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Secret Desires

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Kara Danvers-Prince hated these charity events that her mother would always throw. She would have to throw on evening gowns, have her hair done, and smile at people who are phonier than a three-dollar bill. But Kara played the dutiful daughter while her mother, Diana raised money for The National City Children’s Hospital. Kara loved that her mother was quite the philanthropist, but it still sucked to be here and to make matters worse, there is an auction for people to bid on dates with eligible young ladies, and she was one of those ladies. Kara tried to get her two best friends to join her, but Lucy declined citing she was not a piece of meat, Sara declined because she didn’t want some old dude trying to buy her. The only ones who were willing to join her was Sam, and Lena. Everyone else was people that Kara did not know and could care less about.

“Why are you looking so sour, Kara?” Alex asked as she approached her daughter.

Kara sighed, “You know I do not like these events, mom. I hate pretending like I want to talk to these assholes and listen to how much money they have, and then the corrupt politicians out here pretending they care.” She finished her rant.

Alex chuckled, “Language, Kara. You know your mom prides herself on doing good deeds. It’s in her nature after all,” She loved that her wife was all about charity and using her name for good.

“Yeah, I know. I don’t understand why I can’t be charitable behind the scenes you know? The last thing I want is some old man trying to bid on me like I am some kind of sugar baby or something.” Kara tried not to sound whiney.

“It’s only for one night, Kara. If an old man bids on you and win, then you can politely decline the date, and move right along.” Alex suggested, they didn’t have to date the person if they didn’t want to, it’s all for charity.

Kara sipped her champagne, “I know.” She agreed.

Alex realized that her daughter was drinking alcohol, “You’re not twenty-one. Why are you drinking champagne?” She questioned her child.

Kara looked sheepish, “I need something if I am going to make it through the rest of the night,” She teased.

“I am letting you get away with one glass, but after this no more,” Alex decided to let Kara have a little fun.

“I know and don’t worry, I won’t tell mother,” Kara had told her mom.

Alex smirked, “That’s my girl. Alright, it is time for you to go backstage and prepare to get bid on.” She pushed Kara towards the staging area.

Kara tried to drag her feet, but her mom had some strength, “I’m going. I’m going.” She downed her glass of champagne and headed to the staging area.

“There you are, Kara. I was wondering where you disappeared to,” Sam noticed her friend walk over.

Kara sighed, “I didn’t disappear, I had something I needed to take care of. My mom found me and brought me here. Tell me again why we are doing this to ourselves?” She asked.

Lena chuckled, “It’s for the children’s hospital charity. I don’t want to do this anymore than you do, but you know my mother.” She did not want to be here, but her mother said it would look good for the Luthor name.

Kara laughed, “Yes, your mother is a hardass, but it is what it is.”

“Alright ladies, you will be going out individually, so you will not be paraded around like livestock. I know you don’t want to be here, but remember this is for charity. You can always turn down the date at the end of the night if that is what you want to do.” Kate had told the ladies in attendance.

Kara was going to strangle her aunt when they were alone. It was her aunt who came up with this whole idea and got her mom’s to co-opt to this idea.

“Don’t look so glum, love bug. It’s only one night, and then you will not have to see that person again.” Kate sidled up to her niece.

Kara rolled her eyes, “It’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to worry about an old man bidding on you tonight.” She grumbled.

“I know you hate it, Kara, but it’s charity and your mom will thank you for this,” Kate tried to give Kara some encouragement.

“Whatever,” Kara rebuffed her aunt’s answer. She heard her name being called of course she would be the first one up on the chopping block. It was time to shine and do some good for the children’s hospital. Kara stepped on stage and smiled politely as Cat Grant read off her attributes.

“First we have Kara Danvers-Prince, she is a senior at National City University, her major is neuropsychology, and when she is not studying, Kara enjoys taking pictures, painting, and exploring nature in her downtime. Kara is quick-witted and takes no nonsense, having said all that, let’s start the bidding at $20,000.” Cat started off the bidding.

Kara didn’t think that the bidding would start so high, but she would deal with it. She thought about the sick children of National City and listened to everyone bid on her.

$25,500!” A man called from the back.

