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Heroes in The Dark

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When their teacher, Aizawa Shōta, told the group that they were taking a paid trip to another moving city in the middle of the ocean — Katsuki was skeptical to a fault. He figured that if the first one was a failure, then why try again?

The last trip to the last moving city was a literal nightmare. Not only did he have to dress up in a suit but, they ended up fighting against an unknown invader. That was perhaps the only day Katsuki envied those who weren't able to take the trip. Even if the situation ended in their favor — it was still a bad trip in Katsuki's book.

This trip that they were on at the moment was paid for by the school and since everyone lived on campus — they were required to attend. Again, Katsuki was skeptical and voiced his opinions as loudly as he could that very morning they had to leave.

That was only five days ago.

To him it felt like a literal lifetime and he was certain the others would agree with him.

Now, here Katsuki was — with his classmates, in cramped individual cells. This was also their seventh time being moved to a different location. Each time, they were blindfolded and had their ears plug, as to why — Katsuki couldn't begin to guess. When they reached their destination, it was still dark. Almost as if the blindfold was never taken off. However, it was gone and the reality of the fact was that they were somewhere so far down in the darkness. To top that off, a few of them received Quirk suppressants and he was amongst a nice amount of his fellow classmates. 

Hardly anyone made a sound. Even the two most talkative and obnoxious, Denki and Mina, hadn't made a single sound. Annoyingly this concerned Katsuki; his mind always wondered to if they had received severe injuries during the skirmish. That was only three days ago.

The sound of clanking caught Katsuki's attention. He perked up, only a little and strained his eyes within the darkness.

"Ahem, if I could have everyone's attention."

'Oh, it's only four-eyes.' Katsuki felt a small amount of relief. It was only one of his classmates making noise and not one of their tormentors coming in for another round. Katsuki pressed himself against the cold concrete wall and leaned his head against the bars; he focused all his attention on listening.

"I assume everyone is awake and listening? I will resume with the daily role-call..."

Katsuki was certain he heard a groan coming from two cells down. 'Probably that damn raccoon eyes...' However, it could've also been his imagination; it always ran wild in the darkness.

"Alright, Aoyama Yūga."


Katsuki clenched his teeth at the dead sound in Yūga's voice. Sure, he wasn't friends with he guy nor did he pay him much attention but, right now Katsuki hated the way he sounded so defeated. It was nothing like the Aoyama Yūga he was use too.

"Ashido Mina!"

"...I'm here..." She exclaimed quietly. She sounded absolutely tired, almost like she was ready to pass out at any minute.

"...Just hang in there Ashido-chan." Tenya replied, his voice shook a little. To Katsuki, it sounded like uncertainty; like he wasn't entirely sure that they were going to be freed.

"Sure...whatever you say class prez..."

"...Asui Tsuyu!"

"Still here, Iida-san." Tsuyu replied bluntly. She was far too good at hiding her true emotions when you could only hear her voice. Though, Katsuki knew better. He knew she was scared out of her mind and wondering if she would ever get to see her family again. "Tōru-chan is also here in the same cell."

'Fuck...that's right...the old hag and pops. I don't even know if they knew about this damn trip...' Katsuki almost wanted to bang his head against the metal bars of his cell. Five days and he, nor the others, thought to ask if their parents were aware they were going out of country.

"That's always a good thing right?"

Silence entered after another familiar voice sounded off. Katsuki was certain he knew who that voice belonged too and was surprised he attempted to even make a joke after being in captivity for three whole days.

"Kaminari Denki?"

"Yup...that's me. Over here being pathetic as hell..." Denki exclaimed with an off hand laugh.

Katsuki felt the strong urge to beat some since into the electric Quirk using teenager. The main reasoning was due to how uncomfortable he felt with the tone in Denki's voice was so detached. He hated it with a passion. He felt his hands shake in his lap.

"Right...moving on, Uraraka Ochako!"

"Yeah, I'm still here, Iida-kun."

Katsuki stretched his legs out and continued to listen out; for some reason he wasn't certain he was listening out for his name. 'Must be this damn darkness. Fucking coward...' Katsuki's gaze move through the darkness and spot a large dark outline of something in the corner of his cell. '...It ain't a damn thing. Just your mind fuckin' with you, get it together!' He quickly dismissed the imaginative figure.

"Ojiro Mashirao!"

The sound of sliding against the gravel caught Katsuki's ears. It was obviously Mashirao's tail wagging slightly at the sound of his name being called.

"Still here." Mashirao spoke up and his voice overpowered the sounds of his tail swiftly moving from side to side against the gravel. "Also, Tokoyami-san is still here as well. He's sleeping right now."

"Okay, thank you Ojiro-san." Tenya paused for a moment, allowing his memory to go over those who had answered and have been spoken for, "Next is...Kirishima Eijirō."

Katsuki lifted his head up and looked around, even though he knew he couldn't see anything or anyone. It was a habit, he figured.

