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Handplates F-3

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I was able to make two “SOULs” from my own essence. I shouldn’t be surprised that I was able to create another one from DT, and the blueprints I have traced from the Green SOUL. The SOUL I created is Human, instead of Monster, like the other two. This should be of benefit to me. Nothing can possibly make me feel sympathy towards a human, if the beings I create turn out to even be sentient at all.


There is one thing that worries me, however. DETERMINATION is a human’s ability to persist after death. Even more so, if the TRAIT a Human is made from is DETERMINATION, they may be able to connect to FUN, a system which nature even I am unsure of. This can be dangerous. There are rumors that SOULS with enough DETERMINATION have the power to manipulate time. Of course, this may be nothing more than superstition.


The point is; The main TRAIT of the Green SOUL is KINDNESS. Not a false statement, as the being it belonged to was surprisingly friendly for a human. So much so, I almost pitied them. However, because of the DT I added to the SOUL’s copy, the main trait of my third creation is no longer KINDNESS, but DETERMINATION instead. While the emotional benefits of this change in TRAIT are high, DETERMINATION is not a trait I was hoping I’d have to face. If the rumors are true, though that is a big IF, then this thing I create may prove to be hard to control.




Three suspension tubes hosted three unconscious individuals. The first tube held a small skeleton, with a round head, and a permanent smile built into his bones. There wasn’t much that could be told about him, not yet. He was male, and had a dangerously low amount of HP, though Dr. Gaster was hoping he could fix this problem before releasing his specimens from the suspension tubes. His stats where also low, and the description of “Kinda Tired” provided to him did nothing to improve Gasters confidence in the survival of the thing, though he would try to keep it alive.


The second tube also hosted a skeleton, though he was taller than his neighbor. His stats where average, as was his health, thank god, though his description concerned Gaster. It read “Wishing for Warmth”. The suspension chambers weren’t exactly cold, which lead the scientist to believe that the “warmth” this skeleton was wishing for wasn’t temperature related, but more on an emotional standpoint. This scared him slightly. Even if they where sentient, if the specimens held no emotion, things would be easier. But this thing in the second suspension chamber hadn’t even fully developed yet, and it was  already starting to show signs of emotional capability.


The third and final tube held something unlike the previous ones. Instead of a skeleton, it hosted a human female, around the size of the first skeleton, with brown hair growing off the top of her head. Or, at least it looked human. Humans where born from two individuals who had engaged in a somewhat strange activity known as “sex”. It was their way of reproducing, apparently, though Gaster hadn’t been bothered to learn how it worked. All he knew was that skeletons did not reproduce that way, nor did many other fellow Monsters.


But this human was created by mixing DT extraction with the clone of a SOUL, and grown in a suspension tube instead of the womb of a mother. Even her stats weren’t sure if she was human or not, reading “human or monster?”. Gaster supposed that the proper word for this creature would be “homunculus”. After all, she was made from the soul of a dead human. Gaster let himself smirk, knowing that Alphys would be ecstatic to learn of the possibility that homunculi could exist. Her favorite character from one of her favorite anime’s was a homunculus apparently. Gaster had yet to watch that particular one, and he wasn’t planning to anyways. He had gotten the idea of creating a homunculus from a history book, not an anime anyways. He didn’t need Alphys to think otherwise; he wouldn’t hear the end of it. 


Suddenly, he heard a small bang on the glass of the suspension tube. He almost spat out his coffee, but was relieved to see that it was just the first skeleton experiencing a brief period of consciousness, as had all three of his specimens in the past. This time, though, he seemed to take notice of the two creatures next to him, also in tubes.


His attention to them caused both to also experience conciseness.


