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Ch.1 - New Beginnings and Old Lore


AN- Dearest readers… while I know this is a MIRACULOUS AU, please keep in mind that I’m using it as a mere base for this fic. While I LOVE Miraculous and the world it has created, there are some parts that I personally don’t think work well. As such, I will be changing some things in this fic. So please, be respectful and don’t try and point these changes out. Since this is an AU fanfic I have every right to write the fic in the way I think it will work best. Comments that are rude or trying to point out these changes will be ignored and deleted. Think of this piece like my own personal take on Miraculous with the characters from BNHA. With that said, I do hope you will enjoy this fanfic and what I have planned for it.


Had you known that this little piece of fabric would be so difficult to tie, you would have opted for the clip-on bow tie that had also been resting in your closet this morning. But after about nearly twenty minutes of trying to make your tie look neat and professional, you were ready to give up.  The sounds of clicking heels made you turn to look towards the figure of a woman who was approaching you. 


She paused, looking at you with a raised brow. You laughed awkwardly, pointing towards the tie and seeing her shake her head. Your mother did her best to hide her laughter as she came over towards you and began to tie together the fabric into a perfect knot. Moving away, your mother continued to shake her head, looking at you with a soft smirk.


“Just like your father… he always relies on me to tie them as well.” She clicked her tongue, shaking her head as if she was disappointed in you, though you knew that humorous tone she had.


“Well, this was my first time wearing a tie…” You pouted softly.


“I was going to ask where your little ribbons and bow ties went.” The older woman spoke, motioning for you to follow her. 


“I wanted to look more adult… since, well… this is my first time doing a tour.” You breathed inwards, trying to fight the nerves in your stomach.


“It’s not your dress that makes you an excellent resource of information, my dear.” Your mother bopped her finger against your nose real quick before pausing before the lobby. “It’s your brain and how well you articulate and cooperate with a group! Now, hurry. The class finally arrived and has been waiting for their guide.”


You nodded, glossing over yourself once more before pushing through the door and walking into the lobby of the museum. Your posture going formal and your walking speed professional and business-like.


Your mother watched from where she had been left behind, nodding to herself at how her sixteen-year-old had grown into an adult so quickly. Then turned to return to where her husband was more than likely overworking himself on the new items he had recovered on his latest expedition. You could handle this, she knew you could… after all, it wasn’t like you hadn’t been beside both your parents in the last sixteen years and had grown to learn about their work and artifacts along with them.


You approached the dark-haired man who appeared to be the head teacher. His students all mingling and speaking in small little groups. You strayed a bit away from the teens who seemed to be around your age. Due to being around adults so much in your life, you had learned how to speak and talk to adults much more than those your age. Thus, the teacher was your go to, as you knew you needed to get this tour started.


“Are you Aizawa-sensei of Yuuei Academy?” You asked, catching the attention of the teacher who looked towards you, brow raising slightly.


“Yes.” The man spoke bluntly. “Are you… the guide?”


He didn’t seem upset at a mere child having shown up, but rather taken a bit off guard by it. Perhaps he wanted to see if you were up to chops to give this tour, and only time would tell if he truly would be happy with your guiding of him and his nineteen students.


“Yes, I am. And I assure you despite my age I know my stuff.” You bowed politely towards him. “Now, if you would do me the honors of calling your students to attention, I would like to begin the tour of the Asian history museum. I see on my information you all have passes to our new exhibit as well, so I suggest we start there as it’s still the morning and not many people have arrived to see it yet.”


Aizawa nodded, turning towards his students. “Everyone, quiet down. We are starting, so show our guide your respect and attention.”


His students filled in close to you, each looking to have more visible expressions: surprise, happiness, intrigue, shock, anger, boredom. It was clear they were all over the place and you could only hope your little lecture and lesson on what they would be seeing would catch the attention of at least five of them.


“Hello.” You bowed again. “I’m (Last Name)-san. I’m the daughter of the museum’s director and our archeologist. My parents founded this museum years ago and I have seen many of the sites and artifacts up close. As such, they have asked me to show you all around today in their stead.”


“Where are the archeologists today, if you don’t mind my asking?” A tall male with navy blue hair asked you.


“My parents are working in the special collections room today. We have a new exhibit going up next month and they want to make sure it's ready.” You waved towards the beginning of the new and most popular exhibit. “Now if there aren’t any more immediate questions, please follow me and we’ll start our tour of the ancient Asian jewelry.”


The students followed you, chattering amongst themselves. A few camecoming up to you to ask you a few questions of their own as you all walked them all inside. A black haired female and the navy haired male seemed to come closer to you, a few other hanging back in listening distance.


“So you’ve been at the excavation sites for all these artifacts?” The black haired girl asked and you nodded.


“Yes. I actually was the one who discovered the first items I will be showing you all.” You paused, motioning towards an open case of jewels for them all to see. “From China, we have the mysterious Miraculous Jewels.”


You watched as all the students started to swarm around the display case that was in the center of the room. Each lookeding with wonder towards the shiny gems, a total of nineteen in numerous colors, sizes, and cuts. It was clear that showing the best of the exhibit first was the route to go in order to gain the attention of everyone.


