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a koala joined the chat

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리노 ♡

hyung can i tell you something?

yeah sure
what is it?

i need some advice, i think
or help


i like someone

you need love advice?
i don’t know how qualified i am for it

i know we can’t date
but i need some help
with what to do about it

can i ask who it is?
is it someone you’re close to?

i guess you could say that
what do i do hyung?

give me some time to think up smth
i’ll come back to you in a few minutes, yeah?

okay thanks hyung

• • •

skz loving fam (9)

my friend from korea asked me for love advice and i don’t know what to do

what exactly did they want help with?

he likes someone
but he can’t date
so he wants to know what to do but i dont know what to tell him

sure this isn’t about you?
yknow the whole “i have a friend..”

its my friend

• • •

리노 ♡

hyung there's one more thing i should tell you
it probably makes a difference but i hope it doesn’t

i’m slightly confused, but go on

the person i like
it’s a guy

sorry that’s probably a bad response
i don’t mind
that you like a guy i mean
i’m sorry that it means this is probably harder for you

i don’t really expect him to like me back
but i still have some hope, you know?

i’m gonna take a few more minutes to think of some good advice
you’ll be fine, right?

yeah hyung
thank you

• • •

skz loving fam (9)

help x2
the person he likes is a guy
what do i tell him?
i cant tell him to confess because he cant date and we have no idea to know how the guy will react
and he cant really be found out

fe | #dawnislife
well thats complicated

is he close to the guy?
like could he easily get over him?

ill ask him

• • •


is it someone you’re close to?

yeah, pretty close
it feels like i see him all the time but not often enough i really don't know what to do
im gonna have to try to get over him don't i?

i’m sorry
but probably
hey, this might be a weird question

go on

is it someone i know?


sorry for asking

no, sorry, you’re right
you know him

another maybe weird question
is it jisungie?

why would it be?

just thought you’re really close
and pretty affectionate

he’s my lil bro
it’d be weird to have feelings for him
but he is my platonic soulmate so there’s that

so it’s not one of the members

what? i can see you’ve read
it’s okay even if it is, pls just answer?

okay maybe it is

oh i’m sorry

please stop saying sorry hyung
it’s not your fault

• • •

parents and kids

i’m gonna bring some snacks to dance practise, what do you want

dance dance
some fruits please

okay, got it

dance dance
thank you hyung!

baby fox
hyung says whatever’s fine

innie, hyung who?

baby fox
oh, channie-hyung

lil angel-devil
couldn’t he have answered himself?

baby fox
no hes busy on his phone


baby fox
he says to tell you, woojin-hyung, that he’s helping minho-hyung

on his phone

yes, on the phone
texting exists

no need to be snarky

sorry :((

baby fox
look you made him sad :((((

• • •

lixie ♡

after dance practise, can you help me with something?

you can always come to me
you remember that, right?

yeah but i saw you were helping minho

i can help both of you
im your leader and friend
i want you to feel like you can come to me whenever

okay, thank you 😚

what’s it about?

uh,,,, changbin…

did he do something??

other than existing? no

are you mad at him??

no :((

im sorry im confused but
whats the problem?

i like him :((

we'll talk after dance practice, yeah?

okay, thank you :)
but can we please do it over text? I feel too nervous to do it face to face :(


• • •

skz loving fam (9)

now my other friend asked for help about liking another one of our friends

good luck with all of that

• • •

🐨 @bangbangkoala • 7m
when did i become qualified for love advice??

💕💕 @felixloveslesbians • 2m
replying to @bangbangkoala
youre doing amazing sweetie

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