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There were two more people in the world. Not that it was a fact that was all that special given that so many children are born each minute, but these two were special. At least they were at 12, Grimmauld Place where they had resided since their birth - at that very address - three days previously.

Scene: ground floor sitting room at 12, Grimmauld Place. Early evening. Harry and Draco are sitting on a large sofa, each holding a baby, feeding them from bottles.

Draco: kisses Harry on the cheek, rocking Eltanin gently When did Sirius say he would be here to visit? And do you know if Luna wanted to come down when he does?

Harry: leans into Draco's kiss, staring down at William in his arms like he's watching the 8th wonder of the world He should be here soon. Given he's Sirius, within the next half hour. And Luna said she wanted to see him - she was awake when I went to get the boys.

Draco: laughs Of course. I'll get her once he arrives. And how are you?

Harry: looks up long enough to flash him a big smile Very happy. I can't believe it's already been three days - it feels like it was a few hours ago.

Draco: smiles softly, sets the bottle on the table and lifts up Eltanin I know what you mean. At least they're quiet now, and they'll be fed for when he gets here. Content.

Harry: Yes. They eat all the time, don't they? Or sleep. still sounds like it's the most amazing thing in the world How are you, love?

Draco: Amazingly happy. He's the most perfect baby ever. Eltanin burps. Draco settles on the couch, looking down at his son

Harry: rocks William who's still happily drinking from his bottle Luna says she'll breastfeed them as much as she can and make sure they take turns. So they both get the benefits.

Draco: smiles as he watches, patting Eltanin's back He eats like you, doesn't he?

Harry: sticks his tongue out at Draco Are you implying we are greedy?

Draco: laughs What do you say, Eltanin? Are your brother and daddy greedy? Eltanin grabs at his hair Ow... Not sure if that's a yes or no vote.

Harry: grins Not sure either picks up William and pats him on the back, causing a big burp And that's what we think of that.

Sirius: strolls in, hands in pockets Of what?

Draco: Hello, Sirius. Your godson was accusing me of saying he's greedy. smirks

Sirius: Ha! Of course he's greedy messes up Harry's hair He knows a good thing when he sees it.

Harry: Hey! grins Traitor. And come meet your grand-godsons.

Sirius: grins back Frick and Frack?

Draco: rolls his eyes and stands up No. Eltanin and William. holds out his son so that Sirius can hold him

Sirius: shakes his head Poor kid. And I thought Sirius was bad.

Harry: chuckles because he sort of agrees but wouldn't say so Eltanin is Draco's. Genetically. William is mine. And they are both ours and are both amazing.

Sirius: picks up Eltanin, who tugs on his finger Bigger than I expected considering they were three weeks early. He's got good reflexes, too.

Draco: glares at Harry because he knows very well Harry's opinion in choice of names Of course he does. He's a Malfoy.

Sirius: raises an eyebrow You're not seriously going to do that to the poor kid, are you?

Draco: What is that supposed to mean?

Sirius: Eltanin Malfoy? sounds skeptical

Harry: wisely shuts up and looks down at William instead and kisses his forehead

Draco: glares at him Eltanin Potter Malfoy. And it's fine. He'll grow into it. Better than something common. It's...distinguished.

Sirius: Right. looks down at the baby, then grins Tanny it is then. Eltanin makes a cooing noise

Harry: can't suppress a chuckle He likes that, I think. At least for now... looks up again But if you tease him with it, I'll kick your arse.

Sirius: You can try, kiddo grins Nah, the kid is safe from me. I wont make him suffer for having insane daddies. So, when do the Malfoys swoop in?

Draco: sighs My father doesn't swoop, Sirius. They were here the day after the boys were born. May I have my son? I'll let you get acquainted with William, and Eltanin and I will go see if Luna is awake.

Sirius: I've got him. He's happy with me, aren't you, Tanny? Eltanin coos again See? Much better than that old bat Snape, huh?

Draco: rolls his eyes Fine. Just don't drop him, all right? Sirius laughs, then Draco leaves the room

Harry: smiles up at Sirius, happy with the sounds Eltanin is making Isn't he fantastic?

Sirius: looks down at Eltanin Very cute. Snakes and snails and all that jazz. *shifts him up onto his shoulder, then glances at William* How do you tell them apart?

Harry: smiles It's easy. William is bigger.

