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When the Lights Are Low

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"It's you, babe
And I'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe
And I could try to run, but it would be useless
You're to blame
Just one hit of you, I knew I'll never ever, ever be the same"

Never be the Same by Camila Cabello



“I think this was the craziest twenty-four hours of my life,” Namjoon says that evening when they are getting ready for bed. 

His life has been a crazy thing in general, really, but the past day - ranging from the unplanned but very public reveal of his fatherhood to cornering Yoongi in the bathroom to beating himself up over it throughout the night to him and Yoongi exchanging the bite in the morning - had been particularly dizzying. Though the day they found out about Isangie definitely is a strong contender.

After they posted the photograph that confirmed their mating bites on Twitter, there had been a flurry of reactions. Management was in a tizzy, less out of disapproval and more because they would have liked some heads-up on what they were planning to do. Overall, though, Namjoon thinks it was the most logical course of action. By scenting Yoongi on stage, he had inevitably outed himself as the father of the unborn child; not mating after all that probably would have been the greater scandal.

Then, there had also been the slew of congratulatory messages from various people, a lengthy phone call with his family, an only slightly shorter one with Bang PD, and a complimentary dinner Seokjin’s brother delivered straight from the restaurant to their apartment so the seven of them could celebrate in private.

“Whatever, it’s done now,” Yoongi says, very blasé for someone who spent the past few months rather deep in denial about both his feelings and his future. He’s shimmying out of his sweater, standing only in his boxer shorts, letting out a big yawn, and Namjoon cannot look away.

Very suddenly, he is struck by the realization that this is the first night he and Yoongi will be sharing a bed as a mated pair. That he will no longer have to feel shameful about how much he likes holding him in his arms.

“Where is my shirt,” Yoongi whines, lifting the pillows to find his sleepwear, one knee braced on the mattress so his belly won’t throw him off balance.

“I think Jungkook did a laundry raid today,” Namjoon explains, not even bothering to search for his own pajamas but just sitting down on the bed, kicking the blanket out of the way. “Hmm, maybe you can do without?”

“What, no, I can just get another-” Yoongi cuts himself off, blinks as his brain catches up. “Oh.”

As Yoongi has always been averse to extreme temperatures, they keep the entire apartment at a cozy 20 degrees Celsius, but technically it’s still winter. If they want to stay warm without clothes, they’d have to cuddle up really close.

“Okay,” Yoongi relents, climbing onto the bed as well. The sheets are still cool but would soon warm up with their body heat.

They take a few moments to sort out their limbs and eventually end up with Yoongi nestling his belly on the indent of his pregnancy pillow, and Namjoon spooning him from behind. Like this, he is rather close to Yoongi’s neck and he squishes down the urge in him that demands to check that his bite is really there, that it’s deep enough, visible enough, that it wasn’t all just a dream. But he knows that it’s silly.

So instead, he just slings his arm over Yoongi’s side, resting his hand on his belly in a gesture that already feels very familiar. As per usual, he only has to wait a few minutes to feel the telltale fluttering against his palm.

“He’s waking up,” he whispers to Yoongi, even though Yoongi obviously knows this much better than he does. And indeed, Yoongi just grumbles, pushing back into the embrace, even as he lets Namjoon explore his belly, feeling Insangie’s animated movements.

“Do you think he knows?” Namjoon cannot help but ask.

“Knows what?”

“That we are mated now.”

“How the heck would he know that?”

“I don’t know,” Namjoon huffs. “Chemicals or hormones or something?”

“I don’t think his cognition is developed that far,” Yoongi says and yawns again. “I certainly wish his legs weren’t.”

“Oh my God, don’t say that,” Namjoon says, mortified, even as he feels a particularly harsh push against the heel of his thumb. He gently rubs against the spot, hoping Isangie will feel it in turn, that he will feel loved and cherished.

Almost instinctively, Namjoon squeezes Yoongi a little tighter, presses a kiss to the back of his head.

