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The carriage ride over was bumpy, filled with twists and turns. It was long, longer than you expected, for a good reason or not.

You were able to think a lot during the ride and none at all.

The Thoughts process in your head but they also didn't.

It was a long month, the announcement of your parents death, the funeral and arguments.

The detectives, the officers and lawyers. 

'how do I get here?'

That thought was repeating over and over in your head. And there was a simple answer and then there was much more complicated answered that you seem to prefer more.

The simply answer was an old friend of your parents decided to let you in their home. George Joestar, a gentleman with the kindness heart in England. Despite all your faults that people pester him about. He took you in with open arms. When you first met him, he spoke to you in a soft tone, reminding you of your own father.

"You must be feeling sorrow, betrayed, angry, guilty and so much more. Decisions must be hard to make in such a critical time. Hard to say yes and no to many things, knowing all this I selfishly hope ___, that you will come to my estate for safe Haven. You are welcome to my home with opened arms".

Those sweet words spoken at such a numbing time made the decisions even harder. Yet here you are, in a long carriage ride from London to your new home. The carriage took a shape turn, having you slide a bit to the other side, this interrupt your current train of thought. You held your hand out to the seat to keep you stable. After it felt safe to let go of the seat, you push yourself over to the window and more to the curtain to look at your current location. The scenery was tresses and flat lands of grasses, some house as well with children playing in the front. In the distance was a large mansion, much larger than the other house. The carriage seems to be going in that direction and that made you panic. 

'AAAAA I know the Joestar are wealthy but, this is too much! Wouldn't I just ruin their reputation?!'

You were different in this society. You were strange, abnormal,


You were frightened? Scared or maybe paranoid, of many things. Your breathing always gets erratic every time your in a difficult situation. You didn't go to school. You're barely present in public events and not to mention you speak in short and mumbling sentences. The "friends and family" of your parents gave the most common advice 

"send them away to an institution with a proper doctor".

 They weren't entirely wrong, but they weren't entirely correct. 

It seems in a miraculous way, your parents communicating with you and your needs. Paying for doctors was not a problem for your parents, you weren't Joestar wealthy but, you will say you were higher in Marks of "well off". Yet your parents wanted you enough, needed you enough, to not sent you away.

This helped you, with your parents refusing to check you in an institution, the doctors had to work without a simple send off. They had to work with you . Many doctors were baffled by The simple solution you presented! And how much it work with other patient! You were remarkable with doctor in London.

Well, in London.

Now, away from the noisy City, you were most likely going to be presented with new doctors, puzzle at your freedom with your illness. 

Is it possible Mr. Joestar with send you off? 

He seems like a kind person but, how far can kindness go to the unknown of a stranger?

Especially with one so frightened with everything. 

You stuck a bit of your head out the window, wanting fresh air to clear your thoughts. A few strands of hair blowing gently against the wind, you can see the house becoming closer, which means your guess was correct. 

That was the Joestar Manor, your destination, and maybe


your safe Haven.


In the distance you can see three male bodies in front of the house, you gasp! moving your body away from the window and into the center of the carriage. Three Distant male bodies standing in front of the manor can only mean one thing. They were the residents of the house.

 "Wha-what were their names again?" You whisper to yourself.

 you thought for a moment as panic started to rise, praying that you don't possibly forgetting the names of the people you'll be living with!


It click! 

George Joestar, the kind man letting you stay at his home.

Jonathan Joestar, his son who's one year younger than you.

Dio Brando, a boy in a similar situation as you. 


The carriage suddenly came to a halt, the wheels scratch the ground and you can hear the horses, you panic, looking everywhere as though you can hide in the small compact carriage. You know very well that you WILL face the three men sooner or later. You can believe that you're taking so long to leave to preparing yourself but, you'll never be. you can take years, decades or centuries, but by god, you had too much anxiety!

You heard a knock on the door! You jump, moving yourself away from the door.

"A-ah hello!" a soft male voice spoke, his hand goes for the door. You in panic, quickly go to the door and pull it back! 

The door smack close and you can hear a gasp of surprise behold the door.

your breath came out uneven, you fall to your knees, still holding the door. Tears began to form at the corner of your eyes, threatened to come out.

"Ah! Is something wrong?"

The soft voice sounded concern, reaching out for the door again.

"No! I just...I just need more time!" This was too much for you, the second you walk out that door, everything will change. You had to admit that everything changed! And you hate it! Your life, your family, your home, your everything! It's gone! 

It's gone.

You couldn't hold it in anymore. You can feel your stomach tighten and your face scrunch up. You were holding it in for 33 days. They were all a blur because of this feeling, how much you felt it, how much it was there and you didn't wanted to be. How unlove you felt . How much of a sick dream this was and you bag to be shaken awake by your mother's velvet voice with the scent of your favorite tea blooming in the air. The morning sunrise peeking through your window. Your father's voice chuckling in front of your door, telling you how you look like a frightened child. You wish those tears were happy ones.

33 days you had to cry and you choose today.

"I need more time" your voice cracked, you repeat those words softly in a whisper over and over, your trembling hands loosen up on the door.

"...are you...alright?" He reaches for the door again, this time it open with ease. He slowly peaks in to see you, trembling on the floor with soft tears falling from your glossy eyes. When you look up to him you became more erratically.

