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Every Shitty Love Song

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Every Shitty Love Song


Bakugou Katsuki is a fucking coward. At least, that is what he thinks as he sees fucking Todoroki asking Deku to be his sparring partner for the afternoon while Katsuki just stands there like a complete idiot. He told himself he would ask Izuku to partner with him today during their hero training class, but he freaked out and took too long to talk to the boy. Now he has to watch as Deku smiles at shitty Half n’ Half and accepts to work together with the fucker.

I will go down as your lover, your friend
Give me your lips and with one kiss we begin
Are you afraid of being alone
Cause I am, I'm lost without you

Bakugou drops his eyes to the floor so he doesn’t have to see Deku talk excitedly with Todoroki about school or some shit like that. He is running out of time, in less than a month they will be graduating and this shit will be much harder. If he doesn’t have the guts to talk to Deku when he has perfectly good excuses, like when Aizawa tells them to pair up for training, how will he be able to keep in touch with the nerd when they are working in different agencies? Hell, they could even work in different cities!

How can this shit be so difficult? When did talking to Deku become so daunting? It shouldn’t be, they are sort of friends now. Sure, they don’t hang out as they do with their own groups of friends. But, in their first and second years, they trained together a lot since Bakugou was the only one who knew about Izuku’s quirk and his secret training with All Might. However, in their third year, the shitty nerd had already learned to control his powers and they got too busy with internships and what not, so their time together got cut short.

And that is when Bakugou realized he doesn’t like not having time together with Deku. He hates that the nerd trains with other people, has lunch with other people, studies with other people, and hangs out with other people. They are all a bunch of useless extras, but somehow Deku prefers their company over Bakugou’s every time.

I'd only want to make you smile
If you were to stay with me a while
The next time I see you, you'll turn away
I'll say "Hello" but you'll keep on walking

Shit, he knows he is being unfair. Deku isn’t like that, he probably thinks he is doing Katsuki a favor by not imposing on him. The nerd is always so eager to spend time together, Bakugou is sure that if asked, Izuku would say that he wants nothing more than to train and be friends with him. And that hurts even more because he doesn’t want to be friends with Deku. Katsuki wants more.

“Hey bro, no luck this time, hm?” Kirishima shows up by his side. The redhead is the only one who knows about Katsuki’s feelings and that is just because the idiot found out on his own. “But don’t give up! There is always next time! Let’s just pair up for today and train!” Eijirou says with a smile, to which Bakugou just grunts in return.

Training with Kirishima is not bad, but his mind is not on the fight today. Katsuki can’t will his eyes to leave Deku’s battle movements. The boy is giving Halfie a run for his money, breaking every single one of the bastard’s ice walls as if they were nothing. Izuku got crazy strong since he developed complete control of his quirk. Bakugou would never admit to it aloud but the nerd probably could kick his ass in a real fight. If only Katsuki had the guts to invite him for a spar they would know that for sure by now.

A well-aimed kick from Kirishima to his chin takes Bakugou out of his musings directly into the floor. His head rings loudly and, for a few seconds, he can’t really say which way is up and which is down. Shitty extra managed a fucking good hit. Bakugou can hear some voices far away but he can’t really understand what they are saying, some shit about ‘thought he was gonna dodge’ and ‘Bro, you alive?’

There seems to be at least half of his class looming over him right now, shitty meddlers don’t know how to mind their own business.

“Kacchan! Are you alright? Do you need help getting to Recovery Girl?” Bakugou sees that Izuku pushed his way through their classmates and is now looking at him with a worried expression on his face. Great, exactly what he needed, to appear weak in front of Deku. As if this shitty day couldn’t get any worse.

“Give me some fucking room,” Katsuki grunts while getting up. Way more hands than he is comfortable with show up to help him, so he slaps them all away. “I’m fucking fine, just leave me alone! Filthy extras!”

“I’m sorry, bro! I really thought you would dodge.” Kirishima has the world’s guiltiest expression on his face. Bakugou just tries to leave the spotlight and his classmates, sensing the boy wasn’t happy with being taken care of, go back to their own training. Kirishima and Deku are the only ones to stand their ground and wait for a chance to take Katsuki to the infirmary.

“I’m fine, just need some water and I’ll be fucking dandy,” Bakugou bites back sarcastically.

“Midoriya, maybe we should just finish our session," Todoroki calls Deku’s attention and the boy looks torn between training with his friend and making sure Bakugou is really alright.

“Just go, Deku," Bakugou grunts at him and turns to leave the training grounds. He really hates appearing weak in front of Izuku. They are supposed to be rivals, if nothing else at least that is the position Katsuki has in Izuku’s life. Deku doesn’t need a rival who taps out after getting knocked down in a spar, nor does he need one who gets knocked down because he is too busy checking on his crush instead of paying attention to his fight. Hell, Deku doesn’t need a rival who is too much chicken-shit to ask him to be his training partner for the day. With those depressing thoughts in mind, Katsuki fends off Kirishima’s last attempts of fussing over him and goes back to the locker room to call it a day.


After leaving the training grounds, Bakugou takes a shower in the locker room and goes back to the dorm building. He really is not in the mood to talk to anyone else that day, so he picks a few things from the kitchen that will work as dinner and locks himself in his room for the rest of the day. It’s just after 5 in the afternoon, but if Katsuki hangs around in the common room he will be swarmed by the meddling fuckers that call themselves his friends and he is just not in the mood today.

Bakugou finishes his math homework and lies down on his bed with his phone. There are a couple of messages from Kirishima and Ashido asking if he is alright; he just answers a quick ‘im good, going to bed’ to make sure the extras don’t come knocking on his door. Well, Katsuki thinks as he fishes his noise-canceling headphones from the floor beside his bed, even if they do come, it’s not like he will hear them anyway.

Music is a very big part of Bakugou’s life. His mother is the kind of woman to blast her favorite songs and go dancing across the living room. His father has a few faithful bands he always puts on while working on his designs. Katsuki had taken the music in his life for granted until he was kidnapped and had to spend too many hours alone with his own thoughts in a quiet room. When he came to live in the UA dorms he quickly realized that, even though the place was never in silence, the disconnected noise of so many teenagers living in the same building left him feeling a little overwhelmed, as if he could never have a moment for himself. That is when he developed this little ritual of laying in bed with headphones on listening to music to calm himself.

