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If you like secret little rendez-vous, baby, I'm perfect

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Taehyung couldn’t believe it, it all felt like a dream. Here he was, with other fans, gathered in front of a building, standing behind barriers with security guards as idols started arriving for the filming of Music Bank. It was a dream of every fanboy and fangirl out there and even though he knew that he will see everyone for only a brief moment, it was still probably the best thing that’s happened in his pathetic life. He was just a regular university student, turned twenty few months ago and his life was pretty boring. He was still getting used to Seoul after coming here from Daegu but it was fine.

He was excited to see the groups, he was a fan of so many but there was one in particular that was closest to his heart for five years. The biggest group on the planet, six member group BTS. He’s been following their careers since the very begging, always rooting for them because they were underdogs and he’s always had a soft spot for underdogs. They became bigger over the years but they were still down to earth and funny guys and he loved them to bits. Most of his friends were making fun of him for being so obsessed but they didn’t understand. Taehyung felt like he knew them, like he could relate to them and he never missed anything. They seemed like normal next-door boys and he’s always dreamt of becoming friends with them. That wasn’t obviously going to happen but today, after five years, he was finally gonna see them in person.

He somehow took a place in first row, people were pushing him but he paid it no mind. He was just staring at the idols arriving, cheering for them, calling their names and smiling. He was giving judgy looks to everyone who was flashing cameras around him. Like, you are seeing all those people live, why take photos when you can see photos online all the time? Taehyung loved photography, but he left his camera at home for once. He didn’t want to see them though a lens, he wanted the real deal.

Almost everyone already arrived when a black van pulled up and people started screaming like crazy. He was further from the road so he didn’t see anything but his heart still stopped because he knew who just arrived, who was always getting the loudest screams.

And then there they were, in flesh and bones, just few meters away on his left. All six members of BTS lined up to pose for photos. Taehyung was quite surprised to see that none of them were wearing a face mask but that was even better.

He gasped when he spotted Jimin, who was the nearest to him. He looked so damn good that Taehyung almost stopped breathing. Cameras didn’t do him any justice to be honest, Jimin was ten times more gorgeous than in pictures or videos.

Next to Jimin there was Hoseok who was smiling to all directions and Taehyung chuckled, it was just so typically him, he loved it. He had such a cool outfit on and he was so handsome that Taehyung almost fainted.

Then there was Namjoon, the tallest of them all, looking like the snack he was. He was sporting some cool-ass outfit as well which wasn’t surprising. He loved the leader of BTS so damn much, he just wanted to experience some long and deep conversation with him.

Next to Namjoon there was mr. worldwide handsome, Seokjin. Taehyung blinked couple of times because, fuck, he was beautiful as hell. That was a well known fact but seeing him in person was like out of body experience. Taehyung’s fanboy heart chuckled at the fact that Seokjin and Namjoon were standing next to each other and in the middle. His Namjin heart was betraying him.

Next to Seokjin, so small and tiny was Yoongi. He had his cool mode on, looking around like he owned the place and well, that was basically true. Yoongi could own Taehyung too if he wanted. There was just something so intriguing about the rapper that Taehyung always loved and the fact that he came from Daegu as well was just great.

And then there he was at the end of the line, his soulmate and his doom, Jeon Jeongguk. Taehyung couldn’t see him properly since he was the furthest from him but he was still recognizing the familiar features and fuck, how could someone be allowed to look this good? Taehyung was pretty sure that it should be illegal. He loved all the members to the bits but Jeongguk was his ultimate bias since day one. The more he got to know him, the more he loved him which sounds pathetic since he didn’t really know him in person but it felt like he did. Jeongguk was everything Taehyung has ever dreamt of – he was cute, sweet, nice but at the same time hot, godly and dangerous. Jeongguk was only a year and half older than him so he always felt like they could be the closest.

Taehyung was so immersed into staring at them that he didn’t notice they started walking towards the building, only when Jimin was almost in front of him.

