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Two In A Million

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“So,” Dick says, opening the door to his apartment, Wally following close behind, “that was a disaster.” He’s sure he could have snuck into his apartment unnoticed, but with Wally following him, he decided to change into civilian clothes at the zeta tube. After all, Wally has retired from the life. Or he claims to be retired–but he still has full authorization to the zeta network, and he knows that Wally still has an earpiece for emergencies. Dick doesn’t expect Wally to completely cut ties with him, they’re best friends after all, but he’s still pretty involved in the life for someone who is “retired.” But that’s neither here nor there tonight. 

Wally sighs heavily, trudging into Dick’s home and making a beeline for the couch. Despite the nice little trust fund Bruce has set up, Dick’s apartment is very broke student chic, if a broke student could afford furniture. He has a couch and a coffee table, a cheap TV stand and a small TV in the living room, then a coffee maker in the kitchen, and a queen size bed in the bedroom. The place is always a mess, mostly littered with clothes and spare weapons. Dick is pretty sure he has an extra Nightwing suit hidden under a pile of clothes somewhere. Bruce and Alfred would be horrified. 

Wally’s gloves come off and he throws them onto the coffee table as he drops heavily onto the sofa. Dick wants to laugh at his friend at the sight of them. A few years in California and suddenly the eastern coast is too chilly, even with his metabolism. “Yeah, that could have gone a lot better,” Wally sighs, running his hands through his hair and leaning back on the couch. Dick shrugs out of his coat and sits on the coffee table in front of Wally. Wally looks at Dick, green eyes sad. “I hate to see him hurting like this.”  

Dick’s heart squeezes in his chest. He reaches out, holding onto Wally’s hands with both of his. “Me too, Wally,” Dick says, pulling Wally’s hands to his chest, keeping him close. “I know he didn’t exactly ‘found’ the Team, but I still consider him one of the originals. One of us…”  

Wally squeezes Dick’s hands. “I wish we could do more to help.” 

Dick kisses Wally’s knuckles, a small show of support. “Me too,” Dick repeats. “But there’s only so much we can do. If he doesn’t want help, we can’t force it on him. He’ll only hate us for it, regardless of our intentions. We just... have to be there for him when he is ready to ask for our help.”  

“You know I’m not good with waiting,” Wally pouts. 

Dick lets out a laugh and moves to sit on Wally’s lap, straddling him. Wally’s eyebrows go up as his hands settle on Dick’s hips. Dick smirks, settling his weight more comfortably on Wally’s lap. “I know you’re not.” He teasingly grinds down. “So how about a distraction?” Dick suggests, putting his arms casually over Wally’s shoulders and leaning into him, getting their faces close together, smiling flirtatiously. 

“A distraction?” Wally echoes, eyes going from Dick’s mouth to his eyes, his tone interested. 

Dick’s smile widens and he rocks down a bit, feeling Wally’s cock starting to get hard. “Mhmm,” Dick hums, keeping the motion. “A distraction. I know how much you like those.” 

Wally nods, his grip on Dick’s hips tightening and encouraging him to grind down a little harder. “I do like distractions,” he agrees and bites his lip, panting a bit. “What did you have in mind?”

Dick snorts, smile turning into a smirk, like Wally already doesn’t have a clue about what Dick has in mind. He leans down, pressing his lips to Wally’s. He can feel Wally smile as they deepen the kiss. Dick moans, eyes closing, and he shifts a little closer, tilting his head. He loves kissing Wally; he never thought that he would be able to, never thought that Waly would reciprocate his feelings. But here they are, almost seven months later, still happily making out like lovesick teenagers. Although, technically, Dick is still a ‘teenager.’ 

Wally pulls Dick closer, pushing his tongue into Dick’s mouth and moaning lewdly. Dick grinds into Wally, pressing half-formed erections together. He’s a little surprised that they’re both so willing right now: tonight has been filed with a lot of emotional stuff. That being said, they’re both healthy young men and could do with some comforting right now. He pushes his fingers through Wally’s hair and tugs on it, trying to get him as close as possible. Wally moans, pulling back with a gasp, cheeks flushed. “Fuck, Dick,” he pants, pushing his hips up as well. “This is a good distraction.”