He fumbles with his phone a little, debating if he wants some general songs or if he is going to be a masochistic fucker and put on the ‘I hate myself’ playlist. This particular playlist is filled with love songs from his favorite bands (and a few others from bands he will not admit to listening to, not even with Shigaraki’s four fingers around his dick), and he puts it on when he is feeling particularly emotional about Izuku.

Most of the songs in the playlist don’t even have a clear relation to his and Izuku’s situation, since they talk about punk rockers meeting drunk girls in parties and finding love for the first time. However, every shitty love song reminds him of Deku no matter how absurd it sounds. Hell, once Racoon Eyes was listening to an awful pop song about meeting a man in a nightclub and he pictured Izuku dancing under strobe lights.

Whatever, doesn’t even matter which shitty song is playing, his traitor brain is going to think about Deku because Bakugou Katsuki seems to be a fucking masochist. He knows he shouldn’t long for a chance as he does, but it’s Deku’s fault he is this way. If the boy wasn’t so forgiving, so caring, if he didn’t make Katsuki feel so cherished… then it would be easier to accept that there will never be anything more than rivalry and friendship between them. But no, the self-sacrificing idiot just has to make Bakugou feel like the most important person in the world with just a couple of words and those fucking big shiny eyes looking at him. That shit is fucking unfair.

Everyday I see you
But you're so far away
Every way I love you
Don't you know I love you so
I would never ever let you go

"I’m Yours" by The Adicts begins playing. The song strikes him straight in the heart because Izuku is very close—right now the boy is probably in the same building as Katsuki—but Bakugou can’t just get up and go talk to him. He has no good reason to take Izuku’s time away and every shitty meddling idiot from their class would notice something is going on.

And this shit will only get fucking harder. If he can’t gather some half-assed excuse to talk to Deku while living in the same place, having the same classes and hanging out with the same people, how the fuck will he keep the shitty nerd in his life when they graduate? Fat chance they are going to work in the same agency, Bakugou wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up in completely different cities. Hell, All Might spent years training in the US before becoming Japan’s number one, what if the old man wants Deku to follow in his footsteps?

Katsuki doesn’t know what Izuku intends to do once they graduate and he is too much of a coward to ask. So he just sits around and waits for a chance to talk to Deku to fall on his fucking lap like a complete moron. If only Deku would ask for help for training; if the boy just said that he is having trouble with some part of their school load and needs help to study for the test… But "King of Wishful Thinking" by New Found Glory begins playing just to mock him.

I'll get over you I know I will
I'll pretend my ship's not sinking
And I'll tell myself I'm over you
Because I am the king of wishful thinking

Maybe he ought to let go of his crush. It’s probably just high school shit anyway; he will grow out of it soon. Or maybe he will spend the rest of his life regretting not taking a shot when he was still close enough to Deku. Maybe he will grow old alone and jaded thinking ‘what if's about the boy with green eyes and a bright smile. Shit, yeah, because even worse than Deku being sweet and caring, the asshole has the gall to be cute and hot just to mess with Katsuki’s insides.

Finally, sleep starts taking hold of Bakugou. The last song he hears before taking off his headphones and tucking himself in for the night brings a little bit of warmth to his thoughts. His mind drifts to Deku calling him Kacchan, smiling at him, Izuku’s hair fluttering in the wind, the boy gushing over how Katsuki was amazing during hero training. Then his memories became fantasies, Izuku holding his hand, blushing, closing in to kiss him…

Come on let me hold you, touch you, feel you
Kiss you, taste you, all night


A few days later, Bakugou finds himself with his usual friends having lunch at the cafeteria. It should just be a regular day: ignoring the Idiot Squad's inane chatter, eating subpar food that he could have prepared better, and checking out Deku talking happily to his friends across the room. But Shitty Hair decided today would not follow the usual routine; today he wanted to test how far he could stretch Katsuki’s patience.

“So, when are you gonna talk to him?” Kirishima whispers way too loudly. Luckily the other idiots were too emerged in their own conversation to notice.

“None of your fucking business, asshole. Shut up," Katsuki grunts back.

“Graduation is coming, do you intend to talk to him before then? Because I think you should, we don’t know where he plans on working. What if he considers moving? You gotta make him stay, bro!” Kirishima talks as if he is offering state secrets to Katsuki, as if Bakugou hasn’t thought about that shit before.

“Not. Your. Fucking. Business. Do you wanna die, dipshit?” Bakugou threatens his friend because it is easier than accepting that the other boy is right.

“In ten days our finals start, maybe you could ask him to study with you? You know, in your room, just the two of you… it could be romantic!” At this point, Kirishima’s voice is not as quiet as it was before since the idiot redhead got excited about his own stupid plan.

“Will you keep fucking quiet? And what is fucking romantic about me saying I’m too stupid to understand high school shit? A study session, that is just moronic!” Katsuki screams at him ever louder than Kirishima had spoken before.

“A study session? Really, Baku?! That would be great!” Mina interrupts them, completely misunderstanding the conversation. Katsuki doesn’t know if he is thankful because the I’m-way-too-invested-in-other-people’s-love-lives girl didn’t get the real meaning or if he wants to kill them because she is not the only one interested in the shitty study session.

“Yeah! I need help with chemistry, Bakugou!” Sero exclaims excitedly.

“I could use your tutoring for chemistry, biology, and history, esteemed Baku-sensei,” Kaminari says bowing to Katsuki.

“I need English lessons! And the other stuff too!” Mina jumps in place waving her hands.

“Hell to the no! It’s way too much, you leeches! I won’t have time to study myself if I help you idiots in everything!” Katsuki barks at them.

“Maybe we could get someone else to help, we have more smart people in our class," Mina muses.

“I know just who! Midoriya, here!” Kirishima calls the boy who is just passing near their table on his way back to class.

“Hi, Kirishima-kun! Is everything alright?” Izuku asks as he gets closer to their table. Katsuki doesn’t even know what to say, all he wants is for the ground to open up and swallow him.

“Yeah! Midoriya! You are perfect for that!” Kaminari exclaims.

“I’m perfect? For what?” Izuku asks confused.

“To help us study! Baku doesn’t have enough time to tutor us and study on his own. You could tutor us with him since you are just as smart and won’t hit us as much," Kaminari explains with a smile.

“Oh, sure, Kaminari-kun. I was going study with Uraraka-chan, but I think she will be okay with expanding our study group," Izuku says with a bright smile of his own.

