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the demon plays with me

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“People shouldn't call for demons unless they really mean what they say.” 
― C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle.



Taehyung knew he was pushing it when he sighed for the tenth time in the last half an hour. He still got startled when Yoongi turned around from the bubbling cauldron in front of him and spat:

“Stop acting like a brat and summon a demon like the rest of us normal witches if you want to get fucked so badly.”

Taehyung pouted. Yoongi rolled his eyes and went back to his potion.

“I never needed to summon before. Feels weird.” He walked a few steps, enough to be able to see over Yoongi's shoulder and inspect the soon-to-be-elixir that was slowly changing from moss green to golden. “Feels like I’m taking advantage of them. Don’t forget the dragon blood.”

“I’m not going to forget the freaking dragon blood,” mumbled Yoongi as his hand reached for the flask containing said liquid. He poured it slowly, his nose scrunched up in concentration. Taehyung though it was adorable but knew better than to say that out loud. 

Yoongi set the fire higher and walked away from the work table. He cleaned his hands on the apron tied around his waist and gave Taehyung a look . The look that meant Taehyung had said something stupid and Yoongi was considering why he had befriended him.

“You can’t control a sex demon, Taehyung. They don’t just feed on sex, they feed on wanted sex. You can summon them, you can banish them, you can certainly fuck them, but you can’t control them. They, obviously , can’t touch you unless you explicitly tell them to do it and if they don’t want to do it, then they’re going to tell you to fuck off. This is basic demonology, how the Hell did you manage to pass your class without knowing it?”

Taehyung felt his face burn under Yoongi’s stare.

“Don’t look at me like that! I skipped the sex part and went straight to the bloodthirsty demons!”

Why would you want to know how to summon a demon that can kill you instead of a demon that can fuck you? What kind of weird teenager were you?”

Yoongi shook his head and disappeared down the hallway. Taehyung sighed again. He looked at the potion, looked at the hallway, took a pinch of goat horn powder and added it to the mix. The potion let out a soft hum and turned gold. He smiled satisfied and backed away when he heard the soft tap tap of Yoongi’s bare feet on the wooden floor.

Yoongi reappeared in the kitchen with a piece of parchment that he quickly handed to Taehyung. Then he looked at the potion and beamed when he saw it shining like a coin. He gave Taehyung a smug look as if saying look how well I did without your help and Taehyung had to use all his self-control not to laugh.

“There you have a summoning spell. I know a few demons of that part of Hell. They’re good. Well, as good as a demon can be. I’ll ask Namjoon if he has a friend. Someone trustworthy you can call, just to be sure.”


“My demon.”

“Your demon.”


“Is he good?”

Yoongi’s cheeks turned pink. He looked away and pretended he was busy cleaning the table but Taehyung could see the tiny smile curling the corner of his mouth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


“Ew, okay.” He looked at the pentagram drawn on the parchment. It looked easy, easier than those pentagrams Taehyung had studied and memorized when he was younger, and he could buy the ingredients for the spell in Hoseok’s shop down the block. “I guess I could give it a try.”

“Promise me you’re going to open your demonology textbook and educate yourself before you try and get a demon into your bed.”

Taehyung gasped, feigning offense.

“Hyung! What kind of witch do you think I am?”

“I’d answer the question but I don’t want to hurt your feelings.” Yoongi’s voice was fond despite his words. 

Taehyung put the parchment on one of the pockets of his robe, smiled at Yoongi and sat on one of the stools, ready to watch him battle with the next steps of the potion.

“Tell me more about your Namjoon.”


Turned out Yoongi’s demon had a friend for Taehyung to summon.

It took Taehyung three days to read everything he needed to read, prepare the ingredients and draw the pentagram on the floor of his living room. He had to push the furniture against the walls to make room because, contrary to popular belief, not all Potion Masters were rich. His apartment was tiny, but it was cozy and smelled of grass and morning dew. He was hoping the demon would like it. He was hoping the demon would like Taehyung.

His magic had already started to turn unpredictable. See, sometimes a witch’s magic grew attached to something in particular and if the witch failed to provide it, then their magic began to act in unpredictable ways, often disobeying its bearer. Yoongi’s magic liked chocolate.

Taehyung’s magic liked sex.

He didn’t know why. He hadn’t care why. It had been easy enough to keep his magic satisfied, Taehyung was attractive and he knew how to make people -- and other creatures too -- fall to their knees with a single smile. But sometimes it was tiresome to go out, find someone, seduce them, bring them back home to spend an average night and wake up to an empty bed and the weak hum of his magic telling him he had terrible taste in bed partners, only to start all over again the next week. 

It had been almost a month now since the last time he had had sex and Taehyung was frankly surprised his magic hadn’t turned against him sooner.    

He finished writing the demon’s name in archaic Latin on the side of the pentagram and stood up. He had read what the sex demons wanted and he was sure they could reach an agreement that would benefit them both. With a last intake of breath, he pricked his index finger with a needle and let a drop of his blood fall inside the drawing.

“Park Jimin,” he said with a clear and firm voice, “I call you.”

Taehyung was expecting some smoke, maybe an evil laugh. What appeared in front of him looked like something taken directly from the obscure wet dreams he used to have when he was a teenager and not from one of the deepest pits of Hell. Taehyung stared and the demon stared back, a smirk slowly creeping its way up his face.

“Well, hello there, pretty.” Taehyung blinked. He hadn’t expected the demon’s voice to sound like that . So… light, so tender. “You must be the witch Namjoon told me about. Yoongi’s friend?”

“Uh.” Taehyung tilted his head. “You know Yoongi?”

“I know what he does to Namjoon.” The demon’s smile widened. “He would be a great addition to the family once his mortal life comes to an end.”

Taehyung opened his mouth and closed it again when nothing came out. He stored that piece of information for later. He was definitely going to question Yoongi about what the Hell he was doing to make an incubus talk about him with that tone of respect on his voice.

“Okay, that’s… Yeah. You can come out of the pentagram if you like.”

Jimin’s smile turned sweet.

“Thank you.” 

Jimin stepped out of the drawing and looked around the room, curiosity guiding his feet to inspect his surroundings. Taehyung took advantage of the demon’s distraction to look at him more attentively. Jimin would look completely human to anyone watching him if it weren’t for the horns curling on top of his head and the silver vertical slits for pupils. Dark hair, sun-kissed skin, and strong muscles, Jimin moved around Taehyung’s apartment like he owned the place. Taehyung knew, intellectually, that sex demons took the form of whatever their preys found more attractive, but seeing his fuzzy fantasies come together in one beautiful, perfect man in front of his own eyes was another thing entirely. 

