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Hybrid Theory

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The next morning, Ichigo sat in his homeroom class. His teacher, Miss Ochi, was telling the class that they were to have two new transfer students. While she was informing them the two students walked into the class. Gin Ichimaru, and Rukia Kuchiki. “Class, please welcome Miss Rukia Kuchiki and Mr. Gin Ichimaru. Kuchiki-san, would you introduce yourself to the class?” Miss Ochi asked the girl.

“I am Rukia Kuchiki. Please take care of me.” With that, Rukia bowed and took a seat behind Ichigo. As she passed she held out her hand for him to shake. Written on it was a message, ‘Make a scene and I’ll kill you.’

Gin walked through without introducing himself, taking the seat beside Ichigo. Ichigo pulled out a strip of paper and scribbled down a note. ‘If she threatens me again, she’s the dead one.’ Folding it, he tossed it onto the desk beside him. 

Gin opened the note and read it before looking at Rukia darkly. Shinso was telling Ichigo everything Gin was thinking at the moment. “Threatening the man who she gave her powers to! Threatening a person we’re indebted to! The idiocy of the midgent astounds me! We need him to do our jobs because she was injured. A HUMAN did better than her!” Shinso said to Ichigo.

At lunch, Rukia grabbed Ichigo and pulled him off to the side. Gin followed, sighing in exasperation. “Now, we need you to do our jobs because you took our powers. In the span of twenty minutes, a hollow will arrive in a nearby park. You are going to kill it.” Rukia said before driving a gloved hand to his face and forcing him into his Shinigami form.

“Listen, Midget, you seem to have some sort of memory problem. Before you gave me your powers, I had taken out more hollows than you. You fell to a hollow and I stood in front of you to guard you even as a human. When Gin over there fell to the hollows because he was over run, the hollows turned to kill my family and you offered to give me your powers so I could protect my family. I took them, saving the two of you, and my family. So while I am grateful for that, I am under no obligation to save anyone else. You have no hold over me, and making it seem like I’m in the wrong is a death wish. You walk into my town , lead hollows to my family , threaten my life , and still expect me to work for you? Hell no!” As Ichigo ranted his voice grew louder.

Gin stepped over to where he was beside Ichigo. “She did cross a line, but surely you could kill some hollows, no?” Gin asked Ichigo before turning to Rukia. “And you, for being a noble, a Kuchiki no less, how do you think this looks for your clan. And remember because your adopted, every action you make is also reflected onto your precious Nii-sama .” As Gin talked, he further closed his eyes and deepened his smile. 

Ichigo had left to go to the park on his own. If he had left the hollow to rampage, who knows how many casualties there could be.

Entering the park, Ichigo watched as a spider like hollow exited a garganta. Drawing the asauchi he wielded as a substitute shinigami, not able to wield Zangetsu without his own powers, he cut the hollow’s mask in half. Performing Konso on a newly dead soul, Ichigo looked over to where Rukia and Gin were watching him. 

“If I kill a hollow, it will be on my terms. You can tell me where they are and stuff like that, but I do not owe you. You have no right to order me around.” Ichigo said as he looked at them. Gin nodded in understanding, while Rukia looked at him like he was crazy. 

“Don’t owe us? You took our powers Berry boy you will do what we want. I, as a noble from the house of Kuchiki, demand that you kill hollows.” As Rukia spoke her demand, Ichigo drew his Asauchi and flashed behind her. Holding the flat of the blade against her throat, he looked down at her.

“You do not get to demand anything of me. This is your last warning. Try to order me to do anything else, and I shall hurt you. As I told Gin in class, the next time you threaten my life, I shall take yours.” As he spoke he dug the flat of his blade in just enough to begin to make it hard for her to breathe.

Releasing Rukia, Ichigo flash stepped away.

Stepping into the room that his body had been shoved in, Ichigo slipped into his body and used a kaido to check for injuries. Walking from the room, he looked through the school and found Uryu. Uryu was exiting his last class as the bell rang. Sharing a look with his cousin, he jerked his head to the side. Uryu walked over to him and they left the area.

“I just told the Kuchiki trash that next time she tries to order me, I’ll hurt her. I also told her that next she threatens me I’ll kill her. I then used shunpo to leave them in the park. What do you say to a game of scare the Shinigami?” Ichigo looked at his cousin with a dark smirk. 

Uryu nodded and pushed up his glasses, light glinting off of the metal frame. “Hollow bait. Strong enough to bring some Gillian. Pretend it’s a game. The one with the most kills wins.” Ichigo nodded and shook hands with his cousin.