“Maybe you and Bakubro could meet before to make lesson plans for us and go over the subject without us idiots hovering over you guys. What do you think, Midoriya?” Kirishima says and Bakugou has to hold on every instinct in his body that screams at him to kill his friend right now. How could Shitty Hair schedule a fucking study date with Izuku in his place?!

“That would be amazing!” Izuku says brightly. “I think that's a great idea, Kacchan! This way nobody gets too big of a workload and we can all help each other!”

“Exactly! I’m sure Bakubro agrees. Right, bro?” Kirishima says, elbowing him in the ribs as if Katsuki won’t realize that this is his cue.

“Yeah, Kacchan! Please work with Mido to help us out," Kaminari adds with a wink. Katsuki’s hand itches to explode an AP shot on the fucker’s face.

However, he just shrugs and grunts, “Sure, whatever. We can do that shit.”

Izuku’s smile gets even bigger at his agreement. “Alright, Kacchan! When do you wanna meet? And where? We could go to the library, but it may be crowded so close to finals week. There is also the common room—we may get help from Iida and Yaoyorozu if they see us, they are very smart and their notes are usually very complete. And we…”

“Or you could go to Baku’s room!” Kirishima interrupts and Katsuki is pretty sure his friend has a death wish at this point. “It’s quieter and you guys can really focus, you know?”

“Good idea, Kirishima! There's no point in having extra notes if we get sidetracked by other students in the room!” Izuku agrees.

Having had enough of this conversation, Bakugou gets up abruptly from the table. “We’re gonna be late to fucking class. We can figure this shit out later, nerd," he says, picking up his tray and getting the fuck out of there before Shitty Hair has any other idiotic suggestions.

He can feel the blush creeping up on his cheeks, so he keeps his head down and leaves the cafeteria without looking back. Shitty fucking meddling extra that can’t keep his fucking nose out of Katsuki’s business! He is so fucking lucky that Bakugou can’t get detention this close to their graduation, or else Shitty Hair would be up to the ass whooping of his life!

When Bakugou is back in class, he rummages through his backpack and books, pretending to be too busy to acknowledge Deku sitting behind him. Having that sitting layout was a blessing and a curse; a curse because he couldn’t see Deku during the whole class and at the same time the boy was too close for comfort, and a blessing because Katsuki knew he would be failing every fucking class if he could look at Izuku all the time.

I see you in my dreams at night
I see you in my food when I eat
I see your pretty mug I think that
I'm in love
If you kissed me I would blow up
If you kissed me
you would throw up

Katsuki only relaxes when Present Mic begins their English class. Since this is one of the subjects he excels in, he feels safe in ignoring most of the teacher’s explanations and thinking about what happened during lunch. Sure, Kirishima was a fucking nuisance, but that nuisance may have landed him a study date with Izuku so maybe the stupid redhead is allowed to live to see another day.

And Deku even agreed to study in Bakugou’s room, that may give him some kind of opening to talk more freely with the boy. Katsuki can’t waste more time nor opportunities, so he will tell the nerd to come to his room today, but at what time? Their class ends at two o’clock, and he will need some time to prepare things. Bakugou needs to take a shower, clean his room and prepare some kind of snack for them. Alright, great, he has a plan, now it’s just a matter of putting it in motion.

When Present Mic finishes his class, Katsuki packs his bag quickly.

“So when do you wanna meet, Kacchan? We have so much to go through for the finals, it’s going to be crazy! Have you finished your biology paper? I still want to double check some things for mine. And we can’t forget about hero class tests, they can be even harder so we gotta keep our training—”

“Meet me at my room at four. Don’t be late.” Katsuki interrupts Izuku’s ranting before they lose any more time, he has so many things to prepare he has to run so he just grabs his things and go.

Katsuki hears the boy answer “Alright! See you later, Kacchan!” just as he is leaving the room.


Bakugou has to run against the clock to get everything ready. The first thing he does is kick out everyone from the kitchen and prepare some onigiri and juice for their snack. It is not Katsuki’s finest meal, but he doesn’t have time for much more and it’s supposed to be just a snack. It would be weird if Bakugou had something too elaborate to offer, right? If he lands a second date, then maybe he can…

Stop. No. He is not following that line of thought now. It’s useless and hopeless; Deku is only coming to his room because he is a sucker for people asking him for help and Shitty Hair manipulated him. Katsuki can’t get his hopes up or else he will freak the boy out. This is simply a way to show Izuku that they can spend time together without training; then, maybe when they graduate, it won’t be as weird if Bakugou tries to hang out with him again. That's it, that is the whole story and it is a solid plan.

After the food is ready, he takes it to his room in some containers. His face is probably terrifying right now, because not even one of his shitty classmates makes any of their usual remarks about how that is too much food for one and that he should share. He is thankful, though, because it is already three and he still needs to get himself ready.

What should he wear? He looks good in jeans, but it will be too uncomfortable to sit on the floor and study so Izuku will notice something is strange. Alright, jogger pants it is. He grabs a grey pair and a black tank top. It is what he usually wears every day, but again it would be weird if he dressed up too well for a study session in his room. However, he does pick one of his tank tops from his first year that stretches too tight in his chest.

After deciding his clothes, he goes to shower in the first-floor bathroom. He tries not to think too much about the fact he brought the cologne his mother gave him with his other toiletries. He just wants to fucking smell good, okay? And if his shitty hair stops being a bitch and cooperates, that would be fucking dandy, alright? Why the fuck does it need to do this ridiculous horn in the front anyway?! He is not fucking Kirishima, Bakugou doesn’t want hair-horns!

When he checks his phone it is already three forty-five, so his hair will just be whatever the fuck it wants now. Katsuki runs back to his room; he is almost late, so all he has time to do is get his books out and shove his clothes in his dresser. He is debating about whether or not to put his pillows on the floor for them to sit on (it would be more comfortable, but then he would have to think about pillow placement, and would Izuku think it’s weird if they were too close?) when he hears soft knocking on his door.

Katsuki runs his hand over his hair because of his anxiety, then remembers about hair-horns and tries petting it down again. Shit, of all the days for his hair to look bad! The knock on his door is louder this time, and he figures he really is out of time to fix this now. Bakugou takes a deep breath, puts his angry scowl back in place, and opens the door.

Aah, your eyes are so pretty
And the clothes you wear, they're so fine
Ah, won't you come round to my place
Just wanna use up a little of your time

“Hi, Kacchan! I hope I’m not interrupting anything." Izuku is there wearing a big smile, a ridiculous yellow All Might t-shirt and some blue shorts while carrying a tall pile of books and notebooks. He looks perfect.