Somewhere behind his ribs, Taehyung’s magic was starting to purr.

Jimin came to a stop in front of Taehyung. His lips were plump, pink like rose petals, and seemed to be curved in a permanent smirk. Taehyung gulped.

“You know my name,” said Jimin after a second of tense silence. “I think it’s fair if you tell me yours. Although pretty suits you just fine.”

“Taehyung,” he blurted, grimacing at the deep scratch of his voice. He cleared his throat. “Kim Taehyung, Potion Master.” 

“Cute.” He took a step closer, raising a single finger. It lingered over his cheek and only then Taehyung remembered Jimin couldn’t touch him without his consent. He swallowed down the lump in his throat and nodded. 

“You can touch my face.”

Jimin’s eyes sparkled. His finger touched Taehyung’s skin, sliding from his cheekbones to his jaw and made Taehyung shudder. There was a knot on his stomach, something he had never felt before. Not with his previous partners, not with his previous one-night-stands. It was a pull, the kind of pull that made Taehyung’s body lean closer to Jimin’s, the kind of pull that made Taehyung’s hands tickle with the need to touch him, to feel him. It was a kind of pull that felt like the first time his magic had run down his arms when he was still a little boy. A spark. The spark that Taehyung had been searching non-stop for the last month.

“Hello, Kim Taehyung. May I ask why a pretty and untouched thing like you is asking for my presence?" 

“Unt--,” Taehyung shook his head, mouth parting when Jimin’s hand cupped his face. “I’m not a virgin.”

Jimin giggled.

“Oh, I know. But I can feel your magic, dear. It’s pure, shining white and innocent. Not a single black spot on it. You’ve never been touched by my kind.” He smiled and Taehyung saw that his canines were slightly larger than the rest of his teeth. “We can’t find many of you anymore.”

Jimin’s hand felt hot against Taehyung’s cheek. Taehyung wondered if he was blushing or if that was something Jimin’s touch did, demons did. Make him hot, make his skin tingle with excitement, make his magic curl inside him like a puppy waiting for someone to scratch its belly. 

“Is that, uh, good?” he managed to ask, not sure of what to say. “The… The untouched thing.”

Jimin threw his head back and laughed, and his laugh was heavenly.

Somewhere at the back of his mind, Taehyung was sure it wasn’t the correct thing to think about someone like Jimin, but he didn’t really care. He couldn’t , not when Jimin was looking at him as if Taehyung was everything he had wished for.

“You don’t know much about my kind, do you?”

Taehyung blushed.

“Just the basic stuff.”

“It’s okay,” Jimin’s smile was as sweet as his eyes were voracious. “I can teach you.” Taehyung shuddered again. Jimin’s words sounded like a promise. Like a promise of something more than a few demonology classes. “And to answer your question: yes, it’s a good thing. Untouched witches taste the best.”

“Right. Fuck. Right. We need to talk about that.”

Jimin arched an amused eyebrow at Taehyung’s flustered babbling but nodded, taking a step back. Taehyung felt cold when Jimin’s hand fell off his cheek. His magic, displeased at the sudden lack of contact, tasted like burned caramel on his tongue. Taehyung didn’t trust his voice, so he swallowed and pointed to the two small armchairs plastered against the wall. Jimin understood him well enough and took a seat on one of them with a fluid movement, crossing his legs.

“Do you mind if I take a glass of that Dwarf Whiskey you have in your kitchen?” Taehyung didn’t ask how Jimin knew about the alcohol. He simply shook his head and watched, enchanted, how a short glass with two fingers of dark liquid appeared on Jimin’s hand. “Want some?”

“No, thank you,” he mumbled, and then he remembered that it was his home and he should be the one offering Jimin a drink. It was easy to forget when the demon acted as if he had been living in Taehyung’s small apartment all his life. 

Jimin took a small sip and hummed with satisfaction. He cocked his head to the side, a strand of black hair falling over his eyes. Taehyung’s fingers tickled with the want to push it away, to see if it felt as smooth as it looked. He was curious about Jimin’s horns too. They were a dark purple that was almost black. They looked rough and ancient, and so forbidden than Taehyung felt a thrill down his spine at the mere idea of touching them. 

They were big too. Taehyung knew that the bigger the horns, the more powerful the demon.

“Let’s talk, then.” Jimin’s voice finally snapped Taehyung back to reality. His ears burned at being caught staring, but Jimin looked pleased. “Why do you want me to fuck you?”

Taehyung bit the inside of his cheek, startled by the crude language. But what was he expecting? He was talking to a demon, after all, and not only that but an Incubus. Of course, Jimin wasn’t going to be shy about discussing sex. 

He forced himself to relax, to breath out the air stuck inside his lungs.

“Do people need a reason to want to get fucked?” he asked instead of answering, proud of himself when his voice didn’t waver. 

“No,” said Jimin, stretching the word slowly, his eyes looking at him with rapt attention. “But untouched, Potion Master, Kim Taehyung has one.”

Taehyung huffed out a laugh. His eyes darted between Jimin’s hand around the glass--fascinated by the silver rings adorning his fingers--to his thighs wrapped in those sinful dress pants, to his feet covered by elegant boots. Everywhere but those tantalizing eyes.

“My magic,” he admitted with a shrug. “My magic needs sex or it starts to act up. And, uh, well, I want sex too. But it’s… I’m tired of strangers and asking questions and make other people want me. I want someone that just wants me without having to work for it every single time.”

“And you think a sex demon would just want you because we feed on sex?” Jimin’s eyes were narrowed, his tone colder than before.

Taehyung shook his head, frowning.

“No, no. It’s not like that. I know you guys don’t…” Taehyung sighed. Maybe this was a bad idea after all. “I didn’t mean it like that. I mean… I want that thing non-magic people call chemistry. A spark of something with someone that you don’t quite understand but somehow you know it can only lead to interesting things, regardless of your relationship with them or the lack of it.” Jimin’s tense shoulders relaxed. He looked pensive now, instead of on the brink of burning Taehyung’s apartment with a snap of his fingers. “I felt it. When you appeared. I still do.” Added Taehyung with only a pinch of shyness because fuck it , if he was going to do this, he was going to do it right. “But if you don’t want me, that’s okay. I wasn’t going to do this, honestly, but Yoongi convinced me that it was worth trying and once I started reading about your kind, I thought that maybe we could have an agreement. We both need sex, in our own ways. So I was thinking that if we liked each other maybe we could… help each other out?”

