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Things We Lost In The Fire

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A soft sigh parted your lips as you stood underneath the warm rays of the sun, the breeze gently caressing your skin, your hair swaying with it. The days were growing warmer and the air sweeter as Spring drew near, Winter slowly coming to an end. The nights were still cold, but at least you no longer needed three fur blankets to stave away the biting chill of Winter.

The soft chimes coming from the flowers made a soft smile pull at your lips as you looked down at the last of the winter fairies, so small that you could only perceive them as small glowing white blue orbs. One of them hovered over your basket, and you smiled down at it, pulling aside the cloth that covered the contents to reveal the jar of honey you brought for them, the rest of the basket filled with poultices for the village. 

“I brought some honey for your court, to thank you for the materials your leaders parted with,” you said, placing the jar on the ground, “I added some snowberries to keep it chilled, as you like it.” An excited chime sounded and the orb weaved around the jar in glee, covering it with a coat of light blue ice. A soft giggle bubbled out of you as you covered the basket once more, waving at them, “Enjoy! I hope we meet next Winter!”

With that, you made your way across the small footpath the Fae made for you. It was something only you could see and traverse, any other mortal would either not see it or end up walking in circles. A low growl pulled your attention to the dark shrubbery beside you, “Oh, I didn’t forget about you, Fuyu.” Smiling, you opened your leather satchel attached at your hip, pulling out a jar of bright blue gel, “A frost balm for the coming seasons. Only take one scoop a day, otherwise it won’t last.” A harrumph sounded as a long spindly arm reached out, grabbing the jar gently, then disappearing into the shrubbery once more.

You continued down your path, finally reaching the stretch of grass that marked the crossing between the human and Fae kingdoms. The sweetness of the air faded as you crossed back into the human kingdom, replaced by a more subdued scent. A smile pulled at your lips as you saw your aids waving at you, and you waved back at them as you made the short trek back to your cottage.

“Miss [Y/N], did the fairies like the honey?” young Izuku asked, his large round eyes filled with mirth, crinkling with the bright smile on his lips, “And did Fuyu appreciate the balm?” He ran a gloved hand through his moss green tresses, a soft blush on his freckled cheeks as he looked down bashfully, “It’s probably a silly question.”

“No shit, Deku. Of course they appreciated her gifts,” young Katsuki barked, brows turned to an annoyed frown as he looked up from his work, only to glare back at the snapdragons when they tried to nip at his fingers, “Yeah, yeah, I’m fucking busy feeding you.”

You shook your head, eyes closed as you laughed at the duo, “No need for such harsh language, young Katsuki. And it’s not a silly question, young Izuku, Fae are indeed fickle creatures. I may be good friends with them, but even I cannot guess when their whims will change.” Soft laughter bubbled up more as young Katsuki turned his face away, trying to hide his flushed cheeks, and young Izuku merely gave a relieved smile.

Young Ochako merely joined in with your laughter, leaning away from the excited swaying of the slithervines, “Miss [Y/N], I hope your journey went well this time. Did any mischievous little sprites try to trick you again? We saw some of them dancing near the border, but Bakugo’s surly face gave them the shivers!” At the glare young Katsuki shot at her, she merely laughed, sprinkling some sugar towards the vines.

The sound of a bell ringing brought your attention to the back door, where young Shoto leaned out of the door, his dual-toned eyes landing on you, “Oh, Miss [Y/N], I was just about to look for you! The fire scarabs got out of their cage again, and they’re chasing Koda.”

A merry chuckle left you as you handed the basket over to young Izuku, “Would you be a dear and hand these to Courier? They need to be sent to Mustafa village.” You returned young Izuku’s beaming smile and watched as he ran off to hand the poultice to their Phoenix, then moved to enter the cottage, hearing the commotion before she saw it.

Fiery red beetles buzzed through the air, chasing young Koji around. A shrill whistle left you, and the beetles froze. “Leave poor young Koji alone. It’s not nice terrorizing people. Do I have to lower your meat rations again?” you spoke in a stern voice, watching as the beetles frantically returned to their terrarium.

Young Koji visibly sagged with relief, a thankful look on his face, “Th-thank you, Miss [Y/N].” The large boy bowed down to you, and you merely shook your head, giving his shoulder a soft pat and smiling when he rose up, “I-I apologize, Miss [Y/N].”

