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Rosalie Gilbert

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Dear Journal,

My name is Rosalie Gilbert I'm the oldest sibling and twin to Elena Gilbert and sister to Jeremy Gilbert. We live in Mystic Falls and slowly we are trying to get back to normal, well if there is such a thing as normal after you lose both your parents in a car crash and yet only you and your sister survive. I don't know who the mystery person was that got us out i don't know but I wish we could thank him. School is starting soon and both Elena and I have face our ex boyfriends Matt Donovon and Tyler Lockwood. We both just needed time to our self the doctor gave us a journal and told us to just write our feels in it was just something for us to do we didn't have to talk to him all we had to do was write. I mean what can one say about waking up in a hospital and being told that only you and your sister survived its not easy to speak about. everyone is always asking "How you doing?" or "How are you handling all this?" both Elena and I always reply "I'm fine" or "Great" with a fake big smile on our face. I know in time we will heal and have real smiles on our faces we just have to wait for that day to come. Elena goes to visit our parents at the cemetery I have yet to show up there its just to hard for me to go. I would have thought it would have been harder on Elena because she blames herself for them dying. She was the one that called them to come get us from the back to school party. Wow its been almost a year since it its happened crazy huh. :( Well here is to a new year at school and hope for a better future. Well to another day I must go now Aunt Jenna is taking us shopping for school and I need to go now smiles and love so til pen and paper meet again.

Rosalie Gilbert

"Girls we got to go now."

There was a knock on my door so I said "Come in." it was my sister she smiles at me and ask "You ready to go you know how Aunt Jenna is about time." smiling at her I replied "Yeah shes always at the last minutes about everything and rushing out the door. Maybe we should trick her and set the clocks ahead by thirty minutes so then maybe she wont be late." both of laughing we walk out to the house and get into Jenna's car.