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Cute Like a Puppy

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“Your ear-piercing is quite long today. Don't you think that it might get tangled up with the microphone?”

Leedo who had his make up done just now walked up towards his Hyung who was sitting on the couch of their waiting room. He was playing around with a camera with which he had filmed himself just a few moments ago but was now filming Leedo instead. He could tell by the others grin and the playful sparkle gleaming in his eyes, that Seoho would not leave him alone until it was their turn to perform. Leedo shot a quick glance at the TV where they monitored their performance. Seeing VeriVery walking up on the colorful stage he knew that they still had some time before it was their turn. Leedo turned his attention back to his Hyung and was ready to set an end to the teasing. He walked closer with a smile that was a bit too kind and Seoho who knew that smile all too well was quick to react.

“Be careful with your hands, your hands are on video now.”

Leedo who knew from the angle in which his Hyung was holding the camera that his face wouldn't be in the frame anyway, rolled his eyes at the elders 'threat'. It wasn't like being on camera would stop him from paying Seoho back for his teasing. Videos could get edited anyway he thought with a grin. He laid his hand on Seoho's shoulder, trying to intimidate the other boy as he sat down next to him. From Seoho's scared 'ohh's and him backing up against the couch plus Xion's amused laugh from behind Leedo could tell that he was successful.

“How cute.”

He grinned at his Hyung who had now built a small distance between them by pressing himself against the back of the couch.

“Don't mess up your hair Seoho.”

Leedo laid his hand against the back of Seoho's neck to prevent the other from getting his hair fixed a second time. The blond still kept a distance, as much as he could with Leedos arm thrown over his shoulder, but after sitting in a bit more comfortable position with his hand on top of Leedos wrist, probably to hold it down in case he had to defend himself, Seoho seemed to have found new confidence. Facing the camera which was now being held by their oldest member he smiled widely as he starts speaking again.

“Leedo is so adorable like... how should I put this into words... like a Doberman Pinscher?”

Leedo looked with a shocked and slightly betrayed expression at Ravn who let out a laugh at Seoho's comparison. How could he laugh at something so ridicoulus thought Leedo as he turned his head back at Seoho who smiled brightly.

“Are you saying that I look like a puppy?”

He pulled the blond closer, playfully warning him through his one armed hug, daring him to continue speaking nonsense.

“No.. not like a puppy, no, it's more like an adult! Dog I should say rather than just a puppy.”

Leedo's eyebrow rose at the implied insult of his Hyung, ignoring Ravn who tried hard to hold back his laugh at Seoho's comment.

“Huh... a dog...”

He was a bit speechless at how bold his Hyung was today, insulting him like that. Maybe he should keep track of what his Hyung had eaten today or if his caffeine intake had been too high.

“Haha no,” Seoho grins innocently. “You are cute just like a puppy.”

“But if a puppy grows up, it becomes a dog.”

Leedo was ready to give Seoho a chance to take the insult back and let it go but his Hyung went right for the kill instead of backing out.

“Yep, it becomes a dog for sure... a puppy into a dog.”

Seoho jumped and let out a surprised laugh when Leedo pinched him in the side.

“You have to put this up in the video. That is his real personality!”, the blond said towards the camera while pointing at Leedo who did not really care about his 'real' personality being exposed. He was more interested in paying his Hyung back for the dog comment instead.

“Oh look, what is that?” Leedo says while looking at the camera, pointing to some place at the opposite direction of the waiting room. Seoho who knew what Leedo was planning let out a chant of 'no's as the camera turned away from them.

As soon as the camera was turned off Leedo put Seoho into a headlock, mindful of not ruining his hair or his outfit but holding him pretty firm. He ignored Ravn next to him who told him to not be to rough on the other boy.

“I'm a dog huh?”

He poked Seoho in the side who tried to swat his hand away, but being pressed against Leedos body and not being able to see the attacking hand made him pretty uncoordinated, vulnerable to the playful attack of his Dongsaeng. His panicked giggle stopped when Leedo bent down to whisper in his ear.

“Doberman against a squirrel, what do you think Hyung, who would win?”

Seoho's eyes grew wider at the younger boys words and soon another chant of panicked 'no's could be heard in Oneus waiting room.

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Leedo is so adorable like... how should I put this into words... like a Doberman Pinscher?

Youngjo could not help but chuckle silently when the memory of Geonhaks shocked expression crossed his mind again.

