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Not in a Million Years

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School lunch wasn’t something Wilbur always looked forward to. Sure, he could hang out with his crush, but his crush was…

“Uuuugh, I totally spaced out when Tony complimented me today!” Violet threw her hands back and melodramatically fell to the grass while Wilbur looked with an annoyed face.

“What did he say?” He took a bite of his cereal bar, pretending to be interested.
“He said ‘nice shirt’.”
Wilbur sighed in disappointment. “He knows you took the compliment.”
“You think?” She peeked through her hands and looked at Wilbur. Sighing, she sat up and dug around her backpack for her lunch.

“Hey, Wilbur?”
“How can I be more confident for someone like that? How can I talk to anyone so…eccentric?” Violet felt a warmth in her face. She shouldn’t have felt embarrassed about asking a friend for some advice.

Wilbur leaned back on the tree trunk and crossed his arms. “Tony’s far from eccentric, not gonna lie. But, to be more confident for eccentric guys, you just gotta…” He trailed off, looking into Violet’s blue eyes. She was a silent beauty. Her superhuman passion made itself present through her kindness and superpowers.

Wilbur turned his head away quickly and cleared his throat. “…be yourself, and be proud of it, mean it, and stuff like that.”
“Sounds easy for you. I’m just…Violet.”
Violet looked down at her hands and clenched her fists slightly. She let some of her hair fall in front of her eye while she sighed softly.

“Yeah, and Violet’s the most amazing person I’ve met. Quiet and unassuming, even a little sarcastic and mean sometimes.”
“Hey!” Violet smiled and punched Wilbur’s arm jokingly while he giggled.

“I said sometimes! But under all of that, she’s…got a way with words. Her poems and stories move me even though I hardly ever read. And she’s nice to everyone, but she’d never show it off.”

Wilbur stood up dramatically and gestured his arms at Violet. “Violet Parr! The silently passionate beauty!”
“Hey, hey, quiet down, I get it!” Violet laughed and pulled on his arm and made him sit down again. “You’re so embarrassing sometimes…”
“It just had to be said.”

“Do…you really mean that I’m the most amazing…?” Violet’s cheeks were light pink.
“I meant every single word, Vi.” Wilbur put his hand on her shoulder.
“Because I really…” Wilbur took his hand away and scratched the back of his neck, “…wanted to encourage you, you’re my friend, after all.”
“Thanks.” Violet tucked her hair back behind her ear. “You have a way with words too.”
“Aw, I’m just saying it how it is.”

“Is there a special someone getting all these words too?”
Wilbur turned red and darted his eyes away. “Ah, haha, uh, no.”
“I knew the answer,” Violet smirked and then asked, “but do you wish for a certain someone to be special to you?”
“Uh, um…” Wilbur rubbed his arm and tried to think. Violet never really saw Wilbur so flustered before. “Yeah, she wouldn’t really see me that way, y'know?”
“Uh…Penny?” Wilbur’s heart dropped. He couldn’t think of some fake name, he just had to think of their friend’s name.

“Oooh my gosh! I didn’t expect that!”
“Y-Yeah, she wouldn’t like me like that though!”
“You won’t know until you try~” Violet winked and took a sip of her drink.
“True…” Wilbur was so tense that he didn’t even notice he was fidgeting with the wrapper of his cereal bar the whole time. “No one would really like me like that, though. People are too good for me, you know? Yo—I mean, she’s too good for me.”

“Don’t get so down on yourself, Wilbur.” Violet touched his arm and smiled gently. “You may be really…eccentric at times, but I know deep down you’re a great guy who feels a little sad sometimes too.”
Wilbur smiled and looked into Violet’s eyes. “Thanks, Vi.” Time almost stopped. It was just them at the moment, sharing their secret insecurities and fears about crushes and love.

Then the bell rang. Wilbur wanted to curse it.

“See you after school?” Violet picked up her bag and held Wilbur’s out to him.
“For sure.” Wilbur grabbed it, and their fingers brushed together. He tried not to show it, but the sudden touch surprised him.

While he walked to class and clutched his hand, he muttered to himself, “Geez, this girl’s gonna be the end of me.”