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Long road to oblivion

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It was a huge city and port on the entire planet. In its docks was a huge number of different courts - from large to small, from military to civilian.
And in the port was also a great number of pubs, bars, pawnshops, casinos, and, strangely enough, lots of stalls and shops, buying and selling everything.
In one of these bars in a boring evening sat captain Gan Hair. He did the same thing - was looking for a mechanic. However, he didn't find this. Maybe it was the captain - who would have contacted two - meter being, who were crimson tentacles instead of hair and grey-white eyes bulging. Perhaps the people were not for lack of money from the captain. Anyway, wish it was not.
But suddenly.... Oh, that's long-suffering suddenly. All use it..... On the threshold of the bar drew cosmic phenomenon, for the captain of this, however, was rather a divine miracle. He felt a light, weightless and I would not be surprised at the sound of trumpets. Cosmic phenomenon hesitated in the doorway and down the hall. I looked around and headed straight to the captain.
The captain was delighted, especially when space phenomenon appeared before his eyes. It was humanoid average growth, tanned, gray-blue eyes looked at cap cautiously, carefully and a little confused, hair short dark brown. The impression of a cosmic phenomenon produced pleasant, and the captain began to talk.
- I think you need something, - said Gan, - but what?
- I'm looking for work, - said cosmic phenomenon.
- Work!?- said the captain, as if doubting the veracity said.
-Yes, the work,- is confirmed space phenomenon,-and it seems to me that you have it.
- I have a job, but do you cope with it?
- I think, Yes.
-Nice, very even,- was delighted captain, - and I like you, boy. I swear System blessed Cuttlefish, I take you. I am the captain of the merchant ship "Nemesis", and my name is Gan Hair.
-I....- boy hesitated, - no matter. My name is Mick Mellon.
- Clear, but unfortunately you some time have to sit without payment. I don't have the cash to pay for the work, and the money I spent on the payment for participation in the planetary races, if we can win, I will immediately pay back.
-It doesn't matter, - Mick smiled, - I don't think this will be any problems. Willing to wait as long as you choose. What will be my job?
- "Nemesis". It needs renovation, but, as I said above, I have no money to pay for it. Therefore you will have to make "Nemesis", at least, managed to reach the finish line.
- I would like to look at it. Is this possible?
The captain rose from the table:
- I will tell my little darling "Nemesis".
The ship is classified PT - passenger-trading - and have known surely the best of times, but worldly storms thoroughly patted. Most of all it resembled a birch leaf. Inside the ship seemed a more pathetic than the outside. The captain was right - all it really needed a good overhaul.
- You are right, captain, - Mick looked at his boss, - overhaul here would not be prevented.
- And where to take the money? - shrugged his shoulders captain, - do what you can.
-Okay, I'll see what I can do, but I can't guarantee it. Where I could look after non-capital repair?
-Right where I hired you. About engines you will find the droid and Android, but they ontogeny since our last encounter. They, in principle, also needs to be replaced.
- Well, captain .

The captain went back to the bar, and he scratched his head, went to the nearest ATM. The ATM was all, but it moved quickly. And soon Mick was in front of the monitor:
- "Being, please select from the list your view" - and went list: "humanoid, mucus, insect..."
Mick chose "humanoid". Until the second inscription: "humanoid please select your specification" and again the list. Mick has chosen "people".
The car rattled and a new inscription: "man, put your hand to the reader". Mick has complied. ATM / cash machine rumbled again, and get the following: "Mr. Mellon on your galactic account $ 100 billion. Prefer cash or card?".
-“To be dumb,” - thought Mick,- “what I did before that we have such a lot of money.”
-"Card", - printed Mick and his hands fell Golden card.
Mick went to the nearest repair facilities.In the first beauty he was not satisfied with the price, in the second, quality of service, and the third went perfectly. But the main mechanic told him, barely Mick informed him about the affair:
- Guy, with a Golden card, you can buy on this planet all the way up to the coolest and ultra-modern ships. Why, pray tell, do you want to fix this rig?
- I like the old stuff, - he avoided a direct reply Mick.
- Well, - the chief mechanic told his aides that they brought the ship into the dock.
Mick left the ship in the care of the mechanics, have agreed on the terms and, taking the droid and Android, went with them to robomagic. There is also expressed surprise that the guy with the gold card asks to repair two outdated robots. But, after seeing robots, came to the conclusion that they need to replace the shell. However, in the warehouse of such shells were not, and to bring them had in a week. Mick agreed to wait and even paid the prepayment in the amount of 14 thousand kredov. The course of galactic dollar was on this planet one to five. For one dollar gave five kredov.

To galactic races remained a month and a half, so "Nemesis" repaired very carefully. Performed a full capital and cosmetic repairs. The weapon was removed, because under the rules of the race, the ship went to the start without surprises. Beauty, however, guaranteed that he may establish weapons, but Mick refused.
Somewhere 22 April galactic calendar Mick, paying for the repairs, have led to "Nemesis" back to the dock 248. Then, modify and washed the whole ship and the inside and outside so that he already began to sparkle under the spotlight, Mick went to the captain.
Captain lived in the same bar where they met.
- Well, how are you? - asked Gan, seeing his mechanics.
-Very well, - answered Mick,- a month and a half - normal life, to fix the ship, if you know where to fix it. Weapons will be set after the race. On this planet there is what I would like to see on "Nemesis". Agree, the cap, the ship of that name should powerful and ultra-modern weapons?
- Uh-uh... I totally agree with you, - the captain stared at Mick`s, - but where is it from?
- There is nothing easier, - he smiled, - buy military stockpiles.
-You're so calm I say about this guy. Who are you really? - The captain tentacles stood on end.
- I don't know, - Mick looked at the captain, - I really don't remember anything about my past life, if one existed.
-Right, go. Suit yourself, tomorrow will come official, to register our ship. Everything should be okay.
-Yes, sir! - Mick smartly saluted and disappeared.
-“Who is this guy? He definitely served? The police? The army? Why he remembers nothing of his past life? What is this - a consequence of injury or sinister experiments government? He understands the ships - that's for sure. Okay, it's not my business, if this guy wants to work for me, so be it", - with such thoughts Gan Hair went "Nemesis".
The ship was so brilliant and beautiful that the cap fell off the jaw. "Nemesis" has improved beyond recognition. She held repair and felt that she was spoiling for a fight.

- “Where is that asteroid break me, Mick took money to fix the ship?! You are such a good connection?! I must not give up on this guy, for any pies! I have to hold them, and I have to pay him, for such people are not lying on the road! Perhaps it is looking for the government or somebody else? They will not get it for anything in the world!!!”- captain danced about "Nemesis".
And Mick had gained his clothes, weapons, went to the public bath, washed himself, ate in the restaurant and back on "Nemesis". There he was hanging clothes in his cabin, he brushed my teeth and went to sleep.
Mick haven't heard of the arrival of the other crew members or enthusiastic cries of cap`s. His dreams were distinguished by namely the patchiness and innuendo. He saw faces, some events that are familiar to unfamiliar places, but it's all blended into a colorful ball to sleep. The gift of the Phoenix acted.
And on Earth some people did not believe that Mick perished in the flames of the last battle. They thought, quite correctly, that Mick for some reason can not connect with friends, and with him all right.