“I was just grabbing my notes. Get in, nerd.” Katsuki steps aside to let the boy enter.

Izuku walks in and stands in the middle of the room, looking around as if he was in a museum. That is when Katsuki realizes that this is the first time Izuku has ever been in his room. Suddenly, he feels even more self-conscious than he was before.

“Sit down, already. The fuck you looking at, idiot?” He grunts, sitting down on the floor and pretending to be rummaging through his notebooks.

“Oh, right! Sorry, Kacchan." Izuku plops down in front of him and gives an apologetic smile. “Where do you wanna start? I was making a list of every test we have coming soon and what our classmates said they are struggling with; it sure is a lot…”

“They are fucking idiots, I don’t know how they got so far with their tiny brains.” Bakugou grunts but takes the paper that Izuku presents to him with the list he compiled.

“Kacchan! They are not that bad, and they are your friends! We need to help them!”

“Useless fucking friends who can’t even understand high school level English,” Katsuki says, clicking his tongue. “Anyway, there isn't much we can do about history or biology. The fuckers will just have to memorize shit, there is no explaining to do.”

“You're right… maybe we could just prepare some summary sheets? That way we can study and they can use it to memorize later.” Izuku says, smiling, and that shit is just unfair. No way Bakugou can say he doesn’t need to study for those classes and that the shitty extras can do their own notes for the test when Izuku is smiling like that.

“Sure, whatever. Chemistry and English are easy anyway, I don’t even know what the fuck they don’t understand in those.”

Izuku chuckles, “They are easy to you, Kacchan, since you are so intelligent. But most people struggle with those subjects. I know I need some extra study time for the Chemistry test.”

“I could help you with that." The words come out of his mouth before Katsuki’s brain has time to catch up to it. He almost winces when he hears himself, but then he needs to own it. “Can’t let you fail the damn test, or else who is gonna compete with me in the rankings when we graduate?”

“That would be great, Kacchan!” Izuku’s eyes seem to shine even brighter when Katsuki dares to look up from the paper. However, when their eyes meet, Izuku’s smile falters and it’s his turn to look down. “But I don’t wanna take so much of Kacchan’s time. I’m sure you have more useful things to do.”

“You can help me too." Really, mouth? Are you really going to keep spouting shit without permission? “We have that quirk theory paper for biology, and you are such a fucking nerd I know you know that shit already.”

“Sure, I’d be glad to help!” Izuku’s smile is back in place and a little weight is lifted from Katsuki’s chest. Bakugou feels himself blushing and tries to change the subject quickly.

“Let’s start doing the sheet for Biology; that's going to be the biggest one," he says, picking up his notebook. Izuku does the same, going over his pile.

For the next couple of hours, they go through their notes and the biology book listing everything that could be on the test and summarizing it. It’s quite an arduous task, but having to focus on schoolwork takes the anxiety out of the forefront of Katsuki’s mind.

Doing it together takes a little longer than it would for Katsuki to do it on his own, but it’s much more enjoyable. They joke around, trying to create little mnemonics to remember every name that may show up on the test. Katsuki’s are filled with swear words, and Izuku blushes and giggles when he tries to say them back. Bakugou’s heart feels so full in those moments that he thinks it might explode.

It’s already past six o’clock when Katsuki feels his stomach grumbling, suddenly remembering the snacks. He hasn’t even noticed the time passing while talking to Izuku. Stupid shitty nerd makes even studying fun when he is around, that shit shouldn’t be allowed.

“Let’s take a break, I’m fucking starving," he says, getting up from the floor.

“Oh, yeah… I’m kinda hungry too. Maybe we could grab something from the kitchen?” Izuku gets up too and stretches his back; he is probably sore from sitting on the floor so long.

Maybe Bakugou should really have put the pillows on the floor. Nothing he can do about that now, but maybe he should let Deku sit on his bed to eat? Katsuki’s mind conjures up the image of Izuku laying on his bed with way fewer clothes than he is wearing now. Yeah, no. No way he can let Deku on his bed, that way lies madness and he just isn’t strong enough for that.

“Sit down, nerd." Bakugou pulls out the chair under his study desk. I'll be much safer this way, he thinks, as he sits on his own bed. However, when Izuku looks at him with confusion, he remembers he still hasn’t taken the food out. “I got us some shit so we wouldn’t lose study time eating.”

Katsuki grabs the containers on the corner of his desk and opens them in front of Izuku. “Wow! They look great, Kacchan! So perfectly shaped!”

“It’s just onigiri, nerd. Any idiot could make them," he grunts, but he knows his ears are going red. He takes one of the rice snacks and sits on the bed trying to ignore Izuku’s shining expression.

“I can’t make them. Mine never look triangular, they look more like… smashed balls,” Izuku says before taking a bite out of his. “And they certainly don’t taste this good. These are amazing, Kacchan!”

“That is because you are a fucking disaster in the kitchen," Bakugou teases.

They eat quietly for a while, savoring the onigiri as if they were something way more exquisite than they actually were. Katsuki makes a point of looking down at his lap, or else any kind of normalcy they acquired while studying would go out of the window. However, this way he doesn’t see when Izuku finishes his snack and, as he grows bored, starts looking at the things on top of Bakugou’s desk.

“Why would you need such big headphones, Kacchan? They can’t be good for your hearing.” Izuku’s voice pulls Katsuki out of his head and, when the blond boy notices it, Izuku is already picking up his headphones and the attached mp3 player.

“The fuck you are going through my shit for?” Katsuki barks, but Izuku is already putting the headphones on his head and pressing play. When did the shitty nerd get so bold and cheeky? And no, that is not hot, fucking brain, that is infuriating.

“It’s not as loud," Izuku says then looks surprised. “Wow! I really can’t hear my own voice! That is so weird!”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, raises from the bed and pushes the headphones off of Izuku’s ears. “They are noise canceling; not being able to hear your stupid voice is one of the reasons I have it.”

“Hey! I was enjoying this song!” Izuku says as he pulls the phones back in place. He closes his eyes just to make a point that he is chilling to the song now and Bakugou shouldn’t get in his way, the cheeky bastard.

