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Hidden Agendas

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Izuku eyed the man sitting a few seats down from his in the waiting room. He’d talked to him a few times in passing as they waited for their therapy appointments. He had recognized the man as the villain Twice early on; while the man’s eyes didn’t give a hint of recognition to the hero he was engaged in conversations with. It was nice to see the man, Jin, as he had introduced himself, getting the help he needed; he had cleaned up considerably since the dissolution of the League of Villains all those years ago. Izuku swiped his tongue over his dry lips. He looked healthier, happier—he looked good .

Twice had glanced over at Izuku a few times with a small shy smile on his lips. Izuku smiled back, surprised that the older man could be so bashfully nervous about interacting with him after having spoken to him plenty of times before.

“Hey, Jin-san,” Izuku’s voice broke the silence that hung between them.  

The man perked up and looked at Izuku, “Yes, Izuku?”

“Um, I was wondering, if you were free to hang out later? I mean, I feel like we’ve become pretty good friends. I’d like to chat with you more, if that’s okay? Like, for coffee?”

Jin genuinely smiled, running his hand through his blonde hair as he averted his eyes from meeting Izuku’s again, “Yeah. I’d like that. I’d like that a lot actually.” 

Izuku’s smile grew wider as he stood for his appointment, “Great! I’ll see you after our respective therapy sessions then!” 

Izuku was the first to arrive back in the waiting room. Instead of leaving like he usually does, he took the same seat he had earlier and waited for Jin to come back out. When the older man reappeared, the smile had slipped from his face, replaced by a slight frown and downturned eyes. Upon seeing Izuku waiting, he wore a wary smile and waved at the young man. 

“Rough session?” Asked Izuku.

“Just a little bit,” he sighed.

“We can reschedule if you’d rather?”

“Nah, it’s okay. Let’s go out. It’s probably best that I’m not alone at the moment.” 

The two left the therapist’s office and headed down to a cafe not too far from them. As they waited for their drinks to be made, they sat across from one another at a table by the window as they engaged in idle chatter. After exchanging pleasantries and the drinks arrive, Izuku asks something that’s always been on his mind, “What’s your quirk Jin-san?”

“Oh, I, uh, I can make clones of myself.”

Izuku already knows this of course; yet, still he pushes on, “Can you show me?”

Jin looks taken aback by Izuku’s request.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to offend!” Izuku interjects, ”It’s just, I really love quirks and ahh, I’m a fanatic about it! I love learning more about quirks and stuff! That’s all!”

Jin replies, “No, no. I just. I don’t really like to use my quirk in public. I mean, technically we shouldn’t. But, if you really want, I can show you back at my apartment. I’d be more comfortable in my home anyways. But, I know that seems…”

“No, that’s perfect Jin-san! Let’s head there!”

Finishing up their cups of coffee and paying the bill, the two head off in the direction of Jin’s apartment. The man leads him up the stairs of a weather worn brick building in an older part of town. Opening the door to a moderately sized studio apartment. 

Jin offers Izuku a seat on the couch as he excuses himself to the kitchen to grab water for the both of them. Izuku observes the man’s home. A modestly furnished apartment suited for a bachelor. He hums as he looks around taking in the wide space, with barely any windows and the threadbare mattress. 

Jin comes back with a couple of bottles of water. Offering one to Izuku who smiles and politely thanks him. Once they’ve settled into comfortable chatter, Izuku brings up the topic of his quirk again. 

Jin, feeling more comfortable in the confines of his home, clones himself right before Izuku’s eyes. Ah, Izuku is so invested in this. There’s two of Jin now, and Izuku starts to take notes in his notebook. 

“Can you make more?” 

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Jin continues to duplicate himself in example. There are three in total now and Izuku’s vibrating out of his seat as he bites down on his lip. 

“C-can I touch them?” Izuku asks as he stands.

“Sure? I mean, they’re pretty sentient, it’s not like their dolls.”

“Hmm,” Izuku contemplates as he walks to the one closest to him. His hands reach for the hand and arm; running one hand hand across and squeezing. Izuku’s using feather light touches as he examines the clone’s muscular structure. 

Izuku had been using soft light touches in order to gain a response from the man, and he was not disappointed. 

“Um,” Jin interrupts, “Well, uh. This is REAL awkward, isn't it.”

Izuku smirks and says, “Hmm? What was that?” His hands sliding down a firm chest down a lean stomach. 

