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Shigaraki had this way about him that made you either want to murder him or fuck him and there was no in-between. He was abrasive, obnoxious, petty, and just the right kind of insane for people with no sense of personal safety like Dabi.

But Shigaraki just wasn't interested.

Dabi couldn't figure it out. He knew everyone was trying to sleep with him. He'd seen the way Giran's eyes lingered on his ass before he'd gotten captured. Overhaul's flirting had been anything but subtle. Spinner was so hopelessly in love with him that it was a bit sad. And Dabi didn't even want to know what kind of weird fucked up feelings All for One had for him. But Shigaraki just went about his business like it wasn't happening.

Either he was dense as a log or he just liked teasing people. Honestly, it could have been either. It had only gotten worse since the fight with Re-Destro, even if Shigaraki had lost half a hand in the process.

Shigaraki was always at his sexiest after he'd finished royally wasting some poor fool who dared challenge him.

Dabi liked to think that he wasn't as obvious as the others and was, therefore, a better choice than them. He had always made a great show of being above the rest of the League and he'd spent plenty of time away from the group. He always got the chance to clear his head and fuck some random League groupie but every time he went back to the group Shigarki would do something that would be in his filthiest thoughts for the next week.

Goddamn, did he want to fuck his boss.

The new HQ was great. Deternat had plenty of holdings and they found a nice place to set up in. Everyone was free to come and go as they pleased as long as it didn't interfere with plans but everyone besides Dabi had elected to stay together. So everyone had their own space in the new HQ, Dabi actually had a room of his own should he ever deign to spend the night.

They didn't have a bar like back in Kamino but they kept the stock of booze large and eclectic. Everyone had demons and sometimes it was better to just drink than face them.

So, this night, Dabi sat comfortably on some of the fancy furniture with one of Jin's beers in one hand and a joint in the other. Everyone else had either gone out or was shut up in their space, he had heard the shower in the bathroom down the hall turn on a little while ago but no one had come to bother him. It was nice to have some alone time somewhere he didn't have to be concerned about getting caught. He was definitely high and quite drunk and he finally felt able to relax.

He was considering his next move with Hawks when he heard a door open and, belatedly, he realized the shower had turned off. The sound of wet feet coming down the hall toward him puzzled him. Why wouldn't whoever it was just go back to their room? He pushed himself up, head spinning slightly, and peeked over the back of the couch as the person entered the light.

He immediately ducked back down.

Of course, it had to be Shigaraki. And OF COURSE, he was just wearing underwear. Luckily for Dabi, his head was covered in a towel and he was drying his hair so if Dabi stayed very still he might not be noticed...

"Are you out here smoking, ashtray?"

Fuck. His inebriated brain had forgotten he was holding a lit joint.

"What's it to you?" he slurred out. Shit, he must be drunker than he thought.

Shigaraki sighed and closed the fridge he had been digging in and came around to the front of the couch. He had the towel draped over his head like the Virgin Mary. He held out a bottle toward Dabi.

"I already have one." He said raising his beer. Shigaraki rolled his eyes.

"Yes, I see that and I would like one." He waved the bottle a little. Dabi was confused.

"Go ahead then, I'm not stopping you."

"I need you to open it." Shigaraki almost growled at him, holding his left hand up.

"Oh yeah," Dabi muttered. How could he have forgotten that Ujiko wasn't done with his new fingers yet? He put his drink down and took the bottle from Shigaraki and opened it with his teeth.

"You're gonna break a tooth doing that," Shigaraki said before taking a long swig.

"Well, I haven't yet." was Dabi's intelligent reply. Shigaraki rolled his eyes again and sat down in front of him on the coffee table.

It was very hard for Dabi not to stare so he just gave into it. Shigaraki was so skinny. Dabi had seen the man put away plates of food before so it had to be his quirk. He could count his ribs and see his diaphragm expand with every breath he took. He was covered in scars, some substantial, some small. His skin was so pale it was easy to see the light blue of his veins under his skin. His damp hair fell over his shoulders when he pulled his legs up onto the table to cross them and put his elbows on his knees. As Dabi ran his eyes over him he glanced down to take in the vague outline of his cock in his boxers.

"You see something you like, asshat?"

Whoops, he must have looked too long. Well, what the hell?

"Maybe I do." Shigaraki laughed. Not his usual cackel but a small chuckle in the back of his throat.

"You must be out of your head to admit that." He took another swig from his bottle and Dabi watched his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed. When Shigaraki finished and wiped off the back of his mouth with his damaged hand Dabi felt blood rush south. Dabi shifted a little bit to hide his problem but Shigaraki noticed.

"Alright, good night pervert," he smirked at him as he stood up to go back to his room but Dabi was just high enough to do something stupid and just drunk enough to be honest. He grabbed Shigaraki's wrist as he passed him.

"Wait. Stay," he said. Shigaraki pulled his arm back.

"Why so you can keep staring at me?" Dabi shrugged. Fuck it.