“Young Koji, it is fine. There is no need to bow or show such high respects. You are an equal here,” you said, giving him a warm smile, “We’ll help you get over your discomfort with insectoids, but for now, would you please make sure the floofs are fed? Young Tsuyu was supposed to feed them, but if I recall correctly, she left today to see her family.”

“That is correct, Miss [Y/N]. Asui left approximately an hour ago,” young Tenya’s voice sounded from the front of the cottage, “Kaminari, Kirishima and Sero also left approximately thirty minutes ago to help a customer carry some of her purchases.” His head popped around the entrance separating the front and back, and you gave him an appreciative nod, then he disappeared again.

“M-Miss [Y/N],” the slightly out of breath voice of young Momo made you look over at her, seeing her hold a young drake in her arms, “Hagakure, Jirou and Ashido are bringing more. We found them in an abandoned nest. It would appear they have been without heat for a while.”

A worried frown creased your brow as you walked over, sniffing the drake, “The reek of humans… no doubt curious people who thought that they would make excellent pets, only to have the pair chase them off. Unfortunately they would probably not recognize their scent. Get them into the fire scarab’s terrarium and add some fire ointment to their chests. I’ll fetch our old nurse.” With that, you made your way to the stairway leading to the basement, hurriedly passing by some of your other aids until you stopped beside the dark haired man, “Ah, Shota, just who I was looking for. Have you seen where Galena is? We need her to nurse a brood of drakes.”

Shota looked over at you, sighed and turned around, the old cat in his arms fast asleep. “As you can see, she is very much enjoying her nap. I will take her to the drakes,” he said, scratching behind her second set of ears and cooing softly as he left.

This was your daily life, taking care of magical flora and fauna, as well as providing a home for people who were different. Ever since you were young, you had an affinity for all the mythical things that existed in the world. You understood them, and they understood you. These were trying times, and many humans still held prejudice against all things magical, but their stigmas were quickly dying out, and your wonderful cottage was the reason for it. You tended to everyone, human or not. And you protected those the humans had dared to hunt. You were equal parts loved and feared by humans, but you were always respected.

Your word and existence was what kept the peace between the kingdoms, after all. And one word from you could send all the magical forces you held counsel with down upon the humans. Of course, not all creatures were good, but you knew how to handle them, how to sate their urges and keep the peace. And for that, the humans respected you.

Life was full of difficulties, but the joy you felt when all of your aids sat around the dinner table, merrily conversing and eating, enjoying life, it made your day every single time.

So, when a frantic young Izuku came charging down, you did not stress or panic. You merely smiled at him, “Yes, young Izuku? What brings you to me with such haste?” You waited patiently as he regained his breath, eyes wide and frantic.

“A… a dragon… it… it crashed near the barn,” he heaved out once he could, chest rising and falling rapidly, “It looks like hunters… attacked it… It… it won’t let any of us near, and Courier is trying to tire it out.”

Eyes wide, you sprinted with a ferocious speed, zipping up the stairs and out of the cottage, eyes landing on the barn. And, as young Izuku said, there was indeed a dragon there. You waved your arms frantically at your aids, “Step back! Leave it to me!” They stopped, and reluctantly backed away, but hovering close by as you stopped beside Courier, the Phoenix’s feathers puffed up and ruffled. “Return to your duties, young ones. The cottage will not take care of itself,” you spoke, giving them a confident smile, sighing in relief as they reluctantly returned to the cottage.

You lightly pat the Phoenix’s side, “There, there, Courier. Easy girl. You still have to deliver those poultices. No need to run late.” Courier gave a worried huff, but rose into the air, albeit reluctantly so. Your gaze fixed onto the dragon, scanning its body. Its scales were midnight black, with a few crimson streaks here and there, but your heart dropped at the purple exposed flesh. “Oh no,” you whispered, brows creased, “You must be in so much pain, noble dragon.” The wounds still ebbed a steady flow of purple blood, but you knew these wounds weren’t fresh. To work through a dragon’s scales like that would take days, and you could only imagine the pain this one was in.

You took a cautious step towards it, your eyes locking with its intelligent blue ones, “Relax. I promise I won’t hurt you. Please, let me take a look at your wounds.” Its eyes followed your movements, body tensing. You stopped the moment a blue glow emanated from its chest, the strong smell of sulphur leaving its maw. You bowed your head, hand outstretched, a sign of trust and submission. It fell quiet, and you could feel the ground vibrate beneath your feet as it took cautious steps towards you.