Jimin hummed. The silence stretched between them, tense but not uncomfortable. Taehyung was aware Jimin was looking at him, studying him, but he was too busy studying Jimin’s every move to feel self-conscious about it.

“I like you,” said Jimin, startling Taehyung.

“Okay...” He chewed on his bottom lip. “I like you too.”

Jimin smiled.

“I don’t want to have sex with you because you need it.”

Taehyung tried hard not to let the disappointment show on his face but, by the way Jimin’s eyes glinted with amusement, he hadn't succeeded.

“Okay,” he whispered, looking down.

Jimin let the glass of whiskey on the floor. It still had a few drops of alcohol in it and Taehyung had the sudden urge to drink it, even though he despised its taste and only had it stored in his kitchen because it had been a gift from Seokjin and one simply did not say no to an ancient vampire.

“I want to have sex with you because you want it.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened. He didn’t look up, not at first. He was too busy trying to comprehend the meaning of those words. Jimin stood up and Taehyung followed the movement of his legs as he approached him slowly, almost lazily. Jimin came to a halt in front of him and Taehyung realized a little too late that he was staring at his crotch, now on his eye-level. He blushed and snapped his eyes up.

Jimin’s smirk was predatory. A primal part of Taehyung--the human side that remembered having cohabitated with those creatures of the night the first millenniums of the world, hiding in caves and praying for the lights of the day to come save them--was screaming at him to run away. It was screaming at him that the creature in front of him was going to wreck him.

Oh, but Taehyung wanted to be wrecked.

Jimin took a deep breath, his eyes so dark Taehyung was almost afraid they were going to suck him in like a black hole. He grabbed Taehyung’s chin with one hand and tilted his head back.

“Say it. I can smell it on you, you know? It’s exquisite.”

“Smell…” He licked his lips. “Smell what?”

“Your arousal.”

Taehyung whimpered. It was a sound he didn’t remember having done before. He wanted to be embarrassed but all his blood had already rushed south. His chin was warm, small waves of pleasure traveling up his jaw to the back of his nape and down his spine. 

It was a demon thing then.

“I want it,” he whispered, his voice nothing but a low growl. Jimin’s smile widened. “I want you.”

“You know the rules, pretty. You have to be a little more explicit than that.”

Right. Right. Because Jimin couldn’t even touch him if Taehyung didn’t let him. He closed his eyes, feeling the way Jimin’s fingers felt on his skin. Jimin’s hand was a weird mixture of rough and soft, of firm and tender. It made him feel hot all over, dizzy. 

The raw want clawing his insides was a surprise even for him. It was almost easy to fall into the trap and think that it was Jimin’s doing, that the demon was using his magic on him. But Taehyung was smarter than that. He had read the books, he had had the talk with Yoongi. He knew that the desire to bend over and let Jimin do whatever he wanted with him was coming from deep inside him.

He opened his eyes.   

“I want you to fuck me,” he said, his voice firm. “I want you to undo me, to ruin me for everyone else. Human, witch, creature, I don’t care… Make me forget them.”

Jimin hissed, his fingers tightening his grip on Taehyung’s chin almost painfully.

“Careful with your words, witch. What you ask is exactly what I'm going to give you.”

Taehyung licked his lips, feeling his cock throbbing inside his robes. 

“I can take it. I can take everything you want to give me. Mark me. Take me. You-- You can be rough if you want. No one ever… treated me like that, but I want it. I know you can hurt me good, yeah? So good I’d beg for more? I’ve never begged before, but I always wondered if someone could make me.” He bit his lip, feeling a sudden rush of confidence. “Do you think you can make me beg, Jimin?”

Jimin’s free hand took a handful of Taehyung’s nape hair and pulled at it until Taehyung was baring his neck. Taehyung’s breath hitched. Jimin leaned in, one knee resting on the couch right next to Taehyung's thigh. Hot, everything was so hot.

“I think I can taint your magic until is so black that other demons will think twice before coming near you.” The please was on the tip of Taehyung’s tongue but he forced himself to swallow it down. He wasn’t that easy, fuck. “Do you know how incubus seal their deals, pretty?”

Taehyung nodded, lips parting. 

“Kiss me.”

The mouth pressed against his was softer than he expected but as demanding as he hoped. Jimin kissed him with his lips closed, slow and steady with barely a hint of a wet tongue. Taehyung closed his eyes and let his mouth be owned in the best way possible, his body melting against the back of the armchair. 

Jimin took the opportunity to sit astride him, one leg on either side of Taehyung’s body without really touching him. Taehyung wasn’t having any of that. He put his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled their chests together, gasping when their bodies finally made contact. Jimin was all heat, a different heat from the summer sun or the fire of a home. It was a more sinister heat that came from the entrails of the earth and made Taehyung's skin bristle just by feeling it through his clothes.

He felt Jimin’s smile against his mouth and suddenly slow and steady wasn’t enough. He parted his lips in a silent plea for more but Jimin pulled away instead of getting closer.

Taehyung blinked his eyes open, feeling as if his eyelids weighted a thousand pounds.

“Jimin, wh--?”

“Some of you mortals freak out when I use my tongue.” 

Taehyung frowned.


Jimin hesitated. It was only a second, but it was a crack in his confidence that Taehyung couldn’t help but notice. The demon opened his mouth wide and stuck out his tongue, eyes not leaving Taehyung’s face.

The tongue was longer than a human's, but it wasn’t uncomfortable to look at. Thin but strong, of healthy pink color, it could have passed as a mortal’s tongue if it weren’t for the way in which the tip split into two distinct tines.

“Okay. Fuck. Okay.” Taehyung’s robes felt suddenly too tight. He was hard. He was so fucking hard it hurt. “I’m good. Definitely not freaking out. Can we go back to sealing the deal?”

This time, Jimin's laughter didn’t sound as heavenly as before. Taehyung moaned after the first contact of that forked tongue against his, a sensation that was so familiar and so new that his body wasn’t sure how to react. 

Jimin kissed him as if he was trying to breathe the air in Taehyung's lungs. He kissed him with burning lips and sharp teeth, without fear of being too rough or too fast. Taehyung didn’t remember that anyone had ever kissed him like that, as if they were trying to lure him into Hell with just one kiss. Taehyung wouldn’t have thought it possible for him to fall into such a temptation so easily, but Jimin had had millennia to perfect his art. Jimin knew the exact way he should scrape Taehyung's palate with the tips of his tongue to make the rest of the world fade around him and nothing but the point where his two mouths met in a wet and eager crash remain.

