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Lovely Beings

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It’s not the first time you’ve been with Kars like this, his teeth sunk into your neck with his tentacles wrapped possessively around your body - though it was the first time you found yourself stuffed to the brim by Kars’ tentacles. Oh, he’d slid his own thick cock inside you plenty of times, often using a tentacle to rub slow circles along your sex.

But now, you were little more than a toy for him to fuck (at least, for now) - one tentacle was slid deep in your mouth, pulsating whenever you ran your tongue across it, whilst four additional tentacles were ravaging your sex, plunging themselves in as Kars willed them. You thought you’d burst when he’d slid all four in and your eyes had rolled to the back of your head, but Kars just sucked at your neck harder and moaned at the feeling of your weak human body contracting around him in pleasure. With a wet pop, the tentacle in your mouth slides out and draws across your body before Kars brings it back to himself.

His own thick member was resting against your back, hot against your flesh even though your body was pulled under the cool water. The thick knot at the end was firmer than usual - mating season was upon Kars species, and as a superior being he was full to the brim of eggs with the intention of breeding you.

“Just a little longer, darling, then you’ll be ready. I know you’ll be the perfect specimen to carry my brood.” Kars kisses at your neck while he lavishes you with rare compliments, spurned on by the burning desire to deposit his eggs inside of your willing body. A moan escapes your mouth when all four tentacles enter you at once, sliding against your walls and assuring you’re well-stretched before they slide out.

“Yes,” Kars hisses, sliding his large clawed hands down your sides. He’s careful not to cut into your skin - you were precious to him, even more so now that he’d chosen to mate with you, a human. “Yes, darling, it’s time. Be good for me, now.”

Kars begins to slide his cock inside of your stretched sex, your body reacting with a pleasant shiver. Kars murmurs more praise into your ears, the tender gesture allowing your body to relax even further as his impossibly large cock begins to sink even deeper inside of you. 

When he’s to the brim, knot pressed flush to your sex, Kars begins thrust into you gently while he rubs a large hand across your soft stomach, his hands fondly kneading at the plump skin. Another kiss to your neck has you relaxing even further and when Kars’ cock starts sliding deeper into you, it only takes a second before his knot stretches you out and slides inside.

You cry out in pleasure and writhe against your lover - Kars is prepared, though, so he holds you tight and bucks up into you so that his knot is resting snug inside of you.

“Get ready, darling. You’ll look so good full of my eggs.” Unable to reply with anything coherent, overwhelmed by the sheer mass of his knot, you mumble out a slurred ‘I love you’ and roll your head against his shoulder, his long and luxurious hair tickling at your cheek.

Only a second later you feel a strange yet pleasant pressure as his knot contracts - when you look down, there’s the slightest prostitution in your stomach. Kars groans in pleasure and you feel the knot contract again and again, until you can’t think anymore and your stomach is taut, full of Kars’ eggs.

There’s a pressure in your stomach that’s both uncomfortable but so very filling - like you were made to do this. Kars runs both hands across your chest before he cups your full stomach, humming happily.

“You look perfect, just as I knew you would. Now let’s get you to the nest, there’s no need for you to exert yourself.” Kars brushes a strand of hair behind your ear, grazing his knuckle across your cheek. 

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll keep you and our children safe. I’ll kill anyone who dares to come near here.”