Gaster quirked an eyebrow at this, but continued to observe in silence. All three of the specimens stared at eachother, at a loss for what to do. The human’s eyes opened up, only slightly, but still enough for Gaster to notice the multi-colored iris. They all seemed to sense eachother. The small glowing orbs in the sockets of the first skeleton narrowed slightly. It seemed he was suspicious of those around him, though he didn’t seem to hold any hostile intent, yet. The second one seemed much more trusting of the two things next to him. His jaw moved in a way that was mimicking a smile. The human tilted her head slightly, eyeing the two creatures. No suspicion. No excitement. Just curiosity. Gaster noticed that all three of their descriptions in their stats had changed to mimic their feelings. They read “Know’s something’s near” “Notices it’s kin”, and “Can feel others,” respectively. This gave Gaster a foreshadowing of their personalities.


Without warning, however, all three specimens started to glow. The white orbs in the first one’s eyes turned a light blue color, that was brighter than it’s initial white orbs. The edges of the second ones oval sockets glowed a warm orange in response. A red light shown through the humans iris’s, like a flashlight. Gaster sipped his coffee, watching the three specimens interact. They where communicating.


Chance of sentience: 87%




Gaster took the smallest skeleton out of suspension first, knowing he couldn’t be careless. He was in full concentration mode. All three of the specimens where unconscious. He used is Magic hands to unhook the small boy from the wires, one at a time, in order to ensure stabilization. He increased the dosage in healing magic in the main tube that was attached to the skeleton’s soul, similar to the umbilical cord of a human. This tube he would take off last. After ensuring that there was no damage to the body, he began to drain the liquid out of the suspension tube. He took it slow and steady, occasionally increasing the healing magic as necessary. Over exposer to magic of any kind, even if it was benevolent, could be dangerous, and Gaster preferred all three specimens alive. This would be difficult, considering the small one’s HP seemed to stubbornly refuse to raise higher than 1.


Once the liquid was drained and the glass was removed, Gaster carefully detached the tube from the youngest one’s soul, and placed it into a hospital bed, hooking it to an IV cord. He did the same for the second skeleton, with the removal process being much faster due it’s higher endurance, and having already done the process once.


He was a little more careless with the human however. One look at her body reminded Gaster of the species he despised so much, and he felt unwilling to put in the proper effort to ensure a comfortable removal. Besides, she had an HP of 20, and a human body was capable of enduring even the most horrible of injuries and surviving. She wouldn’t die.


When he took her out of suspension, he ended up causing several small blibbits of blood to pour from her body, due to pulling the wires out somewhat aggressively. He drained the chamber of liquid, watching the humans stats to make sure she didn’t die. She was currently at 10/20, though he didn’t much care. He could give her some healing food later, and it’d be as if nothing would’ve happened. Any mark the damage left on her body would be superficial. As long as her soul stayed in tact, fixing the body would only require the bare minimum amount of healing magic. She’d be fine.


By the time he took her out of the suspension tube and hooked her to the IV, her HP read 4/20. As the healing magic inside the IV took it’s course, Gaster realized that he may have been a bit too rough on that particular specimen. Thinking of her as human made him despise her, but she was still his creation, like the two skeletons in the beds next to her. He couldn’t be careless with her. She had to live long enough to serve his purposes. Besides, she wasn’t exactly human human anyways. She looked like one, and her soul resembled one. She was a homunculus, and thinking of her in those terms allowed Gaster to keep a cool head on his shoulders. Here he had been worried about growing attached to these things, but he had never considered the negative impact of him despising the specimens either. She was built so that Gaster could further Monsterkind, not as a living punching bag for him to take out petty revenge on.


As soon as the three of them where stabilized and somewhat conscious, he dressed them in all in pale green hospital gowns, and placed them each in separate cells. He didn’t know of their intentions, so he couldn’t risk placing them around eachother. Not yet, anyways. He’d wait. See what they where capable of, and how they would act around eachother. He couldn’t make unnecessary risk.


Gaster eyed the three of them on video camera’s in their rooms. They where awake, though they seemed to be in a daydream-like state. Their eyes where glowing; one blue, one orange, one red. They where all silent and still, breathing quietly.


This was going to be a strange journey.