“I love you, guys!” Taehyung screamed from the top of his lungs. There were almost no fanboys and he had naturally deep voice so he was heard easily. Jimin looked at him for a second and Taehyung nearly shrieked. He swore that he saw a tiny smile on his face.

“Good luck with your upcoming album, it’s gonna be great!” Taehyung screamed again when Namjoon, Seokjin and Yoongi were passing by. The leader gave him thumbs up and a smile and Taehyung almost peed himself.

Then it was like time nearly stopped. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk, he was there, only like three meters away from him, looking like the god he was. The maknae of the group slowly raised his eyes and made an eye contact with Taehyung.

“Jeongguk-hyung, I love you!” Taehyung called out with no shame. It was now or never, he won’t probably get any other chance to say it right to his face. And then Taehyung died and went to heaven because Jeongguk raised an eyebrow and one corner of his mouth turned up and he was staring right at him.

And just like that, it was over. Taehyung was staring at the door that Jeongguk disappeared in and he felt like his heart will jump out of his chest. He knew that Jeongguk has given thousands of smiles to different fans in all those years and he never remembered their face after but it didn’t matter because he just smiled at Taehyung. It was directed only at him and no one else. And it wasn’t even a smile, it looked like a smirk and Taehyung nearly passed out. Was this a real life? It surely didn’t seem like it.


“Have you noticed that there are more and more fanboys?” Seokjin brought up when they were changing after the performance. It was just the members and couple of staff members. Everyone was already used to the boys talking about all kinds of stuff so no conversation really surprised them.

“That’s good that more guys like our music. Not that girls would be bad but it’s nice to break stereotypes,” Namjoon shrugged.

“Pff, our music my ass. You know that they are all coming for Jeongguk’s and Jimin’s ass or dick,” Hoseok snorted.

“Well, the more dicks, the better,” Jimin laughed light-heartedly.

“Oh, I bet you are satisfied,” Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“What, are you jealous, hyung? That all those guys want my dick up their ass instead of yours?” Jimin chuckled teasingly.

“More like that he wants his dick up your ass,” Jeongguk deadpanned, looking at Jimin and dodging a brush thrown at him by the oldest rapper.

“Not to break your bubble, boys, but most of them are coming for my ass,” Seokjin flipped his hair.

“Maybe, but your ass is already taken,” Hoseok grinned.

“Damn right,” Namjoon nodded and hugged Seokjin around his waist.

“Not bringing anyone backstage today, Guk?” Jimin wiggled his eyebrows at the maknae.

“Nah, didn’t see anyone interesting…” Jeongguk shrugged and added quietly: “At least not inside.” Jimin eyed him weirdly but said nothing.

“All right, guys, sorry to interrupt your interesting conversation but we need to get going, you still have a dance practice planned for tonight,” Sejin jumped in the conversation before they could start talking about anything else.

“Seriously, why do we have to have practices after the performances, who ever thought it was a good idea,” Seokjin whined in annoyance.

“You should be the last one to whine, you need those practices the most,” Yoongi deadpanned.

“Fuck you,” the oldest flashed him a fakely bright smile. Sejin sighed and rushed them out so they could drive to the company, they had a tight schedule since they were about to release an album. Their title track has had a huge success so far but there were more things and stages to come along with the world tour in couple of months.


Taehyung was ranting on twitter for like two hours about his experience of meeting the idols. He had almost fifty thousand followers by now after the years of dedicated fanboying and making posts about mostly BTS and all of them knew that Jeongguk was his bias. He even had a YouTube channel where he reacted to BTS new videos and photos. That was only two years old but he had a fair share of followers also there.

“Oh my god, what if the boys saw my reactions?” Taehyung whispered in horror. That idea crossed his mind couple of times and it wasn’t impossible because he was one of the biggest Koran reaction channels but it hasn’t really occurred to him until now after meeting them. He’d probably bury himself few meters underground if they recognized him because the things he’s said about them – and especially one member in particular – were just downright sinful sometimes. He was known for being shameless, always speaking what was on his mind and his reactions were genuine and crazy. He couldn’t even count how many times he was screaming over Jeongguk’s thighs, Jimin’s ass or Seokjin’s face and many other things. What if that smirk Jeongguk gave him was because he recognized him? Oh god, Taehyung felt suddenly too hot.

