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A Family in Hogwarts

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“Can we not do this right now?” Percy removed the light-up shoes from the trunk and chucked it across the room into the open closet. This was the second time Severus had snuck them back in and he was fast losing patience. “You know very well it has electronics and might blow up in Hogwarts. The elves will anyway just vanish it and then you—”

Severus stopped yanking on the neck of his robe to gape at him in shock. “You threw them, daddy!”

“I didn’t throw them away—”

“No you threw them! If I throw them you shout at me!”

“If you throw them in a tantrum. There’s a difference between a tantrum and being just too lazy to walk to the closet for the umpteenth time, don’t make a fuss.”

“If I don’t wear my shoes they will be too small on the next holiday, daddy. That’s Christmas! I’m growing fast!” He was indeed growing. Not that fast but according to the Mediwitch at St. Mungo’s at a normal rate. Something they had not been sure would happen with the potion, Madam Pomfrey had held a wait and see attitude and for a while Percy had been quite worried that he would sit with a perpetual four year old. Harry needing new school shoes had put a bug in Severus’s mind though, and for some reason thoughts on the future loss of his adored sneakers were too much for him.

He now made a beeline for the closet to retrieve them yet again but Percy got to him first and grabbed him off his feet to quickly carry him out of his bedroom.

“If I am not mistaken your favourite program is showing on the telly. Watch it and I will pack, thank you very much.”

“Which one?”

Merlin each one was his favourite, what did it matter! “I forgot it’s name.” He accio’d the remote and started the morning cartoons, dropping Severus on the couch as he did so. “Sit here and don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh come on!” Harry, finally moving out of the bathroom moaned on seeing what they were doing. “If he starts that we will never get going, I don’t want to be late for the train.”

“Because we don’t have a flying car, right?” Ollie brushed past, tugging at Harry’s fringe to his obvious exasperation. He had just spent half an hour in the bathroom with a pot of hair gel trying to fix it so that no-one would realize he didn’t have a scar anymore and he shouted in irritation, turning on his heel to go back to see the damage.

“Did you have to do that?” Percy complained mildly.

Ollie sniggered and brushed a kiss on Percy’s cheek in passing. “Breakfast?”

“Make it fast. I am repacking Severus, he hid every bloody thing that’s not Muggle and we might really miss the train.”

“You know you can just come back for what you forgot, yes? You won’t be going as a student, Perce.”

Oh. Percy blinked at Ollie. Such a smart man and he was all his now forever which didn’t matter since he won’t be seeing him for how long…

“And I will portkey over every Wednesday and can bring whatever else you need, so don’t look at me like that. We will also have Floo chats every night.” He clattered the pans in the kitchen and raised his voice over the noise. “Because Severus would miss me too much if I didn’t!”

“I won’t!”

“Me neither!” Harry called from the bathroom.

“No-one cares what the two of you want.” Percy told them and returned to their shared bedroom and Severus’s trunk. They had brought him tiny little robes from Twilfitt, all special wear for his age, it will grow with him but most importantly stray spells should reflect off him if needed. He blessed their wedding cash that lasted so long and they were joking about getting married yearly from now on. Joking privately where the kids couldn’t hear it for Percy did not need them to discuss their poverty with the world anymore.

Severus hated the robes. Going from soft trousers and t-shirts to the heavy magical cloth he nearly had a tantrum reminiscent of the time they had bought him his first Muggle outfits. Percy had him all packed in the night only to find the trunk nearly empty in the morning. This time he followed Ollie’s advice and did not worry overmuch, he let the packing charm take care of it then shrunk the trunk and pocketed it. “Harry! Why is half your books still on your bed!”

“I’m thinking to leave it,” Harry entered the room, his hair back to being slicked oddly over his forehead and Percy wondered if he should say anything. “It’s OWLS this year, I can’t spend time on old stuff.” He threw his wet toothbrush in his trunk, letting it fall carelessly on top of the messy contents and Percy’s brain itched to throw its own fit.

“You do realize OWLS is not just going to be about this year’s work, right?” he said instead of lecturing him on how to pack properly.


“Pack it all. I will make you a study schedule as soon as we’ve seen your classes.”

“This is just horrible!” Harry threw his hands up in the air. “Why didn’t anyone tell me! I’m with Severus, I don’t want to go to school anymore!”

