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Stay alive

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"Eliza, wait!" Alexander Hamilton had stomped around apartment, following his fiancé,,,well ex-fiancé as she gathered her suitcase and packages.

"Fuck off, Alexander." The brunette looked at him coldly as she packed the last items in bag.

"Im sick of this! Im sick of this bullshit you are doing to me every fucking day! You told me you will get us out of this shit pile and buy us new apartment! And what I get??? 'soon soon soon'!" She mimicked his everyday answer as she finally took her bags and stomped to the exit.

"So you are leaving me and our son?!" Alexander snapped.

"Your son." She turned her head and eyed him with cold eyes. Alex looked at her, shocked. T

wasn't his Eliza. Eliza was sweet, kind, never raised her voice.

"How can you even do that?" Alexander's voice broke.

"I can. Philip is yours now. Besides...I found someone else." Eliza looked away, almost in shame. Alexander breathed in.

"And we don't want any fucking kids in this house." And with that, she opened and closed door. And Alexander's heart turned to the pieces. H

just starred at the door, clock ticking in background. And then the baby cries alarmed. He wiped his tears and ran to the bedroom where the little baby named Philip slept.

The boy had soft curly brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and freckels all around.

"Shhh Philip, it's okay. Daddy's here." Alexander said in hushed voice as he picked up Philip from the baby crib. Baby stopped crying, tears still streaming down to his cheeks. He softly cooed.

Alexander sighed, trying to calm down.

"You hungry, bud?" Alexander smiled. Baby giggled. Alexander smiled, walked to the kitchen. He found the baby formula and gave it to Philip. Philip drank the bottle. Soon the two of them went to the dining room, Alexander making soft sounds for Philip to just smile. 

He kind of forgot Eliza as he turned on TV, the news already blarring.

"So what do you want to watch bud?" Alex said as the baby giggled. And just then, the tv made crashing sound.

'Here, in Washington DC, are people laying dead in the ground, some screaming in blood and some....some monsters are tearing everything ap--WATCH OUT!'

Alexander stared at the TV in shock and just frozen as Philip began to cry again. 

The camera shut down, soon opened up as he saw the TV reporter getting eaten  and screaming for help  as people ran past them.

He stared, his heart pounding.