“The fuck you are listening to?” Katsuki grunts and presses his cheek to Izuku’s, trying to catch what music is playing. What he hears is one of the songs he would never admit being in his playlist: New Found Glory’s idiotic rendition of ‘Kiss Me’.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling
So kiss me

Katsuki feels his heart leap into his throat; he jumps away as if he felt an electric shock. Izuku looks at him with confusion when Bakugou almost falls, tripping over their books still laying on the floor. ‘Shit, he will notice something is wrong, do something!’ Katsuki thinks, and, when in a pinch, he always resorts to good old anger.

“The fuck you doing, nerd?! Messing with my stuff?! If you have time to go through my shit, we can go back to studying!” Bakugou plops back down on the floor and aggressively takes his books out.

“Alright, Kacchan," Izuku says with a small smile, completely unfazed by Katsuki’s outburst, sitting back down to study too. “I was just curious about what kind of music Kacchan liked.”

“I only listen to the best shit, nerd.” Katsuki huffs just to keep his pride, because a part of him is soaring with the idea of laying down in bed listening to music with Deku. Then he adds quietly, “I can make you a playlist someday if you wanna learn how to listen to good fucking music.”

“Thanks, Kacchan. I’d really like that,” Izuku answers with a smile.

They finish their workload in companionable silence in a couple of hours. When Izuku leaves, Katsuki drops onto his bed with the biggest smile on his face. Everything went fine! Actually, better than fine, it was great! They studied, talked, had fun! Izuku even wants to know more about the bands Bakugou listens to!

That night, Katsuki didn’t even need his headphones to listen to music because his head was playing it in repeat.

This is the dance for all the lovers
Takin' a chance for one another
Finally it's our time now


The next few days were officially the best and the worst days of Katsuki’s life. Never before had he spent so much time with Izuku, but having the little nerd around enhanced the feeling of not really having him. Besides, after the first couple of days when they were alone in Katsuki’s room, there was a whole gang of extras hindering his Deku-time (the fact that the only reason he got Deku-time at all is that the damn extras needed help studying was purposefully ignored by Bakugou).

However, even with the immensely disturbing task of teaching Kaminari chemistry, Katsuki is happy. He is showing Izuku that they could spend time together without ending in fistfights and, hopefully, this would pave the way for them to be able to go out just the two of them after graduation.

Bakugou gives up on trying to make his move in these last few days of school. There is no need to rush; he is playing for the long run. Katsuki doesn’t want to take a blind shot with 50/50 chances of landing—no, he will confess to Izuku when he is sure he already has the nerd’s heart. And for that, he needs time. When Bakugou has finally made Deku fall in love with him, then he can seal the deal with a kiss (and no, Katsuki isn’t giddy thinking about kissing Izuku, it’s just anticipation, alright fucker?).

However, just because Bakugou is ready to walk the long path, it doesn’t mean he is just going to sit and wait until Izuku falls in love. That is why he has spent every free moment he had these last few days creating the perfect playlist to give to the nerd. It was really hard work and he almost didn't finish it before finals week started. He needed to create a playlist that showed Katsuki’s music preferences in the best light possible; and, at the same time, it needed to have a few romantic songs (so Deku will think about him while listening to romantic shit) without being too obvious (he can’t slap the nerd’s face with ‘show me the way to bed (I'm feeling this), show me the way you move (I'm feeling this)’).

But it’s finally done and he will give it to Deku today. The plan is simple: they will all spend the afternoon studying in the common room as they have done in the last week; when they wrap up for the day, he will ask the nerd to come to his room to talk about the quirk theory paper and then, as soon as they are alone, Katsuki will give Deku the mp3 player with the playlist. It’s a fool-proof plan.

Or, at least, Katsuki thought it was. However, the Universe clearly begs to differ: at the usual time for their study session to begin, Izuku shows up apologizing profusely while he explains he won’t be able to participate today since he had a prior engagement he couldn’t miss. The extras let him off the hook with smiles saying they understood and appreciated the hard work Izuku had put into helping them so far; Katsuki, however, was speechless, completely frozen in place as he sees fucking Shinso Hitoshi come take Izuku away.

Brain Fucker. Izuku has a prior engagement with shitty Brain Fucker! He blows off Katsuki for that filthy useless extra! The whole afternoon, Katsuki doesn’t pay a sliver of attention to the idiots he should be tutoring; his brain is too consumed with thoughts about Izuku and the Violet Asshole together.

They must be on a date. It’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense. That asshole must have asked Izuku out, and the fucking bleeding heart nerd couldn’t say no. Deku is probably one of those hippie fuckers who believes in giving everyone a chance and that love comes in any shape, or whatever those shitty hippies think. Izuku must have accepted going on a date with the Brain Fucker to humor the asshole, but now who knows what in fact is going on in their shitty little date!

Izuku may be really uncomfortable and wanting to get out, but doesn't have the heart to tell the other fucker. Or, even worse, Izuku may be having a great time! He may be having heaps of fun and Violet Asshole may have taken Deku in a really romantic date and they may even be kissing right fucking now!

How could Katsuki be such an idiot? Thinking he had all the fucking time in the world to woo Deku when in fact there were all these other extras lusting for his nerd. Everybody likes Deku—why wouldn’t they? Izuku is bright, warm, handsome, intelligent; he is going to be a fucking great hero. Bakugou was being a complete clown thinking the extras were just interested in being Izuku’s friends. Right now Katsuki may be surrounded by enemies and he didn’t even know!

Not only that, but Deku likes all these shitty extras. He accepted going out with Shinso! He is always having lunch and hanging out with other people—Half n’Half, Round Cheeks, Glasses, Frog Girl—you fucking name it. Izuku loves spending time with them. And Bakugou was thinking he was big shit just because he got a couple of study dates with the nerd; what a fucking joke.

“Hey guys! I’m glad I got here while you are still studying! I can join in these last minutes!” Izuku arrives taking Katsuki out of his head. He hadn’t even noticed the nerd had arrived, and shitty Shinso isn’t with him.

“Midoriya! No worries, man! You already helped a bunch!” Sero welcomes him and the other extras greet Izuku as well; but Bakugou can’t even force himself to look at the other boy.

Katsuki is angry and hurt. He doesn’t know how he will react seeing Izuku’s bright smile after coming from his date with the Brain Fucker. Maybe his cheeks are still a little flushed, his eyes bright and his lips looking kissed. Katsuki won’t be able to handle seeing the boy like that, so he keeps his eyes down and refuses to acknowledge Izuku’s arrival.