“I can’t wait to meet him,” he says excitedly, though he knows it will still be a couple more weeks.

“Yeah,” Yoongi says and his voice is almost serene. “Me either.”



“You two are genuinely disgusting,” Hoseok comments, throwing a popcorn kernel in their direction. It falls down prematurely, landing somewhere on their messy coffee table, so Namjoon doesn’t even look up, just keeps his head ducked to where he is vaguely kissing along Yoongi’s neck.

They are having a joint movie night in the living room, all of them gathered around the TV, comfortably spread out on the sofa. Jimin and Taehyung have turned into a Gordian knot as per usual, but Namjoon, too, opted to get his fair share of cuddles, sitting down right behind Yoongi, positively engulfing him in a warm embrace.

Yoongi, with a bowl balanced on his belly, had wordlessly accepted it, keeping his attention on the movie and snacking away on his popcorn. That was until Namjoon gave in to temptation and started coveting the neck right in front of him.

Now, Yoongi is completely blissed out, food and movie forgotten, his head lolling to the side in an attempt to give Namjoon better access. And Namjoon accepts it, gratefully. There’s nothing sexual about it, not really, but the renewed neediness that came with exchanging the bite demands of him to mark his territory, with scent and with saliva.

It seems like something Yoongi would tell him off for, just out of principle, but now he is simply letting out these intermittent little sighs that only serve to encourage Namjoon even more.

“I think it’s cute,” Jungkook pipes up, valiantly defending them. As an alpha, he is the most likely to understand what Namjoon is going through. 

“Just remember, their whole tiptoeing around each other was even worse,” Seokjin points out and, at that, Hoseok does give a small acknowledging nod.

“But honestly,” Seokjin adds. “If you keep being over each other like that, you’re going to end up making a new baby before the current one has even come out.”

And he throws a popcorn kernel as well, this time hitting Namjoon on the cheek.

Damn hecklers.



 Trending News: First public appearance of BTS RM & SUGA after their unexpected mating; baby due in June!

RM and SUGA, members of international sensation BTS, made their first public appearance after their unexpected mating last week. While receiving an award for Album of the Year, RM surprised the audience - and apparently his group members - by grabbing SUGA and very obviously scenting him.

SUGA who has revealed his pregnancy in fall was already sporting a visible baby bump but had so far not disclosed the identity of the father. While RM was one of the most likely candidates, their company BigHit Entertainment previously declined to make any comments on the matter.

Though both reveals threw the general public into an uproar, BTS’ fame has not diminished in the least. Whereas other idols might have their careers ruined by such a scandal, the news garnered a lot of support and encouragement both in South Korea and abroad. 

As BTS decided to make the reveals of the pregnancy and the mutual mating public via their official Twitter account, today’s appearance was the first time fans and reporters had the chance to see the couple together.

Although both still seemed a little self-conscious to be seen with the bites on their neck, RM was wearing a proud smile with SUGA walking by his side.

BigHit has announced that all of BTS will be going on hiatus for a few months to allow SUGA to recover from the birth. Instead of getting their own apartment, he and RM will keep living at the shared dorms to distribute responsibilities between the rest of the group.

The child, a boy by the name of Isang, is due to be born in June.




“So you are the elusive alpha,” Doctor Ahn notes mildly when Namjoon is allowed to accompany Yoongi to an appointment for the first time.

“Yeah,” Namjoon says confidently, pulling his chair a little closer to his mate. “I am.”



“That is the ugliest shark I have ever seen,” Hoseok says over his shoulder and Namjoon stills, throwing him a betrayed look.

“That’s a dolphin,” he corrects with a pout, using the paintbrush to gesture at the little painting. “Just look at the fin.”

“Oh,” Hoseok says, hands on his hips. “In that case, that is the ugliest dolphin I have ever seen.”