"...Kirishima-san, are you present?" Tenya asked once again, alarmed by the silence.

Katsuki would be lying he said he wasn't concerned by the lack of sound coming from his red-haired friend. "...Yo, shitty hair say somethin'..." He gave a small window of time for Eijirō to answer. He was furious at the silence he received, "SHITTY HAIR FUCKIN' SAY SOMETHIN' YOU BASTARD!!" His voice cracked and his eyes began to burn; he prayed they didn't hear the cracking in his voice. He had to wonder if it was the stressful situation taking its' toll on him mentally or the darkness still messing with him.

Almost an entire three minutes later, Eijirō managed to grumble out an answer. "...Yeah." It wasn't much but, it was something to Katsuki. It allow him to know that the redhead was still alive and breathing; even if he sound hopeless.

"You had us worried..." Tenya started off, his normal concerned tone kicking in.


"...Kōda Kōji!"

Shuffling was heard across from Katsuki's cell. He figured it was Kōji but, he wouldn't be entirely certain until he heard the timid teenagers' voice.

"I-I...I'm here. I'm...kinda scared..."

"We all are," Tenya replied with a sigh before continuing. "Satō Rikidō!"

"I'm here in the same cell with Kirishima."

Katsuki raised his bound hands and furiously wiped away continuous tears. He hated when he got to the point of crying when he was angry. 'Those fuckers don't deserve the satisfaction of hearing or even seeing me cry!! I've gotta get my shit together.'

"Shōji Mezō!"

A whistle came three or four cells down from Katsuki. He wasn't certain if it was across from him or on the same side. "Still alive and breathing." He knew what followed up next, a typical thumbs up from the six armed teenager; almost like a signature move. "I'm in the same cell with Asui-san and Hagakure-san."

Tsuyu croaked, "Just call me Tsuyu, please."

Katsuki almost wanted to laugh; almost. Her reply was so deadpanned and normal, he didn't feel like he was in a fight or flight situation. Unfortunately, the darkness was a constant reminder of the dangers around him.

"Jirō Kyōka!"

There was a heavy sigh. Katsuki figured it was several cells down to his left. "Yep, still in the hellhole. Housed with Ojiro and Tokoyami, these guys are really great you know? Housewarming was fantastic..." Kyōka's unenthusiastic nature flared up with a hint of sarcasm. "Oh, and Serō is in the cell next to us with Mineta, so just skip those guys. I'm vouching for 'em."

"Oh...okay," Tenya cleared his throat to continue, "Todoroki Shōto!"

"Present." Shōto respond quickly, his voice as deep and bland as ever. Katsuki wondered if anything could emotionally effect him besides having his issues at home. "...Shinsō is also here as well, sharing the cell with me. Next to Tokoyami."

"Alright, thank you Todoroki-san. Bakugō Katsuki!"

Katsuki sighed heavily and shook his head. He was just screaming at the top of his lungs earlier and Tenya was still asking for roll call; it pissed him off but, he was too worn down to get angry. "...I was just fuckin' screamin' earlier and you've got the fuckin' gall to ask this bullshit?"

"...I suppose you are correct. I am sorry for not paying more attention earlier. I was...alarmed." Tenya apologized. Katsuki was certain he was bowing profusely; something he also found annoying to no end. "I shall move on then, Midoriya Izuku?"

"Huh?! Oh um, I'm still here. Sorry, just a little distracted right now." Izuku exclaimed from the cell right beside Katsuki.

"It's fine. It's okay to get a little distracted every now and again," Tenya replied in a hesitant manner, "Last but, never least...Yaoyorozu Momo!"

"I'm here, Iida-san. I'm in the same cell with Kaminari and Mina."

There was something in Momo's voice that caused Katsuki to shift closer to then entrance of his own cell, "The fuck do you sound like you're tryin' to take a shit?" He pressed his forehead against the cold bars and gripped at them tightly. He wished he could blow a hole through the bars and find whoever was above the clowns that were causing them so much pain and suffering.

"If you must know Bakugō-kun..." Momo started off in a stern manner, "I'm attempting to create something. A flashlight really and then see if I can come up with more items."

"Yeah? And do tell how the fuck is that working out for you, huh?" Katsuki allowed the sarcasm to drip. He wasn't stupid. He knew that Yaoyorozu Momo was another one of the few who received a Quirk suppressant.

Before Momo could answer Katsuki back — the sound of a heavy iron door opening caught all their attention. It was the only door that they could all consider their exit. The sounds of footsteps closed in on Katsuki's holding cell.


Katsuki found himself startled; he wasn't sure if it was the panic within Izuku's voice on the sounds of the groaning and footsteps coming closer. He quickly scampered away from what he thought was the cell door and quickly pressed himself into the corner.

"Shut it you little green-haired shit!!"

From the cell next to Katsuki, he heard a loud yelp. Alarm bells rang off within his head. 'FUCK!! That nerd is gonna get his ass handed to him if he don't shut the fuck up!!' Katsuki's mind screamed loudly and he felt cold sweat drip down the sides of his temples.