They kissed until Taehyung’s lungs were burning and he had to pull away to breath. A sly smile crept up Jimin’s face. If it weren’t for the way his chest rose and fall erratically, Taehyung wouldn’t know they had spent the last ten minutes making out. It wasn’t fair. He knew how he looked. His lips were tingling, swollen and still wet with Jimin’s saliva. His face was probably blushed and his hair was a mess thanks to Jimin’s playful hands. Taehyung wanted to see Jimin losing control too.

“Bedroom?” he asked, eager to get rid of the bothersome clothes constricting his body.

Jimin arched an eyebrow. 

“Depends, would you like your knees to have bruises tomorrow? If not, you can suck me off right here.”

Taehyung whimpered. He looked down at the hard line of Jimin’s cock against his pants, running his hands up and down the demon’s thighs. He wanted to touch, he wanted to taste , he wanted to--

“Bruises,” he whispered, too shy to say the word out loud.

But it wasn’t necessary. Jimin heard him just fine.

“None of that, dear. If you want it, then you have to tell me. I can’t do anything if you don’t tell me first, remember?”

It was a lie. Taehyung knew it was a lie. It was written all over Jimin’s face, in the curled up corners of his mouth and the mischievous spark of his eyes. They had already given their consent, they have already sealed the deal. But, fuck, if Jimin wanted him to keep talking, then Taehyung was going to do as he pleased.

“I want to go to the bedroom. I want to kneel in front of you, pull your pants down.” Jimin’s mouth tickled its way up Taehyung’s neck. “I w-want to take you in m-my mouth, suck your cock until you’re coming down my throat.” Taehyung let out a surprised yelp when Jimin sunk his teeth into his neck, sucking on the sensitive patch of skin until Taehyung started to squirm. “D-do demons have a refractory period?”

Jimin huffed out a laugh and pulled away from his neck. 

“Not really. We can control our bodies and arousal at will.” He leaned in, stopping mere millimeters away from Taehyung’s mouth. “Imagine. I could fuck you for hours.” Taehyung wasn’t embarrassed by the frenzied sounds he was making anymore, not when Jimin was looking at him like that . “What if I tell you I want you naked while you suck me off? What if I tell you I want you to sit still with your mouth wide open as I fuck it the way your mouth deserves to be fucked? Would you let me, pretty?”

Dry. Taehyung’s mouth was dry. He tried to swallow down the knot on his throat and nodded.


“What was that? I didn’t hear you.”

Taehyung closed his eyes. His ears were ringing. He was so turned on that his world was starting to blur around the edges.

“Yes,” he repeated, this time louder. He looked up, breath hitching when those silver eyes stared back at him. “Fuck my mouth, Jimin.”

“Say please.” Taehyung gasped, his lips parting in an invitation that Jimin didn’t take. Jimin’s face was cold now, no smirk softening his features. He looked dangerous and powerful and everything Taehyung wanted. “I said.” Jimin enunciated every word slowly, his eyes flashing red for a scary second. “Say please.”

Please.” Taehyung choked on his saliva in his hurry to obey. It felt good to say it out loud. It felt good to let the word roll down his tongue and straight into Jimin’s consuming mouth. “Please, Jimin. Please fuck my mouth.”

Jimin’s smile struck him as fast as a lightning bolt. Jimin stood up and pulled Taehyung to his feet. Taehyung's knees felt weak but he was dying to take off his clothes so he managed to guide Jimin to his room without tripping on the way there.

Once inside, he kicked the door shut behind them and didn’t wait for commands. He started unbuttoning his robes with shaking hands, wondering why the hell he had decided to wear one of his fancy robes full of tiny buttons to meet a demon, but it was too late to change that. He wasn’t even halfway through the buttons when two hands appeared on his line of sight and ripped the clothes open.

Taehyung gasped, not knowing if he should be angry because those were his only good robes or turned on because holy fuck, that was hot . His eyes met Jimin’s smug smile and decided that nope, he was definitely turned on. 

“Impatient,” he said as he stepped out of the pool of clothes around his feet and pulled down his underwear, already damp with his pre-cum.

“I wanted to see you on your knees since the moment I heard your voice calling me here, pretty. You’re not going to make me wait, are you?”

Taehyung’s answer was a soft thud as his knees hit the floor. 

Slowly, Jimin’s eyes trailed up and down Taehyung’s naked body. He licked his lips with that sibilant forked tongue of his as if he was already tasting Taehyung with it. I can smell it, you know? Your arousal . Taehyung was pretty sure his arousal was clogging the room.

He tried very hard not to squirm under Jimin’s gaze. Jimin, noticing the tense line of Taehyung’s shoulders, ran a soft hand through his hair one, two, five times, until Taehyung’s body had relaxed under his touch and he no longer cared that he was naked in front of a--completely dressed--demon. When their stares met once again, Taehyung opened his mouth wide and waited.

Jimin’s eyes flared red and this time they stayed like that. 

Without breaking eye contact, Jimin took his free hand to his belt and pulled it open. With the same languor as if he were serving himself a morning tea, he unbuttoned the first button of his pants. The sound of Jimin unzipping his trousers echoed in the room like something sinister. Taehyung tried to lower his gaze but the hand that until now had been massaging his scalp quickly closed in a fist and forced him to stay still.

"Your eyes on me, witch."

Taehyung chewed on his bottom lip and nodded. He saw out of the corner of his eye the movement of Jimin sticking his hand inside his pants--of course an incubus wouldn’t bother wearing underwear--and pulling his cock out of its confinement. Taehyung was dying to see. Instead, he chose to open his mouth and stick out his tongue, the corner of his lips curving into a challenge. 

Do you think you can make me beg, Jimin?

Jimin slapped Taehyung’s cheek with the tip of his cock. Taehyung let out a long whine and opened his mouth wider, saliva gathering on his tongue and dripping down his chin. But Jimin didn’t put his cock in Taehyung’s mouth. He kept teasing him, painting his cheeks with pre-cum and grazing his upper lip, going as far as resting it on his tongue but never long enough for Taehyung to close his mouth around it.

But it was Jimin’s giggles what was driving Taehyung insane.

“What a pretty little thing you are, Taehyung.” Jimin pushed the tip inside his mouth and quickly pulled out. “I can already see your magic turning dark on the edges, baby, I wish you could see it too. There’s nothing more beautiful than the corrupted aura of a pure witch. But your magic is the only pure thing about you. You’re loving this, right, Taehyungie? Feels good to be on your knees for me? Do you like how heavy my cock feels on your tongue? What do you want me to do with it, witch? Tell me.” The grip on Taehyung’s hair tightened, pulling on his scalp until it hurt. Taehyung was sure his pre-cum was making a mess of the floor. “Tell me how much you want me.”