“Could you all scoot back a bit.” You warned them all. “We have a very sensitive alarm around these gems… so I don’t want to have to go and shut down the security system if it’s set off. The reboot takes a long time… and so it’s a bit annoying to do.”


They all nodded, backing up as you began to speak to them all about the history of the jewels and where they came from. If you could at least hold their attention a little bit from here, then you could give yourself the confidence to be able to entertain them through the next ninety minutes.


“These jewels were recovered a few years ago in the Eastern Mountains of China, in an long-buried temple of sorts. While research is still currently being done to understand why these pieces of jewelry specifically were so well preserved and written about as if they were to be gifts from the Gods themselves, we can say for certain that they are priceless pieces of history.


“Records found alongside the gems reveals that they were owned by not only the emperors but also several noblemen and women who had strong connections to numerous dynasties. Speaking of Chinese dynasties, follow me and I’ll show you a few of the jewels from the samurai era of Japan that are worth today around ten million yen.”


You started to shuffle everyone forward, facing another display. Your voice going off on something about decorated swords or whatnot, having the attention of nearly every student. Towards the back though, as in most group situations, it appeared a set of students had started to talk a bit more.


“If I had known that this museum had such cute tour guides… I would have come by more often.” A straw blonde haired male with a black lightning bolt smile widely, watching you talk but not paying any sort of attention to anything you were saying.


“I don’t think Aizawa-sensei brought us here for you to get a new crush, Kaminari…” A redhead next to him spoke, watching his friend light up slightly.


“I never said anything about having a crush on her! O-only that I think she’s cute, Kirishima!” Kaminari spoke back, noticing laughing towards his other side. “What’s so funny, Sero?”


Sero shrugged. “It’s nothing… just funny how you’re so into looking at her, but not listening to her.”


Kaminari rose a brow. “Huh? Why would that make you laugh?”


Sero’s lips pulled upwards into a large smile, pointing in front of Kaminari. “It’s funny cause she just called you out and everyone is looking at you.”


Kaminari deadpanned, looking in front of him now and seeing that Sero’s words were indeed true. You looked at him with slight worry, Kaminari’s blush worsening.


“A-ah sorry I didn’t hear you…” Kaminari admitted, a few of the girls in his class sighing at this.


“I asked if you had anything you’d like to add, seeing as you’re talking as much as me.” You smiled politely. “And I’m the guide… so you must have something interesting to add.”


Several snickers broke out among the class, and Kaminari shamefully apologized for interrupting you. You accepted his apology and went back to talking, now onto something about how diamonds are forms and how technology back then allowed for the formation of some structures and everyday objects, motioning towards some old pots and plates lining the walls.


“Dude… she’s cute but just as scary as Bakugou!” Kaminari whispered, looking towards the ash blonde who was hanging back as well.


Bakugou rose a brow at Kaminari, then listened back in on what you were saying. It appeared even the class hothead was interested in your words. But then again, Bakugou was in the top three academic performers, so of course, he would be interested in the history of jewelry.


“Man…” Kaminari sighed. “I can’t understand a word of this.”


“Just pay attention.” Kirishima harshly whispered back. “It’s pretty cool when you listen in.”


Kaminari sighed, leaning back a little bit. He was aware of all the priceless objects around him and wanted to make sure he didn’t make this day any more embarrassing for himself. But as luck would have it, it appeared another museum-goer had seen the male leaning back with poor balance. Kaminari called out suddenly, feeling himself being roughly dragged back, crashing into a glass object.


The sounds of a scream and shattering glass were what made you stop mid-sentence. But it was the sounds of alarms and then the lights cutting out that made you panic. Your heart sunk into your chest as you looked over through the flashing lights to see the miraculous display had indeed been struck, a blonde male laying and groaning painfully among the shards.


“Crap!” You shouted without thinking, running off towards one of the security displays and starting to mess around with it. 


“Code… code... code…?!” You screamed at yourself, the panic setting in making you have a hard time remembering what exactly the code was supposed to be to shut it all off.


“Move!” Someone spoke next to you.


You were shoved aside roughly, looking up to see two armed security guards running into the room. One of them immediately moving people away from the display case and the other entering the override code. The student who had fallen in was being helped up by his friends. 


It was at this moment, you realized you were also being held up from falling onto the ground. You blinked, looking up to see an ash blonde boy, who had been in the back the entire time had acted to catch you from the officers who had shoved you aside.


You blinked, looking up at him. “O-Oh… um… thanks.” 


He rolled his eyes. “Pay attention and do your job, nerd.”


You blinked. He was definitely harsh with his words, but then again… you were an employee here. And currently, laying in the arms of a stranger was not too terribly professional. You got up from his arms, dusting yourself off only to be set into his arms again.


“Fucking watch it, assholes!” The ash blonde yelled, seeing a group of people running out and towards the exit thinking the alarm was for a fire.


You got out of the teen's arms once more, blinking harshly as the regular lights were turned back on. Looking out you could feel your stomach drop though. The display case had been smashed to pieces, the straw blonde was bleeding from a few places… but the worst of it…


There were now only sixteen jewels. The red, black, and purple ones that had been sitting on the top sections were no longer there or among the glass shards below. Meaning that in the five minutes this entire situation had occurred… something had happened to the jewels.


And something in your gut told you it wasn’t simply someone accidentally falling into the exhibit case and the alarms system having a bug in it.