"I... I'm-im sorry...ugh." 

You back away from the door as your gasping and choking on your breath, trying and failing to keep your emotions in.

You shut your eyes, feeling the embarrassment, shame and regret of crying in front of a stranger. Worse, a stranger you'll be with for the next few YEARS. 

You felt pressure on the carriage, like someone getting on the carriage.

And someone did.

"Hey hey, shh, it's ok" you felt strong gentle arms wrap around you, pulling you forward to someone's chest. He started to rock you back and forth. Rubbing your back slowly up and down. 

"I'm- I'm sorry, so sorry" he shh you once again, holding you tighter.

"It's ok… it's ok, you're home" you both stay in this position for several minutes, his gentle voice and movements calming your whimper and sobbing. 

"___…" you felt his chest vibrate with each syllable of your name. You felt so calm in his arms that you really really didn't want to let go. He has the aura of a warm sun beaming down on a winter afternoon, warming you up from the bitter cold. 

You know you had to let go, as much as it was comfortable for you, it's possible it was uncomfortable for him. 

"I'm going to let go now, is that alright?"


slowly he removes his arms from your body, rubbing your left shoulder up and down for one last comfort. He lifts himself to be face to face with you, his blue ocean eyes pierce you with curiosity and concern, looking at your own eyes for indication that you would truly fine.

The real awkwardness settle with eye contact.

You look away from him, a small blush settles on your face. ' he had beautiful eyes' you thought ' eyes filled to the brim with overpowered kindness that can possibly even warm the devil's ice cold heart' .

You exhale for a moment, decided to have a conversation. on the floor. In a possibly dirty carriage. Scratch that, on a most likely dirty carriage, with a boy you just force ( there was no Force but, you convinced yourself that it was.) to witness you're crying session.

You started "I...can assume or...guess, that your Jonathan Joestar… the owner of this estate son?" You manage to show a small smile, you also took short pauses to not stutter over your own words and cause more of an embarrassment for yourself. He seems to beam brightly with his pearl whites when you mention his full name, how it rolled off your tongue naturally then all the words in the sentence that you spoke. He thought your voice was lovely, like a chirping bird. 


"Ah, yes! It's a pleasure to meet you, ___" 

your smile fade as quickly as the words fell from his lips, 'a pleasure to meet you'.


"Not to dismiss your kindness but, was it truly a pleasure to meet someone, a stranger, bawling their eyes out and almost completely shutting down right in front of your eyes?" you chuckle at the end of your sentence. Jonathan notice how dry and tiring it sounded. He noticed this before but, your eyes could not focus on him for a second. It was a shame because he also thought your eyes were quite unique, there was a shimmer to them and not because you were crying. It felt like it symbolized that even though you have a shyness to your personality, there was a glimmer of curiosity, ready to sprout out of the ground.


"Crying isn't bad! Especially with everything that has been happening with your situation! It's natural for someone to cry!" Every word that he spoke, was spoken with fierceness. he truly believed every word that he spoke. He reaches out to grab your left hand gently but, with a slight firm. He quickly stood up and pulls you with him.

"I believe crying in front of a stranger is the best medicine, especially if you desire to become close to them. I have nothing against you for your tears rather, I feel as though we become closer to not be considered complete strangers." 

He looks at you once again and gives you a closed eye smile.

"Didn't you agree, ___?".

You felt as though a strong breeze has just been pushed against your face, it was refreshing, warm, and nice, to meet someone so accepting. if anyone else have heard him, they would have thought he was insane. Well, If anyone else had witness you as he did, they would have thought you were insane. Perhaps it was your vulnerability at the moment, the fact that you were crying just moments ago and this gentleman came in, showed you nothing but overwhelming generosity. Perhaps that was the reason you agreed with him.

God, you wanted to cry again. 

"Jonathan, thank you." You look down as a smile spread from your lips. Jonathan spot your hidden away smile and smiled even more to himself.

"___, shall we go now so you can meet the rest?" He tugs you a bit forward and you follow without delay.


You both swiftly get off the carriage and you were met with the brightness of the beating sun. Have you forgotten how early it was? the carriage did in fact blocking out the sun. You decided to move your hand up to cover your eyes as Jonathan tugs you forward to the front of the carriage. You moved a little bit clumsy, since your eyes haven't adapted to the brightness of the morning day. You decided to look down to the concrete floor and let Jonathan guide you to the others. From the way that he was guiding you, you were most likely going to the front of the mansion. You weren't as nervous as you were before but, the overwhelming sinking feeling was still presented in your stomach. 

As you were drowning in your own thoughts, thinking of ways to introduce yourself and apologize for taking quite a while to get off the carriage, a pair of black shoes appeared in your field of vision. You hear a deep voice clear their throat as you slowly and steadily move your head from looking at the ground. it definitely don't slip your mind the next two people that you were going to meet, you are positive that George Joestar was not going to be upset with your...emotional outbreak that happened just moments ago. 

Although there was one more person that you haven't done a read on and are most certainly sure that person is in front of you right now. First it was their black pants, then it was a white shirt and brown suspenders. You swallowed nervously as you passed his Adam's apple. Then you were met with his sharp golden eyes looking at your own, his eyes piercing your very soul.

'he has blonde hair…' .