“I have $25,500 going once. I have $25,500 going twice,” Cat was waiting to see if anyone else would bid on Kara.

“$50,000!” A feminine voice called from the back.

Kara looked around to see who it was, but couldn’t find out who she was, but she was going to thank the person who saved her from this hell.

Cat was impressed, “$50,000 going once…$50,000 going twice…” She wanted to see if anyone else was going to bid, “Alright, sold for $50,000” She banged the gavel, “You can meet with Kara in the meeting area.

Kara walked off the stage to a room of applause. She went back to the staging area and waited for the person to reveal themselves. Kara hoped that it wasn’t some old woman or a stalker or something who bid on her. She didn’t have to wait long as this woman dressed in a black evening gown, with a plunging neckline that showed off a nice amount of cleavage, and a split that stopped at her hip. Kara tried her best not to drool, but it was hard to keep her composure as the woman approached her with a small smile.

“It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Kara,” The woman greeted Kara without breaking eye contact.

Kara tried not to blush, “I could say the same for you, but I do not know your name. It’s only fair to tell me your name if you know mine.” She teased playfully.

The woman didn’t miss a beat, “I’m Maggie Sawyer, Detective at NCPD.” She introduced herself.

“You’re Aunt Kate’s friend. Thank you for bidding on me. Did she put you up to this?” Kara asked wondering if her aunt had something to do with this.

Maggie shook her head, “I can’t confirm nor deny, but it was a pleasure to save a young woman like yourself from old man hell. Would you like to take a stroll with me in the garden? We could get to know each other before we go out on our date sometime.” She suggested. When Kate had told her about the auction, Maggie was against it, but when Kate pleaded her case she was all in.

Kara smiled charmingly, “I would like that very much, Maggie. Thank you for saving me from being some old man’s arm candy,” She thanked Maggie for saving her.

“My pleasure,” Maggie held out her arm, “Shall we?”

Kara looped her arm through Maggie’s, “We shall.” She couldn’t help but smile.

They left the meeting area and made their way to the steps that led to the garden. The sun was setting and the sky was filled with bright orange, pink, blue, and almost purple looking streaks. The air was warm, and the smell of the flowers permeated the air. The garden area was completely empty, and a sense of peace and calm washed over Kara. It felt as if the weight of the event had been lifted off her shoulders, and it didn’t hurt that her saving grace was the woman in black walking beside her.

“So, what would you like to know about me, Kara?” Maggie asked as they strolled down the cobblestone path.

Kara had to think for a moment, “How long have you been with NCPD?” She asked something simple.

“For about a year, give or take a few months. I moved here from Metropolis after I was offered a position with NCPD. How long have you and your family lived in National City?” Maggie asked Kara a question.

“Since I was eleven,” Kara answered.

Maggie nodded, “Interesting. I know this is going to sound rude, but how old are you?” She asked wondering how old Kara was. Kate didn’t say how old Kara was and from her pictures, Kara seemed as if she was really young.

Kara bit her lip, “How old are you?” She asked in return.

“I asked you first, Kara. You can’t answer a question with a question,” Maggie had told Kara smartly.

“You’ll think that I am a child, but I just turned twenty,” Kara answered honestly.

Maggie thought Kara was a few years younger, but twenty was good, “So, you are legal.” She joked.

Kara shrugged, “Something like that, but what is legal nowadays? I answered your question now it’s time to answer mine. How old are you, Maggie?” She asked the question.

“I’m thirty. I will be thirty-one in January,” Maggie responded to Kara’s question.

Kara giggled, “You’re a year older than my mom.”

Maggie looked at Kara with a raised eyebrow, “How am I the same age as your mom?” She asked wondering how the hell it was possible?

“My mother and my mom met when I was ten. My mother was robbing the cradle, and when I was eleven my mother and my mom married. My mom adopted me a few months after their marriage.” Kara explained how her life worked without going into detail.

Maggie was intrigued, “Where did you move from?” She asked another question.

Kara felt at ease with Maggie, “I used to live in Paris until I was ten and then we moved to Midvale and lived there for a few months until it was time for us to move to National City. National City is where mom lived, but she came back to Midvale to take care of some business.” She answered the question with some detail.