“Hi, Kacchan! How is the studying coming along?” Deku doesn't seem to have gotten the memo that Bakugou can’t deal with him right now, sitting right beside him. Shit. Fuck. He can’t do this right now.

“If you are so fucking eager, you can finish with them. I’m tired, so I’m out of here,” Katsuki grunts, picking his stuff and walking out of the room without looking back. He hears the indignant complaints of the shitty extras as he leaves, but ignores them completely. That night he puts his angriest songs on to play before falling asleep in an empty hope that the furious sounds will drown his depressing thoughts.


The last two days before finals began are awful. Bakugou can’t shake off the nauseating feeling he has every time he hears Izuku’s voice, so he does his best to ignore the boy. It doesn’t take long before Deku and the others notice, making the atmosphere of their study sessions heavy and strained.

As they wrap up that Sunday, Kirishima follows Bakugou to his bedroom despite the threats.

“Haven’t you annoyed me enough already? Leave me the fuck alone, I need to sleep for tomorrow's test!” Katsuki barks at his friend, walking down the corridor to his room.

“I know, bro! I just need to talk to you really quick, it’s just a minute!” Kirishima pleads, still following him.

Bakugou rolls his eyes and storms into his room, leaving the door open for Kirishima to follow. “We're here, the fuck do you want?”

“Dude, what happened between you and Midoriya?” Kirishima pulls the chair away from his study desk and sits down, looking at him expectantly.

“Nothing fucking happened between me and the nerd,” Bakugou grunts, plopping down on his bed. “If that is what you want to talk about, just leave.”

“I’m not leaving, man. Something is clearly wrong! You guys were cool with each other, having a good time, then out of nowhere you are ignoring him and he looks like he is gonna cry! I may be stupid, but even I noticed that something doesn’t add up.”

“Nothing fucking happened, it's just—” Katsuki chokes on his own words, then shoves his pillow against his own face and snarls in it to release his pent up anger and frustrations. When he feels better, he tries continuing. “It’s just fucking Shinso." He spits the name from his mouth as if it’s venomous.

“What is wrong with Shinso?” Kirishima asks in confusion.

“He and Deku… they are dating.” Bakugou leans back on his bed and looks to the ceiling, trying to not let the pangs of pain in his chest be expressed on his voice.

“Wow! Really? Since when? How haven’t I heard anything about it?!”

“You heard, idiot. Last Friday? Deku couldn’t study with us because he had a date?”

“What? I don’t think that was a date, bro. Has Midoriya said anything to you?”

Katsuki huffs, “No, why do you think I’m not talking to him? Idiot can’t say shit if I ignore him.”

“Bro… I think you are misunderstanding… I mean, who goes on a date from two until five in the afternoon on a Friday before finals week?” Kirishima asks; Katsuki just shrugs, still looking at the ceiling. It’s not like he understands how those idiots’ minds work. “Alright, let’s say you were right and they did go on a date. So that's it? Are you throwing in the towel?”

That snaps Katsuki out of his funk, forcing him to look at Shitty Hair. “The fuck you saying, dipshit?”

“I’m asking you if you are going to give up and let Shinso win.”

“Hell if I will! Bakugou Katsuki never gives up and he never loses!” Bakugou barks loudly and sits up in his bed.

“Is it really? Because you sure look like a loser right now, sulking in bed instead of going after what you want,” Kirishima says, shrugging.

“I’m gonna fucking show you who is the loser, asshole! I’m stealing Deku from that shitty Violet Fucker! The nerd won’t even know what fucking hit him!” Katsuki says, standing up furiously.

“That's the Bakubro I was waiting for! Go get him, tiger!” Kirishima says giving Katsuki a few pats on his back and kind of pushing him away from the bed.

“Shut up, idiot. Not right now, I’m not gonna get in the way of the nerd’s finals,” Katsuki grunts sitting back down again. “Besides, I need a plan.”

Why can't you see you torture me
You're already thinking about someone else
When he comes home
You'll be in his arms and I’ll be gone
But I know my day will come
I know someday I’ll be the only one


Bakugou does come up with a plan. Some would say it’s a cliché idea; Katsuki thinks it’s traditional. Besides, classics become classics for good reasons, right? So he will give the second button of his blazer and the mp3 player to Izuku at their graduation day. Alright, sucker, Katsuki knows it is supposed to be the second button of the gakuran—but UA’s uniform is a blazer jacket so he’s got to adapt.

The finals week passed by in a blur. There were just so many things to study, theoretical tests to take and hero practicals to perform. All the students of class 3-A were burned out and hyper-focused on their grades, Katsuki barely had time to glare at Shinso and watch if Izuku was talking to the Brain Fucker. Luckily, every time he did look at Izuku he saw the nerd studying with their friends, so at least there is that.

When that hellish week was over, the students had just two days until graduation and, boy, if finals week was hard there isn’t even a name for what Bakugou went through in those two days. Izuku was right there next to him but, at the same time, so many miles away. At least he hasn’t seen Shinso around Deku either, so maybe their date didn’t go so well after all. That gives Katsuki at least some peace of mind.

I'm starting to fashion an idea in my head
where I would impress you
with every single word I said.
Would come out insightful or brave or smooth or charming
and you'd want to call me
And I would be there every time
you'd need me
I'd be there every time...
But for now I'll look so longingly
For you to want me, for you to need me, for you to notice me

However, they still weren’t talking to each other, even though both of them were spending time with the rest of their classmates in the dorm's common room. Kirishima pestered Katsuki every waking hour for him to make a move, but it never seemed like a good time. Izuku was always surrounded by friends, what was Katsuki to do? Go in front of all these extras em confess his love? Like hell he would!

Although, Bakugou did keep the mp3 player in his pocket during those two days. It was a ‘just in case’ kind of thing. You know, just in case Izuku ended up on top of Bakugou’s lap confessing his undying love for Katsuki, it was better to have the gift to properly respond the nerd. Katsuki wouldn’t want to leave the poor boy hanging.

But today is graduation day; today, Katsuki will finally make his move on Deku. After the ceremony is over, when everyone is hugging and taking pictures, Katsuki will ask Deku to go with him to somewhere private and give him the button and the mp3 player. If everything goes right (and it will!), Katsuki will have a date to the graduation party that will happen tomorrow night.

My hopes are so high,
That your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me,
So I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst,
To break or bury,
Or wear as jewellery,
Whichever you prefer.