They were on their way back to their dorm, the rest of the member sleeping soundly behind him. Seoho was leaning against Hwanwoong who was sandwiched between the blond and Keonhee in the last row of the van. Leedo was sleeping in the row right behind Ravn with their youngest cuddled up next to him. Youngjo wasn't sure if Geonhak had just let the maknae use his shoulder as a pillow and gave his own arm as a personal cuddle toy for Xion to cling on, or if there were any threats and biting from the younger involved, but whatever was the case, it looked cute nevertheless.

Directing his gaze back at the passing lights Ravns thoughts were still caught by Seohos words. For some reason Seohos comparison had been weirdly fitting. Another smile played on his lips when Youngjo thought about how his younger team member did resemble a dog sometimes. As the brunet continued playing with those thoughts, a spark of curiosity started growing inside his head. Just for fun Ravn asked his manager for his mobile to look something up. Their manager, who was busy driving them, told him to get it from the pocket of his jacket. Youngjo thanked him and after unlocking he opened the browser and started tipping right away.

The white light of the mobile display illuminated Youngjos amused smile that grew as he continued reading.

"This could turn out to be really interesting.", he thought with a small grin as he put the mobile back after finishing his little research. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned back into the car seat, eyes closed to get some sleep before they would arrive at the dorm. Ravn really looked forward to the next few days. He had some things to keep track on after all.


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“He really is a dog."

“What did you call Leedo-hyung just now?”

Ravn jumped and nearly dropped his mobile in surprise. He had been watching some of their videos, looking for some examples to underpin the little theory he had made for fun when Hwanwoong's voice caught him completely of guard. He looked towards the direction the voice came from and indeed their second youngest was standing behind him. The smaller boy must have looked over his shoulder in curiosity, seeing him watching Leedo annoying their maknae and then hearing him talk to himself. The video paused right when Leedo had started manhandling the younger boy again and Xion's expression told at just one glance that he was about to do something very not cute and maknae like if the manhandling wouldn't stop soon.

Youngjo and Hwanwoong stared at each other in a silence where a needle dropping could have been heard. Ravn wondered why the younger boy looked at him with such a shocked expression. Seconds ticked by where they stared at each other, one of them still in shock, the other just completely confused before Ravn's eyes grew comically wide as he realized that what he had said about Geonhak just now could come of as pretty offensive.

"Ahh, I didn't mean it like that,” Youngjo quickly started to explain, holding his hands in front of his chest while shaking his head as a sign that he really did not mean it in a insulting way.

Hwanwoong raised one eyebrow at him like he often did when he or the other members did something question worthy again and walked up to the kitchen counter. The small boy put the cup that he had been holding in the sink before turning towards Ravn, arms crossed in front of his chest, his lean body leaning against the counter and the eyebrow still raised, a signal for the older to continue explaining.

Youngjo stood up and walked up to Hwanwoong who watched him as he opened the fridge and went for a bottle of chocolate milk. He held the bottle in Hwanwoongs direction.

“You want some too?”

“Isn't that Keonhee-hyungs?”

Hwanwoong looked at him with an amused smile as the older just shrugged his shoulders with a grin.

With two glasses of cold chocolate milk they made themselves comfortable on the couch in the living room as Ravn explained everything to the younger.

“Do you remember Leedo's and Seoho's discussion yesterday in the waiting room?” he started as he watched Hwanwoong taking a sip of his drink.

“You mean where Leedo-hyung beat up Seoho-hyung again?”

Hwanwoong licked his lips before looking at him, waiting for him to continue.

Youngjo wouldn't really call it beating up but just went with it and nodded in confirmation.

“Well, Seoho called Geonhak a Doberman Pinscher and”- Hwanwoong, who was about to take another sip, chocked on his milk and just closely manage to not spit the whole drink on the floor and the couch. Ravn had to slap his back a few times before the younger boy could breathe again.

“Can you not say something like that when you see that I am drinking? I nearly had chocolate milk in my nose,” Hwanwoong whined as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.

“I thought you knew what they had talked about, you just sat a meter away!” said Ravn laughing as he handed the other another napkin.

“Yes I did sit there, but that does not mean that I actually listened Hyung,” said Hwanwoong and rolled his eyes as if he could not believe that Ravn really thought he would pay attention to everything the other members did.

The older laughed at the remark. He could understand where Hwanwoong was coming from thought. Sometimes it was better to ignore the chaos and try to not get involved.

“Well, Seoho said Leedo's cuteness could be compared to that of a Doberman Pinscher and I just thought it was weirdly fitting,” continued Ravn.

“And because of that you called Leedo-Hyung a dog?”

Hwanwoong who had enough chocolate milk for now placed the glass on the couch table before making himself comfortable. He turned to Ravn who looked a bit embarrassed before he started speaking again.