“Obviously not,” Dick chuckles, rotating his hips, “if you can still think in full sentences.” 

“I’m barely thinking,” Wally promises, eyes closing in pleasure.

Dick laughs outright. “I guess not with a set-up like that.” 

 “Huh?” Wally asks. 

 Dick laughs again, moving his hands from Wally’s hair, dragging them down his chest to his pants. Wally gasps, thrusting his hips into Dick’s touch. “You’re acting like you’ve been left hanging for too long,” Dick observes, deftly undoing Wally’s pants. He finds Wally’s erection and pulls it out, Wally shivering when Dick touches him. 

 Wally shakes his head. “Just with you. It’s been too long.” 

 Dick’s chest fills with warmth. “Sweet talker,” he mutters, licking his palm and stroking over Wally’s cock. Wally’s mouth falls open, a moan tumbling out. Dick smiles. “You’re so pretty, Wally.” He loves saying that: it makes the blush on Wally’s face even darker. And it’s adorable. Also, that blush is always accompanied by a pout that is really too cute for words.

 It takes a moment, but there’s the pout Dick loves so much. He can’t help but kiss it. Wally mumbles against Dick’s lips and Dick has to pull back. “What was that?” he asks cheekily.

“Called you the pretty one,” Wally says, leaning in for another kiss. Dick smiles and he feels Wally’s hands move to the front of his pants. Yes, that’s a good direction. He swivels his hips, encouraging Wally without breaking their kiss. Wally must have used his speed because one second Dick is pushing his clothed groin into Wally’s hand and the next, his cock is out and pressed against Wally’s. The suddenness shocks Dick and he breaks away from Wally, his back arching and thrusts against Wally without thought. When he finally collects himself enough to look at Wally, he’s smirking. “You like that?” he asks, smug. 

Dick nods, feeling sweat starting to collect on his brow. “Yeah. Yeah,” he pants. “Love the feel of you.” 

“Now who’s a sweet talker?” Wally chuckles, wrapping his hand around both their erections. Dick moans, thrusting harder. “Yeah, just like that, babe. Feel so good,” Wally pants. 

Dick knows that they’re both close. Just a little bit more. He wraps his arms around Wally’s shoulders, burying his face in the side of Wally’s neck. Wally is breathing hard next to his ear, hand stroking in counterpoint over them. He has to be tapping into his superspeed, not that Dick’s complaining. “Fuck, Wally. I’m so close, just, ah–!” 

Wally’s thumb flicks over the head of Dick’s cock. It’s almost enough. Just under the threshold. “Come on, Dick,” Wally whispers, doing it again. Dick is pretty sure the thumb’s vibrating, but Dick can’t be sure. “Make a mess. I know how much you like them.” 

And that’s enough. Dick comes with a cry, thrusting into Wally’s hand through his orgasm. “Fuck!” Wally curses, following closely after. He continues his brutal pace on their cocks until Dick whimpers. “Shit. Sorry,” Wally pants. “Got a little carried away.”

“Seems like that happens a lot,” Dick says, breathless and shaking a little bit from the aftershocks. 

“Only in bed,” Wally chuckles, head leaning back on the couch. 

Dick snorts and pulls his face from the side of Wally’s neck, his eyes catching the time on the stove. 1211. Of course. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” Dick mutters, kissing Wally under the ear. 

Wally tenses. “Valentine’s Day?”

Dick sits back, an incredulous look on his face. “You’ve been in a relationship for five years. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day.” 

Wally looks away from him, somewhere at the floor. “Every year...including this year… for five years,” he admits, blush high on his cheeks for a different reason this time. Still unfairly adorable. 

Dick gapes. “Wally! Did you even get Artemis anything?" 

“I forgot,” Wally says, eyes down and tucking them both back into their pants like it isn’t something worth drawing attention to. It really isn’t, but it seems ridiculous in this situation to Dick. “I mean, it comes out of the blue every year! I mean,” he repeats, “she doesn’t mind. She’s still with me in spite of that.” 

Dick sighs and ruffles Wally’s hair. “That’s because you’re so pretty.” Wally gives him an offended look and Dick giggles. “Okay, I know dates are hard for you,” he concedes. “But just… do something nice for her. Say ‘Happy Valentine’s’ to her first. I can pull some strings in Palo Alto if you want to take her out.”

