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Be My Man

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To: My Joonie

hey, you busy?

From: My Joonie

currently, yes but I'll be free in literally 15 minutes

everything good?

To: My Joonie

m sad

can you maybe come over?

From: My Joonie

I'll be there as soon as I can, yoon

Yoongi was sat on his sofa slowly working his way through a large tub of ice cream. He didn't know why he was feeling so sad. No, that's a lie. He did. He knew exactly why but he just couldn't admit it to himself. In short, he had a crush. On Namjoon. His best friend who he was also currently sleeping with. He swore this was a good idea when it started. Yeah, become friends with benefits with your crush, what could go wrong with that?

Namjoon and Yoongi had known each other since they were around 15. Yoongi was instantly into him but being an awkward teenager, he didn't know what to do about it. They were just best friends until one night around a year ago.

They were laying in Yoongis bed, having one of their regular movie nights when the two characters in the movie started aggressively making out. Namjoon groaned, "Not gonna lie, I low key miss that more than I probably should." He laughed. Yoongi sighed and muttered a word of agreement. They both started laughing and then continued the movie.

Yoongi heard a voice whispering his name, he opened his eyes and realised he had fallen asleep. "I didn't want to wake you but I really need to pee." He giggled. It was then Yoongi realised he fell asleep on Namjoons chest. He can't even remember them sitting that close to be able to fall asleep like that. He sat up immediately and ran his hands through his hair, trying to make sure it looked okay. He thinks he hears Namjoon whisper "Cute." as he got up but it was so quiet he couldn't be sure.

Later that night their most recent hookups had become the topic of their conversation. "Like I don't even want a relationship, just like a really cool person I could chill with but like we also fuck, you know?" Namjoon said.

"So basically another me?" Yoongi laughed, earning a gentle punch on his arm. "I get what you're saying though. I just couldn't do the whole no strings attached thing, I can do like one-off hookups but having a person like that, emotions would develop for me and then things get messy." Namjoon nodded understandingly. "I mean maybe, someone I could trust as much as I trust you, and like we didn't have slow, meaningful, gross sex then maybe."

"I have an idea. Hear me out, okay." Yoongi took a deep breath, preparing himself for what Namjoon was about to say. "We could fuck?" Yoongi actually laughed out loud. That's not what he thought Namjoon was going to suggest at all. He didn't know what he thought Namjoon was going to suggest but it definitely was not that. "I know it probably sounds crazy but like, we both want the same thing and if you only want that with someone you trust as much as me then why would you try to find that person when you already have me? plus, you wouldn't be the least attractive person I've ever fucked." He smirked, trying to keep it as light-hearted as possible. Namjoon was now realising just how crazy this idea probably sounded.

Yoongi laughed. "I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not." Yoongi definitely knew he should laugh this off, decline the offer and continue pining over his best friend. However, an opportunity to sleep with his crush? Well, Yoongi never was the one to make the smartest decisions. "That might not actually be the worst idea."

Now, fast forward a year and maybe it wasn't the worst idea, but it certainly wasn't the best. They weren't dating, they weren't exclusive, they were still just best friends and it was tearing Yoongi apart. He couldn't continue this arrangement, it was too hard for him. He didn't know if Namjoon was sleeping with other people and felt like he couldn't even ask. He hadn't slept with anyone else since his first night with Namjoon, he knew no one else would ever be able to compare to him. He needed to talk to him about this, the no strings attached thing wasn't for him, especially not when he was head over heels, completely, utterly in love with the person.

So that's how Yoongi ended up here, sat on his sofa, eating way more ice cream than he should. It was only about half an hour until Namjoon showed up, he let himself in and immediately tackled Yoongi to give him cuddles. "You've been eating ice cream, you must really be sad, huh? What's wrong?" Namjoon whispered into his hair before giving his forehead a kiss. Yoongi pulled back to look him in the eyes, he just shook his head and leaned in closer to bring their lips together.

Namjoon pulled away to ask Yoongi what was wrong again. "Shh...Just kiss me, please." Yoongi whispered. He did plan on telling Namjoon that he wanted to stop sleeping with him, but the minute Yoongi looked in his eyes, he needed to just have one more night with him. Namjoon didn't question him anymore, he just decided to do whatever Yoongi needed. He nodded and pulled Yoongi closer and let their lips meet. He let Yoongi take the lead, he didn't try to speed things up, just let Yoongi do what he needed.

Yoongi pressed himself as close to Namjoon as possible. Namjoon turned so Yoongi could climb onto his lap, which of course, Yoongi did immediately. Yoongi pulled back to look at Namjoon again. "Yoon, You're crying." Namjoon whispered. Yoongi reached up to touch his own face, he didn't even notice. "Please tell me whats wrong?"

"I'm okay...just need to be close to you." again, Namjoon didn't push it.

"I'm here, angel." Namjoon said as he pulled him into his chest. They stayed like that for a while, they didn't know how long. Namjoon was running his hands through the others hair, gently humming a melody that probably could have made Yoongi fall asleep any other time.

After a while Yoongi slid off of Namjoons lap and stood up, pulling him up too. "Let's go lie down." He said pulling Namjoon behind him and he headed to his bedroom. He waited for Namjoon to go lay down first so Yoongi could lay on top of him. They somehow started making out again and Yoongi had fallen off Namjoon to lay beside him, a leg thrown over Namjoons thighs.

"Fuck me." Yoongi mumbled against Namjoons lips. He was still crying, which made Namjoon worry but he didn't want to make Yoongi worse by asking him lots of questions. "Joon, please."