“You are quite worldly for your twenty years. How are you a senior?” Maggie was curious as to how Kara was in college.

Kara hated talking about herself, “When I moved to National City, instead of being placed in seventh grade, I was placed in eighth grade and that was that.” She replied to the question, “You are asking me a lot of questions. I think it’s my turn to ask you some now. How long have you and Aunt Kate been friends?”

“We’ve known each other for about five years if not more than that. I was a regular police officer working the Gotham beat, and our paths crossed. A likely friendship bloomed and we’ve been friends ever since.” Maggie and Kate had a semi-complicated relationship.

“Did you two date?” Kara asked.

Maggie didn’t want to lie, “We tried, but realized that we work better as friends.” They tried to date but realized that it wasn’t happening and well, they ended up being the best of friends.

They strolled along the expanse of the garden in comfortable silence. The sun had set and the moon was hanging high in the sky. The sounds of crickets were providing music in the background with each step that they took. Kara had always loved the evening she was not hopped up on energy, and she could relax.

“Would you like to sit down?” Maggie asked as she spotted a wooden bench in the rose area.

Kara smiled shyly, “I would like that. These shoes are not all that comfortable.” She sat down.

Maggie sat down next to Kara, “I know the feeling. So, would you like to go on a date with me?” She asked. Kate had explained to her that the person she bid on can turn down the request for a date.

Kara was not about to turn Maggie down, “I would love to go on a date with you. Who am I turn down such a beautiful woman?” She tried to remain casual with her answer and not at all eager.

Maggie felt relieved, “I would have been disappointed if you did turn me down, but I still hoped that we could be friends,” She was not one of those women who dwelled.

“We would be friends. Any friend of Aunt Kate’s is a friend of mine. I know Aunt Kate doesn’t hang around bad people,” Kara knew her aunt was a good judge of character and so was she.

Maggie smiled, “I would like that. Would you like to exchange numbers? So we could coordinate a time for our date and where to go.” She rushed out hoping that Kara didn’t think she was a perv or something.

“Oh, yeah. I don’t mind exchanging numbers.” Kara pulled her phone out of the pocket on her dress.

Maggie pulled her phone out of her clutch, her dress was not designed for pockets, “What is your number?” She asked.

Kara tried her best not to stare at the bare leg that presented itself when Maggie had shifted. She felt like she was going to explode, “Uh, 555-7989,” She answered shakily.

Maggie smirked as she typed Kara’s number in her phone and dialed it, “Now you have my number.” She replied after Kara’s phone started to ring.

Kara blushed and saved Maggie’s number in her phone, “And you have mine to coordinate our date.” She was so gay.

“I sure do. I think I should get you back inside before your mother’s and your aunt comes looking for you,” Maggie got up and held her hand out for Kara to take.

Kara hesitated for a moment before placing her hand in Maggie’s, “Yeah, I think that would be good. You don’t know how my parents can be when I am out of their sight for a long period of time.” She knew that her parents were afraid that something would happen to her.

“I can understand that, Kara. You are a beautiful young woman, and you can never be too careful.” Maggie escorted Kara back to the building.

Kara hoped that Maggie couldn’t feel her sweaty palm, “You don’t know the half,” It’s not like Kara could come out and say that she was more than human.

“I really enjoyed this time with you, Kara. I hope that when we go out on our date that it will be just as enjoyable,” Maggie was excited about their upcoming date, but she was a little nervous as well. Kara was legal, but barely, and she was afraid that her parents would threaten her within in an inch of her life.

Kara used her free hand to push her hair behind her ear, “I enjoyed our time together as well, Maggie. I hate that it has to come to an end, but I know that our date will be even better.” She agreed.

“There you are, Kara. Your mother and I have been looking all over for you,” Alex approached her daughter and Detective Sawyer.

Kara immediately dropped Maggie’s hand, “Maggie and I went for a stroll in the garden to get to know each other. After all, we will be going out on a date.” She explained to her mom.

“I have her here safe and sound,” Maggie smiled in Alex’s direction. She and Alex were on friendly terms their paths had crossed when working on certain cases.