Wally shifts uncomfortably, but doesn’t make a move to dislodge Dick, so he stays where he is. “Artemis really isn’t that kinda girl, ya know? I think she’d rather just rather not do anything. I mean, she’s forgotten twice, too.” 

“Ah,” Dick nods. “Well, five years is a big deal, my friend. And have you ever actually wined and dined her?” Wally shakes his head. “Then how do you know she won’t like it? She might not! She might hate it, but why not do something special for her? I know she isn’t flattered by all the fancy stuff, but once a year is nice, right?” 

“I don’t want it to be anything that I can’t top,” Wally says. “You have the means to do that, go over the top year after year, but I can’t top a Dick Grayson Date.” 

Dick smiles and kisses Wally slowly. He does so until Wally starts to kiss him back and begins to relax against him. Dick pulls back after savoring the contact for a while and brushes their noses together, not going too far away. “You don’t have to beat me, Wally,” he whispers. “I know this may come as a surprise, but she already likes you.” Wally huffs out a laugh. Dick smiles and sits back, making sure to look into Wally’s eyes. He strokes the side of Wally’s face as he continues, “All you have to do is show her you’re thinking about her. She’ll love that.” 

There’s a light in Wally’s eye that suggests that he wants to disagree with Dick, but, thankfully, he doesn't. “What did you get her?”

Dick smiles, a thread of pride creeping into him. “A crystal dagger.” 

Wally blinks a couple of times. “A what?”

“A dagger, a weapon, a blade of red crystal and a simple, custom handle.” 

Wally’s mouth falls open. “She’s going to love that! I can’t compete with that!” He looks defeated. Dick’s heart breaks. “I can’t believe you got her a weapon!” He pauses. “Or, well, I can, but Dick!”

Dick chuckles and covers Wally’s mouth with his hand. “Calm down, Walls. I know it’s a good gift, but it’s hardly a weapon. One, maybe two uses, at most.” Dick shrugs. “It’s just something pretty, like a necklace.” Wally sighs, slumping. Dick uncovers Wally’s mouth and kisses him once, twice, maybe three times, maybe more. Who’s counting? “And it’s not a competition. We just have to show her we care. Besides, if you do that thing with your tongue ...” Dick gets distracted for a moment, staring at Wally’s mouth, thinking about said tongue. Wally licks his lip and Dick can feel himself blushing. Dick clears his throat. “Yeah, do that thing with your tongue. It’s probably why she doesn’t care that you forget.” 

Wally laughs. “It’s not because I’m a good boyfriend?”

Dick shrugs and holds his hand out, moving it in a ‘so-so’ motion, saying, “Meh.” 

Wally snorts. “Well, there goes your Valentine’s gift.” 

“You remembered a gift for me but not the girl you’ve been with for 5 years?” Dick asks and rolls his eyes. “Yeah, I don’t believe you.” 

“Well,” Wally says casually, “to be fair, it is pretty last-minute. But the way that you were going on about a certain part of me, I thought you’d like some quality time with it. You know, for Valentine’s Day.”

Heat flashes through Dick’s body. He shivers. “I take it back. You’re the best boyfriend ever. In the whole universe even. Please, please, please can I have my gift?” he begs. Wally hums and haws, like he’s thinking about it. Dick can play this game. “Please?” he asks, pressing their bodies together again, rubbing against him. “Please, please, please,” he leans in next to Wally’s ear and whispers, “with a cherry on top?” 

Wally shivers. “Just a cherry?” 

“Fine, the whole sundae!” Dick says, sitting back and incredulous. The smirk on Wally’s face is enough to remind him what he’s begging for. He calms down a bit. “Now, please?” 

Wally laughs. “Okay, okay. Let’s go to your bedroom. Get comfortable. I still have a couple of hours before it’s Valentine’s Day in California.” Dick stands and starts stripping in front of Wally. Wally watches for a second. He smirks and starts sashaying to his bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes like breadcrumbs. Although it’s mostly adding to the mess that’s already there. To be fair, his sashay may be a bit more of a run. He’s never been so grateful for time zones in his entire life. 