"Maybe I want to do more than just stare." Shigaraki squinted down at him.

"If I'm not fucking with anyone else what makes you think I'd want to fuck with you?" he asked.

"Convenience?" Dabi tried. Shigaraki laughed, and this laugh was definitely an evil one.

"You've got balls, Dabi, I'll give it to you," he said. Shigaraki turned around and sat back on the coffee table. "Alright, take it out."

"Wait. What?" Dabi sputtered, he'd kind of expected a death threat and not an invitation.

"You heard me, take your dick out. Let's see what's so special." Shigaraki waved his hand in the general direction of his crotch.


"Oh, you change your mind? Alright then." Shigaraki stood up again.

"Fine!" Dabi shouted. Shigaraki laughed again as Dabi fought with his belt and sat back down again.

"Quiet down, Toga will definitely come out here if you're too loud."

But Dabi wasn't listening. He managed to unzip his pants and pull out his half hard cock.

"Hm. Average." Shigaraki assessed. "Maybe it's better when you're hard, touch yourself."

"I want you to do it," Dabi purred.

"Too bad. Touch yourself or nothing." Dabi groaned and spat on his hand, wrapping it around his dick and starting to stroke. Shigaraki hummed as he watched him.

"So, do you think about me a lot when you jack off?" he asked moving from the table to sit on the couch next to him. Dabi nodded.

"Of course you do, everyone else does so why not you too?" the way he said it wasn't angrily, it was almost coaxing. Dabi gripped himself tighter and Shigaraki moved in closer.

"Ah, see it does look a little nicer when you're all hard. Still nothing special though, at least it's not all burned up like the rest of you," he whispered in his ear. "Hey, why don't you tell me what you think about when you touch yourself." Dabi turned his head so he could look in his eyes. He got lost in them for a second and just drowned in his gaze and he felt his cock burn.

"I think about you sucking me off," he whispered, almost as if talking too loud would ruin the illusion. "Wanna grab your hair and force you down on me."

"Do you now?" Shigaraki crooned in his ear. "You think I'd let you do that?"

"No." Dabi groaned he let his eyes move from his face to run over the rest of him. "You fight me but you like it. You like it when I rough you up. I like it when you gag on my dick."

"I bet you do." Shigaraki nodded. "You want me to swallow your cum?" Dabi felt his eyes blow wide.

"Fuck yeah," he panted. He was going faster now. He brought his hand to his mouth and spit in it again before going back to work. "I want my cum in all your holes. Want you to ride me."

"You want me to sit on your cock?" Shigaraki stood up in front of him and planted his feet on either side of his knees. "You like it when I'm above you like this?"

"Yeah, baby." Dabi groaned.

"I bet you think about fucking me hard don't you?" Shigaraki asked. "You wanna wear me out? You want me to come over and over again on your cock? You want to hear me scream your name when you make me come?"

"Oh shit, yeah." Dabi groaned and closed his eyes, pumping into his hand.

"Eyes on me Dabi," Shigaraki ordered and Dabi complied.

"Yeah, that's better. Cause you want to see all this don't you? It'll make it better next time you think about fucking my tight ass if you know what I look like won't it?" Dabi whimpered. Shigaraki leaned over him and planted his hands or what was left of them on the back of the couch so he leaned over Dabi and was right in his face. Dabi stared up at him with huge pupils.

"Come on Dabi stroke it for me. Think about how hot my ass is gonna be when you shove that dick inside me. Think about how good my tongue feels on your balls. Think about how I'm gonna milk all that hot cum out of your worthless mediocre cock." Dabi whined and threw his head back, bucking into his hand.

"I'm such a slut for you aren't I? Wouldn't you like me just to beg you for it? To plead with you to fuck my brains out? Would you like to bend me in half and rail me until I cry? Look at me Dabi!" Four strong fingers gripped his chin and forced him to face up.

"Dabi please." Shigaraki moaned, worrying his bottom lip. "Fuck me, fill me up, I just want to come for you." Dabi was losing it. He was so close. "Fuck my ass, baby. Give me all that fucking cum. Are you gonna come for me Dabi? Are you gonna come in my tight ass? Are you gonna come down my throat? Come on Dabi, I know you can do it! Come for me!"

Dabi bit through his bottom lip to keep himself from yelling as he came. His head lolled back and he tried to get his breath back while his heart calmed down. He wiped his hand off on his shirt while the black spots cleared from his vision. When he was finally able to look around he saw Shigaraki smirk at him.

"How devastatingly pathetic." he drawled.

Dabi looked down and saw he wasn't even a little bit hard.

"But...hey! Wait!" he tried to reason but Shigaraki just laughed at him as he walked away.

"Yeah right Dabi, not even in your goddamn dreams." he chuckled waving him off and disappearing back into the dark hall.

Dabi lay sprawled out on the couch with his dick out and cum drying on his clothes. That little fucker had been playing with him and Dabi had done exactly what he'd thought he would do. That conniving bastard.

No wonder anyone with a brain wanted to murder him.