"Don't...lay a finger...on 'em..."


'Shut up!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!' Katsuki wanted to scream at his classmates but, found himself frightened stiff. He tried to convince himself it was because of the special gloves they forced on his hands or perhaps the fact he chained down and they had his cell door open.

Without warning Katsuki felt the wind knocked out of him. It was the first time they had actually laid their hands on them and out of twenty something teenagers, Katsuki was the one to pay for his classmates foolishness. He gasped for breath and felt a swift kick to his chest and then to his face. The next thing Katsuki knew there was a strong amount of pressure on the side of his head and he felt the gravel beneath cut into his skin.

"Don't want us touchin' your precious students, eh?" Katsuki gritted his teeth as he listened to the voice of the man above him, "Then give yourself up like the good little hero you are, right? You've come to our playground and now you'll play by our rules alright, Eraserhead?"

Again, the man stomped on Katsuki's head and nearly knocked his lights out with one more kick to his face. He was sure his nose was broken; the trickling of blood was a telltale sign alongside the fact he tasted blood around his mouth. 'Bastard probably knocked a tooth loose...fuckin' asshole...' Katsuki shifted around and attempted to sit upright.

Unfortunately, that was a bad move on his end and felt a shock of pain at the back of his head. As soon as he had sat upright, Katsuki figured the guy had never left the cell and kicked him square in his chest; causing his head to collide with the stonewall. A groan escaped Katsuki and he couldn't help but, tremble.

"Kacchan!! Stop moving. Please, please stop moving!!" Izuku begged from the cell beside him.

'...Stupid Deku...' Katsuki blinked several times and was nearly blinded by a flashlight. 'Shit...' He wheezed slightly, 'Holy fuck...a broken nose sucks...can't even fuckin' breathe or anything...' He squinted his eyes; he was able to make out an outline of night vision goggles. 'No wonder these fuckers could see me.' The foot against his chest applied pressure and he gasped painfully.

The flashlight was turned to the left of Katsuki and his red eyes couldn't help but follow. What he saw frightened him to his very core. "Sensei...?" Katsuki muttered. There were so many words that came to mind when his eyes landed on the beaten body of Aizawa Shōta; so many and yet Katsuki wasn't sure which one would fit the situation. "DON'T FUCKIN' LOOK!!" Katsuki shouted out painfully, in hopes he was able to stop his idiot classmates from being overly curious.

"See that kid?" The man started off before flashing the light towards Katsuki, "You could be in his position if he were a bit more of a wuss. Lucky for you lot, you've got one helluva teacher who stays true to the real nature of a Pro-Hero." Katsuki was certain he saw a grin stretch wide, "Let's see how long he'll be your hero, huh?"

The man spent a few more minutes degrading Shōta and beating Katsuki. By the time he and the other group of men left, Katsuki felt himself teetering between the state of consciousness and unconsciousness. Ever few minutes he wheezed out a breath and trembled in the corner of his cell.

He hated being like this; weak. Unable to fight back or at least attempt to fight back. It was a struggle being the helpless one for a situation they were professional trained to handle with ease.

Shōta grumbled underneath his breath before cursing too himself. He crawled from what he believed to be the middle of the cell towards the back of the cell; he felt Katsuki's presence to his right. A sharp pain shot up through his back as he twisted around, "Shit...!" He clenched his teeth and pressed his back firmly against the cold stonewall.


Shōta sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Yes, Ashido?" As soon as he said the name of his student, he felt his heartbreak at the sound of her crying filling the enclosed space of their individual cells. "...Look, I know this is probably the last thing you kids wanna hear but, keep hope alive. Everything will be fine. Don't do or say anything to provoke them...okay?"

"...But, Aizawa-sensei, Bakugō didn't do anything!!" Hanta exclaimed from several cells to his left. "He didn't do a damn thing and they still attacked him!!"

Shōta hummed as he leaned his head back against the wall, "It was probably to show me that they weren't joking or afraid of causing bodily harm to you kids..." He stayed silent for a moment and allowed his chest to rise and fall. To say he was worn down to the bone was an understatement. He felt like crap and even more due to the fact that his kids are suffering from this traumatic experience. "It'll be alight. Just let me be your shield, understood?"

"Aizawa-sensei...!" Tenya stated. Shōta could hear the disagreement within his voice.

"Just listen to me, alright Iida? Your brother would kill me if anything happened to you..." Shōta muttered the last part to himself. "Bakugō, can you hear me?" There was silence and Shōta shuffled closer towards his student; only stopping once he felt Katsuki's shoulder bump his arm, "Hey can you hear me? Bakugō are you there?" He asked and his only response was trembling, "...It'll be fine. The heroes are gonna notice something wrong and they'll come and save us. Alright? Until then...I'll keep you kids safe. Even if I have to die here."