Jin awkwardly laughs, “I uh, well, you know that’s not really me reacting, right?”

“It’s not?” Izuku says coyly as his gaze drops down to tented pants.

“...No…,” Jin replies.

Izuku’s hands cup the underside of the Jin number two’s hardened dick, which makes the latter moan without restraint.

“Seems pretty real to me,” Izuku smirks as he looks over at the original Jin. 

“I like this, I like this very much,” says “number two”. 

“Oh, he’s so honest and candid. What about you Jin? Do you like seeing me”

Jin’s jaw drops as he’s rendered speechless. 

Jin “number three” comes up behind Izuku, grabbing Izuku’s hip as he casually kisses Izuku on the neck like he’s done this plenty of times with Izuku.

“Oh, this one’s really straight forward,” Izuku lightly laughs, as he reaches his arm back behind number three’s head and pulls him in for a kiss. Pulling away he sees Jin still watching with disbelief. 

Number two pulls his shirt off and tugs his pants down. He starts stroking himself through his underwear watching number three kiss and bite at Izuku’s neck. Number three pulls Izuku’s shirt off, rubbing hands down the younger man’s body, unbuttoning his pants as number two takes over and undresses Izuku as he drops to his knees.

Original Jin tries to stop them, “Wait, wait wait!”

“No waiting, he’s here! Finally here!” exclaims number two.

“Yeah! Take advantage of it!” eggs on number three. 

“Oh ho? What’s this? Do your clones...represent your hidden desires?” smirked Izuku, as he pulled number two closer to his groin by his blonde hair. Looking down into gray-blue eyes he asks the clone, “What is it that you want?”

Calloused hands grip his thighs, returning Izuku’s look and replies, “You, in my mouth.” 

“So, what are you waiting for?” 

Number two pulls the elastic of Izuku’s boxers down, exposing Izuku’s member, and eagerly pumps Izuku’s shaft before wrapping his lips around the head; sucking the tip lightly before going all the way down. 

Izuku moans and number three yanks hard on green hair exposing Izuku’s neck; and sucks on his neck hard enough to leave a large hickey on him, “You should pay more attention to me,” the clone snaps as he bites into Izuku’s neck. Izuku’s hands reach up to run through blonde tresses. 

Half lidded eyes look over at Jin, who’s stock still watching, “Well?” Izuku drawls, “What do you think? What’s it look like watching you suck me off? Is it everything you fantasized? Or more?” 

Izuku hears a whine emanating from the original Jin, who looks to be struggling to keep himself in check and wanting to join in on the fun. Number three yanks Izuku out from number two’s grasp and Izuku’s eyes widen as he’s thrown onto the bed. The former undresses himself, making sure Izuku’s eyes are on him. 

It was a sight to see Jin out of his civilian clothes. Izuku’s eyes soak in the rippling muscles he’d only ever seen highlighted by his villain costume. But that had been years ago, Izuku had been much younger, and much thinner than his current physique.  Number three grabs something out of the nightstand before pulling Izuku’s legs up and open. 

The cap of a bottle snaps open and Izuku watches as viscous fluid drips onto thick fingers, before disappearing between his legs. He’s not gentle as he prods Izuku’s hole, penetrating him with two right off the bat. Izuku doesn’t try to stifle the moan that rips from his throat, eyes closing to relish in the sensation; his eyes slide open as he feels the bed dip. He finds himself looking directly at number two stroking himself over his face. He makes eye-contact with soft gray-blue eyes, a contrast to the steel gray that’s currently spreading him open with fingers. 

Familiar rough fingers caress Izuku’s face as the other hand continues to stroke himself. Those fingers slide over Izuku’s lips with the utmost gentlest gestures, a silent plea for Izuku to open his mouth. Izuku obliges, parting his lips slightly before another moan is pulled from him causing his jaw to drop when number three hits his prostate. 

A cock slides into his mouth, the head rubbing up against the inside of his mouth, creating a bulge that stretches out the freckles across his cheek. Izuku moans as the heady taste envelops his tongue. He turns his head to allow number two’s dick to slide further down his throat. 

Number three pulls his fingers out to rip a small package and rolls a condom down a thick shaft. Stroking himself he looks down at Izuku, stone faced as he tells Izuku, “Get on top.”