Wally follows behind him at a more sedate pace. Why is it now that he wants to move slow? He’s also still frustratingly dressed, although his jacket has been taken off. Dick wonders how messy it is because Wally’s sweater is nice and clean. “You just gonna stare?” Dick asks, finally pulling off his last piece of clothing. 

Wally looks up and down Dick’s body, biting his lip. “A little bit longer, dear. Be patient.” 

Dick growls in frustration and falls onto his bed. “Of course he can be patient now,” Dick mutters under his breath. 

“Well you didn’t leave anything for me to unwrap,” Wally playfully pouts. 

“This is my gift, not yours,” Dick points out. 

“So maybe you should unwrap it?”

Dick laughs and sits up, grabbing onto Wally’s sweater and tugging him close to the bed. “I hope you hate everything you’re wearing because you know how I am with wrapping paper,” Dick warns. 

Wally laughs and kisses Dick. “I’m pretty sure you could afford the bill.” 

 Dick snorts and gets to work unwrapping his gift.

[FEB 14, 0253 EST: BLÜDHAVEN] 

Dick is adorably half asleep. They finished up around ten minutes ago and Wally is freshly showered and dressed (in some borrowed clothes, of course. Dick may not have superpowers, but he kept true to his word and tore Wally’s clothes apart like they personally offended him). Dick is smiling softly and nuzzles into Wally’s hand when he strokes his face. “Mmmmm,” Dick hums, “that was fun.” He sounds a little drunk.

 “It was,” Wally agrees, unable to help the adoring smile on his face. But it slips off in the next moment. “You okay if I leave? You can always come with me.” 

Dick shakes his head. “I’ll be okay here. You need to get back to Arty.” He kisses Wally’s palm. “And don’t worry. I’ll text a friend of a friend and get something set up for you two in Palo Alto.”

“You don’t have to, Dick. I always manage to cobble something together.”

Dick’s eyes open and they’re pleading. It’s too late to look away from them. “Just this year, Wally,” he says. “Let me do this for you.” 

“So your Valentine’s gift to me is a romantic evening with Artemis? On your dime, I would assume?” Saying it out loud makes it sound ridiculous. He hopes that Dick can hear that, but that doesn’t appear to happen.

Instead, Dick relaxes. “Yeah. I know you wish you could do stuff like this. Or at least I remember you telling me so when we were younger. Let me help, Walls.”

Being able to spoil a partner has always been something Wally has desired to do. And he tries his best, with the limited resources he has, but he can’t do anything the same scale as Dick could do. He doesn’t hate Dick for it, not at all, it only makes gift giving that much harder. The allure of being able to be able to show Artemis just how much he cares, show just how much she is worth to him. Even a Dick Grayson Date couldn’t measure up, but it’s closer than what he can do. “Fine,” he sighs. “Just this once.”

Dick smirks, pleased. “You can even tell her it was your idea.” 

“You’re the best,” Wally says, leaning down to kiss Dick again. Then he laughs, “But you know she’d never believe whatever you did was my idea, right?”

Dick snickers. “Maybe she’ll amuse you this once.”

“You have met Artemis, right?” he chuckles. 

“Maybe she will,” Dick shrugs. “You’ll have to let me know if she does. And tell her to contact me if she needs help finding something to wear. I’m sure she has something stunning already, but special occasions like this are different.”

“Gosh, Dick, what are you going to do when we hit five years?” Wally asks, immediately blushing at the question. He never meant to say that out loud. They haven’t been together for a year yet. He can’t get too ahead of himself. But Dick looks pleased, so Wally can’t bring himself to regret asking it. 

Dick pulls him down for a short, chaste kiss, then pushes him away. “Get out of here. It’s almost Valentine’s over there. Don’t keep her waiting and don’t forget the tongue.”

Wally laughs, blushing for a different reason this time: is his tongue really that good? He leans down, giving Dick one last lingering kiss before standing. “Thanks, Dick, about the date thing. I’ll tell Arty when something is set up.”

Dick scowls playfully. “Are you doubting me?” 

Wally holds up his hands. “Never!” He rubs the back of his neck and admits, “I don’t want to jinx it.”

Dick rolls his eyes fondly. “‘Night, Wally.”