When you felt a warm, scaled snout pressing into your hand, your lips pulled into a smile, cautiously moving your head to look over at it, “Good, good.” Up close, you could see the slight discoloration of its flesh, signs of both blood loss and the beginnings of an infection. Rage boiled in you, “Those stupid hunters. Always taking sadistic glee in wounding your kind.” You looked into its eyes, giving it the warmest, kindest smile you could, “Please, follow me. I believe I have everything in the barn that I can use to aid you.”

The dragon gave you a skeptical look, but complied regardless, sluggishly following you as you made your way to the barn doors. Cautiously, you opened them a bit, allowing him to sniff, then opening once he seemed to relax. “Hawks, you’ll be getting a friend. Don’t bother him, too much, okay? He’s hurt.” An excited coo sounded, a flurry of gold and red bounding towards you excitedly, only to stop when a low growl escaped the dragon. You smiled apologetically at the dragon, “I apologize, Hawks has only had Courier for company, and he’s always excited to meet new people.”

The griffin cawed in agreement, purring happily as he sauntered over to you, rubbing affectionately against you, which only made you laugh, “Not now, Hawks. Tell my aids to come. I will need their help tending to all his wounds. Tell them to bring dragon roots with, and some slithervines.” You gave his beak an affectionate nuzzle, then stroked his fur as he hopped past you.

You looked over at the dragon, then gestured to the wide interior of the barn, “Make yourself comfortable. I apologize for advance, it will be a bit crowded in here, but I promise that all the people coming to help take care of you are people I trust. They will not harm you. So, please, try not to hurt them.” It huffed at you, limping into the barn, but your heart froze as it fell forward, a pained whine leaving it. Brows creased in worry, you rushed to its head, seeing the life slowly drain from its bright blue eyes, “No, no. Come now, keep fighting. I know it hurts, but you made it this far.”

Frantically, you began to feel its pulse, feeling the life slowly ebb from its veins, and dread filled your bones. As if their timing couldn’t be any better, your aids stood by the doors of the barn, your head snapping to them, orders barking from you and getting them into motion.

The next few hours were frantic as everyone worked together to clean all its wounds and monitor its vitals, doing exactly as you ordered while mixing and preparing all the ointments needed to save its life. You refused to let it die so soon after finding a place where it could be saved.

Hawks stood close by, plucking some of his feathers for you to use in your ointments, an understanding look on his amber eyes. Courier sat beside him, passing some of her feathers as well, a sad coo escaping her as she rubbed her head gently against your leg. You visibly shook, tears threatening to spill down, but you refused to give up. You remained strong, and once all his wounds were covered in healing ointments and wrapped in bandages, you used the potent poultice containing Hawks and Courier’s feathers, gently feeding it to the dragon.

Looking outside, you could see it was well into the night. Everyone looked tired and worn out, their clothes dirtied. With an exhausted smile, you waved them on, “Go rest. You all did well, now only time will tell. It’s up to its strength and will to live. I will keep watch, don’t wait for me.” You were thankful that they did not try to protest, only tiredly made their way back to the cottage.

A drawn out sigh escaped you as you walked to the dragon’s side, your hand gently stroking its muzzle, “Hang in there, okay? I want you to live a happy life, and I want to get to know you. You’re still so young, you’ve barely passed adulthood.” You huffed a laugh as Hawks propped his head underneath your arm, rubbing against you soothingly.

A smile tugged at your lips as you seated yourself in from the dragon’s head, so that you would be the first thing it would see when it woke up. Hawks curled around you, his head resting on your lap and his body providing a support for you to lean against and warmth to stave away the chill of the night. Courier tugged the barn doors closed, then strut towards the dragon, plucking some of her feathers and laying it around him, their warmth enough to keep its body warm, then she went to rest by its chest, head pulled under her wing as she fell asleep.

Your hand idly stroked Hawks’ head, earning a purr from him. “I really hope it makes it… I would hate for it to have survived so long only to die as it found help,” you whispered, a soft huff leaving you as Hawks nudged you gently, a soothing coo leaving him. You smiled and continued to stroke his head, eyes closing as you rest against his warm body, “You’re right. It'll definitely make it.”