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The Galahad Rules and Regulations

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  1. Do not call Lita ‘Bones’. Doing so will earn you her Patented Deathly Glare.

     (Only Alexa,Channy,Gap,and me can get away with this. KW)

   2. Do not mock Jason Quinn’s Stranger Things memorabilia collection

   3. Yevgeni Korostylev would like you to stop asking if he’s related to Sergei Korolev. For the last time,he is not.

4. No,Connor Abernathy is not cooking up Harry Potter potions in the chem lab. Stop asking.

(Please. The other KW)

5. It is not okay to read genderbent Triana/Gap fanfiction over the comms net,dramatically or otherwise.

6. Dome 4 is not your personal makeout area at night or otherwise.

7. Autumn Jackson is done with spacewalking. She is positively burnt out on it. No adding her to the EVA rota again until Eos. There are a million of us,choose someone else for once.

8. Whoever replaced half of Vostok Simulator with ‘Arrakis-style’ sand,you’re on probation. 

(That means you,Kameron Mosher. CO)

9. And speaking of the simulators,the same applies for the TL-191 re-enactments in Phoenix Simulator.

10. No City of Ember re-enactments until we’re reasonably close to Eos.

(For that one person who was wondering, yes, we actually are planning a ‘graduation’ when we reach Eos. GL)