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Seyruun High Jinx: Summer Special [PODFIC]

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Chapter Duration Download Streaming
Chapter 1 56:56 MP3 (52.4 MB)
Chapter 2 1:00:07 MP3 (55.3 MB)
Chapter 3 1:09:25 MP3 (63.9 MB)
Chapter 4 56:47 MP3 (52.4 MB)
Chapter 5 1:00:59 MP3 (56.2 MB)
Chapter 6 45:25 MP3 (42.0 MB)
Chapter 7 45:24 MP3 (42.0 MB)
Chapter 8 59:34 MP3 (54.9 MB)
Chapter 9 52:30 MP3 (48.5 MB)
Chapter 10 51:46 MP3 (47.8 MB)
Chapter 11 14:10 MP3 (13.4 MB)
Chapter 12 45:50 MP3 (42.3 MB)
Chapter 13 1:02:57 MP3 (58.0 MB)
Chapter 14 48:11 MP3 (44.5 MB)
Chapter 15 59:04 MP3 (54.5 MB)
Chapter 16 1:03:06 MP3 (58.1 MB)
Chapter 17 58:45 MP3 (54.2 MB)
Chapter 18 55:12 MP3 (50.9 MB)
Chapter 19 1:03:35 MP3 (58.6 MB)
Chapter 20 47:17 MP3 (43.7 MB)
Chapter 21 43:37 MP3 (40.3 MB)
Chapter 22 1:00:35 MP3 (55.9 MB)
Chapter 23 41:25 MP3 (38.3 MB)
Chapter 24 56:42 MP3 (52.3 MB)
Chapter 25 53:09 MP3 (49.0 MB)
Chapter 26 41:44 MP3 (38.6 MB)
Chapter 27 44:14 MP3 (40.9 MB)
Chapter 28 1:20:24 MP3 (74.0 MB)
Blooper Reel 5:30 MP3 (5.4 MB)
Reader's Notes 29:35 MP3 (27.5 MB)
Spoilery Warnings 8:05 MP3 (7.8 MB)


Song Artist Album Use
Breeze Megumi Hayashibara The Best of Slayers Opening/Between Chapters/The Slayers song
We Are... Hikaru Midorikawa Slayers Next Sound Bible II The Slayers song
Jama wa Sasenai Masami Okui The Best of Slayers The Slayers song
Give a Reason Megumi Hayashibara The Best of Slayers The Slayers song
Set Me Free ~ A Game Without Lies Yasunori Matsumoto Slayers Next Sound Bible III The Slayers song
Never Never Give up [Exit - Running] L.O.N. Slayers TRY Treasury BGM 2 The Slayers song
Somewhere Houko Kuwajima The Best of Slayers The Slayers song
Only Lonely Soldier [Get Along] N.O.V.A. Slayers TRY Treasury BGM 2 The Slayers song
Far Away in the Rain [Ame no Far Away] Mifuyu Hiiragi Slayers Next Sound Bible I The Slayers song
MIDNIGHT BLUE Megumi Hayashibara MEGUMIX -GOLD- The Slayers song
So in the World Yasunori Matsumoto Slayers TRY Treasure VOX The Slayers song
Get Along Megumi Hayashibara & Masami Okui MEGUMIX -SILVER- The Slayers song
Bohemian Rapsody Queen A Night at the Opera Sing-A-Long
Hey Jude The Beatles Hey Jude Single Sing-A-Long
Hey Jude T-Mobile Singalong Crowd Singing From Youtube Sing-A-Long
We Can Work It Out (acoustic cover) Dnuts82 (originally by the Beatles) From Youtube Zel's apology song
Itooshii Hito no Tame ni [For the Sake of My Beloved] Satou Akemi Fushigi Yuugi Opening Song (from youtube) Suzaku Seven song
Mein Herz brennt Rammstein Mutter Potenetial The Slayers song
Kiseki no Umi Maaya Sakamoto Record of the Lodoss War opening potential The Slayers song
Eien no Tabe e Ootaka Shizuru Tenshi ni Narumon! closing sung by Raphael
We Gotta Power Hironobu Kageyama Dragon Ball Z opening DBZ song
Hemisphere Maaya Sakamoto Rahxephon opening sung by Hitomi
Blue Eyes (credited as Remember Fanelia) Maaya Sakamoto from one of the Vision of Escaflowne soundtracks sung by Hitomi
eX dream Myuji (Masatoshi Nishimura) X/1999 opening combined "Dragon Bands" song
Beeze [WINDSTORM MIX] Megumi Hayashibara Slayers BGM 1 closing song
The Shadow of Death Slayers BGM Slayers TRY Treasury BGM 1 Background music: Val's dreams
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