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From One Night To A Lifetime

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Dean was stressed. His job at the Omega Center was stressful enough, but now his brother was mated and moving to California and his boss was coming on to him, which was horribly uncomfortable. He felt like he was losing his mind some nights.

He was sitting in the omega bar with a beer. He was supposed to meet his pal Benny, but Benny had texted him that he couldn’t make it. Dean sighed and shoved his phone back in his pocket.

He turned around and looked around the room. It was fairly slow. There were a few omegas sitting at tables here and there, talking and laughing. It made Dean feel even lonelier.

Then he saw him. A lone omega sitting at a table, drinking a beer. A gorgeous omega, maybe the best looking omega Dean had ever seen. He stared at the guy. Perhaps sensing he was being looked at, the omega looked up and smiled at Dean.

Dean smiled back. He walked to the table.

“Hi. Looks like you’re alone. Mind if I sit down? I’m Dean.”

The guy looked up with the bluest eyes Dean had ever seen. “Hello, Dean. I’m Jimmy. Please, join me.”

Dean sat, and signaled the waitress to bring him another beer.

Jimmy took a drink of his beer. “So, why are you alone tonight? Your Alpha busy? Mine is working late.”

Dean sighed. “Don’t have an Alpha.” He glanced at Jimmy’s neck, but there was no mating mark on it.

Jimmy chuckled. “Well, you’re sure not going to meet an Alpha in an omega bar.”

Dean chuckled as well. “Not really looking for one tonight. Just needed to relax, blow off some steam.”

Jimmy looked at him sympathetically. “Work?”

Dean nodded. “Work, family… the usual.”

“So what do you do, Dean?”

Dean sighed. “I manage that omega center for abused omegas.”

Jimmy frowned. “Wow. I can’t imagine the stress. But for what it’s worth, you’re doing good work there.”

Dean nodded. “So, what do you do?”

“I don’t have a job. I’m a writer.”

Dean smiled at him. “Writing sounds like work to me.”

Jimmy laughed. “It is. It just doesn’t pay anything.”

They talked for over an hour. Dean was really attracted to Jimmy. He’d never been with another omega, but if he could, he’d do Jimmy in a heartbeat. 

Jimmy’s phone chimed and he looked at it. 

“Well, my Alpha is waiting for me outside. Uh, you want to meet him?”

Dean silently sighed, but didn’t want to be rude. “Sure.”

They paid for their beers and walked outside. There was a car parked in the parking lot, and Jimmy walked up to it and tapped on the driver’s window. 

“Cas, I’ve got someone I want you to meet.”

Dean watched the car door open. He watched Jimmy step back. And he watched another Jimmy get out of the car.

The ‘other’ Jimmy turned and smiled at him. Dean was sure his mouth was hanging open but he was too stunned to even care.

“Hello. I’m Cas.” The guy held out his hand for Dean to shake. Jimmy was openly laughing. Cas turned to frown at him. “Jimmy, hush.”

Jimmy stopped laughing. “Yes sir.”

Dean couldn’t wrap his mind around what was going on. Obviously, these two were identical twins. But Jimmy had said that Cas was his Alpha. That would mean…

Cas grinned at him. “Jimmy, you told Dean I was your Alpha, didn’t you?”

Jimmy nodded.

Cas smiled at Dean. “Our relationship is somewhat unconventional. If that offends you…”

Dean shook off his shock. “No! Uh, no, I’m not offended. Intrigued, turned on a little, but far from offended.”

Cas leaned against the fender and looked Dean up and down in a way that gave Dean goosebumps and made his cock twitch.

“So, Dean, would you come to dinner with us? Maybe tomorrow?”

Cas and Jimmy were identical. The only way Dean could tell them apart at the moment was by what they were wearing. Dark, messy hair, the bluest blue eyes he’d ever seen, a sharp jaw and just the perfect amount of stubble. Dean was hooked.

“I’d love to. Thanks.”

Both Cas and Jimmy smiled. Cas touched Dean’s arm. “Wonderful. Give me your phone.”

Dean handed Cas his phone and watched as Cas put in their number. When he was done, he called his own phone and smiled again.

“There. I’ll text you in the morning about dinner. Good night, Dean. Nice to meet you.”

Dean took back his phone and smiled back at Cas, then turned to smile at Jimmy. Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear. “Good night. It was…. Nice… to meet you too.”

They got in their car and Dean watched them drive away. He pulled out his phone and looked at what Cas had put in. The contact read “ThreeWay”. Dean felt weak in the knees.


Dean had problems sleeping that night. His mind was filled with fantasies of the twins fucking, then the twins fucking him… him fucking the twins… it was maddening. He was drinking his third cup of coffee when his phone alerted him to a text.

It was from Cas. It had their address and said, “Be here at six.”

Dean smiled and texted back a thumbs up.

He spent the day doing wash, cleaning his apartment, trying to decide what to wear… He showered and changed his mind twice more about what to wear. Finally, it was time to leave.

He was shocked when he pulled up to their house. It was big… no, it was huge. There was a large lawn with trees and flowers. It was one of the nicest houses he’d ever seen.

That just made him even more nervous than he already was. 

When he knocked on the door, he wasn’t sure if he was more nervous or more scared shitless. He heard someone yell, “Coming!” and then the door opened.

He felt like it was Jimmy who answered the door, but of course, he had no way of knowing for sure. Whoever it was broke into a huge smile and pulled him inside.

“Dean! Right on time. Cas! Dean’s here!”

So, it was Jimmy. Cas walked out with a spatula in his hand. “We’re really glad you could make it, Dean. Jimmy’s been excited all day. Dinner will be ready in about a half an hour. Jimmy, get Dean a beer.”

Dean grinned and took off his jacket. He threw it on a chair and sat down. Jimmy brought him a beer, and one for himself, and sat down.

“We’re really glad you came, Dean.”

Dean took a swallow of beer and smiled. “I’m glad I did too, Jimmy.”