“Tomorrow. You bring and break the bait. The cover story is about the Quincy massacre. I’ll pretend to not know you.”

Ichigo and Uryu stood on opposite sides of the alleyway. “I shall show the superiority of the Quincy.” Ichigo scoffed at his cousin as he leapt forward as if to keep the bait from being crushed.

Uryu crushed the bait just Ichigo reached him.

Ichigo turned behind him to face Rukia and Gin. “Use that glove to turn me into a Shinigami.” He ordered. Gin pulled on his glove and placed his hand on Ichigo’s forehead. Pushing, he separated body and soul. Gin caught Ichigo’s body before hiding it. Gin took out his Danreishinki and watched as hollow after hollow appeared on the radar.

Ichigo drew his sword and took off in the direction of the nearest hollow. Slashing at it’s mask, he turned and kicked a second in the face. “That’s two.”

Far away from all Shinigami, Ichigo used a byakurai to kill several hollows. Slashing at another hollow he counted up how many he had killed. “That’s thirty four.” Flashing even further away, he made a reishi platform above the hollows. “Licht Regen.” He intoned, forming a black bow and letting hundreds of arrows fall like rain and hit the hollows. “One hundred fifty six.”

As he continued to decimate the hollows, a large Garganta formed in the sky and a Gillian started to walk through it. Ichigo let his bow dissipate, drew his sword, and flashed towards the Gillian. 

As he arrived at the Gillian, he saw hundreds of hollows in the surrounding area. Landing beside Uryu, he watched blood hit the ground, the act of pulling back his bow’s string had cut open his hand and arm. Near them were Kisuke, Gin, Rukia, Tessai, and Kisuke’s wards. “Uryu, go to Rukia and see if she can heal you. I’ll go after the Gillian. Once you are healed, take out some more of the small fry if you can.” Uryu acquiesced to his order, using Hirenkyaku to appear next to Rukia. 

Ichigo looked at the gillian, using Shunpo to appear before it, and held his blade at his side. Jumping, he slashed at the gillian. Barely scratching it, he let his reiatsu trickle into the blade. Slashing again the hollow was injured. A third, more power, slash hit it’s mask and killed the gillian.

As Ichigo landed on the ground, his asauchi was covered in a dark haze. Stabbing the sword into the ground, he let his reiatsu leave the blade. Unknown to the others, his reiatsu had left a mile deep cut where the sword rested. Closing his eyes, Ichigo willed the gash to close.

Turning to the other hollows, Ichigo slashed at all the masks he saw. As he neared Kisuke, he turned so that their backs were facing each other. Cutting down a hollow nearing gillian level with a single stroke of his blade, he looked up in time to see an adjuchas hollow diving at his and Kisuke’s heads. Shoving himself and Kisuke backwards, he moved Kisuke out of the way just in time to avoid both of their deaths. Instead, his arm and shoulder had been bitten off by the hollow.

Locking his leg around Kisuke’s he turned them so that Kisuke’s blade slashed through the mask of the Adjuchas before falling. 


Kisuke, feeling the presence of Ichigo at his back, stopped sensing what was behind him to focus on the hollows in front of him. Being shoved forward by Ichigo, he started to turn to see what was wrong. A leg wrapped around his own and forced his turn to quicken. Bringing up his blade, he killed an Adjuchas level hollow with a blood covered mask. 

Kisuke turned back to face where Ichigo should have been, only to see his bloody body on the ground. Pulling off his haori, he kneeled by Ichigo’s side and pressed down to stop the blood flow. “Tessai!” Kisuke yelled out, catching everyone's attention.

Seeing what had Kisuke’s attention, Tessai, Gin, and Rukia rushed towards him. Tessai fell to his knees beside Kisuke, the green glow of Kaido covering his hands as he began the long process of the regrowing Kaido he had created while in the living world. It would take a while, as the injuries were not usually this severe. He had rarely had to use the Kido at all, only when a hollow was too strong or a spar was taken to far.

Ichigo sat in his inner world, a large windowpane showing what was happening on the outside. His side was covered in blood, his newly lost limb having followed him in. Shiro sat by his blood covered side, wanting to heal the limb but unable to because no-one knew that he had been trained, nor that he had any abilities at all. 

He knew that Kisuke had been having him watched by Yoruichi in cat form, who had seen him awaken in the middle of the night, sneak outside, and train with a blade. Sometimes Yoruichi would even get close enough for Ichigo to pet her. Sometimes Ichigo had shown of his Hakuda skills before her, training against a tree.

One of Ichigo’s favorite memories of training like that, was when he had kicked a tree hard enough to crack the wood. Yoruichi had actually reacted in surprise. She had begun to ask how before changing it to an odd purr.