Katsuki finishes getting ready in his UA uniform for the last time, forgoing the tie just as he did during the three years he spent here. He shoves the mp3 player in his pocket and leaves the room to meet his class downstairs. Class 3-A is rowdy and excited in the common room.

Mina is crying while hugging Hagakure, Asui and Jirou. The boys are laughing loudly, talking about being nervous on their first day there. Uraraka is fussing over Izuku’s tie, trying to make the damn thing right at least once in the nerd’s high school career. Bakugou’s heart does somersaults in his chest thinking about confessing to this same boy in just a couple of hours.

Before Katsuki has a chance to compose himself, Iida is organizing them in a neat line to walk to the ceremony. The whole thing feels like an out of body experience—Katsuki just follows the motions, way too overwhelmed to engage in anything happening around him. He knows Kirishima is talking excitedly next to him; that Nezu and Yayorozu gave speeches; that his name was called to receive his diploma; that his mother screamed something embarrassing from the crowd; but his brain barely acknowledges any of it.

Only when All Might takes the microphone to give his speech does Katsuki really connect with everything that is happening. Yagi Toshinori’s thin, sickly form still commands attention from everyone in the arena. He begins thanking everyone for being there, thanking the parents for raising such extraordinary young adults, thanking his peers who were teachers for this class, and thanking Nezu for giving him a chance of being a teacher himself.

Then he looks at his students and thanks them for teaching him more than he could ever hope to learn at his age. All Might’s speech brings tears to everyone’s eyes. He doesn’t spare any praise to the graduating class and tells the world how he believes everything they have accomplished so far will barely be a footnote in the book of their conquests.

Toshinori finishes his speech by urging the students to work together and be bigger and better than one hero could ever be with the strength of their unity. The students hold hands during the end of the speech to show All Might they understand and that they will be together to face whatever comes their way. The graduating class gets incredibly emotional hearing the words of their hero and mentor. Katsuki sees the fat tears running down Izuku’s face unashamed and thinks it’s a little unfair how handsome the boy looks even in that state.

When the speech is over, the class and the public explode with cheers. Katsuki is taken in fierce hugs from all of his friends. Mina basically jumps on him, almost knocking him out; he only stands his ground because Kirishima helps him and ends up being forced into the group hug as well. Kaminari, Sero and Jirou aren’t too far behind, and (begrudgingly) Katsuki ends up hugging and shaking hands with every one of his classmates.

The handshake with Half n’ Half was practically a declaration of war.

“Bakugou, it’s been… something to train by your side. I’m sure we will meet again in the line of duty,” Todoroki says politely.

“Don’t look down on me, fucker! I’m gonna kick your fucking ass in the ranks!” Katsuki barks back at him.

“Not if I kick yours first, Kacchan.” Izuku has a teasing smile in place, his face is still stained with tears and his eyes are brighter than Katsuki has ever seen them.

“Deku…” His voice comes out as a whisper. When he notices it, he gets a hold of himself and tries again. “I wanna see you try coming for me in the ranks.”

That should have come out as teasing, but it actually sounded earnest—probably because there isn’t anything Katsuki wants more than to fight neck and neck with Izuku for the number one spot.

“I will, Kacchan. I’m going to be a worthy rival for you,” Deku says with a sad smile.

‘Why does he look sad?’ Bakugou thinks, but before he has time to put that thought into words, Izuku is swept away by a mob of extras. There are all kinds of people wanting a piece of Deku’s attention like his mother, their classmates, former teachers, agency recruiters, Pro Heroes, and friends.

Katsuki is also pulled away by his mother and father who want to take a hundred different pictures of him. He tries, again and again, to get back to Deku, to talk to him, to ask him to meet Katsuki later. But it doesn’t work.

It was stupid to think he could steal away the golden boy underneath everybody’s noses to make his hopeless confession. He can’t believe he was that naive, that he wasted his final days waiting for the right moment just to watch it slip between his fingers.

Whatever, he is fucking done with being a coward. He is fucking done with hoping for a miracle. Bakugou Katsuki will not begin his hero career being ashamed of talking to some boy. Tomorrow at their graduation party, he will confess to Deku even if it is the last thing he will ever do.

Hey, little girl, I want to be your boyfriend
Sweet little girl, I want to be your boyfriend
Do you love me babe?
What do you say?
Do you love me babe?
What can I say?
Because I want to be your boyfriend


Having designer parents comes in handy sometimes. Like right now, as Bakugou enters the big hall where their graduation party is being hosted, knowing he is dressed to kill. He doesn’t know what kind of enemies he may find tonight—Did Brain Fucker bring Deku as his date? Will any other extra try a hail mary to catch Izuku’s heart in their last chance? Will Izuku’s friends try to monopolize the boy’s time?—so he comes ready to stomp the competition down.

“Bro! You are here! And looking nice!” Shitty Hair shows up, spouting the obvious. Of course Katsuki looks nice, better than any other extra here tonight with a perfectly tailored black suit, black shirt, and orange silk tie.

“I know. Where is Deku?” he asks while looking around the room, trying to find the familiar mop of unruly green hair.

“I haven’t seen Midoriya yet, but I just got here too. Let’s grab some punch and then we can look for him.”

They walk around the beautifully decorated room, greeting a few classmates and a few attending Pro Heroes, but Katsuki’s mind is way too focused on finding Izuku. The nerd must be late, because Bakugou can’t see him anywhere; he already looked near the bar, the buffet, the useless extras from their class, the outdoor area—hell, Katsuki even looked for him in the bathroom.

Where the hell is he? Bakugou was sure Izuku would be here early as fuck to enjoy the party and talk to his friends. What could the nerd be doing?

Looking through the dance floor, he recognizes several of the extras of their school pretending to know how to move in any sort of rhythm but failing miserably. The violet hair of Shinso catches his eye and Bakugou does a double take, but it is not fluffy green hair next to him; Brain Fucker is dancing with Stupid Pikachu way closer than it would be considered holy. The feeling of relief from knowing Shinso and Deku haven’t come together surpassed even the disgust from watching his friend dry-hump the fucker in public.

And then he sees Izuku in the middle of the dance floor, doing the world’s most awful dance moves with Round Face and Frog Girl. He is wearing a dark grey suit, white shirt, and a bright red tie. He probably looked nice when he left the house, but by now he is sweating a little, his clothes are crumpled from dancing, his hair is wild and he has the biggest smile on his face—so he isn’t looking nice, he is perfect.