Sirius: laughs Of course. Excellent Potter genes. grins at Harry

Harry: looks proud And William's eyes seem to have a touch of green. But it's too soon to really say if they will be green. Eltanin's are so blue it's like looking at the sky.

Draco: reenters, Luna holding onto his arm, and leads her to a chair Yes. But I'm sure they'll fade to grey eventually. No offense, Luna. Malfoy genes are very strong, you know.

Harry: smiles at them I'll have to throw that back at you when he's ginger-haired with blue eyes. Draco glowers at him Hello Luna. Need anything?

Luna: shakes her head Hi Sirius.

Sirius: Luna. You look...tired. I remember after Harry was born...Lily was always exhausted. Of course, that might have been from the four of us always staying up all hours... grins

Draco: moves over to take his son back, and this time Sirius relinquishes him Yes, could wear a person out all on your own, couldn't you?

Sirius: Brat. still smiling

Draco: smirks Harry doesn't seem to have a problem with it...

Harry: I love your brattiness smiles

Luna: It's such a strange tired too. Like running without moving.

Sirius: Yeah, and I'm sure these two help not at all. smirks at Draco

Luna: just smiles, quiet They have to help. It's part of the deal.

Draco: puts Eltanin on his shoulder And what would you know about it, Sirius, hm?

Sirius: Only that I've changed plenty of nappies, and I know just how quick you'll get sick of them, brat.

Harry: That's why we also have a nanny. Four people and two babies - makes it easier turns to Sirius D'you want to hold William too?

Sirius: nods, grinning Of course. holds out his hands Have to meet the newest Pronglet...

Draco: raises an eyebrow, then shakes his head and settles on the couch, setting Eltanin in his lap

Harry: makes a sound a lot like 'pfft' He's mine - not my dad's.. hands William to Sirius

Sirius: takes him carefully I know he's yours, Harry, but he's James's grandson, isn't he? grins at William At least you have a sensible name, Wills.

Draco: I assure you, there is nothing wrong with my son's name.

Harry: Yes he is. But still. I've done my part looking like him - at least let William look like me. goes to sit next to Luna and rubs her back Trust you to make the silly nicknames smiles

Luna: makes a contented sound, much like a sigh

Sirius: They're not silly. Better than that horrid moniker that one's stuck with.

Draco: Oh, honestly, Sirius. What would you have named him, then? I mean, that's an appropriate name?

Harry: grins, wondering how Sirius will get out of that one Yeah, I'd like to know too. Given all the names we discussed...

Luna: I always wondered why no one considered Sol. It's the nearest star, after all.

Harry: looks at her, surprised Erm. Good question...

Sirius: No fucking clue. Not my problem is it? to William in a baby-talk voice No it isn't... is it Wills? William gurgles and bats at Sirius' nose

Draco: surprised at Luna's question as well, but is distracted by Sirius and William, and is unable to stop himself from laughing Next you'll be allowing them to sleep on Padfoot.

Sirius: I'll have you know that Harry loved to sleep with his head on Padfoot

Harry: makes a face Well, you are very soft, you know.

Draco: Aw. I bet you were adorable, too. grins at Harry As long as he doesn't bite.

Sirius: mildly annoyed Of course he doesn't bite! He loves kids. grins And he can't wait to play with toddlers all over again.

Harry: Padfoot will have his paws full soon smiles at Draco, far too happy to be anything close to annoyed Feeling better, Luna?

Luna: nods Are they both fed? I was thinking that if I put the one who's been breastfed to the right, then I'll always know which one is next up.

Draco: Sounds like an excellent idea, Luna. They are fed. Are you tired? Eltanin and I could escort you back upstairs, if you'd like?

Luna: No, I'd like to sit here for a bit. It's nice to see people. And seeing the boys when they are not screaming.

Harry: reaches for William again and Sirius hands him back because the boy is about to fall asleep, then rocks hims gently Do you want to hold either of them?

Luna: I will take William, if you do not mind. smiles at Harry

Sirius: He's a sweet kid. Like his dad. grins at Harry

Harry: goes and puts him in her arms very carefully

Luna: Hello, green-eyed one smiles at the child who yawns, then coos at him, lost to the world for now

Harry: goes and hugs Sirius

Draco: leans back and settles Eltanin on his shoulder, watching them with a small smile

Sirius: whispers to him, hugging him back You done good, kid.

Harry: mumbles Thanks.