Want you” It was hard to hear himself over the sound of his beating heart. “I want you so much, Jimin. I want-- Want my mouth full of your cock. Please. Please, give it to me. I want it.”

“Aw, don’t cry, dear,” said Jimin as he wiped a single tear rolling down Taehyung’s cheek. “You only needed to ask.”

Jimin let go of Taehyung’s hair and sat down at the end of the bed, legs spread as wide as his grin. He fisted his cock and gave it a few pumps before resting the palm of his hands against the sheets and arching his back sensually.

“Well?” he asked, his red eyes glowing in the darkness of the room like two candlelights. “Still not freaking out?”

Taehyung tried very hard to tear his eyes away from Jimin’s cock. Really, he did. But the sight of it wasn’t something he had been expecting... which was stupid of him, considering he had read all the information in his demonology books, shut up Yoongi.

Jimin’s cock was big. Not so big to be a turnoff, but big enough that Taehyung was sure he’d feel the delicious burn of the stretch once they got to it. He was going to be sore tomorrow. He couldn’t wait.

Jimin’s cock also had scales. Being the Potion Master that he was, he could recognize snake scales with just one look. They were black and ridged--starting at the base of his cock, traveling up and covering a few inches of it before disappearing under the skin and reappearing just before the tip, now red and swollen. 

Taehyung had to swallow down the saliva filling his mouth before he could talk.

“Still not freaking out,” he said as he moved closer to the bed, his eyes not leaving Jimin’s crotch. His voice sounded foreign even to his own ears, so low that it was barely more human than a growl. “I mean, it could be worse. One time I took someone home and their dick had eyes.”

Jimin’s loud laugh caught Taehyung by surprise. He finally looked up, and he had to admit that the sight of Jimin’s amused smile was more earthshaking than his demon attributes.

Taehyung positioned himself between Jimin’s legs. The scales looked intimidating from up close. Intimidating but also enticing. He wondered, for a moment, if the arousal licking his lower parts was there because of Jimin, because Jimin was a demon or because he had just discovered a new, obscure kink. 

He couldn’t have stopped himself even if he tried. He raised a hand and traced a finger from the bare skin of the middle down the black base of Jimin’s cock, swallowing down a groan at the feeling. The scales were softer than they looked, their edges round instead of sharp, almost as if they were worn out by constant use. Which was probably the cause. They were warm too, warmer than the rest of Jimin’s body. Dangerously edging on too warm. 

Taehyung wanted to know how those scales would feel inside him.

“That seems like an interesting story, I admit. Not as interesting as your mouth full of my cock , as you said, but close enough.”

Taehyung grinned despite the heat that rose on his cheeks. He licked his lips and wrapped a tentative hand around the-- oh so warm --base of Jimin’s cock. 

“The scales are part of your original form or are there because I--” he looked away, biting his lips, “because I find them appealing?”

Jimin gave him a blinding smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Taehyung let out a shuddering breath. “Open wide, baby, let’s see if your mouth is as delectable as it looks.”

Taehyung obeyed and let Jimin guide his head down. The first contact of his tongue with the scales of the tip made him yelp. It was… different. They felt rough, almost too hot to have against his tongue. Taehyung closed his eyes along with his mouth and sucked as if he was sucking on a lollipop, humming and taking more of Jimin inside his mouth once he got used to the new sensation. The scales tasted like sweet smoke, not entirely pleasant but interesting enough that Taehyung wanted to keep tasting.

With a quick glance up to confirm that Jimin was watching him, Taehyung sank down until the tip hit the back of his throat. And fuck. Fuck, it burned. He blinked the tears clouding his eyes away, feeling them roll down his heated cheeks like ice-cubes. 

He pulled away coughing. 

"Hot. So fucking hot."

"I'm from hell, darling, what did you expect?" 

Taehyung huffed out a laugh. With his heart still hammering against his chest, he took Jimin deep inside his mouth again. This time he was ready for the heat. He squeezed his eyes closed and stayed still, his cheeks puffed, his nose pressed against the dark patch of scales where Jimin's pubic hair should be. Jimin smelled of smoke too. Taehyung whined, saliva gathering in his mouth and tickling its corners.

He started to pull away slowly, lips closed around the length. Smoke didn't taste so bad, he concluded. He stopped with only the tip inside his mouth. He wrapped a hand around the base and pumped it at the same lazy rhythm he was licking the scales, sucking and humming at the taste.

Jimin let him explore for a long while, breathing heavily and running a tender hand through Taehyung’s hair, but he soon got impatient. He rolled his hips up, giving Taehyung one of his sly smirks and a wink as a warning before he started to thrust up with abandon. Taehyung relaxed his jaw, his hands gripping the sheets at either side of Jimin’s thighs for dear life. His nape tingled with same parts of embarrassment and arousal at being used so thoughtfully. No hesitation, no unsure hands, no restriction. Jimin knew exactly what Taehyung wanted and gave it to him as he had promised he would.

Jimin fucked his mouth with short and fast thrusts; pushing Taehyung’s head down until he was buried deep inside, the scalding tip grazing the back of Taehyung’s throat. He kept Taehyung like that for long seconds that seemed like hours--Taehyung’s lungs struggling against the lack of air--before letting him go, wiping away the tears that had run down his cheeks and letting him catch his breath before pushing him down his cock again. 

Taehyung hadn’t expected to be so turned on by the feeling of his lips stretched around the base of Jimin’s cock. Despite its round edges, the scales there were still scales and they felt sharp when the sensitive and swollen skin of his lips dragged over them. The pain was minor, like chewing on his lips for too long, but was enough to send shivers of pleasure down his body with every thrust.

“This is what you wanted, right, witch?” asked Jimin, giggling when Taehyung gurgled an affirmative answer. He caressed Taehyung’s puffed cheek with playful fondness. "Do you want me to come down your throat, pretty? Make that filthy mouth of yours full of me?”

Taehyung pulled away with a nod. His jaw hurt. His knees burned. His lips felt chapped and swollen. 

It was amazing.

“Yes, please.” He had to clear his throat several times before something more than grunts came out of his mouth. 

Jimin smiled, stroking himself lazily. The scales were shining with Taehyung’s saliva. It was a pretty sight, Taehyung wouldn’t mind seeing it more often.

“The rules, darling. Say it.”

“I… I want you to come in my mouth.” He smiled when Jimin’s eyes narrowed. He leaned in and nosed Jimin’s balls. Jimin hissed, his hips bucking up. It was the first time he had lose control of his body and the reaction made Taehyung’s stomach fill with a want so hot it burned as much as Jimin’s scales on his tongue. Finally. “Mmm, I want to taste you. I want you dripping down my chin.”

Jimin tugged at his hair. Taehyung whined, his scalp hurting, but followed there where Jimin’s hand guided him. He mouthed the sides of Jimin’s cock and dug his tongue into the slit, the pre-cum painting his mouth like lipstick. Jimin made Taehyung swallow him deeply, his nose crushed against the scales and his throat burning around the tip before pulling him away and repeating the process so many times and so slowly that Taehyung found something akin to peace in the mechanical movements, in letting Jimin do with him as he pleased. 

This time, Jimin's stomach tensed every time Taehyung pumped his head. This time, sibilant moans fell from his lips with every flick of Taehyung's tongue.

Taehyung had sucked many cocks in his life, but never like that. His mouth had never felt so full, he had never felt so eager to swallow someone else's cum. There was a dangerous strum in the center of his chest, a purr that ran from the tip of his feet to his scalp, and it took him a long time to recognize what it was: his magic. His magic felt alive as it had never been before.

“Fuck, just like that. Let me see your tongue, witch.”

Taehyung stayed still, his tongue out and his eyes fixed on the demon’s face. Jimin’ eyes were clouds of black and red, no trace of the calm silver from before. An instinctive fear clawed at the back of Taehyung’s neck but Taehyung managed to stomped it down quickly. Jimin smirked at him as if he knew the effect that his gaze had on people, he smirked at him as if he enjoyed Taehyung’s fear as much as his arousal. He was a demon, after all, all demons enjoyed fear.

Taehyung wasn’t a demon, but he couldn’t deny that he liked it too.

“Please,” he muttered, knowing that that’s what Jimin wanted from him. Not the begging itself, but the confirmation that he wanted it so much that he’d beg for it. ”Please.”

Jimin’s clenched his teeth. He rested the scalding tip of his cock on Taehyung’s tongue and came.

Taehyung closed his eyes and felt his magic crackling around him. The room filled with the smell of sweet caramel as he swallowed, not surprised Jimin tasted like smoke. He took as much as he could and let the rest slid down his chin. 

When he opened his eyes again, Jimin was watching him as if he wanted to devour him whole. Taehyung shuddered.

Jimin was still very hard.

“So that wasn’t a lie.”

Jimin chuckled.

“I don’t lie, darling.”

“Isn’t that what demons are supposed to do?”

Jimin cocked his head to the side and helped Taehyung to stand. He pulled Taehyung down on his lap and clashed their mouths together in a heated kiss, warm hands roaming over the expanse of his back. Taehyung couldn’t help but rub his cock on Jimin’s stomach, the fabric of the white shirt feeling like paradise against his sensitive skin. Jimin broke the kiss and looked at him with a blinding smile. He encouraged Taehyung’s movements with a hand on his ass as his mouth closed around one of Taehyung’s nipples.

Taehyung moaned, his hips finding a desperate and uncoordinated rhythm that felt too good to fix. Jimin’s tongue was rough. His teeth were sharp, made to break skin and draw blood, but he made sure to be careful to not hurt Taehyung’s chest as he filled it with red and purple marks. But Taehyung felt it, he felt the tension on Jimin’s shoulders as he fought against the need to bite. 

Maybe next time, he thought.

“Only when it’s convenient,” answered Jimin a question that Taehyung had already forgotten. “Are you going to come like this, dear? That’s what you want?”

Taehyung nodded, frantic. He was too close, too eager to find his own release. His magic pulsed through his body like lightning, pushing him closer and closer to the edge of a hole Taehyung was sure he wouldn’t be able to come out even if he tried. 

“Then come for me,” said Jimin, his forked tongue licking Taehyung’s Adam’s Apple. “Fall.”

Taehyung’s back arched in pleasure. He groaned as his cock throbbed, spurting come all over Jimin’s shirt.

Jimin kept kissing Taehyung’s chest while Taehyung tried to catch his breath, feeling boneless. Jimin didn’t seem to mind. He was strong enough to hold Taehyung’s weight and maneuver him to the bed, laying him face down in the middle of the sheets.

Jimin knelt behind him, one knee on either side of his legs, and pulled the ruined shirt off with a fluid movement. The room seemed to go up several degrees. Taehyung peeked over his shoulder, and what he saw made his mouth water.

Jimin's torso looked like Michelangelo's David, with the only difference being that the right half of his body was covered in black scales. Looming over Taehyung as he was, with his marbled chest, his red eyes and the big black horns on either side of his head, he looked every inch like the angel he wasn’t.

Jimin leaned over and Taehyung hid his face under the pillow, unable to keep looking at him without feeling like he was about to explode. He hummed when he felt the first kisses on the back of his neck and down his spine, mouth parting when Jimin didn't stop kissing all the way down.

Oh. Ohhh, fuck.

“It’s my turn to make you feel good.”

Taehyung grabbed the sheets tightly. He was still sensitive from his orgasm, but he wanted Jimin. He wanted Jimin so much.

“I never expected demons to be so generous.” 

Taehyung’s chuckle turned into a moan when Jimin spread his cheeks and kissed just over his hole. 

“Oh, no, pretty, believe me when I say that I’m nothing but selfish.” Jimin’s forked tongue was slick and rough against his crack. His lips burned there where they touched, and Taehyung wondered if Jimin’s kisses were going to leave red marks on him. He hoped they did. “Did you know that the common knowledge that my kind feed on sex is a mistranslation? We don’t feed on the act. We feed on arousal. We feed on sexual desires, the fresher the better. And right now?” Taehyung looked over his shoulders, expecting to find Jimin’s eyes on him, giving Taehyung one of his playful smirks. But Jimin wasn’t looking at him. No, he was looking at Taehyung’s ass spread before him. “Right now, you’re giving me a meal that would last for months.”

Taehyung had to bit down into the pillow at the first lap of Jimin’s tongue.

This time Jimin didn’t have to remind Taehyung to ask for it. Taehyung rushed to do it, to beg for more , for deeper. Jimin complied, forked tongue prodding at his hole, working slow teasing strokes around it, the tips of it poking in against the muscle before withdrawing.

“You really are delectable, witch.” Jimin’s teeth scraped Taehyung’s asscheeks. He chuckled. “But you don’t taste as innocent as before.”

Taehyung’s mouth was too dry to answer him with coherent sentences. Jimin kept working his tongue in, stretching him slowly but with purpose, as if he was savoring every moment of it. The tips of Jimin’s horns grazed Taehyung’s ass with every movement of his head, feeling rough and sharp and a little out of place but perfect in every sense.

It was too much and not enough. 

“There’s, uh, lube…”

Jimin pulled away and Taehyung regretted having opened his mouth.

“Sex demon, remember? My saliva will begin to take effect soon.” 

He buried his face between Taehyung’s asscheeks again. As he promised, it took only a few seconds for Taehyung to feel an unfamiliar tingling on his hole. He felt his body relax, he felt arousal bubbling hot on his stomach, he felt Jimin’s finger tracing his already swollen rim and pushing inside without much resistance. 

“Does your saliv-va ah have aphrodisiac effects?” 




Jimin’s chuckle reverberated throughout Taehyung’s body.

One finger became two, became four. Jimin’s mouth traveled up and down his crack, sucking Taehyung’s balls into his mouth, rolling them on his tongue as he fucked him thoroughly. He pressed Taehyung's prostate with the tips of his fingers and massaged it, smiling against his perineum when Taehyung began to eagerly fuck himself on his fingers, squirming and panting and biting the pillow until his teeth hurt.

Taehyung felt good. He felt so good that he knew he could never settle for less. He felt open, naked in a way he hadn’t felt before. It had nothing to do with his lack of clothes, it was something deeper, something raw and hungry that made him spread his legs wider, arch his back and ask for more. But more was never enough.

Yes had become Taehyung’s favorite word.

He was hard and dripping against the sheets by the time Jimin decided that he had enough. The feeling of the burning tip of Jimin’s cock against his rim made Taehyung squirm, made him push his ass back as Jimin pushed in, burying himself in one smooth and effortless stroke. 

Everything was hot. From Jimin’s chest plastered against his back to Jimin’s cock deep inside him. Sweat slid down his forehead. His damp hair clung to the back of his neck. He felt so warm that it was hard to breathe, every intake of air making him dizzier and dizzier.

His thighs trembled as he stood still, his body adjusting to that familiar but new intrusion. Jimin was thick, more than Taehyung’s body was used to. The demon’s cock was stretching him, filling him, ruining him for everyone else. Exactly what Taehyung had asked for.

“Want me to fuck you, witch?” Jimin’s voice wasn’t as controlled as it had been. He wants me . He wants me as much as I want him. “Tell me. Tell me, what have you done to deserve me?”

Taehyung shifted his weight from one knee to the other and the movement made Jimin's scales drag over his prostate. He let out a low moan. He looked over his shoulder and found Jimin’s scorching eyes on him. He bit his bottom lip and started to move his hips in little eight circles, his breath hitching. Jimin’s scales felt rough but didn’t hurt and they touched all the right places. Taehyung wanted them inside him all the time.

“I-I’m so good. I sucked you a-and came when you told me and please, Jimin, I want it so much. Want you to fuck me dumb. Want you to fill me up. Want you to stain my magic. Make me wanna be bad-- Fuck me, please just… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Jimin let out an inhuman growl that made Taehyung’s stomach clench. It was the kind of sound that couldn’t be produced by any human, not even by an animal. It was an ancient sound that promised the danger of getting everything you wanted. It was the kind of sound that shouldn’t have made Taehyung's cock twitch, but it did.

Jimin took Taehyung by the waist and pulled him onto his cock. Taehyung let out a surprised cry than soon dissolved into muffled ah-ah-ahs when Jimin didn’t stop. Short and fast, Jimin slammed into him with enough force that Taehyung already felt the bruises forming on his skin. 

“Like this, witch? This is what you wanted? Someone to fuck you fast and dirty?”

Yes! Fuck-- yes, yes, Jimin--”

Jimin let out a laugh that was drowned out by the sound of skin hitting skin. He leaned on his forearms on either side of Taehyung's head and positioned his knees under Taehyung's thighs, pushing them apart until Taehyung was almost flat against the bed, completely exposed and unable to move. The scales on Jimin's chest were not as smooth as those on his cock, and their crooked edges scraped against Taehyung’s back, tearing hisses out of his mouth.

"Or maybe you want it like this?"

Jimin rolled his hips, pulling out and pushing in slowly, making sure Taehyung felt every inch. Taehyung’s eyes fell shut as his lips parted, drool gathering on the corner of his mouth.

More, want more--”

“Hmm, I don’t know, dear. I think I like it like this.” Jimin caught Taehyung’s earlobe between his teeth, sucking at it in the same unhurried way that he was fucking him. “You have to savor it. Isn’t that what you mortals say about food ?”

Taehyung sobbed. He hid his face under the pillow, trying to rub his cock against the bed but Jimin’s firm hand on his hips didn’t let him. It was maddening. It felt like he was trapped between Hell and Paradise, losing a piece of sanity with every roll of Jimin’s hips.

Fuck meee” he whined, pouting when Jimin just laughed.

"I am fucking you, dear. And Hell , you look good with a cock up your ass. You'd be a good addition to Hell, don't you think? A succubus prince, always wet and ready to be fucked dumb." Taehyung cursed, hips meeting Jimin's lazy thrusts almost desperately. "Do you like the sound of that, darling? Would you like to be my prince? I can give it to you. I can give you anything you want."

" Want faster," babbled Taehyung, sounding too much like a spoiled child being denied of his favorite biscuit. 

Jimin clicked his tongue, a wicked smile audible on his voice. 

"Maybe not anything."

He tightened his grip on Taehyung's waist, his fingertips burning hot. Taehyung had always loved when his bed partners left their mark on him. Fingerprints on his thighs, hickies on his chest, bite marks on his neck, scratches on his back… he wanted them all and Jimin was giving them to him. He was painting Taehyung’s body like an empty canvas waiting to be filled with colors. 

Taehyung felt bruised , he felt well used.

“‘m close.”


Jimin rested a hand on his lower back and pressed him against the bed, hips gaining speed. Taehyung clenched around Jimin’s length, the position making Jimin feel huge . His high-pitched moans mixed with Jimin’s low growls, bouncing against the room’s walls and creating a kind of music that Taehyung never wanted to stop listening to.

“I wanna come, I wanna come, please Jimin, make me come, I--- fuck ! fuck, fuck, fuck me.

“Do it.” Jimin pushed in deep, his scales rubbing Taehyung’s prostate with every stroke. “You took me so well, looked so pretty full of my cock. Come for me, my dear.”

It took one last thrust and Jimin’s teeth on his neck for Taehyung to come. He squeezed his eyes closed, feeling white heat licking him all over as his cock twitched and spurted cum on the sheets. Jimin fucked him through his orgasm until Taehyung was on the edge of oversensitive.

“Do you want me to come inside, dear?”

Taehyung nodded, feeling like his tongue was too heavy to speak. Jimin’s low grunt was the only warning he had before the room started to smell of sweet smoke. Taehyung inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the smell at the same time Jimin filled him with his cum. 

Jimin was still hard.

“Fuck. I don’t think I can do it again.”

Jimin chuckled and carefully pulled out. Taehyung sighed and let his body melt against the sheets, a deep sense of satisfaction washing over him. Jimin’s hands massaged his asscheeks before he spread them and began to lick him clean.

Taehyung squirmed, his cock giving a few valiant twitches but didn’t ask Jimin to stop. Jimin’s tongue was tender as he ate Taehyung out, wanting to pleasure him without it turning into too much.

He lay down next to Taehyung once he finished, only their sides touching. His eyes were back at being silver and he was no longer hard, but the smirk curling his lips was still the same. 

Taehyung smirked back.

“Is that what you wanted, witch?”

“Yes.” Taehyung pressed his mouth against Jimin's parted lips. “Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted. How are you?”

Jimin looked surprised, a little startled, as if no one had ever asked him that question. He ran a hand through Taehyung’s tousled hair.

“Full. I’m full.”

The pull of slumber was too strong for Taehyung to ignore it. He opened his mouth, wanting to ask Jimin if he was going to be there in the morning but decided against it. It was stupid. Jimin was a demon. If a respectable witch with whom he had had a lovely date was able to sneak out during the night and leave Taehyung to wake up to an empty bed, then it wasn’t smart of him to expect better behavior from a demon. 

He closed his eyes and tried to enjoy the warmth of Jimin's body against his for as long as he could.


In the morning, Jimin was still there when Taehyung woke up.

He was sitting against the headboard with Taehyung’s demonology book opened on his lap and an almost empty glass of Dwarf Whiskey in his hand.

Taehyung watched him while Jimin read, shaking his head from time to time and writing on the margins of the pages with a red pen. Taehyung was too surprised to be angry at the demon for ruining one of his books. He got up slowly, as if afraid that Jimin was going to run the second he realized Taehyung was awake.

“You stayed.”

Jimin turned around, eyebrows arched. He studied Taehyung’s face for long seconds before a sweet smile appeared on his face.

“I’m a demon, not a mannerless creature.” He put the glass and the pen on the bedside table. “And even though you didn’t say it out loud, I knew that that’s what you wanted me to do. Don’t you remember what I said? What you want is exactly what I’ll give you.”

Taehyung opened his mouth but closed it again. He shrugged one shoulder, feeling strangely warm all over, and took a look at what Jimin had written in his book.

Asmodeus is not that cool, believe me. He’s my dad. You have to see him dance.

“One of the seven deadly sins is your father?” Taehyung’s voice came out slightly high-pitched.

“I told you I could make you a prince.”

Taehyung threw his head back and laughed. It was loud and ugly and a little hysterical but he couldn’t stop. He lay on the bed, eyes fixed on the ceiling and wondered how he had managed to get fucked by a direct son of Lechery and survived.

Jimin pushed the book aside and wrapped an arm around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him closer. Taehyung smiled, inhaling the delicious smell of sweet smoke surrounding him. He nosed the scales on Jimin’s chest, up to Jimin’s neck until he finally found his target. Taehyung wouldn’t go so far as describe Jimin’s kiss as gentle, but it wasn’t as consuming as it had been the night prior. It still sent a thrill of arousal down his spine and, by the way Jimin’s eyes had gone red, he had already smelled it on him.

But Taehyung needed to know something first.

“Is this, uh…” He got distracted by Jimin’s tongue, but quickly composed himself. “Is this thing between us going to be a regular thing or am I going to have to find another incubus to fuck me?”

Suddenly, there was a hand on his throat and Jimin’s eyes had turned black as a coal.

He wondered if the way his dick had gone from slightly interested to rock-hard in seconds was a normal reaction.

“I don’t like to share, witch. If we’re going to do this, then you’re going to be mine only.”

“Yes.” The word was out of Taehyung’s mouth before he could even think about the implications of Jimin’s statement. “I want to be yours only.”

Jimin’s eyes turned silver again. He pecked Taehyung’s lips and sat on the bed.

“Give me your arm.” Taehyung obeyed. Jimin inspected the insides of his forearm and nodded. “This is going to hurt a little.”

Taehyung hissed but stayed still as Jimin ran one of his nails down Taehyung’s skin, leaving a black trace behind. There was no smell of burned flesh, but Taehyung felt the bite of it. Jimin’s hands were firm and assertive and he finished the drawing quickly, kissing the sensitive skin until it stopped hurting.

When he pulled away, Taehyung could finally see what was now marked on his skin. It was a pentagram.

“Now you can summon me without doing the mess on your living room. You only need to touch it and say my name, and I will come to you.”

Taehyung followed the black lines with his finger. It wasn’t just a pentagram, it was Jimin’s personal mark.

He took a deep breath and looked up. 

“Can I touch your horns while you fuck me?”

Jimin’s smile was predatory.

“You only needed to ask.”


“My magic never felt so alive, hyung.”

The sun had begun to go down when Taehyung remembered to call Yoongi. He was alone again. Jimin had returned to whatever dimension of Hell he was living in and Taehyung was trying to work on the potions commissions without much success. The mark on his arm was a distraction. He wanted to touch it, he wanted to say Jimin’s name and watch him appear in front of him with his sly smirk and his smoking eyes. 

“--ehyung? Are you there?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah, sorry. As I was saying, my magic feels strong. It feels so big it can barely fit inside my body.”

“He was that good, uh?”


“Ew, okay,” Yoongi parroted Taehyung’s words from days ago and made him laugh. “They are intense creatures, very ride or die. Did he offer to mark you with his signature too?”

Taehyung fought against the need to scratch his arm. He couldn’t risk moving his hand if he wanted the potion to come out perfect. Instead, he looked at his phone next to the cauldron.


Yoongi chuckled.

“Joonie did too after our first night. I refused, of course . Did you know that’s some kind of life-bonding thing? Crazy stuff.”

Taehyung’s laughter sounded forced even to his own ears.

“…so that’s what it means?”

Silence. Taehyung made a mental note to have a serious talk with Jimin about taking his words literally. I want to be yours only , didn’t exactly imply forever but trust a demon to interpret it like that.

“Please tell me you didn’t let a demon, of all creatures, put their signature on you without knowing what the mark meant, Kim Taehyung.”


“Fucking Hell!”