Izuku pops off of number two and kneels up on the bed as number three lays out on the bed slightly shoving number two out of the way. Izuku climbs atop him, licking his lips as he lines himself up. Biting his lips with hooded eyes, he slowly descends down the length. He develops a slow rhythm as he undulates his hips, feeling every stretch and burn of the man buried inside him.

Izuku feels someone take his hand and he glances over to see number two guiding Izuku’s fingers around his shaft; both their hands stroking the man in front of him. Izuku emits a lewd moan as number three starts to thrust up into Izuku, driving deeper inside.

Izuku looks over his shoulder at the original Jin who can no longer hide his arousal in both his eyes and his pants. His warm grey-blue eyes look at Izuku like a man quenched for thirst; eyeing an oasis that could easily dissipate into a mirage. 

“You know, as fun as it is to play with your clones and to be fucked by them. What I really want is the original,” he moans. 

As he continues his rise and fall he leans over number three presenting his ass to Jin, ”If I’m gonna have some Twice , I might as well have two of them,” he winks.

That’s the last thing that snaps Jin’s will as he quickly unbuckles his pants, pulling his cock out. 

“Mmm,” Deku eyes it while licking his lips, “The original is perfection compared to the copies.”

Jin grabs another condom from his drawer, rolling it down as Izuku watches with equally hungry eyes. Watches as the man pours lube down his dick, watches as Jin’s body presses up against his ass. Number three slows his pace to a stop. 

“Was this your plan from the get go Izuku?”  

A playful smile spreads across Izuku’s face, “Maybe. I mean I won't lie when I say, I’ve always found you incredibly hot.” 

Jin rubs his dick between plump asscheeks in shallow thrusts. Lining himself up atop number three’s dick he says, “Have you ever done this before?”

A crown of green hair shakes no in response, “Double Penetration? No. Fucking a villain? Also, no.”

“Did you know who I really was from the get go?” Jin inquires; hands on Izuku's waist tighten and he starts to push in.

Izuku holds his breath at the new intrusion.

“You better breathe Izuku, it’ll hurt if you’re not relaxed."

Izuku quirks a brow as he looks back, “Oh? Have YOU done this before?”

“Double Penetration? Yes. Fucking a Pro Hero? No.” 

Izuku's eyes widen at the revelation, but before he can respond, Jin thrusts all the way in one swift motion. Izuku cries out with his head thrown back and nails digging into number three’s shoulder. His body starts shaking at the feeling of being so incredibly full, the burn of the stretch is so different than anything he’s ever felt. 

The original Jin’s rough hands move from the hips to his ass, spreading his ass open.

“My, my, my. Who knew Pro Hero Deku was such a slut for cock. You look so good stuffed with both of me,” a sinister voice says behind him. 

Izuku looks back still shaky and sees a manic glean to the man's eyes. he reminds Izuku to relax and breathe again as he starts to thrust slowly into Izuku, getting him accustomed to having two dicks up his ass. 

Soon, Jin is slowly sliding in and out of Izuku whose lost himself completely to the feeling. He finally asks the question that’s been on the tip of his tongue between moans, “You-you knew who I was?” 



“Like I’d ever forget the pretty face of the hero that ended the League of Villains,” replies Jin, sliding his cock inside Izuku, pulling another moan,” But enough talking, and put that mouth to use, my clone’s starting to feel neglected.”

Clone number two stands on the bed, presenting his cock to Izuku, running his fingers through lush green hair. Izuku glances up at the clone simultaneously dropping his jaw and let’s the clone claim his mouth again. 

As the clone starts a slow rhythm in his mouth, the original Jin has been slowly fucking Izuku from behind. Izuku moans around the dick; eyelids fluttering in pleasure. The hands in his hair grip the back of his head as he starts to thrust a little deeper down Izuku’s throat. Number three’s patience snaps as he begins to move under Izuku. He tries to pop off to gasp for a large gulp of air, but is thwarted as the man’s pace starts to quicken while holding his head in place.

Feeling two dicks sliding alternatively against one another has Izuku moaning wantonly as he sucks and drools all over the member stuffing his mouth. The pleasure spikes even higher when Jin reaches around, stroking Izuku’s dripping member.

Izuku wants to collapse under the bliss he’s experiencing; shaky arms feel weak against the hard chest of number three. Jin must’ve seen Izuku waver, his arm snakes around his torso, pulling Izuku against his chest. With his hands free, Izuku uses one to assist his mouth in getting number two off, while the other hand joins Jin’s hand around his shaft. 