After ranting on twitter, he decided to film a short video on YouTube. It was always better when he could just talk rather than tweet so he set up the mic and the camera and sat down behind his desk. He was lucky that he could afford a single dorm room so he was never interrupted by anyone.

“Hey, guys, it’s TaeTae! As most of you probably know, today was the best day of my life…” Taehyung started speaking into the camera when he turned it on. He spoke about all the groups he saw, ranted about some members, about their fashion, their beauty, their sexiness and all that normal fanboy stuff.

“Well and then they arrived,” Taehyung gasped and clutched his heart: “My kings, my loves, my dads, you know how it goes. Closest to me was Jimin, holy fuck, let me tell you..!” Taehyung started ranting excitedly about each member. He was screaming a bit about Namjin because, hello, the best ship out there! And then he got to Jeongguk.

“Guys, you know how much I love Jeonggukie, like that I wanna wrap him in a blanket and cuddle him but at the same time want him to slam me against a wall and choke me, right? I almost fainted, I always believed that angels were real but I am sure now. Or maybe not angels, maybe like Greek gods. He is so fucking beautiful that I wanna cry, pictures and video do him no justice, especially his eyes and that damn jaw,” Taehyung babbled with dreamy expression. He could talk about Jeongguk for hours and well, he actually has if you counted all his videos together.

“Well and then they walked past me so I screamed at them how I love them and how their album is gonna be amazing and all that and then the weirdest and best thing happened. I swear to god that Jeongguk looked right at me so of course I screamed: ‘Jeongguk-hyung, I love you!’. And then the craziest thing happened, we were sharing eye contact for couple of seconds and oh my god he gave me this little smile or more like a smirk and fuck, I was torn between uwuing, fainting, crying and creaming my pants, I’m not even kidding!” Taehyung continued his rant.

He talked for couple more minutes to conclude the video, thanked the viewers and turned off the camera. The whole footage was almost thirty minutes long, well, so much for a short video but well, when you talk about something you love, you get carried away, sue him. He got into editing right away, he wanted to share this experience with his viewers as soon as possible. He got good at editing in those two years of having the channel but he wouldn’t be mad if a certain maknae, who was talented as hell, would help him out and teach him some tricks.

After hours of work, he finally finished the editing and uploaded the video. He cursed when he noticed it was already one a.m., he had classes since nine but well, he could sleep when he was dead.


Jeongguk came home from the dance practice and flopped down on the bed. He was so damn exhausted so he just decided to take a shower in the morning. It was gross but he couldn’t care less when every cell in his body hurt.

He grabbed his phone and scrolled on twitter, looking at the tweets of people about their performance. Something caught his attention. He noticed that couple of fans retweeted the same video with the title ‘The best day of my life – I met my kings’. Jeongguk clicked on it, he liked watching reaction and fan videos, they were mostly funny and cute, although he’s seen some pretty creepy ones as well.  

A handsome guy with a cute boxy grin appeared on screen and introduced himself as TaeTae. He started rambling about him meeting the idols today and Jeongguk suddenly remembered. He’s seen couple of videos from this guy in the past. Some of those videos were pretty shameless but also really funny so Jeongguk kept watching.

The guy got more animated when he got to the part where he and the members arrived and he was chuckling as he was babbling about them. When it came to the part about him, the guy was nearly melting with dreamy expression in his eyes. Well, obviously Jeongguk was his bias, that was for sure.

Then the guy talked about how they passed him and mentioned Jeongguk looking at him and Jeongguk suddenly remembered. He didn’t recognize the guy outside, he only saw couple of his videos in the past but he surely caught his attention. He was really beautiful. Jeongguk usually didn’t use this word to describe guys but this guy was the definition of that word.

Well, what a shame that Jeongguk will probably never meet him again, he’d definitely take this one to his dressing room.