant?”

“I’m concerned.” 

“We will find who’s targeting you.”

The promise held enough truth and vehemence to it that Cat nearly shuddered. She knew Supergirl could be fierce, cold even, but that response was sheer instinctive protection.

“I’m not concerned about me or my safety. Although, I don’t doubt I might eventually be lumped in, considering.”

“Lumped in?” The small lines that formulated the start of a frown pulled at Supergirl’s features, broadcasting to Cat just how little she, and probably the F.B.I., actually knew.

“I wasn’t the target and CatCo is just a matter of convenience when I consider it. Eventually, this individual may broaden their field of targets to me and others but that’s just an educated expectation.”

“So it’s one of your employees?”

Cat nodded as Kara lifted a finger to her ear and murmured for whoever was on the other end of her comms to hold on.

“Sorry,” Cat waved her off with a small shrug of her shoulder just as the elevator ground to a halt.  Supergirl again opened the doors just as Cat’s driver pulled into one of the vacant loading bays. “Please continue.”

“Yes, it’s one of my employees. Someone who I have to find right now.” Cat moved the second the grate was clear, showing no signs of stopping. 

Supergirl hurried after Cat as she crossed the loading floor at full tilt. “I need a name.”

“No,” Cat said and kept going, Supergirl trailing right behind. “The less anyone knows the better. Otherwise-”

“Cat wait, maybe I can find them, I can get them to safety until-“

Supergirl now!” Alex’s voice brought the woman up short as she reached to her ear with a small growl knowing Cat wouldn’t wait.

“What Alex?! Hurry up Cat’s going to try to find-“

Kara Danvers .”

Supergirl stopped completely, while Cat crossed the last few feet of the floor before slipping into her car.

The target is Kara Danvers.”

No sooner did Cat’s car round the corner with the squeal of a tire did Kara feel a vibration against her leg. In an instant her phone was in her hand, Cat’s name glaring back at her across the caller ID.