Alex smiled in Maggie’s direction, “I am glad that you had won a date with Kara. I don’t know if her mother and I could handle some man trying to put their hands on Kara.” She was concerned about the men bidding on Kara and was relieved when Kate had told her that Maggie had it in the bag.

Maggie looked at Alex, “I’m pretty sure you, Diana and Kate would be spying the whole time.” She joked.

Kara looked between her mom and Maggie, “You two know each other?” She asked in surprise.

Alex nodded, “Yes, Detective Sawyer and I go way back. We’ve worked on cases together, you know, that kind of stuff.” She answered honestly.

“This is very interesting. I’m going to go see if I can find Lena and Sam. I didn’t get a chance to see who bid on them. Thank you, Maggie, for rescuing me tonight and keeping me company.” She told the woman beside her.

Maggie smiled politely in Kara’s direction she didn’t want to do anything inappropriate in front of Alex, “It was my pleasure, Kara. I’ll be in touch and we can discuss our date and where we are going to go.”

Kara nodded, “Okay,” She placed a tentative kiss on Maggie’s cheek before walking off to find her friends.

Kara didn’t have to search too long because she saw them sitting at the table laughing and talking with each other. She approached the table, “Hey, guys. How was your auction?” She asked her friends.

Sam laughed, “I got Maxwell Lord. I can’t believe he bid on me, but I politely turned him down. He didn’t even ask why.” She was glad she dodged that bullet.

Lena wasn’t so lucky, “I didn’t get an old man, but I got the obnoxious Mike Daxam. I get a fuck boy, and mother would not let me turn him down.” She scoffed.

Kara heard about Mike and his player ways, “I’m sorry, Lena.” She apologized for her friend’s luck.

“So, I noticed that you had a mysterious woman drop some serious dough on you tonight. Tell us who she is?” Sam questioned. She had been curious about the woman who dropped fifty grand on her friend.

Kara sat down, “Oh, her name is Maggie Sawyer. She’s a detective for NCPD.” She answered.

“You got a badass, Kara. Are you going to go out on a date with her?” Lena asked wondering if Kara was going to go with her.

“Yeah, what’s the harm, right? She’s a woman, a detective, so I don’t have to worry about her trying anything. We went for a walk in the garden, and we exchanged numbers for date purposes, and that was it.” Kara explained everything.

Sam smirked, “Date purposes, huh? That works I suppose. She’s rather beautiful, and the dress she had on tonight was fire. You got lucky tonight, Kara,” She was a tad bit jealous.

“You did, Kara. Now, when you go out on your date, and when you are planning your date. I want the details. Lucy and Sara may want first dibs on details, but I am calling them now.” Lena wanted to know everything.

Kara shook her head, “You are ridiculous, everyone is getting the details at the same time. I can’t wait to get home and get out of this dress. Thank you guys for being great sports about this.” She thanked her friends for coming.

Sam smiled, “Anything for you, Kara.”

“Yeah, anything for you,” Lena chimed in.

The evening was over and Kara said goodnight to her friends and she would text them later. Kara was relieved to go home, take off the dress and shoes, and relax. She was sure her parents felt the same way she did.

“Thank you for being a good sport tonight, Kara. I know you didn’t want to be here,” Diana thanked her daughter as they left the building.

“It was alright. The bright side of all of this is my friends were with me, and Maggie won and not a perverted old man,” Kara was thankful for that.

Diana chuckled, “Yes, I am glad that Maggie did when. I’m pretty sure you would have turned a guy down even if he had won.” She knew her daughter.

Kara smiled, “Yes, that is true. I don’t know who worked their magic, but I lucked out with Maggie. I will have to thank Aunt Kate for that.” She would call her aunt later and thank her.

“I am sure she will appreciate that, Kara. So, are you going to go out with Maggie?” Diana asked her daughter.

Kara nodded, “Yeah, I’m going to go out with her. It’s not a guy and we can have fun, plus you and mom don’t have to worry about me. I am in capable hands.”

“We know you are,” Alex agreed. Maggie was a fierce and protective woman, and she knew that Maggie would not do anything out of the way with Kara.

Kara wondered if she should send a text to Maggie thanking her again for tonight, but she thought against it and wait until Maggie reached out to her.