“No, not just because of that....”

Ravn thought for a moment before he continued to explain.

“After hearing Seoho compare Leedo to a dog I thought about Geonhak's behavior and actions and sometimes he really reminds me of a dog you know. Seoho probably thought it was a funny comparison because a Doberman Pinscher looks scary and Geonhak's looks could be intimidating too, just like a Doberman Pinscher-,” Ravn shoot a glance at Hwanwoong and was pleased to see that the other did not throw him a judging look, -Hwanwoong did not hold back when it comes to judge others-, but was listening to him with great interest.

“-and I thought it was interesting that Seoho did not just tell Leedo he was cute like a puppy, but like a certain kind of puppy, so I looked up the characteristics of the breed. I am sure Seoho does not actually know the characteristics of a Doberman Pinscher but choose this kind of dog because of his looks, but the characteristic are pretty fitting.”

“Soo, you looked up the characteristics of a Doberman Pinscher because you wanted to know if they fit with Leedo-hyungs personality?” asked Hwanwoong with an amused smile, head cocked to the side.

“Maybe?” Ravn answered with a nervous smile, still a bit worried that he might have weirded out the younger boy.

“Show me what you found.”

Ravn beamed at the dancer before taking out his mobile again. He opened the site which he had found yesterday and showed it to Hwanwoong who leaned closer to get a better look. Ravn shuffled closer until their thighs were pressed together and they nearly leaned against each other to get a better look on the display in Ravns hand. They read the whole page together while Youngjo told Hwanwoong what his personal thoughts on some mentioned characteristic were. Hwanwoong was more enthusiastic about it than Ravn would have guessed at first and also pointed some things out that came to his mind. They both had a lot of fun pointing out and sharing different aspects that matched with the points that were listed on the side. They did not get to talk about everything thought. As Youngjo made a comment that made Hwanwoong laugh and slap his shoulder playfully they got interrupted by sudden shouting filling the dorm.

“Hyung! Give me my snacks back!”

At the sound of Xion's voice Youngjo and Hwanwoong's eyes met.

“Keonhee or Seoho?”

“Probably Geonhak-hyung.”

As if on command the door their shared bedroom flew open, a certain deep voiced rapper running out of it with a packet that suspiciously looked like the cookies that their maknae had bought himself earlier that day.

“Hyung, give them back right now!”

Xion stormed out of the room, close on Leedo's heels who only laughed when the younger tried grabbing the packet in his hand. The older boy held the packet high over his head, grinning when Xion glared at him.

Ravn who watched the spectacle in front of them leaned closer to Hwanwoong and started whispering.

“See, that is what I mean. Doberman Pinscher are known for being fearless. Not even Keonhee and Seoho dare to take away Dongju's snacks. Besides Leedo doesn't even likes to eat sweets. He just does it to tease him.”

Hwanwoong frowned as he watched Xion punching Leedo in the shoulder, the latter wincing but still holding Xion's snacks out of reach, teasing the younger. Xion's expression darkened as he tried getting his snacks back.

“Maybe he is just stupid?” whispered Hwanwoong back, holding his hand over his mouth to stifle a giggle when Ravn next to him let out an unpretty snort at his comment. Their attention went back to the fighting pair in front of him when they heard Geonhak scream.

“He bit me! Again! What are you, a dog?” Leedo's flabbergasted expression was met with a smug grin of their maknae who victoriously hold his snacks in his hands as if he had won a trophy.

“Annoy me and you get bitten.” Xion stuck out his tongue at Leedo who huffed in disbelieve at the boy's attitude before turning on his heel and disappearing back into the room, probably to lay down on Seohos bed and eat his snacks.

“Did you see that just now?” Leedo turned to Hwanwoong and Youngjo who had been watching the whole thing in amusement.

“You mean how you bullied Xion again?” asked Hwanwoong as he leaned back.

“I didn't bully him, I was just playing with him, and he bit me again.”

“I think you deserved that.” Ravn grinned when Leedo shot him a half-hearted glare before going back to their room, probably to go on with teasing the youngest.

Out of the corner of his eyes Ravn could see Hwanwoong roll his eyes at his Hyung. Before they could get back to their conversation, they heard Leedo from the other room shouting again.

“Can you stop biting me already?!”

Ravn was about to mentally facepalm himself when Hwanwoong next to him threw him out of his thoughts.

“Good thing Doberman Pinscher are not known for being smart because that would definitely not fit into Hyungs personality.”

Ravn couldn't help but breaking out in laughter. Their two maknaes just had to be the most savage out of their group.