Sighing, Ichigo watched the process of his limb being regrown. Leaning into Naito, who ran his hand through Ichigo’s hair, Ichigo closed his eyes and fell asleep. 

When Ichigo awoke, he was laying in the palace training grounds. His left arm was tightly bound so he could not use it. “Seems one of the Zanpakuto thinks that my performance with one hand wasn’t good enough.” Ichigo said as he picked up the katana laying next to him and was lunged at by several opponents made by Kyoka. 

As the sword wasn’t a zanpakuto he refrained from using any abilities he had other than shunpo. Killing opponent after opponent, Ichigo started to fight with Hakuda as well as Zanjustu. 

When there was a pause in the fight, Ichigo looked around. “You are aware I have to hold back by a lot out there, right?” He asked loudly. The only response given was his opponents charging him.

Leaving his inner world, Ichigo watched as his arm was regrown. Rolling onto his back, Ichigo looked up at the sky. “Why?” Kisuke asked.

“Why what? Why did I knock you out of the way? Simple. Not only would the hollow have killed you otherwise, but may have killed us all if you were unable to kill it. As someone with high reiatsu and a Zanpakuto, I thought of all of us you would have the best chance against the hollow.” Ichigo explained as he looked over at his arm. His shoulder had been regrown, along with part of his bicep. 

Ichigo looked over those gathered above him. Uryu looked down at him with a single tear forming in his eye. “Not your fault,” Ichigo said as he looked directly into his cousin’s eyes. 

Looking down at Ichigo, Uryu shook his head. “Yes it is,” he replied. Reaching up with his good arm, Ichigo smacked his cousin on the side of his head. 

While he had been in his inner world, Gin and Rukia had been talking with Kisuke to get the backstory of the Quincy. Rukia kneeled by Ichigo’s side. “I apologize for my behavior,” she said as she looked into his eyes before diverting her attention to the ground.

‘She’ll be even more sorry when she finds out my full heritage. Son of Isshin Shiba, making me the heir to clan Shiba. Son of Masaki Kurosaki, who is the heir of the Kurosaki’s. She is also a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflpuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw. That makes me the sole heir of the Kurosaki clan as it was massacred, the heir of clan Shiba, and the direct descendants of all four creators of Hogwarts. I am also the grandson of the current Captain commander and the great grandson of the current Naberius Lord. Somewhere in my ancestry are the Otsutsuki as well.’ Ichigo thought to himself and his Zanpakuto. 

‘I really wish I could just heal my arm already. This Kaido takes to long.’ Ichigo complained within his thoughts.

“Well, you could, if you wanted them to kill you. Best choice, let them heal it. In the meantime just knock yourself out with suimin, or you can listen to another lesson from Heika.” Ikomikidomoe said to him. He could pretty much see her smirking while she talked. 

‘Option two, Heika probably has something important to say.’ Ichigo responded, feeling Heika move to the forefront of his inner world. 

“Remember what I was telling your about the other day when it comes to your mind, body, and soul? Your true body does not take the form of your soul. Your soul and mind are closely connected. Once you awaken your true Shinigami powers via the shattered shaft, your soul shall take all of the attributes you have while in your inner world. Due to the process of the shattered shaft killing you, the gigai you are making will take the same form as your mind and soul. When this happens your body and soul will retain injuries given to your in your inner world. All of your scars and markings will transfer as well.

“This means that the markings given to you by all of us Zanpakuto will show. This of course includes the zero shaped ouroboros that the Arrancar gave you as a sign of your power. If you were on Aizen’s side you would be the most powerful member of his army in just hollow standards. Taking in the other parts of your heritage you are stronger than the soul king and Juha Bach combined. Especially with your epithet.” Heika said. 

Getting tired of just laying there and doing nothing else, Ichigo delved back into his inner world.

The kitsune that Ikomikidomoe had conjured long ago sat across from Ichigo in the palace training grounds. “Remember, Ichigo, there are many techniques you have yet to master. Some you have yet to even begin learning.” The kitsune, Yuichi, said before showing Ichigo a new technique.  

“Shadow clone jutsu .” Ichigo said and, as usual, he didn’t need to do the hand signals. Once he was done speaking hundreds of solid copies of himself formed. Each one started to work on an aspect of kitsune combat while the real Ichigo directed them. Those that wielded weapons were sparring so that they would gain combat experience. Forming another dozen shadow clones, he sent half to the library and the other half to the laboratory.

The clones in the laboratory were working on several serums he was planning on injecting himself with once his body was dead.