Namjoon pulled back and looked in Yoongis eyes. "Are you-"

"Yes, I'm sure, please, Joonie." Yoongi interrupted. Namjoon nodded and reached over to the bedside drawer where Yoongi kept his lube and condoms, he grabbed the bottle of lube and then tried to grab a condom but was stopped by Yoongi. "Can we- I haven't- with anyone else other than you since we-" Yoongi was struggling to say what he wanted. He then realised that Namjoon probably had slept with other people so he panicked and tried to take it back. "Oh, no, you probably- forget it."

"I haven't had sex with anyone else either, Yoon. I won't use a condom if you don't want me to." Namjoon said, completely understanding what Yoongi was trying to say. Yoongi nodded and smiled, tears still rolling down his face. Namjoon knew by now Yoongi wasn't crying because he was sad, he just seemed very overwhelmed, he didn't know why but he knew it wasn't sad tears. It was as if the tears were just falling from his eyes but he wasn't actually crying. Namjoon wiped the tears from his best friends face. "So pretty." He whispered.

Namjoon pressed gentle kisses down Yoongis neck. Yoongi always loved this, the slow, soft foreplay before they had sex. The sex was never like that, Yoongi couldn't do it, that would be too meaningful in his books. "Can we go slow tonight?" Yoongi asked. He didn't mean to ask that, he accidentally said it out loud as he was thinking about it.

Namjoon stopped what he was doing to look at Yoongi. "Are you sure? You always said-"

"I'm sure. If it's okay with you, can we go slow?" Namjoon nodded.

"Whatever you want, baby." Namjoon said before going back to placing kisses on Yoongis neck.

Things stayed slow as Namjoon undressed Yoongi, making sure to stop and appreciate every part of Yoongis body. He let Yoongi undress him as best he could since he was still laying down. Namjoon took his time prepping Yoongi, slowly adding more fingers until Yoongi said he was ready.

"God. I don't think I'll ever get used to how pretty you are." Namjoon said as he let his eyes travel all over the olders body. Yoongis hands instantly covered his face, "Hey, don't be shy, let me see you." He pulled Yoongis hands away from his face, making the other giggle shyly. "That's better, there's the smile I love." 

Namjoon leaned down to capture Yoongis lips as he slowly pushed into Yoongi. When Namjoon was all the way in he stayed still until Yoongi told him he could move. Both of them could immediately tell this sex was different than any other time, this was emotional, they were moving as if they were one. They stayed pressed together, letting out quiet moans into each others mouths. 

It didn't take long before Yoongi was telling Namjoon he was close. "Yeah? You gonna come for me, angel?" A few more slow rolls of Namjoons hips and Yoongi was coming all over his stomach. His orgasm felt as if it lasted for at least a minute, he knew it wasn't actually that long but it was definitely longer than usual. Namjoon was about to pull out when Yoongi came down from his high because he knew he would be sensitive and didn't want to hurt him but Yoongi stopped him.

"Don't. Keep going, come inside me please." Yoongi practically whined. Namjoon hesitated but Yoongi started trying to move but quickly realised he couldn't because him and Namjoon were so close Yoongi was trapped between him and the bed. Namjoon decided now wasn't the time to not give him what he wanted. 

Shortly after Namjoon came, he cleaned the two of them up and then lay down beside his bestfriend. He reached out to push Yoongis hair behind his ear. "You wanna talk?" Namjoon whispered.

"About what?" Yoongi asked. Obviously, he knew exactly what he was referring to. His act didn't fool Namjoon however.

The younger raised his eyebrows. "You know exactly what." Yoongi sighed.

"I love you." Yoongi said bluntly.

"I know you do, I love you, too." Yoongi shook his head.

"No, Joon. I'm- I'm in love with you. I can't keep doing this, it's hurting me. I'm sorry but we need to stop."

Namjoon smiled, "That's why you were all soft and emotional today, huh?" Yoongi nodded. "Well, I don't want to stop so I guess it's a good thing I'm in love with you too then." Yoongis eyes widened making Namjoon giggle and kiss the tip of his nose. Yoongi opened his mouth to speak but closed it again. "Made you speechless, have I?" 

Yoongis face started to turn from surprised to happy. "You really love me?" Yoongi asked, just to be sure.

"I do, I love your messy hair, I love your precious gummy smile, I love how much you care about what your passionate about, I love your sleepy voice when you wake up, I love how much you blush when I compliment you, oh, yes just like that, thanks for demonstrating." Yoongi giggled and moved forward to give Namjoon a kiss. "I love you so much, Min Yoongi." Namjoon smiled against the others lips.

"I love you too." Yoongi replied immediately. "I'm sorry for crying and everything though, I was sad but then I just got overwhelmed. Also, I'm sorry for that not being our usual type of sex."

"Are you kidding? That was hands down the best sex we've ever had." Namjoon laughed and Yoongi joined in. When their laughter had stopped and everything went quiet it didn't stay like that for long before Namjoon decided to ask Yoongi a question. "You gonna be my man or what then?" Yoongi laughed hard. 

"Look, I know you already have my heart but like, could you maybe try to woo me a little?" Yoongi noticed Namjoons face change a tiny bit. "Joon, I'm joking, just know that when our kids ask how we got together you will be the one explaining how you asked me to "be your man" got it?"

"So...that's a yes?" Namjoon smiled excitedly.

Yoongi fake sighed, "Yes, Namjoon, I would be honoured to be your man."