“Can we stay!?” Severus called eagerly from the sitting area. Percy accio’d a headache potion. He should have done that an hour ago. He did the same packing charm on Harry’s trunk and pocketed it too before pushing him out to go have breakfast.

“My cartoon!” Severus complained when he snagged him up on the way. “Daddy, I’m still watching!” Not even his favourite egg got him off that tangent and Harry gave Percy a telling look which he ignored, but to have peace and quiet he moved Severus back to the couch with his breakfast plate on a tray.

“Why'd your family never use the Floo to the station?” Harry asked muffled by the thick material of his school robes. Too lazy to open it he was struggling into it, wasting more time than necessary and behind him Ollie rolled his eyes at this nonsense.

Percy gave him an impatient hand, tugging the material down until his head popped out. “They just like making it a family trip.” His fringe stood up again, he saw, but did not tell. “Severus are you done?”

“Yes we can go, daddy!” He came running from his room and rushed over to the fireplace. “Am ready!”

“I swear!” Percy started, feeling his last bit of patience dissolve at seeing the flash of white shoes under the robe. “Come here!”

“We’ll be late!” Harry complained.

“No we won’t,” Ollie stepped up. “I will take you through and Percy will follow with Severus. No-one is going to be late. I will hold the train if needed.” The last bit was said to reassure Percy and he nodded. There was still time. Ollie will hold the train. He was not nervous for his first day. Severus, instead of doing as instructed fled to the kitchen to get the table between them.

“Albus Severus Percival Weasley get your butt over here, I am not going to run after you.”

“Not all the names!” Severus yelled back furiously. “And don’t use all the names at school!”


Ollie and Harry Floo’d out. Severus rushed for the flare and Percy threw a shield over the fireplace. Had he gone mad?! When Severus bounced off it he was right behind him to catch him. He stood up with him in his arms, pulled the Muggle sneaker off and whacked his bum with it, once, twice over his robe to his shocked shouts of Daddyy! Noo!

Ignoring his cries Percy accio’d the boots that he had been sent to put on, while Severus wailed his heart out at this mistreatment. He dropped him on the couch and kneeled on the carpet, making short work of pulling the little brown boots on. Honestly. He should have just done this in the first place and made this morning much easier. “Why, Severus.”

“I don’t want to be a wizard, daddy! It’s horrible! There’s no telly and it’s school! I don’t want to go to school! What will I do there the whole time!” He kicked out and the now booted toe hit the still kneeling Percy sharply under the chin. His jaw vibrated and he would later swear he had felt his teeth shoot straight into his brain, blinding his sight.

“Three.” Percy said once he had done a healing spell, and he switched places on the couch with Severus. His jaw still ached a dull throb in memory of the pain, and he did not hesitate to pull a shouting Severus over his lap.

“I didn’t mean to, daddy! I’m sorry!”

In King’s Cross Ollie stood waiting just beside the row of Floo’s and Percy felt his stomach relax when he smiled. “Harry is on the train, he found Ron and Hermione and you just missed your mum and dad, they send their love. Everything okay now?”


“No.” Severus sobbed, holding his arms out to Ollie and they transferred him over. “I got spanked!”

“Oh? That’s too bad.” Ollie rubbed soothing circles on his back, looking questioning over his head to Percy. “How many smacks then, Pipsqueak," he asked because lately it always needed to be dissected and discussed until Severus felt satisfied.

Three, he admitted, but the two with the shoe was relayed also and Percy grimaced. He was not proud of those. The rest he felt fine about, he deserved more than that three but they had a train to catch. He had made them count, though. He endured Severus crying his complaints out to Ollie and wisely kept the actual reason for the punishment to himself, for Ollie sometimes went nuts where it concerned Percy’s welfare and might just drop Severus on the tracks. Well probably not to that extent but they might actually miss the bloody train.

“Alright.” Ollie patted his back, mollifying him. “You certainly deserved them for making all this trouble, behave now for your daddy, will you?”


The train whistled.

“Give it up, Ollie.” Percy reached out and took Severus back. Then stepped into Ollie’s arms for a last kiss. “We have to go. It will be fine. We will all be fine and Severus will pig out on candy and chocolate frogs on the train — yes I saw you giving them Knuts — and in ten minutes he’ll be as happy as ever.”