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A New Journey

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“Please! You can use my nose and tracking skills!” Kiba pleaded “What if someone goes near Naruto? At least with me you’ll have a heads up and be able to prepare for it! You’re trying to avoid fighting aren’t you?!” Kiba reasoned out with a bark from Akamaru. He was currently standing in the Headquarters for the fourth great Shinobi war, as ordered to stay behind for those very same reasons.

“He does have a point” Shikaku replied with a sigh as he glanced behind at Mabui, the assistant of the fourth Raikage. “I’ll let you go on one condition. You do not engage in combat, and you notify us as soon as you get wind of anyone nearing Naruto and Bee’s location

“Shikaku!” Mabui yelled

“Thank you!” Kiba called out with an audible sigh of relief. He knew Naruto, and he knew he would be fine. But he was unsure about his emotions and what he would do if he somehow found out about the war to protect him and Bee. He needed to be there for him, not only for the reasons he spoke of, but to help him calm down and to try and reason with him if he found out the true intentions behind this. He was his boyfriend and he couldn’t just stand idly by at a time like this.

“And Kiba, try not to let your emotions get the better of you” Shikaku warned. Everyone was aware of Kiba and Naruto’s relationship, and part of Shikaku was unsure about this decision, even if Kiba did have a point.

“Yes, sir!” He called out before running off eagerly to catch up to Naruto.

“Shikaku. You knew that we had the barrier forces and that no-one could get through without us knowing of it, but you still let him through. Why?” Mabui asked, perplexed by his reasoning in such crucial times

“That’s true. But if, per-say, someone did manage to somehow sneak beyond the barrier, then Kiba’s nose would prove useful, if not being the one warning we would have against such an intrusion.” Shikaku reasoned


‘Damn it. That idiot better have not done anything stupid while I was away’ Kiba thought to himself with a smirk ‘I’m coming, Naruto!’

Finally arriving at the coordinates Shikaku sent him, a shout that echoed through the trees caught the attention of Kiba. As the foliage began to thin out he emerged from the forest, and standing on a tree branch his eyes went wide at what he saw.

“Sensei, didn’t I tell you I’m stronger now?” Naruto muttered, his eyes glued to the Konoha protector that he held in his right hand. As a swarm of parasitic insects that belonged to someone of the Aburame clan swarmed around Naruto, Kiba ran towards him with a shout of his name. “Naruto!”

After a moment of the insects slowly closing around Naruto, he leapt out from it. Though what emerged wasn’t the normal Naruto, but one cloaked in a fierce Orange aura. Jumping with incredible speed, the air below him trembled, and he headed towards the opposite direction of the Shinobi that had gathered in front of the waterfall.

“Naru- to?” Kiba stuttered to himself as he stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes following the orange blaze that was Naruto.

“Inuzuka! Just in time, we’ll need your help to track Naruto!” A Shinobi called out, bringing all of their attention to Kiba.

Glancing at the group, Kiba looked back towards the direction of Naruto, who was now hidden amongst the trees and most likely heading towards the shore of the island “Tch...” With a bite of his lip, Kiba mounted Akamaru and set off to run for Naruto.

“Kiba?” Iruka asked as the Inuzuka sped by him.

‘I’m sorry’ He thought to himself as he sped off to catch up to Naruto.

“Inuzuka! What do you think you’re doing?!”

With a sniff of the air, Kiba disappeared into the thick forest without hesitation.

After a minute of running and trying to catch up to Naruto, a glowing orange figure that was hidden in the trees became larger and larger. Yelling out to it, Kiba leapt to catch up with what he presumed to be Naruto.

“K-Kiba! What are you doing here?” Naruto asked as he turned around, continuing to run as he deactivated his nine-tails chakra form.

“I’m here because I was worried about you!” He responded, dragging his attention back forwards.

“Did you know about this? This war to protect me?”

“Well, yeah but-”

“Why?! Why didn’t you tell me, or at least try, Kiba?!” Naruto yelled, his face flooded with emotion as his
eyes searched for answers within Kiba.

“Because this is a war for you, Naruto. If they get you then it’s all over. If we told you what was happening, you would’ve just done the same thing that you’re doing right now. I know you better than anyone!” Kiba explained, his eyes staring into Naruto’s. “Besides, this might be selfish of me, but I can’t just let that happen to you.” He explained, his eyes dropping to the ground as he scrunched his face.

After a moment of running aside each-over in silence, the sound of another set of footsteps ceased and was replaced by a quiet thump.

“Kiba?” Naruto asked as he stopped running and turned around. Akamaru’s unconscious body had collapsed against the ground a bit behind Naruto, and Kiba, who was still barely standing, staggered forwards before dropping to his knees and losing consciousness entirely.

“Kiba!” Naruto shouted, entering his nine-tails chakra form and rushing over to grab Kiba’s falling body. “Who’s there?!” He yelled, his head pivoting around and surveying the area. Laying Kiba’s head down against Akamaru, Naruto stood up. As he searched the trees for someone hiding among them, Naruto’s body began to feel weak. flicking his head around, a pink haze emerged from the trees as Naruto fell to one knee. “D-Damn it...” He said with a final breath, losing all his strength and falling down against the grass.