The band is playing a hit-of-the-moment kind of pop-rock song, and the nerd looks like he is having a great time among his friends. Bakugou shouldn’t interrupt him right now, that wouldn’t help his case and—

Shit. He is coming up with excuses again. Bakugou promised himself he wouldn’t be a coward anymore, so he will march over there and talk to Deku right now.

“Oh, I guess you found Midoriya!” Kirishima says by his side when he notices what Katsuki is looking so intensely at on the dance floor.

“I’m going in,” he grunts.

“Go get him, bro! You can do it!”

Katsuki walks straight toward the nerd trio, focused on his mission. He needs to reach Izuku. He needs to take Izuku away from the extras. He needs to talk to Izuku. He needs to say... what does he need to say?

“Kacchan! I hadn’t seen you yet! Are you having fun?” Izuku stops his terrible dance moves to talk to Bakugou, but somehow his brain refuses to remember how words work to respond. Izuku keeps looking confused at him waiting for an answer. “Did you wanna talk to me? Or maybe to some of the girls?”

“Ahh—” Katsuki tries forcing something out of his throat but nothing intelligible comes out. Shit, just last week his mouth was spouting bullshit all on its own and now it refuses to work?

“Do you wanna dance?” Izuku asks smiling. In the midst of his panic, Katsuki nods.

Oh shit, he just agreed to dance. Lucky for him the music comes to an end right at that second. Saved by the bell, apparently. Now he has about thirty seconds before the band starts a new song to come up with an excuse to get the hell away from here.

“Oh well, I guess we gotta wait for the next one? I really like that song that was playing, but I guess it’s not really your style, right? Kacchan must listen to something heavier. But that is simply speculation on my part, I never really got to know what kinds of songs Kacchan likes in the end. I guess it is rude of me to assume, right? Kacchan can listen to any kind—”

His small window of opportunity closes as Katsuki stays frozen in place, hearing Izuku ramble about music. The band starts playing the first chords of the new song, this one very different than the one they were just playing. A slow song to dance as a couple.

Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You'll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress

‘Kiss’ Me in its more traditional arrangement. Fuck, that's it, isn’t it? Katsuki won’t get a bigger sign from the Universe to go get Deku than the song the boy listed to in his room during that unforgettable study date. Still not trusting his ability to speak, Katsuki just offers his hand in a dancing position hoping that Izuku will understand.

“Oh! Oh… Dance with you? Yeah, sure, I just… I just need to warn you, that I never danced like this before,” Izuku says blushing.

From the moves Bakugou just saw him pulling, Katsuki thinks Izuku has never danced a day in his life. But that doesn’t matter—what really matters is how Deku shyly puts both of his hands on Katsuki’s shoulders as he holds Izuku’s waist. They still have a very proper distance between their bodies; however, when Izuku raises his head and looks him in the eye, Katsuki is sure they have never been this close.

They swing with the band’s rhythm, completely transfixed with one another. Izuku then begins mouthing the lyrics without making any sound and Katsuki can’t help but let his eyes drop from looking into his green gems to staring at his pink lips.

Kiss me down by the broken treehouse
Swing me, upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map

“I know this song… Isn’t it the song I heard when we…?” Izuku says very quietly and he can only hear it because they are so close.

“Yeah, the song you heard in my room,” Katsuki whispers back.

“Wow, they sound so different. I could never imagine Kacchan liking something so cute.”

“I like cute things.”

“Like songs?”

“Like you.” Finally, he said it. Izuku is looking at him like he hasn’t heard or believed what he heard, so Bakugou decides to make it very clear. “I like you, Deku, and I want you to be my boyfriend.”

Izuku’s face goes deep red hiding all his freckles and the boy makes a little dying noise that sounds something between a “Yeep” and an “Oh god”. Katsuki does his best to keep a serious face, but maybe Izuku can feel Bakugou’s hand shaking on his waist.

“Ka-aa-Kacchan, why— how— how-ow co-co-could say so-someth— that!” Izuku tries answering, but fails and hides his face in Katsuki’s chest.

A little part of Katsuki’s brain is holding on to the idea that this awkward response means that Deku has feelings for him too. But he can’t get his hopes up so soon; he needs to see this through.

“I just couldn’t be the hero I want to be without being able to tell you that,” he whispers in Izuku’s ear. The boy murmurs more incomprehensible things against his suit, trembling in Katsuki’s arms. He takes his hand off Izuku’s waist and touches the boy’s face making Deku look him in the eyes again. “I’m gonna need an answer, nerd.”

Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling
So kiss me

“Kiss me.”

And Katsuki does. It is a chaste kiss, merely a touch of lips, that makes Bakugou feel like his stomach became a balloon full of fire. He hugs Izuku fiercely against him by the waist hoping that this way no one will notice how badly his hands are shaking. For a moment, it was like the whole world disappeared from around them, but the catcalls and wolf whistles from the noisy extras bring them out of their little bubble.

Bakugou grabs Izuku’s hand and takes him away from the dance floor, towards the outdoor area where they can have a little bit of privacy. There, they sit on a bench and Katsuki gives Izuku the little mp3 player and the button from his blazer he brought. Deku has tears in his eyes as he accepts the little tokens. They stay there on that bench sharing the earphones and little kisses until the end of the night.



Bakugou’s Playlist for Deku

Listen to these, stupid nerd

  • Your House by Jimmy Eat World
  • Only Of You by Green Day
  • Unconsolable by X Ambassadors
  • All the Small Things by Blink 182
  • Roller Coaster by Blink 182
  • Everlong by Foo Fighters
  • Make You Smile by +44
  • Your Heart Stops Beating by +44
  • Hope by Descendents
  • Everything I Do by New Found Glory
  • Redundant by Green Day
  • Outlaws by Green Day


Bakugou’s Personal Playlist in this story by order of appearance:

  • I'm Lost Without You by Blink 182
  • Make You Smile by +44
  • I Am Yours by The Adicts
  • The King of Wishful Thinking by New Found Glory
  • Always by Blink 182
  • I Wanna Be With You Tonight by Screeching Weasel
  • Baby Baby by The Vibrators
  • Kiss Me by New Found Glory
  • Our Time Now by Plain White T’s
  • Feelings This by Blink 182
  • Hope by Descendents
  • For You To Notice… by Dashboard Confessional
  • Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional
  • I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend by Ramones
  • Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer