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They are fucked. Fucked.

“Come up with something or… or I’ll never talk to you again” The words hit Crowley’s ears before they fully had left Aziraphale’s mouth. He felt something that resembled a heart breaking in two, though he couldn’t be entirely sure. Looking around, it took a moment but he got an idea of what to do. It wouldn’t resolve the situation, but it would give them a few more minutes to come up with a plan.

Crowley took a deep breath when he managed to get Aziraphale, himself and Adam Young away from the air force base for long enough to get a breath in, and construct an idea. He looked over to Aziraphale.
“Better?” He snarked, panting, though he wasn’t angry, merely trying to mend his almost broken heart.
“Much actually” Aziraphale smiled, while still ‘wielding’ that stupid flaming sword.

“Who up top has said something to? What did they say?” Crowley asked, after taking Aziraphale’s hand and dragging him a few meters away from Adam, he couldn’t hear this conversation.
“Excuse me?” Aziraphale asked, looking to Crowley with confusion.
“Which ‘holier than thou’ being said something to you? You’ve been different since…well since the fire, could be that I guess … ” Crowley stated, trailing off.
“Oh, I believe that could be because the quartermaster said I was a ‘pathetic excuse for an angel…’, though he could very well be correct I suppose. I don’t want to fight in any war, I discorporated, I cursed, I gave away my - we don’t have time for this!” Aziraphale exclaimed, trying to turn the topic of conversation off of himself.
“The boy…” He added, while moving back to Adam, who was watching the entire encounter with an amused expression on his face. Suppose it isn’t a common occurrence for an 11 year old to see an angel open up some of their insecurities to a demon. 

“The boy can wait a damn minute” Crowley responded, pushing Aziraphale back in front of him.
“You listen to me, angel, and you listen good” Crowley said, lightly prodding Aziraphale’s chest.
Listen good? I think you mean listen well ” Aziraphale stated.
“Not important, angel, listen to what I’m about to say” Crowley said.
“You are one of the most powerful beings in existence. Don’t sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof. It’s hard to move mountains when you’re paralysed, but you gotta try ” Crowley spoke softly, only the angel could hear him. Aziraphale let the words wash over him, trying to forget how the quartermaster had made him feel. Even as a powerful angel, it hurt. 
“Crowley…I…” Aziraphale started, but before he could finish, he met the demon’s gold eyes. Making eye contact seemed to trigger something in the demon and Crowley had fisted his hands into Aziraphale’s jacket, pulling the angel close. The close proximity meant that Crowley could see the moment Aziraphale’s cheeks flushed pink and his eyes darkened with… lust?

“This may be our last day together once the big guys find out…I need to do this” Crowley murmured, his eyes dropping to Aziraphale’s lips, and then back up to the angel’s eyes. Before Aziraphale could ask what do you mean? Crowley had pressed his lips against Aziraphale’s, while pulling the angel impossibly close. Before the kiss could deepen, or go anywhere, the pair were separated by Adam, coughing uncomfortably a few metres away. Suppose it’s not every day you see a demon kiss an angel.

Turning to Adam, Aziraphale shot him a warm smile, though he didn’t know what to say.
“Adam, listen, your father is coming to destroy you” Crowley started speaking, dragging Aziraphale along with him, keeping a firm grip of the angel’s hand.  

“Probably to destroy all of us.” Crowley added. Aziraphale rolled his eyes. They’re meant to be encouraging the kid, not scare him to death.  
“My dad? He wouldn’t hurt anybody” Adam spoke, voice filled with confusion.
“Not your earthly father, Satan” Crowley explained.
“Your father who is no longer in Heaven” Crowley responded.
“He is coming and he is angry” He finished.
“So what do you want me to do about it? Fight him?” Adam asked, sounding as though he was on the verge of tears. Aziraphale felt his heart breaking for the boy, his life had been turned upside down at such a young age. Before Aziraphale could respond, Crowley intervened.

“I don’t think fighting him would do any good. You’re going to have to come up with something else” Crowley said, looking to Aziraphale, who could only shrug in response.
“But I’m just a kid!” Adam cried.
“But that’s not a bad thing to be, Adam. You know, I was scared that you’d be Hell incarnate, I hoped you’d be Heaven incarnate. But you’re neither of those things, you’re much better. You’re human incarnate” Aziraphale said, sincerely, his eyes meeting Crowley’s through the dark sunglasses that the demon always wore.
“Adam, reality will listen to you right now. You can change things” Crowley said, taking Adam’s hand in his own.
“And whatever happens, for good or for evil, we’re beside you” Aziraphale said, while taking Adam’s other hand in his own. 

“I’m going to start time. You won’t have long to do whatever you’re going to do” Crowley said, while putting them back to normal time.
“Do it quickly” Crowley grunted. Adam nodded, though it could be mistaken with him shaking with fear.

Adam’s eyes widened when he felt the ground rumbling, followed by a creature emerging from the depths. So that’s Satan. 

“Where is my son? You? You're my rebellious son? Come here” The deep voice filled the air. Adam shakily took steps forward, while Crowley grabbed Aziraphale’s hand, clenching it impossibly tightly in his own. It was clear that Crowley was petrified. Aziraphale felt his heart, well not his heart, the heart pounding in his chest as Adam stood tall against Satan. When Crowley’s hand slid into his own, he looked down to where they were connected, suppressing his smile. Now isn’t the time for a forbidden romance. 

“You’re not my dad” Adam shouted, and it took a moment for Aziraphale to realise what Adam was doing.
“Dads don't wait until you're 11 to say hello, and then turn up to tell you off” Adam continued.
“What?” Satan looked taken aback as his son let out his teenage angst early. The ground rumbled and groaned as Adam continued with what he was saying, it seemed to be successful.
“If I’m in trouble with my dad then it won't be you. It's going to be the dad who was there. You're not my dad” Adam shouted.
“What did you say?” Satan exclaimed.
“You can do it. Say it, Adam. Say it again!” Crowley shouted his words of encouragement.
“Come here!” Satan ordered. 

“You’re not my dad…You never were” Adam shouted. Satan began to collapse in front of them, prompting Adam to take a step back.
“No. No, no, no, no, no, no! No!” Satan cried out as he burnt away. Through the smoke, a maroon car could be heard spluttering along. Moments later, it appeared, once the smoke had faded.

“Adam? Adam?!” A man shouted, as he emerged from the car.
“That’s not…really his father?” Aziraphale said, watching the man making his way towards the group. The father could be overheard speaking as Crowley turned to face him.
“Oh for Heaven’s sake. Where is he?” Mr Young asked, though Aziraphale wasn’t fully focussing on him, he was focused on Crowley.
“It is. It is now, and it always was. He did it” Crowley smiled. A smile covered Aziraphale’s face, Crowley felt a warmth bloom inside of him at the angel’s smile.

After Adam, and everyone else left, Crowley and Aziraphale were alone, again.
“I suppose I should be going. I need to get back to the London” Aziraphale said softly, shifting to let go of Crowley’s hand, though he was reluctant.
“You could…maybe, if you want to, go grab some dinner with me before taking the bus?” Crowley offered.
“That would be nice…” Aziraphale smiled, watching as Crowley took his hand again. 

“Are we going to talk about… what happened?” Aziraphale asked.
“Do you want to?” Crowley asked, as they began walking towards the village pub.
“Well…” Aziraphale trailed off. Aziraphale looked over as Crowley reached into his jacket pocket and pulled some sunglasses out after his other pair had become too damaged.
“I don’t think my side would like it…” He admitted.
“You don’t have a side anymore. Neither of us do, we’re on our own side, angel” Crowley said softly.
“That is very true” Aziraphale responded.
“You know what, let’s do it” He exclaimed. Crowley smiled, squeezing the warm hand in his cold one. His eyes followed a police car that sped past them, going towards the airbase with it’s sirens blaring and blue lights flashing. Crowley felt Aziraphale’s anxiety peak, though it fell just as quickly.


While they were having dinner in the pub, most of the village residents were watching them but neither being cared. Crowley was quite content watching Aziraphale eating his food, while the angel sat close to him. 

Soon after they had eaten it was dark out, they were sitting on the bench, waiting for the bus to go back to London.
“I suppose I better get him to drop me at the bookshop” Aziraphale muttered, while looking up to the moon for a brief moment before looking at the damp road in front of him again. Crowley was still holding his hand, still as tightly as when they had Satan in front of them.
“It burned down remember?” Crowley murmured.  

“You can stay at my place, if you like” He offered, looking to the angel.
“That would be nice, thank you” Aziraphale responded, watching as Crowley put his free hand out for the bus.

Crowley’s apartment was minimal, Aziraphale learnt that when he offered to sleep on the sofa. Crowley’s response that there wasn’t one seemed to contradict everything that Crowley was, a being of indulgence. Crowley slithered into bed, leaving his clothes resting over the back of a chair. Aziraphale awkwardly undressed, folding his clothes up and resting them by his shoes. He climbed into the bed, biting his lip. He didn’t know what to say. Crowley curled close to Aziraphale, resting his head on the angel’s chest. Aziraphale smiled and looked down to the demon cuddling close to him. 

3am rolled around and Crowley was awake. He was worrying about the implications of what they had done, what they would do and what they were currently doing. Looking down, he smiled when he saw Aziraphale’s ruffled hair. The angel mumbled in his sleep as he snuggled closer to the demon.

All the perfect moments are wrong
All the precious pieces are gone
Everything that mattered is just
A city of dust, covering both of us

Did you hide yourself away?
I can't see you anymore
Did you eclipse another day?
I used to wake up to the colour of your soul

Did you hide yourself away?
Are you living through the ghost?
Did you finally find a place
Above the shadows so the world will never know?
The world will never know you like I do ” Crowley sung, voice barely a whisper, curling close to Aziraphale as he tried to go back to sleep, to cherish the time that they have together. Giving up isn’t an option.

It never was