“Weak stamina? I thought a younger hero would be stronger than this.”

Izuku just groans in response, slightly popping off, gasping for air, “You try taking two in the ass and be facefucked at the same time. I’m sure you’d be weak too, old man . Also, faster. I wanna cum.  You won’t break me.” He resumes sucking off clone two with a renewed vigor. 

“Oh, fuck, guys, hurry up, I’m about to cum,” number two moans out as Izuku sucks him down. 

Jin breathes against the shell of Izuku’s ear, “Well if that’s what the slutty little hero wants,” Jin slams his hips into Izuku’s ass, the sound of slapping skin ringing throughout the space. Izuku’s screams are muffled by the thick cock being shoved deeper into his face; jaw going completely slack as his face is fucked harder. Tears forming at the corners of his eyes. 

Jin and number three work in tandem against Izuku’s prostate. The blaze of an orgasm winding through Izuku’s body. As the crescendo hits its peak, Izuku’s hands grip at the arm holding him upright. Knuckles turn white as he spurts cum across number three’s stomach; who’s orgasm follows after slamming up into Izuku one final time. His hips lift off the bed as he holds Izuku flush against him; Izuku moans again as the hot cum spreads inside of him. 

Number two’s hips start to stutter slightly; pulls his cock out and strokes himself till he cums all over Izuku’s debauched face. Izuku’s ready to slump overspent but there’s still Jin, the last one standing. Jin pulls Izuku off and away from the two clones, who leave Jin and Izuku to it on the bed.

His hips start pistoning harder into Izuku as his free hand comes up Izuku’s chest wrapping around his neck and gripping. Izuku’s hand wraps around the wrist as he moans again, feeling another orgasm building. The hand squeezes tighter around his airway and Izuku takes in as much air as he can.

“Now, it’s just me, little Deku, how does the real thing feel compared to my clones,” Jin says huskily into his ear. With no air to breath Izuku’s mind blanks as he focuses solely on the man inside of him. Feeling every bump and ridge as he tightens around the man’s shaft.  Jin changes his angle, hitting Izuku’s prostate; a few more thrusts has Izuku fighting against the bigger man to breathe. A wave of euphoria overtakes Izuku’s body when his second orgasm hits, his mouth opening in an empty scream. His brain feels foggy, his vision clouding over as he feels another spray of cum explode inside him. The hard body behind him stills and the hand around his neck tightens again as the man emptied himself. 

Jin releases his grip on Izuku once he’s finished. Izuku braces himself as he collapses forward; using one hand to stabilize himself as his other  hand comes to his throat, rubbing it as he coughs and gasps for air. The cum on his face slowly drips down, hitting the sheets below him. Looking down between his legs, he sees more cum trailing down his thighs. He licks his lips tasting the salty bitterness of Jin. 

“Holy shit,” was all Izuku could say;  turning to flop on his back, starfishing on the bed. Filling his lungs with as much air as he can, wiping his face with the back of his hand; he studies the cum that’s slowly drying on his skin. A smile spreads across his face as he sees an equally spent Jin heaving for air at the foot of the bed, his eyes also studying Izuku.

“Well, that...was something,” he laughs breathily.


“Oh, more than good , Jin-san. That was literally mind-blowing!”

Jin laughs at Izuku’s candidness as he plops down beside Izuku handing him a towel to wipe his face, “You’re a brainiac right? You planned this didn’t you.”

Izuku wipes his face off and shrugs, “Yeah, I did. I’d been eyeing you since I saw you in the waiting room. But, there was one thing I hadn’t anticipated.”

“What’s that?”

“That you had a hidden agenda too. If I had known this was a mutual attraction,” Izuku sits up to lean into Jin’s space biting his lip coyly, “We could’ve been having way more fun.” Green eyes glitter with excitement. 

“Oh? Round two?” interjects clone two.

“Fuck yeah, I’m ready to go!” Clone three exclaims. 

“Would you two shut it?” Jin says as he glares at his copies, before turning back to Izuku who’s grinning widely.

“I’m up for round two,” says Izuku.

“Fuck, kid. I shouldn’t have teased you about your god damn stamina.”

“Well…I guess it’s a good thing you can clone yourself,” Izuku says mischievously, “While you recover, I can just play with a clone...or two.”

“...You’re gonna be the death of me.”

Izuku shrugs, “Not if you use a clone.”