Namjoon can feel his pout intensify. He’s been putting a lot of work into the painting but, even without Hoseok’s comment, he knows that the dolphin looks a little crooked. Hoseok must notice his disappointment, however, because he quickly tags on, “The little crab family is spot on, though...”

He trails off, squints down at the three different-sized crabs traipsing along the ocean floor.

“Wait,” he says. “Oh my God, did you draw a crab version of yourself with hyung and Isangie?”

“Yeah,” Namjoon says and, just out of spite, “And the dolphin is supposed to be you. You know, with the weird face and the-”

He doesn’t get further than that, because Hoseok squawks indignantly and hits Namjoon in the face with his paint roller. Namjoon’s nose crinkles at both the smell and the cold sensation of the paint on his skin, but he is more peeved by the atmosphere of amusement radiating off their film crew.

They had started filming several hours ago and had actually made good headway since then.

For their last few RUN episodes, they had decided to center them around the arrival of the baby, to show some of what is going on around the dorm. It had been fun, really, and also extremely educational. They’d done an episode where they all had to walk a mile in Yoongi’s shoes, wearing fake pregnancy bellies that weighed a ton, like something straight out of The Return of Superman, doing normal stuff like cooking or walking up the stairs, but also doing a number of their choreographies while singing, trying to see who would first run out of breath. Yoongi, all the while, had been sitting at the sidelines, sniggering to himself as he painted a very vivid picture of what a martyr he was for going through all this pregnancy trouble.

In another ep, they had focused on more serious matters, actually preparing for what was to come during and after birth. They had done some pregnancy yoga, which wasn’t too bad, and then paired off to do breathing exercises. Somehow, Seokjin had managed to very dramatically yet convincingly fake going into labor while his team partner Hoseok looked about ready to faint under all the pressure.

They were taught about all that could be expected to happen during a natural birth, after which Yoongi had needed to lie down a little to digest everything, half-heartedly asking Namjoon whether maybe he couldn’t be the birth parent instead. And then they had learned how to swaddle a baby and change its diapers and feed it and soothe it and how to make sure it would be cared for all around.

And today, finally, during the last episode filmed before the due date, they had repainted Namjoon’s old bedroom and turned it into a proper nursery. They’d picked the furniture and the color scheme and the first few toys and a batch of clothes, and some of it had already been put into place. But, for the finishing touches, Namjoon had decided to add a little ocean-themed mural.

Now, he looks at his paintings again and cannot help but doubt himself. He knows that Hoseok hadn’t honestly meant to make fun of it, but he also knows that he isn’t any good at painting. Maybe he should have left this to Taehyung after all.

“How long is this going to take,” Yoongi suddenly asks, waltzing through the doorway in a self-important matter. “I already set up the crib, but someone else has to carry-”

He stops short when he comes to stand between Hoseok and Namjoon, staring down at the mural, patches of it still damp. Then, he abruptly starts crying.

Hoseok reels back immediately, waving his hands for Namjoon to do something, but Namjoon is still just as unused to Yoongi’s sudden emotional fits. Slowly, he rises from where he had previously been crouching, carefully touching Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Yoongi-yah,” he says, using his gentlest voice. “Jagiya. Why are you crying?”

Yoongi sucks in a shuddering breath, followed by him audibly sucking the snot up his nose.

“That dolphin is so ugly, the baby is going to have nightmares when he sees it,” he says.

“Yah!” Hoseok complains, apparently personally offended.

“I- I’m sorry,” Namjoon hurries to say because he doesn’t like seeing Yoongi so upset over it. After all, proper nesting in preparation for a child is paramount to any omega, so even the littlest thing can seem like a disturbance to them. “I can paint it over or something. We can get a professional to do it or just put up framed pictures and-”

“No, shut up, it’s perfect,” Yoongi says, still looking down at the misshapen dolphin and the turtle and the smiling seastar and the clownfish and the weight-lifting squid that all surround the happy little crab family.